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  • The PSOE warning of the danger of the works of John Street Bayonas for college students Andrés García Soler (30/09/2010)
    The Socialists also report the fault at the traffic lights to regulate traffic access to the Fortaleza del Sol
  • Traverse City, Best of Show Open Tennis and the release of Rugby in the 4 th weekend of the Games (30/09/2010)

  • The squash comes into play on Saturday from 9.30 am, in the fourth week of the XXXII Guadalentín Sports Games (30/09/2010)
    classic dispute with the local tournament at the Sports Complex facilities Europe
  • To be met 30 months (30/09/2010)
    without the Delegation of the Government or the Ministry of Development to provide solutions to the 15 families affected after the explosions in the tunnel on the highway
  • The accreditation of the quality of tourist offer today Lorca increases to 9 and 23 certificates SICTED Q (30/09/2010)

  • The Environment Ministry will invest over one million euros to restore the coastal landscape and environmental Lorca (30/09/2010)

  • Tourism delivers the ninth 'Q for Quality' of Lorca Hacienda Real Los Olivos (30/09/2010)

  • The government can not allocate funds to pay for damage to private homes (30/09/2010)
    Government Delegation helped Lorca's neighbors suspected of being affected by the works of the tunnel in making their claims to the Administration
  • The Dog Show Lorca III now has over 2,200 registered dogs (29/09/2010)
    The exhibition and Pet Fair, to acquire international this year with the presence of the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Livestock, streamlines the animal industry and hotels
  • The Community makes it easier for regional businesses to collaborate with Noksel in the construction of its plant in Lorca (28/09/2010)
    The Minister of Universities, Business and Research and the Mayor of Lorca, accompanied by officials of the company, visit the works of the complex, whose work civil is executed at 40 percent
  • The works for construction of the plant reaches its Lorca Noksel in Ecuador (28/09/2010)
    It is a major industry that has sat in our municipality.
  • As of 30 September, the period within which to participate in the Traverse Mountain (28/09/2010)

  • Start the first billing period of IBI (28/09/2010)
    The rezoned rural land undeveloped in 2005 will have a bonus of up to 45%
  • Lorca Mayor announced that the City has taken steps for the restoration of the Palace of Guevara (27/09/2010)

  • Manuel Soler set a priority of government in job creation (27/09/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor works in ten areas that could generate around 3,000 jobs in the city
  • The Paddle begins its participation in the Games with competitions base (27/09/2010)

  • The Full Council appoints Lorca Virgen de las Huertas Honorary Mayor of the city (27/09/2010)
    PP and PSOE agree to grant the appointment to the patron saint of Lorca, while votes against the United Left
  • The Full Council of Lorca in Spain calls on the Government not eliminate aid to public housing (27/09/2010)

  • Aeromodelling doubly during the weekend of the Games (27/09/2010)

  • All in the game against a chess simultaneous Guadalentín Games (27/09/2010)

  • Games life will always be in fashion (27/09/2010)

  • The XIII Feria de Lorca Open Golf "brought together 70 participants in the golf course" El Boom " (27/09/2010)
    It is the 5 th scoring round of the 2010 Annual Social Circuit
  • The "Open City Lorca" Table Tennis, a successful turnout and spectacular (27/09/2010)

  • Record of participation in the Path to Cejo of lovers: 780 people practice walking with the Games (27/09/2010)

  • 57 swimmers participating in the Synchronized Swimming Trophy Games Guadalentín (27/09/2010)

  • Paramount Theme Park (27/09/2010)
    The Consistory lorquino seek the explicit support of the social and economic for the Paramount theme park be built in Lorca
  • FERAMUR great success in its 27 edition (27/09/2010)

  • The Community renew the road lorquina Inch with an investment of 5.3 million (26/09/2010)
    The works aim to improve road safety on a route along which more than half a million drivers a year
  • Chest Lorca CB victory before the Eliocroca AD 30 to 23 (26/09/2010)

  • Light and shade for the equipment of the City of Lorca Futsal in regional championships Guadalentín Sports Games (24/09/2010)

