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  • The IMJUVE presents its annual activities in a year marked by crisis and opportunities (30/12/2009)

  • Tercia will have a Day Care Center for seniors sponsored by the Foundation Poncemar (30/12/2009)
    This is a project to improve the quality of life of older people in the municipality in which Poncemar will invest 700,000 euros.
  • "I Christmas Tournament" Friends of Friends Hilario against Tato (30/12/2009)

  • The Spokesman Municipal, Lali Ibarra, said that "the farce has been removed UI" (29/12/2009)
    "as the three neighborhood associations that exist in the area and cCmerciantes Union have also shown their discontent"
  • The City opens in the afternoon every Tuesday and Thursday after the second week of January (29/12/2009)
    Citizens can do the "paperwork" is also more common in the afternoon Registry Services, Tax Management, Cadastre, Statistics and Planning .
  • 100,000 euros to restore the shrine of Virgen de las Huertas Lorca (29/12/2009)

  • The PSOE regrets that Lorca Jódar want to convert to the "bottleneck" of the AVE in the Mediterranean (29/12/2009)

  • Awarded the contract to build the module Primary school education Ana Caicedo (28/12/2009)
    will have 300 new spaces for students
  • Maribel Verdú, Concha Velasco, Fernando Tejero, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon and Gonzalo Castro Theatre will perform at the War between January and May 2010 (28/12/2009)

  • Fine Arts earmarked 380,000 euros for the second phase of restoration of the Church of San Patricio de Lorca (27/12/2009)

  • UPyD in Lorca supports the mobilization of support from the neighborhood of San Cristóbal (24/12/2009)
    In addition to the initiative promoted by IU against the management of the works being carried out by the City Council
  • Lorca UPyD in solidarity with the unemployed platform (24/12/2009)
    suggested that the City implement measures to alleviate the serious problem that affects a large number of families Lorca and create a list of workers in this situation
  • The War Theater vibrated on Monday with the musical "A Christmas Gift" (23/12/2009)
    ballet was played by Maria Teresa Lazareno and the school theater workshop of the Virgen de las Huertas
  • The PSOE described as "disastrous" performance in the concentration of mailboxes in the hamlets of Valle (23/12/2009)
    Work delays are "intolerable" and mailboxes that are being installed are "made gas" within weeks of placement according to the PSOE mayor Lucia Sanchez
  • The Minister of Education laid the foundation stone of a new secondary school in Lorca (23/12/2009)
    represents an investment of more than five million euros and have the capacity to almost 700 students
  • The PSOE will join the demonstration against the "disastrous" management of the works in San Cristobal (23/12/2009)

  • Jódar Sotoca and put the first of the new school number six in the city of Lorca (23/12/2009)

  • More than 200 new points of light are opened in different areas of the municipality of Lorca (23/12/2009)
    investment exceeds € 200,000, funded entirely by the Highways Agency
  • The City of Lorca calls "armed robbery" the increase of water imposed by the PSOE (23/12/2009)
    the city council rejected an increase in the price of water provided by the Commonwealth of Taibilla Channel, which will all pay Lorca the most expensive water and reach a cumulative increase of 120%
  • The new Security Center Lorca Integral enter service in late 2010 (22/12/2009)
    The Presidency and Minister of Public Administration and the local mayor put the first stone of the new building to house the police and emergency services in the municipality
  • The Redon and Vincent Lunel streets will be remodeled to promote greater accessibility, starting next January (22/12/2009)
    is renewed supply networks, sanitation and streetlights were placed Tronic model.
  • Lorca Mayor signed an agreement with the Mayor of Caravaca to promote their respective tourism products for the Year jubili (22/12/2009)

