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Lorca News - December 2012

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  • One person dead and two minor injuries to a passenger car collided into a bus on the road from Lorca to Pulpí (29/12/2012)

  • The PSOE takes stock of the Year 2012 (28/12/2012)
    The general secretary of the Socialist Group lorquina Daniel Martínez Fajardo, and the Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, considered 2012 a lost year in the recovery of Lorca
  • The City of Lorca will lower by at least 10% energy bill with the new supply contract comes to hiring (28/12/2012)
    The awarding of power above 10 kw allow municipal coffers save a minimum of 450,000 euros
  • The neighborhood of La Viña host a market with 49 stalls during Saturday morning December 29 and January 5 (28/12/2012)
    More than 360 square meters of the Streets Herrerías, Gardeners and Harvest Avenue stations gather food, textile, Household or footwear.
  • The PP of Lorca celebrates its first Board of Directors and Executive Committee after local Congress XIV (28/12/2012)
    At the end of the first session of the new management team was the popular "Toy Supper" in which more than a hundred members and supporters showed their solidarity
  • The Palm Zarcilla neighbors held a football match solidarity (28/12/2012)

  • 300,000 euros for the first phase of construction in the chapels of white and blue step in Lorca (28/12/2012)

  • A guide published by two experts in energy efficiency in architecture offer energy saving proposals for rebuilding homes in Lorca (27/12/2012)
    "Guide to the implementation of the limitation of the energy demand in homes (CTE-DB HE1) with passive enhancements Lorca "
  • The new sports complex will be a center Europe more sustainable, accessible and efficient (27/12/2012)

  • Sport Lorca again joins in solidarity to contribute their bit to the weakest, in this case children (27/12/2012)

  • IU-Greens denounced the "flagrant breach" of the government's commitment to the recovery of Lorca (27/12/2012)

  • The Sun City Scout sing at Christmas (27/12/2012)
    Exhibition will be held in Santa Quiteria at 17.00 h.
  • Three calls to 1-1-2 tonight warned of an earthquake of magnitude 2 sense Lorca (26/12/2012)
    We are not aware of any material damage
  • The book "Panorama of Passion" by photographer Carlos García Lorca Peñarrubia wins competition for the selection of Easter Poster 2013 (26/12/2012)
    A total of 13 works from Lorca, Murcia, Navarra and Malaga have participated in this contest
  • The champions of Spain cycling adapted, Luis Miguel Giner and Aitor Oroza, champions jerseys donate to the city of Lorca (26/12/2012)
    In celebration of this championship all official vehicles and took care some posters identifying with the message "All with Lorca "slogan that was also mentioned during the tech talk
  • CEIS Firefighters extinguished a fire in a warehouse in Cazalla (Lorca) (25/12/2012)

  • Antonio Navarro: "They're tearing down the buildings of San Fernando. But what about the rest?" (24/12/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, stressed that none of Owners has received a single euro of compensation
  • The book on bullfighting by Lorca festival will raise funds for earthquake victims (21/12/2012)

  • The Department of Planning granted new licenses to build 25 homes demolished after the earthquake (21/12/2012)
    And for the installation of a new crane to lift the Pablo Iglesias
  • The Local Government Committee held this morning has approved 14 new grants in the amount of 15,097.31 euros set (21/12/2012)
    The aid approved by the Bureau for Development for the families affected by the earthquake Lorca represent the amount of 3,543. EUR 497.49
  • From 28 to 30 December will be held the first Chess Tournament 2200 Sub Campus Universitario de Lorca (21/12/2012)

  • Teachers College José Robles donate $ 500 to the Bureau for Development of the City of Lorca (21/12/2012)
    The amount was collected thanks to a bingo held in solidarity during a retirement dinner
  • Lorca Local Police burglary stops a person who granted the church of San Mateo climbing a scaffold and breaking a window (21/12/2012)

  • The City Council and the Association of Placeros give away 2,500 bags to promote reusable shopping in Market Square (21/12/2012)
    and encourage respect for the environment
  • College Students Alfonso X congratulate the mayor with Christmas carols (21/12/2012)

  • Full program of events in the San Fernando College of Lorca (21/12/2012)

  • The magazine Pool, which will be presented on Friday, includes 13 studies on the restoration of the cultural heritage of Lorca (20/12/2012)
    The presentation will be given by ADG IPCE, Alfonso Muñoz Cosme
  • The City Council finally approved the PERIS allowing reconstruction of four buildings in the Vineyard (20/12/2012)
    recovery include a total of 200 properties
  • The full City Council approves the plan of Lorca that will reduce by 53 million municipal bank debt seven years (20/12/2012)

  • Lorca City Council asks the delimitation of three areas of rehabilitation and reconstruction for those affected by the earthquakes can receive other aid (20/12/2012)

  • Rafael Ruiz: "The economic management team PP Municipal Government in the past six years has been disastrous" (20/12/2012)
    Economic Affairs Responsible for Municipal Socialist Group, Rafael Ruiz, announced the vote against Socialist Municipal Group both proposals debated in Parliament
  • Press Release to the judgment of the Constitutional Court on the 8th additional provision of the law of the land in the Region of Murcia (20/12/2012)

