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  • 150 children participated in the Swimming Festival held at the Sports Complex Europe (30/06/2008)
    It was organized by the IMJUDE in collaboration with the Swim Club Lorca
  • Ruiz Montalvan young Lorca accompanied on his trip to the Rock in Rio Madrid (30/06/2008)
    The movement was organized by the Youth Association Cazalla and part of the activities of the Diversa
  • The mayor announced that residents will be next to Puri, and Aviles Aguadero three years ago without their consent were included in development plans derived from agreements (30/06/2008)
    The House unanimously approved make suitable arrangements to take the properties of these neighbors if you want
  • Councillor of Economy announced that the City will reclassify the streets of Uptown that had errors in the updating of street (30/06/2008)
    Antonio Ibarra said in Parliament that has been explained to the neighbors that have not raised taxes
  • Decisions of the plenary (30/06/2008)
    Lorca's The House finally approved the ordinance regulating street vending
  • The City Council requests the Central Executive Lorca not raise the price of electricity and water (30/06/2008)
    PP and IU agreed to request the National Government measures against the crisis in agriculture and livestock, while the PSOE vote against
  • Eighth Round of International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (28/06/2008)

  • End of International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (28/06/2008)
    Sergey Fedorchuk, number one ranking with 2671 points ELO FIDE, became champion again for the second consecutive time after a draw in the last round with David Lariño
  • Sixth Round of International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (27/06/2008)

  • The IMJUVE organizes a trip to the Expo Zaragoza 2008 (27/06/2008)
    will be four days and only cost 220 euros
  • Agreements Governing Board (27/06/2008)

  • The City of Lorca celebrates first high school students with honors (27/06/2008)
    Education Councilman he acknowledged the effort and dedication of these students Lorca Second Secondary and Vocational Training
  • Youth Card Users can now enjoy 20% discount on sports facilities in the city (27/06/2008)
    The initiative also offers rebates on Espirelia and several shops
  • Lorca becomes the benchmark again in action with young (27/06/2008)
    Representatives of Municipal Youth Institute Lorca have presented the methodology of the project called DIVERSE leisure and participation in the Second Biennial entertainment Vitoria
  • Seventh Round of International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (27/06/2008)
    The chess lorquino José Antonio Bautista, with three points, managed to defeat his countryman Juan Antonio Mendez, and is the favorite to get the trophy for best local player
  • The City of Lorca Lorca invited to watch the final of Euro in Santa Quiteria (27/06/2008)
    The Spain-Germany game will be seen by two giant screens in a thousand chairs
  • Fourth round of the International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (26/06/2008)

  • The City of Lorca enhance the Mall Open with 40,000 euros (26/06/2008)

  • The City subsidizes the Chess Club with 30,600 euros and 10,000 euros Guidance (26/06/2008)
    Francisco Montiel signed two agreements for the Memorial Tournament Narciso Yepes and expansion and upgrade of Orienteering maps
  • Ibarra emphasizes that "the PSOE manipulates the data and try to confuse people about the accounts of the Council of Social Service" (26/06/2008)
    "The Socialists have to remember that situations how are you also were given in previous years"
  • Bending of the Rambla de Tiata advancing steadily toward its goal (26/06/2008)
    Two proposals were studied to determine the most viable option
  • The Coral Bartolomé Pérez Casas offer a concert of Spanish pop music and film of the twentieth century (26/06/2008)
    will be held on Monday June 30th at the Palais de Guevara, from 21:30 am
  • Fifth round of the International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (26/06/2008)
    A total of eight chess players share the top level on four points
  • Second Round of International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (25/06/2008)

