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Lorca News - June 2009

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  • The Socialist Party calls for Jódar listen to the demands of the residents of the Virgen de las Huertas (30/06/2009)

  • The PSOE de Lorca asks the Local Government team to "common front" to set the phone 016 as victims of gender violence (30/06/2009)
    They call the regional government to sign a cooperation agreement with the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to implement this specialized service, as occurs in thirteen regions.
  • The cooperation of local police and Department of Consumer allow the withdrawal of 1,856 items (30/06/2009)
    with an estimated value of € 13,500 on the black market
  • Lorca Mayor opened the tertiary treatment of sewage water of La Paca (30/06/2009)
    allow reuse up to 72,000 m2 per year in agriculture
  • Juanfra Soriano: "the PSOE Lorca prefers to defend the interests of ZP self-employed workers and SMEs in our city" (30/06/2009)
    "Once again puts party requesting any progress for workers"
  • Power failure in judicial de Lorca (30/06/2009)

  • The Lorca Rock meet in the city with the most successful global metal (29/06/2009)
    The XII edition of the festival will be held at the Recinto Ferial Santa Quitería 23 and July 24
  • The ascent routes PRADICAN closed IMJUDE organized by the Association in collaboration with the Lorca-Santiago (29/06/2009)
    More than 150 participants took part in the classic rise included in the "Bike and Nature"
  • Adil Falil and Rachel Miras were imposed in the popular race of the festival of San Juan del barrio de La Viña (29/06/2009)
    The event was held yesterday afternoon in the starting and finishing in the neighborhood park
  • The blue area of the ORA will be free on Saturdays in July (29/06/2009)
    municipal service currently has 2067 seats on the city spread in 1010 (green) and 1,057 (blue)
  • The House began its case to declare the city's favorite sons of Lorca and Emilio Francisco Cayuela Happy (29/06/2009)
    The kindergarten of the Public School Alfonso X El Sabio, recently opened, will be named Maruja Fernández Sastre
  • The full City Council claims that the State implement measures to help self-employed and SMEs (29/06/2009)
    This request, made through a vote by the mayor of Economics, Antonio Ibarra, was supported by the Municipal People's Party and United Left, while the PSOE rejected
  • 13 students of 1 Baccalaureate College Sun City win the Third Prize of World Environment (29/06/2009)
    Councillor for the Environment, Melchor Morales, has announced that the City develop, in collaboration with Limusa, a call like local level for all schools of the municipality
  • Press release about changes in access to private parking on streets under construction (29/06/2009)

  • The Civil Guard dismantled a criminal group dedicated to commit fraud (27/06/2009)
    The value of the fraud allegedly perpetrated by the network exceeds 100,000 euros
  • The Swim Festival 2009 was held yesterday at the Complex Europe amid great excitement (26/06/2009)
    More than 100 children participated in the event that ends the season of swimming lessons.
  • Sports team receives Cemelorca-Trek-Lorca Taller del Tiempo (26/06/2009)

  • The Boilermakers lane street will have wider sidewalks and better paving in order to increase pedestrian safety (26/06/2009)
    safety of pedestrians a project focuses on works under the PIMUN to be launched during the month of July.
  • Puente La Alberca, Santo Domingo, Lope Gisbert, Prince Alfonso and Santa Clara Avenue will remain cut off at work from next Monday (26/06/2009)

