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  • Sergio Mantecón expected "off the spine of the Olympic Games in the World" (31/08/2012)

  • Major Lorca can enjoy 36 free courses Wellness scheduled by the Department of the Mayor (31/08/2012)

  • A thirty activities include programming for the fair and festivity of the Virgen de las Huertas (31/08/2012)
    Mass will be redeveloping the convent after earthquakes
  • The municipality reported no major incidents due to stormwater last night (31/08/2012)

  • IU-V prompted the review of waste collection rates for the benefit of small businesses (30/08/2012)

  • Workshop School improves the state of the malls with repairing the stone benches and ornamental fountain (30/08/2012)

  • Lorca receives a solidarity of 6033 by the promoters of the tour "All X Lorca" (30/08/2012)

  • A dozen heavy groups throughout the Region of Murcia are competing this weekend in his presence "Lorca Metal 2012" (30/08/2012)
    through a "Battle of the Bands"
  • The Municipal Service Villages Citizen in 28,164 hospitality has made during the first half of the year (29/08/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls the government team that focuses on informing citizens and put aside the insult (28/08/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, has demanded more transparency in the management for getting more solidarity with Lorca
  • The Joint Commission approves more than 463,000 euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (28/08/2012)
    405,402 euros are rental and repair of housing and 57,719 for trade
  • The Joint Commission approves more than 463,000 euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (28/08/2012)
    405,402 euros are rental and repair of housing and 57,719 for trade
  • The Council invites the PSOE to conduct an exercise in dignity citizens apologizing and paying out of pocket the toy you bought for Fitur (28/08/2012)
    Francisco Garcia: "the PSOE was bought the most expensive toy in the world and now we will Lorca paying.'s a monument to waste "
  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Commissioner of the Government of Spain for Earthquake Reconstruction meet with Neighborhood Assembly (28/08/2012)

  • A special show of humor and dance, with the finest pieces of Spanish song, action reserved for the "Day of the Mayor" Fair and Festivals of Lorca (28/08/2012)
    The event, to be held in the parking lot of Hotel Jardines de Lorca, will take place on September 27
  • Martínez Fajardo: "The exercise of demagogy of Mr. García borders on child" (28/08/2012)
    The Secretary of the Local Executive Committee, Daniel Martinez, has asked the councilman seriously popular when making statements
  • Antonio Navarro: "If no accounts have been cleaned up with the money of Earthquake, Mr. Amador asked to give explanations that have made him" (27/08/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, expressed his surprise at the exhibition of good management by Mr. Amador
  • Antonio Navarro: "We are surprised by the addition of another senior-level, ie with high salary, the management of the earthquake" (27/08/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, insisted results that are needed for less senior and more willingness on the part of those already there
  • 3175 Lorca students receive training in road safety campaign within the institutes (27/08/2012)
    Police conducted Local coinciding with the start of the school
  • The Council blamed the accusations PSOE to "boycott" that has taken the party (27/08/2012)
    "aid from reaching the town to recover from the earthquake"
  • "Untouchable" by Nakache and Toledano, morning puts the finishing touch to the projections of the "Summer Movie" (27/08/2012)

  • The PSOE regrets the delay in the commissioning of the municipality where it is located local Red Cross and Songs and Dances of Lorca (27/08/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Andrea Periago, has called for the early reconstruction of the Red Cross headquarters and Songs and Dances of Lorca
  • Detainee authors of "tocomocho" in Lorca (24/08/2012)
    The two detainees, male and female, 40 and 50 years living in Torrevieja (Alicante), have numerous precedents for these facts
  • Saving measures and improved management in the City get set to cut its debt by more than 17.6 million euros (24/08/2012)

  • Effective Municipal Emergency Service stifle a vehicle fire on Highway C RM-12 (24/08/2012)
    They prevent the fire from spreading to forest area
  • Aid to traders affected by the earthquake Lorca uninsured totaled 839,280 euros (24/08/2012)

  • The City Council approved the process to enable the reconstruction of three buildings in the neighborhood of La Viña (23/08/2012)
    assume an area of ​​6,421 m2
  • The City included within the Plan area Lorca arrangement between the streets Nogalte, Alfonso X and Barn as a priority action (23/08/2012)
    Mecca Angel says the Consistory shared with residents and businesses need to fix these streets, to what they already memory has been drafted and is finalizing the project
  • Antonio Navarro: "Valcárcel can not add" (22/08/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, considered Valcárcel claims a new joke
  • Second, La Casa Azul, José Manuel Soto and Murciano Pop Night Special with dog groups, Ross and tightrope walkers, free concerts (22/08/2012)
    Fair and Festivals for September
  • A man about 80 years is killed by train in Lorca (22/08/2012)

