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  • Presented to the First Report of Economic and Business Centre of the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca (31/10/2008)
    The study, to be released in November, was presented today by the Minister for Enterprise, Salvador Marin, who began directing the Centre when he was dean Economists school
  • 4,000 beds are enabled parking at the Cemetery of San Clemente on the occasion of the feast of All Saints (31/10/2008)

  • Lorca City Council spends over 100,000 Euros to improve medical offices Zarzadilla of Totana, Coy, The Wire and The Bell (31/10/2008)
    The project, approved by the Local Government Municipal Consistory will serve to modernize facilities and improve accessibility to the disabled
  • An agreement will allow the redevelopment of two old streets and the underground network of water services, telephone and gas (30/10/2008)
    The Mayor has signed a pioneering agreement with Gas Natural, Telefónica and Aguas de Lorca
  • The City Council subsidizes FECOAM Lorca with 36,900 euros for its technical sessions and the Cooperative Store, among other projects (30/10/2008)
    Lorca's mayor has signed this morning an agreement by which facilitates the Agricultural Cooperative in the municipality can develop days techniques and coexistence, in addition to the cooperative store, among other projects
  • The City Council requests the Department to create a Tourism Qualification Center in the city (30/10/2008)
    Francisco Montiel stated that the center meets the needs of Lorca as the municipalities included within its scope
  • Lorca Nine artists display their works in the Faculty of Fine Arts in Almeria thanks to a cultural exchange (30/10/2008)
    return artists and the exhibition in Lorca in September
  • The medieval walls of the castle will be illuminated with an investment of Promotion Plan Lorca Tourist Product in excess of 343,000 euros (29/10/2008)
    The project will involve the replacement of existing lighting Castillo, allowing annual energy savings of 30% compared to the current situation and respecting the surrounding environment more
  • The Cultural Center will host the XIX Festival Internacional de Cante Flamenco "Sun City" on 7 and 8 November (29/10/2008)
    Screening tests will begin at 10:00 am on Friday next week.
  • Daylor has five programs for immigrant families, in collaboration with the Municipal Council of Social Services City of Lorca (29/10/2008)
    The goal is to promote the recruitment of immigrants for dependent care, prevent Ulysses syndrome, and promote mental health of immigrants, promote awareness that integration is the responsibility of all
  • The construction of the second phase of public school Ana Caicedo represent a financial investment of 2.7 million euros (28/10/2008)
    Councillor for Education, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, has detailed the facilities, which will house 300 students, will with gym, dining room, 12 classrooms, computer rooms, offices, library and 2 sports courts
  • The XIII edition of Vehilor be held next weekend in Lorca intended to exceed previous numbers (28/10/2008)
    will be held at the Regional Motor City from October 30 to November 2
  • ASPERSOLOR organizes a lecture series to bring to the company's sign language (28/10/2008)
    next four were held Thursday at the Garden Palace Ruano
  • The Prince Asturias IES has two youth correspondents (28/10/2008)
    The program will be implemented before the end of the year in the rest of Lorca centers is supported by the IMJUVE
  • The City of Lorca shows its "categorical rejection" to the reform of the Statute of Castilla La Mancha with regard to the Tajo-Segura (27/10/2008)
    PP, PSOE and IU approved in the plenary this morning a joint motion that considers the text is "clearly unconstitutional and against the interests of the Spanish"
  • Lorca City Council approves a General Plan amendment to allow the estate of 770,000 m2 grow Saprelorca (27/10/2008)
    The Corporation gives green light for change of undeveloped land unsuitable for urban development to urban land is also zoned for industrial use in line with the agreement signed with the managing body of the polygon
  • Unanimity to defend the continuity of the town of Punta de Calnegre (27/10/2008)
    November 4 Tuesday will be a meeting between the legal representatives of the City and neighbors and all concerned parties to report on the state of affairs, in the sense prevent the demolition of the fishing village
  • Alhama Red Cross participates in a mock emergency health (27/10/2008)
    The health emergency drill was organized by the 061, Lorca and worked various institutions and agencies
  • Top Scout Group activities Sun City (25/10/2008)
    Scout Group 'Sun City' of Lorca Solar opened its Round 2008/09 on Saturday 18 October and Saturday 25th start their activities
  • The City invested over 100,000 euros in improving the asphalt of different ways in both the urban and in rural districts (25/10/2008)

  • A thirty craftsmen recreate 'The jar of the bride' as a tribute to Inocencio Lario (25/10/2008)

  • The Planning Department granted 36 licenses to build 36 new homes in the municipality (24/10/2008)

