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  • The Youth Council from tomorrow coordinate volunteers who want to help those affected by the floods (30/09/2012)

  • The Aldermen of the government team continue to coordinate "in situ" recovery work following the floods (30/09/2012)
    In districts are using about 14 shovels and trucks and twenty are available to citizens in Lorca Firehouse 30 operating bilge pumps easy to drain housing
  • Fifty-three external equipment operators strive to remove the mud from the city of Lorca after the floods (30/09/2012)
    Three trucks Cartagena tanks help in cleaning tasks, which are intended sweepers, scrubbers, shovels and a beam Pressurized water 24 hours
  • Lorca City Council terminates the Fair and Festival City (29/09/2012)
    for the death of a woman following heavy rainfall yesterday
  • Lorca Mayor convenes an extraordinary plenary session for 18 hours in the Plenary Hall of the City (29/09/2012)
    to address the situation of the city after yesterday's rainfall
  • Valcárcel, and Inmaculada García Jódar coordinated by the Center for Integrated Security Lorca actions after the floods (29/09/2012)

  • The councilors and village headman coordinate on-site recovery devices to access areas of Lorca (29/09/2012)
    cut off by floods
  • The Minister of Public Works in Lorca announces aid for municipalities affected by floods (29/09/2012)
    Ana Pastor informed the mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, the Central Government will seek the cooperation of the European Union to address this natural misfortune
  • Institutional statement approved unanimously by the full City Council of Lorca flood (29/09/2012)

  • Council starts on Monday the activities of the Municipal Sports (28/09/2012)

  • Rhythmic Gymnastics receives public acclaim in Sports Games Guadalentín (28/09/2012)
    13 young gymnasts Rhythm Club Helionova again offered a delicious display at showing its progress in the world of rhythmic gymnastics
  • The Bureau for Development has so far distributed 3,249,529.49 euros between Lorca families affected by the earthquakes last year (28/09/2012)
    The Local Government Committee approved the award of 21 new grants for families left homeless by the earthquake Lorca by the amount 27,500 euros
  • 44,083 property owners are exempt from property tax, which is placed for collection on Monday (28/09/2012)
    bonus thanks to the Government of Spain
  • Walker Road to Cejo is postponed by bad weather (28/09/2012)
    The concurrent Chess and Rugby matches also postponed.
  • Postponed testing all weekend of the Games (28/09/2012)
    Heavy rainfall during the day today been forced to suspend all programming weekend
  • The Mayor of Lorca offers a message of reassurance to Lorca, regrets the damage (28/09/2012)
    and stresses that have mobilized all means necessary
  • The City of Lorca moved to their homes to 30 students who were isolated in Almendricos institute Purias (28/09/2012)

  • Cancelled concerts Pasión Vega Second and by rainfall in the city (28/09/2012)

  • The PSOE shows its condolences to the families of the victims and all those affected by the heavy rains (28/09/2012)

  • The Security Forces of the State seeking a missing woman in La Torrecilla (28/09/2012)

  • Storytelling Marathon finally be held in the Cultural Hall CajaMurcia this afternoon from 18.30 (27/09/2012)

  • Walker Road to Cejo try popular weekend of the Games (27/09/2012)
    The 4th weekend of the Olympics Lorca Chess also offer twice, Synchronised Swimming, Paddle basic soccer and Rugby
  • FERICAB 2012, with its new management, is already working on its 17th edition (27/09/2012)

  • The City of Lorca Orange Alert activated for Friday between 10 and 24 hours a risk of heavy showers (27/09/2012)
    AEMET forecasts provide an hour accumulated rainfall of 40 mm and a probability of 40 to 70% for the field geographic Murcia
  • The rain alert requires the council to postpone the conclusion of the concert on the largest (27/09/2012)
    It will take place on Sunday at the intended
  • Valcárcel Lorca ensures that the Plan will be in the State Budget and the Autonomous Community (27/09/2012)
    Community President Lorca presented in the Yearbook of the Association of Journalists of the Region of Murcia, with a special dedicated to the city by the earthquakes in 2011
  • Manuel Soler: "The Mayor should get the Lorca Plan is included in the State Budget for next year" (26/09/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, believes that this decision is a joke to Lorca by the PP
  • The latest statements from the Mayor of Lorca, Mr. Jódar, apropos of "Lorca Plan" are truly amazing, as IU-green (26/09/2012)

