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Lorca News - December 2011

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  • The Socialist Party announced its full support to the Municipal Government in the demand for "Lorca Plan" (31/12/2011)

  • Convention for the management of cases of aid to stricken homes in Lorca (30/12/2011)

  • The State contribution Lorca and more than 400 million euros (30/12/2011)
    Approved the payment of 11 other emergency actions Lorca 880,048 euros
  • The Bureau for Development will provide 800 euros to each of Lorca families affected by the earthquakes that can not reside in their homes (30/12/2011)

  • Students displaced Torre del Obispo and Puerto Lumbreras provide free bus to attend schools (30/12/2011)
    by a grant from the Association May 11 We Lorca
  • The demand to pursue degrees in Nursing and Nutrition and Dietetics Lorca campus in 2012 exceeds the number of vacancies (29/12/2011)
    The Minister of Universities, Business and Research, José Ballesta, chairs the Consortium campus full of Lorca and claims "We are already at a full university city"
  • The City Council has conducted more than 19,000 citizens care through home care services of the Department of Social Services (29/12/2011)
    in 2011
  • Valcárcel encouraged to collaborate with Lorca through solidarity magazine that shows "the tear and the tragedy of the day that shook city" (29/12/2011)

  • The neighborhood groups to deliver the Mayor Morata 3661 euros (29/12/2011)
    to help the city recover after the earthquake last May 11
  • The Regional Centre for Adult Education "Infante" de Murcia and the Alumni Association raised 2825.60 euros Advancing in Solidarity Market "All for Lorca" (29/12/2011)
    delivery has been made Councillor of Economy and Finance of the City of Lorca a bank deposit slip from the account held in the Bureau of the Solidarity
  • The Region and the Ministry of Development agreed to increase aid to stricken homes in Lorca (28/12/2011)
    All funds under the Housing Plan for 2011 that have not been requested will be allocated entirely to Lorca
  • The Bureau for Development agrees to open a new aid package for families who remain out of their homes as a result of earthquakes (28/12/2011)

  • More than a hundred children receiving Early Intervention Majesties visit of the Magi from the East (28/12/2011)

  • The City Council will hire more than 30 unemployed Lorca worked in the construction of municipal facilities recovery citizen service (27/12/2011)
    The Consistory get the support of the Governing Council of the CARM to extend the Special Plan for Employment.
  • The Association of Torrevieja Plaza del Calvario collaborates with the city of Lorca donating 1,200 euros and an image of San Emigdio, protector against earthquakes (27/12/2011)
    The revenue comes from holding a bingo solidarity during the holidays this quarter Alicante
  • Students of University College "St. Mary of Europe" in Madrid raise $ 1,000 for the Bureau for Development through a concert (26/12/2011)
    This musical evening on 24 November in Madrid, attended by disinterested and songwriters Luis Ramiro Andres Suarez
  • The Adult Education Centre of Murcia Infante delivered to the Bureau for Development donated more than 2,800 euros (26/12/2011)
    This donation comes from the conclusion of a joint market
  • Opened the registration period for the Municipal School of Physical Education Base for the quarter January to March (26/12/2011)
    will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 17-18 am in the Pavilion at San Jose.
  • The proposal for the recovery of the church of San Pedro, the main protagonist in the V Summit of Regions and Cities of Europe (26/12/2011)
    is held in Copenhagen
  • Lorca Local Police arrested two people suspected of crimes like drug trafficking (23/12/2011)
    And other 2 for theft and damage to farms in Tercia
  • Lorca Traders and businessmen have three months to ask for aid for the repair of their facilities (23/12/2011)

  • 350,000 euros to continue the recovery of public spaces in Lorca (23/12/2011)

  • Authorized the works of two wastewater collectors Lorca (23/12/2011)

  • Agreement for the management of cases of aid to stricken homes in Lorca (23/12/2011)

  • The City of Lorca and Spain are organizing a conference ERP on recycling outreach social background (23/12/2011)

  • San Fernando The school gives the money from the sale of the figures of Bethlehem students have made from recyclable materials center (23/12/2011)
    whole school community has turned to the preparation of the figures that were sold to Bethlehem symbolic prices during the days of Wednesday and Thursday this week, getting a total of 820.28 euros
  • The PSOE sought to know where the project is ZEIC (23/12/2011)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, remember that in 2009 it was announced an investment of 1,000 million euros in the city
  • The Local Police of Lorca increases its personalized and close with traders to ensure safety during Christmas (23/12/2011)

