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Lorca News - April 2009

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  • The municipal government finally awarded seven works of PIMUN and provisionally another 17, worth about € 3 million and 14 districts distributed (30/04/2009)

  • 116,000 euros to the city of Lorca to assist women victims of violence (30/04/2009)

  • Tovar and Francisco González Jódar put the first stone of the new municipal swimming pool Lorca, funded by the Local Investment Fund (30/04/2009)
    The heated indoor pool in the neighborhood of San Antonio has a budget of more than 2 million euros and employ 222 workers
  • The Minister of Health visit next week Lorca (30/04/2009)
    Palacios had to postpone his visit to the town, scheduled for this week due to recent events related to the swine flu
  • Chair 3.5 million earmarked for infrastructure security and citizen services in Lorca (29/04/2009)
    Javier Iniesta and the Mayor of Lorca visit the sites of the future headquarters of the local police in Puri and Ramonete
  • The Government delegate to visit the cooperative Alimer Lorca (29/04/2009)
    Murcia receive from the government 13.2 million euros for farm programs, farmers, agribusiness and rural development
  • The study of Maria Teresa Lazareno began with great expectations the activities of the International Dance Day (29/04/2009)
    for today is expected to read a manifesto by the mayor of Culture, Rosa Medina, as well as Rachel's ballet performance Maria Lopez, in the Plaza de Calderón
  • The scout group "Sun City" represents the Region of Murcia XXXV Federal Festival of Song (29/04/2009)
    More than 200 people make up the issue that will lorquina appointment during the weekend in Medina del Campo (Valladolid)
  • Juan Antonio Sanchez and Angel Ortiz Guillén receive prizes of the First Open Air Painting "The Fortress of the Sun", organized by the "Lorca Taller del Tiempo" (28/04/2009)
    El Castillo de Lorca held, in 2008, its V Anniversary opening to the public as a heritage theme area set in the Middle Ages.
  • The City Council requests the Regional Government to subsidize six new heritage restoration projects, which would join the four already granted (28/04/2009)

  • The hamlet of Purias have a Day Centre for older people who will make a financial investment of over one million euros (28/04/2009)
    is built on a plot of 16,500 m2 in Torre del Obispo.
  • Child 3,300 students receive a local plant nursery to learn their care and the need to respect the environment (28/04/2009)

  • The Community fund with more than one million euros three social care institutions in Lorca, two in the deputation of Purias (28/04/2009)
    This is a Day Care Center, a multi-purpose and a residence, which cost 7.8 million euros in total
  • Lorca Mayor opened the two phases of illumination of the ring Zarcilla Palm (27/04/2009)
    PIMUN Included in co-financed by the Autonomous Community
  • Alfredo Gómez Cerdá speak on Wednesday and Thursday his book "The friends of the swallow" in meetings with authors from public libraries (27/04/2009)
    writer Madrid talks in the morning with more than 400 students in grades 5 and Primary 6 in the Cultural Center
  • More than 200 people marched on Saturday (27/04/2009)
    The event served as a starting signal for the sixteenth edition of the Sporting Events of Lorca's Women's Groups
  • The IMJUDE presents its new website with important new (27/04/2009)
    With the new space users can stay informed in real time sporting events taking place in the city
  • 400 walkers gathered yesterday to celebrate the Fourth Lorca Regional Walker's Day (27/04/2009)

  • Young Lyrics Lorquin take 20 hours of literary works of younger writers of the municipality of Plaza de Calderón (24/04/2009)
    Participants in the concert the winners of the competitions "María Fernández-Luna" and "Angels Pascual" and will be performance of the singer Elena Ramírez
  • On the morning of April 28 will proceed to the phytosanitary treatment of several green areas of the town (24/04/2009)
    The same was planned for the 20th of April, but had to be postponed by rain
  • Lorca's old town on Sunday will become a makeshift mountain bike circuit (24/04/2009)
    The first round of the Open MTB Murcia 2009 "Memorial Josechu Castelvi" will start and finish at the Visitor Center and tour neighborhoods San Juan, Santamaría and San Pedro
  • Lorca Plaza will become the "Zone-white" during the meetings that the football team held outside the city of Arts Carrasco (24/04/2009)
    The initiative is promoted by the Cadena COPE in collaboration with the city of Lorca and the club Espanyol
  • Jódar delivery to primary pupils and Child 13 awards and nine awards to finalists XXIV Contest "Maria Fernandez-Luna " (24/04/2009)
    ... that have submitted 1,397 stories
  • 70 children 4 years old San José Colegio Mayor de Lorca interview for the magazine's center (24/04/2009)
    The students have met Lorca Hall facilities and voted in the Plenary Hall this year are carried out improvement works college
  • The Governing Board awarded definitely works in 12 streets of Uptown and the lighting of three, also continues to make progress in other works of PIMUN'09 (24/04/2009)

