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  • Lorca UPyD considers the urban development project "Marina de Cope" as environmentally unacceptable (30/12/2008)
    In addition to economic development anachronistic Lorca
  • Lorca Local Police arrested a man who tried to take clothes valued at 400 euros in a downtown establishment of the city (30/12/2008)
    The detainee, who tried to deceive the local police, alleging that he was a minor, struggled with employees and trade with the agents, slightly injuring one of them in their escape attempt foiled
  • A new parade of animation with more than a hundred people acclimate the streets of the city during the morning of the last day of the year (30/12/2008)
    Over the same shall be distributed 100 kilos of grapes to receive the 2009
  • A new investment of 450,000 euros will allow construction of two new local police headquarters in the districts of Puri and Ramonete (30/12/2008)
    The Mayor also announced that the tender for the works of the Comprehensive Security Center, if not remarkable, unforeseen, contest will go in the first quarter of 2009
  • The Mayor of Lorca receives in the Consistory to Argentine students participate in exchanges with young Lorca (29/12/2008)
    Visitors arriving from Córdoba and remain in the city until next January 26, doing various activities in pursuit of deeper roots both peoples
  • The project Marina de Cope received the support of the Municipality of Lorca in the penultimate step (29/12/2008)
    generate 5,000 jobs during construction
  • Grant of 30,000 euros to the city of Lorca to develop a Comprehensive Plan for Youth (29/12/2008)

  • IU + LV branded as "nonsense" provisional approval of the General Plan for the development of complex Marina de Cope (29/12/2008)

  • ... (26/12/2008)

  • The City of Lorca intended 1.2 million euros to improve the road D-7 (26/12/2008)
    Action will be taken in the section between the road link with the thumb and the old road to Eagle.
  • The market of Directors will not install or December 31 or January 3, but on 30 December (26/12/2008)

  • Lorca Mayor inaugurates two new street lighting works and the improvement of a provincial road in the amount of 342,000 euros (26/12/2008)
    Francisco Jódar opened on the evening of December 23 remodeling done in the former National 3211, cruise Eagles Road, after turning 10 new streetlights in Almond and 14 points of light at the crossing of Ceferino Sale.
  • The joint exhibition "Calcutta, Forgotten City," held by New Generations, will be inaugurated on Friday 26 (24/12/2008)
    The exhibition, signed by Carmen Gonzalez, takes 30 pictures of India at the Casino de Lorca with a united purpose
  • The Department of Employment publishes two manuals and a map to help find jobs in the city (23/12/2008)
    The City Council distributed 1,000 copies of a Job Search Handbook, a Manual so many job interviews and 4,000 of employment resources map and training of Lorca
  • The Mayor of Lorca turns 27 new points of street lighting in the hamlet of Aguadero (23/12/2008)
    Francisco Jodar said: "This facility also allows connecting other 17 municipal network lamps"
  • The City Council will new traffic lights in town to improve traffic and road safety, with full operation of the Onda Verde (23/12/2008)
    Traffic Councilmember, Belén Pérez, explained that they have taken steps to install traffic light regulation at the height of Apollonia, in Jerome Santa Fe, Granada Road and Juan Carlos I
  • Lorca City Council held a Christmas breakfast for seniors in our town at the Palace of Guevara (23/12/2008)
    The City Council Mayor, Mari Carmen Ruiz, explained that "the second Christmas program for seniors who organize is being a success"
  • Agriculture invests 2.4 million euros for the construction of two collectors in Lorca (22/12/2008)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the mayor of developing new water projects that are part of the comprehensive plan to clean up Lorca
  • One hundred children from the Early Childhood Center of Lorca receive gifts from the hands of the Magi from the East (22/12/2008)
    Gifts are adapted to changes in the development of each
  • The Mayor of Lorca hear the views of the Youth Council on the draft Investment Plan Municipal Works (22/12/2008)
    This meeting is part of the round of meetings with the groups most representative of the municipality
  • December 28 will be held on II Tournament "Christmas City International Lorca" (22/12/2008)
    The event, presented this morning by the mayor, will take place in Hiroshima Restaurant
  • The largest of the Asylum of San Diego enjoyed a musical gala organized by New Generation (21/12/2008)
    "It was a total success: the goal of bringing a little joy to our elders at this time is fulfilled," says López Miras
  • 40,000 euros for social services Lorca (19/12/2008)