  • Open Registration period the course of synchronized swimming referee (23/12/2011)
    The deadline is January 8
  • The Governing Board charged with drafting of municipal projects to repair service and citizen (23/12/2011)
    that were damaged by earthquakes
  • The Local Government Board approves a new battery of 30 officers Solidarity helps to meet the needs of those affected by earthquakes (23/12/2011)
    The total amount spent so far reached the figure of EUR 1,865,315.41
  • IBERDROLA provide electrical equipment worth 200,000 euros for the reconstruction Lorca (22/12/2011)
    The Company has guaranteed from the day of the earthquake the power supply voltages in all processing
  • The PSOE returned to City Hall to demand a solution to the lack of school busing, 31 (22/12/2011)
    The social responsibility of Education, Mazuecos Jesus has asked the Bureau for Development that, given the urgency of the situation, get the commitment to fund transportation of school children involved
  • Socialist Youth campaign promotes local business support for Christmas 2011 (22/12/2011)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the negotiation between banks and homeless (21/12/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman and Deputy Regional, Manuel Soler, held yesterday afternoon in a meeting with the local direction of Cajamurcia
  • Open the registration deadline for the Football Monitor Course to be held next month in Lorca February (21/12/2011)
    The registration period is open until January 27 in the House of Malls Sports
  • The PSOE in 2012 Lorca asks the central government "to remember the earthquakes of Lorca and the transfer of water to the Region of Murcia" (21/12/2011)
    In the traditional "Christmas Cup" with the media the Executive Local and Municipal Socialist Group took stock of the past year and expressed his wishes for 2012
  • 13,624 Lorca benefit of more than 7.4 million euros invested in 2011 by the City training programs and employment (21/12/2011)
    Jódar Francisco Mayor stressed that the Consistory has broken records again investment in this area, exceeding more than 1 million of expenditure incurred in 2010 and forecasts for this year
  • The Minister of the Presidency appreciates the humanitarian aid provided to Lorca (21/12/2011)

  • Municipal Emergency Service and Local Police patrol the streets of the municipality upon registration at 23:29 an earthquake of 2.9 degrees of intensity (20/12/2011)
    There are no reports of damage from the quake.
  • No damage reported by the earthquake of 2.9 ° and prevention Reminder (20/12/2011)

  • The Club donates Lorca Bullfighting the Bureau for Development of the City of $ 10,000 made to the festival held on October 30 (20/12/2011)

  • Workers of the headquarters of Fomento de Construcciones y Contratas in Cartagena delivered a 5,100-euro aid to the Bureau for Development (20/12/2011)

  • Lorca is part of a new volunteer program Eurasian Vietnam, Philippines, India and China (20/12/2011)
    Projects of the International Mobility Office Lorca City Hall located in the municipality as one of the main references in our country in such screening programs and international life
  • Local Police stopped an alleged perpetrator of a crime against public health provision and sale of drugs (20/12/2011)

  • The Mayor receives a solidarity of the River Neighborhood Association (20/12/2011)

  • The Mayor of Lorca gets support from the Ministry of Culture for works to be considered in equity emergency expenses (20/12/2011)

  • Adopted measures for the payment of the actions taken to protect the historical and artistic heritage of Lorca (20/12/2011)
    Plan Monitoring Committee Director
  • Lorca recognizes the professional work, altruistic and humane Dr. Pio Perez Periago, dedicating a street in the area malls (19/12/2011)

  • The University of Murcia, Lorca presents a new goat's milk cheese (19/12/2011)

  • Lorca has received 12'3 million for emergency expenses (19/12/2011)
    by demolition and other expenses of the City
  • The Government approved an additional 3 million for the water reservoir of Lorca (19/12/2011)
    At the same meeting, took account of the investment of more than 6'2 million in the Civil Guard barracks of Lorca and Totana
  • La Obra Social "la Caixa" earmarked 375,000 euros for the rehabilitation of Lorca Theater War (19/12/2011)

  • The City Council encourages schools to participate in school sport activities to improve the health and character of the students (19/12/2011)
    Soccer, orientation, Duathlon, Triathlon and Greco-Roman practice, Basketball, 3x3 Basketball, handball, indoor football, volleyball , Badminton, Triathlon Duathlon-, Athletics, Athletics Playing, activities to develop
  • An earthquake causes calls to 1-1-2 Lorca's neighbors, with no news of years (19/12/2011)

  • The San Juan Bosco IES Lorca participating in the campaign to purchase and distribution of toys Spanish Red Cross (19/12/2011)

  • The Government publishes a guide for the reconstruction of the demolished buildings in the earthquake in Lorca (19/12/2011)
    can be found on the websites of the Ministries of the Presidency and Public Works, and www.mpr.gob.es www.fomento.gob.es
  • Discovery plaque tribute (17/12/2011)

