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  • Castle lorca held on Sunday February 2 valentine anton (31/01/2014)
    Due to the threat of rain scheduled for 19 January, the realization of the event "Day of San Antón" Fortress of the Sun to benefit postponed Protective 'Animal Lorca'
  • 55 companies from different parts of Spain submitted their bids for the award of the work to improve the street Musso Valiente (31/01/2014)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the continued closure of essential services in Lorca (31/01/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, has again launched indiscriminate alert service to Lorca who is practicing the Regional Government of PP with Lorca
  • The PSOE to new protest adheres to the AMPA IES "Ros Francisco Giner" intends to carry out for the February 21 (31/01/2014)

  • PSOE accused the Autonomous Community of jeopardizing participation in Paso Morado Easter Lorca (31/01/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Casalduero, Regional Executive has blamed the lack of commitment to the city, with the Local Government complicity submissive
  • El Colegio José Robles closes a week of activities for schools in Lorca dedicated to the World Day of Peace and Nonviolence (31/01/2014)

  • UPyD Lorca is concerned about the lack of financial resources to finance the culture of the city (31/01/2014)

  • Lorca hosts this Saturday a day paddle with Fernando Poggi, Álvaro Chandler, Mari Carmen Villalba and promoted by Ring Tere Sportt MC (30/01/2014)

  • The socialist mayor, Marisol Sanchez, belies the Minister of Health, Palacios (30/01/2014)
    The Deputy Speaker of the Socialist Municipal Group, Marisol Sanchez, denounced as health centers and Lorca Lorca Sutullena Center, have been appearing in regional budgets since 2009, sold year after year
  • The Spanish Network of Youth Hostels promote tourism in Lorca (30/01/2014)
    and catering will offer discounts to the castle and museums synagogue brotherhoods
  • Youth hostellers will discover the importance of the cultural heritage of Lorca with special offers and discounts (30/01/2014)
    The YHA membership card users will benefit from discounts and special advantages for access to the Fortress of the Sun Visitor Center and Museum Pass Blue , White, Purple and Incarnate
  • The Community has centralized user services Guadalentin for dealings with industry in the One-Stop Lorca (30/01/2014)
    It is located in the building La Merced, located in La Alberca Street Bridge, where it serves to users of 9 to 14 hours every weekday
  • The PSOE alert the systematic abandonment of central Lorca (29/01/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, stressed that it is important to be clear what we want city project
  • The Bureau for serving Lorca most affected by earthquakes and floods has gathered far more than 5 million euros (29/01/2014)

  • The Socialist Party welcomes the upcoming launch of the Center for Public Child Care Cazalla (29/01/2014)
    The Member of the Executive Committee of the PSOE and neighbor Cazalla Lorca, Juanfra Ladevesa, said not understand the reasons for the delay
  • Over 845 homes demolished by earthquakes in Lorca are being rebuilt (29/01/2014)
    after the start of construction of a new building on the Vineyard and one in the district of San Lazaro
  • Complete works of variant MR-C14 road in the village of Lorca Zarcilla (29/01/2014)
    The Ministry of Public Works and Planning executes this action, additional repair of the main road to avoid traffic heavy goods vehicles for the people
  • The City Attorney referred to the first batch of documents (28/01/2014)
    on open inquiries into planning agreements to the socialist stage
  • The reconstruction of a building demolished by earthquakes eliminate the narrowing of the Salzillo Francisco Street district of Los Angeles (28/01/2014)

  • The Sports Complex will host La Torrecilla XXXVIII on Sunday the Grand Prix of Cross City Lorca (28/01/2014)

  • The consolidation of "Lorca Taller del Tiempo" lets move towards self-financing, strengthen its autonomy and its management municipalise (27/01/2014)

  • The City of Lorca drives Municipal Commission of Prevention, Monitoring and Control of Absenteeism and Dropout (27/01/2014)

  • The City of Lorca launches possibility of the food handler course on line (24/01/2014)

  • The PSOE expected response to different problems of the municipality (24/01/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Ana Lario, has detailed the questions and requests that his group presented in regular plenary session to be held next Monday
  • The Hikers Club 'La Carrasca' and the City of Lorca organized two plantations of trees in the vicinity of the castle and Pylons (24/01/2014)

  • 231 students participate in the 6th Municipal Storytelling Contest for Secondary Education Angeles Pascual (24/01/2014)

