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  • The Council of the Local Agenda 21 through the draft Improvement Plan 2014-2018 Air Quality in the Region of Murcia (30/09/2014)
    The draft bid to boost monitoring of episodes of Saharan dust input in the region, causing increase in PM10
  • Until Thursday's open enrollment period to participate in the Traverse Mountain (30/09/2014)
    It may participate in any of the 3 cruises planned: Long Journey, Walking and Family this weekend will be held
  • Development extends the sewage of Alfonso X of Lorca and assumes rush neighborhood housing the main collector (30/09/2014)
    The performances will mean significant savings for residents at the time of rebuilding, and will not have to pay Pipings
  • The Socialist Party demands that the 20 million arrears to the victims should be by earthquakes are paid (29/09/2014)
    The Spokesman Municipal Socialist Group, Manuel Soler, has called on the Municipal Council, which are reviewed briefly all records there without paying and where gaps exist, these are remedied urgently
  • The Law of Expropriation causes the agreement between neighboring Viña building Lorca II without completing the process (29/09/2014)

  • The City of Lorca Gold medal awarded to Mercedarias Mothers and Adoptive Daughter named town of Margarita Lozano Flores (29/09/2014)

  • The City Council requests the Government of Spain to maintain a 2015 bonus of 50% of IBI and gains (29/09/2014)
    This is a request that the tax benefits granted to Lorca, because of earthquakes in the Finance Act General of state in 2014 be extended for next year
  • ... (29/09/2014)

  • Tomorrow, cutting traffic on Avenida Juan Carlos I sense Oval for the reconstruction of San Mateo Residential (29/09/2014)
    Traffic was diverted from 9 to 20:00 pm on the street and Lope Gisbert Musso Valiente
  • Climb to La Santa - Drivers Automobile Club of Lorca (29/09/2014)
    One more season, and now they're twenty, the Automobile Club of Lorca was again present in the Holy Climb
  • The totanero Isidro Lidón Wins Contest IV Pottery Artelor of FERAMUR (28/09/2014)
    Second has been Lazaro Lopez, also of Totana
  • 340 people climb to the Walker Road Cejo Sports Games Guadalentin (28/09/2014)
    It launched a solidarity voluntary registration in order to obtain food for Caritas distribution among needy people
  • UCAM Volleyball Murcia takes the victory in the First Memorial Volleyball Beatriz Rodríguez Llopis (28/09/2014)
    This tournament has paid tribute to what was the first murciana in Super League and President of the Volleyball Federation of the Region of Murcia for 22 years
  • Augustine Mulero wins the Fair Open Tennis Games at senior level (28/09/2014)
    The Tennis Club in Los Alamos hosted Sunday morning finals all categories
  • Mothers Mercedarias celebrate 500 years in Lorca (27/09/2014)

  • The Community Sitmurcia published in the website information on the urban renewal projects of Lorca (27/09/2014)
    Citizens can also consult the documentation for the projects in the Department of Architecture, Housing and Land
  • The Games come to Almendricos with Futsal Tournament in hamlets (27/09/2014)
    25 children enjoyed a fun morning football and living in this hamlet Pavilion
  • Chess sum over a hundred participants in the two races held this weekend (27/09/2014)
    On Friday, the traditional simultaneous departure was made, while in the morning of Saturday the Beacon Park hosted the Rapid Chess Tournament
  • The Heavy Lance participates in these brilliantly XXXVI Guadalentin Sports Games (27/09/2014)
    15 pitchers throughout the country, including the Spanish team in full, participated in the event held at the track on heavy haul road enabled Caravaca
  • The exhibition brings together 55 Synchronized swimmers and Alhama de Murcia Lorca (27/09/2014)
    Solos, duos, combos and mixed combos staged the exhibition held at the San Antonio pool during Saturday morning
  • A 74 year old woman had to be met and taken to hospital by a falling of the roof of a room in Lorca (26/09/2014)

  • The City of Lorca undertake reform of the last streets of San Juan, where new pedestrian access will be created and shot (26/09/2014)