  • After the deadline to participate in the Mountain Crossing the Games next Saturday, October 6 (26/09/2012)
    Until Thursday October 4 entries can be formalized in the House of Malls Sports
  • The Mayor confirms that the actions of Lorca Plan will be included within the State Budget and the CARM 2013 (26/09/2012)

  • The Guardia Civil arrested four people after the commission of a robbery at a store Lorca (26/09/2012)
    stolen effects, agricultural machinery and tools, have been recovered and returned to its rightful owner
  • Exits recovery works headquarters of the People's University, who participated in 36 workers and students of municipal employment workshops (26/09/2012)

  • The "Storyteller" Fair celebrates its seventeenth edition with an event with the participation of 25 meters (25/09/2012)

  • More than 80 players will participate in the Chess Championship Guadalentín Games to be held next Saturday in Beacon Park CC (25/09/2012)
    The prelude to this tournament will be the game to be played simultaneously on Friday in Alameda from the Columns 19 hours
  • The City of Lorca raffled 15 spa vouchers among visitors to the castle or the synagogue on Thursday, WTD (25/09/2012)

  • Gymnastics and soccer star in the week of the Games (25/09/2012)

  • The Joint Commission approves over 400,000 euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (25/09/2012)
    369,702 euros are for home repair and 49,465 for trade
  • The City Council approves the foreordination of 500,000 m2 on the firing Serrata (24/09/2012)
    to allow installation of industries develop even before the partial plan
  • The School Board will meet Lorca October 3, as agreed by the Executive Council on 18 September (24/09/2012)

  • The Joint Commission approves over 400,000 euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (24/09/2012)
    369,702 euros are for home repair and 49,465 for trade
  • Manuel Soler: "The Extraordinary Plenary has been insufficient to address all the problems related to the reconstruction of the city" (24/09/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, has insisted the inconvenience involved simultaneous plenary sessions on the same day with a theme draft of the reconstruction and management of Lorca after the Earthquakes
  • 134 cyclists pedal to swamp Bridges with Guadalentín Games (23/09/2012)

  • One morning basketball for all (23/09/2012)
    The third Saturday morning Weekend Sports Games Guadalentín protagonist had a luxury as was the various formats Basketball
  • CB Murcia Community conquers Handball Cup XVIII Sports Games (23/09/2012)

  • The Extraordinary Plenary convened by the Mayor to discuss the process of rebuilding after the earthquake will be held tomorrow (23/09/2012)

  • 99 participants Petanque Fair Trophy for the Games (23/09/2012)
    Players Club San Diego Petanque largely accounted awards
  • Aeromodelismo lovers are cited in the Games throughout the weekend (23/09/2012)

  • 25 people having great time in the pool of San Antonio with the Games aquaerobic (22/09/2012)
    Proof popular, on the morning of Saturday, attended by sports fans of all ages
  • Just tie at 2 in the derby football veterans Guadalentín Games (22/09/2012)

  • Top, marbles, plates and all the traditional games in the Olympics Lorca (22/09/2012)
    86 people enjoyed Saturday morning during the Day of Popular and Traditional Games Games Guadalentín
  • Sergio Mantecón defend title in the Championship of Spain overlooking the marathon World (21/09/2012)

  • Basketball, Handball, Petanque, aeromodelling Football Veterans, complete programming third weekend of Games (21/09/2012)

  • Enters service a new bus line connecting the center of Lorca with the Parador hotel and Castle (21/09/2012)