  • City and Madrid Centro Sefarad Israel agree to exhibit in the capital of Spain sample "Luces de Sefarad" (24/01/2014)

  • The City of Lorca out to tender management Center Child Care Cazalla, which may offer places to 122 (23/01/2014)

  • The PSOE proposes a series of measures to combat malnutrition in schools (23/01/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, has said it can not allow them to be the smaller ones to pay the consequences of this crisis
  • Lorca City Council convenes the 29th Children's Story Competition 'María Fernández-Luna' (23/01/2014)

  • Israeli Ambassador shows his support for the dissemination of the Synagogue (23/01/2014)
    Y appreciates the commitment of Lorca with naked Jewish archaeological heritage in the castle
  • The Socialist Party calls for the mayor to convene the platform for the underground AVE (22/01/2014)
    The Spokesman Municipal Socialist Group, Manuel Soler, announced that his group will file a motion in Parliament calling next LIMUSA expand the municipal housekeeping public spaces Cazalla
  • Begin reconstruction of another apartment building protected by PEPRI and was demolished by earthquakes in Lorca respecting the facade (22/01/2014)

  • The Municipal Emergency Services of Lorca assists in earthquake evacuation drill at school Ana Caicedo made today (22/01/2014)

  • Synagogue, Easter and monuments recovery after the earthquake focus the interest of tourism professionals in the area of ​​Lorca in Fitur (22/01/2014)

  • The City of Lorca organized using the SEF program employment and training 'Highlands' (21/01/2014)
    participate Township 24 unemployed
  • The PSOE notes that, with respect to IES Ros Giner, responsibilities must request them who managed (21/01/2014)
    The Secretary General of the Local Executive Committee, Daniel Martinez, recalled that the opinions are free but facts are incontestable
  • The flag of San José de Lorca Tuesday morning local host phase for 'Playing Athletics' youngest category (20/01/2014)
    ​​ 540 students from 14 schools in the municipality will participate from 10:00 am in the School Sports Programme
  • García Retegui: "After countless broken promises on its reconstruction, IES Ros Giner remains a solar" (20/01/2014)
    Spokesperson of the Socialist Group, Begoña García Retegui, stressed that the bad political management lead to a generation of Lorca finished their studies without having set foot facilities IES
  • Lorca Fitur promotion focuses on spreading between the Jewish community and the Jewish synagogue discovered in the neighborhood around the castle (20/01/2014)

  • "The political opportunism of the regional PSOE with the recovery of Lorca after the earthquake is absolutely unworthy" (20/01/2014)
    Miras Lopez: "The PSOE visit Lorca to keep lying and messing That's his." Role "in the reconstruction process"
  • ... (20/01/2014)

  • Soler: "It is an unnecessary waste and a waste of time, spending two million euros to decide where to go the AVE as it passes through the city of Lorca" (19/01/2014)
    The Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, has insisted that citizens need more facts and less broken promises
  • The Association of Young Entrepreneurs, Guadalentin Undertakes analyzes the SEPA regulations in collaboration with the SabadellCAM Entity (17/01/2014)
    Formative CECLOR talk took place in January 15 with the assistance of a large number of businessmen and entrepreneurs of the Shire
  • The PSOE warning of the danger of crumbling buildings and the City requires immediate demolition (17/01/2014)
    The Deputy Secretary of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, recalled that in the event of third party damage by landslides occur as happened last week , the City would be responsible for dereliction of duties
  • 379 families affected by the earthquake of 2011 and floods in 2012 have benefited so far from the Draft Comprehensive Social Services of the Bureau (17/01/2014)
    The development of the project has provided aid to the value of € 359,326.41, benefiting 1,400 Lorca
  • The PSOE has lamented the new propaganda display PP (17/01/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, said that you need Lorca are deeds, not words
  • Community and City of Lorca promote organic farming training to facilitate self-employment (17/01/2014)

  • The hosts Regional Craft Centre from tomorrow until February 9 exhibition proposals submitted Poster Contest II Easter Lorca (16/01/2014)

  • Born in Lorca, LIGHT, Collective Photo (16/01/2014)

  • González Tovar: "The region has much entrepreneurial potential but needs to have more institutional support" (16/01/2014)
    PSRM Secretary General, Rafael González Tovar, has shared a breakfast meeting with business group Lorca Startup BNI
  • The Castle of Lorca hosts this Sunday for the first time holding 'San Anton' with a day to benefit from the protective 'Lorca Animal' (15/01/2014)