  • The removal of a tower crane to work on the C / Nogalte cuts cause traffic on the morning of Sunday (26/06/2009)
    The stretch between the slope of San Francisco and Angela Morales embroidery will be affected from 08:00 to 15: 00 hours.
  • The PSOE complaint cases unhealthy "serious" on brownfield sites and vacant houses (26/06/2009)
    The socialist mayor Marisol Sanchez, said that in the vast majority of cases, residents have to endure the dirt, odors and the fact that have become a nest of rats and insect pests.
  • The PSOE de Lorca calls for the Regional Law of Integral Protection of Nature is accompanied by an economic report (26/06/2009)
    The proposal will be defended by the Socialist councilor Paquita Lopez.
  • The company "The Bid" closes tonight Teasol an air show at the Pasarela Manterola (26/06/2009)
    The second edition of the festival is a complete success with many citizens following the proceedings.
  • The Local Government agrees to subsidize the Youth Council with 43,200 euros Lorca (26/06/2009)
    Youth Councilman Lorca Hall of the group thanked their collaboration with the Consistory, as representatives of youth associations.
  • The Local Government responsible for the implementation of the Road lighting Almendricos in Pozo Higuera, and reforms in schools in San Jose and Purias (26/06/2009)
    The Board of Lorca City Council has awarded other works of the Municipal Investment Plan Consistory (PIMUN).
  • More than 2.6 million second phase of public school 'Ana Caicedo' Lorca (26/06/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the dismissal of the Director General of the Regional Government Center (26/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Ginés Díaz ask the Minister for Education, Training and Employment which immediately proceed to solve the serious problems of infrastructure and places suffering the municipality in relation to public education.
  • The Mayor of Lorca issued on Tuesday a distinction for 35 students of 2 º de Bachillerato and the Conservatory of Music with Honours (26/06/2009)
    be recognized for the second year students with better grades IES Ramón Arcas Meca, San Juan Bosco, Fco Ros Giner, Prince of Asturias, music conservatories and college Narciso Yepes Sun City
  • The PP describes as "shameless infinite" that the PSOE would dare to talk about the economy after the spike ... (26/06/2009)
    ..." 17,500 million pesetas left us as a gift to all Lorca "
  • Deadline extended for Tapas Contest (26/06/2009)
    The deadline was extended until July 12.
  • The street will Abenhalaj wider sidewalks, new street furniture and better lighting (25/06/2009)

  • Lorca Town Council held in the districts an awareness campaign on the DTT (25/06/2009)
    Citizens of the high councils will have to buy a digital TV tuner, to end their analog broadcasts Issuer Ricote Center
  • ADESOLOR organized Futsal V International Marathon to be held in Lorca 26 and 27 June (25/06/2009)
    The competition will be held at the Sports Complex in Europe and the flag of the Malls and the same teams from Germany will attend.
  • The municipal campaign of sun protection and prevention of heat stroke arrive at the weekly market with the cast of 700 and 500 creams juice (25/06/2009)

  • The PSOE warns that "the negative image generated by Jódar makes banks unwilling to lend money to the City" (25/06/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls the neighbors have their own voice on the commission to monitor the work of Lopez-Santo Domingo Gisbert (25/06/2009)
    The project, funded by the State involve an investment of 2.4 billion euros in the downtown area
  • The Socialist Party calls for the creation of the foundation of grassroots football as approved at the plenary session of March (25/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Gines Diaz said three months after the PSOE support the initiative of the Government of the PP Team "no has returned to show signs of life "
  • The Swim Festival 2009 will be held tomorrow at the Sports Complex Europe (24/06/2009)

  • The City modernizes the Rio Grande and Fajardo Street Alameda Poet Gimeno Castellar with investment of over € 450,000 (24/06/2009)

  • Lorca Local Cops are trained to prevent and detect child abuse (24/06/2009)
    lorquino City Council and the Directorate General of Family Autonomous collaborate in the dissemination of protocol in lack of protection of minors.
  • The ascent of PRADICAN be held in Sunday morning's (23/06/2009)
    It is the sixth map of the "Bike and Nature", organized by the Association IMJUDE Lorca and Santiago
  • 15 new volleyball referees formed last weekend in Lorca (23/06/2009)
    The course was organized by the IMJUDE in collaboration with the Volleyball Federation of the Region of Murcia and the section of Eliocroca
  • The Space Youth Advisory Board visit the site where the youth center will be built (23/06/2009)

  • The Socialist government of Spain will invest 330,000 euros in improving the Barrio de San Fernando (23/06/2009)
    The works will have a lead time of three months and be completed by 2010
  • The City received 2.7 million euros to build two buildings with 3 floors, gym and sports courts at school Ana Caicedo (23/06/2009)
    This is a subsidy from the Ministry of Education, the educational infrastructure puts at the forefront of all the municipality.
  • Marisol Sanchez: "The PIMUN only exists in the steamy dreams of Jódar and their elected representatives" (23/06/2009)

