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  • UPyD in Lorca expresses its opposition to the amendment of general plan for the construction of the auditorium. (30/11/2010)
    "It is unacceptable to the elimination of one of the few green spaces planned for a municipality that is so needed this type of space"
  • The City of Lorca auctioned 19 municipal parking spaces unused (30/11/2010)

  • The regional budget for Lorca was increased by 15% by 2011, amounting to 41.8 million euros (30/11/2010)
    Water Sanitation, University Campus and the health area are the main areas of investment by the Regional Government of the People's Party next year
  • Lorca Cadena Ser Radio II organizes Blood Donation Marathon "I want to show solidarity" on Thursday 2, with the cooperation of the City (30/11/2010)
    Donations can be made from 10:00 to 21:00 in the Cultural Center city of Lorca.
  • ADILOR publishes a calendar with local police to help children Lorca diabetics in the municipality (30/11/2010)

  • UPyD in Lorca Welcomes the municipal government for its decision to park "sine die" on local television project (30/11/2010)
    As already stated on many occasions since this training to the project is considered wasteful and unnecessary in these times of crisis
  • The regional budget for Lorca was increased by 15% by 2011, amounting to 41.8 million euros (29/11/2010)
    Water Sanitation, University Campus and the health area are the main areas of investment by the Regional Government for the People's Party next year
  • The Chamber of Commerce is organizing a seminar on Tariff and Customs Control (29/11/2010)

  • 1,200 people envelop Manuel Soler in his presentation as the PSOE candidate for Mayor (29/11/2010)

  • The Full Council of Lorca urban culminates procedures of the current municipal slaughterhouse PERI (29/11/2010)

  • The Full Council of Lorca urges the Government of Spain to condemn the violent eviction of the camp Agdaym Izik (29/11/2010)
    Morocco and the repression of the Saharawi
  • Pilgrimages to Caravaca de la Cruz deferred in November will take place next weekend (29/11/2010)

  • The plenary requested the Government of Spain to defend the interests of the tomato and other fruits and vegetables in the agreements with Morocco (29/11/2010)

  • Regional Center of Blood Donation Marathon II organizes blood donation in Lorca (29/11/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for urgent action on the sections of the wall that are in danger of disappearing (29/11/2010)

  • Cold, rain, courage and defeat (28/11/2010)
    Lorca Rugby Club is going home without points of UCAM Murcia University having stood up to the current leader of the classification.
  • The City of Lorca culminates on Monday PERI procedures of the current urban slaughterhouse (26/11/2010)
    and calls for society to decide livestock and the location of the new
  • The number of users Lorca Tourist Office has increased by 24.43% so far this year (26/11/2010)

  • G ª Aragon: "Ferra and Soler Miras have an obligation to apologize to the Lorca, take responsibility and offer an explanation for the case Limusa" (26/11/2010)
    Lorca whole is willing to hear a convincing explanation by the PSOE because it gives the impression that that game has something to hide and so silent
  • This Sunday is held the XXIII edition of the Half Marathon Lorca "Grand Prix Sport Zone" (26/11/2010)
    More than 1,000 athletes will participate in the race which starts on Sunday November 28 at 10:30 am
  • Lorca Rugby Club is once again facing the leader (26/11/2010)
    The University of Murcia UCAM, which after the defeat against Squalo leads the league Lorca, Lorca receives XV in La Condomina old on Saturday at 17.00.
  • 250,000 euros to provide new technologies Campus Universitario de Lorca (26/11/2010)

  • Statement by the Mayor of Lorca in the award of the Chamber of Commerce (26/11/2010)

  • CiudaLor: "Corruption, an embarrassment to all Lorca, less for its political leaders, who continue to look the other way" (25/11/2010)

  • Ferra, "Morales does not care to go against the interests of the consolidated" (25/11/2010)
    "in order to continue his pathetic personal crusade against the president of the irrigators'
  • The PSOE will ask the House that the textbooks again be free for families (25/11/2010)
    Socialists call this measure as an alternative to the elimination of bonolibro has made the regional government of PP
  • The Half Marathon XXIII "Ciudad de Lorca" will travel 21,097 meters between Europe and the Avenida Granada Road on Sunday morning (25/11/2010)

