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  • More than 66,000 people have seen the All Arts Festival 2008, the highest inflows since the beginning, the summer festival Lorca (31/07/2008)
    75% of tickets have been sold outside the city, while hotel occupancy has touched the full and the Bob Dylan concert with 6,000 people has been the busiest event with
  • La Paca account today with a new ambulance service equipped mobile ICU (31/07/2008)
    It is an improvement of the health service will also be applied in downtown San Diego with the addition of an ambulance of this kind, with an investment of 120,000 € for each vehicle
  • The Mayor signed the extension of the transfer of the estate of a Global Nature Villarreal for the recovery of the tortoise (31/07/2008)
    1,078,110 m2 In these the Foundation also retains the golden eagle, peregrine falcons and owls, plus other species of fauna and flora
  • The sports and leisure area of Los Jopos, with sports court, paddle tennis court, two bocce courts, toilets, changing rooms and canteen, will be completed by the end of August (31/07/2008)
    Next to sports area will be enabled recreational and entertainment area featuring a playground.
  • Lorca Park in the Blue Zone ORA will be free the entire month of August (31/07/2008)
    Melchor Councilman Morales explained that the Ordinance of the City Attorney for the covered parking service allows exemption ORA especially during the summer period
  • The Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds will host the 15 and 16 September its first Fair Official Dog Lorca (30/07/2008)
    lorquino City Council works with the Canine Association Regional
  • The X Petanque Championship in Spain, Lorca was held at the weekend, with Lorca among the favorites for the title (30/07/2008)
    The tournament will be played at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria, is organized by the two clubs in the city and has a budget of 18,000 euros
  • The City Council appreciates the interest of the UPCT to develop the first Master's Degree to be held in Lorca (30/07/2008)
    Councillor for Education has noted that "this is the first Master's degree, taught in our city, we are highlighting the profile university of our city "
  • Peñarrubia AMPAS and delivered to schools early 1934 municipal bonolibros next year, amounting to 184,180 euros (30/07/2008)
    In September it will open a second call, which could benefit another 1,100 families
  • Lorca host a master of administration and management of social economy organizations (30/07/2008)

  • The Plan "Local Police ... this summer, day and night with you", gives the first results in the arrest in the act of two alleged thieves (29/07/2008)