  • New Generations of music filled the Asylum of San Diego with a gala Christmas (19/12/2008)
    The goal is "to bring a little joy to our elders at this time so affectionate," says López Miras
  • The autonomous installed today and tomorrow at the Mall of the Constitution a consumer information booth (19/12/2008)
    is part of the Christmas campaign of the Department of Consumer Affairs
  • 14 teams participating on Sunday 29 th Edition of the Easter Crew Lorca, to be held for the first time in the Vineyard (19/12/2008)
    500 people perform from 11:30 am at the event organized by the Municipal Council for Culture and Celebrations of the City of Lorca
  • V Meeting of Choirs at Christmas (19/12/2008)
    Date: Saturday, December 20, 2008.
  • Seventh Dream, winner of the Meridian Music 2007, presented tomorrow your hard Backstagemusic the end of 2008, Lorca Plaza (19/12/2008)
    Youth Councillor explained that, as of 18:00 pm will also perform the finalists of this contest I Lorca musical for young artists: Elena Ramírez, Suffocation, Water Ras, Psykiátrico La Garita and The Happy Cookies
  • González Tovar presents the new commissioner of Lorca (19/12/2008)
    The delegate announces the approval of the completion of the work of the Centre for Foreigners in the Region of Murcia
  • Lorca City Council initiates a first phase of decentralization, a pioneer cultural circuit in the northern districts (18/12/2008)
    The Councillor of Culture, Rosa Medina, explained that this is a bet Municipal Government Team to bring culture to all corners of the municipality through the People's University
  • 3,500 children participating in the first football championship for the Intercultural Human Rights Day of the Child (18/12/2008)
    250 students aged between 9 and 11 years have now played the final of this event that highlights the right to equality between races, nationalities , creed, sex, language or other conditions
  • The Coral Juan Pablo II, Guardamar del Segura, offered on Saturday evening concert in the church and the Asylum of San Diego (18/12/2008)
    The event was organized by the district mayor, Javier Lopez and the Councilman area, Mari Carmen Ruiz
  • El Palacio Guevara has hosted an art exhibition tomorrow Luisa María García Lorca (18/12/2008)
    The exhibition will run until January 15, Tuesday to Sunday morning and Monday to Saturday afternoons
  • The Garden House Museum hosts Ruano from today until January 13 129 images of the winning and scholarships in FotoPress'07 (17/12/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and representatives of La Caixa inaugurated at 19:00 hours exposure of the event that the Social Work of the Caja de Ahorros dedicated to photojournalism
  • The Mayor announced that a European has chosen employment workshops Lorca Town Hall as an example of Good Practice (17/12/2008)
    Francisco Jodar has announced this good news in the awarding of diplomas to the 32 student-workers of the employment workshop city, who have been trained in masonry, locksmithing, carpentry and electricity to cope with the crisis
  • The PP brings to light the documents certifying that the PSOE lied when he said the campaign moves Lorca "would cost € 30,000 (16/12/2008)
    popular Spokesperson Lorca, Satur Martinez said that, pending new data the real cost of this campaign could be multiplied by 3 as announced by the Socialists Lorca
  • New Generations, Caritas and the Football Federation of Murcia unite for a good cause (16/12/2008)
    "A toy, an entry" is the name of this initiative, which claimed that no child is left without gifts this Christmas
  • Lorca Christmas programming expands to 31 and incorporates new activities in various acts, to be held in 22 days (16/12/2008)
    lorquino City Council along with the program giving away 2000 calendars with pictures of the city, which are marked all holidays including local
  • The Mayor believes the winning ideas for the recovery of high church an essential tool for the revitalization of these neighborhoods (15/12/2008)
    "In addition to creating space tourist, cultural, and social integrity of the citizens of the neighborhoods of San Juan, San Pedro and Santa Maria, with the rest of the city, will boost demand for labor "
  • Now available fertilizers Lorca Rock XII, to be held on 24 and 25 July in the Garden of the Wheel (15/12/2008)
    This offer, which costs 40 euros, will end on January 18
  • The IMJUDE of Lorca offers a course of national monitor swim (15/12/2008)
    The registration period ends on Friday 19 and to be admitted must pass a swimming test
  • The City Council distributed 3,000 Lorca branches so they can be used as Christmas trees (15/12/2008)
    The City of Lorca distributed 3,000 branches so they can be used as Christmas trees
  • Public Works construction tenders for the first installment of the C-9 as it passes through Zarzadilla of Totana, Lorca (14/12/2008)
    This is the first part of a project that will improve the entire road layout and construction will side lanes and wider shoulders than the existing
  • Lorca UPyD criticizes the City fund the new headquarters of CCOO (13/12/2008)