  • Youth Lorca, the first to show solidarity on World Day Against Gender Violence (25/11/2010)

  • ADETIC a workshop on the use of social networks for businesses and consumers in cooperation with the city of Lorca (25/11/2010)

  • The City of Lorca, through Limusa, reused 12 m3 of water daily surplus pool of San Antonio for washdown Street (24/11/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the convening of a contest to award the kiosk Tanners Square (24/11/2010)

  • The PSOE craves the limelight leads him to distort information on the Urban Planning (24/11/2010)
    Diego José Mateos joins the campaign "a microphone, an opportunity to lie" that the local PSOE applied consistently from one time to this part
  • The PSOE reiterates its position of "respect for justice" (24/11/2010)
    and request a return to the game Manuel Sevilla following proceedings filed against him
  • Martin calls on the IU responsible for Equality not ally with its gravediggers (24/11/2010)

  • A total of 27 stores participating in the Fair Outlet 'Mercachollo' Lorca (22/11/2010)
    From next Thursday to Sunday establishments offer top brand products at discounts of up to 70 percent in the stands installed in the Alameda of the Constitution
  • The 4th Mercachollo Lorca meet at the Alameda of the Constitution to 33 stores in 36 stand from 25 to 28 November (22/11/2010)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the lack of transparency in the Planning Department (22/11/2010)
    Socialist Diego Councilman José Mateos required to comply with a commitment to publish the resolutions of the Board of Directors in that report and suggested that building permits granted City Council
  • Adjusted Rugby Club win against the leader Lorca (22/11/2010)
    In an exciting match won by Lorca minimum difference of points against the race leader, Squalo of San Javier, in a tough game and inferiority of the XV Lorca during Part II
  • Full on early actions of the entertainment alternative "Qdamos" Lorca City Council and Youth Council (22/11/2010)
    Youth Councilman Joaquin Ruiz, highlights the participation of over 200 young people in workshops, courses and activities sports during the nights of Friday and Saturday of last weekend
  • The Global Nature Fund awarded the "Award for conservation tortoise" three districts Lorca (22/11/2010)

  • Valcárcel stresses that building the new museum allows you to return to Step Blue Lorca part of its "rich heritage" (22/11/2010)
    Murcia Chief Executive awards the project to rehabilitate the former convent of San Francisco, granted to the architects Juan García Pedrero and Augustine Ancosta
  • The Community finances a plan of improvements to the landscape of the Fortress of the Sun in Lorca (20/11/2010)
    The general director of Planning and Housing, Antonio Navarro, stresses that the goal "is to save the environment of this building built between IX and XV to enhance its heritage value within the regional "
  • Antonio Meca (CiudaLor): "The bonolibro, as the baby check" (20/11/2010)
    Our politicians do not give a.
  • Young Socialists denounced the failure of 88% of the PP's electoral Environment (19/11/2010)

  • The PSOE will lead a "social revolution" against the removal of bonolibro (19/11/2010)

  • Álex de la Iglesia wrote the preface for a role playing game created by a group of young Lorca entitled "The Mark of the East" (19/11/2010)

  • The municipality expressed its rejection of violence against women (19/11/2010)
    With a public place, a tribute to the victims and a wreath in remembrance
  • The new mesh underground rainwater collection for irrigation can take advantage of rainwater (19/11/2010)
    what is collected in several streets of downtown
  • The leader faces Lorca (19/11/2010)
    Lorca Rugby Club receives its first home game in the league Murcia / Castilla-La Mancha the leader of the standings after the first day, the Rugby Club Squalo San Javier.
  • The PP voted against a consolidated solution for the irrigation of the municipality (19/11/2010)

  • Manuel Soler proposes an ambitious plan to revitalize the districts high Lorca (18/11/2010)

  • 30 anniversary of the Colegio San Fernando de Lorca (18/11/2010)

