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  • The City of Lorca meets a demand historic neighborhood in La Hoya with the creation of pedestrian access to Health Park (31/01/2013)
    22,000 euros have been invested in the Plan of Works in neighborhoods and districts in implementing this important improvement that will released by all visitors to the pilgrimage of the Health next Saturday February 2
  • The Socialist Party is concerned about the doubts regarding the burial of the AVE project (31/01/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, said that it needs the involvement of all government
  • The Government congratulates PP Rajoy by implementing policies for the most disadvantaged who forgot ZP for 7 years (31/01/2013)
    Policies to stop the evictions, the creation of the Social Housing Fund or Plan Prepare fixation until unemployment continue be a problem, essential lines to help those who suffer most from the crisis
  • Lorca shown in their Synagogue FITUR tourism promoters and media (31/01/2013)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and Jorge Eiroa degree in history have exhibited in the House stand the importance of the site of the Jewish quarter and Lorca Castle explained its value
  • The Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports and the City of Lorca presents a study of Tourism and Heritage (31/01/2013)

  • Renfe and Lorca Workshop of Time signed an agreement to promote the historical and cultural city of Lorca by using the train (31/01/2013)
    Visitors traveling by train will have discounts on the activities promoted by Lorca Workshop of Time
  • The Department of Employment has trained 460 people, with a scholarship at 70, hired 316, oriented in the job search and advised to 755 125 during the year 2012 (30/01/2013)
    The website of the Department starting this year received 239,329 visits, 5574 people have registered for the same job search and 109 companies have offered 260 posts
  • Antonio Navarro: "Valcárcel blames Lorca Lorca that not rebuild" (30/01/2013)
    Deputy Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PSOE in Lorca, Antonio Navarro, stressed that, while hardly solves Joint Commission records, the few records resolved, either paid
  • Lorca City Council will not allow that to cast doubt on the great work being done from the Department of Earthquake (30/01/2013)

  • Francisco Jódar Fitur receives the Excellence Award in 2012 for the effort to recover after earthquakes Visitor (30/01/2013)

  • The PSOE regrets the refusal of the Consistory to deliver a copy of the Plan to Lorca opposition groups (29/01/2013)
    The Socialist councilor, Isabel Casalduero, stressed that the government team again put the interests of his party to the interests of Lorca citizens
  • Lorca begins this Saturday to celebrate Carnival with the presentation of the figures of the party (29/01/2013)

  • The City of Lorca published six new tourism promotion audiovisual Township (29/01/2013)

  • Guevara Palace of Lorca can be visited at Easter after restoration for the damage caused by earthquakes (29/01/2013)

  • The city of Lorca in macha runs a service to locate the 125 parking spaces for people with physical disabilities (28/01/2013)

  • The City of Lorca advance € 18,000 to each of the injured by earthquakes with total permanent disability (28/01/2013)

  • The House of Lorca takes the decisive step to rebuild 32 homes in La Viña more, with garages and shop (28/01/2013)

  • The full City Council approves Lorca join the Social Housing Fund created by the Central Government for families evicted (28/01/2013)

  • The City of Lorca will be the first in Spain to join the Social Housing Fund created by the state to families evicted (25/01/2013)

  • Young Socialists Lorca calls the "development of a Youth Employment Plan to end the tragic situation facing so young Lorca" (25/01/2013)

  • The PSOE presented a motion on Monday on measures to aid unemployed Lorca (25/01/2013)
    The Deputy Speaker Municipal Socialist Group, Marisol Sanchez, announced that his group will monitor the development of agreements containing the motion to ensure compliance
  • The Mayor lays the foundation stone for the reconstruction of the building "Viña II" (25/01/2013)
    It had to be demolished by the earthquake damage
  • Valcarcel said that the opening of the Gallery of the Vine "marks a new step in the recovery of the commercial life of Lorca" (25/01/2013)
    Community President inaugurates a retail space of 1,700 square meters will be installed in some of traders who lost their property in earthquakes
  • The Socialist Party denounced the state of the path to the football field smearing Alfonso (24/01/2013)
    The Socialist councilor, Ana Lario, has taken complaints from users of this road, which links the Cañada de Morales with the football field
  • The shirt raises solidarity # tequierolorca another 723 euros for the Bureau for Development (24/01/2013)

