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Lorca News - September 2009

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  • The People's University of Lorca offers 147 courses next semester, 26 more than last year (30/09/2009)

  • The City Council approves the agreement for the recovery and improvement of the Church of San Patricio (30/09/2009)
    including its structure, covers, hoods and Chapter Houses
  • The PSOE says Jódar management "costs money to Lorca" (30/09/2009)
    Economic Affairs spokesman of the PSOE, Isidro Abellán, denounced the "abysmal" renegotiation of a loan from the session that will pay 5,300 euros more per month
  • It is held the first meeting of the Planning Commission (30/09/2009)
    is intended to provide the educational system to redefine the basis and update profiles
  • The Council of Women of Lorca opens the deadline for applications for funding projects of equal (30/09/2009)
    ... and maintenance of local women's associations
  • The sports programs in the 2009-2010 academic year IMJUDE begin from October 1 (30/09/2009)
    "Youth and Sport" and "Physical Activity and Health" give citizens the opportunity to improve the physical condition
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "extreme" danger of the road D-19 (29/09/2009)
    Some parts of it remained flooded yesterday and without any signs
  • The Socialist Party denounced the "lack of imagination and innovation" and the "politicization" of the fair and festivals (29/09/2009)

  • Jódar "refuses" in Parliament to demand that you run investments Valcárcel Lorca, as denounced by the PSOE (29/09/2009)

  • The varied program of the Cultural Association "Friends of Flamenco", the city filled with activities for the next three months (29/09/2009)
    Activities begin next weekend, lasting until 30 December
  • Jódar "threatening" the future slaughterhouse supra, as the PSOE (29/09/2009)

  • On October 2nd begins the Second National and International Dog Show and Pet Fair in Lorca (29/09/2009)
    There are over 1000 dogs and is expected to exceed last year's 12,000 attendees
  • The Mayor of Lorca project ensures the continuity of the slaughterhouse in the municipality (29/09/2009)

  • Sports Games Guadalentín reach the districts with the Futsal Championship Almendricos (28/09/2009)

  • 47 couples competing against bad weather in the XII Festival City Sport Fishing Lorca (28/09/2009)

  • Chess twice in Guadalentín Sport Games: Open Item Simultaneous and Local (28/09/2009)

  • The rain during Sunday affects testing and Autocross Aeromodelismo (28/09/2009)

  • The Archery Exhibition opens in Guadalentín Sport Games (28/09/2009)

  • City teams dominate FS Lorca regional championships Guadalentín Sports Games (28/09/2009)

  • The Mayor announced that the turret will have a hotel, a retirement home, a car park for 4,000 vehicles (28/09/2009)
    And a new complex for senior sports
  • Juan Antonio Hurtado elected member of the Federal Coordinator Sector Information Society (28/09/2009)
    Over the course of the celebration, yesterday in Madrid, the conference PSOE Sectoral Organisations
  • Lorca continuing until midnight orange alert due to heavy rain prediction (28/09/2009)
    The same may be accompanied by storms, even be able to build up to 30 liters per square meter in one hour
  • Promotion ends adaptation works station Sutullena Lorca (Murcia) for use by disabled (28/09/2009)
    The actions are part of a campaign by Adif to facilitate accessibility and mobility for the various railway stations
  • The House approved an ordinance that substantially shortens the time of licensing of exempt activities and changes in ownership (28/09/2009)

  • Musician-Cultural Association "Alumni and Friends of Rafael Rosell Cebrián" (28/09/2009)
    making arrangements to carry out the interpretation of the Concierto de Aranjuez version guitar band music
  • The PSRM-PSOE Bartolomé Soler is confident that the Supreme Court to clarify its leadership in managing Limusa (27/09/2009)
    The Socialist deputy asked a few days ago appear voluntarily before a judge to prove that he acted with the utmost respect for the law
  • FERAMUR 2009 rescues the office of 'hilaor' (27/09/2009)
    In the days of the fair three 'hilaores' arrivals Eagles
  • In 2009 FERAMUR craft unique pieces are suitable for restaurants, homes, hotels, shops ... (27/09/2009)

  • In Feramur 2009 at the stand of the National Association of Friends of the Clay can buy the typical money-box 'pig' (27/09/2009)

  • Exhibition of silk and gold embroidery of different archconfraternities Lorca (27/09/2009)

  • The PSOE says Jódar not take off after two years in office (26/09/2009)
    The Socialists say that Lorca has also lost "capacity to influence" in the regional and district
  • The hiking route to Cejo scheduled for tomorrow was postponed due to weather forecasts (26/09/2009)

  • The PSOE accused of reneging on agreements Jódar the Municipal Council about the School of Medicine (26/09/2009)