  • The ARTV already has an office in Lorca (23/06/2009)
    The group offers professional radio and television training courses, discounts and institutional representation.
  • The IES Ramón Arcas hosts this month a statement of teaching middle of Lorca (22/06/2009)
    The IMJUVE works through its educational program "La Pera Newton", which has been recreated what it was like an old class of a school in years 50-60 and included papers on the beginnings of these teachings in lorca
  • The Cultural Center will host the graduation ceremony of Senior Hall Lorca (22/06/2009)
    The event will start from 18:30 hours to be attended by the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jódar and the Rector of the University of Murcia, José Antonio Cobacho
  • The Socialist Party criticized the delay in opening the swimming pool (22/06/2009)

  • Economy Councilman presented at the next full battery improvements to benefit self-employed and SMEs (22/06/2009)
    Antonio Ibarra propose that the self-pay the VAT on their invoices at the time that charge.
  • More than 4,000 residents will benefit from the new Collector General Sanitation Campillo (22/06/2009)
    This new project is part of the reorganization plan for the municipality of Lorca, to reach the goal that all municipal wastewater is treated for reuse in irrigation
  • More than 200 people have participated in the penultimate weekend of activities of Diversa (22/06/2009)
    La Torrecilla, Aqualandia and Cordoba were the scenes of the three activities that various programs this past weekend.
  • On Sunday the race will be held popular "Fiestas de San Juan", en el Barrio de La Viña (22/06/2009)

  • The City of Lorca offers three free Spanish courses for immigrants and other social and family education for civil cohabitation (22/06/2009)
    Castilian courses for foreigners will start in the district of Los Angeles on August 4, La Hoya 1 Ramonete on 2 September and November.
  • The PSOE ask Jódar redotación to mediate for the staff in the single (22/06/2009)
    Unions warn that the service is being compromised because they do not cover the losses of the officials, which could lead to a temporary suspension of it.
  • The Consortium for the Development of Tourism and Cultural de Lorca made investments worth 275,000 euros (21/06/2009)

  • The Mayor of Lorca opens reforms over the football field in Los Tollos, in the hamlet of La Hoya Lorca (20/06/2009)
    "It's a new sign of commitment to the Municipal Government Team is carrying out to improve sports facilities the municipality, "said Francisco Jódar
  • Information Day on Housing Lorca (19/06/2009)

  • The SICTED made a day of awareness among companies that are part Lorca Project (19/06/2009)

  • Communiqué murder Lorca Hall of ETA (19/06/2009)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, representing the town council has expressed its strongest condemnation and revulsion at the attack top
  • Students of secondary schools perform Lorca orientation practices in the Sierra de Tercia (19/06/2009)

  • Posted by IMJUVE notebook route of the old mining railway line Morata-Parazuelos (19/06/2009)
    The work has been done by students of the IES Ramón Arcas Meca and San Juan Bosco
  • The Socialist Group Lorca expresses absolute conviction and condemned the attack by ETA (19/06/2009)

  • The Local Government Avilés fix two paths, one in Jarales and another in Humbria also Doña Inés tank (19/06/2009)
    On the value of 534,600 euros
  • Lorca City Council signed a cooperation agreement with AMUSAL (19/06/2009)
    For the promotion of social economy and employment in the city
  • The City of Lorca and Social Work CAM promote environmental volunteering in the city (19/06/2009)
    More than 1000 people participated in the weekend third in a days living in the will proceed to the crop harvest
  • 270,000 euros for a centralized disinfection of vehicles transporting livestock on Lorca (19/06/2009)

