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Lorca News - September 2015

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  • C's Lorca: "We are pleased with the unanimous approval of the full to reduce the IBI" (30/09/2015)
    "But we will be vigilant that the government team meets the"
  • The PSOE requires the PP eliminating illegal tire dump that exists in the Rambla del Estrecho (30/09/2015)
    Despite accumulated from haceaños complaints, the PP government team in the city of Lorca is deaf to a situation which is a real environmental hazard
  • The PSOE get unanimous support in the Municipal Council in its commitment to irrigators Lorca (30/09/2015)

  • The ecotourism jungle trail, in the hamlet of Zarzadilla of Totana, retrieves and adds value to the path of high environmental level (30/09/2015)
    This is a linear distance of 7 kilometers with a strong regular basis, albeit with some difficulties in its intermediate section, with a height of 570 m.
  • 150 agents across the country participate this Saturday morning in the Championship of Spain of Local Police Mountain Bike (30/09/2015)

  • Tomorrow morning the water will be cut by the refurbishment of the D7 and supply network in the area (30/09/2015)

  • The Ministry of Agriculture comprehensive three month deadline for submitting the applications for aid for almond plantations affected by drought (30/09/2015)

  • Over 10.5 million for urban renewal of the Alameda de Cervantes, Los Angeles and Apolonia de Lorca neighborhoods (30/09/2015)

  • More than 35,000 euros for the rehabilitation of the facade of the former home of the whales (30/09/2015)

  • The Lorca Marisol Sanchez Jodar, candidate number 3 PSOE Region Congress of Deputies (29/09/2015)
    The Lorca socialists show their satisfaction after regaining political weight that this group not reached since 2000 in the context of national policy
  • On Thursday is the deadline for registration to participate in the XXXVII edition of the Night Journey Mountain Sports Games Guadalentín (29/09/2015)
    The test will take place the early morning of Saturday to Sunday and will run through a point of large town of Lorca.
  • 14 performances of theater, music, opera or integrate mood War Theatre program for the autumn (29/09/2015)
    Actors like Emilio Gutiérrez Caba, Maria Barranco and José Luis Gil will be uploaded to the boards of the oldest theater in Murcia , which will also host a series of young singers and mentalism show
  • More than 50 private companies are involved in the International Symposium Porcinocultura (29/09/2015)

  • The Ministry will have 250,000 euros of state funding for the regeneration of the Sierra del Almirez in Lorca (29/09/2015)
    The project work will consider withdrawing after the fire burned wood, improvement of the affected roads and building dams to prevent erosion
  • Classes begin in the new Secondary School "Francisco Ros Giner" after finishing the reconstruction (29/09/2015)
    Over 850 students began the school year last Friday at the center, which will now become one of the most modern and with better facilities in the Region of Murcia
  • The City of Lorca offers recommendations to the risk of intermittent rain for this afternoon across the Valley Guadalentín (29/09/2015)
    The Municipal Emergency Service advises citizens against the risk of flooding, do not cross your vehicle or on foot sections flooded and to stay away from areas near rivers, streams and low lying slopes or hills
  • Local Police Lorca involved 1,135 packages of 50 grams of snuff rolling from smuggling (29/09/2015)
    Gender, apprehended in a false bottom of the back of a vehicle English tuition, is valued at 10,420 euros
  • FERAMUR exhibitors to give an outstanding event (28/09/2015)

  • The City solve the serious problem caused the residents of Totana Zarzadilla (28/09/2015)
    who gave their land to build the park in the hamlet
  • The City Council promotes the reconstruction of the district of San Fernando and building New Vineyard through the process of substitution requested by the neighbors (28/09/2015)

  • Casalduero claims that the PP always answers the same, "with outbursts, lies and insults" (28/09/2015)
    Socialist deputy spokesman Deputy Javier Iniesta recalls that 60 percent of the 915 million who speaks for the recovery of the invested town a socialist government
  • Good weekend to terminals in Totana - XXX ascent of St. (28/09/2015)