  • 8 Approve granting new aid to families affected by the earthquake Lorca (21/09/2012)
    for the amount of 9,600 euros
  • Bands United States, Norway, Canada, Germany and Spain, among the groups making up the sign of the third edition of Metal Lorca (21/09/2012)
    will take place on November 10 at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria.
  • Youth of China, Vietnam, India, Philippines, Greece, Lithuania, Poland and Spain in Lorca write a manual on European volunteering (21/09/2012)
    It is an experience that is part of the activities of the Youth Council, through its International Mobility Office.
  • The Secretary of Public Works and Government Delegate visit the church of San Mateo de Lorca to complete the restoration work (21/09/2012)
    Mario Garcés and Joaquin Bascuñana welcome the great work done and they go back to normal Lorca
  • The police involved 25 kilograms of marijuana in Lorca and stops the two people responsible for its cultivation (20/09/2012)

  • The City of Lorca handles a Special Interior Reform Plan (20/09/2012)
    so you can rebuild a new building of 16 homes in the neighborhood of La Viña
  • 100,000 LED bulbs and 95 rides and attractions bring light and color to Lorca Fair in the grounds of the Garden of the Wheel (20/09/2012)
    This year the City has installed 44 tents that provide services to pubs, bars, children's activity areas and central cocktail
  • The Mayor confirms that next Monday will be an extraordinary plenary session on reconstruction after the earthquakes (20/09/2012)
    Jódar Francisco says the reverse of the opposition, which demands an extraordinary plenary session in less than one day asks otherwise
  • Ludeña Sotoca ask "why having more than 25 students out of school in Lorca congratulates himself for the start of the course" (20/09/2012)
    Secretary of Education PSRM-PSOE denounces the "ineptitude" of counsel before a homecoming chaotic in many children do not have books and as many still do not know what will come center
  • Antonio Navarro: "Nearly 500 days later, Lorca has reached only 18.5% of the amount of aid" (19/09/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, has requested an explanation on the fate Money
  • Evidence popular star in the third weekend of Games (19/09/2012)

  • The Federation of Peñas huertanas Murcia donates € 10,000 to the Bureau for Development for the City of Lorca affected by earthquakes (19/09/2012)
    Lorca Mayor thanked the President of the Federation draws the contribution from a donkey given by Peña Cart
  • XXIII International Folklore Festival City Lorca (19/09/2012)
    Groups of Peru, Senegal, Gran Canaria and Lorca participate in the XXIII International Folklore Festival City of Lorca, held this weekend
  • Fifty Lorca catering establishments offer their specialties at affordable prices within the cover routes, and cocktail menus show (19/09/2012)
    Participants in the "Tomatapas" will have a free tourist train to move
  • The Special Plan for security and emergency Fair and Festivals of Lorca coordinates 450 people to respond to any incident (19/09/2012)

  • The Local Police intensify controls crime prevention and conduct undercover surveillance at the fairgrounds to ensure the smooth running of the September celebrations (19/09/2012)
    7400 have enabled places in 23 marked parking areas for the purpose, positioned near The Venue
  • The Council reminds the PSOE that the Joint Commission is current in the payment of aid (19/09/2012)
    Y invites you to join in the process of rebuilding the city that is already underway
  • Aminta Buenaño, Ecuador's ambassador in Spain, Lorca presented tomorrow in his novel (19/09/2012)

  • 24 Lorca and Italian youth participate in bilateral exchanges with local volunteerism Lorca (18/09/2012)

  • Fifty integrate the planned program activities for the Fair and Festival of Lorca (18/09/2012)

  • The Municipal School of Fine Arts Lorca registration period opens in new courses (17/09/2012)
    workshops including new technologies adapted to image
  • Lorca Mayor signed an agreement with the Minister of Social Services with new courses to enhance the employability of Lorca (17/09/2012)

  • Open Enrolment of swimming lessons for the quarter October-December, 2012 (17/09/2012)