  • IU Youth organized a meeting this weekend Calnegre tips (Lorca) (12/12/2008)

  • 400,000 euros to build regional security centers in the districts of Puri and Ramonete Lorca (12/12/2008)

  • The City of Lorca employs 59 people to continue to reinforce their active employment promotion (12/12/2008)
    Unemployed selected work in the Vocational Training Programme, Employment Workshop Cronos and another program in coordination with the Regional Employment Service and Training for works of social interest.
  • The Flag of Cantoria will be exhibited from 19 February to 26 April in Almería (12/12/2008)

  • Court of traffic from Bacons Bridge to the rotunda of the Garden of the Wheel of 8 to 18 hours on Saturday for asphalt (12/12/2008)

  • The photographer José M ª Ruiz presents a book on Holy Week in Lorca, under the title "Passion Pop" (12/12/2008)

  • New Generations will tour the villages of Lorca (12/12/2008)
    The goal is to establish a dialogue with young people of the municipality
  • The People's Deputy Maria Teresa Marín says: "The PSOE is manipulating information about the Campus de Lorca" (12/12/2008)
    today approved an amendment to the GPP increase the appropriation for scholarships for masters "listening to the demands of the students."
  • The Citizen Service Centers in La Hoya, Zarcilla Almendricos and Palm, will be remodeled after granting Community aid of 155,712 euros (11/12/2008)

  • The first festival "Spinette Pop Rock" will be held on Saturday in Lorca and the collection will benefit from ASOFEM (11/12/2008)
    Lorca groups act Debah Band, Asphyxia and Prometheus
  • Francisco Montiel attends the opening of the Nativity of the CEIP San Fernando (11/12/2008)
    The installation of same has been done by a group of parents of students
  • The Department of Women organized holiday activities to promote coexistence between associations (11/12/2008)
    Exchanges between groups of parishes and the town, along with a dinner part of these initiatives
  • Salvador Marín said that Lorca is a city full university in 2010 (11/12/2008)
    The Ministry of Universities, Business and Research provides the Campus Consortium lorquino 22 million for development and implementation
  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Director General of Department inaugurated the Children's College Pavilion Andrés García Soler (10/12/2008)
    The school, also opened by Councilman Jose Joaquin Peñarrubia Education, has three units of 75 schools, toilets and a room psychomotor
  • Ibarra, "Lorca pays above the errors of Government employment ZP have to endure the local PSOE demagogic attacks" (10/12/2008)
    Team spokeswoman claims the PSOE government to stop "wallowing whenever unemployment rises and focus its efforts on Zapatero and Solbes require to fix the mess they have mounted "
  • Lorca City Council signed an agreement with the University of Murcia to promote the functioning of the Centre for Medieval Studies (10/12/2008)
    The Mayor and the Chancellor have initialed an agreement that will provide the facility with their equipment, personnel management and services and a financial grant
  • The Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds will host on Friday at 20:00 hours the national final of the fourteenth edition of Premios Veo Veo (10/12/2008)
    13 children artists from five regions will participate in the contest
  • The Alzheimer's Association poinsettias sold in a charity house in the Alameda of the Constitution (10/12/2008)
    The Alzheimer's Association has released during this morning 500 of these plants at a cost of 5 euros
  • Hall and Ceclor go hand in hand in the development of major projects under the municipal investment plan (10/12/2008)
    Both entities brought into focus the maximum cooperation in the working meeting held last night at the headquarters of Ceclor with the assistance of Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and its President, Pedro Cazorla
  • The City of Lorca save 300 euros a day in the light of the upcoming holiday season (09/12/2008)
    It opened on December 12 and end on January 6, expanding the band schedule on Christmas Eve, Christmas and New Year
  • The City lorquino assists in the purchase and refurbishment of the headquarters of CCOO in Lorca with 150,000 euros, which is spread over four years (09/12/2008)
    Mayor, Francisco Jodar has signed an agreement for four years to fund the acquisition and adaptation of a Charco local Street.
  • The Management Council approved the land subdivision 2-R sector and the construction of a kindergarten in the industrial area of La Hoya (09/12/2008)