  • Gimenez goes up to the podium Touring - XXX ascent of St. (28/09/2015)

  • Final Results of voting of the Full Council of Lorca for the month of September (28/09/2015)

  • More than 2,000 young people participating in a project to avoid the so-called'racismo invisible' (27/09/2015)
    After 17 months of work experience concludes 'Lorca free of racism' which received EU funding of almost 150,000 euros
  • Iniesta: "Our work has achieved 915 million euros to recover Lorca" (27/09/2015)
    "While the PSOE only dedicated to insult and discourage"
  • Casalduero says the PP to proposals and solutions for Lorca always answers the same, with outbursts, lies and insults (27/09/2015)
    Socialist deputy spokesman Deputy Javier Iniesta recalls that 60 percent of the 915 million who speaks for recovery the municipality invested a socialist government
  • Broccoli fritters showstoppers (26/09/2015)
    The Federation of Women's Organizations of Lorca being dyed green FERAMUR 2015
  • The Podemos deputy, Maria Gimenez denounced the "instability" of the town of Lorca in public services (26/09/2015)
    Hall and passivity before the "distressing" situation of many of its neighbors
  • Regional political leaders attending FERAMUR 2015 (26/09/2015)

  • A bed set with two kilometers of yarn in FERAMUR (26/09/2015)
    On the other hand, Joseph, born in Lorca just 15 days ago, has become the youngest visitor
  • The PSOE regrets that the PP of Lorca is more concerned vicealcaldías distributed in solving the problems of Lorca (25/09/2015)
    Mateos Jódar requires focusing on Lorca and stop being distracted by this "game of thrones" to appease councilors
  • ... (25/09/2015)

  • C's Region of Murcia in Lorca FERAMUR visit to show support to regional handcrafts industry (25/09/2015)

  • The four municipal groups agree Lorca Hall of the House out Monday on a joint motion for the care of refugees (25/09/2015)

  • The regional government next week will auction the works of Lorca neighborhoods of Alameda, Apolonia and Los Angeles for 10.5 million euros (25/09/2015)
    Francisco Bernabe makes a visit to the assembly work of the new pylon that will serve the neighborhood of La Viña
  • Lorca celebrates World Tourism Day conducting an open house at the Fortaleza del Sol (25/09/2015)
    And a free guided tour of the city
  • President of the Autonomous Community receives Paso Azul in San Esteban (25/09/2015)
    President of the Brotherhood, José María Miñarro, has moved to Pedro Antonio Sánchez future projects Blue
  • The University Campus of Lorca hosts this Friday and Saturday Days 'Lorca free of racism' (24/09/2015)

  • The "Down Lorca" Association Celebrates I Padel Tournament in order to become a party solidarity and sport (24/09/2015)

  • The PSOE de Lorca calls for the PP to return the 26,23% of the bonus cut for public employees in 2012 (24/09/2015)
    The Socialists are surprised that the PP government team "chest pull" positive balance of accounts Lorca municipal while still "abandoned, lifeless and leading statistics poorest municipalities"
  • PSOE: "The Popular Party Hall saving accounts at the expense of aid earthquake" (24/09/2015)
    happens warn that "those who have improved the municipal accounts, precisely from the years following the earthquake, are the same as hide all the money has come and all the money is to come "
  • Santi Campillo accompany Rosendo concert this Saturday night at the fair of Lorca (24/09/2015)

  • Previous XXX ascent of St. TeamPitinos (24/09/2015)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "The PSOE tries to get political mileage from a catastrophe" (24/09/2015)
    "while the City and Lorca, still working for the city"
  • New appointment to Julian terminals in Totana (24/09/2015)
    Prior XXX ascent of Holy
  • The gala "Humor and Copla", framed within the popular Day of the Elderly, will bring together over 3,700 participants who will travel around the municipality (24/09/2015)
    The show, presented by Antonio Hidalgo, will feature performances by the Duo Capicúa, Maribel Castillo and Michael Havana to make the elderly enjoy a fun and festive evening
  • Recovery Lorca heritage damaged by earthquakes in 2011 gets a boost thanks to the patronage of the English Court (23/09/2015)