  • The Vives building, located across the street Benemérita, install the crane to start rebuilding their homes 8 (17/09/2012)

  • Victor Manuel Romero is imposed on I Cadet Trophy Cycling City Lorca (16/09/2012)
    41 cyclists traveled the 63 kilometers in the test path ascended Cabezo Wheat
  • Spectacular dueling reeds in the City of Lorca XV Competition Sport Fishing (16/09/2012)

  • 106 units in a weekend full Table Tennis (16/09/2012)

  • The Handball basic and popular star in the weekend of the Games (16/09/2012)
    2 games on Saturday and a day for young fans have made sport of Handball reference on 2nd weekend of Games
  • 21 cars competing in the XI Zarcilla Rallysprint of Palm (16/09/2012)
    circuit quarries, nearly 7 km.
  • The art of paragliding in Games Guadalentín (16/09/2012)
    45 pilots competed during the day on Saturday at the XVI National Meeting of the Olympics Paragliding Lorca
  • Villarreal wins the Football Tournament 24 hours 7 Los Alamos (15/09/2012)
    The local football derby is incorporated into the programming of the games offering a night of good play and living
  • More than 40 young bikers participating in the III Trophy Mountain Bike Interschools Games (15/09/2012)
    The Torrecilla circuit, at the site of the Cypresses, hosted the races involving six teams from across the region and 12 kids not Federated
  • The Socialist Party denounced the pufo of the Chinese Eurovegas Mr. Jódar (14/09/2012)
    Casalduero Fajardo and Martinez have lamented that have created strong expectations of employment on a smokescreen of similar dimensions
  • The Local Police involved a cannabis plantation in the hamlet of Las Terrenas (14/09/2012)
    1500 would have assumed dose and 6,000 euros on the black market
  • Aid for uninsured Lorca traders affected by the earthquake last year amounted to € 902,663.01 (14/09/2012)
    Approved a new series of 14 grants for uninsured traders affected by earthquakes in the amount of 63,383.01 euros
  • The Local Government Committee approved the award of 50 new grants for families left homeless by the earthquake Lorca in the amount of 74,580 euros (14/09/2012)
    The Bureau for Development, which will meet again next Tuesday afternoon, has so far distributed 3219 842.55 euros between Lorca families affected by the earthquakes last year
  • He starts the installation of two cranes that will rebuild the Princess building 79 homes, demolished as a result of damage from earthquakes last year (14/09/2012)

  • 'Lorca Plaza' will host concerts in the next eight weekends from September to revitalize the historic center of the City of the Sun (14/09/2012)

  • The V National and International Dog Show of Lorca include competition for the World Cup Dog Alianz (14/09/2012)
    be held from 5 to 7 October
  • Sergio Mantecón considers tenth place in the World Cup as "a good result" (13/09/2012)

  • Two debuts on 2nd weekend of the Games (13/09/2012)
    24 hours Football Trophy Los Alamos and Cycling City Lorca first cadet participating in the Games in a weekend that will also have table tennis, Handball, Paragliding, Rallysprint Zarcilla Ramos, Mountain Bike or Fishing
  • The PSOE regrets the neglect in which the pond is Doña Inés (13/09/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, announced that his group will submit a request at the next Full Council aimed at solving this problem
  • 30 rural women will benefit from two training activities offered by the Department of Women and Women's Organizations Federation of Lorca (13/09/2012)
    Both actions seek to promote the role of rural women in the rural tourism sector through self-employment
  • The Rody Aragón Circus will be at the Fair and Festival of Lorca, expanding the fairgrounds (13/09/2012)

  • IU-Greens claim that the government team allows landfills in residential areas (13/09/2012)
    Pedro Sosa, IU-Greens councilor of the City of Lorca has denounced the appalling state of a landfill in Mecca Street neighborhood of San Cristobal
  • The City Council pays tribute to Lorca Lorca Olympic Ursula Ruiz and Sergio Mantecón (13/09/2012)
    The two athletes have been received by the Mayor who congratulated them for "being such that with effort and passion can achieve any goal"
  • The City Council had already planned a new intervention to clean the site reported by IU in San Cristobal (13/09/2012)