  • Antonio Cerdá out that the equine industry contributes to rural development and is a source of employment and wealth (25/06/2008)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water inaugurated the extension of Equine Insemination Centre CIFE of Lorca and signed a cooperation agreement with the Association of Breeders of Pure Breeds of the Region of Murcia
  • Apandis municipal receive a grant of 55,000 euros and 15,000 euros ASOFEM (25/06/2008)
    This morning we have signed two agreements between the city of Lorca and these collective
  • La Quinta Estacion and El Barrio filled with music the next Fair Lorca (25/06/2008)
    Nacha Pop, Fangoria and the Union will be free concerts a festival that still has performances by some concrete
  • Third Round of International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (25/06/2008)
    Only two players have managed to reach the fourth round of the International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" with three points
  • Culture, Youth and Sports and Mediterranean Fund signed an agreement to hold the Work Camp Program and the Fair Youth Zone 2008 (25/06/2008)
    The savings bank will provide 144,500 euros to Work Camp program 2008 and the Fair Youth Participation Youth Zone , which this year will take place in Lorca
  • On July 1 will open bibliopiscina La Torrecilla, Monday through Friday afternoon and Saturday morning (24/06/2008)
    On Friday you can also enjoy storytelling for children
  • The City Council tonight will spray an extraordinary way to combat mosquitoes (24/06/2008)
    Services Parks, Gardens & Health take such measures as strengthening the work already carried out
  • The author stops at the local police for the arson of a vehicle (24/06/2008)
    The incident occurred Saturday night on the way La Torre
  • First Round of International Chess Tournament "Narciso Yepes Memorial" (24/06/2008)
    The competition runs from Tuesday through Saturday and consists of 9 rounds
  • 120 athletes participated in the popular racing classic of the Fiesta de San Juan en el Barrio de La Viña (23/06/2008)
    took out a total of 120 athletes, most of them of Lorca, but also from cities and surrounding areas as Puerto Lumbreras , Eagles, Totana and Huercal Overa.
  • 53 players from 13 countries will participate in the IX International Chess Tournament Memorial Narciso Yepes (23/06/2008)
    Chess Club Lorca Lorca Mayor reward for supporting the sport
  • La Merced today hosts a photographic exhibition of the young Lorca Juan Carlos Aledo (23/06/2008)
    The exhibition of 20 works, opens at 18:30 and stay until 30 June
  • The Aute poetic recital scheduled for Thursday was postponed to Monday 30th June (23/06/2008)
    The coincidence with the party of Spain in the semifinals of the Euro, which is why the leadership of All Art 2008 has decided to postpone
  • The works of asphalt cuts cause traffic on Saturday 21 (20/06/2008)

  • Lorca City Council will receive 773,350 euros for immigrant integration programs (20/06/2008)
    The performances will be supplemented by 136,474 euros of municipal funds for the admission and education of new Lorca
  • Lorca on Monday and Tuesday will host a breastfeeding workshop open to the whole population (20/06/2008)
    The Department of Women and Health Management is working with the Health Area III which will involve about 90 people
  • The Constitution Mall hosts the first Fair Volunteer (20/06/2008)
    It seeks to highlight the work being done by various associations in Lorca and volunteer search
  • More than 100 students shut down the project activities "CLASS II" in the Alameda of the Constitution (20/06/2008)
    The project is included in the PIBAL and has been in the flamenco workshop for children, their main reference
  • The municipal swimming pools open to the public on June 21 with the novelty of the increased security (19/06/2008)
    The entry price is maintained over the previous year, one of the cheapest of the regional territory
  • The City will subsidize the project with 25,000 euros of aid to families of San José de Calasanz (19/06/2008)
    The Council of NGOs financed by $ 3,000 more than in 2007 is working with 30 families who bring their kids to this daycare
  • The City of Lorca 39,500 euros to subsidize ADILOR (19/06/2008)
    is the first time that the group of diabetic Lorca receives a grant
  • Delivered IV grants from the Major Classroom Promotion (19/06/2008)

