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  • A table in the Alameda of the Constitution will inform citizens on Monday in the World Day without Snuff 2009 (29/05/2009)
    will try to raise awareness about the harmful effects of snuff, under the theme "Energizing smoke-free"
  • The plenary adopted the large area of La Torrecilla, result of an agreement that will allow construction of CAR volleyball and 3,000 m2 of land for a nursing home (29/05/2009)
    no structural modification of the General Plan adopted today was foreseen in the agreement signed by the City Council and promoters, which also includes the creation of a boulevard linking the Ciudad Deportiva de La Torrecilla and Carrasco Arts
  • More than 2500 people have participated in the Second Edition of "Know Your Region (29/05/2009)
    The trip that ended the program held at the Stud Peña de Bejar, attended by over 800 seniors
  • Parks and Gardens held a treatment plant on Wednesday in several green areas of the city (28/05/2009)

  • The Municipal Government starts the record for awarding the new House of Women and improvements to three schools and four roads included in the PIMUN (28/05/2009)
    Local Government Board has finally awarded the resurfacing of streets in Zarzadilla of Totana, street lighting D-11, and reclamation of five roads in La Hoya, Morata and Pozo Higuera
  • Lorca City Council will promote the natural areas of town with two outstanding short films from film Lorca (28/05/2009)
    The Councillor of Tourism, Francisco Montiel, explained that with the cuts "Clara.
  • During the months of June and July will be repainted road markings and signage were installed vertically in Lorca (28/05/2009)
    will be held from June 1 until July 31 and performances will be held both in center and in the councils
  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lorca just returned from Serbia (28/05/2009)

  • Juanfra Rodriguez won the European runner jet ski (27/05/2009)
    The pilot of Lorca measured forces with the world's best drivers in the test held in Lo Pagan
  • The Mayor Councillor presents lectures and workshop "Nutrition Diet and Health" (27/05/2009)
    Cajagranada are sponsored by and held at Lorca on 29 May at the Open Center Mayor
  • Lorca adds first International Day of Multiple Sclerosis (27/05/2009)
    The Edil NGO, s, accompanied by the President of EEA III, Francisco Vas report that May 27th was proclaimed the International Day of Multiple Sclerosis a chronic condition that affects about 35,000 Spanish.
  • The Director General for Cultural Promotion, Antonio Martinez, presented the play 'Host' (27/05/2009)
    The show opens tomorrow, Thursday, May 28, at 21.00 at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria Lorca
  • The City Council prepares a Plan of Employment and Training for the last quarter of 2009 valued at € 3.6 million, which will add to the already invested 2.3 (27/05/2009)

  • Registration for the Summer School of Physical Education and Recreation, will take place from Wednesday June 3 (27/05/2009)
    The EVAF will be held from 6 to July 31 as an sports
  • Rosa Medina and the Director General for Cultural Promotion, Antonio Martínez, in presenting the play 'Host' (27/05/2009)

  • Press Lorca Socialist Party in relation to the situation of Miguel Navarro Molina (27/05/2009)

  • Booming, "Navarro's arrest is the culmination of a form of politics that bypassed the democratic controls" (26/05/2009)

  • Press release on arrest former mayor Miguel Navarro of the Socialist Group Lorca (26/05/2009)

  • The Department of Information Society twenty courses taught digital literacy associations and districts (26/05/2009)
    was carried out on two portable classrooms with fourteen seats each
  • Peñarrubia delivers 20 awards from the school campaign for the prevention of risks "Security Grows", in which eight schools participated in Lorca (26/05/2009)
    In addition to the workshops where they were educated in an entertaining way about the dangers at school housing and neighborhood, this campaign was completed with a drawing contest
  • Paco Abellaneda imposes its law in the Second Local Squash Tournament in Lorca (25/05/2009)

  • 200 people participated in an attractive walking route night (25/05/2009)
    took place on Friday 22th May
  • Latter-day deadline for enrollment in the course of a volleyball coach and referee (25/05/2009)

  • The City of Lorca reduce spending by 27.8% in 2009 and financial strength of treasury debt with a superhábit of 19.6 million euros (25/05/2009)

