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Lorca News - September 2008

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  • The Slingshot is issued on Thursday from Lorca (30/09/2008)

  • The Government of the Nation "strangles" the municipal coffers to not approve the Treatment Plan (30/09/2008)
    Plan The strike will cause no two policies can be renewed and can even lead to blocking of Municipal Budgets
  • Lorca City Council freezes council tax for the year 2009 (30/09/2008)
    On the other hand, the contribution sectorized urban land for development will be studied to adapt to the role play
  • The Sixth Conference of Egyptology begin on Friday in the Garden Ruano (30/09/2008)
    The conferences will be held on 3, 10 and 11 October and will begin with "Funeral of a famous Egyptian", by José Miguel Serrano Delgado
  • Beatriz Carpio on Wednesday inaugurated the "Evening of Story" in the Library Children and Youth Cultural Center (30/09/2008)
    The Tale "For your ears, if I leave", will be narrated in English and Spanish
  • News about the school Alfonso X (29/09/2008)

  • Final Balance Lorca City Council Full Council - September 2008 (29/09/2008)

  • On Wednesday, opening the period for submitting applications for funding of programs and projects of the Department of Women (29/09/2008)
    The deadline was extended until 31 October
  • The City Council calls upon the State to allocate more money to Lorca in 2009 to tackle the economic crisis, against the cuts announced by Solbes (29/09/2008)
    The move came today to the full Consistory and also requires the establishment of a Local Council Financial Policy and a new funding model for municipalities
  • The Town Council reiterates its call to abolish Costas bollards that stood at Calnegre and clogged the exit of the gully in the last storm (29/09/2008)
    "It seems that the demarcation of the coasts of Murcia is the site of fixation Calnegre Tips" said Councilman Environment, who collects the complaints from neighbors
  • The Music School classes will begin next October 2 (29/09/2008)

  • Upyd-Guadalentín Lorca asks the City Council the Manifesto for Accession to the Common Language in its next plenary (26/09/2008)
    have been given three letter addressed to IU, PSOE and PP besides sealing the request in the ventanillaúnica
  • The City Council spends almost € 109,000 to improve two roads in Palm Zarcilla and Puri (26/09/2008)
    It is the lighting in the ring Zarcilla Palm and asphalting of the road Guirao
  • With the slogan "A tourist, a smile," will take place the events of World Tourism Day in Lorca (26/09/2008)
    Gifts, tours, flowers and more initiatives will be held on September 27 in the city
  • The Special Plan "The thirds I" will allow the construction of a major residential area for tourism and diversification of the residential offer Lorca (26/09/2008)
    "The action represents another step in the consolidation of this broad sector that will allow consolidation Lorca its position as a strong core of quality residential tourism, "said Councilman Planning
  • Postponed concert "El Canto del Loco" in Lorca scheduled for Saturday September 27 (26/09/2008)
    Due to weather conditions
  • The rain delays the planned concert by Manolo Escobar Mayor's Day at the Fair (25/09/2008)
    be made if there are no setbacks, next Wednesday
  • The educational situation of the municipality will be improved thanks to new measures to fight against truancy, school failure and unemployment (25/09/2008)
    The creation of Social Mediator in School, the Planning Commission and the national study will face local degrees of problems facing education in Lorca
  • Belén Pérez, "100% of the strength of local security forces are mobilized to the Fair and Festival of Lorca 2008" (25/09/2008)
    Public Safety The mayor also commented that "should ask the government delegation, which has to know more than us, "in response to the opposition councilor Ruiz Alviar
  • Public Works remove the retention out of Lorca to Murcia with the abolition of level crossing at Santa Clara Avenue (25/09/2008)
    The works have a budget of more than 2.6 million euros and will be allocated before the end of the year . The action ensures the movement of vehicles and pedestrians in complete safety
  • On Wednesday October 1 dig up the sports schools that have been developed in different sports facilities in our city (25/09/2008)

  • Upyd-Guadalentín outraged "by the deficiency in the cleaning services during the fair and festivals of Lorca" (24/09/2008)
    UPyD-Guadalentín urged the municipal corporation to take action
  • The City Council requests the CHS channeling the Rambla de los Patos from "The Mirror" to the gates of the Rambla de Tiata (24/09/2008)
    Works Councilman reaffirms the need for this measure "to ensure the safety of the residents in case heavy rains.
  • 15 textile waste containers extend the power of collection of Lorca (24/09/2008)
    The new units spread between the periphery of the town and municipality strategic hamlets, recovered clothing, footwear and toys out of Use
  • Emergency Services are prepared to deal with orange alert security threat Lorca during the next 24 hours (24/09/2008)