  • The PSOE requires Valcárcel "fulfill its commitments to Lorca" (26/09/2009)
    Socialists complain about the "neglect, abandonment and neglect, with the Regional Directors' flatters and unreasonably prolonged the town of Lorca and its inhabitants"
  • The Governing Board awarded the City of Lorca districts definitely works worth EUR 283,600 (25/09/2009)
  • Next Monday will be closed to traffic on Avenida Santa Clara by the works of the underpass of the railway (25/09/2009)
    The stretch between the Avenida Juan Carlos I and Bacons Bridge will be cut off until 31 October
  • The hiking route to Cejo, popular new test Guadalentín Sports Games (25/09/2009)

  • The City of Lorca renegotiate their loans to reduce their impact on municipal annual expenditures (25/09/2009)

  • Lorca celebrates World Tourism Day by promoting the Fortaleza del Sol with the Union of Radio Amateurs of Spain (25/09/2009)
    On Sunday 27 September will be a day of promotion through the implementation of all amateur radio broadcasts Spain from inside the castle Lorca
  • Nearly 6000 people attended the Mayor's Day concert featuring artists and Charo Reina Carlos Vargas (25/09/2009)
    The event was held at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca in which the mayor was present, and the mayor Francisco Jódar the Mayor, Mari Carmen Ruiz.
  • Young Lorca environmental volunteers commemorate with gifts and information on Clean Up the World " (25/09/2009)

  • FERAMUR 2009 opens the appetites of visitors at the Food Pavilion (25/09/2009)

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lorca calls from 22 to 30 November 2009 a direct trade mission to China (24/09/2009)
    This initiative is aimed at companies in Murcia to cuaquier sector
  • The City of Lorca and the Integra Foundation organized the Training Workshop on Electronic Business CECARM (24/09/2009)
    The event will be held in the Museum Garden Ruano on 30 September and 1 October
  • The City of Lorca presents the National Olympiad Leisure at the International Meeting of 2009 Cabueñes (24/09/2009)

  • The new licensing ordinance to exempt from environmental qualification activities "increase red tape and delay its granting" (24/09/2009)
    According ensures PSOE
  • IU has a prayer to the House for improvements at facilities housing the Municipal Service Statistics (24/09/2009)

  • The Craft Fair of Murcia expected to exceed 50,000 visitors (24/09/2009)
    Salvador Marín inaugurated the exhibition which brings together 112 artisans in the region, eight in Spain and Senegal, Mexico, Peru, Indonesia, Thailand, Morocco, Turkey and Argentina
  • The PSOE report accumulation of garbage at the entrances to the Castle (23/09/2009)

  • Begins September 24 the fourteenth marathon Lorca tale city " (23/09/2009)
    take place in the Alameda of the Constitution to half past six pm
  • The heavy rain damaged the path of buckets that must be repaired by the council in the coming days (23/09/2009)
    last Monday's tornado affected mostly broccoli and artichoke crops, caused flooding in several homes and numerous electrical fault .
  • The BORM public works tender for the construction of Health Centre Sutullena (23/09/2009)
    investment in this work will exceed 5 million euros
  • The Mayor of Lorca delivery to the Parish of San Diego 50 banks conducted by the unemployed in the Municipal Center Carpentry (23/09/2009)
    And this occasion of the tercentenary of the temple
  • The professional group and research on livestock highlights SEPOR as the reference forum and the highest quality nationally (22/09/2009)
    The industry event highlights the importance of livestock as a valuable tool for designing strategies and developing action at times of difficulty as the current economic
  • Lorca, host of the meeting of the Cities which promotes PSRM-PSOE (22/09/2009)

  • Successful XIV National Paragliding concentration despite the bad weather forecast (22/09/2009)
    Up to 39 riders competed over the weekend despite the weather forecast
  • ... (22/09/2009)

  • On October 1 sports schools will begin with a total of 22 different sports (22/09/2009)
    The IMJUDE and sports clubs of the city extend the offer for young people in sport Lorca
  • Only 300 people attending the concert Amaia Montero in a planned capacity to 9,000 (22/09/2009)

  • Lorca City Council has and will continue editing the draft for the PSOE's College sports pavilion San Cristóbal (22/09/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls a movement of social and political forces "to Lorca education ceases to be in the caboose regional" (22/09/2009)

  • The local device by the impact of the heavy rain of yesterday did 35 performances in various parts of the municipality (22/09/2009)

  • Lorca City Council invests 75,440 euros in the construction of new medical office Zarzadilla de Totana (21/09/2009)
    I could go up in December
  • The new civic center will host an office Marchena administrative decentralization of the City (21/09/2009)

  • Residents affected by high tension lines of Lorca criticism that the mayor has canceled a entervista with them (21/09/2009)

  • Lorca Mayor meets Lorca Deportiva workers to know their current situation (21/09/2009)
    Francisco Jodar was accompanied by the mayor of Sports, Francisco Montiel
  • The Eagles beat Lorca 3-2 at Veterans Trophy Guadalentín Sports Games (21/09/2009)