  • IU-V requires a monographic and urgent plenary on the deep economic hole they are producing planning agreements (23/09/2015)
    Pepe Garcia Murcia shared responsibilities between PSOE and PP
  • The fourth edition of Lorca Peñarrubia Trail to benefit APAT be held this year in the Sports Games Guadalentín (23/09/2015)

  • The PSOE again demand urgent action to bring Almendricos abandonment (23/09/2015)

  • The fourth edition of Lorca Peñarrubia Trail to benefit APAT be held this year in the Sports Games Guadalentín (23/09/2015)
    Registration is open until Friday, September 25
  • Marathon "Lorca City Story" celebrates its 20th anniversary (23/09/2015)
    with more than twenty stories and participation of Montse Sanchez of "The Voice Kids"
  • Morandi will perform in the Plaza of Spain in Lorca on Sunday at 22:30 hours in the Fair (23/09/2015)

  • More than 165,000 euros to restore the building of the Old Municipal Archives of Lorca (23/09/2015)

  • The Department of Health completed the review of the bars installed in the Huerto de la Rueda food (23/09/2015)

  • The artist Rosendo perform this Saturday at 22:30 in the courtyard of the Hotel Jardines de Lorca postponed after Antonio Orozco concert October 2 (23/09/2015)
    The price of admission for the concert rock singer will have a price of 5 € both in advance sale and at the box office
  • The PSOE requires the Ministry of Education to solve the urgent problem of CEIP La Campana (22/09/2015)
    Socialists as "very serious" that the Ministry of Regional Executive Eduación not respect nor will CEIP's parent nor camapaña
  • 80 per cent of the cultural heritage of Lorca is recovered and the performances of the Master Plan completed by the end of 2016 (22/09/2015)

  • Lorca The PSOE proposes that adheres to the Network of Jewish Spain (22/09/2015)

  • The Mayor of Lorca Lorca receives the referee José Maria Sanchez Martinez (22/09/2015)
    after his promotion to the top flight of Spanish football
  • The City Council launches portal solidarity refugee aid for all Lorca who wish to contribute to the cause (22/09/2015)

  • The Center for Assistance to Victims of Domestic Violence of Lorca is the second most professionals in the Region (22/09/2015)

  • Lorca City Council stresses that the PSOE comes several years later also in the request for accession to the Network of Jewish Spain (22/09/2015)

  • The only Reconstruction Office Lorca moved to the resort of La Merced, to settle near Urbanism (21/09/2015)

  • Saprelorca demand the immediate arrival of the AVE to the capital of the region of Murcia (21/09/2015)
    and its subsequent connection with the city of Lorca
  • Mecca (C's) "The unanimous approval of the full council to maintain the teaching of primary school of La Campana, has not been for nothing" (21/09/2015)

  • Lorca The PSOE proposes a plan of immediate collision with waiting lists (21/09/2015)
    At the same time, demand that the Ministry of Health cease current manager of Area III health by the terrible results of his administration after learning the shameful increase waiting lists
  • IU-v: "The reaction of the PP in Lorca to poverty can not be worse" (21/09/2015)

  • The City of Lorca achieved a surplus of € 1,373,614.74 for 2014 and municipal debt reduced by more than 40% (21/09/2015)
    In addition, the debt with suppliers has been cut significantly rising from € 40.23 million in 2007 to 7.4 at year-end 2014
  • Convention for workshops that promote health and quality of life of older (21/09/2015)

