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Lorca News - January 2012

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  • The Councillor for Culture receives a grant of 627 € solidarity by Lorca choirs participating in the Christmas benefit concert (31/01/2012)

  • The City Council received 9,000 m2 of building materials donated by the company Saint-Gobain Place (31/01/2012)

  • The City Council held this afternoon, "Local Learning Festival IV" to commemorate the International Year of Active Ageing (31/01/2012)

  • The City of Lorca promote road safety among 2075 high school students across the municipality (31/01/2012)

  • The water tariff is updated only under the IPC (30/01/2012)

  • Signed a cooperation agreement with the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lorca (30/01/2012)

  • The City of Lorca spent in 2010 almost 28 million euros investment (30/01/2012)

  • The full City Council urges the Government of Lorca's Office to approve the "Plan Lorca 'general budgets before 2012 (30/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party of Lorca denounce the Autonomous Community to the Ombudsman if they do not aid withheld from Lorca and (30/01/2012)

  • Lorca families this year will pay 1.1 million euros for water consumption in previous years (30/01/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, believed to be this wild crazy load increase on the domestic economy hit city ​​
  • The City Council will be asked to extend the coverage of the aid provided for the victims of earthquakes (30/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party argues that the victims of the earthquakes start to get nervous because the aid did not arrive (27/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party says the new agreement negotiated by the EU with the Kingdom of Morocco will be very detrimental to agricultural products Murcia (27/01/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, wondered why they had served the President continued visits to European institutions Valcárcel and the alleged influence of the same presumed that both
  • The Governing Board approved a new set of 134 of the Bureau for Development Aid amounting to € 125,610 (27/01/2012)

  • The Governing Board accelerates the onset of the recovery work of the Palace of Guevara (27/01/2012)
    and awards the maintenance of traffic lights in the city
  • The local police made arrests and 2,052 controls 327 public safety during 2011 (27/01/2012)

  • The Department of Women Lorca City Council hosts its first short-story writing contest (27/01/2012)

  • IU-green question that the disappearance of local bodies has incurred economic improvements to City Hall (27/01/2012)

  • IU-green denounces the lack of support from city hall and the CARM Youth Council of Lorca, whom he accuses of not governing for the youth (26/01/2012)
    José García Murcia, councilman-Green IU spokesman regretted that the ineffectiveness of municipal management has contributed to the closure of the legendary local Youth Council
  • The Holy Week in La Hoya will be the President of the Region of Murcia, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, as a preacher (26/01/2012)

  • The City improves cleaning service with two new scrubbers specially designed for narrow streets (26/01/2012)
    consumes 95% less water and detergent
  • Bayer donates $ 10,000 to rebuild the church of San Francisco earthquake damaged Lorca (26/01/2012)
    The sixteenth century church is a National Monument in 1982, is integrated into the area of ​​cultural interest and is the headquarters of the Brotherhood of Farmers Paso Blue
  • The local police arrested a man who was breaking a door with a peak force to steal inside of a house in the Barrio de San Cristobal (26/01/2012)

  • Lorca City Council manages and improves sports courts Puri and Morata (26/01/2012)

  • The mayor receives a $ 3,000 solidarity aid by teachers of a course at the University of the Sea (25/01/2012)

  • The next day, January 29 Santo Domingo returns to the Blessed Virgin of the Bitterness (25/01/2012)
    On the return of Christ will be accompanied Rescue
  • UPyD in Lorca denounced the situation of secondary schools in the city after the earthquake and the passivity of all administrations (25/01/2012)
    Consider this point inadmissible that three schools still do not recover its normal activity by the lack of investment in this infrastructure by the regional government
  • Business for the importation of grain from Russia, Bulgaria and Romania (25/01/2012)

  • The PSOE recalls that after 250 days and all that is happening is not easy to call for calm (25/01/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, highlights the reasons why now, after more than 250 days, from the Socialist Party costs us much call for calm
  • A woman of 78 years died run over in La Campana (Lorca) (25/01/2012)

  • IU-green criticizes the lack of effective management of the Joint Commission and accuses him of leaving his fate to the poorest families (25/01/2012)

  • The Mayor visits the facilities of the Alzheimer's Association Lorca, restored by the earthquakes TRAGSA (25/01/2012)

