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  • Lorca ready to receive a large number of visitors to mark the splendor of its Holy Week (31/03/2009)
    up to a total of 40 informants will be scattered at strategic points in the city
  • Suspended Phase Local Athletics due to poor condition of the surface (31/03/2009)

  • The University of Murcia and Lorca City Council will work in socio-educational (31/03/2009)

  • Caritas receives from the hands of the local police of Lorca, warm clothing for needy families in the municipality (31/03/2009)
    Security Councilmember congratulated ACUDEPOL 24 by this initiative, which will continue with a collection of food
  • Single and unanimous agreement on founding soccer motion based on Lorca (31/03/2009)

  • Francisco Cobacho Jódar and sign an agreement to promote collaboration between UMU and the Council of Social Services for socio-educational activities (31/03/2009)
    The Mayor of Lorca and the rector of the UMU down the channels for the joint creation of advisory , research, training and other activities of socio-educational
  • Youth promote youth participation through a National Olympiad Leisure Lorca (31/03/2009)
    Veronica Lopez, Joaquin Montalvan and Agustin Ruiz Llamas, met in Madrid with the Director General of Injuve to present this initiative at the Institute of Youth Lorca
  • List of Winners of the Sports Gala XV Lorca (30/03/2009)

  • The rain forced to suspend the 2nd walking trail of the "Lorca Pie" (30/03/2009)
    On April 26 will be held next on the occasion of Walker's Regional
  • Carles Cano discuss his book "A holiday of fear" on Wednesday 1 and Thursday 2 Encounters with the Author of the Municipal Library Lorca (30/03/2009)
    Peñarrubia announced that the author will talk with 300 primary school children in the Child and Youth Library Cultural Center
  • 1,500 schools participate in Phase Athletic Local School Sports Programme (30/03/2009)
    will be held between Tuesday and Wednesday at the Sports Complex track "La Torrecilla"
  • The plant affected by the fire in the Hospital Rafael Mendez will receive patients from tomorrow (28/03/2009)
    Starting tomorrow will be re-admit patients in 28 of the 34-bed unit of the hospital Internal Medicine II lorquino
  • Proclamation of Easter 2009 - Lorca (28/03/2009)

  • Nearly 14,000 thousand Lorca enjoyed some of the advantages and uses of ICT (28/03/2009)
    In Motion Moves
  • On Monday a new book "Music and musicians, Easter Lorca" (27/03/2009)
    This made by the Director of the Municipal Band, Antonio Manzanera
  • Livestock Councilman presented a motion in Parliament to demand the establishment of a system pig carcass disposal more economical and environmental (27/03/2009)
    Morales points out that this system "has been endorsed by the Scientific Committee of EFSA, and will be a significant savings for farmers in the town "
  • 2.4 million to improve the road connecting the hamlet of Purchase caravaqueña Cavila with Lorca de La Paca (27/03/2009)

  • The Local Government of the City Council tentatively awarded to companies Lorca PIMUN'09 seven new projects totaling 900,800 euros (27/03/2009)
    Municipal Government Team has also initiated the hiring process for the paving of Owl Road and finally awarded two projects.
  • The Region supports the City with 42,400 euros to 25,750 euros CAVI and Local Employment Center for Women (27/03/2009)
    The Consistory will sign an agreement with the Ministry of Social Policy for dealing with victims of violence and encourage the work of Women
  • Carranza's Corner will have a brief sanitation collector with an investment of 780,000 euros in the Autonomous Community (27/03/2009)
    will benefit directly to 1,077 residents of the area.
  • The Civil Guard dismantled a clandestine dog farm Yorkshire Terrier (27/03/2009)
    In the "Operation YORK"
  • Limusa signaling began work to expand the ORA service in the island environment of Los Angeles and the Armed Forces (26/03/2009)
    During the month of April may be removed parking cards for residents, businesses and trades for the remainder of the year 2009
  • The City Council created the web Lorca / pimun for citizens to know the municipal works PIMUN'09 275 (26/03/2009)