  • The Working Committee created for the reception of Syrian refugees have its first meeting this afternoon (21/09/2015)
    to set the plan reception
  • Sports Games Guadalentín hosted a thrilling friendly match between clubs Rugby Lorca and Cartagena (21/09/2015)
    The victory went to the club by 33 points Rubgy Cartagena
  • 535 people laid off the second weekend of the Sports Games Guadalentín with the popular route to Valentine's Cejo (21/09/2015)
    The itinerary began in La Merced and finished in Pylons after traveling a total of 13 kilometers
  • The Socialist Party claims that several companies Lorca have not received their work in building the IES Giner Ros (18/09/2015)
    The debt owed the contractor with these small and medium enterprises in Lorca as a whole amounted to 150,000 euros
  • Limusa power special cleaning device to keep in good condition the Garden of the Wheel and the town during the Fair and Festival (18/09/2015)

  • The medieval synagogue Lorca, protagonist of a conference within the acts for the 700th anniversary of the Synagogue of Cordoba (18/09/2015)
    Tourism Councilman Consistory Lorca and archaeologist Jose Angel Gonzalez Ballesteros unveiled the charms of the temple located in the Castle Lorca
  • IU-Green is outraged by the situation faced by the residents of the building UME Vineyard (18/09/2015)
    Pedro Sosa branded the mayor and several councilors responsible for "useless" for the neighbors still have light construction since July 2014
  • The plenary sessions of the City is governed by time allocated to political groups for discussion of motions (18/09/2015)
    Moreover, within initiatives to promote transparency and clarity in management, the full start being recorded this September so that any citizen who wishes to see it through Internet
  • New indicators confirming poverty levels in Lorca (18/09/2015)
    The regional center for statistical dependent CARM, governed by the PP, reveals the cut in social service policies aimed at Lorca, confirming the lack of coverage to families Lorca neediest
  • Awarded the works to restore and consolidate the convent church of Santa María la Real de las Huertas in Lorca (18/09/2015)
    The intervention promoted by the Institute of Cultural Heritage of Spain (IPCE), will involve a cost of € 399,590, and will last seven months from the start
  • Lorca Local Police detained the three alleged perpetrators of a man who refused to give money after being threatened with a knife (18/09/2015)

  • El Huerto Ruano hosts the "Retrospective" exhibition of famous painter Pascual de Cabo, consisting of nearly a hundred works (18/09/2015)
    From 17 September to 27 October you can watch the shows of Alicante including landscapes, portraits, still lifes and his famous homage to Velazquez
  • More than fifty activities make up the program of the Fair and Festival of Lorca, which begins Friday (17/09/2015)

  • IU-Greens support the mobilization of AMPA College of La Campana (17/09/2015)
    The mayor Jose Garcia Murcia requires the government team that meets the plenary agreements to keep the last cycle of primary of the center
  • The PSOE requires urgent rescue plan for Lorca families at risk of poverty (17/09/2015)

  • IU-Greens related poverty in Lorca with a wrong approach to economic and social policies (17/09/2015)

  • El Huerto de la Rueda 2.6 multiplied by its surface covered (17/09/2015)
    and launches a broad area of ​​concrete floor, rainwater drainage system and lighting upgrades
  • One in three Lorca are already considered poor or at risk of poverty (17/09/2015)

  • The City of Lorca regrets that erroneous data are used for commercial purposes and decontextualized that do not reflect the reality of the municipality (17/09/2015)

  • Get a free bus service to get from the Vineyard and Apollonia the Garden of the Wheel at the Fair (17/09/2015)

  • More than 50 bikers compete in a spectacular circuit for the win the sixth tournament Interescuelas Mountain Bike Sports Games Guadalentín (17/09/2015)
    6 different races were conducted according to the category of each participant
  • 120 couples participated in the VIII Paddle Tournament Zurawski Intersport making it a flagship event in the Sports Games Guadalentín (17/09/2015)
    6 frames were played: 4 in men's and women's category 3
  • 2015 Feramur begins to settle in the Alameda of the Constitution of Lorca (17/09/2015)