  • The Synagogue del Castillo, the path opened by restoration and Easter are the main tourist attractions in Lorca sell Fitur (24/01/2013)

  • The National Band Contest V "Lorca, Passion and Music" will be held on February 3 and will be in Santa Quiteria solidarity with the Church of Carmen (24/01/2013)
    More than 200 musicians from the musical group Mater Dolorosa (Step Blue), Musical Group Holy Christ of the Blood (Step Incarnate) and Band of Bugles and Drums Paso Morado participate in the festival
  • Local police arrested four people on suspicion of theft and against road safety (24/01/2013)

  • Incidents attended by the local police in the city during the day today as a result of strong wind (24/01/2013)

  • The PSOE regrets the lack of transparency of the Consistory Lorca (24/01/2013)
    The Spokesman of the Executive Committee of the PSOE Lorca, Jose Manuel Lopez-Soler Belda, stressed that this fact proves, once again, obscurantism in management and remoteness citizenship
  • The Socialist Party denounced the many shortcomings of the college of La Campana (23/01/2013)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, has announced that the Municipal Socialist Group presented at the plenary session next Monday a motion to remedy these deficiencies
  • 30 Lorca of uptown receive the certificate has been formed during a year in projects to promote employment 'You and your neighborhood' and 'EmpleaT' (23/01/2013)

  • The Department of Culture published a new edition of the biannual journal of local historical research "Clavis" (23/01/2013)

  • Soler: "We do not misrepresent what is said is the way to solve this problem" (23/01/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, has responded to the information contained from municipal sources
  • Hinojar held this Saturday the Eighth Meeting of crews (23/01/2013)

  • 824 students from the region participate in Lorca in the Final Cross Country Regional School Sport (23/01/2013)

  • Nursing students will practice Lorca campus with a human simulator (22/01/2013)

  • The Socialist Party echoes an environmental problem that affects a group of neighbors Almendricos (22/01/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, announced that his group will present at the next plenary a question about the legality of a raft of purines built in this district
  • "Manuel Soler PSOE returned to his darkest period of political persecution and personal attacks" (22/01/2013)

  • Garden Ruano hosts from tomorrow "Flesh and Stone", a photography exhibition focusing on the relationship between body and space (21/01/2013)

  • The illustrator Rafael Salmeron talks this week with 400 students from the municipality in a new appointment of "Encounters with Author" of the Municipal Library (21/01/2013)
    Salmerón talk about their work during the morning of Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday at the Cultural Center City
  • The Socialist Party calls about the situation of the municipality 20 months after the earthquake (21/01/2013)
    The Deputy Speaker Municipal Socialist Group, Marisol Sanchez, has said that the current situation is going through our town is not what citizens deserve Lorca
  • The City of Lorca launches recommendations to the wind alert (19/01/2013)

  • The Socialist Party does not understand the complacency of Jódar to the CARM (19/01/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, stressed that Lorca need more facts and less propaganda
  • The Departments of Public Works (44 million), Agriculture (18 m.), Health and Social Policy (9 m.) And Culture (9 m.) The most invested in the recovery of the City of the Sun (18/01/2013)
    The Government Regional invest over 87 million euros in Lorca for 2013
  • The Local Government Committee held this morning approved the award of 33 new grants in the amount of 50,554.23 euros set (18/01/2013)
    The aid approved by the Bureau for Development for the families affected by the earthquake Lorca represent the amount of 3,618. EUR 136.49
  • 65 posts will participate tomorrow in the market of La Viña, 16 more than at Christmas (18/01/2013)

  • Lorca City Council granted permission to install the crane in the Vineyard of another building 24 homes (18/01/2013)