  • The Department of Social Services held a conference to prepare the Municipal Immigration Plan with groups that work with the sector (26/03/2009)

  • Days to inform the public about safe Internet Movement Advances (26/03/2009)
    Initiative launched by the Ministry of Industry and framed in Avanza2 Plan
  • Lorca hosts the exhibition of painter Perez Casanova 'Places, Moments', launched today by Valcárcel (26/03/2009)
    The exhibition, which will be open until April 30, consists of 44 paintings in which the artist reproduces cityscapes and still lifes his characteristic use of light and color
  • Traditional Dinner Jungle Troop Sun City (25/03/2009)
    Scout Group "Sun City" of Lorca reports that will be held on March 27
  • The cycling team Cemelorca-Trek-Lorca Taller del Tiempo is presented with an eye on World Cup 2009 (25/03/2009)
    equipment currently leads the Open in Spain and hopes to be among the best in South Africa in early April.
  • Lucy Bell, Ana Maria Cano and Domingo Zamora, 8, 12 and 13 years, won the competition for local schoolchildren "The three best words for prevention" (24/03/2009)

  • Workshops, concerts, equestrian and falconry displays and food tasting VI commemorate the birthday of the Fortaleza del Sol (24/03/2009)
    The entrance to the workshop will be free time this weekend for all citizens.
  • The Department of Employment about the citizens of the districts its educational offerings (24/03/2009)
    The decentralization of courses begins in Cazalla and Coy.
  • The installation of the stands for Holy Week lead narrowing in Avenida Juan Carlos I, from 23 to 27 March (23/03/2009)

  • One hundred people participated in information days Lorca's Rural Development Programme (23/03/2009)
    Director General of Irrigation and Rural Development presented the actions of this plan to "promote the strategic value of agriculture and natural environment"
  • The 2 Route of the "Lorca walk 2009" will be held next Sunday in Almendricos (23/03/2009)
    will a tour of nine miles and last approximately four hours
  • Students Narciso Yepes CEIP de Marchena and Palm Zarcilla CRA will represent Lorca in the Regional Final Playing Athletics (23/03/2009)

  • One hundred people involved in the first day to raise awareness of the Rural Development Programme 2007/13, which is held in Lorca (23/03/2009)
    The City Council appreciates that the Ministry of Agriculture of the Autonomous choose to Sun City to host the first briefing of the RDP, through which farmers offered aid worth 818 million euros
  • The Movement Moves makes Lorca in a large technology exhibition (23/03/2009)
    Movement Advances approach Technologies Information and Communication Technology (ICT) to Murcia, showing simple and fun uses and benefits of joining the Information Society
  • Marisa López Soria will speak on Thursday and Friday from his book "The Palitroques" at the City Library for Children and Youth Cultural Center Lorca (23/03/2009)
    Early Childhood Education 300 students will talk with this contributor to the view on your work published by Editorial Everest, under the "meetings with authors.
  • Inmaculada García, the collaboration between governments to involve citizens in the Information Society (23/03/2009)
    At the opening of the exhibition 'Movement Advances' in Lorca
  • Francisco Ros technology exhibition opens 'Movement Advances' in Lorca (23/03/2009)

  • Free Software Murcia reaches of the labor movement CENATIC and Avanza (23/03/2009)
    The Ministry of Industry together with the National Reference Center for the Application of ICT based on open sources (CENATIC) organizes the day of the free software movement advances
  • One person dies in a fire at the hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca (21/03/2009)

  • 225 athletes participated in the popular race of the "Fiestas de San José" (20/03/2009)