  • The City Council announced that the Supreme Court declared admissible the appeal against the decision that affects the town of tips Calnegre (24/10/2008)
    The mayor of Planning has indicated that the Consistory welcomes this news, "with hope", and reaffirms that City Hall will exhaust all remedies to the utmost to keep their houses location
  • The Department of Employment strengthened their squad with 18 new workers to promote job placement (24/10/2008)
    The City of Lorca increases over the three professional assessment service records of social services
  • The City adapted for use in eight physically disabled toilets in the college residence of Special Education Pilar Soubrier, with the help of the Community (24/10/2008)
    The Department of Education will begin from December 15 this work represents an investment of 30,000 euro
  • The City Council Saprelorca polygon power with the creation of 1.3 million square feet of new industrial land for the settlement of companies (23/10/2008)
    The operation involves an injection of cash for city coffers of € 936,000.
  • 21 researchers analyze the life and work of novelist Jose Maria Castillo Navarro Lorca at the conference to be held from 12 to 14 November (23/10/2008)
    It is an international event which will take place Huerto Ruano with the participation of speakers from the University of La Rioja, Cadiz, Barcelona or Madrid, under the direction of Manuel Martínez Arnaldos
  • United Left calls for the activation of Lorca's campus project during his visit to the University of Murcia (23/10/2008)
    The chancellor noted that the University of Murcia is completely determined to turn over on this campus and to work for meeting the demands of society lorquina "
  • Municipality and Autonomous Region will invest nearly 68,000 euros to improve the façade and atrium of the Church of Santiago (23/10/2008)
    Mayor, Francisco Jodar, today introduced the project to adapt the temple, which dates back to XV century
  • The City Council initiated the decentralization of social services with the opening of the Social Action Center Multipurpose Los Angeles (23/10/2008)
    The opening of this new point of social intervention is part of a municipal development program of activities for reception and integration of immigrants and educational support, with a budget of more than 900,000 euros
  • The filmmaker Abdellatif Lorca HWID be tomorrow to present his movie "Salvador, history of a daily miracle" (23/10/2008)
    This is the Goya-winning short film in recent Academy Awards Film
  • Concert by the Municipal Band to mark the thirteenth anniversary of the Closing of the Regiment Mallorca 13 (22/10/2008)
    It will be on Friday at the Palais de Guevara, from 20:30.
  • The play "The Street Crimes Cava", will take a trip through a terrific story in the Old Town (22/10/2008)
    The stage will be carried out by the company and the War Theater Ballet Periago Nuria .
  • 29 Lorca centers benefit from the aid of the second call Municipal Bond Paper (22/10/2008)
    The mayor of Education Jose Joaquin Peñarrubia, delivered this morning a total of 465 bonds in this second term, involving investment of City Council 45,620 euros.
  • Call VIII Racing Circuit Local People (22/10/2008)
    what is included within the area of "Sports for All."
  • The Young Tourist Office organizes trips to different ski resorts in the country (22/10/2008)
    can be made through special courses, weekend visits and stays of a week with special activities.
  • Enter operating the treatment plants at La Parroquia, almond and Zarzadilla de Totana (22/10/2008)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca inaugurated this morning the stations of wastewater from three villages, which will allow the reuse of 202,575 m3.
  • Cerda says Lorca "will be a reference of the century" in sanitation and treatment (22/10/2008)
    The Minister of Agriculture and Water and the Mayor of Lorca inaugurate Almendricos treatment plant, placed in "an ambitious comprehensive plan" for development and improvement of water infrastructure
  • 620 Lorca more involved today in the XII Festival of Dance Hall of the Day Care Centers in the Region of Murcia (21/10/2008)
    The event, which begins this afternoon at 4 and a half in Hiroshima dining rooms, is chaired by General Director of the Mayor, Paloma Recio, and the mayor of the area, M ª Carmen Ruiz
  • Film Forum, conferences and development groups, among the activities planned by Amit Lorca for the year 2008-09 (21/10/2008)
    The activities have been submitted by the mayor of Ngo, Mari Carmen Ruiz, and President of Amitabha, Juan Francisco Martínez.
  • The Inn Lorca was proclaimed the winner of the I Ruta de la Tapa de Lorca (21/10/2008)
    jabuguito lorquino Mini has proved the most votes during the Fair and Festival of Lorca 2008
  • La Casa Huerto Ruano Museum hosts every Friday until mid-November the Second Cycle of Human Rights Film (21/10/2008)
    The seminar is organized by the University "Musso Valiente," is sponsored by the Municipal Council of Culture and Celebration Lorca Hall of the CAM and the Community
  • The City of Lorca and IberCaja are launching a new program for schoolchildren to enjoy concerts and theater training in October and November (21/10/2008)
    This new initiative involves students in Primary, Secondary and around the Borough
  • Garcia stressed that the council has achieved 1.3 million euros for the construction of the Plaza of Spain the PSOE had stalled for years (21/10/2008)
    The Town Planning Collado reminiscent of the works project "that cost 4 million ESP and not 20 as claimed by the PSOE "the City did not have to put a drive because I paid the Community
  • 'Echoes of 0809', is becoming one of the most important cycles of classical music on the national scene (20/10/2008)
    After the excellent reception and sound design Ecos0708 Lorca in its previous edition, the 2008-09 academic year cycle grows in number spaces (21), concerts (25) and the host cities (3)
  • 255 lorquina improved their training through programs developed by the Department of Women during the first half of year (20/10/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and the mayor of the area, Antonia Lopez, delivered this afternoon at half past 7 Classroom Selgas certificates proving their qualifications
  • The Sports Complex enlarged Europe and improve its facilities with a study hall (20/10/2008)
    In this room complex and complete Europe increases its facilities and services to become a multipurpose facility, modern and functional, and tailored to the needs people's real lorquina
  • The Assembly of the United Left in the district of Guadalentín, bet on a position paper on the Congressional process Training Left (19/10/2008)
    The totanera, Antonio Camacho, will head the delegation in the Assembly Guadalentín IU held in Madrid on 15 and 16 November
  • The DC Youth Participation Fair ends with more than 35,000 visitors (19/10/2008)
    For three days, the plaza de toros de Lorca and the surrounding area have hosted 140 youth associations and more than 300 activities
  • The resurfacing of a section of Santa Clara, causing changes in traffic during the day Saturday (17/10/2008)
    The cuts will occur between 07:00 and 20:00
  • The City provides a grant of 300 € to all university Lorca who participated in the Erasmus program (17/10/2008)
    The mayor of Education Jose Joaquin Peñarrubia, has reported that it is a total of 36 students, 19 girls and 17 boys
  • The City invests about EUR 70.0000 improving municipal libraries (17/10/2008)
    This investment will help the centers further activities and provides for the renewal of obsolete equipment with a new, modern and comfortable for all users
  • Lorca IX hosts the Youth Participation Fair with over 300 activities (17/10/2008)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz opens 'Youth Zone 2008', to be held in the bullring in the town until next Sunday
  • On the morning of October 20 will take place in different garden pesticide treatments (17/10/2008)

