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  • The Limusa account in 2018 shows a positive balance that allows executing the planned investments, avoiding resorting to external financing or raising the municipal rate (29/03/2019)

  • The City Council condemns the attack perpetrated on Calnegre's coves against protected vegetation and requests citizen collaboration to locate the responsible (29/03/2019)

  • IU-Verdes Lorca denounces the regional government of the PP to Europe for the illegal pillaging of three Lorca coves (29/03/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos bets to recover the offer of musical festivals that exalted Lorca as regional capital of culture (29/03/2019)

  • The PSOE demands the urgent withdrawal of the existing broken asbestos sheets on several dilapidated buildings in Charco Street, next to the Los Curtidores Park (29/03/2019)

  • Dismantled an active family clan that robbed and threatened the neighbors of La Campana-Lorca (29/03/2019)

  • IU demands that the renovation project of Cristo Rey contemplates the extension of Rubén Darío Street (28/03/2019)

  • La Peña Cultural Flamenca organizes the First National Saetas Contest to be held on Tuesday and Holy Wednesday during the Acts of Encarnados and Morados (28/03/2019)
    This association has also called a contest to choose the poster announcing this contest and whose winner has been Alba Tejedor Giner, 2nd year student of Bachelor of Arts in IES Ibáñez Martín
  • Mateos: "When we become Mayor, we will cover the transformers of the Plaza de los Oficios of La Viña, the monument to the inoperance of the Partido Popular" (28/03/2019)

  • Pedro Sosa demands the removal of asbestos from the site adjacent to the beach volleyball center, turned into a dump (28/03/2019)
    The mayoral candidate of IU also warned of the accumulation of a lot of garbage and debris under the highway bridge A- 7, in the middle of the river Guadalentín, and demanded that the CHS act immediately
  • Podemos and Equo seal the agreement in Lorca for a sustainable future in the municipality as of 2019 (28/03/2019)

  • The UMU and the City Council of Lorca meet to reinforce the collaboration in the Campus of Socio-Health Sciences (28/03/2019)

  • The PSOE celebrates that Lorca joins the Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain: "Justice is done with our city, since it was unheard of for Lorca to be out" (28/03/2019)

  • They request that the elimination of protected vegetation in Calnegre be thoroughly investigated (28/03/2019)
    Naturactúa and Ecologists in Action demand immediate environmental restoration and greater vigilance in the area
  • El Paso Azul announces its participation in this year's processions on Sunday at 12.30 The parade will start from what is known as 'Casa de las Caryatides' to tour the most central streets of the city of Lorca (27/03/2019)

  • Antonio Meca announces his candidacy for the mayoralty of Lorca for the municipal elections of May 26 (27/03/2019)
    "I would like it to be for Citizens, the only party in which I have campaigned," says Meca
  • IU presents a candidacy for the municipal ones that is "a true reflection of Lorca's society" (27/03/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "We want the sports city of La Torrecilla to recover its splendor, look renewed, and once again be the envy of the Region" (27/03/2019)

  • The MASS Senate will host on Friday the Quarterly Plenary Session of the Spanish Young Advocacy Confederation with the presence of more than a hundred lawyers from all over Spain (27/03/2019)

  • Limusa and representatives of the White and Blue Steps finalize the details of the special sanding for the processions, whose operation includes the location of 900 tons of gravel (27/03/2019)

  • The City Council encourages entities and associations related to the field of health to participate in the XII edition of the "Lorca Saludable" fair (26/03/2019)

  • The PSOE rejects the lower passage approved by the PP that will prevent the burial of the AVE as it passes through Apolonia, San Diego and Avenida de Europa (26/03/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos is pleased that the CHS initiates the necessary procedures for the drafting of the projects of the Béjar, Nogalte and Torrecilla dams (26/03/2019)

  • The City Council confirms that the lower passage of section 1 of the round prevents the homes of the victims from being sandwiched between walls of 15 meters and does not interfere in ABSOLUTE with the undergrounding of the railway (26/03/2019)

  • Lorca will launch a system of video surveillance cameras to implement security measures and combat vandalism in several streets of the city (26/03/2019)