  • The central government and the autonomous communities Lorca yield to half of aid to trade in Spain (13/09/2012)
    The Crossbow counselor appreciates the Trade Sector in a "fair and generous" is intended for 50 percent of the subsidies nationwide to mitigate the effects of earthquakes, 2011
  • The best scene engine Guadalentín Games (12/09/2012)
    Sprint Rally and Autocross Purias Lorca City have turned our town into the capital of the lift motor throughout the weekend
  • "Lorca Workshop of Time" organizes about Open Days to find free guided lorquina Synagogue from 27 to 30 September (12/09/2012)

  • "Lorca Workshop of Time" this summer exceeds the number of visitors received a year before the earthquake (12/09/2012)

  • The Association of Lorca Rociera presented to the Virgen de las Huertas September 16 (12/09/2012)

  • The School of Music of Lorca open a second within one week of the course fees for 2012-2013 (12/09/2012)

  • The Local Police intercepts 3 people for stealing diesel tank of a vehicle in large tonnage Almendricos (12/09/2012)

  • Lorca City Council appreciates the generosity of the Government of Spain with the cast of the Solidarity Fund (12/09/2012)

  • The Socialist Party demands that the Municipal Library schedule suits the needs of the students (12/09/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Ana Lario, has called on the PP lorquino be more empathetic with township youth
  • Caritas entities of the Region of Murcia, CEPAIM, Caritas Interparroquial of Lorca and Lorca Red Cross will work with the project (12/09/2012)
    La Obra Social "la Caixa" and the city of Lorca join forces to help vulnerable children
  • More than 40 archers participating in the IV Trophy Archery Outdoor Lorca (12/09/2012)
    The fourth Archery participation in the Olympics Lorca resulted in a great race held during Sunday morning in the '82 World
  • ... (11/09/2012)

  • The PSOE will ask at the next council meeting that house demolitions are paid out 21 million euros from the European Union (11/09/2012)
    Socialist spokesman, Manuel Soler, regretted that the Popular Party SEPOR act as if it were his heritage and not all Lorca
  • The Garden Ruano host from 12 to 30 September, the exhibition "Oil Paintings and Sculptures" the painter Coronado Foundation for Paso Blue (11/09/2012)
    The exhibition, which features 55 works including paintings, sculpture and ceramics, will open on Wednesday 12 September at 20 am
  • Lorca Athletes Mantecón Ursula Ruiz and Sergio will be honored during the day on Thursday September 13 for their participation in the Olympic Games in London (11/09/2012)
    weight thrower and the biker will be received at City Hall in the morning, while the Ruiz later participate in a colloquium in the Cultural Hall CajaMurcia
  • The City of Lorca works successfully implemented in 18 of the 32 schools in the municipality this summer (10/09/2012)
    Councillor for Education, Francisco Montiel, stressed that "all works, valued at more than € 837,800, are closed to Today they can start school with schools improved "
  • The old town of Lorca Friday welcomes its first contest of painting outdoors (10/09/2012)

  • Antonio Navarro: "Resistance to change in management by the three civil causes, for those concerned, every day is another day, instead of one day less" (10/09/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, proposed an awareness and information campaign led by the council
  • Francisco Jódar notes that "the 45th edition of SEPOR boost the agricultural cooperatives" (10/09/2012)
    "and consolidate a large city of Lorca as profitable fairs"
  • Future stars on two wheels in the Trophy Interschools Cycling (09/09/2012)