  • The Commission for Refugee Reception Syrians in Lorca begin work next week (16/09/2015)

  • IU believes that the cement is not enough to transform the districts of Lorca (16/09/2015)

  • Lorca welcomes an exchange of 24 young people from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Spain to promote sustainable development and solidarity (16/09/2015)

  • The Emergency Plan Lorca Fair unifies services near the entrance of the Garden of the Wheel (16/09/2015)
    and incorporates an ambulance in the old town during the day
  • A total of 24 young people from Hungary, Bulgaria, Slovenia and Spain in Lorca participate in the exchange'SOS Community' (16/09/2015)
    The general director of Youth visit to the members of this activity developed within the European program 'Erasmus +'
  • Hall, CARM, neighbors and collective progress in the preparation of a draft joint work to restore Almirez saw the fire that suffered this summer (16/09/2015)
    In the meeting a schedule of planned activities for the next 10 years are offered, being the main task of the 2015 remove the burned timber and reuse hydraulic containment tasks and earthworks
  • IU-V requires the mayor of Lorca respect to the full council of Murcia in its decisions on the AVER (16/09/2015)
    If the bird does not get buried in Murcia in Lorca, surely also be a wall that divided the city into two
  • The PSOE Jódar challenges to a "face to face" to clarify the truth about the delay in aid for earthquake (15/09/2015)
    In the interests of transparency and to end the blame game, Navarro proposed a meeting between PP and PSOE to "bring light and stenographer" in the management of aid and show "who is telling the truth and who is lying"
  • Renewal of the Barrios Altos benefit 4,000 Lorca (15/09/2015)
    The Minister Francisco Barnabas visits the site where the regional government invested over ten million euros
  • Begins the final phase of the refurbishment of the road between La Paca and Doña Ines Lorca (15/09/2015)
    This project, consisting of the arrangement of the firm, has an operating budget of 334,000 euros
  • The weekly market is held next two Thursdays in the vicinity of the Plaza de Toros and the Malls (15/09/2015)

  • Student IES "Francisco Giner Ros" won the National Mathematics Olympiad (15/09/2015)
    A student of IES "Francisco Ros Giner" of Lorca, José Miguel Reinaldos Miñarro, was proclaimed winner of the XXVI National Mathematical Olympiad
  • 28 catering establishments Lorca participate in "tapas ... fair 2015" to enjoy our cuisine during the Fair (15/09/2015)
    Local participating will offer customers up to two caps, each of which will be sold with a 2 drink 50 €.
  • Begins the final phase of the refurbishment of the road between La Paca and Doña Ines Lorca (15/09/2015)
    This project, consisting of the arrangement of the firm, has an operating budget of 334,000 euros In total, the regional government will invest 649,000 euros in the complete repair of this road
  • The Center for Sports Modernization debut in the Sports Games Guadalentín to R Beach Handball Tournament Night (15/09/2015)
    150 participants competed until dawn in this championship
  • Mecca (C's) complaint that the current eligibility requirements for school meals helps exclude almost all pupils (14/09/2015)

  • Four musical performances displayed in various public spaces during evenings this week the good work of young artists Lorca (14/09/2015)

  • The PSOE proposes the City Council to replace the infant days of tickets for lower prices (14/09/2015)
    Socialists believe that traditional "solidarity tickets" promote inequality to condition the use of the rides and attractions based on the number of vouchers which each family
  • Hall and Government Delegation established a special security operation for Fair and Festival of Lorca (14/09/2015)
    with the local police increased by 56% its services
  • Citizens Lorca denounced the poor state and the level of danger of the playground of the Penica (14/09/2015)

  • Lorca in October will host two free training courses organized by CECARM directed to an online business entrepreneurs (14/09/2015)