  • The marathon "Lorca, tale city" moves to the Hall of the Cultural Center and will begin at 18 am (26/09/2014)
    This is a precautionary measure taken against possible precipitation that can succeed in the town
  • Agenda fourth weekend Sports games Guadalentin 2014 (26/09/2014)

  • Donates 19,200 euros to improvements in sidewalks, replacement of bollards and splitting scupper the Mayor and Ortega Streets Melgares (26/09/2014)

  • Cut to traffic Alameda de los Tristes for tree pruning from 8:00 to 20:00 pm during the week of September 29 to October 3 (26/09/2014)

  • Adopted a decree-law that extends the tax benefits two years to move forward in the recovery of Lorca (26/09/2014)

  • The National Police detained carrying 67 people this year for theft of phones in Lorca (25/09/2014)
    The primary object thefts are the latest generation of smartphones.
  • The Assembly not forget Lorca (25/09/2014)
    Approved yesterday 26 proposals to promote reconstruction
  • The City Council supports the establishment of an association for those affected by the disease multiple chemical sensitivity and electrosensitivity of the region of Lorca (25/09/2014)

  • Suspension Longest Day concert and "Emerging" (25/09/2014)

  • Adjourned Session Healthy Thursday the weather (25/09/2014)
    Rainfall took all afternoon to have to postpone the test unable to move participants
  • Sergio Dalma's concert scheduled for tonight at Lorca is suspended due to rain (25/09/2014)
    Sergio Dalma act in Lorca on 10 October at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria
  • Lorca host the XVIII Championship MTB Spain to local police from 2 to 4 October 2015 (24/09/2014)

  • Walker Road to Valentine's Cejo activity will be the star of the 4th week of games (24/09/2014)

  • Campos stresses that recovery Lorca "is a fact" with the development of regional actions now exceed 130 million (24/09/2014)
    The Minister of Regional Development is involved in a case Assembly debate focused on the disaster in the resort that the regional government will allocate more than 238 800 000
  • The Socialist Party believes that the rehabilitation of Lorca goes very quickly and asks delayed payments of aid (24/09/2014)
    Congressman Manuel Soler also asked the regional government to put in place mechanisms and actions needed to support those families who lost everything in reason of floods Guadalentin
  • The collaboration of the Local Police and Civil Guard Lorca achieved detain a person for alleged robbery inside a home in Ramonete (24/09/2014)
    Also, after learning the identity of the other two suspects has requested an order search and arrest because they could be currently residing outside the region
  • Pujante disarms speech about rebuilding Campos Lorca (24/09/2014)

  • La III Bag Tourist Region Recruitment provide more than 1,000 meetings between entrepreneurs and tour operators in Lorca (23/09/2014)
    The Minister Juan Carlos Ruiz notes that "the most important sector for the volume of business generated and contribute to the business meeting positioning of tourism products in the region "
  • Diego Mateos J. Molina will go to the primary Lorca PSOE (23/09/2014)
    With the aim to "lead the bid to be returned to Lorca Hope"
  • The Mayor will open the XIX edition of the Marathon "Lorca, tale city" (23/09/2014)
    It will be held on Friday from 18 am at the Mall of the Constitution
  • The University Choir of Murcia offers'Sacrae Symphoniae' concert this Saturday at 21:30 am at the Church of San Mateo (23/09/2014)
    within the program of the Fair and Festival of Lorca
  • Ana Aquilino "The PP will request the extension until 2016 of the tax benefits for Lorca" (23/09/2014)
    The 'popular' lawmaker says the monograph on Lorca "bring together a series of measures that reflect the needs of Lorca and direct demands "
  • Resistance training I starring the Technical Conference: Training in Popular Sports (23/09/2014)
    You Organised by Athletics Club Daen, counted with the participation of thirty attendees
  • Great Day of Archery World in '82 (22/09/2014)
    Archers throughout the Region of Murcia and Andalusia participated in the V Trophy Archery Outdoor
  • Festive atmosphere, crowded and massive popular support participation, balance the first weekend of the Fair and Festivals of Lorca (22/09/2014)