  • 372 participants compete in the Fun Run Sports Games Guadalentín (09/09/2012)
    The event hosted five races of different lengths for any runner could participate regardless of age
  • The World of the Bride presents its new website, made with SUPERWEB (08/09/2012)
    The Vestinovias site developed by Avatar Internet, is a clear example of custom designed SUPERWEB
  • The Association of Ghanaians in Lorca made a voluntary cleaning the institute nearby Ibanez Martin (07/09/2012)
    With this collective initiative aims to show their desire to integrate into society Lorca, for what have the cooperation of the Department of Citizenship.
  • The Bells of Shrine of the Virgen de las Huertas ringing again tomorrow for the first time after the earthquakes on the occasion of the patronal feast (07/09/2012)

  • 4.4 million for the project works pumping and discharge of sewage collector Biznaga boardwalk in Lorca (07/09/2012)

  • 5'8 miles and 1,200 people welcome the Games (07/09/2012)
    The city center and the neighborhoods of San Diego, San Cristóbal, San José and La Viña were part of the route of the march that opened the XXXIV Walking Sports Games Guadalentín
  • Run and Race Walking: Sports Games 2012 begin with the best evidence Popular (06/09/2012)
    The Walking Walk Friday at 20.30 and the Fun Run on Sunday at 10am.
  • IU-Greens accused the PP of lead management with an incessant number of unemployed (06/09/2012)

  • Cev Albacete 2, first race after the summer hiatus (06/09/2012)
    The pilot Lorca, Juanfran Guevara faces this weekend the 6th round of the CEV in Albacete
  • The restoration work of the Churches of Lorca, affected by earthquakes, continues apace (06/09/2012)

  • The Special Security Plan of the local police for the town as the summer gets close as the quietest in recent years (06/09/2012)

  • A work of Sergio Porlán promote the Fair and Festival of Lorca by the provinces of Murcia and Almeria (06/09/2012)
    1,500 posters, 2,000 flayers and several report that marquees Large lorquina Fair will be held from 21 to 30 September
  • Mary David, 'The Bug', 'Negri', Sara Vega, Nya de la Rubia and four Lorca presented on 23 Lorca produced the song (06/09/2012)
    by Alejandro Sanz and Paco Ortega
  • The Department of Sports of Lorca opened the registration period for the Municipal School of Physical Education Base (05/09/2012)
    The Llamas Augustine mayor explained that the classes, aimed at children between 3 and 5 years, will start on October 2 in multipurpose room Pavilion San Jose
  • The City Council granted a license for the reconstruction of the building "Lorca Doors", the only one that collapsed during the earthquake last year (05/09/2012)
    Urbanism has granted also another 4 licenses to recover property of the Provincial River, Campillo and Tercia, and in the gully of San Lazaro
  • Seven arrested for their involvement in drug trafficking (05/09/2012)
    They involved 800 doses of high-purity cocaine, among other effects
  • The PSOE suggests several proposals to address the high financial cost of the course start (05/09/2012)
    The social responsibility of Education, Jesus Mazuecos, expressed his surprise over statements by the Councillor for Education about the alleged "normalcy" of the centers of municipality before the start of course
  • The Socialist Party calls continued dramatic increase in unemployment in Lorca (05/09/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Isabel Casalduero, said not understand how in a city like ours reconstruction, unemployment has increased in August by 1, 55%, almost twice the national average
  • The Municipal Emergency Service attended 349 incidents Lorca in the municipality's beaches this summer (04/09/2012)
    109 took place in August thanks to daily monitoring at beaches Lorca, this summer has been performed to 20:00 a hour ahead of the rest of the Costa Calida
  • The Department of Women offer 115 places for new training courses in the areas of health, administration, language and hospitality (04/09/2012)

  • They claim that "the Town Planning remains in ruins several uptown buildings dangerous to the safety of the neighbors' (04/09/2012)

  • Oenegés Councilwoman presents a new association for the Physically Disabled Lorca and its Region, Asdifilor (03/09/2012)
    seat has a courtesy of the City
  • Sports Games Guadalentín offered 54 tests between September 7 and October 14 (03/09/2012)
    in order to encourage participation in sport
  • Local police arrested two persons for their involvement in a robbery on the street made Redón (03/09/2012)


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