  • Alberto Zamora and Elizabeth Square won the first prizes of the 4th Storytelling Contest for Secondary Education "Award Angels Pascual" (24/01/2012)
    154 narratives have attended the awards are named after the historic teacher institutes Ibanez Martin and Ros Giner and Adoptive Daughter of the city, Angel Pascual.
  • The new contract for the maintenance of green areas and gardens allow a saving of 340,000 euros (24/01/2012)
    maintaining the existing service and all its workers
  • The Mayor receives a solidarity aid provided by the first mayor of Vera and Fibromyalgia Association of the municipality (24/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party urges the Autonomous Community to enter once the money withheld with interest generated (24/01/2012)
    Casalduero Councilwoman Elizabeth unfortunate and unsightly calls Mayor's statements alleged by the Assembly of residents affected by the earthquakes
  • Francisco Jodar "be the first to take industrial action if talks fail" (24/01/2012)
    "but we must allow time for the government, which only takes a month to fulfill its commitment"
  • The neighborhood groups Almendricos deliver a solidarity of € 2,020 to the Mayor to contribute to the recovery of the town after the earthquakes (23/01/2012)
    This is the revenue obtained from the bullfight held in that parish on the occasion of their festivals Employers
  • IU-Green criticized the delay of aid for the settlement of public education institutions (23/01/2012)
    "while the regional government is subsidizing private schools-arranged"
  • Valcárcel underlines the commitment of the Government of Spain "to make every effort to trade off Lorca" (23/01/2012)
    Community President meets with Secretary of State for Trade to address various issues of interest to the Region "so very special for the city of Lorca"
  • The Socialist Party calls on the Mayor of Lorca to decide if the Lorca or the government of his party (23/01/2012)
    From the Socialist Group Lorca considered unfortunate statements made by Francisco Jodar on the possible mobilization of the inhabitants of La Viña in Madrid
  • Marisol Sanchez: "The CP creates new taxes for those citizens who apply the law of dependence, degree of disability and meat of large families (23/01/2012)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez said that the only purpose of these taxes is an undisguised desire to tax collection.
  • Ciudalor expressed support and solidarity with members of the platform affected by earthquakes (23/01/2012)

  • Hurtado Lorca Socialists represent the Federal Congress of the PSOE 38 (23/01/2012)
    The Secretary General of the Socialist Group Lorca was chosen as delegate in Congress PSRM Special Regional held on Saturday
  • Montiel, "this edition of FITUR has been the most productive for Lorca" (23/01/2012)

  • FITUR visitors through the streets of Lorca through a touch screen (22/01/2012)
    This tourist information point has been installed in the conditioned space by Lorca at the stand of the Murcia region to expand the public's attention final visit weekend show
  • Thousands of visitors are on your mobile FITUR a photo with the castle of Lorca (22/01/2012)

  • The Governing Board awarded three new contracts for execution of works and services amounting to 207,503 (20/01/2012)

  • Lorca improving their connections with 80 cities around the world with a combined ticket and Iberia ALSA (20/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the situation of neglect suffered by the Infant School Eliosol (20/01/2012)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez pointed out that the center was attended by 75 pupils aged between 0-3 years
  • PSOE: "¿27.5 million held by the Consortium or underinsurance?" (20/01/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, emphasizes that this is a topic of general interest and demands a response
  • The Bishop of Cartagena announced that restored the churches of Santiago, San Diego, Christ the King in Lorca (20/01/2012)

  • The Catholic Church will rehabilitate the temples of Santiago and San Diego de Lorca, while the rebuilt Christ the King (20/01/2012)

  • The City Council makes it clear that was not raised at any time or close or cut back on the group home for women victims of domestic violence (20/01/2012)

  • The Mayor and the Commission held its first meeting Jódar Garces and held a meeting to prepare the ministerial committee today (20/01/2012)

  • Lorca Mayor thanked the President of Navarra solidarity with the city (20/01/2012)

  • IU-Green accuses Councilwoman Women do not know how to manage the refuge for women victims of domestic violence (20/01/2012)

  • The Department of Sports held tomorrow a referee during synchronized swimming (20/01/2012)

  • More than 1,500 students participate in the test Lorca Cross Country phase of the local school sports (20/01/2012)

  • Aid for Development Bureau for families affected by earthquakes Lorca already exceed 2 million euros (20/01/2012)

  • The Mayor expressed his support for the workers of the Municipal Emergency Service to the controversy over the past days (20/01/2012)

  • Carriers of 32 cruise ships will offer tourism products "Lorca Workshop of Time" during 2012 (20/01/2012)

  • More than a hundred young people good habits are rewarded through the campaign "Sensations" (20/01/2012)
    Youth The mayor presented the awards for this initiative that seeks to promote healthy activities among the young Lorca
  • Presented in Madrid the restoration project of the Church of Santiago de Lorca (20/01/2012)

