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  • Dismantled a new point of distribution of cocaine in La Hoya (30/12/2010)
    one person has been arrested on suspicion of crimes against public health
  • The Community completes its work on expanding the Bus Station Lorca (30/12/2010)
    Jódar Francisco José Ballesta and inaugurate the new facility, which will benefit 600,000 passengers a year
  • The Popular Party is imposed on new generations in the first "Trophy Lambs" Cup by 5 goals to 4 (30/12/2010)
    CEO of PP of Lorca, Francisco Jodar did kick off in a game in which he excelled as a striker Councilman popular Sports, Francisco Montiel
  • CiudaLor considers the elimination of "Municipal Councils" is misleading propaganda of the municipal government (29/12/2010)

  • The PSOE Eulalia Ibarra accused of making "despicable politics" and being a "social insensitive" and "liar" (29/12/2010)
    Socialist Councilwoman Maria Ponce has issued the decree to reflect the actual contributions of the state for local program care to immigrants and that "those who do not pay is Murcia, Madrid no"
  • Local Police in La Hoya stopped an individual on suspicion of a crime of drug trafficking (29/12/2010)
    he has seized 8,600 euros, rock cocaine and the vehicle used to transport and sale of drugs
  • The theater company "Rule", formed by young talents Lorca, presents its new production, an adaptation of "40, The Musical" (29/12/2010)

  • Local Police officers detain a man against whom there was an APB (29/12/2010)
    and a ban on entry into Spain
  • New Generations encourages Lorca to donate blood with a new initiative of the "Youth Solidarity" (29/12/2010)
    Hot Young people have participated this morning in a collective donation of blood for lead by example and raise awareness of the importance of donations
  • Program of genetic research to improve the quality of flat Murcia (29/12/2010)

  • Promotion of research for genetic improvement of the regional herd of horses (29/12/2010)

  • The Town Council reiterates that the decrease in State contribution to this city for immigration programs in 2011 is more than 82% (29/12/2010)

  • A joint operation by local police and Inspection Consumption 4 establishments of the town confiscates 5,168 units of alcoholic beverages (29/12/2010)

  • The city hopes to host next year a dozen European youth projects (28/12/2010)

  • Zapatero sprayed care programs for immigrants in Lorca imposing a "snip" of more than 82% (28/12/2010)

  • Ciudalor did yesterday delivery of food to Caritas for the amount of suspended food (25/12/2010)

  • Ciudalor blames politicians squatters PP and PSOE economic ruin that have gotten us to all citizens " (24/12/2010)

  • The Department of Sports and Sports Association Eliocroca organized the Second Conference on Modernization of Handball (23/12/2010)

  • The City Council collects 18,000 kilos Lorca donated by businesses, groups and individuals for the Caritas Food Bank (23/12/2010)
    in the beneficial macromaratón
  • The largest of the Asylum of San Diego enjoy the music at the event organized by New Generation (23/12/2010)
    "It was a total success: the goal of bringing a little joy to our elders at this time is fulfilled," says López Miras
  • Lorca will have its Christmas Parade I (22/12/2010)
    morning at 17:00 hours from the Cultural Center and to the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria, passing through the main streets of Old Town
  • The PP calls Lorca citizenship to work with the collection of food for the disadvantaged (22/12/2010)
    The People's Party joins City Council and Caritas to get donations for the needy
  • The PP Lorca organizing a chocolate with supporters and members on the morning of Christmas Eve (22/12/2010)
    Because popular not hold their traditional Christmas dinner to allocate these resources to the most disadvantaged, the PP will celebrate Christmas with breakfast chocolate and churros
  • Los Reyes Magos delivered to more than 250 children Municipal Service Center Early Lorca their Christmas (22/12/2010)

  • The village headman and Lorca district organized a gala of songs to benefit Caritas (21/12/2010)