  • 50 sports professionals gathered at the campus to participate in the course organized by the Universidad del Mar framed within the Sports Games Guadalentín occurred (14/09/2015)
    enrolled were from Valencia, Murcia, Almería, Mexico and Madrid, which It shows the great impact they have had these conferences
  • 90 young cyclists from across the region participated Interescuelas Cycling Trophy which was played in the Sports Games Guadalentín (14/09/2015)
    The circuit had a length of 950 meters at certain laps were given in accordance with the age of the runners.
  • The students of IES Francisco Ros Giner de Lorca begin classes at the new center on September 25 (14/09/2015)
    The Ministry of Education and Universities "for 13 months intensified reconstruction work to start in the school activity coinciding with the start Course "
  • The Community encourages artisans to join the regional registry to design effective policies adapted to the reality of the sector (14/09/2015)
    Juan Hernandez emphasizes that "it is essential to know the situation of crafts in the region and to manage and drive tool efficient measures we carry out "
  • More than 400 riders gathered in the city to participate in the Fun Run "Run for Parkinson" and VI Career Women were given (14/09/2015)
    The first race was to 5'2 kms.
  • The Government delegate confirms that the new National Police Station in Lorca will be completed in early 2016 (14/09/2015)
    "The works are progressing, meeting the schedule," said Antonio Sanchez Solis during his visit to the works
  • The traditional Fair Petanque tournament which takes place during the Sports Games Guadalentín brings together 102 participants (14/09/2015)
    This year the popular tournament moved to the Rio Council on the occasion of their festivals
  • The Ministry of Public Works will move this month the pylon of the Vineyard (13/09/2015)
    The work also includes the burial of the line to where the new tower will be installed
  • More than 1,700 people participate in the People's March Walking Sports Games Guadalentín achieving a record of participation (12/09/2015)
    Before walking citizens could do a warm up in the hands of three monitors fitness
  • The PSOE proposes to move the weekly market in Lorca the city center during the fair (12/09/2015)
    Socialists seek market closer to the center of Lorca, instead of parking it away until Europa Sports Complex, a space inaccessible traders and users, as proposed by the PP
  • Lorca Local Police seized 20 marijuana plants and makes available to the Civil Guard to a person for a crime against public health (11/09/2015)

  • IU-Green calls for the urgent convening of the Municipal Information Commission Recovery Management and Earthquake (11/09/2015)

  • The regional administration ignores the unanimous agreement of the Plenum of Lorca on the college of La Campana (11/09/2015)

  • C's design a plan for the promotion of indigenous trees in Lorca (11/09/2015)

  • The Mayor of Lorca lead the plenary twinning with the French town of Adissan, who already has requested (11/09/2015)

  • The Fair and Festival of Lorca 2015 will feature a varied program of concerts and children's activities designed for everyone (11/09/2015)

  • The Mayor of Lorca is deeply disappointed that the PSOE is endeavoring to get political mileage from the disaster of earthquakes (11/09/2015)

  • United Left said that the works of the Ronda Sur are doing without the mandatory report of the Hydrographic Confederation of Segura (10/09/2015)
    And against the provisions of existing PGOM
  • PSOE: "The City Council makes cash at the expense of the owners who first started rebuilding their homes" (10/09/2015)
    Team PP government uses non-retroactivity of tax credits granted to those affected by the earthquakes of 2011 to berate Now the 95% rate that bonificaron in building permits
  • Antonio Mecca (C's) accuses the company Aguas de Lorca "unfair management" (10/09/2015)
    Citizens publicly denounced alleged irregularities in financial audits of public company "Aguas de Lorca"
  • The Mayor invites the Standing Committee of the Board of the City municipal strategy to define the host Syrian refugees (10/09/2015)

  • Programming for older during the Fair and Festival 2015 includes a special gala and concert series in the residences of the city (10/09/2015)

  • The City of Lorca's work shows that the round is under the CHS while not affecting the public water (10/09/2015)
    and complies with the General Plan
  • The City Council does not understand that the PSOE now criticize that supported tax credits in full over 4 years ago (10/09/2015)