  • Jódar grants "to finger" the operation of the canteen the fairgrounds to a councilor of Puerto Lumbreras PP (24/09/2010)
    PSOE spokeswoman Marisol Sanchez has said that this has not followed any criteria of transparency and it is an act of cronyism, pure and simple "
  • Manuel Soler Jódar calls to mobilize society to lorquina Paramount Park stay in the town (24/09/2010)

  • The City of Lorca consensual union with minimum services to the general strike on September 29 (24/09/2010)

  • They demand that the City complies with the new law of arrears and pay its creditors in a maximum of 30 days (23/09/2010)

  • The hiking route to Cejo, the Folk and Traditional Games synchronized swimming highlights of the weekend of the Games (23/09/2010)

  • The Craft Fair XXVII Region starts with 94 artisans in Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds Lorca (23/09/2010)

  • Lorca promotes Jewish heritage in Cartagena with the exhibition "Lights of Sephardic, from yesterday until March 27 (22/09/2010)

  • Lorca City Council will end in a month and a half previous excavations to build the Artisan Quarter (22/09/2010)

  • The Craft Fair XXVII Murcia Lorca starts tomorrow (22/09/2010)
    A total of 94 artisans from the region enrolled in 14 provinces and nine countries
  • The IX Rally Sprint Palm Zarcilla faced 32 cars in a spectacular circuit (21/09/2010)
    32 vehicles from Murcia, Alicante, Almeria and Granada competed in the test organized by the Automobile Club of Palm Zarcilla
  • Manuel Soler will be officially declared candidate for mayor of Lorca on Saturday (21/09/2010)
    Today has submitted 360 endorsements PSOE militants in Lorca has 402 members
  • The PP claims that "the PSOE does pay for the crisis and middle class youth" (21/09/2010)
    More than five hundred of Lorca will be hurt by cuts in housing subsidies enacted by Zapatero
  • Denounce "fear rains Lorca citizens Eagles on the road" (21/09/2010)

  • "The recovery of medieval Jewish neighborhood existing in places Lorca castle as the main European reference for Jewish culture" (20/09/2010)
    According to the mayor
  • The six finalists of the first edition of the television program "A tu Vera" will bring together 6,000 people (20/09/2010)
    on Senior Day Fair Lorca, with the Gala "Sighs of Spain"
  • 275 cyclists pedal to the hamlets of Cazares and the Road Aguadero Sports Games (20/09/2010)

  • PSOE and neighbors require a correction of the splitter mirror and the solution to the problem of bad smells in the Virgen de las Huertas (20/09/2010)
    In addition to a motion tabled in Parliament Socialist Group, affected neighbors are collecting signatures to City Hall response to their requests.
  • The Football player throughout the weekend Guadalentín Sports Games (20/09/2010)

  • Urban Mile Zarzadilla of Totana, further proof of Guadalentín Sports Games (20/09/2010)

  • The San Diego Club Petanque Cup victories in the 'Fair Trophy bowls "of Guadalentín Sport Games (20/09/2010)

  • Triple confrontation between databases and Carboneras Eliocroca Handball (20/09/2010)

  • The Government delegate attends the opening of the first phase of the Archaeological Park of the Castle of Lorca (20/09/2010)
    The Government of Spain invests 8 million euros in the excavations, consolidation and musealization of archaeological remains of the Castle of Lorca
  • The Terrace Inn welcomes Lorquin morning Spikes II Competition Popular Fair Lorca (20/09/2010)

  • New tourist attraction in Lorca with visits to the old Jewish quarter (20/09/2010)
    Tourism has invested 60,000 euros in the recovery of the medieval remains found in the eastern sector of the castle
  • 45 people are thrown into the Sports Complex swimming Europe to enjoy the day aquaerobic popular (18/09/2010)

  • The work of the Center for Women have paralyzed three months (17/09/2010)
    The PSOE Councillor Lucia Sanchez, said the center would have been completed in May, 2009
  • Lorca City Council grants the autonomous region, about 2 acres to build the wastewater treatment plant Ramonete (17/09/2010)