  • Eliocroca and IMJUDE held a conference next week technification handball (22/12/2009)
    was carried out from 28 to 30 December in the Pavilion of San Jose and will be taught by Oscar Gutiérrez (Spanish National Team Coaching Staff), and Manuel Laguna (Coach CB Torrevieja-Liga Asobal)
  • Lorca adds to the conventions of the Holy Year 2010 and the Ways of the Cross (22/12/2009)
    Caravaca Mayor said that the Holy Year 2010 will serve to structure closer to the Region of Murcia
  • Lorca is a final stage of the Tour of Spain 2010 (21/12/2009)
    The fifth stage to be held on September 1 will exit at Guadix and end in Europe Avenue after traveling 194 kilometers
  • The Municipal Band Concert held tomorrow the traditional Christmas Special (21/12/2009)
    will start at 20:45 pm in the Church of San Francisco and in the same part of Lorca Mayor and members of the Municipal Corporation
  • Summary of incidents by time of cold and snow in Lorca (19/12/2009)
    (updated at 12:45)
  • Incidences temporary cold and snow in Lorca (updated at 18:20 h) (19/12/2009)

  • The largest of the Asylum of San Diego enjoyed a musical gala organized by New Generation (19/12/2009)
    "It was a total success: the goal of bringing a little joy to our elders at this time is fulfilled," says López Miras
  • New Generations prepared a special Christmas campaign "Youth Solidarity" (18/12/2009)

  • Traffic Court Periago Eulogio street on Saturday afternoon (18/12/2009)
    Lorca Local Police announced this step for the section between C /.
  • The Sun City Scout Group charity campaign organized in collaboration with NGOs Lorca (18/12/2009)
    This will work Friends of the Saharawi people, Red Cross, Lorca, Lorca and the Eroski Interparroquial Caritas-Almenara
  • Urban speeds required for the development of a residential area in "Losi" (18/12/2009)
    It is a performance that includes more than 1.1 million square meters.
  • The PSOE says Jódar is making banks rich at the expense of Lorca (18/12/2009)
    Isidro Abellán, today criticized the process of refinancing loans of the City Council is carrying out the PP in Lorca and Lorca presumed to "pay almost one hundred million pesetas a year, more banks "
  • Nearly 380,000 euros for the restoration of the former Abbey of St. Patrick's Lorca (18/12/2009)

  • Leoncio Collado appointed secretary of Health PSRM-PSOE (18/12/2009)
    Successful local Socialist Group already has three of Lorca in the regional steering body
  • The Christmas lights will be LED type 168 wreaths, representing a reduction in consumption of over 70% (17/12/2009)
    City Council Lorca has gone from eating almost € 831 a day in 2006 to just 238.
  • The PSOE shall prepare the electoral program of 2011 from a political meeting "open to the public" (17/12/2009)

  • The 5th edition of "Noches de Bohemia", organized by the Institute of Youth and Intercultural Cazalla (17/12/2009)
    The exhibition, which brings together different aspects of Moroccan culture, will remain open until 18 January.
  • The Guevara Palace hosts the exhibition of watercolor paintings by Teresa Navarro (17/12/2009)
    The exhibition, which brings together different aspects of Moroccan culture, will remain open until 18 January.
  • The Mayor of Lorca discover the plate giving the name "Sastre Fernandez Maruja" the building of the College Early Childhood Education Alfonso X (17/12/2009)
    Francisco Jodar, accompanied by the Councillor for Education, José Joaquín Peñarrubia has also inaugurated the new downtown library education, doubling its space, and over 8,000 copies of books, DVD `s CD` s
  • Songs and Dances of Lorca offer this Sunday at the War Theater show "And the shepherds sang and danced" (17/12/2009)
    94 people for nearly two hours offering 36 pieces of popular carols from all corners of Spain, in a show in which 204 will display traditional costumes.
  • The City Council invests more than 55,800 euros in improving the water supply network on the road to Los Alporchones (16/12/2009)
    Benefits of over 360 citizens
  • The City Council accusing the Government of Argentina to Morocco urgent action to allow the entry of Aminatou Haidar al Sahara (16/12/2009)
    The Mayor has shown his support for the Saharawi people, and has endorsed the commitment of the Saharawi Lorca, since our city is twinned with the Wilaya of Laayoune.
  • 364 Primary schools in a dozen schools in the municipality of Lorca involved in healthy breakfasts (16/12/2009)
    The councilman of Health, Antonia Lopez, has reported that this campaign will benefit the schools of Puri, La Hoya, Casa del Niño, Alfonso X, Villaespesa, Marchena, Sacred Heart, San Francisco, Petra Gonzalez de La Paca and Ramonete.
  • The village headman of Lorca organized a charity gala for the Red Cross this Saturday at the Theater War (16/12/2009)