  • More than 1,600 attend school Lorca, between 24 and 26 March, the play "Puppetyfauna" Cultural Center (20/03/2009)
    The initiative is organized by the Social Work Ibercaja and the Department of Education and University of the City Council Lorca
  • 50 students from the No. 6 Lorca visit a solar plant in the County of La Torrecilla (20/03/2009)
    IMJUVE was organized by the part of the "La Pera Newton
  • The Governing Board responsible for more than four works PIMUN Lorca `09 companies and does the same with another five projects awarded provisionally (20/03/2009)
    New lighting in Campillo and The Wire will involve an expenditure of City Hall and the Community of 118,934.13 euros.
  • Representatives of the Sports Press Association are received by the Mayor of Lorca (18/03/2009)
    The first mayor of the city was invited to the Sports Gala to be held on day 24 in Murcia
  • The IMJUDE broadened its offering degree courses sports (18/03/2009)
    Level 1 national coach and referee of volleyball will be held in Lorca, in the future
  • The Local Board for the Underground Railroad as it passes through Lorca asked for an urgent meeting of the Tripartite Commission at the Ministry of Public Works (18/03/2009)

  • The Mayor of Lorca underscores the importance of women in the reception of delegates from agro CCOO (17/03/2009)
    The day, with an assertive character and fun, met in Sun City to the delegates of the union committee to highlight agribusiness the importance of women in this sector
  • The Women's Department suspended all its shops tomorrow afternoon to facilitate attendance at the rally for the Tajo-Segura (17/03/2009)
    Antonia Lopez has sent to all women's associations agreed the manifesto for the Tajo- Segura, inviting them to participate in the protest that will depart from the Plaza Circular at 17:30
  • Holcim proposes early retirement, redundancy plan for employment for 47 people and 38 others, according UGT (17/03/2009)
    UGT consider the offer and on March 25 will be positioned in Madrid
  • First Lorca Squash Tournament was held this past Saturday at the Sports Complex Europe (16/03/2009)

  • Record of participation in the 3 rd route of the "Bike and Nature" (16/03/2009)
    More than 150 participants took part in the tour starts and ends in the hamlet of Palm Zarcilla
  • Young people demand respect for nature through a sample of cars "tuned" in Avenida Juan Carlos I (16/03/2009)
    It is an initiative of the departments of Environment and Youth has participated in more than fifty a dozen students and teachers from 6 schools Lorca
  • The artist Jaime Lorca Visedo won the Goya for "The Missing Lynx" (16/03/2009)
    the work produced by Antonio Banderas was rewarded as the best animated film of the last edition of the Academy Awards
  • The Civil Guard is investigating the appearance of a corpse in a pit of Lorca (14/03/2009)

  • Lorca's PB says not to attend the demonstration in defense of the Tajo-Segura is an act of betrayal and disloyalty to all Lorca (13/03/2009)
    The Secretary General of the popular, Ángel García Aragón, said that "Wednesday we obligation to defend like men and women so that tomorrow we need not mourn as children "
  • The new Health and Consumer Web allow citizens access to consultation documents, download instances and applications (13/03/2009)
    have also been acts of World Consumer Day, most notably the installation of an information table at the Plaza Calderon a play in Santa Quitería.
  • The Local Government of the City Council awarded three companies Lorca Lorca PIMUN'09 works amounting to € 407,200 (13/03/2009)
    In addition to these projects funded by the State Fund has been provisionally awarded the drafting of basic and execution of Secondary School No. 6.
  • The City of Lorca and the Autonomous Region signed an agreement to invest over one million euros in primary care of Social Services (13/03/2009)
    The agreement provides the basic features of the Civic Center, the home help program and backing for social inclusion.
  • The SENAMI organize a conference in Lorca in offering the voluntary return of Ecuadorian immigrants (13/03/2009)
    will be made next Sunday at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria and assist them representative of the National Secretariat for Migrants, Oscar Jara
  • The final approval of the Villa Garden Home of the Counts of San Julián and building permits for repairs to the Casa del Paso Blue, featured arrangements of the Council of Management (13/03/2009)
    also approved the construction of 34 houses in the municipality of Lorca
  • The novel "Between the sand and sky," winner of the tenth edition of Short Fiction Award from the Casino de Lorca (13/03/2009)

