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  • Works by 5.9 million tender the drafting and execution of the works in the Los Angeles and Apolonia de Lorca (31/10/2015)
    The BORM today published the announcement of the works, which have a deadline of 12 months and involve the comprehensive regeneration of public spaces, replacement of all infrastructure and services with energy efficiency criteria
  • PSOE: "The PP is opposed to the earthquake victims receive their compensation immediately" (31/10/2015)

  • PSOE: "The City saw 2.1 million euros for the demolition of buildings in ruins that have not been carried out" (30/10/2015)
    The Socialists accuse the government team's Party of being solely responsible for these homes are yet without demolishing "for not using even money received for the demolition of these buildings in ruin"
  • Citizens held accountable equally to PSOE and PP the economic disaster caused by the breach of agreements (30/10/2015)

  • The City Council recalled that 60 aid granted to demolish demolishing houses and buildings in ruin uninsured technical or economic (30/10/2015)

  • Mayor moves to the President of the CARM social unrest generated by the agreements "trap" as well as the progress manifested in the reconstruction (30/10/2015)
    Jodar has also transmitted to the achievements in transparency and participation harvested during the first months of term
  • 56 local police integrated device special All Saints Day scheduled for this weekend around the town of Lorca (30/10/2015)

  • SEPOR offer 50,000 square meters of exhibition space in the Garden of the wheel to the defense of the food industry (30/10/2015)

  • Measures traffic around the cemeteries on the occasion of November 1 (30/10/2015)

  • Lorca Mayor stressed that "SEPOR is the quintessential livestock fair in Spain and is an international event" (30/10/2015)
    Minister of Agriculture, Isabel García Tejerina, attend the delivery of Premis Porc d'Or, held for the first time in Murcia
  • On Monday the public exhibition period of voter registration lists for elections to Parliament begins (29/10/2015)

  • The Socialist Party calls for urgent road improvements in the "black spot" which is the environment of Marin Way (29/10/2015)

  • The PSOE requested recovery of the office of citizen services in Almendricos (29/10/2015)
    Socialists attend the call of the residents of Almendricos, who denounce the cuts in the time in which this service was provided, crucial to this hamlet so far from the city of Lorca
  • Authorize Jazztel to deploy 12,406 meters of its fiber optics to start giving this service in the village with its own network (29/10/2015)

  • Lorca receives another blow 1.3 million euros allegations against planning agreements "trap" approved by the PSOE in 2005 (29/10/2015)

  • IU-V: "There schoolyards in the much poorer African decent patio San Fernando public school" (28/10/2015)
    IU-V satisfy the request of the school community center and requires that the Christmas holidays to take advantage for the settlement of the courtyard
  • Complement the activities of Halloween with the screening of'It follows' Friday at the War Theater (28/10/2015)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the PP has become the Rafael Mendez in the "hospital" in the Region of Murcia (28/10/2015)
    Socialists reveal data demonstrating the real discrimination suffered by more than 172,000 inhabitants of the municipalities that make up the area III of health from other health areas of the Region of Murcia
  • Francisco Jodar exposes neighbors Calvary remodeling projects five streets (28/10/2015)
    worth 1.2 million euros financed by the Autonomous Community
  • The start of the reconstruction of the building Avenida 6 rises to 860 the number of housing reconstruction after the earthquakes (28/10/2015)

  • The PSOE said that "the health policy of the PP in the Region of Murcia is a great example of what not to do" (28/10/2015)
    Casalduero complaint that serious deficiencies in the municipalities in the area of ​​health III do not all Murcia and Murcia have equal access to certain health services
  • Approved the extension of time to resolve the aid of victims of Lorca (28/10/2015)

  • The War Theatre hosts this week 7 musical representations about Jungle Book 'Mowgli's Adventure' for 3,000 people (27/10/2015)
    This show, conceived in large part by Lorca, and has been seen by 12,000 spectators in 14 performances at various parts of the country, having provided continuity in at least six cities
  • IU-V: "Lorca again a village Marraneras and pools of manure" (27/10/2015)
    Councilman IU-V, Pedro Sosa, complaint with residents of El Campillo the existence of pig farms with pools of manure and carcasses animals
  • Hall and Murcia Football Federation signed an agreement (27/10/2015)
    Iguala advantages in health care between federated players and fans
  • The Mayor receives Lorca Deportiva to congratulate him on his victory in the Fed Cup (27/10/2015)