  • Statement of support from IU-green (20/01/2012)

  • Elders of the town of La Nucia Alicante to the Bureau for Development delivered a donation of 950 euros to help with the recovery of Lorca (19/01/2012)
    The delivery was made during a visit to the city of 50 members of the Association of Retired Persons and Pensioners of this Alicante town
  • Lorca Workshop of Time has a program of activities designed to promote cultural and tourist center (19/01/2012)
    Renfe and Lorca Workshop of Time signed an agreement to promote the historical and cultural city of Lorca by using the train
  • The Mayor of Lorca prepared with the Commissioner of the Government for the earthquake recovery from the Interministerial Commission for tomorrow (19/01/2012)

  • More than 700 major benefit from the course offerings of the Department of Staff for the first quarter of 2012 (19/01/2012)

  • The PSOE regrets the neglect of emblematic sports facilities Lorca (18/01/2012)
    The social responsibility of sports, Jesus Mazuecos, has shown the situation of neglect in which is the municipal stadium Francisco Artes Carrasco, especially in its offices and access
  • The City spends more than 144,600 euros to a new series of works (18/01/2012)
    benefit both the urban as neighborhoods and districts of our municipal
  • The construction of the sports hall are La Hoya nearly completed (18/01/2012)
    have been an investment of over € 806,000,
  • United Left seeks clarification on the status of implementation of 2011 budget (18/01/2012)
    And on the expected application of "cuts" during the financial year 2012
  • The Prince and Princess of Asturias visit the stand of Lorca in FITUR (18/01/2012)
    to inquire about the status of the city after the May 11 earthquake and to support its tourism
  • The City Council on Monday launched a special plan of action in the stadium Artes Carrasco (18/01/2012)
    ​​ includes falconry to the damage caused by a plague of pigeons
  • D. Philip and Ms Letizia undertake to finance the Hesperian Foundation rehabilitating a historic building or social damaged by the earthquakes of Lorca (18/01/2012)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, thanked the Prince of Asturias are offered to assist in recovery of the city
  • President of Atletico Madrid shows its support for Lorca and encouraged to visit the city (18/01/2012)

  • The third vice president of the Congress of Deputies shows solidarity with Lorca and encouraged to know their valuable tourist resources (18/01/2012)

  • The tourists can visit Lorca know and to detail the history of more than 24 monuments and points of interest only to focus your smarphone (18/01/2012)

  • The Lorca athlete run 12 marathons Ruben Soriano this year to publicize the situation of the municipality after the earthquakes (17/01/2012)

  • One cycle with films and shorts a session reserved for Lorca as major actors Cineclub programming for the coming months Paradiso (17/01/2012)

  • The CAVI Lorca attended in 2011 to 343 women of domestic violence, nearly one a day (17/01/2012)

  • Madrid hosts an event to explain that "sponsor the rehabilitation of the heritage of Lorca damaged by earthquakes is a very profitable business investment" (16/01/2012)

  • The Spanish football will play a charity match next Saturday at the Pavilion in San Jose against Latvia (16/01/2012)
    The collection of this preparatory meeting for the upcoming European Futsal Championship will go to the Bureau for Development
  • Lorca displayed in FITUR to tourists is "open for restoration" after the earthquake of May (16/01/2012)

  • Book clubs Municipal Library resume the analysis of works of Delibes, Jorge Franco, Flaubert and Dulce Chacón (16/01/2012)
    Registration for any of these clubs, who have time both morning and afternoon to allow participation of any interested party can be made in the Municipal Library Pilar Barnes
  • The shirt raises tequierolorca solidarity # 931 euro for the Bureau for Development (13/01/2012)
    Commercial Councillor of the City of Lorca, Eduardo Sanchez, received the donation from the hands of Presintown store manager, Francisco Montoya, creator of the initiative
  • The Community culminates the work of adapting public infrastructure in the mountains of La Culebrina in Lorca (13/01/2012)
    is intended to meet the play and recreational needs of visitors, while raising awareness about the natural values ​​of these protected areas
  • The Youth Council of Lorca organizes a series of Master Class aimed at including socio-through technology and social networking tools (13/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party stands in solidarity with parents and students from IES No. 6 (13/01/2012)
    The official Socialist Education, Jesus Mazuecos, echoes the requests of parents and students, especially with regard to heating
  • Lorca Local Police arrested a man who had stolen a furnace of a home you came banging on the door of access (13/01/2012)

  • Approved by the Office of comprehensive counseling for housing reconstruction Lorca (13/01/2012)

