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  • The City Council and the Autonomous Region meet with the residents of 24 streets in the neighborhood of San Cristobal (31/01/2016)
    to agree on the upcoming enhancements of its streets
  • The regional government will promote the renovation of the district of San Cristobal (31/01/2016)
    The general director of Planning and the Mayor of Lorca meet with the residents of the first 24 will be remodeled streets of the neighborhood to report and collect their works Proposals
  • Releases and records were hand in Lorca (30/01/2016)
    The athletics track of the Sports City "La Torrecilla" has witnessed Saturday's Criterium III launches Murcia and control of competitions, as well as improving up to four regional records
  • Drawing Contest "What is Red Cross for you?" (30/01/2016)
    Involving a total of 200 children
  • The PSOE ensures that Lorca becomes one of the municipalities that receive greater public investment (29/01/2016)
    "Thanks to the amendments to the CARM Budgets PSOE"
  • The Hunters Association Lorca Mayor delivers 800 euros aid for the Bureau (29/01/2016)
    This is the funds raised from a charitable whipped held last October in the village of Aviles had 27 participants
  • IU-Greens claim expedite the implementation of the Youth Guarantee program in Lorca (29/01/2016)

  • The Carnival of Lorca, which will be held on January 31, 6, 7 and 13 February, continues to grow (29/01/2016)

  • The second section of the central round will improve traffic flow in Lorca with a new bridge over the river Guadalentín (29/01/2016)
    The project will have an investment of 5.6 million euros and a length of 422 meters
  • The Club Taurino of Lorca celebrates its First Cycle Cultural Taurino from 4 to 28 February with support of the City (29/01/2016)

  • The PSOE welcomes the Director Barnabas come to Lorca to dismantle the lies of Jodar mate PP (29/01/2016)
    Casalduero "Barnabas has made it clear that the amendment of the PSOE was correct, that the cost of the lift is the amount of the item amended, and that not a single euro investment planned for Lorca is to any other municipality "
  • The President of the Paso Azul received the Pregonera MASS Easter 2016 (29/01/2016)
    Adela Martinez-Cache deliver his opening speech on Friday, March 11 at the Church of San Mateo
  • The Youth Council promotes the formation of social networks in use among students in Lorca new workshop entitled "Connect but do not get tangled" (28/01/2016)
    This is educating young people about the proper performance of social networks
  • The House approved two motions of C's to improve transparency and recruitment aid Lorca (28/01/2016)
    Antonio Mecca: "We welcome the approval of these two motions, but we regret that IU and PP rejected regulate the arbitrary use of the platform Presidential Easter "
  • PSOE: "When Jodar says every time something different is because he knows what he's talking" (28/01/2016)

  • The Department of Equality of the City of Lorca announces the V Short Story Contest 'Women', during programming the March 8 (28/01/2016)
    The prize competition is a computer, a tablet for the second prize, and mobile phone for the third prize
  • 80 people participated in the first edition in Lorca Cane Entrepreneur (28/01/2016)

  • The works for the construction of the new sports hall for institutes Ibanez Martin and Francisco Ros Giner de Lorca are initiated (27/01/2016)
    The new infrastructure has an investment of over 900,000 euros and includes two modules, one for sports and one for changing track
  • The PSOE warns Jodar to end their crude attempts at manipulation, and accept the mandate and the will of the Assembly (27/01/2016)
    Socialists say they prefer to keep lying even Jodar, the political will expressed in the Regional Assembly is clear: no The elevator build and renovation work in the San Antonio are initiated
  • Creating a coworking space and Lorca Plan +, betting the City and the Community to consolidate the rise in job creation in the municipality (27/01/2016)

  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Director of Regional Employment and Training Lorca handed their diplomas to 101 training courses 7 (27/01/2016)

  • The SEF will allocate nearly two million euros to employment and training policies in Lorca (27/01/2016)
    A total of 406 Lorca will benefit from the aid through the different programs to be put in place
  • Agreement with the city of Lorca to implement a system of planning and management of public services (27/01/2016)