  • The City Council considers "ridiculous" attempt to want to join the PSOE's arrival Noksel Lorca (22/08/2012)

  • Manuel Soler: "The disqualification of Mr. Jódar say little going for it" (22/08/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, recalled that the government team is unable to find funding for the economic revitalization of the municipality
  • The City claims that Manuel Soler does not want to bring more aid to retake the city after the earthquake (21/08/2012)
    and qualify their statements of "stupid and absurd"
  • The owners of 43,973 homes damaged by earthquakes not pay property tax this year (21/08/2012)
    after accepting the Government of Spain City Council request to that effect
  • The Municipal Emergency service locates and rescues a neighbor Zarzadilla Totana (21/08/2012)
    had gone for a morning walk and did not return home
  • Martínez Fajardo: "I produce strange statements made by a person as fair as Mr. Amador" (21/08/2012)
    The Secretary of the Local Executive Committee, Daniel Martinez, has made it clear that they want the socialists is that the aid is managed on a efficiently and with maximum transparency
  • The New Partnership conducted a walk from Lorca Lorca Segura River passage through White (20/08/2012)

  • Manuel Soler "The accounts of the City are not sanitized" (20/08/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, has denied the Councillor of Finance, stating that they are squaring balances from the earthquake
  • The PSOE pointed statements made by Councilman Francisco Garcia (20/08/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Ana Lario, recalled the erratic Popular Party policy in the section of industrial and infrastructure investments
  • The Socialist Party denounced the unemployed who have repaired their homes have to give the aid of the Royal Decree (17/08/2012)

  • 29 college students performed at City Hall internship this summer Lorca (17/08/2012)
    Councilman Internal Affairs notes that "students who have applied will enjoy their first work experience through practical training that encourages their employability"
  • Manuel Soler: "The project to install fire hydrants in the piping of the Irrigation Community Lorca possible, interesting and necessary" (17/08/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, announced that his group will present a motion at the next plenary in that sense
  • The traditional pottery lorquina participate in a traveling exhibition organized by the AECC to open in the Italian city of Faenza (17/08/2012)
    Lorca, as a city invited by the Spanish Association of Towns of Ceramics, state craft shows as bowls or trays made by potters Lorca
  • IU-Green public expresses its appreciation and congratulations to both Lorca athletes who participated in the Olympic Games in London (17/08/2012)

  • IU-Councilman Green replica of Finance, Mr. Amador, and says that public services in Lorca if you are feeling (17/08/2012)

  • Lorca strengthens its industrial character with advances in the creation of Solar Lorca (17/08/2012)
    the largest photovoltaic power plant in the world and the 2nd phase of metallurgical Noksel
  • La Fortaleza del Sol received over 5,000 visitors during the month of July, twice in 2010 (16/08/2012)
    The public opening of the Synagogue and the Jewish quarter, within the Archaeological Park of the Castle, have become revolting for tourism local
  • Marisol Sanchez: "We want to know where and how you spend every penny of the loan from the European Investment Lorca" (16/08/2012)