  • The Governing Board approved the first 49 grants of 800 euros set by the Bureau for Development (13/01/2012)
    for earthquake-affected families who remain out of their homes
  • The City Council € 572,242.94 in invoices processed for demolition and debris removal costs resulting from the earthquake last May 11 (13/01/2012)
    The Local Government Board has approved an aid in this regard.
  • The Socialist Party calls for 21 million euros from the European Union are not entered in the accounts of the CARM (13/01/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, suggests that outstanding invoices are dealt with emergency measures entrepreneurs
  • FITUR Madrid will host an event on the recovery of the Church of Lorca (12/01/2012)

  • The hamlet of La Hoya lorquina will shortly have a "Soccer City" (12/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Group Lorquin commitment inner primaries for the election of Secretary-General (12/01/2012)
    It will also propose amendments to the Party demanding the necessary infrastructure to continue to "Spain, have water you need both quality and quantity"
  • The Civil Guard surprises the gang members subtracting copper wire (12/01/2012)
    have been arrested three members of this criminal group
  • Social Bursar Blessing "Mamre" in Lorca (12/01/2012)

  • The City of Lorca has been completed some 43 works of rehabilitation of municipal property and you are running another 40 (11/01/2012)

  • The City Council requested an urgent meeting of the Joint Commission to expedite payments to victims of the earthquake (11/01/2012)

  • The Young Entrepreneurs Guadalentín meet in the Industrial Saprelorca to agree on new measures for business development (11/01/2012)

  • 21 unemployed Lorca hired by the city of Lorca rehabilitate the Classroom Free Internet Access (10/01/2012)
    , and local women's associations and youth of the Vineyard
  • Thermomix donates € 4,019.5 to the Bureau of the City of Lorca Solidarity for the victims of earthquakes (10/01/2012)

  • Paul Alborán, Dani Martin, Diana Navarro, Alondra Bentley, Javier Álvarez, Sergio Dalma Pitingo and between the cultural offer in the coming months Lorca (10/01/2012)

  • The City Council receives a grant of 1,455 euros caring hands of the group of people over Eagles (10/01/2012)

  • Lorca Local Police stopped the alleged author of several robberies in vehicles Vineyard (09/01/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the region has retained 96.75% of the rental assistance and repair and reconstruction of earthquake victims of Lorca (09/01/2012)

  • The Bursar "Mamre" Lorca's help over 300 families homeless after the earthquakes (09/01/2012)

  • The PSOE shows regret over the failure to hold the traditional Three Kings in the neighborhood of San Cristobal (05/01/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Anne Lario, recalled that both the Mayor and the Councillor for Culture tend to refer to their membership in this district
  • The organizers of the procession of San Cristóbal neighborhood this year did not request the assistance of the Department of Culture (05/01/2012)
    because they decided not to do it
  • The Magi distributed in Lorca Calbalgata nearly 8,000 gifts donated by businesses to the enjoyment of children of the municipality (04/01/2012)
    Y attract families from other areas
  • The regional chief executive receives the Mayor of Lorca (04/01/2012)

  • The demand for more rigorous PSOE Councillor of Finance at the time of making statements (04/01/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, has responded to Councillor must show documents supporting his claim
  • The group brings to Intereconomía 5000 Kings dealt gifts for the under-Lorca (04/01/2012)

  • The Lorca and can request discount of 5% of the IBI receipt of 2012, splitting into two debit payment (03/01/2012)
    To qualify for this benefit will have to ask specifically Lorca and address the receipt by March 30
  • Donations to restore historic heritage deducted Lorca and the 40% corporate tax and 30% in income (03/01/2012)

  • The PSOE regrets the removal of the basic income of emancipation (03/01/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Anne Lario, recalled that more than 6,000 young people perceived the Region
  • 20 unemployed local Lorca social rehabilitate the neighborhood of La Viña damaged by the earthquake of May 11 (03/01/2012)
    The City Council has made a work valued at € 41,307.25 in these spaces of leisure and participation of neighborhood groups and over this area of ​​Lorca
  • Works of 526,000 euros earmarked by the repair of housing in Lorca 35 (02/01/2012)
    The award of the contract by the Housing and Land Institute is done using the emergency procedure and their duration is three months
  • This Saturday is the deadline to ask for aid for reconstruction of homes demolished buildings empty by Lorca earthquakes that were inhabited by 80% (02/01/2012)
    The Consistory extends office hours Cultural Center
  • The PSOE reviews the year ended (02/01/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, remember that 2011 has been a difficult year for Lorca

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