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  • The programming of the Fair Lady of the Gardens will be held from Wednesday 2nd to Tuesday, September 8 (31/08/2009)
    Among the planned activities highlighted the celebration of the twentieth edition of the International Folklore Festival Virgen de las Huertas .
  • Closure of the Summer School of the Barrios Altos which involved over 75 children (31/08/2009)
    Lali Ibarra has been present in the activities that have closed this issue, which highlights the psychological and adapt the curriculum received by students.
  • Limusa begins with the delivery of tribolsa to separate at source packages (31/08/2009)
    All the requests made by the web channel until August 26 may be collected from the 1st September in Santa Paula Oval office at the usual time office.
  • Products to combat the olive whitefly begin to be distributed next Monday at the fairgrounds (28/08/2009)
    Farmers may remove the material during the month of September, Monday to Thursday
  • The PSOE requires the Minister of Health of the PP to return from their summer lethargy because the health of the Lorca no vacation (28/08/2009)
    Marisol Sanchez, demanded that the minister of health, DN ª.
  • The mayors of the region of Guadalentin visit the campus of Lorca (28/08/2009)

  • The "Back to School", in which a larger group have been ordered to give way to the doors of colleges of Lorca, has been a success in this first edition (28/08/2009)
    The group of older people participating in voluntary the "Back to School enjoy a cultural trip to the city of Valencia as consideration for the work done during the past year
  • More than 12,500 people have witnessed live programming Espirelia 2009 (28/08/2009)

  • Traffic Court Nogalte street on August 30 between 8 and 15 hours for the dismantling of a crane (28/08/2009)

  • Lorca City Council reverses this summer more than 24,000 euros in the acquisition and installation of air conditioners for different local social (27/08/2009)
    It's equipped with air conditioning the social local youth groups, elders and women in Avilés and Offices Municipal Decentralization of the parish, also renewed climate of Local Social de la Torrecilla
  • Next week will be developed in Lorca the First Conference of Information, Training and Advisory Unit Law (27/08/2009)
    will be held on Wednesday, September 2 at the Center for Social Action multivalent Barrio in Los Angeles and will be divided into two phases for professionals and the general public
  • It is open enrollment period for volunteers Guadalentín Sports Games (26/08/2009)

  • The PSOE regrets the paralysis of the proposed construction of a CAEDI in Lorca, Murcia while going "full steam ahead" (26/08/2009)
    Marisol Sanchez requested the PP government team to "prioritize" and "fuel" the construction of the Centre Economic and Industrial Activity in the town to attract new investment and "consolidate the existing industrial fabric
  • As of September 9 the term is open to the call for aid and subsidies for associations and nonprofit organizations (26/08/2009)
    As announced the Department of NGO, s allocated a total of 129,000 euros from project associations neighborhood character, industrial development agencies and associations popular.
  • The CHS defines the surface of irrigation consolidated Lorca (26/08/2009)
    The basin organization regularized part of the irrigation lorquino to have new flow from the desalination Eagles
  • Belén Pérez "Lorca Local Police has stepped up efforts to ensure sufficient dimensions to public safety" (26/08/2009)
    The mayor also announced that starts from today, the campaign for the protection of Public Safety in Parks and Green Spaces City
  • Casalduero: "We would not like to think that the PP government team, is trying to put roadblocks Lorca Neighborhood Movement" (26/08/2009)

  • The High Street neighborhood of San Cristóbal suffer a narrowing of the improvement works of a collector (26/08/2009)
    Musso Valiente be open to traffic, the end part of the work at the intersection of Lope Gisbert
  • The Socialist mayor Gines Diaz said that "we must expand the number of places in school canteens Lorca" (25/08/2009)
    Diaz, believes that all public schools in our municipality should provide canteen service
  • Lorca became the first city in the region in having a Bike Unit Municipal Emergency Service (25/08/2009)
    It will operate from September, which will aim at cooperation with the rest of the council services Public Safety
  • Lorca fired forty-nine Belarusian children who have been welcomed by families Lorca (25/08/2009)
    Ruiz Jódar this morning explained the benefits to the health of Belarusian children in during the summer months, noting that "this experience is to promote intercultural values "
  • ITV inspection for agricultural vehicles in La Hoya on 3 September (25/08/2009)