  • The IMJUVE subsidizes the Scout Group "Sun City", the youth group of the municipality with more partners (29/07/2008)
    The association is committed to maintaining its headquarters with a "Youth Information Point, giving her room and multipurpose workshops to groups that need it and open its activities to all
  • Lorca Mayor announces the release of 200 OPV and OPV through an agreement with Ucecon (29/07/2008)
    Francisco Jodar has stressed that "this is without doubt the most important commitment we have made OPV from the City "
  • Local Police Lorca is reinforced by an increase of 50% of middle managers (29/07/2008)
    Take possession Cabos Five new practices to improve coordination following the increase in staff over the past year
  • IU-LV Lorca report air pollution episodes over 18 days in July (29/07/2008)
    With rates may constitute a danger to human health.
  • Raul Guevara achieved career victory in the popular "Joaquín Pernías" on Sunday Purias (28/07/2008)
    In the women's winner was Carmina Jimenez Quiñonero
  • The City of Lorca Cazalla open in the first Public Center Child Care of the municipality, which serve over 50 families (28/07/2008)
    The Ministry of Social Policy attached to the Office of Women 400,000 euros to open these facilities for children between 0 and 3 years, and in reconciling work and family life
  • 1200 people daily visit the beaches of Lorca (25/07/2008)
    The data were provided by the mayor of Public Safety, the report how COPLA Plan
  • 30 youth volunteers will this weekend environmental education activities on the coast lorquina with the municipal program "Sea of Youth" (25/07/2008)
    clean the most inaccessible lorquina coast, signaled the area to protect species and 1,000 shared beach ashtrays
  • The City subsidizes the Lorca Lorca Rock with 143,000 euros (25/07/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, signed a collaboration agreement with the Organization
  • Agreements Governing Board on Friday, July 25, 2008 (25/07/2008)
    Team Municipal Government approves spending more than € 260,000 for street lighting improvements in the districts
  • The total debt of the City Council, autonomous bodies, institutes and local companies totals of 105.2 million euros (25/07/2008)
    Antonio Ibarra: "Every Lorca would have to pay 1,200 euros to tackle the real situation of bankruptcy that is upon us "
  • Mecca and Melchor Angel Morales inaugurated the diversion of the Parish, which has invested 207,000 euros (25/07/2008)
    The City of Lorca and the Commonwealth have managed 2.5 km.
  • The City of Lorca ends with the waiting list for the Early Childhood Center with the cooperation of the Autonomous Community and APANDIS (24/07/2008)
    The Mayor said after unveiling the plaque that gives the name of Fina López Navarro center
  • Ruiz Montalvan presents the new portal, online training (24/07/2008)
    guide citizens on the courses offered through the Department of the Information Society
  • "Local Police ... .... This summer, day and night with you" (24/07/2008)
    The Councillor for Citizen Security, Belén Pérez, presented this morning at a press conference, the campaign of the security plan for the summer of 2008
  • The City reminds the PSOE it will invest 1.2 million in employment against the cut of 30% of contributions to Lorca's Ministry (24/07/2008)
    The Employment Edil calls to local socialists take responsibility for his party this crisis will claim more money Zapatero for Lorca
  • The Lorca Summer Film extends to the entire month of August (23/07/2008)
    Every Tuesday from Plaza Calderon host of a free screening 22:00
  • The mayor thanked the Agriculture Irrigation Community supported the Council's decision to take a stretch of highway inch (D-7) (23/07/2008)
    Angel Meca notes that "with this as we get to unlock the modernization works irrigation as irrigation and City Council wanted "
  • The Mayor opens four works in the district of San Juan worth some 140,000 euros (23/07/2008)
    24 students from the Department of Employment have redesigned two-seater, built a playground and landscaped environment of the Porch of San Antonio, while learning a trade
  • Former Minister Pilar del Castillo participated in the course of the University of the Sea (22/07/2008)

  • 13 youths involved in Lorca in sociocultural Workcamp Coy (22/07/2008)
    The director of the Institute for Youth, Verónica López, visit the oldest Workcamp Region
  • On Sunday we celebrate the popular race "Joaquín Pernías" (22/07/2008)
    will start at 09:30 am starting and finishing in the chapel of Feli
  • Jódar signed an agreement with the UPCT to give this year an official master of social economy in Lorca (22/07/2008)
    The City will provide 30,000 euros per year for four years for the city hosting the first European-renowned postgraduate taught in the city
  • More than 400 children have participated in the July shift EVAF (22/07/2008)
    Today's open enrollment period for the turn of August, which will start next Monday, July 28 and end on August 22
  • The Limusa template consolidates the improvement of their social and economic conditions over the next three years (22/07/2008)
    Employers and trade unions yesterday signed a collective agreement which is secured by the purchasing power of workers and objectives are based on corporate social responsibility
  • Francisco Jodar: "The PSOE has 17 years proving he does not believe in public participation, so that Lorca does not apply the Law of Large Cities" (22/07/2008)
    Mayor calls "blatant lie", the words expressed by Ruiz Alviar
  • Closing of the camp, "La Jara 08" that has developed at the lodge for ten days (21/07/2008)
    At the camp there were 16 children from the program Lorca "Summer School" and the project "Notebooks at home
  • Opened courses at the Universidad del Mar this summer Lorca (21/07/2008)
    Today the course has started "The general elections of 2008"
  • They take possession of two assistants and one assistant Tourist Library (21/07/2008)
    represents an increase in personnel in the service of citizens to improve their care
  • Jódar and all municipal workers' representatives signed the new collective agreement of the City Council will be in force until 2011 (21/07/2008)
    The new collective agreement provides for social advancement and salary for staff in the Consistory
  • The local police arrested two individuals who were robbed inside a home in La Carrasquilla (21/07/2008)
    People of Moroccan origin are also involved a stolen tourism
  • The House approved Drainage Plan that the City has to put up "for the money that the PSOE was overspent in 2007" (21/07/2008)
    Antonio Ibarra, "the Budgetary Stability Law, Article 10.2, and Article 19 of Royal Decree 1463/2007 that develops, makes us your application "
  • The City Council calls unfair Lorca approved the transfer from the Tagus and asserts that paints the future of black farmers (21/07/2008)
    Melchor Morales, "the regional PSOE socialists Lorca amounts to requiring the diversion of the Ebro with Aznar but applauded his repeal Zapatero
  • Francisco Jodar (Mayor): "The adoption of organic regulation of the Law of Municipalities of large population is good news for all Lorca" (21/07/2008)
    The Full Council of Lorca gives free rein to the measure with votes in favor of PP and IU.
  • Plenum of the Municipality of Lorca (21/07/2008)
    The House approved an agreement for the direct management of the Municipal Emergency Service.
  • The Management Council finally approved the draft Private Villarreal (18/07/2008)
    also approved the construction of 44 new homes and photovoltaic facility license
  • Agreements Governing Board on Friday 18 July (18/07/2008)
    The City invested over 300,000 euros to modernize and improve schools Pasic Campillo, St. Kitts and Alfonso X
  • Lorca have a new Women's Center (18/07/2008)