  • Lorca City Council amending update in 65 streets street (23/09/2008)
    Economy Councilman announces that the municipal contribution rate fell by 3.5%
  • Deportes Councilman building a sports hall in the village of La Hoya (23/09/2008)
    This City Council amended at the next plenary on the subject of an agreement with the autonomous region will also unlock the financing of the indoor pool San Juan Bosco
  • The options for improving the quality of life of older people, to debate on a new course at the University of the Sea in Lorca (23/09/2008)
    "Health education and the elderly" is the name of the seminar to be held in 26 days People's University
  • La Quinta Estacion and El Canto del Loco, finally act on the premises of the stadium Arts Carrasco (23/09/2008)
    Technical reasons move the concerts to the sports complex of La Torrecilla
  • Limusa presents its new corporate image (23/09/2008)
    The new colors are consistent with the prevailing culture of recycling: Yellow (containers), blue (paper) and green (glass), plus a fourth (orange)
  • UPyD Guadalentín denounces the lack of sewerage envarias streets of Lorca (22/09/2008)

  • Five minutes of silence for the bombing that ETA has killed the brigade Santoña Military Academy, Luis Conde de la Cruz (22/09/2008)
    "All the Spanish have to unite to end terrorism on democracy and the rule of law, "said Francisco Montiel
  • The health education of older persons stars a course in Lorca (22/09/2008)
    The course "Health education and the elderly", International University of the Sea, is celebrating its fifth year
  • The Municipal School of Art opens the registration period for their workshops (22/09/2008)
    courses will be taught drawing, painting, engraving and modeling
  • The Municipal Emergency Service had to intervene as a result of heavy rains on Sunday (22/09/2008)

  • Free Visits to Time Workshop, paella Giant in the Garden of the Wheel and the performance of Manolo Escobar (22/09/2008)
    Major Attractions Mayor's Day at the Fair
  • With almost 83,000 kilos, separate collection of glass breaks his record in August since its introduction in 1993 (22/09/2008)
    Go up the monthly contribution by more than 78% over the same period in 2007, confirming the good growth figures beginning on last year
  • Reverte says the political and administrative autonomy is impossible without adequate funding (22/09/2008)
    The Minister of Finance and Public Administration regrets that the State cut funding to the municipalities when it comes to maintaining the level of services to citizens
  • A year is held in Lorca's sports games Guadalentin (22/09/2008)
    XXX This year the tournament blitz chess in which the champion this year has been the GM James Plaskett England
  • Losantos Jiménez, César Vidal y López Schlichting issued next week from Week COPE Lorca (21/09/2008)
    Lorca Listeners will have the opportunity to attend such public
  • The XIII Edition of the Festival of Marathon "Lorca, City of Stories" will be attended by politicians, bullfighters, young dancers and older (19/09/2008)
    will be held tomorrow from 19:15 hours on the Alameda of the Constitution.
  • More than 300 unemployed people will receive a monthly scholarship of 300 € within the project Proempleo-Lorca III (19/09/2008)
    It is one of the measures implemented by the municipality included within the Joint Action Plan agreed between the Consistory, Unions and Agents Social
  • The University of the Sea complete your programming courses "Health education and the elderly" and "The Reform of the Territorial Estates: The Regional and Local Finance" (19/09/2008)