  • Antonio Navarro: "With more than 1,200 displaced families is not admissible dwell on the good progress of the Master Plan" (18/01/2013)
    The head of the Socialist Group Lorca, Antonio Navarro, has insisted that affected families must come first
  • UPyD Lorca asked the City Council to assume its political responsibilities to the paralysis of Chinese investment project in the municipality (17/01/2013)
    UPyD spokesman in Lorca, Juan Manuel Cabrera, has also asked to be given explanations of public expenditure incurred on travel, meals and other entertainments
  • All children aged between 7 and 12 years will have leisure activities every Saturday through the initiative "Sabaduú" (17/01/2013)

  • The Local Police arrest two suspects get drug dealers (17/01/2013)
    It had taken flight in a vehicle after a security bypass
  • Opens Friday at Casino exposure of the 13 works that have participated in the poster contest for Easter 2013 (17/01/2013)

  • The City of Lorca last building built indoor fifth in schools in the municipality during the 5-year rule of Francisco Jódar (17/01/2013)
    Councillor for Education, Francisco Montiel, this morning visited the works, which represent the last phase the school plays Ana Caicedo
  • Lorca Fitur receive the Excellence Award in 2012 for his route "Open for restoration" (17/01/2013)

  • Extended the deadline to participate in solidarity book "I remember ... Lorca", an initiative promoted by the Association ANABAD-Murcia, CajaMurcia Foundation and the Municipal Library Network (17/01/2013)
    Until 31 January you can collaborate in this publication which aims is to raise funds to improve the equipment of libraries and the Municipal Archives
  • The Monitoring Committee of the Recovery Plan for Cultural Heritage meets Lorca in IPCE (17/01/2013)
    Public administrations involved in the urban regeneration of the city considered very satisfactory degree of compliance actions
  • The authorities involved in the rehabilitation of Lorca considered very satisfactory degree of compliance with the proceedings (17/01/2013)
    The monitoring committee of the Recovery Plan for Cultural Heritage of Lorca met today in Madrid
  • The Socialist Party calls for greater period of time to the study of environmental corridors (17/01/2013)

  • A conference unveiling the new Andalusian palace archaeological finds discovered under the Shrine Patronal de la Virgen de las Huertas (16/01/2013)

  • The Council of Ministers confirmed that the Government will invest 25.42 million euros for the modernization of irrigation Terce (16/01/2013)

  • Lorca organized as European City of Sport over a hundred events across the county (16/01/2013)

  • The local police has arrested this morning the alleged perpetrator of a robbery at José Mouliaá (16/01/2013)

  • The PSOE alert on irrigation ostracized Terce (16/01/2013)

  • 42 rural women Lorca end of the three courses offered by the Department of Women and Women's Organizations Federation (16/01/2013)
    Training activities have been developed in La Paca, Cazalla La Hoya and to promote the role of women Rural rural tourism sector through self-employment
  • The Department of Youth and Sports of Lorca extends to the first Sunday in February for skiing trips in Sierra Nevada (15/01/2013)
    More than 70 people have participated in these activities back and forth on the same day for 50 euro.
  • The City invested 20,000 euros in improving the safety of the street Giner (15/01/2013)
    By building a retaining wall 12 meters long and 4.5 high
  • The PSOE has a new series of lectures and talks (15/01/2013)

  • In 2012 233,720 people visited the web site of the City of Lorca (14/01/2013)

  • Amador recalls that the data show that the City of Lorca pay less tax than the rest of Murcia leave the Ministry (14/01/2013)

  • Lorca Rugby Club lost to Vega Baja ITV (13/01/2013)
    Lorca Rugby Club returned after the Christmas break with intent to deliver a victory to the nearly 300 supporters who gathered at the athletics track Torrecilla
  • The PSOE is outraged at the progress of the Joint Commission (12/01/2013)
    The head of the Socialist Group Lorca, Antonio Navarro, has expressed exasperation with the approval of 12 records by the Joint Commission as thousands are pending
  • Each lorquino paid half in municipal taxes than other citizens of the Region (11/01/2013)

  • 188 families affected by the earthquake Lorca have benefited so far from comprehensive social care project of the Bureau for Development (11/01/2013)
    The aid approved by the Bureau for Development for the families affected by the earthquake Lorca represent the amount of 3,567,582.49 euro
  • The PSOE will require the conversion of Parador de Puerto Lumbreras Hotel School (11/01/2013)