  • The Municipal Institute of Sports and Games Lorca extends its training offer with a monitor during football (15/12/2009)
    Councillor for Sports, Francisco Montiel, has reported that 30 people may participate in this event organized in conjunction with the Football Federation region, which will begin in mid-January.
  • Territorial Security Center in the hamlet of Purias lorquina open its doors in late 2010 (15/12/2009)
    The Minister of Presidency and the Mayor of Lorca visited the works, funded by the Autonomous Community of 200,000 euros
  • The new Territorial Security Center in the hamlet of Purias lorquina open its doors in late 2010 (15/12/2009)
    The Minister of Presidency and the Mayor of Lorca visited the works, funded with 200,000 Euros.
  • The Lorca IMJUVE provides educational workshops in schools to teach the proper use of graffiti culture to young people aged 10-12 years (15/12/2009)
    Youth Councilman Joaquin Ruiz, stressed that the City lorquino claims that "the Students differentiate between street graffiti vandalism and these urban artists that have nothing to do with each other ".
  • ADILOR organizes a conference on research in diabetes and vascular disease among patients with this disease (14/12/2009)

  • The Department of Emergency Lorca do not use the car in the upper rural districts by the start of snowfall (14/12/2009)
    snowfall is expected to be increased in the late afternoon today.
  • 19 seniors gathered his poetic creations in a book entitled "Poetry Lived" (14/12/2009)

  • The PSOE donate the amount of your Christmas meal with the Red Cross Youth press for its program to collect toys (11/12/2009)

  • Lorca Town Hall on Monday distributed 3,000 pine branches pruned from legal to be used as Christmas trees (11/12/2009)
    Councilman Parks and Gardens, Angel Mecca, stressed that the Consistory lorquino giveaway at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria Employment and the Department of these branches to prevent illegal logging.
  • Young people from different European countries will meet in Lorca to develop the seminar "Click On" volunteer (11/12/2009)
    will be held from 13 to 20 December in the shelter of Casa Grande deputation of Coy.
  • The Youth Council of Lorca celebrates Youth Associations Annual Meeting of the Municipality of Lorca (11/12/2009)
    Youth interested in participating need only contact the technical staff of CJLorca.
  • More than thirty activities are programming the holidays of Lorca (11/12/2009)
    XXX Edition emphasizes the teams meet to be held on December 20 in the Atrium of San Cristobal.
  • Lorca will be represented in Phase Tennis Regional Bureau for San Francisco high school students and IES Ramón Arcas Meca (11/12/2009)
    This evening is held in Totana badminton final phase, including both competitions in the School Sports Programme 2009-2010.
  • Edurne Uriarte inaugurates the series "We and walked" (11/12/2009)
    Organized by the PP of Lorca in collaboration with Faes and the Latin American Economic Research Foundation
  • The Local Government Board awarded the refurbishment of the streets and Vicente Huarte Lunel, under the PIMUN (11/12/2009)

  • A thirty associations present their work at the Second Meeting of Women of Lorca (11/12/2009)
    The Institute for Women in the region shows the resources and services for women in labor and training
  • The PP has 17 amendments to the PGE aimed at improving the security infrastructure, the construction of the auditorium to Lorca and the arrival of the AVE to the region (11/12/2009)
    contemplate the construction of the auditorium for Lorca, the arrival of the AVE and the station to Lorca, the rehabilitation of the Palace of Guevara and the collegiate church of Saint Patrick and the City of Justice
  • Councilman Works of Lorca Hall opens tonight 36 new points of light on the Way Casa Castillo of El Campillo (11/12/2009)