  • We can Lorca prioritize the delineation of the channel to avoid flooding in the districts of Torrecilla and Campillo (26/03/2019)

  • White weekend ahead of Holy Week (26/03/2019)

  • The municipal heritage conservation workshop starts work in the Plaza del Rey Sabio to restore the popular Cruz de Humilladero in front of the patron church (25/03/2019)

  • PSOE and IU demand López Miras "respect and loyalty" towards the members of the Municipal Corporation of Lorca "at least while acting as President" (25/03/2019)

  • The plenary session of the City Council approves with the support of all the municipal groups the obtaining of the land that will enable a green zone with a playground in San Cristóbal (25/03/2019)

  • The Mayor informs that the city will pay tribute to the journalist from Lorca Ángela Ruiz Sánchez, calling a street with his name (25/03/2019)

  • PSOE: "The PP is determined to maintain as a position of trust the person directly responsible for Lorca being on the tail of the public health system" (25/03/2019)
    Marisol Sánchez: "If the PP was interested in Lorca, and not so much his internal interests, he would have already ceased the manager of area III "
  • López Miras attends the General Assembly of the Community of Irrigators of Lorca (24/03/2019)

  • We can Lorca implement youth participatory budgets in the next term (24/03/2019)

  • The PSOE requests the enhancement of the Argaric archaeological site of Almendricos and the honorary recognition of Professor Ayala Juan (22/03/2019)
    The PSOE ensures that the city of Lorca has a "moral debt" with the professor and archaeologist who made it possible to locate plain of this important argárico deposit
  • The PSOE claims the cleaning, lighting and enhancement of the Puente del Barrio for Holy Week (22/03/2019)

  • 78 Lorca families in a situation of social vulnerability benefit from the subsidies granted by the Department of Family and Social Welfare (22/03/2019)

  • IU will ask in plenary session for two replacements that affect Lorca's natural spaces (22/03/2019)
    Sosa will also be interested in the amount of aid received for the reconstruction and rehabilitation of houses affected by the 2011 earthquakes belonging to banks and credit institutions
  • Ciudadanos Lorca presents a motion to correct the circulatory chaos on Avenida Juan Carlos I (22/03/2019)
    "We propose that the traffic lights are in intermittent amber and only turn red when the pedestrian presses to cross, in addition to returning to a single direction of circulation in this way, "says Councilman Antonio Meca
  • Lorca holds the first vice-presidency of the European Network of Celebrations of Holy Week and Easter with the aim of spreading our Pastoral Biblical Parades throughout the continent (22/03/2019)

  • AM Mater Dolorosa will celebrate this Sunday a new edition of its traditional Lenten Concert (21/03/2019)
    The act will begin at 7:00 p.m.
  • PSOE: "The tissue of NGOs and Lorca associations deserve more extensive facilities to improve the service they provide to the community" (21/03/2019)

  • Citizens Lorca presents in the next plenary a motion for the burial of aerial wiring in the urban area (21/03/2019)

  • IU demands the application of the prescription to the records of return of aid from earthquakes (21/03/2019)

  • Lorca receives the official delegation of the Network of Jewish Quarters of Spain to show first hand the Hebrew heritage of the municipality, with the Synagogue as the most outstanding legacy (21/03/2019)

  • The Mayor applauds the extension of the term to undertake the works financed by the CARM in charge of the loan to the EIB that will complete the strategic transformation of Lorca (21/03/2019)
    The regeneration of Santa Clara, section 3 of the Central Round, the renovation of San Antonio with the underground passage and the reform of Jerónimo Santa Fe will be some of the works that will be completed
  • Aguas de Lorca approves with a remarkable customer satisfaction survey adding 0.31 points more to the score obtained in 2017 (21/03/2019)
    Lorca appreciate the continuity of supply and clarity of the bill over other aspects of the service
  • Postponed the performance of "Grandes Éxitos" scheduled for Sunday at the Teatro Guerra for the operation of Jorge Javier Vázquez (20/03/2019)
    The tickets purchased for the musical will be valid for the new pass, once the artist recovers.
  • Diego José Mateos: "The Lorca do not deserve to miss the historic opportunity to finish the Round and the Auditorium for the disastrous planning of the works" (20/03/2019)