  • Starts in Lorca IX Youth Participation Fair with over 300 activities (17/10/2008)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz Youth Zone Opens `2008 'to be held in the bullring on the 17th, 18th and October 19th.
  • The City Council will invest Lorca in 2009 over 1.3 million euros to expand and improve the water supply network (17/10/2008)
    The main action, endowed with an investment of 365,000 €, will serve to bring the water and Zarzalico Nogalte that in the XXI century did not have this service.
  • The Mayor announced the release of 81 sheltered housing to be managed by Suvilor (16/10/2008)
    The deadline for applications opens on 20 October, those interested can contact Suvilor or your web
  • The new facilities will enable the company Suvilor municipal service the city Monday and Tuesday evenings schedule (16/10/2008)
    About Us municipal land and housing passes of 70 m2 which included a new 150 m2 headquarters in Retail Management Urbanism
  • The City Council reaffirms its commitment to the employment of disabled persons with the hiring of 12 employees (16/10/2008)
    These are people who will develop their professional work as janitors in different departments under the Consistory as schools and the Senior Citizens Hall University
  • Culture earmarked 192,000 euros for the restoration of the organ case of San Francisco and the Calvary Chapel of Lorca (16/10/2008)

  • Lorca City Council created the "Agora of Rural Women", a table of integrated analysis by women's associations around the town (15/10/2008)
    The Women Edil, Antonia Lopez, announces the creation of 2 nurseries in villages.
  • Real estate investors in Germany, Benelux and Russia remain 384 interviews with entrepreneurs from Murcia (15/10/2008)
    The director of Info assured foreign businessmen "in the region will find business opportunities that come looking for"
  • Class athletes have the book "Time Paralympic" to 200 students Lorca (15/10/2008)
    In the ceremony held in the Aula Selgas, Lorca Mayor has given a plaque to Kevin Méndez for his involvement in the recent Beijing 2008
  • Blood donors can use the San Vicente free parking when they visit the Blood Donation Center of Santa Rosa de Lima (15/10/2008)
    It is an agreement between the city of Lorca and SMS, signed between the Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and SMS manager, José Manuel Allegue
  • UPyD alleges lack of PP and PSOE in the remodeling of the Plaza of Spain (15/10/2008)