  • Affected by plotting the distribution pipe will like Councilman Water interlocutor to resolve incidents after allegations (10/09/2015)

  • The PSOE Lorca encouraged to participate in the march for organ donation (10/09/2015)

  • 2015 host 65 Feramur stand in its new location (10/09/2015)

  • SEPOR unveils its preliminary program for its 48th edition (09/09/2015)

  • Coexistence in New Lorca Calnegre tips (09/09/2015)

  • One hundred pig farms are eligible for the Premis Porc d'Or, to be held in SEPOR 2015 (09/09/2015)

  • FERICAB 2015 will be held from 15 to 18 October in the Garden of the Wheel of Lorca (09/09/2015)

  • FERICAB twentieth year with an edition full of news (09/09/2015)

  • The March People Walking inaugurate Friday the XXXVII edition of the Sports Games Guadalentín (09/09/2015)

  • Lorca Local Police detained a person with orders to prison for robbery and another with expulsion order and criminal history (09/09/2015)

  • On Thursday is the deadline for registration to participate in the Fun Run and the Women's Race VI framed within the Sports Games Guadalentín (09/09/2015)
    Registration, which is done through the web is mandatory to senior level and for participating in the Women's Race.
  • IU-Green requires the enforcement of rights of users of public health (09/09/2015)
    denounce the situation of people who have spent more than a year on the waiting list for treatment
  • The City of Lorca extended until September 14 the deadline for registration in four free courses organized to train 53 unemployed (09/09/2015)

  • The PSOE Jódar requires to defend the AMPA CEIP La Campana "instead of shut up and please their bosses Murcia" (09/09/2015)

  • The Municipal School of Music of the City of Lorca includes first Cante Flamenco in its educational offerings (09/09/2015)

  • More than 9,600 students from nursery and primary schools in the municipality started the school year normally and significant improvements in schools (09/09/2015)

  • Previous VI Rallysprint 'Paco The Airline' and V RallyCrono City Berja (09/09/2015)

  • JJSS began a campaign to collect school supplies to benefit Red Cross Lorca (08/09/2015)

  • The PSOE will not allow 70% of consolidated irrigation is left without water desalination Eagles (07/09/2015)
    With the current project, farmers will spend the pipeline through their land and can not make use of it for lack of pressure
  • The City of Lorca eliminates the narrowing of the crossing capachas to ensure access of emergency vehicles (07/09/2015)

  • PSOE: "The PP mismanagement causes a whole plant of Rafael Mendez is still closed after the summer" (07/09/2015)
    The Socialists claim that has been closed Specialties plant during the summer months ago to begin work only two weeks
  • The Citizen Service in districts made during the first half of the year more than 25,600 steps in different offices throughout the municipality (07/09/2015)

  • Barnabas announced that the urban regeneration of the district of San Diego in Lorca end at end of year (07/09/2015)
    The Minister for Development visits the Lorca neighborhood you have made renovations that have a budget of nearly five million directly benefit 5,000 residents
  • Barnabas announced that the urban regeneration of the district of San Diego in Lorca end at end of year (07/09/2015)
    The Minister for Development visits the Lorca neighborhood you have made renovations that have a budget of nearly five million directly benefit 5,000 residents
  • IU-Lorca v raises a series of measures to help the Syrian refugees (07/09/2015)
    Councillor Lorca IU-V, Dori Peñas, announced the filing of a motion to the municipal plenary September
  • The City Council recalled that the Bank of textbooks, which have already benefited 1,450 users receive deliveries until September 30 (07/09/2015)