  • The PSOE PP claims the urgent cleaning and tidying of the Historical Solar (27/10/2015)

  • Citizens regrets that the government team did not want to clarify the situation in'Aguas of Lorca' (27/10/2015)

  • The Local Tax Office recovered more than 2.5 million euros to Lorca in his two years of work (26/10/2015)

  • The PSOE vote NO to the "scandalous" the tax increase approved by the PP Lorca (26/10/2015)

  • PSOE: "The PP rejects find a meeting point for the construction of the crematorium in Lorca" (26/10/2015)

  • The City of Lorca expropriate share owned by a local to facilitate the reconstruction of the building Domus Aurea in the vineyard (26/10/2015)

  • The House approved by a majority the tax ordinance 2016 (26/10/2015)
    Bonifican 75% tax constructions and works on the hull
  • Inaugurated the exhibition "The veil, tradition and culture" in the Temporary Exhibition Hall of the MASS (23/10/2015)
    Until 15 November may be accessed at the same time that the MASS
  • The new Municipal Youth Center Campus Lorca provides meetings to improve English in addition to comic and Spanish courses for foreigners (23/10/2015)

  • ... (23/10/2015)

  • ASLEP organizes a conference on evolution and treatments for Parkinson's disease (23/10/2015)
    The aim of the session is to provide caregivers affected and knowledge necessary for the proper management of the disease
  • The Social City Council establishes 5 lines of work as the basis for improving Lorca (23/10/2015)
    as ancient, diverse, open, connected and productive city
  • Young Left calls the young Lorca to shake off the despair and fear and to fight for their future (22/10/2015)
    The training encourages them to participate in the march of Dignity taking place today in Murcia
  • PSOE: "The PP up to 10% of the IBI forgives all Lorca while 95% of the building permit to a large company" (22/10/2015)
    Socialists in the House that require "only" 80% bonus applies to avoid tax increases that the PP has provided and which are intended to raise 1,800,000 euros through the contribution of Lorca
  • IU-V calls for the tax debate is monograph, with a single point agenda on one full (22/10/2015)
    accuses the PP government of hiding the tax debate in a plenary session loaded with many issues, and to raise tax freeze three consecutive years and the year of elections
  • Lorca held this weekend in the Garden of the Wheel VIII Dog Show and the Horse Fair Cruzado (22/10/2015)

  • Development culminates the work of dismantling the pylon Lorca La Viña (22/10/2015)
    The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures, Francisco Barnabas out as "a milestone" the solution to this demand of the municipality
  • The Ministry of Public Works completes the work of removing the pylon Lorca La Viña (22/10/2015)
    The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructures, Francisco Barnabas out as "a milestone" the solution to this demand of the municipality
  • Citizens take to the October plenary session reviewing the management of Lorca''Aguas solutions to the informal economy and unfair competition in shops (22/10/2015)
    And the City Council apologize to the citizens by the disproportionate IBI years
  • Lorca hosts a European workshop simulation of preventive measures against floods (21/10/2015)

  • The children's library a storyteller host this Saturday to mark the Day of the Library (21/10/2015)
    The activity will be conducted by the association "The Mouse Colorao"
  • The PSOE de Lorca denounces the "high" of 10% on the tax bill and 15% in building permits (21/10/2015)
    The PP also up 5% public prices for sporting and cultural services provided by the City Council Lorca and related services statistics and registration
  • The Municipal School of Music Lorca breaking his record with 404 students, 7% more than last year (21/10/2015)

  • IU-Green calls for greater allocation of resources and staff to alleviate dirt LIMUSA City (21/10/2015)

  • The CHS study with neighbors, city of Lorca and civil protection and improve the response to floods (21/10/2015)
    This is a European project which have come technicians basin organization and representatives from Sweden, Turkey, the Netherlands, Greece, Italy and Poland
  • Citizens believes that the economic proposals are counterproductive 2016 (21/10/2015)