  • La Banda Municipal de Música de Lorca offer an extraordinary concert at the Palace of Guevara (19/06/2009)
    will be held in the Palacio de Guevara, beginning from 21:00 pm
  • The Lorca Scooter Club is organizing a day of living together on Saturday to be released in society (18/06/2009)
    The "Scooter Run" will feature an exhibition of motorcycles and a concert of "Playmovil" and "Trastorners" among the main activities Top
  • He began his Territorial Security Center La Hoya (18/06/2009)
    It represents an investment of 40,000 euros and has a staff of 9 officers, a corporal and a sergeant
  • Santa Clara Avenue will remain closed to traffic from next June 22 by the works of the underpass to the railway (18/06/2009)
    Work will continue until August 31, offering alternative detours Local Police vehicles
  • The dance studio of Maria Teresa Lazareno XXVIII Festival celebrates Monday at the Fairgrounds Santa Quitería (18/06/2009)
    also join one of the big winners of Four program "Fama A Bailar"
  • The Socialist Party is opposed to the students of IES No. 6 studying in prefabricated classrooms in the parking lot of Hall Europe (18/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Ginés Díaz said that the parents of these students are refusing outright to their children studying in a "shameful."
  • The PSOE announced the imminent start of the recovery of the Rambla de los Patos (18/06/2009)
    The Government of Spain that will invest one million euros
  • Families of Lorca and its Region will host this summer to 150 under Belarusian (18/06/2009)
    Families Association of Belarusian Solidarity with the People reports that there are still four boys and two girls who need a foster family for your stay in Spain between July 8 l and 26 August.
  • The Integrated Vocational Training Centre was created with an offer "paltry" and below that of some institutes of Murcia, as the PSOE (18/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Gines Diaz also criticized not yet been issued the decree that establishes the center , which is not yet official, although the deadline for submission of the request to open next June 23
  • The picture shows Arte 2009 will open tomorrow at the Palacio de Guevara (18/06/2009)
    The exhibition was organized by students from the People's University and will remain open for ten days
  • Successful presentation of the start of the campaign to prevent heat and Healthy First Fair Lorca (18/06/2009)
    30 watermelons, more than 300 bottles of water and a half thousand leaflets have been distributed this morning at the Alameda of the Constitution.
  • The Works council regrets that "the confusion that prevails in the local PSOE he is taking to provide misinformation" (18/06/2009)
    On some projects included in the PIMUN
  • Urban gives green light to build the new residence in Altobordo (18/06/2009)
    ... Asprodes will have 80 seats on two floors and will involve an investment of 4.5 million
  • The Second Edition of the Teatro de Calle de Lorca "Teasol will be held from 23 to 26 June (17/06/2009)
    La Plaza de Calderón, Lorca Castle or the gateway Manterola will be some of the stages of the competition.
  • The Mayor opened the second edition of the show "Healthy Lorca" offered to all citizens free medical tests and a series of lectures (17/06/2009)
    For this edition has installed a total of 14 booths at the Mall of the Constitution.
  • El Huerto Ruano welcomes the launch of "Treaty of Local Public Accounting", by a municipal official of Lorca and a professor at the UMU (17/06/2009)
    The work was done by a professor at the University of Murcia Bernardino Benito and the official of the Planning Department of the Municipality of Lorca Juan Martin Atenza.
  • The procession of Corpus del Barrio de San Cristóbal cause traffic courts on Sunday (17/06/2009)
    The parade will start from 20:00 hours from the Atrium of the church.
  • The school's students José Robles made a healthy breakfast (17/06/2009)
    The activity is framed within the educational program "La Pera Newton", the Municipal Institute of Youth
  • The festival 'Teasol' brings theater to the streets of Lorca (17/06/2009)
    At the festival, which was born last year, theater companies participating regional, national and international
  • Juanfra Rodriguez won third place in the Copa del Rey jet ski (16/06/2009)
    The Lorca again proved his excellent form in the test copera played in the Galician coast
  • The City Council this year intensified its summer campaign to raise public awareness about the dangers of the sun on health and the risks of heat (16/06/2009)

  • Lorca Town Hall began construction of a swimming pool and Recreation Center Parish on a plot of 2,500 m2 (16/06/2009)
    With an investment of 310,000 euros
  • 1 of 2 more of our municipal and enjoy the benefits and discounts offered by the card "LorcaMayor" (16/06/2009)
    The number of beneficiaries exceeds 5,600.
  • More than 2,600 visited Puerto Lumbreras largest travel within the program "Know Your Region" developed by the council of Mayor of the City of Lorca (16/06/2009)
    This initiative is funded by the Foundation Cajamurcia.
  • La Semana Santa de Lorca chooses to be among the seven most important national holidays, having placed in the top of the top 50 (16/06/2009)
    Voting will be through realiazar or municipal www.lorca Web. es
  • El Palacio de Guevara has hosted morning show "Great Layout", pupils of the Municipal School of Plastic Arts of Lorca (16/06/2009)
    The 13 works will be on display until July 5, will then decorate the new building of the Centre Local Development within the collaborative program between the departments of Employment and Culture.
  • Peña Maria was the scene of the last walking trail of the "Lorca Foot 2009" (15/06/2009)
    The tour was conducted by fifty people, who enjoyed an extraordinary landscape
  • Lorca citizens free medical tests may be the occasion of the Second Edition of the Fair Healthy Lorca (15/06/2009)
    The exhibition will be held at Alameda of the Constitution, on 17, 18 and 19 June
  • XIII Spring Film Lorca (15/06/2009)
    Spanish Cinema Week
  • The modernization of the axis-Prince Alfonso Puente la Alberca have the pedestrian as protagonist, with wider sidewalks and installing new street furniture (15/06/2009)