  • The City Council launches the School of Holy Week to Conciliate and Coeducar in which more than 35 children from Lorca can participate (20/03/2019)

  • Lorca will gather several European and world champions this Saturday in the 3rd European Karate World Championship Kyokushin Budokai (20/03/2019)
    On the tatami of the Felipe VI Sports Complex will pass some Spanish athletes, such as the current heavyweight European champion, Juan Crujeiras , the super lightweight winner, Eneko Delgado, and the lightweight, Cristian Gavara
  • The Mayor supervises the improvement and maintenance works that are being developed in La Parroquia, and that will allow the complete renovation of the playground (20/03/2019)

  • Lorca starts a Jubilee around his employer (18/03/2019)

  • The PSOE will ask at the next Popular Party the dismissal, as a position of trust, of hospital manager Rafael Méndez (18/03/2019)

  • Are third-class neighbors from the districts? (18/03/2019)
    How they feel, and that is why WE ARE REGION LORCA met last Tuesday with the collectives of the deputation of Campillo
  • López Miras highlights the capacity of the agricultural sector to promote organic farming, which already exceeds 80,000 hectares in the Region (18/03/2019)
    The president visits Lorca the facilities of Sociedad Cooperativa Sacoje
  • The Mayor defends the Transfer of the Tajo-Segura and the interconnection with other basins as the main motor of economic development of our municipality (18/03/2019)

  • The City Council is carrying out a new action in a building located on Julián Mateos Marín Street, next to the Ana Caicedo School, which presented risks against public roads (18/03/2019)

  • The Sacoje cooperative, located in the hamlet of La Hoya, is among the agricultural companies in the region with the most hectares devoted to the cultivation of organic products (18/03/2019)

  • The Local Police conducted 1,500 controls during 2018, identified 1,099 people and 4,054 vehicles (17/03/2019)
    And arrested 302 people who were brought to justice
  • Izquierda Joven encourages Lorca students to support mobilizations against climate change (15/03/2019)

  • The Department of Consumer Affairs encourages Lorca to know the rights and guarantees that protect them as consumers (15/03/2019)

  • The Mayor gives to the church of San José a new carving of Our Lady of the Aurora, as well as the restored sculptures of the patron saint of the neighborhood and of Christ Crucified (15/03/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "The neighbors of Jerónimo Santa Fe do not deserve the abandonment and neglect that their streets present" (15/03/2019)

  • Local Police of Lorca retrieves a new high-end car that had been stolen in Belgium thanks to its training in documentary falsification (15/03/2019)
    Following the recovery on Monday of a vehicle stolen in France, the Local Police of Lorca established a device that has resulted in the recovery of another vehicle, an Audi A5
  • Diego José Mateos: "For Lorca to shine again our districts have to recover the splendor and prominence they deserve" (15/03/2019)

  • The Mayor claims that the financing of the Town Councils contemplates the extension of the municipalities as a key factor for obtaining public economic resources (15/03/2019)

  • The City Council debt offers its best data for the last 19 years after a further reduction of 543,912 euros in the first 2 months of 2019 (14/03/2019)

  • Lorca will become on Friday the regional capital of Campo a Través with the participation of more than 800 schoolchildren in the final of this modality (14/03/2019)
    The test, which will be held in the youngest and youngest categories, both in men and women, will be held in the permanent circuit that is in the Sports City of La Torrecilla from 11 hours
  • Equimur hosts 400 horses in its 24th edition (14/03/2019)
    The Region counts 2,814 farms with about 13,000 equines
  • The Mayor demands a National Water Pact that guarantees the continuity of the Tajo-Segura transfer (14/03/2019)
    "A channel of life, solidarity and example of national structure"
  • IU demands urgent actions against the uncivil behavior of some individuals in the San Cristóbal neighborhood (14/03/2019)
    Sosa asks the government team to stop looking the other way and to take measures so that the climate of xenophobia that is being created is not increased or an irreparable misfortune occurs
  • PSOE: "The economic and social future of Lorca is to make our city a benchmark for the celebration of Fairs and Congresses" (14/03/2019)
    Abellán requires Gil Jódar to accelerate the completion of the works of the Auditorium and work for the constitution of IFELOR: "The Lorca do not want an audience like the one in Puerto Lumbreras"
  • The PSOE regrets that the PP presumed to reduce debt at the expense of not paying the Lorca companies to which they owe invoices since 2015 (14/03/2019)