  • NYPACOLD receives 19,500 euros Lorca Hall of care, counseling and education on drugs (09/12/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar has this morning signed an agreement to collaborate on this project for drug prevention and help families
  • Lorca City Council shows its support for subsidizing farmers for the first time ADEA-ASAJA € 18,000 (09/12/2008)
    Francisco Jódar stresses that "the City and its financial support extended to other agricultural and livestock organization representative of the municipality"
  • The program creates IMJUVE Qdamos of other initiatives with the first national network of Alternative Entertainment Night (09/12/2008)
    Last Dec. 6 was held in Barcelona the act of incorporation of the Network of Alternative Recreation Programs Lunas.
  • The City Council has signed an agreement with the association "Aid to Children of Bolivia" to build a shelter for abandoned children in Santa Cruz de la Sierra (09/12/2008)
    Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and the President of this entity, Pedro Ortega, the collaboration in this project, which the council has invested 12,000 euros in the last two years
  • Lorca Taller del Tiempo introduces a new tourism product under the title "Lorca before yesterday" (05/12/2008)
    The Consortium organized a theatrical visits to groups by appointment, for the monumental environment of the city of Lorca.
  • Lorca City Council to introduce draft an indoor pool in the neighborhood of San Antonio at the invitation of the Local Investment Fund (05/12/2008)
    The Local Government agrees to the first initiative to be submitted to this process, the project has already drawn and cost 2 million euros.
  • Works "Dessis", "chlorophyll" and "Living Together" won the competition of ideas for churches in the districts of Lorca (05/12/2008)
    The Spokesman of the government team, Lali Ibarra, has announced the jury's decision, which also includes a mention of the work.
  • Traffic Court in C / Selgas and C / House on the occasion of the works of an electrical connection to the Municipal Archives (05/12/2008)
    will occur on 9, 10 and 11 from 08:00 to 20:00.
  • Lorca Mayor accused the PSOE of repeatedly attacking the project of the University in Lorca (05/12/2008)
    Francisco Jódar stresses that the University Consortium has in its accounts the 22 million needed to launch the campus and called for the PSOE to "stop place obstacles in its path. "
  • The Local Government Committee approved the procedures for starting the construction of the Youth (05/12/2008)
    The City begins the record for the award of the contract negotiated procedure for drafting of basic project and enforcement of building for young space Lorca.
  • 155,000 euros to bring attention to city centers in districts of Lorca (05/12/2008)