  • The popular race of the Festival de La Viña change the date to Sunday, June 28 (15/06/2009)
    At first is scheduled for 21, but has decided to modify it to its coincidence with the celebrations
  • More than fifty young people from Lorca recreated the reconquest of the city in the Great Battle Night (15/06/2009)
    The activity was part of Qdamos and was held last Friday 12
  • Calablanca Beach was the setting for the recording of a short film in high definition, through the program Diversa (15/06/2009)
    The innovative project is organized by the Youth Institute, the cultural group and producer Class Two Syncroimagen.
  • A paper of Rafael Mendez on the costs of suspending operations, awarded at the National Congress of Hospitals (14/06/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls on the council of Women to report to women entrepreneurs access to microcredit Lorca without collateral (12/06/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Lucia Sanchez recalled that the socialist government of Spain provides women entrepreneurs with access to credit without collateral up to 25,000 euros personal or commissions to boost its presence in the business.
  • PSOE: "The PP Espirelia signing the death and the festival 'TodoArte'" (12/06/2009)
    The Socialist Councillor Isabel Casalduero regretted the budget reduction by 75% of an event that is tourist attraction in summer.
  • The Corpus Christi procession on Sunday cause traffic courts (12/06/2009)
    parking is prohibited and will clear the route to vehicles from 16:00 hours
  • The Local Government responsible for the execution of works in four schools PIMUN (12/06/2009)
    well as improvements to the Valentine's Cejo and Coy Calvary
  • The dawn of the 15, 16 and June 17 will proceed to the processing plant of different green areas (12/06/2009)

  • The City Council allocated $ 1.4 million for the modernization of the Armed Forces Avenue and the construction of 3 roundabouts Lorca access from the neighborhood of Apollonia (12/06/2009)

  • The town of Lorca is expanding its capacity more selective with six containers for shoes and textiles (12/06/2009)
    is merged with the fifteen units commissioned in August 2008 divided between the urban periphery of the strategic hamlets, through an agreement with Abraham Project
  • Public Library "Principe de Asturias", will become the scene of a storyteller for young people on Monday (12/06/2009)
    will be held to mark the end of the course and will be staged by the company "Teatro de Carmen".
  • The PP requires Lorca Manuel Soler to clarify his sudden attachment to the PSOE's policy on water (11/06/2009)
    García Aragón: "I said before that repeal of the diversion of the Ebro and the NHP was the ruin of the whole region and now conforms to defend the Tagus "
  • Ferra requested the PP to clarify who will be their candidate for mayor in 2011 before speculating on the PSOE (11/06/2009)

  • Glory Alozie, Marta Mendia and Juan Molina will compete next Saturday in Lorca in Spain Athletics Championships by Federations (11/06/2009)
    Track Complex of La Torrecilla is again to become a national benchmark Athletics
  • Lorca Mayor welcomes the Commission FAMDIF Accessibility (11/06/2009)