  • "III Sociosanitarias Days of Elderly People of the Poncemar Chair" (14/03/2019)

  • The International Fair of Purebred Horses Region of Murcia-Equimur 2019 celebrates its twenty-fourth edition (14/03/2019)

  • The third edition of the Children's School of Butlers begins (14/03/2019)

  • The City Council asks the court for the fractionation of the amount that the municipality has to pay back due to an urban development agreement in Zarcilla de Ramos (13/03/2019)

  • The Plenary forced by the PSOE with solutions for the districts already has a date: next Friday, March 15 (13/03/2019)

  • The San José Park will host until Monday the II Outlet Fair organized by the City Council and the merchants of this area (13/03/2019)
    On the occasion of its patron saint festivities
  • IU calls for an increase in road safety in the Camino de la Cruz (13/03/2019)
    In this road, which runs through the Provinces of Campillo and Purias, there have already been several traffic accidents due to lack of visibility and measures to reduce speed of the vehicles
  • The Mayor and the President of Ucomur hold a working meeting with the employees affected by the closure of Coopbox to analyze the constitution of a cooperative (13/03/2019)

  • Young people from Lorca will develop the PP Youth program for the municipal women by contributing their proposals to the Young Generation Mochila of New Generations (13/03/2019)
    Through this campaign the proposals and projects of collectives and young people of Lorca will be sought to be the protagonists of the policies cross-section of Youth
  • The PP promotes from the Regional Assembly the live broadcast on TVE of Good Friday Lorca (13/03/2019)
    The PP deputy, Francisco Jódar, requests "the dissemination of the largest social, cultural and religious event of Lorca", coinciding with the XXV anniversary of the broadcast made by Pilar Miró
  • The PSOE requires Martínez Carrasco to clarify if the lands affected by the ruling are the same ones in which the installation of the solar plant is foreseen (13/03/2019)

  • Fernando López Miras attends in Lorca the act of presenting the book 'Centenary of Prayer in the Garden' (13/03/2019)

  • El Paso Azul schedules various activities to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the recovery of the Paper Procession (12/03/2019)
    The events, which will consist of a round table and a temporary exhibition, will begin this Friday in the temporary exhibition hall of the MASS
  • 77 women from Lorca will participate in the IX Theater Exhibition "Associations of Women of Lorca" (12/03/2019)
    It will take place on March 14 and 17 at the Teatro Guerra
  • The CHS proposes alternatives to avoid floods in case of torrential rains in the Lorca field (12/03/2019)
    The president of the Segura Hydrographic Confederation receives the Platform of People Affected by the Flood
  • The Meetings with Author of the Network of Municipal Libraries bring this week the writers Ricardo Gómez and Antonia Ródenas to Lorca (12/03/2019)
    The City Council informs that the Children's and Youth Library will be closed to the public from March 20 to 23 for improvements maintenance
  • The City Council encourages beneficiaries of public assistance for earthquake damage to come to the Office of Reconstruction to obtain their justifying accounts (12/03/2019)

  • The PP thanks Podemos for asking for an audit on the management that has made the City go from bankruptcy to being healthy (12/03/2019)

  • The PSOE demands the opening of the San Diego health center in the afternoon hours before the end of March: "Neighborhood residents are not waiting for more" (12/03/2019)

  • The PSOE proposes that a pre-admissions room be enabled in Rafael Méndez so as not to congest the observation and middle care rooms (12/03/2019)

  • The PSOE celebrates that "finally" the CHS take decisions to solve the concern of the residents affected by the floods of Lorca (12/03/2019)