  • Aqua-aerobics and cycling route to Cazalla and watering places, new opportunities to enjoy the popular sport of the Games of Guadalentín (16/09/2010)

  • The Regional Open Mountain Bike Downhill brought together 58 participants from all over the country (16/09/2010)

  • The City of Lorca only invested 37,200 euros for tourism promotion in 200 television channels from 150 countries (16/09/2010)
    to stage of the Tour of Spain
  • A course at the University of the Sea will address the tax crime (16/09/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the danger of the football complex facilities for the negligence of the City (16/09/2010)

  • Lorca City Council reaches an agreement with five leading companies (15/09/2010)
    order to provide free courses for workers and unemployed specialization Lorca
  • The Socialist Party denounced the authorization of the City Hall parking in a ravine in the neighborhood of La Viña (15/09/2010)
    The Socialist councilor Maria Ponce said the decision was made behind the backs of the neighbors who have started a signature campaign against Measurement
  • XXI International Folklore Festival "Ciudad de Lorca" (15/09/2010)

  • The free parking that the City is preparing in the Vineyard is outside the flood zone (15/09/2010)
    and was sued by retailers, restaurateurs and the signatures of 800 neighbors
  • The City expands by 50% its aquatics program with the opening of the new Municipal Pool Cover (14/09/2010)
    The pool is located in the suburb of San Antonio.
  • The best players of the city faced in the Feria de Lorca Open Sports Games (14/09/2010)
    The tennis quality has reached Guadalentín Sports Games of the traditional Fair Open Lorca.
  • Manuel Soler Jódar calls to mobilize for the Paramount theme park to stay in Lorca (14/09/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor said the society would not understand that Jódar lorquina to repeat what happened when he went for Totana to became the headquarters of the Southeastern Spanish Agrifood City
  • Lorca Mayor offered yesterday to the region "around the town" for the installation of the Paramount theme park (14/09/2010)

  • The City Council of the strike brings to 66 unemployed people to maintain gardens, forestry, clean up and improve the signs (14/09/2010)

  • Ferra, "Melchor Morales statements are an attempt to irrigation consolidated" (14/09/2010)

  • Melchor Morales says Manuel Soler has changed his address on water to please Zapatero and the PSOE (14/09/2010)

  • 94 artisans from Murcia, 14 other provinces and eight countries will participate in the Craft Fair of the Region (13/09/2010)
    Marin presents Lorca's mayor, the president of the Chamber of Commerce and the director of the Fair the new edition to be held 23 to 26 September at the fairgrounds Santa Quiteria
  • The Abaranera AD rises with victory in the Cup XVI Handball Community Sports Games Guadalentín (13/09/2010)
    Abarán Club Ademur beat Murcia, Cartagena and CB Marist Lorca
  • The World of Sports Games conquest motor with 17 ° Autocross Ciudad de Lorca (13/09/2010)

  • 44 couples competing in the XIII Certamen Ciudad de Lorca Sport Fishing (13/09/2010)

  • National Paragliding Concentration offers great flight, despite the strong wind (13/09/2010)
    47 drivers competed over the weekend
  • Dies After Police Local Lucas Moya, Silver Medal of the City Police Merit Lorca (13/09/2010)

  • Cerdá highlights the commitment of regional livestock sector with the quality and preventive health care (13/09/2010)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca XLIII inaugurate the National Week of Pigs (SEPOR), held from 13 to 16 September
  • 373 participants compete in the Carrera Popular Sports Games of the XXXII Guadalentín (12/09/2010)
    R Women's Race resulted in a more than positive: 43 runners took part in the test
  • The March of Sports Games Walking breaks all records: 1,056 participants (11/09/2010)
    On the afternoon of Friday, more than a thousand people took to the streets Walking in People's March that the Olympics opened Lorca
  • Citizens of Lorca: "As we feared, Municipal debt makes Lorca can not avail themselves of the debt" (11/09/2010)