  • The renewed Rafael Maroto will ride with improved plant mass (27/01/2016)
    composed of new specimens of trees, shrubs and flowering plants
  • The PSOE fears the scandal ACUAMED case the PP is the excuse for irrigators Lorca left without water desalination Eagles (26/01/2016)
    The Socialists Lorca recall that in 2013 and denounced alleged irregularities surrounding the company ACUAMED
  • The PSOE gets blinden social clauses in public contracts to ensure access to employment for unemployed Lorca (26/01/2016)
    On the other hand, the PP rejects the settlement of numerous rural roads in districts proposed by the PSOE, and also lie down Integral Plan of Maintenance of parks and gardens and woodland restocking city
  • Citizens: "The looting of water will end, for good or for Justice" (26/01/2016)
    Antonio Mecca: "We have fulfilled our obligation to bring this matter to the Prosecutor, now hope to clarify these bills so strange a company oligopoly "
  • The City will implement the social clauses in procurement processes to promote social inclusion and promoting job creation (26/01/2016)

  • The directorial debut of Daniel Guzman and short biographical documentary about Amy Winehouse in Paradiso Cineclub bet for the first quarter of 2016 (26/01/2016)
    All screenings will be in two sessions War Theater
  • La Corredera Saturday Day welcomes conciliation of urban life and I include pets Carnival Parade Canino (26/01/2016)

  • Down Lorca The Association receives 2,365 euros of entries from the San Silvestre de Lorca (26/01/2016)

  • PSOE: "The PP Jodar and Ibarra still imposing gray Lorca with another massive deforestation" (26/01/2016)

  • Pablo Lopez's concert in Lorca passes to 22 April and musical Pinocchio the previous day (25/01/2016)

  • The writer Antonia Rodenas present his books "When I run the words" and "Dreams" on Wednesday in a new edition of "Encounters with author" (25/01/2016)
    Nearly 200 schoolchildren from kindergarten to various centers can meet Lorca's works Alicante in the Children's Library
  • Coy Saturday begins its festivities that include holding the 6 February 50 anniversary of the Canonical Coronation of the Virgen del Rosario (25/01/2016)

  • The mayor demands that the EIB funds for Lorca is fully respected (25/01/2016)
    He emphasizes that fight "tooth and nail" to remove the cut approved by the "tripartite"
  • The PSOE will present its amendments to the regional budgets "of great interest and positive impact for Lorca" (25/01/2016)
    Casalduero and require Mateos Jódar to stop lying to Lorca, as "the EIB money is shielded and can not allocated to other cause than Lorca and its reconstruction "
  • The Full Council approves Lorca Avenida Presidente Adolfo Suarez name to the stretch of road from the roundabout Granada houses San Antonio Perez (25/01/2016)

  • We can not think that Lorca mayor deserves to play to deceive their citizens with quotes (25/01/2016)

  • The tripartite Lorca leaves no two sections of round, access to the castle, the settlement knot San Antonio traffic and road Uptown (23/01/2016)
    The PSOE Mayor replied that "if you do not like to hear the damage has produced Lorca, who had not made those motions. "
  • Hard work of tourism promotion delegation at Fitur Lorca during the open days to public (23/01/2016)

  • IU-green appears contrary to the renaming of the road Granada Street (22/01/2016)

  • Songs and Dances of Lorca edit a new CD with 20 typical fruit of recording live tracks from his last performance at the Theater War (22/01/2016)
    The Councillor for Culture, Agustín Llamas, and the president of the group, Inmaculada Martinez de Miguel, have encouraged Lorca to acquire the headquarters of the folk group one of the 1,000 records that have been made
  • The Youth Council of Lorca and the City Council convened the IV Competition for Emerging artists and musicians Lorca (22/01/2016)

  • Plans for employment for unemployed Lorca, replenishing greenery and repair roads in villages, among the initiatives of the PSOE in full (22/01/2016)

  • Lorca lost 2.7 million investment to recover after the earthquake (22/01/2016)
    by PSOE amendments, we C'sy regional budgets
  • The PSOE described as "regrettable" the "Jodar tantrum" for failing to lift his whim Castle (22/01/2016)