  • 33 establishments participating in the first Lorca Road Top (19/09/2008)
    Will the customers decide what is the best cover of this route
  • More than 390 troops from tonight ensure that nothing goes wrong at the Fair Lorca (18/09/2008)
    have enabled 7,400 parking spaces, 280 more in 2007.
  • Submitted AEPIM association, which will focus on improving the conditions of patients with epilepsy (18/09/2008)
    Among his first actions highlight a conference and a charity dinner
  • Nicholas Davila, Consul of Bolivia makes an official visit to Lorca (18/09/2008)
    The purpose of this visit is to strengthen the ties between the town of Lorca and Bolivian representatives in the Region of Murcia
  • New space for taxis in the street poet Vico because of the Fair and Festival 2008, special bus, free for children under 14 years (18/09/2008)
    "With these actions will facilitate the circulation in the vicinity of the Fairgrounds Huerto de la Rueda" , notes the Councillor for Transport, Belén Pérez.
  • The Community will pay for training courses for workers to companies setting up in Lorca (18/09/2008)
    The City Council is running for the last quarter of the year various activities which will benefit nearly 1,100 unemployed, with a total investment of 2, 4 million euros
  • Dance groups from around the world visit Lorca to participate in the XIX International Folklore Festival "Ciudad de Lorca" (17/09/2008)
    The closure will take place on Sunday 21, at 21 pm in the Plaza of Spain
  • Agriculture invests 3 million euros in upgrading the quality of water purification Lorca (17/09/2008)
    Cerdá laid the first stone of the works to expand the plant in La Hoya, which will allow reuse year 7 hectometres
  • The action in The Merced Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia, cause disturbances to traffic from 20:00 am on Thursday, September 18 (17/09/2008)
    The concert of the Symphony Orchestra of the Region of Murcia to be held on Thursday September 18th, from 22:00 in the Convento de la Merced, cuts cause traffic
  • The "Living Library" will make for a few hours to the books in person, seeking to promote intercultural dialogue and human rights (17/09/2008)
    Will be held on Thursday 18 at the Barnes Pilar Municipal Library, and is organized by the Intercultural Association in collaboration Cazalla with the departments of Education and Youth
  • Young and old will access completely free to FERICAB (17/09/2008)
    The Horse Fair to be held in Lorca between 15 and 19 October at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria, will new course on artificial insemination with frozen semen
  • Lorca's youth can enjoy the fair more economical thanks to discounted tickets and soft drinks (16/09/2008)
    Under 30 years will have a 20% discount on concert and 25% in non-alcoholic drinks at the Feria de Lorca 2008
  • Lorca School Board agrees to the non-school days for 2008-2009 (16/09/2008)
    will be on January 7 and 23 and February 24, 2009
  • The PP says that the construction project at school Alfonso X was changed and did not include the burial of medium voltage line (16/09/2008)
    "... although the cost of the work increased by 30,000 euros "
  • The Book Project, which promotes the reuse of books and materials for Spanish-speaking countries, started its campaign (15/09/2008)
    In the last edition, in Lorca Limusa collected more than 6,000 kilos of educational materials were sent to disadvantaged areas of Paraguay , Peru and Nicaragua
  • Opened in Lorca the College of Early Childhood Education 'Ana Caicedo', with capacity for 150 students (15/09/2008)
    investment has meant a payout of 901,519 euros
  • The Municipal School of Physical Education Base will start in October (15/09/2008)
    The registration fee is 12 € per month
  • The University Campus initiates the development of educational administration with the creation of the Unit for Coordination of Activities (15/09/2008)
    This is a complement to the management entity that will focus on the purely educational.
  • The PP requires Collado Lorca "explaining where are the 12,500 that the City paid € ... (12/09/2008)
    ... to bury high voltage line across the Colegio Alfonso X, a work that was never"
  • Project-LORCA III PROEMPLEO strengthen the commitment of the City Council to reduce unemployment in the city (12/09/2008)
    This project is intended to qualify professionally unemployed people to enable them to access work
  • Lorca City Council awarded the construction blueprint Auditorium (12/09/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, stressed that "we have a project that will put Lorca at the forefront of cultural facilities and we will grow as a congress city "
  • Cerdá exporter, the dynamism of regional pig to balance the trade balance Spanish (11/09/2008)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water has the XLI edition of the National Week of Pigs to be held in Lorca from 15 to 18 September
  • The Consistory of Lorca devoted almost 17,000 euros for a feasibility study of ecotourism route of the Via Augusta (11/09/2008)
    This is a definitive step towards the enhancement of the Roman road passing through Lorca
  • OPEA program designed to increase occupation levels in Lorca, will benefit 700 unemployed (11/09/2008)
    The goal of this program is job placement increased the chances of finding a placement for others because it facilitates the encounter between the person seeking and employers who offer
  • Inmaculada García stressed the importance of Feramur as a sign that the "regional craft is alive and looks to the future" (11/09/2008)
    Regional Craft Fair to be held at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria Lorca from 25 to 28 September bring together the work of local and foreign artisans
  • The 2008/2009 school year starts in the 49 centers normally Lorca (10/09/2008)
    Classes begin without contingencies for the 9,683 students enrolled in elementary and primary schools in our municipal
  • The Mayor of Lorca get the commitment of the Government Delegate to mediate with the Central Government in financing the Auditorium (10/09/2008)
    The mayor has stated that the Prime Minister pledged to the Lorca on 5 March 2007 to build this infrastructure by way of emergency
  • Meeting between artists painting Almeria Lorca (10/09/2008)
    The group exhibition, a pioneer in Sun City, will share the artwork of artists from both cities in the southeast Spanish
  • The Youth Council of change of address Lorca (09/09/2008)
    Since last on 01 September 2008, the Youth Council has moved its office to the C / Jerez N º 2 3 º A.
  • Three people arrested for traffic violations, report on the action of the local police in Lorca during the weekend (09/09/2008)
    Over the weekend have been treated at local police units to 96 people
  • 19 courses will be offered by the Municipal Council of Women of the Municipality of Lorca for the last quarter of 2008 (09/09/2008)
    These courses, which will be taught in the classrooms of Marble Street and in the hamlets, revolve around issues such as computer, health, education, management or sales
  • 35 young Europeans participated in a youth exchange from August 30 until September 8 (09/09/2008)
    From August 30 to September 8, young people from Poland, Germany, Sweden, Romania and Spain, for a total of 35 have had the opportunity to discover different landscapes of Lorca ...
  • Collection of signatures in Lorca UPyD of the manifesto for the common language (06/09/2008)
    Within 1 ½ months have been collected over 5,000 signatures in the Region of Murcia, as UPyD
  • Chain Dial Guadalentín Rosario Flores presented in concert (06/09/2008)