  • The City of Lorca Kings begin after the refurbishment of Alfonsina Street and its surroundings (19/12/2012)

  • Garden Ruano welcomes "Fissures of Time", an exhibition of visual arts circuit (19/12/2012)

  • The development works in the district of San Pedro will start in January (19/12/2012)
    The Joint Commission monitoring of the agreement between the Housing and Land Institute and the City of Lorca for service housing environment was constituted today
  • The Bes Isabelle mezzosoprano offered next Saturday in San Francisco a Christmas concert in aid of Steps White and Blue (18/12/2012)
    The concert, which has the support of the Conservatory of Music Narciso Yepes, will be held at 21 am.
  • More than 2,000 young people have participated in Lorca on the day of the Sakharov Prize Broadcast (18/12/2012)
    The award, which each year gives the European Parliament in Brussels, aims to promote the defense of Human Rights
  • The Socialist Group Lorca celebrates its traditional "Christmas breakfast" with the media (18/12/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, congratulated the parties on behalf of the Socialist Lorca, wishing that the coming year bring greater enthusiasm and hope all the residents of the municipality
  • 93 Lorca received the certificate of having received practical and theoretical training in employment workshops and Municipal Workshop School (18/12/2012)

  • 24 Lorca successfully complete the training inertia I and II of skills within the Municipal Plan for the Prevention of Drug Addiction (18/12/2012)
    The actions have been developed between October 15 and December 15.
  • The City of Lorca implanted in all the sights of the city the-art tourist information (18/12/2012)

  • The City of Lorca designs a Finance Plan for seven years without raising taxes or reducing services to citizens (17/12/2012)

  • They start a new program to promote the Mediterranean diet in schools of the municipality (17/12/2012)

  • Socialist spokesman calls for a solution to the abandonment of the beach Tips (17/12/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, stressed that this neglect extends from flooding that occurred last September
  • The Local Police arrested six people during the weekend for various offenses (17/12/2012)

  • The City of Lorca and the Delegation of the Government put in place the program "Safe Trade", increasing surveillance in the streets for Christmas (17/12/2012)

  • Young Socialists Magi Lorca about the Early Childhood Center of Lorca (17/12/2012)

  • The Rugby Club Lorca loses to UCAM (17/12/2012)
    The club lorquino unmitigated suffering a defeat while San Antonio are secured in the lead
  • Martínez Fajardo: "We hope that the visit of Mr. Hahn reverse in firm commitments to recovery of the municipality" (17/12/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, has been deemed advisable, in case of new EU aid, management of same transparent and came directly to the victims
  • Francisco Jódar reelected President's Party with 99% of the votes (15/12/2012)
    The new Secretary General of the PP is Lali Ibarra, spokesman of the government team of city council and head of the electoral campaigns of this political
  • Antonio Navarro: "There is no interest on the part of the authorities to indemnify the victims of the Earthquake" (15/12/2012)

  • The Youth Council of Lorca Thursday delivered their prizes VI "Youth on the Move" in Merced (14/12/2012)

  • The Department of Planning gives green light to the reconstruction of a battery of 84 homes had to be demolished after the earthquakes (14/12/2012)

  • College Students Villaespesa congratulate Mayor Christmas carols Lorca (14/12/2012)

  • The aid approved by the Bureau for Development for Lorca families affected by earthquakes exceeding 3.5 million euros (14/12/2012)
    The Bureau for Development has so far distributed 3,528,400.18 euros between Lorca families affected by the earthquakes of the past year
  • The Socialist Party demands alternatives to the removal of the Christmas bonus to government workers (14/12/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Casalduero, defined as the fair proposals to be made available to workers who wish
  • The Socialist Party is concerned about the slow and delayed the reconstruction and repair of the Sports Complex Europe (13/12/2012)
    The head of Municipal Socialist Group Education, Jesus Mazuecos, has stressed the slowness and delay situation in which they find the reconstruction of Europe Sports Complex, more than 19 months after the earthquake
  • Martínez Fajardo: "Not to be understanding, you have to be assertive" (13/12/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, said he does not understand the failure to attend yesterday's demonstration of any member of the government team
  • Apandis promotes its floral art workshops and leather goods, selling Christmas ornaments and gifts (13/12/2012)

  • Plays and films for children, rides, chocolate, concerts, New Year's Eve parade, galas and choral dance, between acts for Christmas (13/12/2012)

  • Transparency, honesty and work will continue to be the political bases of popular Lorca (13/12/2012)
    Miras Lopez: "Working for recovery from all administrations Lorca is the absolute political priority of the local PP"
  • Lorca became the capital of human rights and freedom of expression with a demonstration aimed Sakharov Prize (13/12/2012)
    The Lorca may participate and enjoy Friday morning exhibitions, street theater and a wall of expression
  • Plan Reclaiming Lorca, XIV Congress center PP (12/12/2012)
    The Plan sets PP Lorca and investments of the CARM through EIB loan as the keys to recovery
  • 40 merchants of the historic center of Lorca on Friday celebrated the second "Sliding Shopping Night" (12/12/2012)