  • Adopted by the urgent acquisition of the land to put the C-9, Lorca (18/07/2008)

  • The mayor and the mayor of youth in the City are participants in the labor camp Coy (18/07/2008)
    Young people remain at the Youth Hostel Casagrande until 31 July
  • The Mayor inaugurated on Monday a new edition of the Universidad del Mar in Lorca with a course on political communication and election campaigns (18/07/2008)
    In this edition are eight courses in the city
  • Mecca and socialists do not understand "criticize the government team to help irrigators Lorca" (17/07/2008)
    The only purpose was to take ownership to make the road available to the SEIASA, and this ends the modernization of irrigation
  • 8,000 seniors have enjoyed the open center of Mayor of the City of Lorca in recent months (17/07/2008)
    Municipality and Autonomous Region have invested over 345,000 euros in setting up and running and this service for our seniors
  • The City charter buses to those interested in attending the concerts of Dulce Pontes, Estrella Morente and Loreena McKennitt, trying to avoid crowds at the Fortaleza del Sol (17/07/2008)
    The high number of tickets sold for performances, portends the Castle Lorca good record entries
  • Fericab remodel your Web image, to broadcast the event worldwide (16/07/2008)
    through the same can register their horses in the sample, as well as engage the stand
  • About 6,000 people filled the 25 and 26, the Garden of The Wheel in the XI edition of Lorca rock (16/07/2008)
    Amon Amarth, Apocalyptica, and Wasp Helloweenn perform on Saturday, while Angelus Apatrida, Lordi, Nightwish, Turisas, Warcry, White Lion Michael Schenker Group and Sunday
  • The City Council regrets that the PSOE has wanted to "disrupt" the day of blood donation that was made today at the city council (16/07/2008)
    The Socialists' counter-programs "the day of blood donation blood donation center and called for further the media "at the same time in a different place"
  • Lorca's mayor donates blood at the City Council (16/07/2008)
    The mayor and several members of the corporation have participated in the act of solidarity, given the need for blood banks in the Autonomous Community
  • Medina is satisfied because the Autonomous subsidize EUR 65,500 equipping the new municipal archive (15/07/2008)
    The councilman of Culture explained that the first aid in this line, but there is a commitment that 2009 will receive a second
  • Lorca Local Police surprised two men who tried to steal inside of a building in Las Librilleras (15/07/2008)