  • Agreement with the City of Lorca for the rehabilitation of the football field Zarcilla Palm (05/09/2008)

  • The Consistory has earmarked more than 55,700 euros for improving children's play parks located in the municipality (05/09/2008)
    "The placement of these new games will be completed in the coming weeks"
  • 55,000 euros for the installation of new street lighting in Zarcilla Palm (05/09/2008)

  • The City invests 160,000 euros for the improvement and paving of several roads in the municipality (05/09/2008)
    The spokesperson for the Team, Lali Ibarra has reported that the action be performed on the road to the inch, road Guirao ( Puri), and various urban street
  • 18 music concerts, the Comedy Club, Fair Day, Festival of Folklore, Children's Theatre and more Bullfighting Fair and Festivals in September 2008 (05/09/2008)
    "This is a fair for all, absolutely all Lorca, "said Councilwoman Rosa Medina Celebrations
  • The City Council invested $ 10,000 in the improvement and modernization of Virgen de las Huertas Child (05/09/2008)
    The refurbishment has been carried out by personnel of the Department of Parks and Gardens, in a time of two months and has seen the replacement of all games as well as changing the firm
  • The San Antonio Sports Hall will be open to the public next Tuesday (04/09/2008)

  • The Mayor of Lorca described as "clumsy and unjust" Solbes Minister's decision to cut the money that the Central Government allocated to the municipalities (04/09/2008)
    Francisco Jodar, "before the economic crisis is upon us so you can not make the government the nation is giving back to the city and leave him to his fate "
  • The Bullfighting Festival 2008 will, as the main swords, Pepin Liria righties and Cayetano Rivera (04/09/2008)
    This year will include two festivals, on Sunday 21 September 28
  • Start the Feria de la Virgen de las Huertas, which runs until Monday 8, day of the feast of the patron saint of Lorca (03/09/2008)
    The High Mass and Procession, Monday at 11 and 19 hours respectively, highlights of the day the Patron
  • The IMJUDE available to the Cabinet Advisory Lorca Physical Activity and Sport (03/09/2008)
    So far the response from Lorca to this service has been positive as evidenced by more than 200 inquiries have been received
  • Open enrollment within the Municipal School of Music (03/09/2008)
    From day 9 until the September 23 enrollment can be made on the premises of the School, in Alameda Poet Gimeno Castellar
  • The tourist attractions of Fortaleza del Sol has exceeded 16% last year visitors (03/09/2008)
    visits Lorca Taller del Tiempo del Castillo and the nights have been the main demands of tourists
  • The XXX Edition Guadalentín Sports Games begin next Saturday with a traditional parade through the town of Lorca (02/09/2008)
    Registration for the popular march will walk free and the organization will give away a T-shirt Sport Games Guadalentín each participants
  • The Councillor for Education delivers Municipal Bond Paper to schools and parent associations (02/09/2008)
    The extraordinary call, targets students in 4th of primary and 3rd and 4th ESO, ending 15 September
  • Products to combat the olive whitefly begin to be distributed on Thursday at the fairgrounds (02/09/2008)
    Farmers may remove the material every Tuesday and Thursday of the month of September
  • Lorca Local Police arrested a driver whose vehicle had collided against another parked on the road from Granada (01/09/2008)
    The accident occurred at dawn on Saturday and the individual tested positive for blood alcohol test
  • The Open final round of Spain's Mountain Bike will be held next Sunday, 7 (01/09/2008)
    The race will take place in the surroundings of the Castle of Lorca and will serve to decide the final triumph

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