  • Úrsula Ruiz, 16.38 in Samorin (12/03/2019)
    The athlete from Valencia of Valencia Esports this weekend added her tenth participation in the European Cup of Launches, held in the Slovak city and where she finished 2nd in Group B, with the 10th best total brand
  • "La Mafia" and "La Tapeoteka" open their doors at the Parque Almenara Shopping Center (12/03/2019)
    During this week, the Parque Almenara Shopping Center in Lorca (Murcia Region) expands its restaurant area with the arrival of 2 new signs in the restoration zone
  • Lorca decorates the agents who attended a street delivery and the policemen who saved the life of a citizen who had suffered a heart attack (11/03/2019)

  • The PSOE is firmly committed to Lorca with Marisol Sánchez as number 2 to the Congress of Deputies (11/03/2019)

  • Several unscrupulous damage the works of conditioning of the road between La Velica and the road of the Pantano to invade it while the concrete was still forging (11/03/2019)

  • Lorca pays tribute to the victims of 11M with a silent rally in Plaza de España (11/03/2019)
    193 people lost their lives and more than 2,000 were injured in the attacks that took place in Madrid 15 years ago
  • Students of the Popular University offer a micro theater festival this Tuesday at 9:00 pm in the Ruano Garden (11/03/2019)
    The pieces "Violin 54", "Curioso y Extraño" and "El nacimiento" are the three works represented by the students have attended the Scenic Interpretation Course of the Municipal School of Visual and Performing Arts
  • D'Genes gives an informative talk about rare diseases in the IES San Juan Bosco de Lorca (08/03/2019)

  • The sentence issued by the court rejects the complaint of Diego José Mateos against Limusa and imposes the payment of court costs (08/03/2019)
    Councilman of Limusa demands Mr. Mateos to keep his word and apologize, while claiming Antonio Meca to apply the penalty he demanded against him, his immediate resignation
  • Mateos: "A simple defect of form prevents the PSOE's denunciation from going ahead" (08/03/2019)
    "despite the fact that the Councilman of Limusa recognized in the courthouse having destroyed the exams of the 800 participants"
  • PSOE: "We are going to solve the abandonment suffered by the neighbors of the Old Calvary of the Barrio de San Cristóbal" (08/03/2019)
    "They live surrounded by garbage and abandoned houses"
  • The PSOE demands the restoration of the Cross of the Shrine of the Employer Shrine ten days before the start of the Jubilee Year (08/03/2019)

  • Lorca launches a new tourist tour to recall the Hebrew legacy in the town (08/03/2019)
    It will pass through the castle of Xiquena and the hall of the Judería of the Archaeological Museum
  • The Mayor celebrates Jubilee Time for the Virgen de las Huertas as an extraordinary opportunity to consolidate Lorca as a tourist and sacred cultural destination (08/03/2019)
    Among the many cultural and religious activities that will be carried out, there is a concentration of Brotherhoods of Glory with the presence of dozens of regional collectives
  • The Mayor gives the Paso Morado the image of the Blessed Virgin of Mercy after completing the restoration process carried out by the municipal conservation workshop (08/03/2019)

  • The City Council will ask that the author of the sexual assault on a young woman from Lorca be expelled from Spain (08/03/2019)
    In addition to complying with the sentences to which he is condemned
  • Ciudadanos Lorca ratifies his resignation requirement from the Delegate Councilor of Limusa for his political responsibilities in the worker selection process (08/03/2019)
    "Having destroyed the examinations in the trial period prevented the revision of these and the possibility of being audited by the Board of Directors. Administration "
  • The Electoral Census for the elections to the Cortes Generales of April 28 will be available from March 11 to 18 at the Statistics Service, district offices and Ayuntamóvil (08/03/2019)
    It is encouraged to be consulted, especially those who have had modifications in the Municipal Register in recent months and those exercising their right to vote for the first time
  • 59 pilots participate in the VIII Rallye Tierras Altas de Lorca (08/03/2019)
    This is the first round of the Spanish Land Championship
  • The residences of the municipality participate in an intergenerational project in which the minors of the Caixa Proinfancia Program are museum guides (07/03/2019)