  • The diversity continues with its program of weekend activities organized by youth associations and IMJUVE during the months of May and June (25/05/2009)
    most recent activities have been developed and Paintball Paragliding
  • The Civil Guard detained four people in the act of a robbery at a jewelry (25/05/2009)
    The booty was valued at more than 200,000 euros.
  • Gran national impact of the course "Introduction to Cycling with saddlebags", held in Lorca (25/05/2009)

  • Cross chairs the establishment of a study table to promote cultural and tourism projects in Lorca (25/05/2009)
    The working group, first of its kind, consists of the Autonomous Community, the City Council and the Regional Confederation of Organizations of Lorca
  • The Paquera and The champions Panthers in the final 3x3 Soccer Tournament III Interpedanías (25/05/2009)

  • 145 Lorca participate in the School Sports Regional Final, which takes place this weekend at Eagles (22/05/2009)
    child categories, and young cadet Lorca represented in the form of athletic teams.
  • The Local Government provisionally awarded the creation of greenways, as well as reform and Poet Fajardo Bravo Castellar Gimeno, and other works definitely PIMUN (22/05/2009)
    The Municipal Government Reform finally awarded seven streets of uptown along with Prince Alfonso and Bridge streets of La Alberca.
  • The Management Council approved the award of the work of the Plaza of Spain, Cardinal Caño Belluga (22/05/2009)

  • SUVILOR launches 5 new housing in the councils of Tercia La Hoya (22/05/2009)
    These promotions, which increase the supply in parishes, in addition to the agreement of the Regional Union of Employers of the Construction of Lorca.
  • Julian Lake (22/05/2009)
    "There will be one of the jokes I thought when I got the news, but unfortunately it was true, a motorcycle and got in Paraguay and your battered heart is not made in Spain, get closer to God"
  • A seminar at the University of Murcia promotes citizen participation in governance (22/05/2009)
    The seminar will be held tomorrow, 23
  • The Squash Club Lorca organized for this Saturday May 23 after 17 hours the second Local Squash Tournament in the Sports Complex facilities Europe (21/05/2009)

  • The number of self-employment projects advised by the Department of Employment of Lorca in the first quarter of 2009 remains in spite of the crisis (21/05/2009)
    Municipal Service Information and Guidance in the Department advised at 28 to become self-employed entrepreneurs.
  • The course "Introduction to cycling with panniers, live this weekend practical module with a two-day route between Lorca and the Council of Coy (21/05/2009)
    is organized by the Municipal Sports and Games (IMJUDE) and it started last weekend with the theoretical
  • The IMJUVE, the Association of Lorca Deportiva Qdamos and promote "kicking the rise" in the Alameda of the Constitution (21/05/2009)
    With this initiative, citizens can obtain gifts coupon club and youth group
  • The City Council launches a new library in Palm Zarcilla featuring a documentary than a thousand copies (21/05/2009)
    was inaugurated by the Mayor.
  • A new year, the Youth Council of Lorca celebrates the third edition of "Premios Juventud Lorca City in Motion." (21/05/2009)
    On this occasion it was decided to make inside the chapel of San Roque, where a party will be simulated 80's.
  • PSOE calling for a cessation of director of the Culture Council of the scandal Espirelia (21/05/2009)
    Avis, according to the PSOE, the cancellation of several concerts by SMS to the companies responsible for hiring events "which have left hanging with a payment more than 60,000 euros "
  • 'SICARM 2009' on New Technologies for the disabled (20/05/2009)
    Inmaculada García highlights "the opportunity to reduce barriers offered by information technologies and communication" during the "Second Conference ICT for Life Not Dependent 'held in Lorca
  • Gloria Martin: "For Lorca these elections are an opportunity to choose between two visions of the future" (20/05/2009)
    Free buses will leave at five in the afternoon from the bus station to fill the Pavilion Prince of Asturias "to flag" the Friday where he will participate in a meeting with José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero
  • The City of Lorca and the joint commitment to ICT, s as a tool to improve the quality of life of people dependent (20/05/2009)
    The Second Conference "ICT, s.
  • The Director General of Operations and Training Modernization visit Lorca Agricultural Course "Goat Ranchers" to unemployed workers (20/05/2009)
    Angel Garcia Lidón was accompanied in the CIFE for the Environment Councillor, Melchor Morales
  • The nocturnal urban hiking Lorca arrives next Friday (20/05/2009)
    The route will run through the urban center of the city and is listed under the "Lorca Foot 2009.
  • A member of the Emergency Municipal Service Lorca compete this Sunday at the Iron Man of Barcelona Media, valid for the World Cup (20/05/2009)
    This athlete will participate along with two other Lorca in this triathlon consists of swimming 1.9 km .
  • The Final Phase III Interpedanías 3x3 Tournament will be played Saturday at the Sports Complex Europe (20/05/2009)
    The preliminary stage has been attended by over 220 children, belonging to 55 teams
  • The Community begins work for the abolition of level crossing at Santa Clara (20/05/2009)
    The performance, in which Public Works invests more than 1.6 million, guarantees the total safety of Lorca and prevent road traffic is interrupted each time by the passing train
  • The Juanfran Lorca Rodríguez, European runner jet ski (19/05/2009)
    The test took place last weekend at the beach of "La Curva" of Lo Pagan
  • Different program brings together two generations of graffiti around two macromurales (19/05/2009)
    The work has been developed by the Market Square and in the alley behind Santa Rosa de Lima
  • The general director Lidón García Lorca attends morning in the course 'Goat Ranchers' for unemployed workers (19/05/2009)
    offers the possibility of recycling to small farmers who have closed their pig farm
  • Work begins on the road from Totana Zarzadilla Lorca (19/05/2009)
    The action will increase road safety and improve the connection east of the Shire of Upper Guadalentín, facilitating communications with Aledo
  • Lorca hosts the show 'Lights Sefarad' after visiting the Archaeological Museum of Murcia (19/05/2009)