  • Jódar touts the pool party (14/07/2008)

  • Jódar invited to make a massive blood donation in the city of Lorca on Wednesday (14/07/2008)
    The mayor and council will participate in this act of solidarity, organized before the need for blood banks in the Region
  • Local police intercepted a vehicle that abnormal conduction performed by Juan Carlos I (14/07/2008)
    The van jumped several traffic lights and the driver exceeded the rate allowed in breath tests
  • The People's Defender declared admissible a complaint of UI by the unequal distribution of immigrants in schools (14/07/2008)
    IU Spokesman, Pepe Murcia, receives a communication from Enrique Mugica, which is reported to have already begun to study this If
  • Verónica Ruiz Lopez and Joaquin Montalvan inaugurate the national meeting of Youth and Intercultural Dialogue (11/07/2008)
    For 3 days meeting in Lorca, in a discussion forum, associations, technical and political representatives of youth
  • Adopted by a grant for equipment for new Municipal Archives Lorca (11/07/2008)

  • A new roundabout on the road between Lorca and improve road safety Pulpí (11/07/2008)
    The new intersection will rearrange the traffic in an area of intensive HGV
  • Agreements Local Government (11/07/2008)
    Team spokeswoman Government of the City of Lorca, Lali Ibarra, explained this morning that the Local Government Board has approved the draft Regulation for the Government and Administration of the City
  • Veronica Lopez opened the national meeting of Youth and Intercultural Dialogue (11/07/2008)
    Associations, technical and political representatives of youth gather for three days to hold a discussion forum Lorca
  • ... (11/07/2008)

  • The Board of Management declares a complex social interest for the carriage of goods by road and gives new impetus to the industrial area of Los Peñones (10/07/2008)
    The mayor of the City Planning Lorca, Francisco Garcia has announced this morning at wheel press, the agreements reached in the Council of Management held on Tuesday
  • The Municipal Council of Women subsidized with € 13,500 actions against gender violence (10/07/2008)
    Jodar has also signed an agreement with the Women's Federation in the amount of 8,600 euros
  • The Council of Social Services subsidizes four groups to 129,248.65 euros to combat drug addiction (10/07/2008)
    Jódar signed agreements with the Youth Council, the Good Way, and NYPACOLD ASOFEM
  • Antonia Mari Carmen Ruiz Lopez and the weekly market report on the prevention against heat (10/07/2008)
    They hand out information leaflets and bottles of water
  • Lorca presents its wide range of tourism on the Mediterranean coast for the summer (09/07/2008)
    This year Lorca Veractiva comes to the contest because it will not carry out
  • The City Council this summer Lorca 1,183,835 euros to invest in public schools in the municipality (09/07/2008)
    Peñarrubia explained that these actions will add to the 1,982,078 euros of works completed in the last three months and 385,038 of which are running
  • Morales explained that the poor condition of some beaches in Lorca is due to the actions of the State Coastal Authority (09/07/2008)
    Councillor for the Environment says that "the National Government threw gravel over the sand and now has to withdraw "
  • Pujante requested the suspension of the works of the castle Parador de Lorca (08/07/2008)

  • The City distributed over 2,000 bottles of water and 3,000 leaflets with tips for preventing heat stroke (08/07/2008)
    It is an initiative that is underway and includes an awareness campaign which will run every Thursday at the weekly market.
  • The City of Lorca service starts free bike (08/07/2008)
    Any citizen or tourist who wishes may not charge rent one of these bikes only presenting their National Identity Card and sign a commitment to responsible use this car
  • Jódar and Leopoldo Navarro explained to the political groups the draft Immigration Observatory (08/07/2008)
    Navarro explained that, currently, we are identifying the actions necessary for the creation of the Observatory of Immigration
  • 2300 over 46 associations participated in the voyages of the Department of the Mayor to know the "wine culture" in Jumilla (08/07/2008)
    The movements have been conducted between the months of May and June.
  • Participants in the activities conducted EVAF Beach Calarreona (08/07/2008)
    kite flying, beach volleyball and water games from leading games
  • Jódar signed an agreement with schools of architects and engineers for technical industrial electronic register of projects in the Urban Planning Department of Lorca (08/07/2008)