  • Hundreds of dancers from all dance schools to bring the city to dance to Lorca to commemorate the celebration of International Dance Day " (23/04/2009)
    The events will begin Saturday and last until next Wednesday.
  • The Mayor of Lorca turns 50 new public lighting points Azagahor roads and rides, and de La Torrecilla (23/04/2009)

  • Tourism recognizes the quality of more than two dozen companies and institutions Lorca (23/04/2009)

  • The Living Library comes to Lorca for the second year in seeking to promote intercultural dialogue (22/04/2009)
    The event will be held in the Library Pilar Barnes seeks to address situations of inequality people of different nationalities
  • The Mayor of Lorca get to 13 students of 5 th and 6 th of Aranjuez who visit the town through a school exchange with Juan Navarro de La Hoya (22/04/2009)

  • The new Executive Committee of Lorca PP integrates more than fifty militants (22/04/2009)
    Ubaldo Palomino direct the Secretariat lorquino PP Training
  • Sun City will host the First Seminar on Citizen Participation, on 23 May (22/04/2009)
    The Department Cajamurcia organized with the Hotel Jardines de Lorca the conference seeking to ascertain the involvement of Lorca
  • Lorca host the Walker's Regional Day (22/04/2009)
    The route will be held next Sunday departing from the Visitor Centre and finishing at the Castle of Lorca
  • A popular place for the most emblematic streets of Lorca will start the XVI edition of the Women's Sports Meetings (22/04/2009)
    The same will take place on Saturday April 25, from 17:00 in the Plaza of Spain
  • Peñarrubia discloses the failure of the Contest Prize XXIV "María Fernández-Luna", the students of Primary and Infant submitted 1,397 stories (22/04/2009)

  • Young Lorca participated last weekend in the first training course on alternative entertainment night (21/04/2009)
    The activity is organized by the Youth Association IMJUDE and Qdamos
  • The program Diversa 2009 held 17 activities in search of a 50% increase in participation from the previous edition (21/04/2009)
    In 2008 he received the Youth of the Region of Murcia, as the best program for Participation
  • The Women's Sporting Events to be held from 28 April to 26 May, will include a workshop for beginners paddle and nocturnal urban hiking (21/04/2009)
    Another new feature of this sixteenth edition, is born of consensus with the collective is a bike ride to the Sports Complex La Torrecilla
  • Teams Lorca and Murcia deaf played a game at the break of the match against the Carnicer Torrejón (21/04/2009)

  • The Department of IMJUVE Participation and created the first citizen advisory board (20/04/2009)
    The same is try and assess the collaborative process of the construction of the youth who will be located in the Marin Trail
  • Lorca Mayor congratulated the promoters of the Betania Association for his work in favor of integration and is committed to continue working (20/04/2009)
    The Councilors of Women and Social Policy shows its commitment to supporting this group composed of Spanish women and other nations like Ecuador, Bolivia, Peru, Chile, Honduras, Romania, ...
  • 750 pupils take part tomorrow in Phase Local Athletics (20/04/2009)
    will be held at the sports complex of La Torrecilla and athletes belonging to nine schools in Lorca
  • Lorca City Council reaffirms that the Ministry of Economy sent all the documentation necessary to carry out the Plan of Sanitation (20/04/2009)
    The mayor of Finance, Antonio Ibarra, announced today that it has submitted additional information was subsequently requested from Madrid
  • Volunteers over 60 years to help regulate traffic at the exit of the colleges of Lorca (20/04/2009)
    Bascuñana Councilor been joined in this initiative
  • The first 20 volunteers over the regulation starting five pedestrian crossings at the output of schools Lorca (20/04/2009)

  • The 3x3 Interpedanías III Tournament begins this weekend in La Hoya, La Paca, almond and Ramonete (17/04/2009)
    In this issue should be noted that the matches will be played in two different sports (indoor football and handball), making competition more attractive
  • The voter registration lists for elections to the European parliament, will be available from next Monday (17/04/2009)
    The City also offers citizens the municipal Web site to see the schools
  • This introductory course to cycling with panniers is postponed to May (17/04/2009)
    The IMJUDE decides to delay the start of work due to the demand for later dates
  • Lorca City Council subsidizes the purchase of four interactive whiteboards for the classrooms open schools in the municipality (17/04/2009)
    The Department of Education aims to provide schools and media for students with special educational needs a serious and permanent in the regular school
  • The City Council will hire 59 professionals Lorca through a grant from the Autonomous Community to strengthen employment (17/04/2009)