  • The Socialist Party calls for them to turn back the receipt without charge to families who can not afford to pay the IBI in September (22/09/2014)
    The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, has complained that the vast majority of families Lorca with children in September will have to choose between paying property tax, buy books and school supplies and fill the fridge
  • The residents of the districts high Lorca have today with a Municipal Point Child Care in La Paca that offer up to 61 places per shift (22/09/2014)

  • PSOE: "Mayor stalks restaurateurs Center in Fair" (22/09/2014)

  • Limusa intended 45 people daily sanitation of the city during the Fair and Festival (22/09/2014)
    Throughout the holiday period the cleaning staff is reinforced to maintain a clean image of the city
  • The City of Lorca shown in their workshops Feramur mosaic tiles and embroidery Lorca (22/09/2014)

  • Martínez Fajardo has formalized his candidacy for the PSOE primaries in Lorca (22/09/2014)
    The Secretary General of the Socialist Lorca, Daniel Fajardo Martinez, said that every day is more palpable the need for change in Lorca
  • The Popular and Traditional Games bring together 40 children and 9 adults (21/09/2014)
    Trompo, rope, line, marbles, stone veneer and olive launch integrated the tour fun games life
  • Eagles carries the trophy on penalties Veterans Sports Games Guadalentin (21/09/2014)
    Veterans Lorca and Aguilas played the match in the soccer field John Casuco on a Saturday morning sports and living
  • The Department of Development awarded the drafting lorquino regeneration district of San Fernando (21/09/2014)
    The budget for the works of urban renewal in this neighborhood, one of the most damaged by earthquakes, exceed two million
  • The first ascent to the handle of the Games becomes a success (21/09/2014)
    105 cyclists, including 13 women, were added to this challenging journey through the nature lorquina
  • 40 young Lorca enjoy sport and coexistence in the Handball Friends (21/09/2014)
    It was held on the morning of Saturday at the Pavilion San Jose
  • Monica Naranjo concert tonight at Lorca was suspended for health singer (20/09/2014)

  • The PSOE returns to denounce the misinformation and the occult in urban regeneration projects (20/09/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, has demanded that the mayor of Lorca, a vezpor all take matters into
  • Huertas Automotive Hall and sign a sponsorship agreement for the amount of 2,500 euros to finance various trade show events (19/09/2014)
    Various brand cars will be exhibited at concerts Duncan Dhu, Leiva and Second and Plaza Calderon
  • The Council offers € 100,000 in aid for the creation and modernization of small and medium enterprises (19/09/2014)
    in Uptown, San Cristóbal and the historical district
  • The official manga Monica Naranjo accompany the artist in concert Saturday in Lorca (19/09/2014)
    The Jardines de Lorca, space where the recital will be held, is the chosen place for all fans of the inimitable Spanish diva may gain their copies
  • 50 people participate in aqua-aerobics and Child Aquatics Day (19/09/2014)
    The popular aquatic event was attended by 20 adults and 30 children aged between 5 and 12 years
  • Next Sunday will take place on 21 V Trophy Archery Outdoor framed in Sports Games Guadalentin XXXVI (18/09/2014)
    Hosted by Arcolorca club and Archery Federation of the Region of Murcia
  • The Fairgrounds Huerto de la Rueda offer this year free internet connection for all attendees (18/09/2014)
    through a new line of Wifi
  • The City Council reduced the interest expense on € 306,000 and € 100,000 the maintenance of municipal buildings (18/09/2014)
    What will improve public roads
  • For the weekend there will be three tests within popular sports games Guadalentin (18/09/2014)

  • The City highlights the work developed by the Alzheimer Association Lorca (18/09/2014)
    E joins the city as "Solidarity City with Alzheimer's"
  • The street Pérez Casas de Lorca opens to traffic tomorrow (18/09/2014)
    is put into service one of the lanes of this pathway for the movement to traffic after the renovation of water supply services, electricity, gas and telecommunications
  • The Pilates method starring a new Healthy Thursdays at Sports Games Guadalentin (18/09/2014)
    This second session was attended by 45 people of all ages
  • Lorca Local Police detained a person for alleged drug trafficking and other two for forgery of driving licenses (17/09/2014)