  • The City reminds employers that Lorca end of the year to qualify for the credit line ICO-Commerce to recover damages caused by earthquakes (16/08/2012)
    to date have been awarded 800,000 euros in aid to uninsured businesses through the Plan Improvement and competitiveness of Commerce
  • Application period for registration to participate in the Open Exhibition of Sports Games Guadalentín XXXIV (16/08/2012)
    Categories are local veterans, under 14, and double absolute
  • Public Works working on the recovery of the road that connects the parish with Lorca (14/08/2012)
    The road is damaged by the earthquake last year
  • Open Enrolment for volunteer service Guadalentín Sports Games (14/08/2012)
    Applicants must have at least 14 years old and have time available between September 7 and October 12
  • Lorca recycled 1,435 tons of cardboard, 795 glass, light packaging 377, 105, clothes, electronics 52 and 12 tires in 2011 (14/08/2012)
    also recycled 2,300 kg of batteries, 900 oil, 4,700 wooden fluorescent and 89
  • Awarded the contract to install the collector to clean up the Rambla Biznaga in its lower reaches, amounting to almost 2.6 million (14/08/2012)
    This improvement is part of the Comprehensive Sanitation Plan and Purification of Lorca and will result in significant improvement for residents of the hamlets of the garden without sanitation
  • Municipal Emergency Service has attended 240 incidents on the beaches of Calnegre tips during the month of July (14/08/2012)
    jellyfish stings, allergic reactions or cures for injuries, some of the incidents attended by the Emergency Service also conducted 4 rescues
  • 33 new stores have opened their doors in Lorca in 2 months (13/08/2012)
    through the License Express created by Royal Decree on Urgent Measures for Trade Liberalization
  • Lorca offered his unique tribute to the Olympics with the issue of "Chariots of Fire" on Tuesday at 22 am in the Plaza de Calderon, in the cycle Summer Film (13/08/2012)
    The film, one of the best on the subject of the Olympics , was honored in 1982 with 4 Oscars: Best Picture, Best Costume Design, Best Music and Best Screenplay
  • ... (10/08/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls to maintain the sector reduced VAT cut flowers and ornamental plant (10/08/2012)
    The Socialist Deputy, Manuel Soler, said that the Socialist parliamentary group has been a motion in the Regional Assembly to that effect
  • Lorca will become the national capital of video games through the conference "Lorca Games" to be held in the Castle (10/08/2012)
    Competitions, workshops or conferences are part of the pioneer for this event which is a crossroads between the tourism and medieval-themed video games
  • The Socialist Party denounced the elimination of overtime pay employment workshops in Phoenix I and II (10/08/2012)
    The socialist councilor, Andrea Periago councilor has urged the Employment and Training to get in the skin of the 48 families affected lorquinas
  • The City of Lorca Lorca claims the utmost caution to the orange alert warning level 3 heat and forest fire risk (10/08/2012)
    The Session requested the cooperation of citizens and remember that before any outbreak of fire must call the Coordination Centre Emergency 1-1-2
  • Almost 300 people enjoyed the tears of St. Lawrence in the Fortress of the Sun with the "Night of Perseids and Poetry" (10/08/2012)
    Programming tourism continues dramatized nightly visits from Tuesday to Saturday, daytime visits and workshop next Cocinoterapia Saturday 18
  • Ibarra: "We regret that the PSOE agreed to the unemployed as late Lorca" (10/08/2012)
    Employment Councilmember socialist Lorca reminded that "all measures has been difficult to adopt the National Government have their origin in the bad inheritance received because of the Zapatero government management "
  • Antonio Navarro: "Fifteen months later, the three governments will split the 21 million euros from the European Solidarity Fund, while the neighbors have to pay for demolition" (10/08/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to Earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, "congratulated" Mr Jodar and M. Valcárcel by how well they have managed to manipulate the management of Earthquakes
  • Manuel Soler: "The costs of the buildings are being bulldozed have to be paid by the owners, trade is not getting off and the three administrations do not agree to divide the 21 million EU" (09/08/2012)
    The Spokesman Municipal Group Socialist Manuel Soler, stressed that despite still in serious condition, still Lorca solutions
  • The OMIC Lorca has treated 3,174 inquiries and 599 complaints in the first 7 months of 2012 (09/08/2012)
    The issues relating to telephony, distance shopping online or gas, the most by consumers Lorca
  • Urban gives green light to rebuild two of the largest buildings demolished as a result of earthquakes: Princess Building and Residential San Mateo, with a total of 174 dwellings (09/08/2012)
    Princess Building recover its 79 houses and 77 parking spaces, while the Residential San Mateo rebuild 95 homes and 204 parking spaces
  • Francisco Garci responded to the statements of the PSOE (09/08/2012)

  • Local police aborted an attempted robbery on a plot of Barrio La Viña (09/08/2012)
    A man of 21 years sought to remove a hand truck, an air-conditioning, hot water heater and a stainless steel plate of the lot Street located in Carpentry
  • Lorca involved in the photo contest "Just missing you" as the only tourist destination in the prestigious European Network of EDEN Tourism in the Region of Murcia (08/08/2012)
    The Sun City is a tourist destination since June 2011, EDEN
  • PSOE: "The PP condemns extreme poverty by over a thousand of Lorca with the deletion of 400 euros Program Prepares" (08/08/2012)
    For those over 1100 Lorca and their families, "renew the provision is the difference between eating or not eating "
  • Lorca City Council asks residents to take precautions against the heat wave expected in our town between Thursday and Saturday (08/08/2012)
    As preventive measures against heat are advised to drink water frequently
  • The Fortress of the Sun Wednesday morning host "Night of Perseids and Poetry" from 21 hours (07/08/2012)
    Watching the Tears of St. Lawrence will be complemented by poetry, chill-out music, performance, cocktails and magic.
  • The Industrial Hub Lorca-Puerto Lumbreras will boost economic growth in the region and generating quality employment (07/08/2012)
    Regional and Municipal Government emphasize the importance of this industrial hub, which already has over 300 companies located
  • The new Plan of Action of the Local Agenda 21 Lorca includes more than 200 proposals to improve the lives of Lorca (07/08/2012)

  • The Joint Commission has today transferred aid worth almost 19 million euros to 2,225 families affected by earthquakes (07/08/2012)
    completing the payment of aid for all applications approved to date
  • The Fortress of the Sun on Thursday will host the "Night of Perseids and Poetry" from 21 hours (07/08/2012)
    Watching the Tears of St. Lawrence will be complemented by poetry, chill-out music, performance, cocktails and magic.
  • Manuel Soler: "The mistakes made in the previous legislature and the inability to obtain financing, choke the economy of the City" (06/08/2012)