  • Scout Group Scouter Sun City visit Portugal in search of the campsite (11/12/2009)
    The Group Council decided last October to be held in Portugal
  • Agreement to remodel the Care Center of Lorca Parkinson patients (11/12/2009)

  • € 50,000 for early intervention programs in Lorca (11/12/2009)

  • The new Day Care Centre of the council attend Purias lorquina of 49 people dependent (10/12/2009)
    The Minister of Social Policy, Women and Immigration The cornerstone of these facilities whose works have a lead time of five months
  • Limusa modernizes its waste disposal system with undergrounding of containers in urban enclaves (10/12/2009)
    Alameda de Cervantes, with two devices, Maria Agustina and near the Convento de las Huertas Virgin renew their environments.
  • The Government delegate participates in the act of the Foundation Stone of new Day Centre Purias (10/12/2009)
    50 new seats will care and create 26 direct jobs
  • The PSOE Jódar asks that the face to the problem of unemployment and manage "effectively" municipal resources to create jobs (10/12/2009)

  • The Town Hall is decorated with 19,500 plants Lorca parks and gardens of the town to give Christmas color to the city, neighborhoods and districts (10/12/2009)

  • The field "World 82" will have artificial turf in just 15 days (09/12/2009)
    It is a work included in the Municipal Investment Plan (PIMUN) which has invested 520,000 euros.
  • Lorca City Council extends the service for the Care of Victims of abuse also Women in the afternoons (09/12/2009)

  • The City Council subsidizes FECOAM Lorca with 30,000 euros to boost the agricultural economy (09/12/2009)
    The entity will use this assistance to finance the cost of a talk by goats in SEPOR, days of cooperative coexistence, Cooperative Day and the Fair Expoagroalimentaria.
  • The PSOE Jódar requires that "sharpens the wit" that works "to give work to Lorca" (09/12/2009)

  • Marisol Segura lorquina Singer presented this Saturday at a charity gala new album of Christmas songs in the Theater War (09/12/2009)

  • The Rafael Mendez art fills the walls of an exhibition charity (09/12/2009)
    Take Part 9 Lorca artists association for Parkinson Lorca
  • The Association of Friends of Lorca Scouts will make his dinner Brotherhood (09/12/2009)

  • Report air pollution in Lorca (05/12/2009)
    During nine days of November have passed the limit values for health protection,
  • XXX anniversary democratic councils in Lorca (05/12/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls for a shift in SUVILOR to avoid go to "pique" (04/12/2009)
    Counselors socialist Abellán Isidro and Gloria Martin warned that since the PP came into office the Municipal Housing and Land accumulated deficit 1.5 million euros and has not run a single new VPO
  • The Municipal Government of Lorca continues to expand the work under the PIMUN'09 to meet the demands neighborhood with 14 new proceedings (04/12/2009)
    The improvement of two local social, development of a River Road, another road and two blocks from La Campana , the lighting of another way in Tercia and remodeling of rail crossing kettles, in addition to the 300 investments.
  • Lorca City Council awarded the contract to improve schools Virgen de las Huertas, Ramonete and The Wire (04/12/2009)
    Local Government The advances in these works the Municipal Investment Plan (PIMUN'09), financed by the Consistory and Lorca Regional Government for a total of 97,500 euros.
  • The National Olympiad Leisure already have an official song, performed by artists Lorca (04/12/2009)

  • Reply to criticism of the PSOE SUVILOR (04/12/2009)

  • The city council invested 88,500 euros to improve water supply in the hamlet of Coy (04/12/2009)
    A work that directly benefit more than five hundred neighbors
  • Eulogio Periago Street traffic will suffer cuts next Tuesday 8 (04/12/2009)
    The alterations will occur from 08:00 to 10:00 hours for loading and unloading of materials
  • A representation of Lorca Town Council receives the new president of the Centro Murciano de Córdoba (Argentina) (04/12/2009)