  • UPyD Lorca denounces the inability of local government to prevent "progressive deterioration of much of the city" (17/09/2014)
    Decline town of Lorca
  • The City of Lorca gives license to rebuild another building facade housing with protected (17/09/2014)
    He had to be demolished for the damage of earthquakes
  • The number of houses rebuilt after the earthquake of 2011 that have been licensed for first occupancy reaches 200 (17/09/2014)

  • Playing athletics triumphs in the Barrio de San Jose with the participation of 180 children (17/09/2014)
    The second session of the activity in this edition of the Games has been historically the most participatory.
  • Casalduero "Ms. Martin has proven he can not continue as head of the council of Celebration" (16/09/2014)

  • Starts the most popular games of Athletics Playing Street Thursday week and a new Healthy (16/09/2014)
    Between Wednesday and Sunday 5th popular activities will be held, also including aqua-aerobics and Child Aquatics Day, Popular Games and mountain bike route to Manilla
  • 37 restaurateurs add from 19 to 28 September at the VII Top Road and Route V Cocktail Fair and Festivals of Lorca (16/09/2014)

  • Humor, Spanish song, ballet and free access to Feramur, activities Longest Day Fair in Lorca (16/09/2014)

  • Garre says the regional government remains committed to a strong and competitive livestock sector (15/09/2014)
    The regional livestock sector is represented by 5,000 farms with sales of more than 900 million euros a year, "38 percent more than just four years ago years, "the President
  • 36 participants demonstrate excellence in flight with Aeromodelismo Sports Games Guadalentin (15/09/2014)
    On Saturday morning the exhibition was held at the Mall of the Constitution for Sunday flying the best models in the Field of Flight Torrealvilla
  • 40 pilots are meeting in the XVIII National Meeting Paragliding Games (14/09/2014)
    Lorca tournament was held this year in memory of D. Antonio Lopez Moreno, Pilot Club of Vélez Rubio sadly died this summer
  • The City of Lorca Contest XVII Sportfishing brings together 37 partners in a night of great catches (14/09/2014)
    José Miguel Oltra champions Spain in pairs, and John Francis Dodge were the winners with nearly 10 kilograms of fish
  • 3 matches Handball inaugurate the great voyage of the sport in the Games (14/09/2014)
    In the coming weeks they will also hold a Mini Concentration and Handball Handball Friend
  • 42 couplet participating in the Fair Trophy Boules Sports Games Guadalentin (14/09/2014)
    was held during the day on Sunday petanque San Diego
  • Over 170 athletes participating in the Career Guidance Urban Games (14/09/2014)
    El Barrio de San José became the place to start and finish of a test that made participants tour the historic town of Lorca
  • The VII Tournament Zurano Intersport has established itself as a benchmark for national paddle (14/09/2014)
    110 couples participated in the tournament paddle on the agenda of the Games held over Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the Tennis Club of Los Alamos
  • 102 appearances in the Tournament Table Tennis Games that has had 4 players in Division de Honor (14/09/2014)
    The Pavilion at San Jose 15 tables hosted the event was held during the weekend in which
  • The Community project studies the elevator up to the Castle of Lorca to respect all its financial environment (13/09/2014)
    Installing a mechanical lift will boost tourism in the city and its surroundings, to improve the connection to the Parador
  • The V Interschool Mountain Bike Challenge Games brings together 42 promising bikers (13/09/2014)
    For the first time bikers cadets participated in races held in the Archaeological Park circuit this year's Cypress had to be expanded
  • Healthy Thursdays debut at the Games with the participation of 45 people (12/09/2014)
    Under the tutelage of trainer Antonio Jesús Vidal techniques participants learned to walk much healthier
  • Lorca submits its application for membership of the International Forum "100 Challenge Resilient Cities", organized by the Rockefeller Foundation (12/09/2014)