  • The PP spokesman "know" that Santa Rosa de Lima has specialty consultations and Rx "light years", according to the PSOE (19/05/2009)
    Saturnina Martinez says that the old hospital is closed "in tight"
  • La Banda Municipal de Música and four Lorca dance schools offer a concert on Thursday in favor of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (19/05/2009)
    The entrance to the show "Dance Music", which will begin at 20:30 hours the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria, will cost six euros and can be purchased at the headquarters of this group and one hour before the box office
  • The Management Council approved a budget for 2009 that focuses its efforts on public works and streamline the business (19/05/2009)
    The investments include the first phase of South Central Round, a game specifically for bicycle lanes and remodeling Square of Spain, Cano and Belluga
  • The Selgas Hall hosts until September 27 "Lorca, Luces de Sefarad", the largest exhibition on the legacy of Jewish culture that welcomes the municipality (19/05/2009)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and the Director General of Fine Arts Enrique Ujaldón, inaugurated this morning the sample of 10 papers and 90 historic artifacts.
  • The Civil Guard detained two people in Lorca for an alleged crime against public health (19/05/2009)
    have been learned 23 grams of cocaine ready to "rock" that presents a high-purity
  • The Scout group "Sun City" project is the highlight the cultural diversity and solidarity "Neighbors" with a snack with fair trade products (18/05/2009)