  • On Friday June 20th is the deadline for the registration of EVAF (19/06/2008)
    The Municipal Institute of Sports and Games (IMJUDE), remember that the registration deadline for the Summer School of Physical Education and Recreation (EVAF), has the Friday June 20
  • Lorca will host this summer's five courses of the Universidad del Mar, one more than last year (18/06/2008)
    Gabriel Elorriaga and Pilar del Castillo, among others, participate in a seminar on the General Election 2008
  • The Planning Department of the Municipality of Lorca strengthened their squad with the addition of a new Public Works Engineering technical services (18/06/2008)
    Elena Jimenez has taken over this morning with the presence of the Mayor and Council of Internal Affairs and Planning
  • Lorca receives the "Platinum Broom", the highest national award in the landscape of urban sanitation, environmental compliance and waste management (18/06/2008)
    Mayor, Francisco Jodar has received this distinction Madrid
  • Tomorrow is the deadline for registration for co-education schools (18/06/2008)
    Elena Jimenez has taken over this morning with the presence of the Mayor and Council of Internal Affairs and Planning
  • The national conference 'Youth and Intercultural Dialogue "will address new learning methodologies values (18/06/2008)
    This national meeting of associations, technical and political representatives of youth is intended to provide a forum for debate, thought and action around interculturalism
  • The City Council makes it clear that any action affecting the park grounds Diego Pallares entails an expansion, improvement and modernization (18/06/2008)
    Lorca Mayor said that "there is only one possible idea to build a parking lot, and we are now mulling whether it is or not.
  • Valcárcel and Jódar signed two agreements for the town of Lorca in the amount of over 6.7 million (18/06/2008)
    The Plan Works of neighborhoods and districts include 80 works for annuities 2008-9 worth 5.5 million euros
  • Councillor of Economy announced that the City is compelled by law to conduct a sanitation plan to address the 16 million euros spent over the PSOE in 2007 (17/06/2008)
    Antonio Ibarra stated that "this plan will be managed better financial resources, using criteria of efficiency in revenue and spending efficiency "
  • Joaquín Ruiz Montalvan announces the creation and establishment of a Permanent Forum Promotion (17/06/2008)
    The mayor announced in a press conference where he praised the actions of the Department during the first year of Government
  • Lorca Course will host the National Monitor Paddle (17/06/2008)
    be held at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca, from 19 to 22 June
  • The Mayor of Lorca bid to locate the courthouse in the city in the same place where the courts are now (17/06/2008)
    Francisco Jodar has predicted that "the development of this infrastructure would be an injection of life for our historic"
  • 110 people participate in the 6 th Mountain Bike Route: Climb to Praico (16/06/2008)
    The activity was organized by the Association IMJUDE Lorca and Santiago
  • Lorca Mayor visits the school Andrés García Soler, who have a municipal investment of close to € 300,000 (16/06/2008)
    Francisco Jodar is anticipated that the new infrastructure includes 3 units of children with their toilets and a classroom psychomotor
  • Lorca will become the next weekend in football regarding national cadet (16/06/2008)
    Sun City will host a tournament game the best quarries in the country, like Real Madrid, Valencia, At.
  • Lorca's youth will have a 20% discount on all Arts Concert 2008 (16/06/2008)
    The Festivities and Youth councils undertake a campaign to spread the reduction in price in these cultural activities for users of the Youth Card
  • El Barrio de La Viña host a popular race on the occasion of the "Fiestas de San Juan" (16/06/2008)
    will be held on Sunday June 22 starting and finishing in the Park
  • The Center for Integrated Lorca Security and Emergency will host 200 people, will have three buildings and a helipad (13/06/2008)
    Security Council Member, Belén Pérez, anticipated that this infrastructure is expected to also count shooting range, runway emergency training and driver education area
  • The tower crane dismantling work will cause traffic changes in C / Pérez Casas and C / Nieves (13/06/2008)
    traffic cuts will occur on Saturday 14 from 08:00 to 15:00 hours
  • The Local Government calls a meeting with the Ministry of Environment to address the greenways linked to the modernization of irrigation (13/06/2008)

  • More than 100 experts from 13 countries will hold tomorrow a visit to the tourist offer of "Lorca Taller del Tiempo" (13/06/2008)
    will be received at 18:00 pm by Councilman Jose Joaquin Peñarrubia Visitors Center
  • La Jornada Backing for Social Inclusion was held in Lorca with great success (13/06/2008)
    The ceremony was attended Jódar Francisco, Fernando Mateo and Lali Ibarra
  • In madraguda of Monday 16 will be a treatment plant in several gardens of Lorca (13/06/2008)
    treatments are aimed at the Elm Galeruca (Galeruca luteola) and against the elm bark beetle (Scolytus) vectors of transmission of the DED in elms, and apply the same treatment in aphids Jacarandas, Tipuana, etc
  • 105,000 euros to municipal libraries of Lorca and the Economic Society of Friends of the Country (13/06/2008)

  • The IMJUVE opens in the neighborhood of San Cristobal's first office in Spain on Youth and Cultural Diversity (13/06/2008)
    Customers may be served in Spanish, English, French and Arabic and there will be information on fair trade, immigration and NGOs
  • The Planning Department presented its new image in Internet (12/06/2008)
    With this a citizen can obtain procedures and paperwork, giving it greater dynamism
  • The main national and regional leaders of the Popular Party Generations visit Lorca (12/06/2008)
    were present lorquino PP President and Mayor of the city, Francisco Jodar, with the President of NN GG of Spain, Nacho Uriarte, and the local president, Fernando López Miras
  • The drawing of Pablo Diez Alonso (Pérez de Hita College), winner of "The Road Safety Education pet" (12/06/2008)
    work become the official mascot of the Department of Education Local Traffic Police
  • La Fortaleza del Sol is home to the first Forum on Cultural Tourism Lorca (12/06/2008)
    The town of Lorca celebrates Fortaleza del Sol in the first Forum of the city's Cultural Tourism
  • The Archaeological Museum will host a conference on art and science in the western Muslim (11/06/2008)
    Maria Isabel Parra, and Alfonso Robles will be responsible for imparting
  • The IMJUVE held this past weekend course Kite Surfing in Tarifa (Cádiz) (11/06/2008)
    15 young people participated Lorca, who could enjoy this activity integrated in the diverse program
  • On Thursday, June 12 opens the exhibition "Women of Water" by Thomas Abella, in the Garden Ruano (11/06/2008)