  • La Fortaleza del Sol celebrates the anniversary of his inauguration V (14/10/2008)
    El Castillo de Lorca, celebrates its first five years of opening to the public as a heritage theme area set in the Middle Ages.
  • Five Young Lorca have performed in various theaters in Berlin (14/10/2008)
    This theatrical performance is the result of Action 1 of the Youth in Action ".
  • Fitness training provided by the IMJUDE starts, welcoming more than 300 people and 24 groups of work (14/10/2008)

  • They take possession of two new officials of the Municipality of Lorca (14/10/2008)
    will cover the squares of Technical and Occupational Health and Safety Operator Console.
  • 15 people will benefit from a new social skills program of the City of Lorca (14/10/2008)
    The business, which includes the development of 4 courses, with an investment of 27,100 euros.
  • Zona Joven 2008 will host 140 youth associations and more than 300 activities in Lorca (14/10/2008)
    The ninth edition of the Regional Youth Participation will be held on the 17th place, 18 and October 19.
  • 140 youth organizations participate in more than 300 activities will take place in the Youth Zone 2008 (14/10/2008)
    The ninth edition of the Regional Youth Participation Fair will be held on days 17, 18 and 19 October
  • Crean "101 Reasons" campaign aimed at preventing alcohol abuse among youth (10/10/2008)
    The Youth Council and the Department of Social Services, Information Society and Public Safety, unite for youth awareness
  • 7 new monitors and a master strengthen employment programs of the City of Lorca (10/10/2008)
    On the other hand, the Consistory install barrier rail safety in place of guardrails on the road new Almendricos to increase safety for motorists
  • The Youth Council starts the process of building the young space launching a participatory Web (10/10/2008), is the domain where young people can learn everything about the new house
  • The Sports School starts Tuesday in Almendricos (10/10/2008)

  • The bus service will be enhanced on Tuesday for a meeting between the U-21 in Spain and Switzerland (10/10/2008)
    Throughout the afternoon of day 14 and once the shock, the company concessionaire of urban transport, increase your device for fans to attend the event without using their cars
  • EBAs, Parkingwash, Digital Home and Mary Gabarrón, awarded in the Contest of Business Initiatives (09/10/2008)
    The awards will be presented at a gala day on which distinguish the Minister of Labour, Chamber of Commerce, Ceclor ...
  • Rapid urban redevelopment projects for the environment of the Plaza of Spain and the construction of the Central Round (09/10/2008)
    Work on the historic event will begin after the next Easter, while in 6 months to be ready in the first tranche project Round Central
  • The City Council will act with "Iron Fist" against perpetrators of vandalism against the rail-bike (09/10/2008)
    In recent days there have been scattered thumbtacks, glass and have started and won several milestones reflective of the road.
  • Upyd Guadalentín met with the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jódar (08/10/2008)
    UPyD members expressed their desire to participate in political life Lorquin
  • The Archaeological Museum will host the conference "Castles and Cathedrals of the Loire Valley" (08/10/2008)
    La impart this Thursday October 9, Andres Martinez (Director of the Museum)
  • Heavy rainfall in the coming hours the orange alert in Lorca (08/10/2008)
    Rainfall will be heavy and persistent during Wednesday and Thursday
  • More than 400 thoroughbred horses will meet at the XXVIII Fericab Edition (08/10/2008)
    The exhibition will be held from 15 to 19 October at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria
  • U-21 selections from Spain and Switzerland, played the pass to the European finals in the Arts Carrasco Lorca (08/10/2008)
    Javi García, Bojan, Miguel Torres, Granero, Mata and Raul Garcia Lorca will delight the audience next Tuesday 14, from 21:30 am
  • College students may request aid Lorca municipal transport until 17 November (07/10/2008)
    The instances are collected in the Department of Education.
  • Agricultural ITV Del Vas Electricity Workshop (La Hoya), on 15 October (07/10/2008)