  • IU-V asks that Lorca be the headquarters of the water and agriculture council of the CARM (07/03/2019)
    It will demand it in the next plenary session of the City Council of Lorca where they will also request the support of all the civil society of Lorca for this decentralization demand
  • Cazalla Intercultural launches creative workshops for minors within the Lab31 project with the aim of complementing integration programs (07/03/2019)
    This project is funded by the Erasmus + program and will offer activities of drawing, collective writing, body language such as dance, theater or music, etc., to minors from the San Cristóbal school
  • The Culture Classroom of CajaMurcia will host on Friday at 18:30 the delivery of the "Women and Men for Equality" and "Lorca for Equality" awards (07/03/2019)

  • The mountain mules praised by NATO come from a livestock hut of Lorca (07/03/2019)
    These animals have been honored for their work for a decade in the German Army Mountain Infantry Brigade
  • Úrsula Ruiz, destiny Samorin (07/03/2019)
    The Lorca athlete of Valencia Esports will add this weekend her tenth participation in the European Cup of Launches, to celebrate in the Slovak city
  • Ciudadanos Lorca will leave the Board of Directors of Limusa "if political responsibilities of exam fraud are not assumed" (07/03/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "We are going to make equality the center of the debate and of our policies in the Lorca City Council" (07/03/2019)
    "As we have always been, we will support the march called for 8M in Lorca, and in any act in defense of women's rights, 365 days a year, not a step back "
  • The PSOE shows its solidarity with the 115 workers of Coopbox Lorca (07/03/2019)
    And reiterates its offer to collaborate in the search for solutions for these and their families
  • Francisco Hérnandez of the Paso Morado Youth Association will be in charge of pronouncing the Third Youth Proclamation of Holy Week in Lorca (07/03/2019)
    The event will take place next Sunday, April 7 at 12:30 in the Church of Carmen
  • The Department of Commerce encourages those interested in having a position in the weekly market or in the Plaza de Abastos to submit their applications at the headquarters of the OMIC (07/03/2019)

  • The Mayor highlights the important role played by the Municipal Business Incubator in Lorca as a launching point for new business initiatives (06/03/2019)

  • Diego José Mateos: "If Gil Jódar and López Miras are not able to keep their word, do not insist" (06/03/2019)
    "but stop playing with the hopes and hopes of the families of San Fernando"
  • The City Council launches the Project "Engage from equality" to promote the employment and personal autonomy of women in Lorca (06/03/2019)

  • Residents in the San Fernando neighborhood who return to their homes will be exempt from paying for water and sanitation connections, as well as electricity meters (06/03/2019)

  • The "Life Adaptate" Project will be launched as of May with the installation of awnings on Corredera and adjacent streets to reduce the effects of heat waves (06/03/2019)

  • Guiazul, the Paso Azul team of guides, organizes "Azul en mujeres, MASS that embroiders history" a day to commemorate International Women's Day (06/03/2019)
    Activities include free guided tours, a photography contest and a round table, composed by women, who will talk about the evolution of the role of women in Paso Azul
  • Villaespesa students will learn how plastic is recycled (05/03/2019)
    Thanks to a visit to the Waste Management Center on Thursday
  • The City of Lorca demands the fulminante cessation of the government delegate (05/03/2019)
    "For inventing and" celebrating "the supposed cancellation of the solar energy project in the high districts"
  • Ciudadanos Lorca requests the immediate resignation of the Delegate Councilor of Limusa D. Juan Francisco Martínez Carrasco (05/03/2019)
    "The examinations of the applicants to the squares of Limusa were destroyed during the review period, and no one can be excluded from checking their qualification", points out the Councilman Antonio Meca
  • The National Livestock Reference Center of Lorca will have new courses and a web portal (05/03/2019)
    Training courses are planned for swine reproduction management, sanitary treatments in hives and management protocols in animal transport
  • Diego José Mateos: "The greatness of our Holy Week deserves the recognition of Lorca" (05/03/2019)
    "And what better way that all the Steps have in the municipal street a prominent place with his name"
  • PSOE Lorca: An unfavorable report from the Autonomous Community of the Region of Murcia disavows the installation of the photovoltaic installation project "Lorca Solar" (05/03/2019)