  • 30,000 euros to the Social Work Louise de Marillac (13/03/2009)
    to prevent absenteeism and school failure in Lorca
  • 50 high school students from IES Ramón Arcas Meca develop a travel log on the old mine train travel Morata - Pastrana (12/03/2009)

  • The Women Councillors Employment and literature prizes are awarded March '8 'of student employment workshop Cronos (12/03/2009)
    Lali Ibarra and Antonia Lopez have highlighted the efforts of the participants of the four ways to submit their poems and stories
  • 168 girls participate in organized athletics Grand Prix and the City by Eliocroca (12/03/2009)
    The event was held last Saturday at the Ciudad Deportiva de La Torrecilla.
  • Acts of the 40th anniversary of the "City of So" 'next Saturday, March 14 (12/03/2009)

  • Aguadero The 1,500 residents who had no drinking water may have this service with an investment of around € 800,000 (11/03/2009)
    It is a performance of Aguas de Lorca Town Hall and will benefit 500 homes.
  • Social Services began a training course on multiculturalism and cultural resources (11/03/2009)
    Participants 40 people and is carried throughout the month of March in the afternoon
  • Gregorio Parra lorquino journalist, will give a lecture on March 17 titled "Doping, the great threat" (10/03/2009)
    Antonio Peñalver, current Director General of Sport will attend as a speaker
  • The writer Francisco Domene will speak on Thursday about his book "The latest adventure," attended by 200 students of 1 º and 2 º ESO (10/03/2009)
    Classroom Selgas be part of the activities called "Encounters with the author"
  • Open the deadline for submission of grants for projects in the cultural associations and Celebrations in neighborhoods and districts of Lorca (10/03/2009)
    up to March 30 instances can register to participate in this call of the Municipal Council for Culture and Celebrations
  • The Local Committee Against Truancy agreed to establish two technical committees to devise new prevention measures, detection and intervention (10/03/2009)

  • The book ripper Letters "Muñoz Barberán be presented tomorrow at the Garden Ruano (09/03/2009)
    Editing Manuel Muñoz Clares speaks of a selection of correspondence and writings by the artist between 1941 and 1972
  • The 3 rd route of the "bicycle and nature" and the career of San Jose, upcoming events, popular character (09/03/2009)

  • Yesterday Expoflora closed-lorca 2009 (09/03/2009)
    Ramon Miñarro manager at the official announced his resignation.
  • The Local Board will meet tomorrow on Absenteeism in Lorca (09/03/2009)
    The main objective is to study and proposal of measures for the prevention and control of truancy in the city
  • More than 400 students participate on Tuesday March 10 at the local phase of "playing the Athletics' (09/03/2009)
    The modality is aimed at the baby and juvenile categories and developed in Europe Sports Complex
  • The first route of the "Lorca Foot 2009", was attended by 90 walkers (09/03/2009)
    was divided into two stages and joined Bolnuevo (Mazarron) and Cabo Cope, overnight in the municipal shelter Calnegre Tips
  • The Department of Tourism, Commerce and Handicrafts distributed cloth bags for shopping at the traditional Thursday market (06/03/2009)

  • The next morning of March 9 will proceed to the processing plant in several gardens and green areas of the city (06/03/2009)
    It had to postpone the scheduled March 3 by the rains in the municipality.
  • On Saturday, day 7, awards at the XXV European Congress of Bonsai and Suiseki Expoflora held in Lorca 2009 (06/03/2009)