  • The Swim Festival 2009 will be held on Thursday June 25 at the Sports Complex Europe (11/06/2009)
    The competition is organized by the Swimming Club IMJUDE and Lorca, and can take part in it as children who have done some courses during the quarters as having no federal license
  • The central balcony of St. Patrick and the City will stage Friday in the act of minstrels and clarineros (11/06/2009)
    The traditional civil-religious act musical is held on the occasion of feast of Corpus
  • 2880 students Lorca may choose from tomorrow to bonolibro Town Council (11/06/2009)
    Councillor for Education, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, reported that students from 5th and 6th grade and 4th High may seek to June 30.
  • "Lorca," Workshop of Time "will offer visitors to the Fortress of the Sun at Segway, as another form of tourism (11/06/2009)
    Councilman Francisco Montiel explained that" with this agreement, and create another way to meet our tourism, we will give more publicity to our main asset of cultural entertainment, our medieval castle.
  • The little ones will become police officers for a day thanks to "chikipoli" activity organized by ACUDEPOL 24 (11/06/2009)
    The event will take place in Beacon Park and will count with the collaboration of the Mall, Eroski, and Red Cross Department of Public Safety
  • The Councillor for Education and the General Director of Academic coordinate the implementation of new teaching in the district (11/06/2009)
    José Joaquín Fernández Aurora Peñarrubia and start working in the Research Baccalaureate course in 2009/10 and on arrival other baccalaureate as well as other studies and language arts education.
  • Open enrollment within the Major Classroom Lorca (10/06/2009)
    Those interested in starting with the first course will be given until June 30
  • The Workshop on Technical Criteria Guiding the Natural Environment, was inaugurated this afternoon at the Garden Ruano (10/06/2009)
    The conference is organized by FUNA in collaboration with the Planning Department of the Municipality of Lorca
  • Lorca City Council initiative coordinated the refurbishment of 12 large urban streets (10/06/2009)
  • The final route of the "Lorca Foot 2009" will be held on Sunday north of the municipality (10/06/2009)

  • The cyclist Cemelorca-Trek-Lorca Taller del Tiempo, Sandra Santanyes Open proclaimed champion of Spain Bike-Marathon (08/06/2009)
    won in the third round held yesterday in Valle del Ges, successfully getting a new set lorquino
  • More than 200 people show their work in the final year of the People's University (08/06/2009)
    The exhibition will see works of photography, paintings, carpets, handicrafts and furniture restoration
  • The XIII Edition of the Spring Film will honor actor Lorca Juan Luis Galiardo (08/06/2009)
    may be seen on films like "Shame", which opens the festival and the winners of the latest edition of festival of Málaga
  • The autonomous region will invest 8.8 million euros in two new collectors for high hamlets, Rio and Grill (08/06/2009)
    Water Councillor explained that the Regional Government has responded to the demands of the City of Lorca and neighbors to provide network sanitation to Altritar, The Captive, The Chief, Coy, Dona Ines and Don Gonzalo
  • The Night Bike route last Saturday was well received with over 50 participants (08/06/2009)
    The journey of 44 kilometers, lasted 4 hours, starting and finishing in Europe Sports Complex
  • The PP gets the best results ever in Lorca, winning 92 of the 106 tables in all and it goes up almost 30 points ahead of the PSOE (08/06/2009)
    Popular nearly doubled the socialists in the total number of votes
  • Blow to drug trafficking in Lorca (08/06/2009)
    Arrested eight people as part of a scheme dedicated to the distribution of cocaine in Lorca and Murcia
  • Results 2009 European elections as in Lorca (08/06/2009)
    elections as results with 100% of votes counted.
  • 3,234 students in 30 schools and districts of the town of Lorca have enjoyed and learned from the workshops of Health Education Course 2008 / 9 (08/06/2009)
    Children of the three cycles of 260 primary classrooms have received the training and education practice personal hygiene, healthy eating and better living together.
  • Cazares's neighbors has a new throne for the festival of San Isidro (08/06/2009)
    Thanks to the work of the training programs of the Department of Employment
  • José Antonio Molina wins the day I Milla Urbana Murcia Region, held in Lorca (07/06/2009)
    In parallel to this test Championship held in Spain in the Security Forces and Fire, whose winners were White females and Gonzalez José Antonio Alcázar in men
  • Public Works funded the refurbishment of the Plaza of Spain in Lorca (07/06/2009)
    The works, which will involve an investment in a first phase of two million, are under tendering
  • The PSOE is satisfied with the results of Plan E (05/06/2009)
    The PSOE mayor Maria Ponce, highlights the Municipal Socialist Group's satisfaction with the results issued by the Ministry of Labour
  • The City of Lorca creates PIO (Children Leisure Programme), which coordinates to a total of six councils (05/06/2009)
    The beautiful initiative will have its place in the network under the direction where all stakeholders enjoy information for conducting various programs
  • The lorquina Rosa Maria Lujan wins on the television program "A tu vera" (05/06/2009)
    The release can be seen in the regional television on Sunday night after 21:45 hours.
  • The Local Government awarded the works of the bowers of Las Palmeras and Apollonia (05/06/2009)
    Apart from the clubhouse expansion and renovation of Rio San Fernando
  • The II Football Championship 7 La Hoya will be held under the form of 12 hours on 12 June (05/06/2009)
    The competition will be held in the municipal of The Toyos "and it involved a total of 32 teams
  • About 3,000 people enjoy the Plaza Calderon de la I Feria del Medio Ambiente de Lorca (05/06/2009)