  • Soler: "Lorca Mayor does not want to know where it went the money paid by the City Council of the Insurance Compensation Consortium" (14/01/2014)
    The Spokesman Municipal Socialist Group, Manuel Soler, considered a failure on municipal management in the reconstruction of Lorca as well as carried with just flood victims
  • Create team # retoyosipuedo to raise funds to benefit charitable causes Lorca (14/01/2014)
    In 2014 the association will help parents early intervention
  • Mil Lorca students benefit from room service providing 15 public schools (14/01/2014)
    The Minister of Education and the mayor of the town visit the new joint facilities of the CEIP José Robles, San Fernando and San Jose, which represent an investment of 234,000 euros
  • The BOE announced the award of the contract the demarcation of the Rambla de Biznaga in Lorca (13/01/2014)
    The CHS will invest 468,000 euros in a crucial project to improve the drainage of the great plain which extends between Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras
  • The City of Lorca collaboration with the Autonomous Region in combating the shadow economy (13/01/2014)

  • The Pavilion San Jose Lorca tomorrow afternoon hosts the final of the President's Cup football IV Room (13/01/2014)

  • The repair of the Municipal Conservatory of Music will begin this month (10/01/2014)
    and endow the building of multimedia cabin service equipment and stands
  • The Bureau for funds increases thanks to the gradual reversal of repayable advances for rent delivered to the affected families (10/01/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the tender of the works of IES Ros Giner (10/01/2014)
    The Spokesman Municipal Socialist Group and Regional Representative, Manuel Soler, expressed the support of his party to the claims of groups affected
  • The PSOE replicates López Miras should give many pantomimes flush mount support Lorca after two years of neglect (10/01/2014)
    The Deputy Secretary General, Isabel Casalduero regretted that the Popular Party dares to use Lorca as an electoral weapon and only agreed Rajoy Lorca for a photo in the previous election campaign
  • UPyD Lorca returns to participate in the campaign to collect toys organized Red Cross (09/01/2014)

  • Lorca 17,850 people competed in the 110 program activities of European City of Sport held in 2013 (09/01/2014)

  • The City of Lorca active transparency increases with the first web in the region of open public data (09/01/2014)

  • The Federation of Teaching CCOO supports the mobilizations of the educational community of IES "Ros Giner" (08/01/2014)
    "The IES severely affected by the earthquake in May 2011 will not start its reconstruction even in the semester following the termination of the contract to the company awarded the contract "
  • The III "Peñarrubia Lorca Trail" which will be held on Sunday, March 2, will feature 600 participants (08/01/2014)
    The test has 300 places for mountain race and 300 for the hiking trail
  • The City Council renewed the comprehensive provision of care and support services delivered meals, respite care and telecare (08/01/2014)

  • The PSRM shows its support for the educational community lorquina asking reconstruction IES Ros Giner (08/01/2014)

  • The City of Lorca concludes the project geotechnical surveys for cleaning the bed of heavy metals by phytoextraction Guadalentin (07/01/2014)

  • The One-Stop Community in the City of Lorca the old convent of La Merced moves tomorrow (07/01/2014)

  • The Lorca recycled last year 830,000 kilos of glass, 10% more than in 2012 (07/01/2014)

  • The reconstruction process will be enhanced with the injection of 2.1 million to rebuild homes affected by ruin (07/01/2014)

  • President Ramón Luis Valcárcel receives the mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar (07/01/2014)

  • Antonio Navarro: "Coal for the Mayor and his government team" (04/01/2014)
    The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, has asked the Magi to bring the Mayor and his government team deserve all the coal for the bad management relevant topics 2013
  • The PSOE Lorca delivers food and clothing collected in "Christmas Solidarity" campaign (03/01/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, thanked the generosity of participants
  • Maribel Verdú, Juan Echanove, Concha Velasco, María Galiana, Second, Café Quijano and national ballets of Spain and Bulgaria (03/01/2014)
    Featured Performing programming War for the first half of the year
  • Lorca closes 2013 with the fifth consecutive monthly decline in unemployment, fewer unemployed in December 151 (03/01/2014)

  • City Council and Youth Council organize trips to enjoy winter sports in the ski resort of Sierra Nevada (02/01/2014)

  • The PSOE Lorca regrets the closure of the Office for Foreigners in Lorca (02/01/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, has considered the fact a new step in the continued depletion of services that the town is suffering

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