  • 351,000 tickets for the little ones can enjoy the attractions of the fair (12/09/2014)
    6 tickets per day will be awarded to each child and also sent to neighboring municipalities so they can also enjoy our festivals
  • The San Antonio municipal pool reopens Saturday (12/09/2014)
    THE opening hours are Monday to Friday from 8:00 to 23:00 and Saturday from 9:00 to 14:30 and 17:00 to 21: 00 hours
  • 72 kids enjoy the sport with Playing Street Athletics (11/09/2014)
    After holding this session in the Alameda of the Constitution, the activity will visit San Jose (Sept. 17), The Vineyard (October 1) and San Diego ( October 8)
  • The PSOE details several works of Lorca schools that are unfinished (11/09/2014)
    Responsible Education Municipal Socialist Group, Jesus Mazurek, said that examples of situations that come to deny that the beginning of the academic year is the 2014/2015 normalization in our town
  • El Palacio de Guevara starring the poster for the Fair and Festival City (11/09/2014)
    It is a creation of designer Peter Gray Lorca has been made with the innovative technique called "quilling"
  • XV Lorca celebrates European Day of Jewish Culture (11/09/2014)
    With Wine Tasting Khoser, theatrical tours and special menus with Sephardic dishes, among other activities
  • Martínez Fajardo: "Guaranteed is what appears in the Budget" (10/09/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez Fajardo, has reported that the PP is a friend of the good words but not given to the commitments accompanied by endowment
  • The Municipal School of Art opens on 15 September enrollment period for their workshops (10/09/2014)
    offered a total of 11 workshops on drawing and painting, Volume and Sculpture and Engraving and Stamping beginning on October 1 this year d 2014 and will end on June 30, 2015
  • City and Government Delegation establish a special operation to the Fair and Festival of Lorca that will involve 1,129 troops (10/09/2014)

  • Xuso Jones, Canteca Macao and the second edition of Emerging as free concerts Poster Fair and Festivals of Lorca 2014 (10/09/2014)
    La Plaza Spain, Palacio de Guevara, Plaza Calderon, Loch Street and Square San Vicente luxury locations for performances this year
  • The SORM and Vetusta Morla have the album recorded to raise funds to rebuild the Conservatory of Lorca (10/09/2014)
    The director of the Institute of Cultural Industries and Arts highlights the supportive nature of the project, for which also yielded Culture facilities Auditorio Victor Villegas
  • Blue Youth organize the presentation in the pastoral area of ​​Lorca II National Youth brotherhoods Cartagena (09/09/2014)

  • Lorca strengthens its profile as an enclave of Sephardic investigation with the conclusion of a new international forum on medieval Jewish heritage (09/09/2014)

  • 10,000 Lorca school classes begin with 60 percent more bilingual schools available (09/09/2014)
    Education incorporates six centers bilingual network, so that ten of the 28 schools in the city will give classes in Spanish and English
  • Playing athletics in the street and the first Healthy Thursday starring Week in Games Guadalentin (09/09/2014)
    On Wednesday from 17 pm the Alameda of the Constitution will host the first session of Playing athletics, in which they can participate Smaller
  • Lorca Fair will Comics Night with Enrique San Francisco Paco Skull and David Navarro (09/09/2014)
    The performances of three of the most important stand-up comedians are part of the national landscape poster Lorca Fair and Festival 2014
  • "The Burial of the roads in the town of Lorca is waived" (09/09/2014)
    Sandra Martinez: "The advances in AVE are guaranteed thanks to the PP"
  • Lorca Mayor inaugurated Wednesday the joint exhibition "Salinas Belts" which brings together 104 works of Lorca artist (09/09/2014)
    More than 40 oil paintings and 60 pen will be exhibited in the Palacio de Guevara in order to raise funds for the Bureau to help those affected by natural disasters suffered by Lorca in recent years
  • 10.00 Students and Primary Lorca begin the school year normally, following the improvements of summer and six bilingual schools (09/09/2014)

  • The Ministry of Development will allocate 100,000 euros to the work of control and security renewal Lorca neighborhood Alfonso X (09/09/2014)
    This is coordinate and plan the various and project phases that develop simultaneously or successively, to ensure proper execution of the work
  • The Fun Run Run for Parkinson'sy V Women's Race Games bring together more than 430 runners (07/09/2014)
    The race of the Olympics Lorca joined this time the international initiative to support people suffering from this disease
  • The channeling of watercourses in the works of Lorca are assured of valid hydrological studies (06/09/2014)
    The Ministry of Public Works will install large torrential storm drains to end the regular flooding in the city
  • 100 young cyclists participating in the Interschool Challenge Cycling Guadalentin Games (06/09/2014)
    8 races welcomed to circuits located between the Barrio de San Fernando and The Cat
  • Lorca's beaches this summer have had 18% fewer incidents than last (05/09/2014)