  • The Department of Citizen Services Office presents its virtual (18/05/2009)
    The domain Lorca will be available for 24 hours a day offering information and management
  • The new office of the county council Primary Cazalla lorquina provide assistance to a population of 4,000 persons (18/05/2009)
    Palacios today opened the new center in the construction and equipment Health has invested over 314,000 euros
  • More than 100 people participated in yesterday's bike ride of the XVI Women's Sporting Events (18/05/2009)
    Next Friday will be held within the program of activities nocturnal urban hiking
  • THE CENTIC organized a national day of work in Lorca to discuss new technological developments to serve the disabled (18/05/2009)
    at home will Huerto Ruano museum, which proposed the latest ICT solutions for social welfare and health
  • The whitish area vibrated with the triumph of Lorca Deportiva Marbella (18/05/2009)
    The mayor and aldermen Francisco Jódar Francisco Montiel and Joaquin Ruiz Montalvan amateurs continued as three incidents of shock through the giant screen in the Lorca Plaza
  • XII Lorca Rock Festival - 24 and July 25 (17/05/2009)
    The Poster XII Lorca Rock festival is closed permanently with the additions of Voivod and BIOHAZARD
  • The PSOE proposed as an alternative green economy "economic model advocated by the PP" (16/05/2009)
    Murcia The PSOE candidate for European elections, Gloria Martin, decried the "lack of executive support for the Region Valcárcel become leader in solar power generation at the European level "
  • High level of play in the Volleyball Tournament of the XVI Women's Sporting Events Lorca (15/05/2009)
    Tercia team was ranked first in the final by defeating Calvary
  • Natural Heritage will invest 220,000 euros for infrastructure improvement of the natural environment of Lorca (15/05/2009)
    The actions provide for the regeneration of the slopes of the Castle and the adaptation and creation of trails in the mountains of La Culebrina
  • Agriculture will invest 220,000 euros in adjusting the slopes of the castle of Lorca and the mountains of public utility of the Culebrina (15/05/2009)
    According to CEO Paul Fernandez, "is intended to correct the erosion in steep areas and protect them from torrential rains"
  • The Municipal Archives of Lorca receive the photographic collection of Cristóbal García Pérez and videographic Veas Antonio Martínez-Pérez de Tudela (15/05/2009)
    The 70 boxes of photographs between 1960 and 1990, as well as 708 videos, will swell the Archive Image of the City, thanks to the donation of their owners
  • The Local Government Board awarded the works of López PIMUN in Gisbert, the Rambla de los Patos and the new public pool outdoor Parish (15/05/2009)
    municipal projects under the PIMUN continues to increase with the redevelopment of two spaces public of the Barrio de San Cristóbal: Marin Street and the Plaza Madre de Dios de La Peña
  • Gloria Martin (PSOE) advocates sustainability and the environment as pillars of the new EU policy (15/05/2009)

  • A giant screen situated in the area whitish allow Lorca follow the football game Marbella-Lorca (15/05/2009)
    The Plaza Lorca area will become the meeting point at the initiative of the Department of Youth and Sport
  • Councilman Parks and Gardens asks owners of palm trees with symptoms of red palm weevil, which contact with the municipal or the Ministry (15/05/2009)
    Angel Meca requests that any suspect is brought before the end of this month to prevent its spread
  • ... (15/05/2009)

  • Reverte highlights the involvement of municipalities and local police officers in the Public Safety Plan (14/05/2009)
    The Minister of Presidency and Public Administration Lorca opens in the 'Seminar for Local Police Chiefs'
  • Lorca hosts first seminar of heads of local police in the region of Murcia (14/05/2009)
    The meeting, which aims to share experiences in coordinating the local police, has been opened by the Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and Minister of Presidency Maria Pedro Reverte
  • The Socialist Party calls for integrated action on the facades of the District of Los Angeles (14/05/2009)
    Isabel Casalduero The Socialist councilor explained that the deterioration of some buildings has caused landslides that have undermined the physical integrity of neighbors and have required the intervention of the Local police or firefighters
  • The PSOE warning of possible preferential treatment to certain groups in relation to the block parties (14/05/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Casalduero Isabel explained that many residents have expressed discomfort that the PP government team does not measure the same standard to all Associations
  • Students of the College of San Cristobal and the residents of this neighborhood have a new sports hall which can be used from the beginning of next year (14/05/2009)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and Alderman of Education this morning visited the construction works of the indoor track, including the PIMUN, involving an investment of 180,882 euros
  • Ibarra know the laws on expropriation and manipulate the data in the Planning Department, according to the PSOE (14/05/2009)
    Leoncio Collado socialist councilor said that the money for the expropriation of the parking lot of La Merced, is part of the game "specific and independent "and that it was reserved from the beginning of the process
  • Francisco José Cobacho Jódar and sign an agreement for hosting a permanent Lorca University Extension, University of Murcia (13/05/2009)
    This facility will boost lifelong learning, promoting culture and sport, from its temporary headquarters in downtown Local Development and later from the final at the Captain of the Garrison House Sancho Dávila
  • More than 150 people attended the orientation day included in the XVI Sporting Events for Women's Groups of Lorca (13/05/2009)
    Activities Ecuador to reach their many and varied activities
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "big bad government" in the Urban Planning Department of Lorca (13/05/2009)
    Leoncio Collado socialist councilor says the agency ended the year with a loss of three million euros when it had a surplus of four.
  • Espartaria held on Friday its tenth anniversary with a poetry reading in the Garden Ruano (13/05/2009)