  • The City Council confirms that the decision to eliminate the old habits that the PSOE had in Limusa is irremovable, "there is no turning back, old Limusa is over" (05/03/2019)

  • The Social Council of the City updates the Strategic Project of Lorca that will allow the municipality to access funds of the European Union (05/03/2019)
    The meeting of the Plenary Session of the Social Council of the City, held yesterday, also addressed as the main issues the Adaptation Plan to the Climate Change and Life Adaptate Project and the Accessibility Plan of the municipality
  • Unemployment is reduced in the municipality of Lorca in 24 people during the month of February (05/03/2019)
    Services, construction and agriculture are the sectors where unemployment has been reduced in this last month
  • The Civil Guard detained a Chinese citizen for the intentional burning of several industrial buildings (05/03/2019)

  • The Guide for services for the elderly includes all the municipal programs and tools available to the largest Lorca This document, which is available to those interested in the centers for the elderly and the Department of Family and Social Welfare, (04/03/2019)

  • Lorca establishes the most ambitious device in history for the conservation and improvement of the green areas of its districts, tripling investment and workers (04/03/2019)

  • Lorca will have a network of healthy urban itineraries of more than 18 kilometers that, among others, will try to encourage the practice of physical activity among neighbors (04/03/2019)
    The three itineraries, which range from one kilometer to almost nine, are named of place names and words used and known by Lorca as the Itinerary "Las Alamedas", "Los Reales" and "Los Brazales"
  • The Department of Emergency expands its resources to provide better service in emergency situations with the acquisition of a drone and a jet ski (04/03/2019)

  • The PSOE calls for extreme care and maintenance of the bike paths of Lorca (04/03/2019)

  • The Avenida de Europa will connect with the University Campus of Lorca through semi-pedestrian boulevards (04/03/2019)

  • The avenue of Europe of Lorca will connect with the university campus through semi-pedestrian boulevards (04/03/2019)
    President Fernando López Miras visits the remodeling works of this main artery of the city, which will benefit more than 2,500 residents and that have an investment of 3 million euros
  • The Brotherhood of the Curia opens the first square of Lorca with vertical garden (04/03/2019)
    Located in the heart of the historic city center
  • The PSOE gathers youth, preparation and experience in a winning team that will accompany Diego José Mateos as Mayor of Lorca (02/03/2019)

  • The performance of the technical services of Urbanism allowed last year the fulfillment of 139 orders of execution in real estate that presented risks against public roads (01/03/2019)

  • The Felipe VI Sports Complex will have new games, dietetics and nutrition services, and physiotherapy to continue improving the attention to users (01/03/2019)

  • The City Council will exercise the popular action in the process opened by the sexual aggression suffered by a young woman from Lorca in the San Diego neighborhood (01/03/2019)

  • The University of Murcia opens in Lorca the activities of the second month of the ODSesiones project, dedicated to the'Hambre cero' (01/03/2019)
    The inauguration and the conferences will be in the Campus of Social and Health Sciences
  • The City Council is launching a Comprehensive Plan of Cognitive Accessibility in municipal buildings to facilitate the completion of procedures for people with disabilities (01/03/2019)
    In this first phase 40 pictograms with visible panels and clear information will be installed in the entrances, in the steps, stairs and elevators, as well as in the common areas, departments, services and directories of the Town Hall
  • Diego José Mateos: "Our commitment to the University will mark a before and after towards a more innovative, modern and prosperous Lorca" (01/03/2019)
    Mateos: "Lorca has to shine again, to break with all these years of obscurantism, resignation and apathy, which have led our municipality to lead the lowest indicators of innovation, progress and development "
  • Lorca will dedicate a street to Antonio Soriano Peñas, dean of the Lorca press, editor of the newspaper La Verdad, broadcaster in Cadena Cope and correspondent of Agencia Efe (01/03/2019)

  • We are Region: "Where is the" security "in Lorca? What is happening?" (01/03/2019)

  • Today marks the first anniversary of the opening of the first ITV La Hoya, the first in the Region after the liberalization of the sector (01/03/2019)


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