  • Amador "municipal budgets for 2012 are the best example of doing more with less" (06/08/2012)
    The mayor calls the budget "real, balanced, focused on helping those who are faring worse and all this without increasing council tax "
  • The Full Council approves the budget for the year 2012 (06/08/2012)
    rises to the level of 67'6 million, while the aggregate budget, which includes items SEPOR, Limusa Emergency and Municipal Company, amounted to 78'89 million
  • The Local Government Committee approved the grant of aid worth 42,117 euros to 26 families affected by earthquakes (06/08/2012)
    The mayor of Social Services said "This agreement with the Bureau for Development will be distributed and € 3,134,090 for '55 the victims and the recovery of the municipality "
  • Antonio Navarro: "The situation demands answers Lorca and there those who" (04/08/2012)

  • ... (03/08/2012)

  • Open the deadline to apply for municipal aid for Erasmus students for the course 2012-2013 (03/08/2012)
    During the 2011-2012 academic year were 46 university students who have applied this Lorca aid for studies abroad
  • Visits medieval, travel dramatized the War of Independence, contemplation of the Perseids or cocinoterapia, some of the activities of the Fortress of the Sun during the month of August (03/08/2012)
    Programming Lorca Castle tour offers the innovative activity "The Plot Blake, "which will take us until 1811 at night from Tuesday to Saturday
  • Rafael Ruiz: "We are concerned that these budgets are not provided more support measures aimed at the poorer classes" (03/08/2012)
    "given the special circumstances of Lorca"
  • Response to the statements of PSOE and IU on Municipal Budgets for 2012 (03/08/2012)

  • La Peña Madridista Redován Santiago Bernabeu 600 euros delivery to the Bureau for Development to assist those affected by the earthquake of May 11 (03/08/2012)
    The amount was collected through the draw for a Real Madrid shirt signed by all players
  • A total of 884,848 euros for the repair and reconstruction of houses affected by the earthquake in Lorca (03/08/2012)
    Implementation of the contingency fund
  • The shirt raises other tequierolorca solidarity # 890 euros for the Bureau for Development (02/08/2012)
    Commercial Councillor of the City of Lorca, Eduardo Sanchez, received the donation from the hands of Presintown store manager, Francisco Montoya, creator of this initiative and threw up 931 euro in the Christmas campaign
  • The rehabilitation works carried out in the Cultural Center of the city infrastructure will make it more accessible and convenient for all users (02/08/2012)
    100,000 euros will be invested to repair the damage caused by earthquakes, and in addition to the hall and room air conditioning exposure and the installation of an automatic door-opening photocell
  • 5 young Lorca will be announced in local craft a youth in Greece as part of the program "Youth in Action" (02/08/2012)
    A total of 35 young people from Finland, Portugal, Slovenia, Italy, Greece and Spain share their features artisans this coexistence to be held until 10 August
  • Marisol Sanchez: "While in the Country and Region unemployment figures down, the incompetence of PP in Lorca make our city unemployment rises" (02/08/2012)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman, Marisol Sanchez, has denounced the incompetence of the Government Local tackle unemployment
  • POST WWF and semiarid ecosystems recover in Lorca (02/08/2012)
    This is the ninth POST forest in the country, funded with a portion of sales of its "Green Line"
  • The Regional House of Murcia in the Canary Islands 1,000 euros delivery to the Bureau for Development from the celebration of the event "Lest we forget ... I'm Lorca" (01/08/2012)
    The Mayor thanked the organization for their generous collaboration which confirms that " Despite the distance continues to demonstrate an unwavering commitment to their land of origin "
  • Martinez Fajardo: "This decaffeinated Lorca is clearly insufficient Plan" (01/08/2012)

  • 54,000 euros to be invested to provide an ambitious battery of courses for unemployed women lorquinas from September (01/08/2012)
    115 places will be offered at 10 training activities among which the branch socio-health and computer languages.
  • Parking in the blue of the ORA will be free until 31 August (01/08/2012)
    As usual every year will not have to pay any fee for parking in this area throughout the month of August
  • Response to the statements of the Secretary General of the Socialist Group Lorca (01/08/2012)

  • The City of Lorca asked to show the utmost caution neighbors (01/08/2012)
    orange alert to the heat under our municipality between 12 and 20 hours a day
  • Marisol Sanchez: "We demand to know where the money from the insurance policy health center Lorca-Centro" (01/08/2012)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman, Marisol Sanchez, has called Santa Rosa de Lima is equipped in early September

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