  • The City of Lorca publishes a catalog of graffiti art youth living in the city of Lorca (21/12/2010)
    This compilation gathers 48 works made by artists in 20 areas of the municipality and school workshops
  • The Socialist Party demands the opening of the Center for Parkinson's patients, completed since last September (21/12/2010)
    Manuel Soler, Socialist candidate for Mayor of Lorca: "We seem shameful and inhumane that the PP was doing waiting for those affected by this disease, just to bring the opening of the municipal elections
  • The Children's Library invites all children to celebrate Christmas with the play (21/12/2010)

  • CiudaLor asks political parties have suspended their traditional food with the media to join the initiative of its members (20/12/2010)
    E invest the money saved on food to Caritas
  • YS sell fair trade chocolate for a common project in Mauritania (20/12/2010)
    Tuesday, 21 install a seat on the Alameda of Columns for the benefit of the NGO "International Solidarity '
  • The PP holds "hostage" to the company that supplied the furniture Selgas Hall for use during the election campaign (20/12/2010)

  • The City of Santa Quiteria Lorca become the largest children's amusement park in the region (20/12/2010)

  • UPyD in Lorca believes that both PP and PSOE use the theme of the burial of AVE as a smokescreen (20/12/2010)
    not to mention the real problems of the city
  • Residents of the hamlet of Las Palas, La Tova, have complained that four days without water (20/12/2010)
    The neighborhood association president, Gregory Stephen, said they feel "discriminated against" and spent months trying to make the council responsible, Melchor Morales , is interested in your problem
  • The CP violating its promise to complete work on the street Souls Cañada del Barrio de San Cristóbal (20/12/2010)

  • The PSOE furnished and equipped the "Aula Selgas" no procurement procedure, violating the Law on Public Administration Contracts (20/12/2010)

  • Lorca Taller del Tiempo renews audiovisual projects in the Visitor Center (20/12/2010)

  • The Director General of Tourism has a new promotional video content Visitor Center Lorca (20/12/2010)

  • Died after falling into the pit of manure from a feedlot located in the Campo López Crta in Lorca (20/12/2010)

  • From Lorca Citizens believe that the "Changing the law of membership of Chambers of Commerce" is a hit Zapatero (19/12/2010)

  • Lorca Rugby Club win at bottom club in their first victory away from home to display his best game (19/12/2010)
    Output V Rugby League Matchday Murcia / Castilla La Mancha
  • Lorca Rugby Club visit to bottom club (17/12/2010)
    After the defeat by reigning champions Rugby Club Lorca Yecla will try reecontrarse with victory against a team that still does not know the League
  • Mass Donation Day to benefit Food Interparroquial Caritas in Lorca (17/12/2010)
    will be next Thursday 23 at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria.
  • New Generations prepared a special Christmas campaign "Youth Solidarity" (17/12/2010)

  • Neighbors of the Avenue of Europe concerned that the branches of a tree is wearing the wiring of a medium voltage line (17/12/2010)
    also warn of a black spot road safety in a very steep curve that has no protective barriers on the road Molino de la Sierra
  • The City of Lorca creates a portal to provide young people seeking employment Lorca (17/12/2010)

  • The residents of La Paca organize some cultural events (17/12/2010)
    project more than 2,000 photographs that reflected the history of the parish under the title "afoto" of a people Murcia
  • The Socialist Party calls for Jódar that Lorca does not become the "red lantern" of the burial of AVE in the Mediterranean corridor (17/12/2010)
    Last Dec. 9 was published in the BOE tunneling protocol for the city of Almeria, in the same terms did Murcia and Cartagena in 2006
  • The City Council shows its support to the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca (17/12/2010)
    "against the regulations imposed by Zapatero alteration that seriously endangers their economic sustainability"
  • The covering of the works of the college sports track Pérez de Hita, in the barrio of La Vina, reaching 80% (16/12/2010)
    will be completed in early February
  • The City of Lorca organized 61 events to fill the entire municipality of Christmas events (16/12/2010)