  • First coexistence of 2013 by the School of Padel Lorca (11/01/2013)

  • The PSOE regrets triumphalism expressed by the PP about Lorca Plan (11/01/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, considered a joke the statements made by several officials of the Popular Party
  • Gisela, Secrets, Antonio Orozco, Auryn, Second, Niña Pastori, Desperation, and Gabino Diego Rosa Lopez, among the cultural offerings of War Theatre for the coming months (10/01/2013)
    Manolo Escobar also pass by Lorca in the gure of concerts assumed his farewell to the stage
  • The PP congratulates the Government of the Nation by extending the exemption from property tax for area residents Lorca top condition by earthquakes (10/01/2013)
    The move will save the pockets of owners Lorca 43,973, including 1,500 companies and entrepreneurs, amounting to 13.6 million euros
  • The PSOE will inform the EU's concern tropospheric ozone levels in the town of Lorca (10/01/2013)
    The Deputy Speaker Municipal Socialist Group, Marisol Sanchez, has expressed concern over the inaction of the government team in a situation of obvious risk Public Health
  • 224 students from four schools in the districts of Lorca this course benefit Municipal Paidos program, school support and integration (10/01/2013)

  • The Joint Commission has approved a total of 39.7 million euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (10/01/2013)
    From 5489 to housing aid, 4387 were for repairs (28,248,744 euros), 88 for reconstruction ( 4,393,826 euros) and 1,014 for rent (7,143,936 euros)
  • 236 The City has prepared valuation reports of damage to homes by floods (09/01/2013)
    for owners achieve aid
  • The Socialist Party calls for clarification of the situation of IES Ramón Arcas and Ros Giner (09/01/2013)
    The Group for Education of Municipal Socialist Mazuecos Jesus, wished that both IES may be available to the educational community as soon as possible
  • The Civil Guard intercepts a cocaine peddler (09/01/2013)
    a person has been arrested on suspicion of drug trafficking crime
  • The mayor gives the keys of the new facility that will serve the group of people over the neighborhoods of San Cristóbal and San Diego (09/01/2013)

  • The archaeological park of the castle of Lorca protagonist of the latest issue of the journal Archaeology largest in Spain (09/01/2013)

  • The City will invest € 230,900 in the rehabilitation and upgrading of the building that houses the headquarters of Red Cross and "Songs and Dances of Lorca" (08/01/2013)

  • The market neighborhood of La Viña will repeat the first and third Saturday of each month (08/01/2013)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, has reported that "this measure is taken at the request of residents, merchants and sellers, after the success of the two pilot "
  • President of the Community welcomes the presidents of the steps White and Blue Lorca (08/01/2013)

  • The Three Kings visit the Hospital Rafael Méndez with New Generations People's Party (05/01/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the settlement of the Camino de Vera as it passes through the Rambla de Nogalte (04/01/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, has drawn attention to the poor state of the roads and rural roads of our town
  • The Central Government will compensate irrigators Lorca affected by floods that had expenses in 2012 by watering wilted (04/01/2013)

  • The delivery Lorca PP 200 toys to Red Cross in solidarity with those who are faring worse (04/01/2013)
    It was the first act of the new leadership of PP lorquino
  • Martínez Fajardo: "The Lorca have again shown their solidarity" (03/01/2013)
    The general secretary of the Socialist Group Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo has performed the ceremony of the "Christmas Solidarity" the NGO "track"
  • 76 homes demolished by the earthquake will be in a few days in reconstruction in the neighborhood of San Diego (03/01/2013)

  • The owners of 43,973 homes damaged by earthquakes not pay property tax for the year 2013 (03/01/2013)

  • The Three Kings arrive in Lorca by helicopter Saturday morning (02/01/2013)
    host the children in the Plaza of Spain
  • Antonio Navarro: "The earthquake victims should also be a priority" (02/01/2013)
    Deputy Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PSOE in Lorca, Antonio Navarro, celebrated the recovery of historical and artistic heritage of the city

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