  • Citizens of Lorca considered outrageous the situation where the street is John Bayonas a few days of the beginning of the school (11/09/2010)

  • The best sport in the first weekend of Guadalentín Sports Games (10/09/2010)
    Walking The Walk and Fun Run, highlights of the first weekend of the Games
  • Casalduero: "The PP will leave the Hall without having given the Lorca even one exciting show" (10/09/2010)
    The PSOE mayor said the negligence of the PP in the cultural and celebrations is also hurting the local economy and that "Lorca has ceased to be a desirable destination in leisure "
  • Open Enrolment for the Municipal School of Basic Physical Education Hall of Lorca (10/09/2010)

  • Citizens of Lorca begins at primary for the mayoral election at the next municipal elections (10/09/2010)

  • Citizens of Lorca reiterates the demand for transparency in government team (10/09/2010)

  • Manuel Soler: "I wish the DB I changed my position on the issue of water, but will be no" (10/09/2010)

  • Cerda said that the Region of Murcia has exceeded the safety standard animal health (09/09/2010)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca XLIII have the National Week of Pigs (SEPOR), held from 13 to 16 September Lorca
  • Response to IU on gully of Tejares (09/09/2010)

  • ASAJA Murcia Lorca opens new facility designed to provide better service to the agricultural sector (09/09/2010)

  • The Walking People's March, the ideal opening XXXII Guadalentín Sports Games (09/09/2010)
    on Friday at 20.30 from the Alameda de las Columns
  • The Mayor announced that it will propose the granting of the title "Honorary Mayor" of the Virgen de las Huertas, patron saint of Lorca (08/09/2010)

  • One year after the installation of the panels still does not start mailbox concentration districts (07/09/2010)
    Much of the panels are practically destroyed because of vandalism
  • UPyD neglect complaint in Lorca found in parts of the city. (07/09/2010)
    Dog droppings, empty bottles, graffiti, litter and litter bins on the floor without picking up some images are easy to see malls and other places village
  • The Mayor of Lorca opens tonight on the eve of the feast of the patron, a ceramic tile dedicated to the Virgen de las Huertas (07/09/2010)
    The project, located in the newly renovated Alameda Virgen de las Huertas, will be blessed after Mass and offerings contained in the acts of the Fair Girl
  • The City Council is promoting a European project Lorca Life + to clean heavy metal Guadalentín River (06/09/2010)

  • The Guadalentín XXXII Sports Games will offer more than fifty of the best evidence and popular sport (06/09/2010)

  • Tonight opens the covering of the Rambla de los Patos (06/09/2010)

  • Manuel Soler presents candidacy to head the electoral list PSOE Lorca (06/09/2010)
    Manuel Soler thanked the support of the Local Executive Committee but has said he prefers attending the process "supported by the party base" so you have to collect around a hundred endorsements
  • Finish the work of environmental recovery of the Rambla de los Patos de Lorca made with funds from Plan E (06/09/2010)
    The works have been paid in full by the Government of Spain has had a cost of 973,000 euros
  • Kick-off for gastronomic on white pig Lorca (06/09/2010)

  • The City of Lorca returns to redouble their efforts this term training to improve the employability of all unemployed Lorca (03/09/2010)

  • The PSOE de Lorca officially opens the process for choosing candidates for mayor (03/09/2010)

  • Lorca Local Police seized marijuana plants 9 more than three feet high growing in a greenhouse Ramonete (02/09/2010)

  • The Red Lorca Municipal Library will expand with three new centers by the end of the legislature (02/09/2010)

  • The 50 and older may enroll in Senior Hall, University of Murcia (02/09/2010)

  • 226 children in seven districts in eight schools participating in leisure coeducation (02/09/2010)

  • Employers in the region travel to Russia during the visit to the fair IPM (01/09/2010)

  • Neighbors of the Vineyard have to leave their homes by the dust generated in artworks (01/09/2010)

  • Angel Mecca asks the PSOE "who learns what he's talking first before heading out to the press" (01/09/2010)


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