  • Visits to the restoration of the tower Ram (16/12/2011)

  • The Mayor of Lorca receives a solidarity of € 5,000 by the city People's Party (16/12/2011)

  • Students from the school Villaespesa compliment the Christmas carols in the Plaza of Spain (16/12/2011)

  • Volunteers "Fudge without borders" who collaborate with Lorca earthquake hit, stars of the new campaign for Coca-Cola Christmas (16/12/2011)
    The campaign will include the "reason to believe" in a better world than the consumers themselves left in the web, thus becoming the first open campaign Coca-Cola launches in Spain
  • Thermomix reopens with a market lorquina delegation solidarity for those affected by earthquakes (16/12/2011)

  • The Plaza of Spain will host tomorrow at 12:00 the act of homage to those killed by earthquakes (16/12/2011)
    postponed by rain on November 23
  • 8 groups will participate on Sunday the crews Meeting XXXII Easter Lorca in the Alameda of the Constitution (16/12/2011)

  • The City of Lorca unlocks the construction of the new headquarters of the School of Music and Fine Arts (16/12/2011)
    to complete the works as soon as possible
  • The Socialist Party of Lorca insists that the City should lead a serious reconstruction projects with the unemployed in the municipality (16/12/2011)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, reiterates that, to put the unemployed Lorca atrabajar, all it takes is initiative
  • More than 3070 Lorca have benefited so far from the aid provided by the Bureau for Development (16/12/2011)

  • The Community will finance 50 percent of new aid for businesses Lorca (16/12/2011)

  • Agreement with the Government of Navarra for the reconstruction and normalization of Lorca (16/12/2011)

  • AJE Guadalentín organized the First Meeting of Networking and Presentation of Murcia undertakes in the Shire of Guadalentín (15/12/2011)
    During the meeting, has announced the Venture Capital Company Undertakes Murcia, and have successfully exchanged experiences and contacts between thirty partner / os audience.
  • Catalog parts of Lorca Municipal Archaeological Museum in repair (15/12/2011)

  • 40 young people from Bulgaria, Poland, Romania and Spain in Lorca made proposals to improve the European Union (15/12/2011)
    for 7 days have been a recreation of the European Parliament with a program organized by the Intercultural Cazalla with the cooperation of the City
  • The City Council confirms that no staff has incorporated more (15/12/2011)
    IU Reminds has only covered a maternity leave as he did with his administrative UI just months ago
  • Oñate requested the PP to reconsider and consider amendments to the PSOE for the sake of Lorca (15/12/2011)
    Socialist deputy spokesman stressed that the PSOE 17 amendments are the result of intense work with social organizations and concerned and seek to increase tax credits and the number of beneficiaries
  • Santander Bank employees give € 3,000 to the Blue and White Steps to assist in the recovery of their religious sites (14/12/2011)

  • The City of Lorca recalls that days after the earthquake are restoring municipal facilities removed from the unemployment Lorca (14/12/2011)

  • Education ensures that there is no obstacle to continue in the near future with the works of Martin in Lorca Ibáñez (14/12/2011)
    Director General of Infrastructure holds a meeting with the Federation of Parents and the management teams of Ramón Arcas, Giner and Ibanez Ros Martin to inform the status of projects
  • The Coral Lorca Modus Novus, Santa Cecilia, Amadeus and Bartolomé Pérez Casas, along with the musical group "Amadeus", join forces to perform a charity concert (14/12/2011)

  • Tomorrow is the deadline for registration is open for swimming lessons in January-March 2012 (14/12/2011)
    For registration of nearly 1,200 places available, applicants must come from the pool tomorrow to San Antonio
  • The Association of Retired Nursing Graduates honors farmers Alicante Lorca (14/12/2011)
    for your response to the needs of the municipality by earthquakes
  • The Mayor receives financial support for the Bureau for Development of 19,800 euros from Valencia store chain N & S (14/12/2011)

  • The Socialist Party argues that to rebuild Lorca need money but to put the unemployed to work Lorca takes initiative (14/12/2011)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, the null municipal complaint in reducing unemployment in our city
  • Valcárcel: "The people of Lorca continues his quest to return to normal everyday heroism" (14/12/2011)
    President of the Community and the mayor of Lorca collected from HRH the Infanta Elena, the award for 'Hero of the Year' granted to the people Lorca
  • The European Parliament approves aid for more than 21 million euros for reconstruction Lorca after the earthquake (14/12/2011)

