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  • The section Eliocroca triathlon shirts will look on your white tie against gender violence during the 2009 season (30/01/2009)

  • 55 people traveling this weekend to the Sierra Nevada through IMJUDE (30/01/2009)

  • Lorca Resort, which was presented today at FITUR, add 27 holes of golf to the wide range of tourism in the City of Sun (30/01/2009)
    Mayor Lorca, Francisco Jodar, the Director General of Tourism, Angel Campos and Group President Alze, Juan Manuel Dalmau, have announced this morning the residential tourism project to be located between Lorca and Aguilas.
  • Europe Avenue will have four lanes from next February 3 (30/01/2009)

  • The wide range of rural hotels Lorca is doubly present in FITUR (30/01/2009)
    The City Council has published a new brochure specifically which unveil the 20 cottages and three lodges in the municipality.
  • The City asserts that the PSOE copy of the proposed municipal cost savings and over late (30/01/2009)
    Ibarra emphasizes that only the concentration of some municipal services the City is saving more than 100,000 € per year in rent.
  • The Deputy Mayor of Cartagena and National People's Party Murcia, Pilar Barreiro, this morning visited the booth of Lorca in FITUR (30/01/2009)

  • The technical tour de Lorca maintain numerous contacts during FITUR to increase visits to the municipality, despite the crisis (30/01/2009)
    Councilman Francisco Montiel rofessional explained that the City Council and the consortium "Lorca Taller del Tiempo are making a special effort with tour operators, travel agencies, media and promotion companies.
  • The most important foundations of the international Jewish group on cultural monuments and visit the synagogue in Lorca (29/01/2009)
    It is the leading representatives of American Sephardi Federation,, Casa Sefarad Israel, Center for Jewish Heritage Research and Marco Polo Systems
  • 33 students of the Municipal School of Fine Arts presents "Microorganisms", in the Palacio de Guevara (29/01/2009)
    The art exhibition in Venice will be open until next February 19
  • The City denies that the burial of the level crossing at Santa Clara may impede the road to the convent of Poor Clares (29/01/2009)
    The Planning Edil encouraged socialists to use their efforts to the benefit of Lorca: "Politicians are to solve problems, not to invent, as the PSOE "
  • Valcárcel, after visiting the stand at IFEMA Lorca, congratulated the City "for having been able to transmit the entirety of FITUR biblicopasionales parades" (29/01/2009)
    President of the Autonomous Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, expressed his satisfaction with "the outstanding municipal booth location "and" how awesome this video is different Holy Week "
  • The City of Lorca receives congratulations both for their dual presence in FITUR and for its wide range of tourist (29/01/2009)
    President's IFEMA, Jose Maria Alvarez del Manzano, and the Government Delegate in Murcia, Rafael González Tovar, agree to attend this biblicopasionales parades year Easter lorquina.
  • 'The path of sight' of Murcia Tourism booth promoting "Lorca Taller del Tiempo", as well as natural areas and heritage Lorca (29/01/2009)
    "Eyes Luchena River, the Sierra del Gigante, Valdeinfierno Swamp The Valentine's Cejo are disclosed in the regional stand ...
  • The Arts Festival All-Espirelia of Lorca is promoted in the leisure area of regional stand FITUR (29/01/2009)
    The Festival of music, theater, exhibitions, films ... All Art-Espirelia of Lorca is one of the screens that provide information images through the five most important festivals in the region.
  • The local end of school sport is played on Thursday (28/01/2009)
    The arrangements for football, basketball, handball and volleyball teams will meet Lorca representing between local phase.
  • The Lorca recycle more paper and cardboard that the other residents in the southeast Spanish (28/01/2009)

  • The City of Lorca remodeled 23 streets of Uptown in 2008 and in 2009 reformed 41 (28/01/2009)
    Lali Councilmember Ibarra made known to the Monitoring Committee Pibal that in 2009 the Consistory invest in this area programs EUR 3,729,952 for basic infrastructure improvements in streets and squares ...
  • La Semana Santa de Lorca and the rest of the municipality's tourism FITUR reach thanks to the stand installed by the City Council (28/01/2009)
    Lorca is one of only two municipalities in the region with its own stand at IFEMA
  • Maria Teresa and her ballet Lazareno participate in the election of the Spanish representative for Eurovision (28/01/2009)