  • The Board of Studies Cultural Center extended its hours for the exam period of the university (25/08/2009)

  • The musical "Mamma Mia!" Closing the cycle Summer Film on Tuesday 25 at 22 am in the Plaza de Calderón (24/08/2009)
    The Plaza lorquina dismisses the summer film program has been expanded this summer, screening films during each week of July and August
  • The film "5bertura" shot by young Lorca get the second prize in the X Certamen de Cortos "Paco Rabal" Cut me 2009 (24/08/2009)
    's work Syncroimagen Colectivo Cultural Productions and Class Two was awarded in the city of Campillos (Málaga)
  • Public Works financed the restoration of the facade of the parish house and the porch of the church of Santiago de Lorca (23/08/2009)
    This is a XIII century mansion of great architectural interest, situated in the oldest part of town
  • More than 3000 residents of the parish and neighboring parishes can now enjoy the new public pool (22/08/2009)
    Mayor and Deputy Lorca in Murcia Government inaugurated this morning the new public swimming pool
  • The highpoint of the reorganization and renovation of a thousand mills in the town (21/08/2009)
    At the end of the performance is approximately 1,500 units have changed throughout the Borough
  • The improvement works in the CEIP San Cristobal, Puri, Narciso Yepes and Villaespesa already completed (21/08/2009)
    Highlights the sports hall built in San Cristobal in the amount of 183,000 euros
  • The Spain 2009 Tour will pass through the hamlet of Zarzadilla lorquina Totana (21/08/2009)
    September 9th will be the eleventh in output stage with arrival in Murcia and Caravaca de la Cruz
  • The Bidders Register of the City of Lorca is made up by more than 180 companies (20/08/2009)
    was launched in January 2008, with growth of more than 100 companies during the last twelve months
  • The Socialists show its concern "about the lack of interest in reactivating PP-cultural tourism potential of Lorca" (20/08/2009)
    "at the serious decline in visitors"
  • Environment Councilman Socialist Party recommended to inform neighbors without throwing leaflets litter the streets (20/08/2009)
    Melchor Morales recalled that the money works "Zapatero is not, but all Spanish" and that the pool of the parish was a project included in the agenda of the Partido Popular
  • The nocturnal visits to the Fortress of the Sun has increased by 37% over the previous year (20/08/2009)
    Lorca Taller del Tiempo is also improved the number of attendances at the Visitor Center
  • Ecologists in Action have claims to a power line of 132,000 volts in Lorca (20/08/2009)
    crosses Torrealvilla deputations, Zarzadilla of Totana, Las Tejeras and Dona Ines
  • The prisoner escaped from Castellón refuses to testify in the Courts of Lorca (20/08/2009)

  • The vegetation of the river Velez in Lorca is protected by the Autonomous Community (20/08/2009)
    Cleaning up the Rambla de La Hoya is not the responsibility of the Segura basin, being an urban section
  • The water supply will be cut off for 12 hours tomorrow, Thursday (19/08/2009)
    Work infrastructure improvement and paving of Lope Gisbert and Santo Domingo, causing disruption in supply
  • Limusa leading innovation in large cities of the peninsula with selective containerization Juan Carlos I in islets (19/08/2009)
    are replaced existing recycling bins of 2.5 and 3 cubic meters of capacity in the main artery of the city ten sets igloo of 3,200 liters (model ISR-32)
  • The Socialists Lorca ask the City Council to take urgent measures to normalize the use of public transport in the County of Campbell (19/08/2009)

  • 90 students will receive training through the 4 th phase of the project Proempleo Lorca III (19/08/2009)
    The Department of Employment launching new training courses looking to reduce the unemployment rate in the city
  • The brothers Francisco and Cayetano Rivera Ordóñez, together with the Feria de Lorca (19/08/2009)

  • The Waste Management Centre of Lorca, receives 154 tons per day of household waste (18/08/2009)