  • The Ministry of Agriculture awarded the works of a general collector of sanitation in the hamlet Lorca de Marchena (21/10/2015)
    The total length of the collector located near Entredicho Contreras will allow 2,065 meters and provide service to about 70 people
  • More than 339,000 euros for the restoration of the House of Marin-Ponce de Leon of Lorca (21/10/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the gaps in access and equipment that has the IES Giner Ros corrected (21/10/2015)
    Isabel Casalduero has submitted a question to the Minister of Education in the Regional Assembly to clarify the situation of this Lorca Institute does not meet the conditions necessary for proper operation
  • Lorca IU-Greens support the candidacy Now Common-Murcia for General (20/10/2015)

  • Lorca increases its political weight behind the XVI Congress of Socialist Youth of the Region of Murcia (20/10/2015)
    In the new Regional Executive Committee, Jose Angel Ponce will assume the overall coordination and JSRM Territorial Development and the Ministry Tamara Soto Emancipation
  • The PSOE requested the settlement of dangerous operation on the route to Cejo and viewpoint of the Peñarrubia (20/10/2015)
    The Socialists are surprised that the PP government team did not want to strengthen security in this very busy daily by hundreds of Lorca or on the occasion of the celebration of the Sports Games Guadalentín
  • The City Council subsidizes 50% of the IAE to freelancers and SMEs, 75% of ICIO in the historical district and eliminates the negative cash surplus (20/10/2015)

  • IU-Green asked increased budget to avoid cuts in cultural programs (20/10/2015)

  • Organized for Sunday planting 300 trees and shrubs in the vicinity of the castle (20/10/2015)

  • Lorca Antonio Martinez-Grove is now candidate for Congress in Common (19/10/2015)

  • The PSOE PP predicts a tough and difficult term if it is to renege on agreements to systematically Plenary (19/10/2015)

  • More than 450 activists of the Socialist Group Lorca celebrate their day of living in Aguaderas (19/10/2015)
    The PSOE de Lorca muscle pulls ahead of the general elections in a crowded facilities Chapel of the Sacristan in the hamlet Lorca Aguaderas
  • The City of Lorca continues to outpace the process of modernization of public administrations (19/10/2015)
    developed the first mobile portafirmas Region
  • The Songs and Dances Virgen de las Huertas celebrate V Saturday Folklore Sample Child'Tío Pillo' in the War (19/10/2015)
    to benefit the restoration of the chapel of the patron saint
  • The exhibition "The veil, tradition and culture" will be on display until November 15 at the Temporary Exhibition Hall of the MASS (19/10/2015)
    The exhibition marks the start of the commemoration of the five hundredth anniversary of women's participation blanket in procession Good Friday Paso Azul
  • Fifty participants Erasmus + project "Europe of Religions" visit MASS (19/10/2015)
    The project seeks to share information with other cultures for better mutual understanding through religions
  • More than 1,500 people enjoyed the night show FERICAB (18/10/2015)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the "spoiled fudge" of 1.9 million euros in the sanitation collector Camino Hondo (16/10/2015)
    Socialists Lorca regret that once again have to pay the consequences of the PP government team that does not want or know listen to neighborhood contributions
  • This Saturday a day of open doors to discover the medieval city wall and the new Office of Tourism will be held (16/10/2015)
    The guided tours are at 11.30 and 12.30, is recommended to book in advance or on mobile 968 441 914 968 479 003
  • The Youth Association rule is this Saturday at the Teatro Guerra's musical "Mamma Mia" (16/10/2015)
    A benefit of Syndrome Association Ehelers-Danlos and Hypermobility
  • Torture during the Napoleonic invasion star in the celebration of Halloween in the Palace of Guevara and Castle (16/10/2015)

  • IU-Greens denounced the poor performance in the works in the San Diego (16/10/2015)

  • The Joint Commission authorizes 542,527 euros in aid to families of Lorca for rentals and reconstruction of houses damaged by earthquakes (16/10/2015)
    Today's meeting raises the economic pillar granted over 78.5 million
  • The Joint Commission authorizes 542,527 euros in aid to families of Lorca for rentals and reconstruction of houses damaged by earthquakes (16/10/2015)
    Today's meeting raises the economic pillar granted over 78.5 million
  • Citizens welcomes the first 100 days of corporate mandate (16/10/2015)