  • The XIII Congress of the PP Local Lorca will be held on Saturday 28 February at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria (28/01/2009)
    Under the motto "Honesty and Work", will take place in Congress to be elected the President and the Committee executive governing the PP over the next three years
  • The City Council initiated the deal in Lorca FITUR a thousand blue and white scarves in support of "A Different Passion" (28/01/2009)
    stand both regionally and installed by the City in the central courtyard has begun to IFEMA give away tens of kilos of the typical "chochos Lorca.
  • The Ombudsman is committed to bringing the institution to the citizens of Lorca (28/01/2009)
    Single Window, the Office of Consumer Affairs, the City Clerk and video conferencing of the Arbitration Board are the tools that you plan to receive complaints and grievances
  • Lorca's booth at craft shows lorquina Fitur ceramics, rugs and wrought (28/01/2009)
    The 15 pieces on display are disclosed products can be purchased at the Regional Centre for Handicrafts Lorca
  • The City Council tightens its belt, freezing the salary of mayor, aldermen, and staffing, and cut the allocation to political groups for council 25% (27/01/2009)
    Mayor imposed austerity counter the crisis.
  • The City of Lorca begins Socio Mediation Program with a meeting of the directors of the beneficiaries (27/01/2009)
    Councillor for Education has announced that it intends to expand this new program to other colleges
  • ... (27/01/2009)

  • End of Argentine youth exchange in the city of Lorca (26/01/2009)
    Tuesday January 27 will end the second part of the exchange "Visiting the south of the South", which has enabled 10 young (five and five Lorca Cordoba in Argentina ) to stay for a month, both in Argentina and Lorca
  • The City will construct a new social club of 865 square meters in the district to accommodate all groups (26/01/2009)
    The new center will have computer room, library, office decentralization, hall, three multipurpose rooms and 5 offices for citizen groups
  • The municipal Emergency Services had to make 19 performances because of strong winds (26/01/2009)
    A total of 25 staff and 5 cars have been part of these actions
  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Town Planning will meet Wednesday with residents of Puri including without authorization in a planning agreement (26/01/2009)
    Francisco Jódar reiterate that will bring to people that were included by the previous municipal government
  • The House approved a detailed study that will provide equipment for ASPERSOLOR (26/01/2009)

  • The full City Council claims the Central Government to match the money sent to Lorca Community (26/01/2009)
    The amount contributed from the Regional Government for three times the Executive by the Zapatero.
  • ... (23/01/2009)

  • The City Council moved Lorca's Passion "The Race" from Easter to IFEMA (23/01/2009)
    The Department of Tourism booth recreated in a live FITUR how Biblicopasionales shows a different Holy Week, in addition to produce an image of the Collegiate Church and the Castle in 50 square meters.
  • Lorca City Council will install 292 new public lighting points in eight districts (23/01/2009)
    Councillor for Works and Services, Angel Mecca, has announced that the cost of the investment amounts to 360,000 euros.
  • The Governing Board of the City Council approved the request Lorca's last two projects at the Municipal Investment Fund (23/01/2009)
    The Consistory want to improve sports facilities Soccer Field in La Paca and dozens of municipal roads.
  • The Department of Women Lorca Hall of the course taught 50 workshops on sexuality for young and 9 School Family Sex Education (22/01/2009)
    Events take place in seven schools, the CIFE, the Adult Education Center, Municipal Center Occupational Training and the College of Special Education 'Pilar Soubrier'.
  • The Ministry and the Municipality of Lorca promote industrial land use planning for the arrival of new entrants (22/01/2009)
    The Minister for Universities and Research Company, Salvador Marín, has pledged to introduce in March the main priorities and begin execution imminent
  • Adif tender stage study of Lorca - Pulpí High Speed (22/01/2009)

  • The City Council requested Lorca basin water transfers surplus (22/01/2009)
    ... to facilitate the recovery of overexploited aquifers
  • Planning approved the construction of 41 new homes in the hamlet of Tercia (22/01/2009)
    has also been given free reign to the redevelopment of the Virgen del Alcázar medical center and an investment of over € 37,000 for the rehabilitation of facades in porch of the historic environment San Antonio
  • El Huerto Ruano hosts from today until March 15 the exhibition "Muñoz Barberán, drawings and sketches" (21/01/2009)
    Lorca Mayor presented this tribute to the painter shows lorquino
  • The Mayor of Lorca presents new and Proximity Prevention Unit, which aims to be closer to the city (21/01/2009)
    32 agents, 5 caps and 1 sergeant in charge of providing greater security to the five areas that has been distributed unit.
  • The PP Lorca criticizes the double standards of the PSOE, "which strives to eliminate the town of tips but lets Calnegre Joseph White built a penthouse apartment of 150 square meters on the sea shore" (21/01/2009)
    Popular urge PSOE Calnegre applied to the same treatment that Mr. White
  • Lorca Mayor unveils Local Employment Bureau works to develop the City worth more than 50 million euros (21/01/2009)
    Jódar also explained the training projects for unemployed people and business initiatives that are expected to slow the increase in unemployment, which has moved to the regional average
  • Lorca City Council will launch during the first half of 2009, a battery of employment and training activities that will benefit 1,585 persons (21/01/2009)
    have been approved by the Bureau of Local Employment and projects will have an amount of EUR 5,634,686
  • Six performances of flamenco art returned to the taverns of the city (20/01/2009)
    will begin on Friday and end the last weekend of February
  • Complex Europe will host a new edition of the Special School Games swimming mode (20/01/2009)
    A total of 200 athletes from 16 schools and clubs in the Region
  • The City of Lorca offers first social mediation program in the school (20/01/2009)
    The project is sponsored by the Department of Education, in collaboration with the Ministry of Education of the Autonomous Community and the People's University of Lorca , will take place in seven schools and three institutes of the municipality.
  • The City Council clarified that the PSOE anticipated recovery in the chapel of St. Lazarus in 2010 or 2011 in the works of Pibal (20/01/2009)