  • The info is launching a program to promote entrepreneurship and industrial activity in Lorca (22/01/2016)
    In the next two weeks, the agency will develop in the municipality an information day on aid for Industry 4.0, one of the events Cane entrepreneurship and a visit from Infomóvil
  • IU-V will complete a motion to alleviate poverty and social exclusion of the municipality (21/01/2016)
    motion agreements include the creation of a Working Group on Poverty and Social Exclusion, preceded by the development of a sociological study on poverty in Lorca
  • The PSOE is able to restrain the whim of the PP in Lorca to build an elevator to the castle for 2 million euros (21/01/2016)

  • The Espartaria Project, Highlands of Lorca will be presented on Sunday in Zarcilla (21/01/2016)
    In the meeting attended by the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, the Head of the Diversification of the Rural Economy of the CARM, Fernando Galán or Professor of Physical Education Lazarus Gimenez, among others
  • Hall and Paradores have signed an agreement to disseminate the attractions of the town among members of the Paradores (21/01/2016)

  • A course of auxiliary operations and assembly of electrical installations telecommunications starts in buildings (21/01/2016)

  • Citizens complaint with the Anti-Corruption Prosecutor's alleged "unfair Administration" in'Aguas of Lorca' (21/01/2016)
    Antonio Mecca: "For several months we tried to clarify and correct those possibly suspected criminal irregular situations at City Hall and in the company and now touches make it known to the prosecution "
  • Lorca, regional capital of the launches on January 30 (21/01/2016)

  • Lorca City Council allocated € 392,733 grant from the Ministry of Development for the districts to remodel the street Alonso Vargas of El Calvario (20/01/2016)

  • Easter and the art of embroidery are promoted in Fitur as a tourist and cultural attraction (20/01/2016)
    to get the statement of Heritage by UNESCO
  • 41 students of the Municipal School of Plastic Arts of Lorca exposed from today until February 5 its 57 works in the Cultural Hall Cajamurcia (19/01/2016)

  • The City of Lorca shows his condolences on the death of Miguel Navarro (19/01/2016)
    Whoever the mayor of 13 years and declared three days of mourning
  • IU-Green calls updating the inventory of goods and rights of the City of Lorca (19/01/2016)

  • The Department of Consumer recovered last year EUR 150,000 users who filed claims in the OMIC (19/01/2016)

  • Citizens asked the City Council more transparent and efficient in managing their motions in January (19/01/2016)

  • El Paso Azul expresses its condolences on the death of former mayor of Lorca and Butler Honor Brotherhood, Miguel Navarro Molina (19/01/2016)
    Navarro was also one of the first patrons of the Paso Blue Foundation
  • The PSOE de Lorca expresses its shock and grief over the death of former Mayor of Lorca and Former President of the Regional Assembly, Miguel Navarro Molina (19/01/2016)

  • The City Council has achieved so far more than 500,000 euros for the restoration of heritage damaged by earthquakes thanks to the patronage of several companies (19/01/2016)

  • Citizens wishes to express its condolences on the death of Miguel Navarro (19/01/2016)
    ex-mayor of Lorca
  • Aguas de Lorca begins this week Colecto renewal sanitation Murillo Street with an investment of 72,000 euros (18/01/2016)

  • The tourist image. "Lorca The embroider" Easter and museums offer embroidered star in Sun City in FITUR 2016 (18/01/2016)
    The Mayor of Lorca signed an important agreement with Paradores.
  • Santiago López is chosen to contest the Rallye Highlands Lorca (18/01/2016)

  • The Socialist Party calls for urgent action to end the daily danger in Caravaca Road junction with Carretera del Pantano. (18/01/2016)
    Socialists propose that these activities be included in the renovation project Street Eulogio Periago, from the loan EIB, and immediately next to the road environment Caravaca
  • Lorca lived to party Minor League clubs (18/01/2016)
    The athletics track of the Sports City "La Torrecilla" in Lorca, hosted the last round of the League clubs for both indoor categories, under the organization Eliocroca AD
  • The PSOE de Lorca require the full prioritize investments for the necessary arrangement of rural roads in districts (15/01/2016)