  • Ibarra appreciates Collado join the Joint Action Plan for Employment that the City submitted 40 days ago (07/07/2008)
    The spokeswoman stressed that the government team is reaching out to anyone who wants to join this plan, which involves an investment Direct 1.2 million euros
  • Public Works carries out work on the road paved Almudema-La Paca, in the municipality of Lorca (05/07/2008)
    The work was completed a few days ago, after an investment of close to € 60,000
  • The Department of Parks and Gardens in the city carried out actions against the palm weevil (05/07/2008)
    The same will be held the nights of 8 and 9 July
  • The competition for the restoration of the churches of San Juan, San Pedro and Santa Maria receives 21 projects (04/07/2008)
    A jury will select at least one of the seven proposals put forward for each of the temples
  • The City Council of the Autonomous Region will receive 76,000 euros for domestic violence programs and equal opportunity (04/07/2008)
    36,000 euros will be used to shelter battered women and 40,000 for equity programs
  • Work begins on upgrading the road from Aledo to Lorca (04/07/2008)
    The action aims to clean up the road at several points along the municipality of Lorca damaged by large passing vehicles
  • The Department of Ngo held tomorrow at La Pradera annual coexistence with municipal associations (04/07/2008)
    The Edil Ngo, Mari Carmen Ruiz, anticipated that more than one hundred people attend the event will bring together more than 30 institutions our municipal
  • Economics launches powerline boost the supply of 300,000 citizens of Lorca and Guadalentín (04/07/2008)
    The installation has a length of 24 kilometers and a voltage of 132 kV will also address urban developments and business nature that generated in this geographical area
  • Chess Championship Spain sub 10 (04/07/2008)
    The first two positions in the female category were for two daughters Lorca.
  • Lorca's mayor signed an agreement with UCOMUR to promote the social economy, employment and local development (03/07/2008)
    The collective City Council will offer courses and provide them with which to develop their activities
  • The People's University has a program of 17 courses in search of alternatives in the summer (03/07/2008)
    Schools in the districts will be developed in Palm Zarcilla 9-19 July, Aviles / Doña Inés: 1 to August 13, Zarzadilla Totana of 21-31 July.
  • The program's activities Veran-2008 was inaugurated on Sunday in the Plaza de Calderón and lasted until the end of August (03/07/2008)
    Events will take place from 18:00 hours start time and lasted until 22:00 pm
  • The mayor welcomed the 164 Belarusian children who will spend the summer in the Region (03/07/2008)
    Jódar stressed the important role that families are welcome to these children, as this room helps to improve your health
  • The mayor signed an agreement with Lorca ten associations to promote their presence on the Internet (02/07/2008)
    The social groups, neighborhood organizations, youth, cultural and sports can host your web server in the municipal
  • Lorca Sortius Wine Cellars Syrah made in Contreras (Avilés) is awarded the Bronze Bacchus 2007 (02/07/2008)
    This is the first award received a broth made in the municipal
  • The City and the Union of Traders do a study on new technologies in trade to initiate new actions to promote its implementation (01/07/2008)
    The findings indicate that 70% of partner stores do not have or use computers in their shops
  • The photographer Lorca Juan Jiménez Montero stated in the Municipal School of Art (01/07/2008)
    The show, "Last Room" is composed of seven large-format photographs of Cazorla and Sierra Nevada
  • Montiel and Ruiz Montalvan goodbye to youth who have left Lorca exchange Córdoba (01/07/2008)
    This activity is the result of the agreement signed on the trip to the city in Argentina

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