  • More than 160 volunteers enjoy free parking while donating blood (18/08/2009)
    January and June were the busiest months, exceeding thirty beneficiaries in each of the periods, July and November the least
  • Collado calls according to a program of "Health Education" in schools in Influenza A (18/08/2009)
    According to the Socialist councilor, is necessary to create the figure of the "Agents of Health" in schools education in order to coordinate actions and recommendations for prevention and early diagnosis of influenza A
  • The House unanimously approved the motion to declare a disaster area the higher districts affected by heavy hail last week's (18/08/2009)
    The assessment of damage affects about 2,143 hectares, with an estimated total harvest of 2504.92 tonnes
  • Court of Santa Clara Avenue on the stretch between Juan Carlos I and Puente de La Alberca (18/08/2009)
    19 and August 20 between 15 and 22 hours
  • The Socialist Party claims that over fourteen years of Government of the Autonomous Community Valcárcel has not created a single public kindergarten Lorca (17/08/2009)
    Lucia Sanchez called the PP to stop marginalizing families about towns like Lorca Puerto Lumbreras has already committed funding for four schools compared with only intention to build in Sutullena
  • The film "Holiday Ferragosto" will be screened on Tuesday 18 at 22 am in the Plaza de Calderón within the series "Summer Movies" (17/08/2009)
    This comedy is one of the greatest achievements of Italian cinema in recent years, remembering the best classic Italian films
  • Agents economic, social and agricultural join the City of Lorca in the disaster area application of the hamlets high in the storm (17/08/2009)
    The acceptance of this application would be a great solution to alleviate the damage caused by hail in the affected areas the municipal
  • Treatment Plant in the early hours of Monday 17 to Tuesday 18 August (14/08/2009)
    In green areas of the town of Lorca and neighborhoods
  • The Bureau of Local Employment Lorca will meet on September 14 (14/08/2009)
    To evaluate the latest unemployment data and discuss future projects to promote the town's economy
  • Collado regrets "the ineffectiveness of the PP government team to implement measures against the increase in unemployment in the municipality of Lorca" (14/08/2009)
    According to the Socialist councilor, since the PP has the Mayor's City Hall, 2000 unemployed have been generated year, ie 4000 unemployed within two years of popular government
  • Three of every four citizens were satisfied with the new service 'sanecanes' to dog excrement (14/08/2009)
    About 60% are "very" or "completely satisfied" with the operation of the new bins with bags for collecting the waste left by pets on public roads
  • Traffic Court Musso Valiente Street on Monday by works of intersection of a pipe (14/08/2009)

  • End of submission of plans to implement support for equality in SMEs without the council of the Women of Lorca has informed (14/08/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Lucia Sanchez, complained that the lack of sensitivity of the municipal government of the PP may have cause dozens of companies Lorca miss this opportunity to benefit from aid
  • The Governing Board initially approved the PERI Poncemar (13/08/2009)
    It includes 3,100 m2 public plaza and underground parking in a thousand places
  • Tomorrow will be closed car park access to San Vicente (13/08/2009)
    On Saturday there will be intermittent traffic courts in the center of the procession of the Virgen del Cisne
  • Lorca's government expects the support of parties and collective farm (13/08/2009)
    At the request of the Declaration of the parishes disaster area by the heavy hail high
  • Fire in Totana Zarzadilla (13/08/2009)
    Francisco Garcia, Melchor Morales and Angel go to Mecca Totana Zarzadilla fire to keep 'in situ' tasks fire off
  • Effective Infomur Plan work to extinguish a forest fire in Los Alhagüeces (13/08/2009)

  • Lorca first-time participant in the European Days of Jewish Culture (12/08/2009)
    The Exhibition "Sefarad Lorca Lights" and discovered Jewish heritage makes Lorca Castle is part of the partner cities in the "European Day X Jewish Culture "
  • Residents of three parishes of Lorca against a high tension line of 132,000 volts (12/08/2009)
    The power line will affect the protected areas of SCI (Sites of Community Interest) and SPA (Special Protection of Birds) in the Sierra of Almenara
  • 15 university students do internship at City Hall this summer Lorca (12/08/2009)