  • The House of Municipal School Board meets this afternoon in the city of Lorca (13/05/2009)
    Among the topics to be discussed is the school in our town, and the works and projects of the Department of Education and University
  • The University of Murcia creates a permanent place in Lorca (13/05/2009)

  • The City Council pays 43,000 euros for a study olfaction (13/05/2009)
    That does not determine where they come from the smell, according to the PSOE
  • The course "Introduction to Cycling with panniers, will start next weekend in Lorca (12/05/2009)
    will be taught by those responsible for Web page ruts, which have a great reputation nationally and internationally
  • Ferra, "the PP is devising the audience back to Lorca" (12/05/2009)

  • Free Wifi Zone Lorca City Council reaches the Tanners Plaza del Barrio San Cristóbal (12/05/2009)
    The Department of Information Society addresses the claims of the Neighborhood Association Rabaleros providing computer equipment and transfer of a Web space
  • Mayor congratulates Lorca Bodegas Contreras, Avilés, for prizes that are reaping Uvio and Sortius wines, combining tradition and innovation (12/05/2009)
    Francisco Jódar praised the quality of the wine industry in the districts high Lorca, and stressed that "are deserving of their own denomination of origin".
  • The Institute for Housing and Land Murcia begin construction of over 20 housing in the neighborhood of San Diego after the summer (12/05/2009)

  • The Institute for Housing and Land in the Region check the status of property in Lorca Community (12/05/2009)
    The director of IVS visit the public park 76 homes in the area and stresses the importance of cooperation between regional and local administration prevent deterioration of buildings
  • The Department of Youth and Sports free buses chartered for the party of Lorca Deportiva Marbella (12/05/2009)
    Fans interested can stop by the offices of the club to pick up your ticket
  • Excellent program participation "Lorca Pie" and "Bike and Nature" (11/05/2009)

  • The City Council is committed to ICT Lorca s held in a conference to be attended by national experts (11/05/2009)
    will be held at the Cultural Center next Wednesday May 20 and the same is planned to support the Minister and Inmaculada García Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jódar
  • The Full Council appoints Lorca to 945 people as presidents, members and substitutes of the 106 polling stations for the June 7 (11/05/2009)
    In this electoral process will be more than 12 tables in the last election, the general called for 61,056 citizens
  • Different program began last weekend with the Segway Night Journey and indoor football championship (11/05/2009)

  • The Educational Concert Series II will take place on 12 and 13 May in the IES of Lorca (11/05/2009)

  • Manuel Pimentel presents his latest book Cultural Encounters with the Federation San Clemente de Lorca (09/05/2009)

  • The Municipal Government of PIMUN awarded the contract to build a park and another in Tercia Cazalla while improving accessibility White Houses (08/05/2009)
    With these awards, we add the final rehabilitation of the Captain's House, the concentration districts mailbox, lighting Swamp Road Bridge and traffic signage and urban districts.
  • Health Santa Rosa de Lima become a High Resolution Integrated Center in Lorca (08/05/2009)
    The Ministry is launching a global plan of investment in health infrastructure in Lorca that will renew and improve primary health care assistance in the Hospital Rafael Méndez.
  • Lorca tunnels at the forefront of Europe and security facilities (08/05/2009)
    was completed the construction of two galleries of communication between tunnel and abroad
  • Elvira Rodriguez participated in the meeting of the Regional Infrastructure of Murcia PP (08/05/2009)