  • The First Mile organized by ACUDEPOL Popular Urbana, cause traffic courts on Saturday at Juan Carlos I (04/06/2009)
    The alterations will occur from early afternoon, enabling you alternative routes for vehicles
  • The City of Lorca and Cadena SER held tomorrow at the Plaza Calderon I Environmental Marketplace (04/06/2009)
    In this celebration of World Environment Day, the Autonomous Community will give away 300 plants of pine and palmetto.
  • The restored image of the Immaculate Conception Chapel Secret City Hall will be delivered this afternoon the Mayor of Lorca (04/06/2009)
    The event was held in the Garden Ruano, where it remains until June 22, when it will return to the Board of Councils
  • The shot of the rise comes this afternoon at the Plaza de Calderón (04/06/2009)
    With this initiative, citizens can obtain gifts coupon club and youth group
  • The People's University opens an exhibition this evening of furniture restoration and Crafts (04/06/2009)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated this evening at 20:30 hours and will be open until next June 12
  • The Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Lorca yesterday received Honorable Mention in the XII edition of the Fair Theatre School (04/06/2009)
    Sotoca Constantine received the award from the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jódar and Edil of Education, José Joaquín Peñarrubia
  • Different offers young Lorca's ability to shoot a short, creating the script and participating in the performance (03/06/2009)

  • The City Council created the portal Lorca associations Sun City (03/06/2009)
    This site has information on the municipal register of associations, local news and cultural events
  • Lali Ibarra reports that Lorca created in May more than a hundred new jobs (03/06/2009)
    Employment Councilmember welcomes the PIMUN and the Municipal Plan for Employment and Training of Consistory lorquino continue paying off.
  • 60 young Lorca participated this weekend in program activities Diversa (02/06/2009)
    A trip to Port Aventura and a course conducted in Tarifa Kite Surf, were the activities organized
  • I, and I Popular Urban Mile Championship in Spain Mile Road to the Security Forces and Fire (02/06/2009)
    will take place on June 6 and is organized by ACUDEPOL 24
  • The Ombudsman in the Region and the Senior Director of IMAS, visited the residence Sunday Sastre de Lorca (02/06/2009)
    Paloma Recio Ruiz Abellán and have learned first-hand feedback from residents, accompanied by Lali councilors and Mari Ibarra Carmen Ruiz
  • The Civil Guard detained the perpetrator of the crime of insults, threats, and against sexual freedom (02/06/2009)
    The detainee sent mobile phone messages with pornographic content to two underage sisters
  • The President of the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca travels to United Arab Emirates (01/06/2009)
    ... and establishes the basis of an agreement to sign a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce in Abu Dhabi
  • Sergio Mantecón ends in Manacor and proclaimed champion of Spain Open Mountain Bike (01/06/2009)
    Cemelorca team rider-Trek-Lorca Taller del Tiempo was the winner of the fifth round, proclaimed winner for second year
  • The City Council distributed 300 carnations Lorca in exchange for cigarettes, the World No Snuff (01/06/2009)
    The Department of Health distributed information, coasters and fans to promote smoke-free spaces
  • Lorca City Council agenda for the neighborhoods of San Lazaro and Calvary an investment of more than one million euros (01/06/2009)
    Half will run this year
  • Constantine Sotoca awarded the Honorable Mention in the XII edition of the event Lorca Theatre School (01/06/2009)
    The Executive will receive the award next Wednesday at 19:00 pm in the Fairgrounds Santa Quitería
  • More than 500 students Lorca today and tomorrow will visit the Caravan Proniño against child labor (01/06/2009)
    is installed on the Alameda of the Constitution
  • Public Works will install 44 streetlights 'shock' in the town of Lorca (01/06/2009)
    The new points of light will be on the D-11 in the section linking the deputation Lorca Torrecilla

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