  • The Deputy Mayor and Councillor for Youth summer camp visit the Scout Group in Sun City Fathers' Day (12/08/2009)
    Francisco Montiel and Joaquin Ruiz Montalbán their presence supported the work of promoting youth associations by This Group
  • The Socialist Party calls for the urgent convening of a full application to approve the disaster area in the upper rural districts (12/08/2009)
    Diego Ferra asked the Ministry of Agriculture to analyze the extent of damage "as quickly" as well as to establish a special support package for victims
  • The mayor convenes an extraordinary plenary session to request the disaster area declaration for the parishes affected by the heavy hail (12/08/2009)
    Delivery of products to prevent damage increase has begun this afternoon 'in situ', coordinated by the council Angel Meca
  • The PSOE proposes the creation of the TAS (11/08/2009)
    According to the Socialist councilor Isidro Abellán, the Lorca are entitled to know the processing status of the proceedings of a party
  • On October 2nd begins the Second National and International Dog Show and Pet Fair Lorca (11/08/2009)
    A total of 700 dogs and 12,000 people attended the National and International Dog Show in 2008
  • Culture earmarked 386,000 euros for the recovery of the treasures of Lorca (11/08/2009)
    The subsidy is for the restoration of the Church of San Cristobal and the Palacio Guevara
  • The council organizes a "summer movie" in the Social Care Multipurpose Center district of Los Angeles every Wednesday in August (11/08/2009)
    The goal is to create a meeting place where families gather to improve their social integration and coexistence
  • The Planning Department prepared an ordinance Lorca substantially shortening the licensing terms of the activities exempted (10/08/2009)
    And the change of ownership of activities
  • "The Dark Knight", new delivery Lorca Summer Film (10/08/2009)
    On Tuesday at 22 am in the Plaza de Calderón will screen one of the most outstanding films of last year, won two oscars
  • Regional Center Craft Lorca remains open in August with the sample of the glazing Anabel del Canto (10/08/2009)
    The Regional Centre can be visited from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00 and from 17:00 to 19:30
  • The Plaza Calderon welcomes the submission of the short week "5bertura", entirely made Lorca (10/08/2009)
    From 21:30 pm before the screening of the movie "The Dark Knight", you can watch this production that has followed a participatory process of young Lorca, with support from the Municipal Institute of Youth
  • M Clan and Maldita Nerea morning closed down the festival Espirelia lorquino of 2009 in Fortaleza del Sol (07/08/2009)
    Pop Rock Night at the Castle of Lorca Murcia reference groups and Maldita Nerea M Clan
  • The 440 serves Lorca OMIC claims and 2,991 consultations in the first half of 2009, 909 more than in 2008 (07/08/2009)
    The Councillor for Health and Consumption of Ayuntamiento de Lorca, Antonia Lopez, explained that "most of the consultations were to changes in the energy bill earlier this year "
  • The City Council tentatively approved the amendment of General Plan (07/08/2009)
    For the first new residential tourism development under the agreement of 2004
  • The deadline for submitting tenders for executing the work of the Secondary School No. 6 until 18 August (07/08/2009)
    The project, under the PIMUN with funding from the Ministry of Education, has a budget of 5,442,370 euros
  • Since Monday, narrowing of the main street of the Barrio de San Cristóbal, before the commencement of work under the PIMUN (07/08/2009)
    As traffic is regulated alternative
  • Treatment Plant in the early hours of Monday 10 to Tuesday 11 August in green areas of the town of Lorca and their neighborhoods (07/08/2009)
    The Department of Parks and Gardens recommends closing the windows and pick up animals and clothes in the malls, Vineyard, the Virgen de las Huertas and other areas in which they perform this preventive action
  • Lorca City Council build a new water supply Totana Zarzadilla capable of 300m3 (06/08/2009)
    Councillor for the Environment, Melchor Morales, announced that the municipal waters of Lorca will thus respond to the demands historical neighborhood with PIMUN this project.
  • 22 youngsters from 18 to 26 years, half of them foreigners, involved in the Socio-Cultural Work Camp Coy (06/08/2009)
    The Acting Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Montiel, and the Councillor for Youth, Joaquin Ruiz, received this morning Lorca City Council to attend this program that is invigorating the life of the parish.
  • SU + del Ayuntamiento de Lorca serves a hundred people in its first six months of operation (06/08/2009)
    The City Council Social Care Ayuntamiento de Lorca, has explained that "the municipal social care emergency has proved necessary to give answers in cases of abuse, social exclusion and other groups ".
  • The PSOE proposes the implementation of Quick Response Services by the City (06/08/2009)
    According to the Socialist councilor Elizabeth Casalduero the initiative being resolved within 72 hours the small imperfections in the road that are reported by citizens through their complaints by telephone, SMS or Internet
  • Court of the circulation in part of one lane of the Avenida Juan Carlos I at the intersection of Santa Clara Avenue until this morning (06/08/2009)