  • The teaching of a course at the University of Murcia donates his fees to those affected by earthquakes in Lorca (14/12/2011)

  • The "Club of Friends of the Winemaking" Lorca began its activities by holding a meeting of introduction to wine tasting (14/12/2011)
    will take place on Thursday December 15 in the cafeteria "Nova", including a guided tasting wine specialist.
  • Almendricos Library will host tomorrow the last storyteller in parishes cycle of 2011 (14/12/2011)
    All municipal libraries have embraced this nature activities intended to bring the best of storytelling school youth Lorca
  • The Youth Council and the city of Lorca scheduled courses, workshops and outdoor theaters to reduce the consumption of alcohol and drugs (13/12/2011)
    The Garden of the wheel will turn into a drive every Friday in December.
  • The Mayor of Lorca thanks on behalf of the city's work and solidarity of the National Police agents (13/12/2011)
    have made aid delivery of 5,000 € for the Bureau for Development
  • Soler requested the attendance of the Director of Public Works in the Assembly to discuss the ideas competition for Lorca (13/12/2011)

  • Jódar congratulates the winners of the Cup of Spain Montain Bike Cycling Club La Hoya-Lorca (13/12/2011)

  • Paradores delivers financial assistance to contribute to the funds of the Bureau for Development (13/12/2011)
    This is the 10% of the proceeds of "Flamenco Evening" organized in Puerto Lumbreras last summer
  • The folk group Albacete "Teaching Dance" Lorca donates € 2,000 to help the recovery of cultural heritage (13/12/2011)

  • Lorca Local Police arrested two people for serious threats with a knife (13/12/2011)
    Municipal officers rescue a woman who was on the street for help Rebolloso
  • ... (13/12/2011)

  • The PSOE misses a greater commitment from the CARM with Lorca in Employment and Health (12/12/2011)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez has warned staff reductions in health, resulting in providing a worse service while maintaining high-wage positions and handpicked stratospheric
  • The Socialist Party demands the establishment of school transport to school 31 (12/12/2011)
    The official Socialist Education, Jesus Mazuecos, noted that many municipal leaders were committed to the affected families
  • Lorca Local Police stopped the alleged perpetrator of the theft of batteries from a horticultural company Tercia (12/12/2011)

  • The PSOE exposes the neglect to which he submits to the Director Lorca Cruz (12/12/2011)
    Casalduero Councilwoman Elizabeth insisted that the Regional Government again betray the trust placed in bulk by the Popular Party Lorca
  • 24 stopped working Lorca's works Sports Complex modernization of Europe, which the city of Lorca began a month ago (12/12/2011)

  • The Mayor of Lorca attends the opening of Bethlehem Solidarity organized by the school community of San Fernando college (12/12/2011)

  • The PSOE returns to denounce the situation of the Municipal School of Music and Fine Arts (12/12/2011)
    The Socialist Councillor Elizabeth Casalduero again emphasizes the neglect of the municipal government towards this issue
  • The PSOE will wonder where the regional government put the money to Lorca, if not foreseen in the Budget of 2012 (11/12/2011)
    Manuel Soler advirftió that after seven months since the earthquake, uncertainty and concern among the victims are more
  • The Government regrets that the deputy regional Soler was absent in the discussion of the assumptions on Lorca (11/12/2011)
    The Regional Assembly has discussed the appropriations of each department and approved a specific law to encourage the town's economy
  • The cultural association "Musso Valiente" organizes a lecture-concert on the history and legacy of musician Jose Jimenez Pedro Lorca Doors (09/12/2011)
    will be taught by Antonio Manzanera in CajaMurcia Cultural Hall on Tuesday day 13 at 20:00
  • 22 GEA project volunteers work together this week to repair homes damaged by 3 earthquakes (09/12/2011)

  • The aid approved by the Bureau for Development reached EUR 1,816,897.41 million euros (09/12/2011)

  • Ideas Competition for the redevelopment and reconstruction of various districts of Lorca (09/12/2011)

  • The PSOE demands clarity on the exemption from payment of IBI (09/12/2011)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, denounced the lack of information and subjectivity in applying the above exemption
  • The exhibition "Picasso I alone" Lorca extending their stay for a week because of the interest aroused (09/12/2011)

  • 60 activities to give Christmas atmosphere Lorca (09/12/2011)
    with the aim of promoting the purchases are made in the traditional trade, severely damaged by earthquakes
  • The Socialist Party is outraged at the treatment given to regional budgets Lorca (08/12/2011)
    The social responsibility of Economic Affairs, Rafael Ruiz, recalled that the Regional Government hoped that express a special sensitivity to the Lorca is facing difficult circumstances
  • Cyclist with broken leg is rescued in forest area in the hamlet of Zarzadilla lorquina Totana (08/12/2011)