  • Denounce black spots for road safety in the axis of the Santa Clara Ave, San Fernando roundabout and the south route (16/12/2010)

  • ADETIC Guadalentín organizes a conference on mobile applications (16/12/2010)

  • Holcim its second committee organizes information factory Lorca (16/12/2010)

  • 1 st equestrian sports school based in the City of Lorca (16/12/2010)

  • Manuel Soler is opposed to new agricultural agreement with Morocco and European calls to PP threw it back (15/12/2010)

  • Chat María San Gil in Lorca (15/12/2010)

  • The CP violating its commitment to completing work on the Poplar Street before Christmas (15/12/2010)

  • The City invests 1.4 million euros to expand the service offered by the Early Childhood Center (15/12/2010)

  • The town celebrated on Friday the fourth edition of "Living Library" (15/12/2010)

  • Lorca City Council claims that the Government of Spain supports an agreement with Morocco that will bring thousands of Lorca to stop " (15/12/2010)

  • The PP Manuel Soler reminds the ball of the agricultural agreement between the EU and Morocco is on the roof of the PSOE (15/12/2010)
    "and that Lorca does not need" salvapatrias "
  • IU considers that the policy followed by the Popular Party disappoint the aspirations of society lorquina (14/12/2010)
    José García Murcia, spokesman for the city of the United Left in the municipality of Lorca, says the team of popular government pursues a policy of short-range , obsessive-poor economic and social and cultural
  • Morning opens the registration period for swimming lessons for the first quarter of 2011 (14/12/2010)
    swimming at various levels, swimming for infants, pregnant women, elderly and aqua are the courses to be developed in the Sports Complex swimming pools Europe and the Barrio de San Antonio
  • Complaints that are not run until a dozen years works awarded by the City (14/12/2010)

  • The municipal website of the Municipality of Lorca shows the impact of traffic through Google Maps (13/12/2010)

  • The elimination of bonolibro involve about two thousand families can not buy Lorca schoolbooks for their children next year (13/12/2010)
    The head of Education of the Election Committee of the PSOE, José Segura, has also shown very surprised because the local non-FAMP has ruled on this cut of the regional government of PP
  • ... (13/12/2010)

  • More than 500 over next Tuesday Lorca enjoy the best artists of the 'A Tu Vera' (10/12/2010)
    in his traditional Christmas Gala at the Theatre War
  • The application period for participation in the III Narrative Competition for Secondary Education (10/12/2010)
    Prize Angeles Pascual "
  • The local residents have Apolonia today with a new social club of 350 m2 (10/12/2010)

  • Nearly 4,000 youth participate in school sports during the academic year 2010-2011 municipal (10/12/2010)
    schools soccer, swimming, tennis and chess, the most popular among young athletes Lorca
  • 33 participants in the pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz held last weekend (09/12/2010)

  • They call for the immediate repair of the sports of IES Ramón Arcas (09/12/2010)
    The poor state of conservation of the same, under the City Council, has caused incidents, including the fall of a student that ended with a broken tibia and fibula
  • Reply to criticism of the state of the sports ground adjacent to the IES Ramón Arcas (09/12/2010)

  • The PSOE says are "wasting" resources managed by the Department of Employment (09/12/2010)
    According to the Socialist councilor, Leoncio Collado, the three million euros were allocated for training in 2010 only served to offer courses to 10% of the unemployed in the municipality and obtain employment for 75 people
  • New targets internationalization Fellows 2011 (09/12/2010)

  • Public Works remove two black spots on the road between Lorca and Mazarrón (09/12/2010)
    It has undertaken a refurbishment of the track, the widening of the platform, the firm strengthening and conditioning of the access between the villages of Morata and Atalaya
  • "Why build a medical center in La Torrecilla near power lines, with the problems that can lead to health?" (08/12/2010)