  • Lorca's shops may open on Monday despite being local public (05/09/2014)

  • The Planning Department recorded an increase of 3.4% in the granting of licenses for opening new establishment (05/09/2014)
    during the first half of the year
  • Lorca Local Police arrested a man on suspicion of robbery in a house in the Alameda de los Tristes (05/09/2014)

  • Spain Square hosts the September 21 show the lyric "Zarzuela Anthology" (05/09/2014)
    The program will give an overview of a selection of the most famous and popular pieces of this great musical genre
  • 6 short Saturday morning traffic crossing the street Lope Gisbert Lorca Musso Valiente from 8 to 20:00 pm (05/09/2014)
    for connecting underground services
  • Before the start of the school year the local police in Lorca indicates which are the best paths for vehicles to schools in the neighborhoods under construction (05/09/2014)

  • Sports Games begin Guadalentin involving 1,400 people in the March Walking (05/09/2014)
    The route took participants through San Cristobal, San Diego, San Jose and the historic town of Lorca
  • A course for the medieval Jewish culture in Spain, the University of the Sea (04/09/2014)

  • The Department of the Mayor launched a new website developed by the elderly themselves Township with historical photography, audio stories and multiple resources (04/09/2014)

  • Presentation of the "Second National Youth Meeting brotherhoods" (04/09/2014)

  • The March Andando open this Friday at 20.30 from the XXXVI Columns Sports Games Guadalentin (04/09/2014)
    consist in a distance of 6 kms.
  • The Socialist Party believes that the program inconceivable Fair girl is not in any municipal website (04/09/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, stressed that programs shown earlier years but not 2014
  • UPyD Lorca considered "very disappointing and worrying" unemployment figures of the town during the month of August (04/09/2014)

  • The City of Lorca Lorca invited to submit proposals to analyze and Improvement Plan Air Quality in the Region of Murcia (04/09/2014)

  • On Saturday September 6 holding market resumes Vineyard (03/09/2014)
    Moves to Street Journalists for progress in the improvement works in the neighborhood
  • The number of visitors to the tourist offer of'Lorca time' Workshop during the summer growing 18% compared to before the earthquakes (03/09/2014)

  • As of Thursday will be open enrollment period to participate in the Fun Run Run for Parkinson's and Women's Race Sports Games Guadalentin (03/09/2014)
    Registration can be done through the web
  • Development starts work on improving the road between the village of La Hoya Lorca with the N-340 (03/09/2014)
    firmly reconstruction and expansion of the platform will improve road safety for more than 215,000 vehicles annually by passing this via
  • The Councillor for Health and NGOs from Lorca and EEA III are soaked in the bucket of ice water to benefit those suffering from Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (03/09/2014)

  • UPyD Lorca calls for "urgent action" to rebuilding the educational institution Ros Giner (03/09/2014)

  • It is unheard of for a 15 days of the start of the fair, the People's Party does not know or what show will do (03/09/2014)

  • On Friday September 5 Sports Games begin more and more popular Guadalentin evidence of history (02/09/2014)

  • The City of Lorca clarifies that the Fair Day which shuffles boost in the historical district and follow the familiar pattern of terraces in recent years (02/09/2014)

  • Festival of Folklore'Virgen Huertas' its 25th year (01/09/2014)
    with groups of Turkey, Serbia and Senegal, which together with local groups will rise to 160 people on stage
  • The renovation of the San Jose neighborhood in Lorca good progress (01/09/2014)
    The reconstruction project covers an area of ​​about 75,000 square meters and total amounts to 3.6 million euros
  • The PSOE again asked arranging air conditioned Senior Center San Diego (01/09/2014)
    Councilwoman Municipal Socialist Group, Ana Isabel Lario, has reported that more has suffered an attack of fainting in the city center due to the high temperatures

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