  • 4 Lorca athletes performed more than 200 miles in three days in the "Lorca Return to Early Intervention" (03/12/2009)
    The challenge aims to raise funds so that they can develop activities and meet the objectives of the association
  • The Department of Employment and Local Development Lorca City Council operates a dozen new job in the service sector (03/12/2009)
    Anyone interested in any of these offers can obtain more detailed information at the headquarters of the Department of Employment and Local Development Hall, in the CLD de la Alameda Cervantes.
  • 3249 students have enrolled to participate in local sports school (03/12/2009)
    Organised by the IMJUDE, in partnership with sports clubs
  • The office of the parish of Zarzadilla Totana lorquina provide health care to 2,000 people after its renovation (03/12/2009)
    The Regional and Local Administration has invested 106,440 euros in the renovation and equipping of the center.
  • The Medical Clinic of Totana Zarzadilla provide health care to 2,000 people after its renovation (03/12/2009)
    With an investment of over 106,000 euros
  • Ferra notes that in 28 days expires without agreement from the slaughterhouse has given a solution Jódar "feasible" to build (03/12/2009)
    The Socialist leader recalled that the PSOE "take months" warning that Jódar ineffective in this case is getting compromise a project "vital" for one of the most important sectors of the local economy.
  • The asphalt in the Armed Forces Avenue cuts cause traffic on Friday, December 4 (03/12/2009)
    Changes in the circulation will occur from 08:00 until 20:00.
  • Lorca has organized a conference on the Adequacy of EMAS for the pig sector in the Region of Murcia and support for its application (03/12/2009)

  • Ruiz Montalvan held a meeting with representatives of Adetic Guadalentín (03/12/2009)
    At the same have been treated municipal projects on the Information Society.
  • Three renowned tenor will perform in the Gala Murcia Christmas for old people organized by City Council and Foundation Cajamurcia (02/12/2009)
    The musical performance, organized under the slogan "Day of the Golden Age" will take place on Friday 11th December, from at 6 pm, framed War Theatre
  • The Ayuntamientoinsta the Ministry of Development to recognize its responsibility for damage caused by blasting the tunnel of the A-7 (02/12/2009)

  • Nearly 400 people participated in the "Papers in House 09" (02/12/2009)
    Next Friday December 18 the closure will take place at the Multipurpose Center for Social Action
  • The City of Lorca national media presents the "First National Olympiad Leisure" (01/12/2009)
    with the support of the Youth Council of Spain, Regional and Youth Institute
  • Lorca involved 350 women from tomorrow in the Christmas meetings organized by the City Council (01/12/2009)
    This year will develop two activities, such as Christmas trade and a Christmas Dinner to be held on 4 December at 9 pm on Hiroshima.
  • The Full Council of Lorca shows solidarity with women victims of violence and their families (01/12/2009)
    The Consistory will continue to work with different administrations to develop and implement measures to eradicate violence against women, calling for it to the governments mentioned means and resources.
  • The City invests € 70,000 to improve lighting and provide toilets, kiosk and new pavement to park Tercia (01/12/2009)
    The Department of Works and Services has carried out the installation of a dozen lampposts in reducing consumption in order to respect the environment .
  • The Socialist Party calls for the revival of rural tourism promotion Lorca (01/12/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Leoncio Collado Lorca regrets that this year has been left out of the great inland tourism fairs nationwide.
  • Three short films by directors Lorca, performed in the municipality, will be screened on 10 December at the Teatro Guerra (01/12/2009)
    "5bertura" by Bernardo Hernandez, "The possibility of living" by Agustin Martinez, and "Clara.
  • Aguas de Lorca Hall and invested 240,000 euros in the renovation of the sewer district of Alfonso X (01/12/2009)
    Work directly benefit all residents of this area.
  • The Socialist Party calls a "demagogue" and "counterproductive to the irrigators' PP's position regarding the high water (01/12/2009)
    The General Secretary of PSOE in Lorca said the PSOE is positioned next to the irrigators Murcia" not refuse to pay the water from the Tagus, but on the contrary, as this made them legitimacy of their right to receive it. "
  • Lorca bring together more than 20,000 young people in the first National Olympiad Leisure (01/12/2009)
    Veronica Lopez presented in Madrid the meeting to be held in Lorca in July 2010 and who played 12 tests for leisure.

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