  • President of the Community, Pedro Antonio Sanchez, last night delivered the opening speech of the Chica''Feria Lorca (05/09/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the City of Lorca solidarity with refugees from the conflict in the Middle East (05/09/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the government team PP running works of urgent improvement for residents of gully of Tejares and Casas Blancas (04/09/2015)
    This is a neighborhood of San Cristobal "forgotten and abandoned", which needs urgent action to solve numerous problems that neighbors have to live daily and that do not involve large investments
  • The local police arrested a man on suspicion of stealing a bag by the method of flip nearby Renfe - Sutullena and recover the stolen (04/09/2015)
    agents of the local police arrested the individual at the rear of the Mall Eroski San Diego, after a 112 call from the woman who had suffered from the fact
  • The City Council gives the Garden of the Wheel of a new cover 3,000 m2 will allow the development of events and fairs, protecting against inclement weather (04/09/2015)

  • PSOE:. "Ms. Ibarra confirmed that he did not care about the opinion of residents to remodel gully of Tejares" (04/09/2015)
    The Socialists claim that "once again, the PP government team provides lift streets without prior review and participation of residents "
  • Citizens Lorca calls for the resignation of Councillor Hall Works of Lorca (03/09/2015)
    by the indiscriminate felling of trees in the work of the Central Round
  • The Swimming Club Lorca next to the Sports Department opens the registration period for various aquatic programs (03/09/2015)
    for the months of October, November and December
  • Lorca host the XXXVII edition of the Sports Games Guadalentín with 59 activities that fill the streets of sport until October 12 (03/09/2015)

  • Another year, and now they're 37, the Sports Games Guadalentín again be an example of local sport (03/09/2015)

  • Lorca City Council will increase the number of trees and create new green areas in the section of the Round on which it is acting (03/09/2015)

  • Health invested nearly 20 million euros to improve the infrastructure of the Health Area III-Lorca (03/09/2015)
    The Minister of Health, Encarna Guillen, visited the works of the second phase of the project to improve the University Hospital Rafael Mendez with a budget of 4.8 million euros
  • The Socialist Party denounced the PP pushes illegal foreigners when they have to renew their residence permit (02/09/2015)
    inadmissible Socialists believe that for certain procedures, immigrants living in Lorca appointment have to wait up to eight months in office Aliens Lorca
  • Lorca again exceed by more than half the national and regional average job creation in the last year (02/09/2015)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service Lorca attentions doubles last year in Lorca coast during the summer by increasing swimmers (02/09/2015)

  • IU-Green asked PIBAL maintaining the table for the regeneration of Barrios Altos (02/09/2015)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the "wild harvesting" of trees with which the PP continues deleting greenery in Lorca (02/09/2015)
    Socialists warn of excessive and indiscriminate felling of trees with which the Team Popular Party government will eliminate approximately one sitting 200 copies of orange and mulberry trees on the occasion of the works of the South Ronda
  • C's fulfills its commitment recorded in the Assembly and the release of aid to those affected by the earthquake (02/09/2015)

  • Local Police Lorca stops in recent days to three others for forgery of public documents (02/09/2015)

  • Tomorrow water outage from 15:00 to 0:00 in Campillo, Road Eagles and Virgen de las Huertas (02/09/2015)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the PP tries to hide the new rise in unemployment in Lorca 254 people (02/09/2015)

  • Local Police Lorca stops, in collaboration with the Civil Guard, three men for burglary in homes and vehicles (01/09/2015)

  • IU-Greens denounced the lack of foresight by the Councillor for Culture and Celebrations confuse and cause uncertainty as to the actions of fair (01/09/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca wants to reduce the IBI in Lorca, taking the September plenary session for a vote (01/09/2015)

  • The PSOE proposes amendments to inject 200 million euros in Lorca and Guadalentín (01/09/2015)
    González Tovar ensures that the amendments tabled by the Socialist Murcia in the State Budget "are a boost to the economic recovery of the city" and asks PP deputies that "support in Congress"
  • The Brotherhood Virgen de las Huertas published the second issue of'The Reales' (01/09/2015)
    E begins its events to mark the feast of the patron saint of Lorca

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