  • The City bid for the first time by a volunteer trained and responsible, through the "Lorca X All" (04/12/2008)
    On Friday, December 5, to celebrate International Volunteer Day, will take place the opening of the information booth "Lorca X All"
  • The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, presides over the inauguration of 27 new police officers Lorca Local City Council (04/12/2008)
    With these new additions to the staff of officers has increased by 50% in the last 18 months, While these professionals are specialized in different units (traffic, districts, public safety, administrative, ...).
  • The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, inaugurates the new Municipal Library La Hoya (04/12/2008)
    lorquino City Council has refurbished the library of Public School Juan Navarro for children, youth and adults can enjoy this infrastructure
  • The selection of Football Murcia faces his fourth official commitment to Latvia in the Arts Carrasco Lorca (04/12/2008)
    The clash will be held on Tuesday 23 December from 18:30, with prices that range between 3 and 15 euros
  • Councilman Works announced that the City has reached an agreement that works in the sports of Palm Zarcilla continue below (04/12/2008)
    Angel Mecca calls ridiculous that the PSOE order now that the Mayor explain the issue to the neighbors .. .
  • Naru out in the Cultural Center of the City (04/12/2008)
    The artisan company based in Doña Inés, is dedicated to design in forging
  • Lorca Upyd regrets that "the mayor of Lorca, directly related economic crisis rise in crime in the town" (04/12/2008)

  • The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar condemnation on behalf of all the ETA attack Lorca (03/12/2008)
    lorquino City Council has convened a concentration of revulsion at 12:00 am in the Plaza of Spain
  • The new Institute of Lorca, which will cost 5.5 million euros, will house 690 students Secondary school (03/12/2008)
    Lorca The new institute, which will cost 5.5 million euros, will house 690 students Secondary school
  • The Christmas Gala for over Lorca will be held on December 19 in the Classroom Selgas (03/12/2008)
    activities this year than the old one and will end with a visit to Bethlehem Municipal
  • The Department of Information Society of Lorca signed an agreement to promote cyber-volunteers with Sociodigitales Centers (03/12/2008)
    The council has agreed to enhance the presence of volunteers to provide free courses in the five municipal telecentres exist in Zarzadilla of Totana Zarcilla Palm Ramonete, La Paca and Cazares, to reduce the digital divide
  • Lorca City Council appreciates the cleanliness of the river by the Segura basin, as requested municipal (03/12/2008)
    "The Confederation, as competent in this area has begun cleaning up a mile from the new river bridge "
  • Lorca Town Hall this winter planted 20,500 plants to give a holiday to the gardens of the town (02/12/2008)
    The City Council Parks and Gardens City Hall, Angel Mecca, stressed that 6,000 trees were planted for Christmas poinsettias red, pink and white as well as expand the other ranges of species that adorn the city gardens
  • The Constitution Day will be a special weekly market in the Garden of the Wheel (02/12/2008)
    pass on Wednesday 24 and December 31 those for Christmas Day and New Year
  • Lorca The Municipal Library is launching a new literary contest for students of ESO under the name of the school teacher "Angels Pascual" (02/12/2008)
    municipal Contest goes to the age group that was not included in the prize and Maria Fernandez Luna and in the Maria Agustina
  • Morning opens the group exhibition of paintings "Herbalist" by 34 students of the Municipal School of Art (02/12/2008)
    The exhibition will be open at the Palace of Guevara until December 18
  • The War Theater is still open (01/12/2008)
    Despite renovations, the Department has managed to make a spectacular program, whose actions must be taken between Santa Quiteria and the Palace of Guevara
  • The City of Lorca and the CAM organized from today until Friday, a week of medical tests and workshops to teach the elderly to take care of their health (01/12/2008)
    Improve memory, eating a healthy, build self-confidence, learning to sleep well and exercise and learn to prevent dependency counselors ...
  • The Joint Committee for the earthquakes of Lorca celebrates its last meeting (01/12/2008)
    aids and allowances as a result of earthquakes 12'2 amount to over €
  • The Belgian group Bl! Ndman Lorca arrives on Wednesday afternoon with a stunning concert performance at the church of San Francisco, in the cycle 08/09 Echoes (01/12/2008)
    The Councillor for Culture has informed the Belgian quartet of saxophones Bl ! ndmand filled with energy, light and sound the Church of San Francisco de Lorca in a unique experience in the cycle Ecos0809

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