  • Fomento he starts rehabilitation of the road between Pozo Higuera and highway Lorca-Eagles will benefit 572,000 vehicles per year (16/10/2015)
    The work of the Ministry, with a budget of 252,793 euros and an execution period of three months, focuses on a stretch of 6.2 kilometers
  • IU-Greens regret that the local government does not take urgent and effective measures to reduce the high rates of poverty (16/10/2015)

  • The 20th edition of the International Horse Fair opens, FERICAB (16/10/2015)

  • The City of Lorca Lorca encouraged to collaborate with the Red Cross in the 15 tables installed throughout the city Banderita Day (15/10/2015)

  • The PSOE PP requests the ornamental fountains that extend their hours of operation to encourage city (15/10/2015)
    The Socialists claim that for years, Lorca fonts appear "dumb without activity most of the day", which is negative for the tourist image being projected of Lorca
  • The historic town of Lorca plays host this Saturday the IV National Painting Contest outdoors' Ciudad de Lorca' (15/10/2015)
    nine awards distributed among the participating artists
  • González Tovar claims being paid immediately outstanding aid to those affected by the earthquake in Lorca (15/10/2015)
    Socialist spokesman yesterday said the PSOE lived with despair that lie on the Senate PP socialist amendment calling for a special plan for Lorca
  • The 20th edition of the International Horse Fair is underway FERICAB (15/10/2015)
    The official opening of the event will be held tomorrow, Friday 16 to 19 hours
  • Pharaohs, nobles and bartenders pots of orange blossom, in the edition of this year FERICAB (15/10/2015)

  • Civil Protection Volunteers teach this Friday morning in the Alameda of the Constitution basics of CPR (14/10/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the City of Lorca inspect the repair of the Camino de Cartagena in Tertia (14/10/2015)

  • The Department of Culture opens the registration period for workshops and activities at the VHS (14/10/2015)

  • The Sports Council launches 33 sports schools in collaboration with sports clubs in the municipality (14/10/2015)
    They include 24 different sports of all kinds, having joined this year beach tennis and fencing
  • Local Police involved intensive exploitation with 28 marijuana plants, buds intercepts 2 kilos of cannabis, holds 2 people and punishes another 3 (14/10/2015)

  • IU-V makes a negative balance in the first 100 days of local government (14/10/2015)
    For Garcia Murcia the facts contradict the mayor's statement on "dialogue and political consensus" and described as mere empty words
  • Those affected by the earthquakes of 2011 will only pay half of IBI in 2016, representing a saving of 8 million euros to 43,973 Lorca (14/10/2015)

  • The PSOE requires Education to correct the major deficiencies of IES Giner Ros (13/10/2015)
    The Socialists denounced the "unusual" start course that more than 850 students are living, regretting that the opening of the center is assuming no relief expected by this educational community as punished for years
  • IU-V requires more attention to local public health services Lorca (13/10/2015)
    The limited involvement of the City is also a contributing factor to expand existing deficiencies
  • Francisco Jodar highlights the "intense pace of work of the first hundred days of term" (13/10/2015)
    "which have increased consensus, transparency and investments"
  • Lorca is reinforced as a national reference for use and reuse of urban waste (13/10/2015)
    with the completion of a technological investment of 12 million
  • The PSOE Lorca State adds March against Violence Machos convened for 7-N in Madrid (09/10/2015)
    Socialists collect the request of the FOM Lorca to achieve a great deal between all political forces in the city of Lorca which initiate joint action to eradicate the scourge which is domestic violence
  • FERICAB turns 20 category and premiering winning regional and national competitions of Dressage t (09/10/2015)
    that put the fair as regards Naciona level
  • The Life + project progresses Riverphy by planting vegetation to decontaminate heavy metal Guadalentín river bed (09/10/2015)

  • The Sports Complex Philip VI welcomes the start and finish of the popular cycle-ride on Monday (09/10/2015)
    The assembly has motivated this change FERICAB
  • IU-Green calls for urgent resolution of the call for aid to housing (09/10/2015)

  • Constructions Barea donates € 2,000 (09/10/2015)
    For the Association of Parents of Lorca improve Early Intervention services in the House of NGOs
  • The Regional Craft Centre Lorca shows until November 27 'Noble Art' artist and craftsman Antonio Segura Lorca (09/10/2015)