  • Homes that have completed their reconstruction after the earthquakes of 2011 rising from 550-769 (15/01/2016)
    thanks to the progress made in recent weeks
  • The City Council allocated 61 ways 2 million euros that the autonomous region has been granted for improvement of villages (15/01/2016)

  • IU-Greens denounced other pouring into the channel of La Rambla Alta Torrecilla (15/01/2016)
    This flow comes from the estate of collector Saprelorca.
  • Lorca's mayor appoints Eulalia Ibarra Councillor of Presidency, Belén Pérez García Municipal spokesman and deputy spokesman Francisco (15/01/2016)

  • Young Left demands the renewal of the Youth Council which it accuses of being "politicized" (14/01/2016)

  • The PSOE proposes that offering convention and conference tourism is incorporated in the promotion of Lorca in FITUR (14/01/2016)
    Socialists faced by the Department of Tourism to complete the offer presented under the tourism brand. "Lorca The embroider" with promotion Lorca as a city of events and professional meetings
  • The PSOE requires the PP to solve the problems by the lack of accessibility measures in the areas of housing under construction (14/01/2016)

  • The Community and Lorca traders working on a pilot project to place the city as smart'destino of compras' (14/01/2016)
    The general director of Commerce meets with the board of the Regional Union of Traders to boost local trade
  • The Department of Consumer and Commerce and the Union of Traders coordinate their strategies for the proper development of the sales campaign (13/01/2016)

  • The PSOE proposes a comprehensive plan for maintenance of parks and gardens through work teams formed by unemployed Lorca (13/01/2016)

  • Lorca returns to his condemnation of violence against women (13/01/2016)

  • Fifteen young Murcia are part of the Highlands Volante Lorca (13/01/2016)

  • The City Council and the Youth Council of Lorca offer 25 youth activities in the 8 weekends of the first quarter of 2016 with Findeaventura program (13/01/2016)

  • Citizens want the use of the Presidential Tribune Easter Lorca regulate (13/01/2016)
    Antonio Mecca commitment to transparency with this measure involving the reduction of privileges and end the 'cronyism' in that box
  • The City of Lorca in 2015 reinforced the service of parks and gardens with 50 hired unemployed farmhands from the municipality (13/01/2016)

  • Development eliminates a change of dangerous ground on the road to La Paca Dona Ines Lorca (13/01/2016)
    Improvements requested by the neighbors involved the modification of the ground, clearing and earthworks and the projection of a base artificial gravel
  • Lorca Fulgencio Gil takes over in the Senate confirming his decision to be "Senator everyone" (13/01/2016)

  • Ecologists in Action calls for Lorca "free municipality of circuses with animals" declare (13/01/2016)
    The environmental organization denounced the mistreatment of animals in this type of show, and remember that more and more municipalities that do not welcome this type of circuses
  • Hall and Aguas de Lorca create a Social Bond Water endowed with € 350,000 (12/01/2016)
    meant to help families at risk of social exclusion to pay water bills
  • The Full Council approves Lorca Lorca 2020 to request nearly 14 million ERDF to allow rehabilitate the historic area of ​​the city (12/01/2016)

  • The municipality unifies and enhances its tourist offer with a new promotional image under the motto "Lorca overboard" (12/01/2016)

  • The PSOE requires the PP to clarify whether Lorca who will eventually have to pay the Auditorium and the 4th leg of the Central Round (12/01/2016)

  • Jodar participate Wednesday in the book presentation'The Wenceslao' Riada of San Joaquin and Juan David Romera Romera (11/01/2016)
    to benefit Caritas Lorca
  • The PSOE working on a motion to get the job that generated in Lorca borne by needy unemployed Lorca (11/01/2016)

  • The City strengthens the facade of the former Renaissance church and convent of La Merced reinforces the construction micropiling (11/01/2016)

  • Lorca City Council concluded the refurbishment and widening Street capachas to ensure the passage of emergency vehicles (11/01/2016)