  • ASPROGA continue to manage the Center for Livestock Vehicle Disinfection until they build the new Barranco Hondo (20/01/2009)
    Melchor Morales met this morning with five of the county livestock organizations to pull this issue
  • UPyD Lorca presents its municipal austerity plan and requests the Mayor to apply the story before asking the Lorca "great sacrifices" (20/01/2009)

  • New Generations described as "shameful and hypocritical" JJSS statements on youth unemployment in Lorca (19/01/2009)
    "Instead of demanding their leader Zapatero to take the necessary measures, criticize a government team is doing everything possible to that young people find work, "says López Miras
  • 150 participants took part in the 1 st Route of the "Bike and Nature" (19/01/2009)
    stage developed between Lorca and Calnegre tips with a total of 47 km
  • The study room of the Centro Cultural de la Ciudad de Lorca extends its hours by university exams (19/01/2009)
    January 19th to February 13th will be open from 9:00 am to 3 am Monday through Friday , while the weekend schedule from 10:00 to 14:00 and 17:00 to 3 am
  • Leoncio Collado fooled or not telling the truth, according UPyD (18/01/2009)

  • The Department of Celebration opens the registration period for the groups participating in Carnival 2009 (16/01/2009)
    Registration can be done in the Cultural Centre until next January 26.
  • The pattern of Lorca parties shall be disseminated with a promotional video in tourism fairs (16/01/2009)
    The Councillor of Tourism and President of the Federation San Clemente, promoting the initiative, presented a video that will be present at Fitur first Once that has been funded by the Autonomous Community
  • The lighting throughout the castle wall will cost 100,000 euros less than originally planned, to be allocated to new tourism projects (16/01/2009)
    Part of this amount will, among other new initiatives to strengthen the budget envelope to improve the four museums of embroidery Steps of the Holy Week
  • Limusa establishing a comprehensive service for collecting dog excrement (15/01/2009)
    The new system is already being carried out in cities including Madrid, Malaga or Elche
  • The IMJUDE presents an extensive and varied sports program to promote sport in the municipality during the year 2009 (15/01/2009)
    The dispute Athletics Championships in Spain by Federations and the construction of a pavilion at the deputation of the leading arguments for Hoya new year
  • 300 school districts Lorca high school will benefit from support of the "Paid" leisure and cultural workshops "Aula III" (15/01/2009)
    Lali Councilmember Ibarra has reported that "the City has hired two teachers and five monitors to strengthen training in the four schools in the area of the Urban Initiative is part of the city "
  • The Mayor of Lorca says the local PSOE prefer siding with their fellow Central Government rather than help the people of Lorca (14/01/2009)
    crazy Francisco Jódar calls the need to reduce the municipal budget by 40%, "can not stop a train traveling at 300 km / h at 3 meters, make it progressively "
  • The Lorca can be downloaded by Bluetooth Help Guide against Gender Violence in four languages (13/01/2009)
    This City Council action, conducted in collaboration with the Institute of Women of the Autonomous Region, joined the CAVI, which served in his first eight months to 187 women.
  • The Library for Children and Youth Cultural Center will open every Saturday morning (13/01/2009)
    also spend the morning of Saturday the storytellers for children to be made after 12:00 hours, which were developing on Wednesday pm
  • Response to the statements made by IU (13/01/2009)