  • Lorca and Murcia selected in the Urban Initiative program (11/06/2008)
    The project total investment will amount to more than 21 million projects can operate in areas where some 15,000 people living
  • More than 60 police and 20 vehicles were part of the device that the City put into practice with reasons for the heavy rains in the city (11/06/2008)
    Mayor, Francisco Jódar in the company of aldermen and Ángel Pérez Belén Mecca monitored until late early tasks of the municipal plan
  • The Mayor of Lorca calls "decisive step" the achievement of the city's Urban Initiative, which involves an investment of 10.7 million euros (11/06/2008)
    Francisco Jodar: "Today we have taken great joy, because this investment will directly benefit the people and areas most in need "
  • 60 cyclists took part in the 5th route of the "Bike and Nature" (10/06/2008)
    Next June 15 the completion of the schedule with the traditional ascent to PRADICAN
  • 31 schools have participated in the School Sports Programme 2008 (10/06/2008)
    Thursday at 18:30 pm in the Complex Europe will take place awards
  • The local police arrested 12 people during the weekend for violating the Foreigners Act (10/06/2008)

  • Route Mototurística Sunday's result changes to traffic on several roads in the city (06/06/2008)
    parking is prohibited between 06:00 pm and cut traffic from 13:00 pm
  • New Technologies will be renamed the Department of Information Society (06/06/2008)
    As announced this morning the mayor, Joaquín Ruiz at the same time to take stock of the activities carried out by the same
  • Three major Lorca are awarded in the Contest of Poetry and Short Story (05/06/2008)
    The awards were integrated into the tenth anniversary of the Major Classroom
  • Swimming Festival for children who have participated in 2007-2008 (04/06/2008)
    take place at the Europa Sports Complex on Thursday 26 and is organized by the Swimming Club IMJUDE and Lorca
  • The Avenue of Europe will have four lanes immediately to expedite traffic (04/06/2008)
    This measurement is within a battery that includes the installation of two traffic lights at Juan Carlos I and the creation of a lane on the Street Poet For Vico and on arrival at the roundabout of San Antonio
  • The municipal LIMUSA and Youth Council of Lorca are launched the campaign "Education for recycling" (04/06/2008)
    The initiative aims to reach school children, municipal workers and youth in the municipality
  • The IMJUVE this morning the site at national meetings of youth information (04/06/2008)
    The site was selected by the National Youth Institute of Spain as a sign of management
  • The mayors of Agriculture and Environment strike the Zapatero government to push farmers to ruin Lorca (03/06/2008)
    No not even provide for irrigation when it is logical to make three to the end of the hydrological year
  • A new bus line will link the neighborhoods of Apollonia and the Vineyard in 15 minutes (03/06/2008)
    is called the "Velobús" has two minibuses with a capacity for 46 passengers each, 7 new activity stops and starts tomorrow
  • Presented at the program activity Lorca "Murcia Company" (03/06/2008)
    This will take place tomorrow at the Informajoven del Barrio San Cristobal, from 18:00 pm
  • The local police arrested a driver who had caused damage to other vehicles (03/06/2008)
    The events occurred early this morning about 04:00 hrs
  • The Fourth Grand Award "Women in Athletics" will be held on Wednesday June 4th in Lorca (02/06/2008)
    The expected participation of over 300 women from around the Region of Murcia at the Sports Complex of La Torrecilla
  • Abstract incidences Local Police (02/06/2008)
    A fire that caused damage, only addition of a weekend without alterations
  • Residents of The Local Social regain their Terreras after that remained closed for over 20 years (02/06/2008)
    The Councillor M ª Carmen Ruiz pointed out that "the Social Local canteen service will only if the neighbors want.
  • 22 new police officers take Lorca Local office (02/06/2008)
    With these new additions are now a total of 118 components

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