  • The municipalities of Lorca and Alcalá la Real (Jaén) share a workshop with the aim of improving its tourism impact (09/10/2015)
    The tour leaders of both municipalities pooled various strategies designed to improve cultural tourism
  • The PSOE requires the PP to give an immediate solution to urban transport workers Lorca (08/10/2015)
    They have five months without charge
  • The Minister of Culture of the Autonomous Region Museum visit the Blue Easter (08/10/2015)
    Noelia Arroyo dared to give a stitch in one of the embroidery which is working ahead of the Easter 2016
  • The War Theatre will host the national premiere of Cyrano de Bergerac Alquibla Theatre on Friday October 16 (08/10/2015)
    The masterpiece of French playwright Edmond Rostand be represented centered on a love triangle between himself Cyrano, Christian and Roxane version
  • Regional Government's collaboration with the city of Lorca can get unemployment Lorca 31 (08/10/2015)
    more to acquire new job skills
  • The Association of Housewives, Consumers and Users of Lorca named partner of Honor Antonia Lopez, former councilor of Women and Consumer (08/10/2015)
    The Councillors of Equality and Consumers have flocked to the Mass celebrated on the occasion of Day of Housewives
  • The Games and Sports of the 3rd Age framed within Guadalentín Sports Games come to an end with the presentation of medals to the winners (08/10/2015)
    For three weeks over 320 centers in the municipality have participated in 13 games as the modalities billiards, tute 'arrastrao' caliche, checkers, dominoes, Parcheesi, brisca, chess or petanque among other
  • The City Council is surprised that the PSOE defends the grant that made city buses (08/10/2015)
    "that led to the current situation,"
  • Visit of the Minister of Culture, Ms. Noelia Arroyo, the White Pass (08/10/2015)

  • The popular Walk-Cycle Sports Games Guadalentín ends five weeks of the best and healthiest sport in Lorca (07/10/2015)

  • The City achieved sufficient grounds for the consortium to build the new fire station about twice the size that the demolished (07/10/2015)

  • 40 establishments offer discounts of up to 50% in the fourth Sliding Shopping Night, to be held on Friday (07/10/2015)

  • The City of Lorca condemns sexist murder of a woman in Beniel (07/10/2015)

  • The Mayor thanked the patronage of Juan Peran Pikolinos Group (07/10/2015)
    Contribute to the recovery of assets damaged by earthquakes with 90,000 euros
  • Chess Club Lorca held at the Philip VI Complex home his confrontations in the regional league competitions (07/10/2015)

  • The workshop "Boost your business project" approach to young entrepreneurs Guadalentin some interesting lines of European funding (06/10/2015)
    Thursday October 8 will be held at 19 am in CECLOR.
  • The PSOE asks the PP "to what is expected" to rehabilitate Villaescusa Palace and move its utilities to a safer location (06/10/2015)

  • The work to put the parking of La Merced in line with its monumental environment will conclude in December (06/10/2015)

  • IES Francisco Giner Ros and three of his students honored at the National Contest for Young Scientists (06/10/2015)

  • JJSS Lorca collects school supplies for more than fifty Lorca children at risk of social exclusion (06/10/2015)
    Young Socialists finish their campaign to collect school supplies to benefit the Red Cross with seeking "Lorca that no child is left without power fill its case and backpack "
  • The PSOE requires the demarcation of the Rambla Biznaga and the start of work on the elevated highway Lorca-Eagles accelerate (05/10/2015)
    Socialists defend in the plenary sessions of the Regional Assembly and the City of Lorca claims from neighbors of the districts affected by the floods of 2012
  • Education awarded the contract for the expansion of CEIP Pasic Campillo Lorca with a new pavilion kindergarten (05/10/2015)
    The performances have an investment of 871,079 euros for the construction of six classrooms, a multipurpose room and staff rooms and special attention
  • The historic town of Lorca is a textbook example of prolonged and systematic failure of the Heritage Act (05/10/2015)
    Councilman IU-V, Jose Garcia Murcia, claims or intervene now, or we run out of historical heritage
  • The new Avenida Lorca Round double in width to the Avenida Juan Carlos I (05/10/2015)