  • The Lorca recycled 1.7 million kilos of paper and paperboard in 2008, surpassing the regional average (13/01/2009)
    collection last year at 9.57% above the 2007 data.
  • Approval by the region of the coastal section of the General Plan allows the City to get 1.3 million m2 on the coast (13/01/2009)
    1 million is in Lomo de Bas, 142,127 will be for green areas and 132,350 for road .
  • The City used two shovels for 30 hours and five tons of salt to deal with the snow (13/01/2009)
    Municipal Emergency Service attended 30 warnings and three traffic accidents in the first snowfall of the Town Plan
  • Nearly 4,000 Lorca will benefit from an investment of 273,000 euros to expand the coverage of DTT (12/01/2009)
    It is local action based on a grant from the Autonomous Region which includes the establishment of 5 new transmitting facilities in the Parish, Zarzadilla Totana, Coy, Morata and Almendricos
  • Councillor of Economic Affairs expects that the plan of reorganization may be approved by the Ministry this month January (12/01/2009)
    Antonio Ibarra said that the Consistory works quickly, in line with the guidelines set by the central government.
  • 31 people made in the course of Monitor Lorca National Aquatics (12/01/2009)
    has a total of 85 hours and the contents are taught psychology, pathobiological bases, water rescue and education
  • Local Police stops this weekend, two men for alleged abuse of women (12/01/2009)
    The Councillor for Citizen Security, Belén Pérez, informed of this and other local police actions taken during the weekend
  • 2800 Lorca school will participate during Tuesday and Wednesday in Phase Local Cross Country (12/01/2009)
    belong to 30 schools in the tests to be held at the permanent track in La Torrecilla
  • UPyD Lorca is alarmed at the number of unemployed, being "dramatic" the economic situation of thousands of Lorca (11/01/2009)

  • The City Council will convene a further meeting of the Bureau of Local Employment in the coming weeks to agree on solutions to rising unemployment (09/01/2009)
    The Employment Edil says that this meeting will seek to enrich and enhance the Joint Action Plan launched months ago with the consensus of that body
  • The City Council invests more than € 70,000 to improve safety at crossings of highways and roads of the municipality (09/01/2009)
    The project provides for the regulation of traffic lights at the entrance to the city in the district of Apollonia, and the optimization of maintenance more than 100 traffic lights in the 45 existing crossings dependent Consistory
  • Loca Mayor hands over to Caritas Interparroquial of the keys to a seat designed to create a food bank (09/01/2009)
    The location is situated in heart of Los Angeles and has a dimension of 100 m2
  • The City achieved the approval of all projects submitted to the Local Investment Plan (09/01/2009)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, has described as "quick and effective," the work done by the municipal technical services to take all projects submitted and approved in the shortest time possible.
  • One hundred people formed the special equipment of the City by the intense cold and the risk of snow (08/01/2009)
    The Mayor recommends that drivers and pedestrians to take appropriate measures to prevent falls and accidents due to the intense cold.
  • The City obtained the approval of a total of 15 projects for the State Fund (08/01/2009)
    The Consistory strengthens its workforce to take forward these projects with the hiring of an architect, a public works engineer and an administrative assistant
  • Lorca Taller del Tiempo sponsor the best national team mountain bike rider of last season (08/01/2009)
    "With this agreement, the Consortium booth will be located in the main Spanish and European cities, places that the computer-Trek-Lorca Cemelorca Workshop Time will be visiting in different national and international competitions "
  • The Department of Employment offers a total of 33 offers of jobs for our city (08/01/2009)
    Edil Employment The City of Lorca, Lali Ibarra has reported the arrival of a total of 33 job offers to this Council for employment in different jobs
  • The Association IMJUDE Lorca and Santiago organized six routes on the agenda Bike and Nature (08/01/2009)
    The first will take place next January 18 between Lorca and Calnegre tips with a distance of 52 kilometers.
  • The City Council spends more than 6 million euros through the improvement of 17 schools in our municipal and school building number 6 (07/01/2009)
    The mayor of Education states that these improvement works confirm the Council's commitment to Lorca school community in the municipality.
  • The club hiker "The Carrasca" and IMJUDE, organize activities on Sunday in observance of "Arbor Day" (07/01/2009)

  • The City Council makes a new investment of over a million and a half euros to improve a total of 32 streets in the districts of the municipality (05/01/2009)
    is the most ambitious in the history taken by the city council for these areas.
  • Arrested two men for providing false watches and jewelry establishments in the city (05/01/2009)
    Over the weekend has also been arrested several people for violating the Immigration Act
  • The Three Wise Men visited the city of Lorca and the Plaza of Spain (05/01/2009)

  • Visit of the Wise Men to Hospital Rafael Méndez (05/01/2009)
    The Kings visit the Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca, accompanied by members of the Partido Popular and New Generations
  • Agriculture works with farmers Murciano-Grenadine goat to improve this kind (02/01/2009)
    The project involves the study of the best specimens to ensure an optimal reproduction of the breed goats
  • More than a thousand people will participate in a spectacular Parade (02/01/2009)
    The presence of a royal procession of some twenty pages to accompany each main novelty Kings Parade

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