  • The film "Up in the Air" focuses a new edition of the series "Cinema, coffee and conversation" (18/11/2010)
    the largest in the county that will have a new opportunity to enjoy the best cinema
  • The City completely renews fleet of refuse collection Limusa (18/11/2010)
    The municipal company has acquired four automatic units to replace the existing overloaded trucks in order to avoid bending service and reduce spending on repairs
  • Cecilio Hernandez asked the mayor of Lorca to make an effort to carry out the extra cost of burial (18/11/2010)
    Infrastructure Secretary PSRM Jódar complains that "seeks to assume now that all central government and the regional government and your municipality are exempt from the extra cost "
  • UPyD in Lorca expresses its opposition to the cuts in culture for the town and exposes the cultural situation of the municipality (18/11/2010)
    Consider it represents another example of the lack of interest in these issues by the regional government and municipal evident inability to defend the interests of Lorca
  • Antonio Mecca: "The Chief Executive is Cruz Typical" (18/11/2010)

  • The construction of the first municipal nursery school entering its final phase (17/11/2010)
    and could be in operation during the first quarter of 2011
  • 400 students from 10 schools participate in the campaign Lorca prevention and detection of diabetes in children (17/11/2010)

  • 94% of the money to build the nursery of 'The Cat' comes from the Government of Spain (17/11/2010)
    From the PSOE de Lorca regret that once again, from the municipal government team deliberately omitted CP funding coming from the state to undertake works of social interest in the city
  • In popular management 3 years rather than decades of socialism (17/11/2010)

  • Citizens of Lorca: "PP and PSOE are equally responsible and complicit in the IBI" (17/11/2010)
    "and the economic ruin of Lorca and Lorca"
  • Navarro, "From Citizens Lorca support all initiatives that seek to improve the health of the residents of Lorca and the region" (17/11/2010)

  • Lorca City Council launches the "Service to the people ', which aims to promote active citizenship and service to the city (16/11/2010)

  • Ninety companies and interested individuals attended the Information Day in Turkey, organized by the Chamber of Commerce. (16/11/2010)

  • Historical record of participation in the XXV edition of the Subida al Castillo: 177 athletes crowned the ascent to the fort Lorca (15/11/2010)

  • The strategic assessment of the Regional Employment Board Guadalentín be ready later this year (15/11/2010)

  • The City Council asked the Ministry to make a new valuation of real estate cadastral urban nature (15/11/2010)
    adapted to the crisis
  • Good start Lorca Rugby Club despite the defeat (15/11/2010)
    The release of land lorquino Albacete XV threw up surprises and left good impression among fans of the city of La Mancha and displaced from Lorca
  • Citizens of Lorca: "A lie has short legs" (14/11/2010)
    (Sayings Spanish)
  • Lorca Rugby Club began its journey in the Land League of Murcia / Castilla-La Mancha Albacete game (13/11/2010)

  • Using the 87 selected workers of the Region Noksel Lorca incorporated into the end of 2011 (13/11/2010)
    operators, engineers, maintenance officers or managers are some of the posts that will cover the first phase of the project
  • Lorca's Popular Party wins the Jubilee pilgrimage to Caravaca de la Cruz (13/11/2010)

  • Press conference Lorca Citizens 12/11/2010 (12/11/2010)

  • The Youth Council of Lorca offers 18 courses to improve access of youth to employment (12/11/2010)

  • Lorca González Tovar appears in the same National Police officers already introduced a few days in Murcia (12/11/2010)

  • The Lorca Chamber of Commerce is organizing an Information Day on Turkey: New Market for Spanish companies (12/11/2010)

  • The City remembers "Ciudalor" that the outcome of the independent audit revealed that the current administration inherited a debt of 105.4 million € (12/11/2010)
    The Session noted that the audit data have been transferred to the public on several occasions
  • Ferra "Jódar should be set tantrums and fulfill its election pledges on public safety" (12/11/2010)
    180 local police officers in 2008 and a barracks on the Vineyard, two of the many unfulfilled campaign promises Jódar
  • Lorca City Council condemns the aggression of Morocco against the Saharawi people (12/11/2010)
    and requires the Government of Spain to take the proper role
  • Emilio Oliva tonight opens the Festival of San Clemente, incorporating a new Jewish group and four layers of Ambassadors (12/11/2010)

  • This evening and tomorrow will cut traffic in the center of town for the shows of the Festival of San Clemente (12/11/2010)

  • The militants of the Socialist Group Lorquin solidarity with the Saharawi people (12/11/2010)
    also condemned the detention and subsequent expulsion of the Spanish journalists Cadena SER Angels Barceló, Angel Cabrera and Nicolas Castilian by the Moroccan government
  • Lorca Mayor responds to the Government that it is "absolutely false" that he has not been invited to inaugurate the work of Plan E (12/11/2010)