  • A great night battle which will recreate the reconquest of Lorca, will be the highlight of the programming of Qdamos 2009 (07/05/2009)
    The Alternative Entertainment Night program also offers Segway trips, indoor football tournament and various alternatives for the youth of the municipality
  • The Youth Council on Friday announced the completion of the "Procession of Paper 2009" (07/05/2009)

  • The commitment of the Municipality of Lorca by public works makes it creates jobs in construction for the first time in 18 months (07/05/2009)
    The area of the building generated a total of 34 jobs during the month of April.
  • The singer donated the collection Marisol Segura gala presentation of two NGOs, s Lorca (07/05/2009)
    The Spanish Association Against Cancer and Alzheimer's were the beneficiaries, in a nice gesture of the artist's Lorca
  • The PP lorquino intensify efforts to ensure the election of 7-J "to contribute to the necessary change in Europe and Spain" (07/05/2009)
    The PP is mobilizing all its members and activists for this political campaign faces with "enthusiasm and hope "and which aims to give a decisive turn to the current situation
  • The Local Committee on Absenteeism agree the establishment of a technical committee to study where to send the centers (07/05/2009)
    Like the decision also collect information on truancy cases and the adequacy of the table to the protocol of the Ministry of Education
  • The Santa Quiteria fairgrounds was the site of the XV Intercentros Theatre Festival (06/05/2009)
    The representations were made before more than 600 people
  • Lorca City Council organizes cultural trips to Puerto Lumbreras for over 65 years, in its "Know Your Region (06/05/2009)
    The City Council Mayor, Mari Carmen Ruiz, thanked the Foundation Cajamurcia their assistance in this activity in last year involved more than 2,300 seniors
  • Lorca City Council is moving in the remodeling of the 37 playgrounds to be addressed this year (06/05/2009)
    The Consistory Lorca has created eleven new parks in the past two years and plans to create four
  • ... (06/05/2009)

  • The Local Committee is meeting tomorrow on absenteeism in the city of Lorca (06/05/2009)

  • Pizarro, "the PP is going to pick a country's economy in tatters and unemployment soaring, and will fix it as it did the government of President José María Aznar" (06/05/2009)
    full house at the Cultural Center of the city Lorca in an event that was attended by Rep. Manuel Pizarro PP National and European elections candidate Cristina Gutiérrez Cortines
  • The Youth Council Lorca reports on the program "Youth Card" (05/05/2009)
    The Youth Card is a European program whose main objective is to promote youth mobility nationally and internationally, knowledge of other languages and cultures and enable development of an autonomous life
  • The ecological IMJUVE takes a motorcycle to promote environmental values (05/05/2009)
    The Department annually save 1800 euros the amount of traditional fuel
  • More than half of the seats are allocated to residents ORA (05/05/2009)
    The extension allows the city to be regulated area seats 2,067, 1,010 (blue) and 1057 (green).
  • The City begins work on 12 of the 54 streets of the districts that will be remodeled with PIMUN and Jódar announces the immediate commencement of a further seven (05/05/2009)
    It is the first acts of street improvements financed by municipal funds and European through the Urban Community Initiative.
  • The Sun City group gets the award for best animation in the Federal Festival scout song (04/05/2009)

  • The activities of Women's Sporting Events continue tomorrow with a talk at the House of Sport (04/05/2009)

  • Lorca Town Hall concert series organized by teaching "The colors of music" with the instrumental group 'Platform Musical' (04/05/2009)
    The Department of Education will offer fifteen concerts for 4,000 pupils aged between 8 and 12 years the village and hamlets
  • The continuous IMJUDE next weekend with its offering of activities on the environment (04/05/2009)

  • The autonomous and eight municipalities are in Lorca the County Council for Employment to promote the redeployment of unemployed (04/05/2009)
    Employment Councilwoman City of Lorca, Lali Ibarra, stressed the importance of coordinating the analysis and actions between the Consistory near and the regional government responsible for what is a socio-economic development of the Region
  • Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar is on Wednesday in the Region (02/05/2009)
    The number one candidate for the PSOE in European Parliament elections star Lorca afternoon in a ceremony in which questions are put to the audience

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