  • The MARM will invest 3.7 million euros to complete the modernization of irrigation in Cazalla and Tamarchete (06/08/2009)
    In total, the Government of Spain, will invest over 170 million euros in the modernization of irrigation in the town of Lorca, allowing a reduction of water losses by 30%
  • The potter-ceramist Martín García Lario "Eusebio", finalist of the National Crafts Award 2009 (06/08/2009)
    Martín Lario was awarded the craft in 2006 and the Award regional crafts in 2008
  • Paquita Lopez: People's Party ignores the complaints of the residents of Santa Maria " (05/08/2009)
    In the passive attitude of the PP councilor, Francisco Garcia, the socialist councilor demanded a swift and satisfactory response to these families Lorca also reminded taxpayers that
  • The City increased its assets by accepting assignments of 931.4 m2 local headquarters of the UNED and Universidad Popular (05/08/2009)

  • The top ten City Council districts sports facilities, including the PIMUN thanks to an agreement with the Autonomous Community (05/08/2009)
    Neighbors Morata, Ramonet, La Tova (Parish), Marchena, La Paca, almond and Zarcilla Palm Cazalla will benefit from this agreement
  • Lorca City Council extended the Municipal Nursery Business Torrecilla for initiatives that can accommodate ten entrepreneurs (04/08/2009)
    The Department of Employment will provide 149,800 euros for the first phase of this work, which goes to fatten the work under the Plan Municipal Investment (PIMUN), while the City will fund 64,200 euros.
  • Lorca City Council approves the call for aid to associations and nonprofit entities of the municipality (04/08/2009)
    The municipality allocated a total of 129,000 euros between draft status neighborhood associations, industrial development agencies and associations popular.
  • Lorca City Council will consider the feasibility and needs to adapt the path ecotourism "Cross of Caravaca" (04/08/2009)
    The Department of Tourism has requested a grant to take the first step to condition number 26 as a connection path of Lorca jubili Caravaca in the section Swamp Bridge and Caravaca de la Cruz.
  • The popular race Campillo be held next Sunday 9 July (04/08/2009)

  • Collado: "We can not allow the company Fantasy and Robotics, attempt to defraud the City of Lorca" (04/08/2009)
    As the former mayor, the company failed in its commitment to build an android with intelligence, "almost human" to promote the town, now seeking to recover € 100,000 through a court ruling that the City will use
  • Employment organize a workshop to train 32 people practices over 25 years in the investment of 777,330 euros (03/08/2009)
    The Consistory will receive 677,330 euros from the Autonomous Region for the project "Work", which will work and will form unemployed in the area of masonry, locksmithing, carpentry and coatings for twelve months
  • Lorca Local Police stops this weekend eight people for violating the Law on Aliens (03/08/2009)
    And another as a possible perpetrator of a crime of domestic violence
  • "Go on in July deteriorating air quality in Lorca," according Ecologists in Action (03/08/2009)
    Complaints that 6 out of 7 days in the month of July have exceeded the limit values for health protection of suspended particles in atmosphere
  • The driver of a passenger was taken to hospital after being descarcelado Lorca by firefighters (02/08/2009)


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