  • Lorca has the lowest crime rates throughout the Region (07/12/2010)
    due to the increase of 50% of the workforce of the local police in this term
  • The City of Lorca 50% discount rental of the ships of the municipal nursery business (07/12/2010)
    Y extends stay a year to consolidate the self-employment projects
  • Lorca City Council began a new series of works that includes the resurfacing and improvement of 13 streets in the town (07/12/2010)

  • Lorca Rugby Club visit to champions (05/12/2010)
    Day After IV Rugby League Murcia / Castilla-La Mancha
  • The PSOE Jódar requires explaining what it has spent 20,000 euros to the departure of the local television that has failed to be implemented (03/12/2010)

  • The PSOE does not preclude the submission of an audit committee of accountability in the controversy of parking spaces (03/12/2010)

  • The PSOE de Lorca complaint that "the City should 100 million pesetas to the Local Police" (03/12/2010)
    While "the mayor created a place to relocate the former manager of Urban Zerrichera charged in the case, which will continue salary of € 6,000 per month "
  • Ferra, "Manuel Soler is the best ally of the farmers Lorca" (03/12/2010)
    General Secretary of PSOE in Lorca is gratified that the CHS is committed, as requested by Soler, to be included in watershed plans the resources needed to provide water for irrigation consolidated city
  • The municipal web deLorca awarded "SIDAR. Designed for all" because of its accessibility (03/12/2010)

  • The City speeds up procedures for the construction of two new sanitation collectors involving investment of 2.3 million euros (03/12/2010)

  • The number of unemployed fell by 103 people Lorca in November (03/12/2010)

  • The Christmas lights installed by the city this year represents a daily saving of 730 euros (03/12/2010)
    Cut CO2 emissions to the atmosphere by 53 tons and will be on 11 days
  • The City blemish the PSOE's "reckless and foolhardy" for trying to destabilize the Local Police for political purposes (03/12/2010)

  • II massacre Murcia traditional flat on the strength of the Sun (03/12/2010)

  • The City Council has to repay a grant of 20,000 euros (03/12/2010)
    by not spending it on improving the municipal centers of La Hoya, and Zarcilla Almendricos Palm
  • The City invests € 130,563 from the Community Municipal Centres Citizens Advice (03/12/2010)
    de La Hoya, almond and Zarcilla
  • El Palacio de Guevara receives from now until Dec. 31 an exhibition of Maria Remedios Martínez (03/12/2010)

  • CiudaLor "Ong's abandoned by our Mayor" (03/12/2010)

  • The City of Lorca organized the first exhibition of theatrical Women Associations of Lorca on 3 December at the Teatro Guerra (02/12/2010)

  • Lorca Mayor leads by example by donating blood and encourages Lorca to work with the Marathon II "in solidarity" (02/12/2010)

  • Francisco Jódar complaint that "the Central Government gives another twist to two councils and their suppliers" (02/12/2010)

  • The PP will give a talk on the State Budget and the Region of Murcia on Thursday at the Cultural Center (01/12/2010)
    Angel Garcia Aragon, "Lorca all have the opportunity to see first hand how they will affect the national and regional budgets, analyzing the terrible injustices that ZP is committed to Lorca "
  • VII National Contest of Traditional Folklore "Campo de Lorca" Aguadero (01/12/2010)
    The crews also XV Meeting of watering places this year has created a profile on Facebook and will be broadcast live on a radio station in Málaga
  • Distributed 3000 brochures, 2500, red ribbons, 2000 stickers, 1500 posters and 500 condoms to prevent AIDS (01/12/2010)

  • Citizens of Lorca, "Ciudalor" will not allow illegal immigration in Lorca (01/12/2010)

  • Future specialists in international trade, visit the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca (01/12/2010)

  • PSOE: "A member of the council of Finance manages the property where two parking spaces of the City Council claims not to know" (01/12/2010)
    The City Council is the registered owner thereof in a Community of Owners in that year's quota should 2010, the owner listed as "delinquent"
  • The desalinated water three times its value and becomes a viable price for irrigators, goes from 36 cents to 1 euro m3 (01/12/2010)


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