  • The PSOE requires the PP the urgent removal of a metal sheet in a building of Calle Corredera by fall hazard (08/01/2016)
    The PP takes a month ignoring the request the Municipal Socialist Group recorded the imminent risk that the plate reaches down onto the street and cause personal injury
  • . "Devotion to baby Jesus Art after Closing Walls" has been visited by 2,600 people during its exhibition (08/01/2016)
    The show has also been visited by regional and national experts in religious sculpture
  • Development focuses recent renovation work in the San Diego Lorca Boulevard Rafael Maroto and Casa Mata park (08/01/2016)
    The Minister Barnabas visit Lorca Francisco neighborhood, which are over the works of the roundabout Europe and Gimeno Avenue Bridge
  • The PSOE considered shameful that the Director intends Barnabas Lorca presume that the bungling of his works in neighborhoods (08/01/2016)
    invite Socialists Lorca Barnabas to kick and make sure they have the unique sensation of Lorca after the work is not only they have failed to improve neighborhoods, but have also served to surface new issues
  • The regional government will begin this year in Lorca performances by 94 million euro to finish the rehabilitation of the municipality (08/01/2016)
    The Minister of Public Works notes that over 40,000 people will benefit directly from the renovation of the new districts and works in improve vials 3.7 million annual trips
  • The tourist offer of 'Lorca Taller del Tiempo Revio 77,000 visitors in 2015, an increase of 15% in the number of tickets issued in the last three years (07/01/2016)

  • Lorca City Council launches a new section of more than 1 km bike at the entrance to the city from the round of Palms Lane, totaling 30 km and in the village (07/01/2016)
    This initiative adds to the wide network of sites designed to promote safer use of the bicycle began to create in the first term as mayor Francisco Jodar,
  • The PSOE de Lorca unveils its new fully integrated with social networking site (07/01/2016)
    The significant presence of the Socialist Group Lorca online profiles complete with new social networks like Instagram or Telegram
  • The Emergency Department created a training department to specialize preparing the municipal workers and volunteers of Civil Protection (07/01/2016)

  • Development tendering for more than 10.8 million construction of the first section of the Central Round Lorca (06/01/2016)
    The Official Journal of the European Union published the tender for the construction of the new road, which will connect the neighborhoods of Apollonia and San Diego
  • More than 450 signatures for the extension of hours of study rooms in the early hours of the campaign launched by PSOE and JJSS Lorca (05/01/2016)
    Social networking is revolutionizing demanding a schedule of libraries according to the needs and demands Lorca students
  • Lorca closes 2015 with a drop in unemployment of 10.38%, once again, improving national and regional media (05/01/2016)

  • IU-Greens denounced the excessive movement of the Three Kings (05/01/2016)
    Their Majesties the Magi Kings can reach the neighborhood of San Cristobal at 9 pm
  • Juan Antonio Ibarra passenger Flywheel Highlands (05/01/2016)

  • IU calls for the resignation of the Councillor for Environment, who dismissed as "arboricide" by cutting down a pine tree of great bearing on the south round (05/01/2016)
    The copy of pine, located in the neighborhood of La Viña, had close three hundred years according to experts consulted
  • The PSOE expressed his condolences on the death of the first mayor of democracy in Lorca, D ° Jose Lopez Fuentes (05/01/2016)
    The Lorca socialists show their deep grief over the death of what was the first mayor of democracy in Lorca, and first Secretary General of the Socialist Group Lorca after its revival
  • The City of Lorca shows his condolences on the death of Jose Lopez Fuentes, the first mayor of democracy in the city, and declared three days of mourning (05/01/2016)

  • The PSOE requires urgent action in Calle Echegaray to access problems and the risk of landslides (04/01/2016)
    The Socialists denounced "an unfortunate and dangerous example of total abandonment and neglect suffered by local jewels that make up the historic center of Lorca"
  • The Magi arrive tomorrow morning at the station Sutullena (04/01/2016)
    afternoon and participate in the parade of Lorca in which will accompany thousand people
  • Install a protective flap in the delivery truck toys that closes the twelfth to prevent abuses and incidents (04/01/2016)

  • Restrictions on parking vehicles in the beginning of the journey of the Three Kings of Lorca begin at 8 in the morning to facilitate preparation (04/01/2016)
    A ban on parking in the rest of the tour will begin at 15:00 hours while that road closures will begin at 17:00

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