  • The Lorca available from today's media information web / lorcainforma (17/04/2009)
    The City of Lorca also puts in place a program under which Internet users can have the local news headlines on your desktop computer without entering the municipal web
  • The installation of a crane on Sunday will remain closed to traffic the streets Musso Valiente, Alamo, Cava and part of the Plaza of Spain (17/04/2009)
    The cuts will begin at 08:00 am and end around 18:00 Hours
  • The Local Government wins final six plays of Lorca companies PIMUN'09 starts the record and assigned six provisionally other two works (17/04/2009)

  • On the morning of April 20 will proceed to the phytosanitary treatment of several green areas of the town (16/04/2009)

  • The events of World Book Day organized by the City include storytelling, theater, library and living for the first time, activities in districts (16/04/2009)

  • Francisco Montiel receives the two athletes who managed to finish Lorca XXIV Marathon des Sables (16/04/2009)
    Francisco José Hernández, and Miguel Lopez were imposed on desert terrain, areas of dry lakes and sand dunes, to enter your name the history of the world's toughest test in the specialty
  • 40 people at risk of social exclusion are trained municipal scholarship on intercultural and cultural resources in urban districts (16/04/2009)
    The Councillor for Social Policy of the Municipality of Lorca, Lali Ibarra, this morning delivered the diplomas to the participants in this course, the which is also followed-up children with
  • The documentary "spiral theory" disseminated among students of IES Ramón Arcas values for the Paralympics (16/04/2009)
    The event, organized by the Spanish Paralympic Committee and the Banesto Cultural Foundation and has IMJUDE collaboration will take out on the morning of Friday 17
  • UPyD Lorca installed tables with the intention of collecting signatures to submit his candidacy for the European Elections. (16/04/2009)

  • The Red Lorca Municipal Library offers all users a new blog (15/04/2009)
    In this space will be available, among other operations, reviews of new copies purchased by libraries Lorca
  • Encounters with the author, "will the next 16 to 17 with the presence of Rafael Salmeron (14/04/2009)
    In the event organized by the Department of Education and University, involved 300 students of 1 st and 2 nd Primary
  • The Fourteenth Edition of the Intercentros be held on 25 and 26 April under Pillar Soubrier (14/04/2009)
    In INJUVE activity organized by the participation of all the municipal schools
  • Lorca provides two tons of material for shipment to South America in the previous year Book Project " (13/04/2009)
    Top ten pallets bound for Ecuador, Peru and Nicaragua have weighed on leaving the Waste Management Centre 8,949 kilos
  • The Mayor of Lorca, the Director General of Cultural Assets and the President of the Paso Morado inaugurate the staff of Calvary Chapel (07/04/2009)

  • The municipal libraries of neighborhoods and districts will be open during the mornings on days 6, 7 and 8 April (03/04/2009)

  • Lorca at the Plaza Colon celebrates the 30th anniversary of the first municipal elections of Democracy (03/04/2009)
    The Deputy Mayor explained that it has pitched a tent in which it distributes information about anniversaries and citizens can deposit their proposals in a urn.
  • Access to the village will cut Good Friday and Palm Sunday from early afternoon (02/04/2009)

  • The procession of the Brotherhood of the Curia Saturday's cuts cause traffic in the historic center (02/04/2009)

  • The Youth Council summons the III Lorca Awards LORCA YOUTH MOVEMENT. (02/04/2009)

  • The Local Government Board awarded two performances of PIMUN'09 provisionally valued at 147,600 euros and the file begins to recruit other twelve (02/04/2009)
    Team Municipal Government also awarded to companies Lorca definitely works of Centres of Doña Inés and Purias and remodeling of the Old Port Cruise
  • The Regional Institute for Women 70% increase in aid to the City Council Equality programs and 33% at the refuge (02/04/2009)

  • Limusa renew their street uniforms saving 40% of cost (02/04/2009)
    Workers at the city sanitation activities will become more visible especially at night and they conform to regulations workwear
  • The sand of the race will not be removed during the Holy Week procession which has not (02/04/2009)
    Tonight imposing the ballast for the passage of the parades on the Avenida Juan Carlos I, extending the same Holy Thursday to the Garden Ruano
  • Councilmember Belen Perez announced that the Security and Emergency device for Easter Lorca increases this year to more than 550 troops (01/04/2009)

  • Limusa closed 2008 with net profit of half a million euros, the best result in its history (01/04/2009)
    The voluntary reserve exceeds one million euros for the first time, allowing the net investment of 440,000 euros in the year 2009
  • The IMJUDE expands its range of training courses (01/04/2009)

  • The People's University held this afternoon at the Cultural Center of Learning a festival dedicated to women (01/04/2009)


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