  • The Short "Game Face", made by young Lorca in Different municipal program, participates in 50 international film festivals (12/11/2010)

  • The Government Delegate has 11 new players in the National Police in Lorca (12/11/2010)
    The staff of the National Police in Lorca has increased by 24.4% this year and 82.1% since 2004
  • Titles of examinations at the University of Cambridge (11/11/2010)
    The students in the bilingual section of IES Fco Ros Giner "the Minister of Education collected the titles of the examinations of the University of Cambridge
  • Ferra: "Those who have approved the agreement that harms Murcia tomato producers are co-PP seat in Europe" (11/11/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the City Council acting on buildings with potential risk to pedestrians (11/11/2010)
    The socialist council says Isabel Casalduero must carry a "preemptive" and not just putting fences after an accident of this type
  • Invest more than 24,000 euros in the construction of a retaining wall in Sutullena (11/11/2010)
    had been severely damaged by a fault in the water supply network
  • The Tanners Square will host the second Sunday of each month a trail (11/11/2010)
    in which 80 companies and individuals sell antiques and second hand
  • The PSOE de Lorca Cazorla congratulates his criticism of the counselor Cruz (11/11/2010)
    They call Jódar corroborate the statements of the president of the employer "if he really is committed to the problems of Lorca and Lorca.
  • The Lorca Chamber of Commerce is organizing an Information Day Turkey Country: New Market for Spanish companies (11/11/2010)

  • The City Council considers "hypocritical" that the Socialist Party now requires urgent action in buildings to prevent landslides (11/11/2010)
    when his time in government, "they fell to the ground"
  • The Socialist Party calls for speeding up the construction of the sports complex of La Torrecilla which should be completed in summer (10/11/2010)
    Socialist Diego Councilman Jose Mateos said the PP Mayor, Francisco Jodar, "spends more time recovering from jet-lag of long trips "to giving instructions to his council to solve the problems of Lorca
  • The City of Lorca install a sports court in the Park Pediatrician Diego Pallares to promote sport among the young (10/11/2010)

  • More than 3,000 scouts from all over Spain participate in the National Festival of the Song Scout, to be held in Lorca from 6 to 8 May (10/11/2010)

  • Sports Councilman José Mateos Diego proposes to use more sports facilities in the municipality (10/11/2010)
    "and see that not everything that is told is true"
  • Citizens of Lorca that the municipality requires a solution to crossing the level crossing of Alameda de Cervantes (10/11/2010)
    And Local Police have pedestrian crossings in the same school
  • The third cycle of Musicians pay tribute to Lorca Demetrio Andres Pastor with a conference Reverte and an audition (09/11/2010)

  • Manifesto in defense of food industry (09/11/2010)

  • Citizens of Lorca Mayor requires an exercise of responsibility in public spending priorities (09/11/2010)
    especially in these times of economic crisis
  • Motion to adopt (09/11/2010)
    in relation to ongoing negotiations to increase the export quota of the tomato sector to the European union countries
  • Manuel Soler Jódar alleges that the City has not been able to meet its commitments to farmers for construction of the abattoir (09/11/2010)
    The socialist candidate for mayor in May announced that if he wins the elections in less than a year the farmers will have of land required for construction
  • On Saturday we celebrate the XXV Subida al Castillo, organized by the Department of Sports (08/11/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for a commission to investigate the causes for 45.7% of women die from respiratory diseases Lorca (08/11/2010)

  • The Municipal Office for Youth and Diversity advisor Lorca this year to 315 users from eight nationalities (08/11/2010)
    on foreigners and approval of titles
  • They deliver the certificates of participation to 28 young people from the districts of Lorca labor integration program "You and your neighborhood" (08/11/2010)

  • The City describes as "nonsense" statements of Marisol Sánchez (08/11/2010)
    Y regrets the efforts of the council in promoting cause alarm and panic among the citizens
  • More than 5,200 students participate in this course Lorca in municipal road safety education campaign (08/11/2010)