  • González Tovar visit the reconstruction of the Civil Guard barracks in Lorca (07/12/2011)
    The government delegate says the new building will be more operational and better adapted to current needs
  • The Local Police of Lorca involved 7 young plants of Cannabis in the way of transfer of the place of the old shooting range Carraclaca (07/12/2011)

  • The Socialist Party supports Lorca's Law says that they have done in haste and has serious irregularities in the bottom and shape (07/12/2011)
    deputy spokesman Francis J.
  • Lorca stars in this Saturday's National Lottery draw to be held in Santa Quiteria (07/12/2011)

  • The PSOE proposes to retain the sculptural details of the facade of IES Ramón Arcas (07/12/2011)
    The official Socialist Education, Jesus Mazuecos, said that the work was performed by the renowned architect Miguel Serna Fisac ​​
  • Planning convenes a Technical Workshop to disseminate among architects, engineers and business rules for the reconstruction and repair of buildings damaged by earthquakes (07/12/2011)
    will take place on Monday December 12 at the Centre for Local Development,
  • Seven groups will participate in the Eighth National Competition of Traditional Folklore Campo de Lorca, to be held this weekend in Aguaderas (07/12/2011)

  • Broken up a criminal organization dedicated to drug trafficking and money laundering (07/12/2011)
    Joint operation of the National Police, Guardia Civil and Tax
  • The Joint Commission approved nearly four million euros aid for 563 earthquakes in Lorca (05/12/2011)
    3,193,825, 34 euros are for repair and rebuilding homes and 708,513 euros for rentals for relocation
  • One company marketed lorquina 15,000 bottles of wine "Hécula 2009" with the message "We Lorca" (05/12/2011)
    and assign 1 euro for each unit sold to the Bureau for Development
  • BBVA delivery to the City of Lorca 30 tons of building materials for rehabilitation of municipal buildings (05/12/2011)

  • The artist Antonio Lopez Soler Lorca sculpture designs "Consuelo" (05/12/2011)
    want to give away to Lorca as a tribute to the victims of earthquakes
  • The Chess Club Lorca delivered to the Bureau for Development € 1,410 (05/12/2011)
    from the weekend benefit held during the Guadalentín Sports Games
  • The Socialist Party of Lorca warns of the Regional Government's broken promises in relation to roads D7 and D8 (05/12/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler recalled that the Regional and Municipal Government pledged on several occasions with neighbors in different districts Lorca
  • The Joint Committee held its sixth meeting tomorrow to approve new aid cases the victims (04/12/2011)
    Lorca earthquake aid
  • JS Lorca claims that the PP "aid leaves Murcia Erasmus students" (04/12/2011)

  • The Chess Club Lorca delivered to the Bureau for Development € 1,410 charity weekend held in the Sports Games Guadalentín (02/12/2011)

  • Extinguishers local agencies and municipal property do not comply with current regulations (02/12/2011)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez recalled that his group submitted a question last November plenary in that direction
  • The Region provides communities access Lorca owners to aid stricken home repairs (02/12/2011)

  • The Bureau for Development opens a new line of support for rental housing for families who have been unable Lorca benefit from the already established (02/12/2011)
    It tries to address exceptional cases, mainly those that did not have a lease in force May 11
  • The aid approved by the Bureau for Development reached 1.8 million euros (02/12/2011)
    A new series of grants from the Bureau for Development 32 other families benefit Lorca, assuming a total financial contribution of 42,820 euros
  • Lorca traders affected by the earthquakes receive assistance for the recovery of its activity (02/12/2011)

  • Dramatized, falconry exhibitions, workshops and a traditional slaughter Chato Murciano, activities to enjoy during the bridge at the castle of Lorca (01/12/2011)

  • Adif a drill emergency technician railway station Lorca (01/12/2011)
    The exercise is part of the master plan for the safety of the facilities designed by Adif
  • The University Campus houses the V Lorca Conference on Ethics Committees in the Region of Murcia (01/12/2011)

  • The City of Lorca distributed leaflets 3000, 1000 calendars, thousands of red ribbons and condoms to hundreds of World AIDS Day (01/12/2011)

  • Slide Commercial Area Town Hall and publish a joint calendar with pictures from Easter to raise funds for the Bureau for Development (01/12/2011)

  • Health Councilwoman Lorca encourages to participate in the Third Blood Donation Marathon "Being Solidarity" (01/12/2011)
    is celebrated today at the Cultural Hall CajaMurcia

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