  • The City Council thanked the CHS the special interest and cooperation that is showing in solving the problems of the municipality of Lorca (07/10/2008)
    Jódar and Zorita agree to the release of the boardwalk projects priests, the modernization of irrigation in Tercia guarantee water supply for farming of Aguadero.
  • More than 150 higher in Lorca attend the opening session of the series "Film Major" (07/10/2008)
    Thanks to this initiative over 65 years can go to the movies for 10 cents every Tuesday until the end of the year.
  • The next weekend will be a pilgrimage from Lorca to the Sanctuary of Hope, to gain the Jubilee 2008 (06/10/2008)
    The route can be made either on foot or mountain bike
  • Sign into operation a new exclusive Task Force to ensure traffic flow and road safety (06/10/2008)
    This is a new service from the local police sergeant who has 1, 2 corporals and 10 officers has been presented today by Mayor of the city, Francisco Jodar, and Councilwoman Traffic, Belén Pérez
  • "PS I Love You" opens tomorrow at 12 noon at Don Diego Cinemas activity "Film Major" with 10 cent tickets for all major (06/10/2008)
    At the first screening attended by the Mayor of the city, Francisco Jodar, the Senior Managing Director, Paloma Recio, the head of La Caixa, Jose Ruiz, and theaters Manager Sebastian Miñarro
  • The Volunteers Platform Murcia presents Lorca City on 6 and 7 October, the Caravan Project Peace is Possible (06/10/2008)
    It is an activity aimed to raise awareness and disseminate in our region the values of peace
  • The Fourth Edition of the Days BDM "Culture and the Media" was held in Lorca 16 and October 17 (03/10/2008)
    Javier Sierra, Blanca Riestra, Emilio Calderon and Beatriz Ariño be among the participants.
  • The urban center of the city will be affected by a cut in water supply, on Monday (03/10/2008)
    It started at 22:00, will run for 8 hours and is motivated by the relationship of a discharge pipe .
  • The City Council allocated almost 39,000 euros for the development and promotion of consumer protection policies (03/10/2008)
    It is a collaboration agreement between the city council and the Autonomous Region for the maintenance of the Arbitration Board, OMIC, the Red Alert and fields of information and inspection
  • Continue to appear irregular spending bills contracted by the previous socialist government team (03/10/2008)
    It is a sculpture that is located on Tanners Square neighborhood of San Diego for an amount of 38,200 euros
  • Lorca City Council reaffirms its commitment to the casing of the Rambla de Los Patos (03/10/2008)
    The Edil Works, Angel Mecca, denies the allegations made by the PSOE and remember that it was this party that voted against the request to the CHS to do the work of piping in full on Monday.
  • Municipal Government Team looks to a point in the next plenary session in defense of a national policy to include transfers Tagus and Ebro (03/10/2008)
    This was announced by Councillor Waters, Melchor Morales, who has maintained that it will seek the consensus of the three municipal groups to make the text move forward.
  • Francisco Ramón Luis Valcárcel Jódar and tomorrow in Santa Quiteria chaired the commemoration of International Day of Cooperatives XVII (03/10/2008)
    will also present the Director General of Labour Social Economy, Juan José Barrera Cerezal, the Minister of Education, Training and Employment, Constantine Sotoca and Ucomur president, Juan Antonio Pedroza.
  • UPyD meets the Lorca Irrigation Community (02/10/2008)
    The meeting took place Wednesday
  • The Association of Friends of Flamenco presents a varied programming (02/10/2008)
    The program will begin on 4 Otubre with a flamenco recital of Extremadura Esther Merino
  • The Lorca UPCT now teaches a Master of Social Economy (02/10/2008)
    will be opened by the mayor of Education Jose Joaquin Peñarrubia
  • Four officials take up their positions (02/10/2008)
    An architect and three technical architects reinforce the Planning Department and the City
  • The residents of La Paca, Coy, Avilés, Doña Inés, Palm and Zarzadilla Zarcilla Totana have today with Internet access service (02/10/2008)
    Thanks to a wireless company lorquina Online Wimax service is provided to 3,830 citizens the northern municipality
  • The Mayor highlighted the enormous effort that developed the National Police agents in Lorca, "something that all citizens are indebted to them" (02/10/2008)
    Demonstrations will occur in connection with the delivery of the White Cross Police Merit 6 officers from the police station in the city
  • Film, circle and Coffee for all the elders (01/10/2008)
    The International Day events begin in Lorca Mayor with the screening of the film "The Dinner of Idiots
  • The City and the neighbors require Costas to note the damage caused by the bollards installed at the outlet of Wadi Calnegre Tips (01/10/2008)
    President of the Neighborhood Association, Peter Wood, said that Paqui baraza you have tips Calnegre mania "
  • Limusa ensures the treatment of waste electrical and electronic equipment (01/10/2008)
    has signed a collaboration agreement with the SIG approved ERP for all recoverable fractions of white goods, brown goods, and computer
  • Education III grants the awards to encourage reading to four schools in Murcia, Lorca and Torre Pacheco (01/10/2008)
    In addition, the Ministry has awarded the work of ten students from different schools of Murcia and Lorca

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