  • The Mayor and City Council of NGOs involved in delivery of its new Red Cross ambulance (06/03/2009)
    The vehicle, whose cost amounts to € 52,000 paid by the proceeds from Red Cross and the agreement signed with the municipality, assist in the services provided by this NGO.
  • The advances Local Government in the procedures for the refurbishment of 15 blocks, five paths and three projects PIMUN'09 (06/03/2009)
    Municipal Government Team Award start records for the improvement of 14 streets of Uptown and 5-Almendricos roads, financed by the ERDF and the Community.
  • The guitarist lorquina Luján Mercedes involved in the Stream Palace Concerts "XIII Festival de Jerez (06/03/2009)
    Wednesday March 11 lorquina artist, who currently performs with the dance company of Daniel James, will take the stage of Palacio de Villavicencio to offer the best of his repertoire.
  • The three political groups of the Municipal Corporation presented a manifesto in defense of the Tajo-Segura and Lorca requested to support the demonstration on March 18 in Murcia (06/03/2009)
    Manifesto of the political groups of the Municipal Corporation.
  • The Department of Employment and Local Development offers a dozen job offers to the unemployed in our city (05/03/2009)
    Anyone interested in any of these offers can obtain more detailed information at the headquarters of the Department of Employment and Local Development of the City, Alameda street Menchirón
  • Opens in Lorca Sotoca Infant and nine classrooms in the school dining room Alfonso X (05/03/2009)
    The new construction is an extension of 225 seats and an investment of 1.8 million euros
  • Tomorrow the XV edition of Expoflora-Lorca (05/03/2009)

  • Training Vocal Cluster act this Saturday at the Conservatory Narciso Yepes in the regional exchange program of choirs (05/03/2009)

  • The City Council is committed to improving the processing of administrative records with the launch of a new and faster service cadastre (04/03/2009)
    Consistory and General Directorate of Cadastre sign an agreement that will save citizens traveling outside Lorca for red tape related to the service
  • Lali Ibarra: "The increase in unemployment in Lorca is slowed, but we are working to prevent the tide of the crisis to drag us" (04/03/2009)
    Women capean the crisis better, in fact, the increase in employment is half that of men.
  • The author's encounters with the public libraries will on Thursday and Friday with the presence of Antonia Rodenas (04/03/2009)
    Author will discuss his book "I Want My Pacifier" and "A handful of kisses"
  • M ª Paz Carazo and Alberto Mouliaá collect their prizes as winners in the 1 st edition of the narrative Contest for Secondary Education "Award Angeles Pascual" (04/03/2009)

  • The Mayor calls the platform for the underground railway and move to the Ministry of Public Works with a committee to demand clarification Lorca (04/03/2009)

  • The FAMDIF Accessibility Committee meets with the city of Lorca (03/03/2009)

  • Routes and conferences are part of the wide range of activities of the 8 th edition of the "Lorca Pie" (03/03/2009)
    The route between Bolnuevo-Tips Calnegre-Cabo Cope in two days and the conference of the mountaineer Ferran Latorre outstanding issues with with the Regional Day Hiking
  • Peñarrubia morning give awards to Narration First Contest for Secondary Education "Award Angeles Pascual" (03/03/2009)
    The event will take place at the Cultural Center of the City at 11:00 am
  • New Sports Complex schedule "La Torrecilla" in response to strong demand of the population (03/03/2009)

  • The International Day of Women's Rights held in Lorca with exhibitions, theater, poetry, lectures, athletics and more (02/03/2009)
    The events will last for 15 days that will enhance social awareness about the cause of women and gender equality
  • The City Council allocated over the next several months nearly 2.4 million euros to modernize and improve the Barrio de San Cristóbal (02/03/2009)
    The Mayor has set 5 PIMUN projects that include improving 16 roads in the upper, fully rearrange the streets Mayor and Ortega Melgares, construct a covered pavilion and a new civic center
  • The arrival of the first stage of the Tour of Murcia on Wednesday will cause traffic courts (02/03/2009)

  • Victoria Marcos Garcia Lorca chess player in the Final Regional School Sport (02/03/2009)

  • Aurora Gil Bohorquez, Professor of Language and Literature Secondary morning the conference will offer "Reading, a real pleasure" (02/03/2009)
    This activity, which was held at the IES Giner Ros 19 to 21 hours, is part of the cycle " Reading and Family

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