  • Limusa and Parque Almenara implemented a recycling center in the mall (12/12/2012)
    The area located in the parking area of ​​about 30 square meters, houses the possibility of recycling textiles, paper, light packaging, glass, used cooking oil , batteries and even tubes
  • The Alzheimer's Association Lorca poinsettias sold to raise funds for their activities (12/12/2012)
    Tomorrow will Apandis who sell Christmas ornaments and leather products at booth installed in the Alameda city of the Constitution
  • The Joint Commission approves over 1.3 million euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (12/12/2012)
    670,811 euros are for housing reconstruction, repair 411 343, 244 520 and 43 977 rentals for trade
  • UPyD Lorca involved collecting toys Red Cross Campaign (12/12/2012)
    UPyD Lorca returns to participate in the toy collection campaign organized by Red Cross
  • Biznaga collectors, La Hoya and the vast network Hinojar complete sanitation of the villages of the garden of Lorca (11/12/2012)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water, and the mayor of Lorca visited the works are in progress and they will gather wastewater from a population equivalent to 140,000
  • The Socialist Party presents its campaign to support traditional business (11/12/2012)
    The Deputy Secretary PSRM, Isabel Casalduero, presented a package of measures to support small and medium business
  • Increase opportunities, provide a horizon of certainty and focus on competitiveness and growth of the Presentation key on Economy, Employment and Local Development of Popular (11/12/2012)
    The commitment lorquino PP seize the reconstruction of the city to create a Lorca modern and future
  • A new crane shows the progress of the reconstruction of 40 houses demolished by earthquakes in two buildings of the Plaza Sculptor Rodriguez Larrosa (10/12/2012)

  • The Department of Sports launches a charity campaign to collect food (10/12/2012)

  • The Bethlehem Municipal Lorca will be open from December 16 at the Cultural Center of the City (07/12/2012)

  • The Lorca Castle again host this Sunday's celebration of the 'Hanukkah' after 520 years (07/12/2012)

  • The Lorca Municipal Library forgive penalties for late returns in exchange for food for Caritas (07/12/2012)

  • Lorca hosts conference on Tuesday a decision to emergencies (07/12/2012)

  • Lorca City Council set up a committee to assist families who are in Lorca eviction process (07/12/2012)

  • Manuel Garcia Morales donated to the Bureau for Development 2510 euros, resulting from the sale of his book "Lorca, on T" (07/12/2012)

  • Municipality and autonomous region next week will advance in the realization of the plan of implementation of planned investments in regional budgets of 2013 (07/12/2012)

  • The PSOE Mayor requires immediate compliance with the resolutions of the plenary about evictions (07/12/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Isabel Casalduero, recalled that the Municipal Council unanimously supported the proposal introduced by the PSOE
  • The Youth Council and the Youth Council of Lorca celebrate World Volunteer encouraging participation (05/12/2012)

  • The PSOE regrets a further rise in unemployment in the municipality (05/12/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Isabel Casalduero, stressed the absolute failure of the employment policies of the Popular Party
  • Antonio Navarro: "The Joint Commission is deliberately delaying the resolution of Records" (05/12/2012)
    Deputy Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PSOE in Lorca, Antonio Navarro, has called for a stop "beating around the bush" and to compensate the higher soon as possible
  • The Polygon Saprelorca receive 265,000 euros from the Government of Spain (05/12/2012)
    improving infrastructures and enable a new rendering of waste
  • The Mayor laid the first stone of the Monument to Volunteer Anonymous (05/12/2012)
    out that "this monument is called to be a tribute to the collective work and altruistic"
  • Traffic Court on Friday from 8 to 19 hours on the road between Calle Granada Meritorious and part of the roundabout canalization of rain (05/12/2012)
    The street will be closed in downtown sense except for city buses
  • The Socialist Party calls for open and commercial gallery Viña (04/12/2012)

  • The Youth Council is launching a program that offers one-day trips for skiing in Sierra Nevada for 50 euros (04/12/2012)

  • Theatre, "Street Dance", "Rap & Roll", "Field of Flowers and Tree of Liberty", discussion sessions and a concert of "Accomplices" most important activities of the day European Awards Sakharov Lorca (04/12/2012)

  • The City of Lorca concludes rehabilitation Porche de San Antonio, damaged by earthquakes (04/12/2012)

  • The theme for this event is "With Lorca, effort and enthusiasm" (04/12/2012)
    PP lorquino held on December 15 your Local Congress
  • 70 unemployed Lorca participate in seven theoretical and practical training activities for three months woodcocks (03/12/2012)
    With the new municipal program format
  • The Flamenco Festival XXIII "Sun City" by Lorca will be held from 13 to 15 December (03/12/2012)

  • Diabetic Association of Lorca reports on the prevention of diabetes in the elderly in Alameda Residential Caser (03/12/2012)

  • Companies wishing to settle in Lorca already have online information on ships and industrial plots available Saprelorca, Los Peñones and La Hoya (03/12/2012)


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