  • The Summit Intercomarcal in defense of the agriculture of tomorrow will have representatives Lorca coast of Almeria (08/11/2010)
    16 municipalities in Murcia and Almeria join forces against the agreement on the import of food products to the EU "that excites Zapatero
  • The PP says that Spain "is educational emergency" (06/11/2010)
    Juan Antonio Gomez, a spokesman for the Education of GPP in the Congress of Deputies: "We need a thorough review of the educational model"
  • Juan Manuel Cabrera, UPyD elected official candidate for mayor of Lorca (06/11/2010)

  • The Almanzora PP Guadalentín and combines efforts by agriculture (05/11/2010)
    Lorca host a summit next Tuesday Intercomarcal in defense of agriculture involving 14 municipalities and Almeria Guadalentín
  • The City Council formally gave the Autonomous Region in which the plot will begin to build the Official School of Languages in 2011 (05/11/2010)
    The Local Government has also made available to the Regional Government the land for the construction of new school building El Campillo
  • The City Council says, "has managed to reduce its total municipal debt in 7 million during the current term" (05/11/2010)

  • Ana Belén Hilario: "Young people must break the back that the PP has scored in policies that affect us" (05/11/2010)
    The new secretary general of Socialist Youth in Lorca was wrapped in his presentation by its namesake at the regional level Presen López Piñero and the candidate for mayor, Manuel Soler
  • The Government of Spain to invest over € 600,000 on the refurbishment of the beaches affected by the rains of August (05/11/2010)
    The beaches of the municipality of Lorca, where it was found necessary to perform the actions are the stretch of beach coast beach Lorca San Pedro, Playa Las Mujeres-Sisco, Beach and Playa Cala Calnegre Calnegre Tips
  • Report on ozone pollution in Lorca (04/11/2010)

  • Pilar Barnes Library participates for the fourth consecutive year in the Olympic Solidarity Study (04/11/2010)
    will be held between November 5 and December 5
  • The City Council thanked the socio its effort to revive the labor market (04/11/2010)
    You've created 212 jobs and new contracts during October 3742
  • Lee Davis opens tomorrow at the Palace of Guevara their latest creations (04/11/2010)

  • The City Council will transfer the use of the "House Captain" at the Campus Consortium (04/11/2010)

  • Ecologists in Action proposes a plan to improve air quality in Lorca ozone pollution (04/11/2010)
    notes in his report to the Third Municipal Environment Council, the need for a Sustainable Mobility Plan and control Industrial emissions
  • The City of Lorca distributes more than 10,000 reusable bags by consumers in the municipality (04/11/2010)

  • One year after rehabilitation, the Captain's House has not been provided for public use (04/11/2010)
    The PSOE has also expressed concern about the state of abandonment in which the park is annexed to the university campus Lorca
  • The reduction of municipal fleet allows the Council saved each year 148,400 euros (04/11/2010)

  • II Contest Tapas made with pork, "Sharpen your chopsticks" (04/11/2010)

  • The Sports Council is committed to implement a year the Office of Counseling for Physical Activity and Sport (03/11/2010)
    This service, a pioneer in Spain, is available to all Lorca on Tuesdays and Thursdays, between 18 and 22 pm in the House of Malls Sports
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a cocaine distribution network between Madrid, Almeria and Murcia (03/11/2010)
    The investigation of the Civil Guard has dismantled two important and active drug outlets in Zurgena (Almería) and Lorca
  • The new tanks for potable water supply in the city could enter into service during the first half of next year (03/11/2010)

  • "In the IES Francisco Giner Ros have fun and learn at Halloween (03/11/2010)

  • Manuel Soler: "With Jódar have raised taxes, personal spending, debt providers and municipal investments have declined by 37%" (03/11/2010)

  • The "President occupies" abandon ship and irrigators Lorca (03/11/2010)
    The PP requires Manuel Soler take your time to solve the serious institutional and economic problems they are causing to the Irrigation Community
  • On Saturday 30 were presented the association "Musical Medicine" in the Garden Fair Wheel (03/11/2010)

  • The affliction of UPyD in Lorca elect their chief candidates for local and regional elections on Saturday 6 November (02/11/2010)

  • Form to 43 standing in embroidery, installation of renewable energies, air conditioning, electricity and graphic design (02/11/2010)


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