  • The City of Lorca calls for the reconstruction of San Fernando is not to politicize (05/10/2015)
    And as in all buildings, the decision of the majority support
  • Over 400 participants overnight in traditional crossing Mountain Sports Games Guadalentín (05/10/2015)
    Lorca Golf Resort was the point of departure and arrival of the 67 competing teams in all three categories: family, long and short
  • Trophy Archery Outdoor framed in the Sports Games Guadalentín XXXVII (05/10/2015)

  • 356 swimmers from 14 swim clubs in the region and neighboring towns participated in the Swimming Tournament "Ciudad de Lorca" (05/10/2015)
    The categories were competed and youngest children, juvenile, infant, junior and absolute
  • Great victory at the CN Eliocroca Basketball Basket Mazarrón in the match played in the Sports Games Guadalentín (05/10/2015)
    The end result was 91 Eliocroca 61 Mazarrón Basket
  • Adela Martinez-Cache will proclaim the Holy Week of Lorca 2016 (05/10/2015)

  • Awarded the works for the construction of the new sports hall for institutes Ibanez Martin and Francisco Ros Giner de Lorca (03/10/2015)
    The Ministry of Education and Universities begin next November sports hall building will share both centers
  • PSOE: "The PP again to relinquish control functions works in Lorca" (02/10/2015)
    Mateos regretted that the PP again stumble on the same stone, performing works regardless of the opinion of the municipal officers and neighbors, and almost all companies outside Lorca
  • Lorca returns to lead the drop in unemployment at regional and national level, both monthly and annual comparison (02/10/2015)

  • The aid distributed by the Bureau and over 6 million euros (02/10/2015)
    and retrieves another 150,000 thanks to the return of a new series of repayable advances
  • PSOE: "The City of Lorca not know how much money should the CARM to the Bureau in the form of rent subsidies" (02/10/2015)
    Socialists wondering how you plan to claim the city of Lorca in the Autonomous Region which paid the outstanding amounts under this heading If unsure what amount
  • The City of Lorca recalled that "guaranteed" that the opinion of residents and municipal technicians will be considered in the works of neighborhoods (02/10/2015)

  • Request the installation of accelerometers in different official facilities for further research on earthquakes (02/10/2015)

  • 41 young gymnasts Lorca delighted more than 500 people gathered in the Plaza de Calderon with an exhibition of Gymnastics (02/10/2015)
    The students Helionova Club shared 11 performances with balls, clubs, hoops, ribbons and strings, both solo and in groups
  • The bishop checks the status of the works of the churches of St. Joseph and Christ the King in Lorca (02/10/2015)

  • The PSOE takes stock of the fair with the proposal that the City has all the social and economic agents 2016 (01/10/2015)

  • The PSOE proposes that Lorca become a cultural reference beginning with the enhancement of local artistic heritage (01/10/2015)
    Jiménez García Lorca urges the City Council with a commitment to expose and publicize the rich heritage of painting and sculpture as well as municipal property institutionally recognize the great artists Lorca
  • The International Beach Volleyball Centre Lorca hosts a promotional day Sunday Beach Tennis (01/10/2015)

  • Young and old gather in malls to enjoy a day of popular games and tradition (01/10/2015)
    51 people participated, 31 children and 20 adults
  • The City Council is committed basis disclosure as to eradicate social prejudice against mental illness (01/10/2015)

  • Citizens urged the PSOE to accelerate the debate on the reconstruction of Lorca in the Regional Assembly (01/10/2015)

  • Successful participation in the fourth edition of Lorca Peñarrubia Trail (01/10/2015)
    first contested in Guadalentín Sports Games
  • XIX National Meeting of Paragliding (01/10/2015)
    28 paragliders flying sky Lorca to get the best flight and claim victory of the XIX National Meeting of Paragliding
  • Rosalia Vallejo Chamber will be the herald of the Festival of San Clemente 2015 (01/10/2015)

  • The City Council thanked the PSOE his sudden interest in the municipal gallery (01/10/2015)
    and described as "outrageous" to propose the same building as the site of two museums in just one year
  • The Sun City Explorers inaugurate a new course (01/10/2015)

  • The work of the special safety and emergency set for Fair achieves parties concluded without incidents of relevance (01/10/2015)


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