  • The XII Feria de Lorca Open Golf "brought together 70 participants in the golf course" El Boom " (21/09/2009)
    Juan José García, José María Roldán, Pedro Jodar, Teresa Caballero and JJ will be the winners of this new edition lorquina test
  • The "Open City Lorca" Table Tennis, a successful turnout and spectacular (21/09/2009)

  • The promising young regional cycling competition in the Sports Games Guadalentín (21/09/2009)
    Avenue Europe hosted the circuit where the test took place during Sunday morning
  • Aqua-aerobics forty participants gathered in the Sports Complex swimming Europe during the afternoon of Saturday (21/09/2009)

  • Players Almeria, Alicante, Albacete and Murcia played the "Fair Trophy Bowls" (21/09/2009)
    sports games Guadalentín
  • The VIII Rally Sprint Palm Zarcilla acceleration offered excitement and spectacular circuit (21/09/2009)
    15 vehicles from Murcia, Valencia and Andalusia took part in the race car
  • Goals, good game and more at the Futsal Tournament Local Sports Games Guadalentín (21/09/2009)

  • Limusa employs more than 2,000 hours in cleaning and maintenance work during the September holidays (21/09/2009)
    The special operation employs 40 workers in different areas of parking, infrastructure maintenance and street cleaning and collection and exhibition spaces
  • Peñarrubia inaugurated the first course of promotion and marketing of tourism products of the Universidad del Mar in Lorca (21/09/2009)
    This series will run until Friday morning session will include a tour of Lorca's tourism product on Wednesday afternoon
  • The Socialist Party calls for censure of the Minister of Health (21/09/2009)
    And he blames for keeping Lorca "permanently marginalized"
  • Valcárcel encourages the pig livestock sector to maintain its "strength" in the international markets (18/09/2009)
    In the Region of Murcia this sector generates 10,000 direct jobs, and annual revenue of 340 million euros
  • Deadline extended special tuition for students in Senior Hall until 25 September (18/09/2009)

  • The City Council and neighborhood entities Purias designed the new clubhouse being built in the hamlet (18/09/2009)
    ... and entails direct investment close to 173,000 €
  • The wall of the Castillo de Lorca premieres tonight new lighting more effective and energy efficient (18/09/2009)
    The new lighting will save a total of 40 minutes of power per day thanks to the reforms being carried out by the Municipality of Lorca
  • United Left insists on his claim of deterioration and lack of replacement of traffic signals (18/09/2009)

  • The Municipal Government of the City of Lorca awarded the contract to improve roads and highways nine of the parishes in the amount of 960,770 euros (18/09/2009)
    The Local Government of the Consistory lorquino starts the record for the allocation of concealment containers and improving energy efficiency of lighting in Uptown
  • Lopez regrets the "passivity" of the PP government team "nte lack of conservation of Manterota Gateway" (18/09/2009)

  • Ferra, "Jodar is destroying at breakneck speed so with much effort and pride we have built the Lorca ' (18/09/2009)

  • The pilot jet ski Lorquin Juanfra Rodriguez will be at the World Cavalliere (France) (17/09/2009)

  • Lorca Nearly 700 have participated over the months of March, April, May and June in the program "Film Major" (17/09/2009)
    An initiative that aims to bring together the major world cinema
  • Aquaerobic, new popular day of the Games, on Saturday at 18 am at the Sports Complex Europe (17/09/2009)

  • 37 establishments intend to conquer the palates of people in the 2 ª Ruta de Lorca Top (17/09/2009)
    In this edition to be held parallel to the Fair and Festival of Lorca 2009, participants will get 3 lots of traditional products
  • The PSOE said that "the attacks of PP to the Government only seek to mask the significant drop in crime in Lorca" (17/09/2009)
    The Municipal Group Socialist deputy spokesman, Francisco Ruiz Alviar ensures that the PSOE have increased by 153% the Civil Guard troops and 14% of National Police
  • The school Andrés García Lorca Soler won the first prize in the "A Navegar" with the creation of the Blog "Incredibly true" (17/09/2009)
    The event is celebrating 10 years this has been sponsored by the Telefonica Foundation and other organizations around the world Education
  • M ª Carmen Ruiz and support the charity collection Ibarra Lali popular Alzheimer's Association Lorca (17/09/2009)

  • 400 people ensure security during the celebration of the Fair and Festival of Lorca (17/09/2009)
    This year will feature two free bus lines to go to the Garden of the Wheel
  • A course at the University of the Sea will address the tax crime (16/09/2009)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service Lorca have been eight interventions due to heavy rains that occurred yesterday afternoon (16/09/2009)
    A Briton has been unscathed by the work developed by the effective Civil Protection and Local Police lorquina
  • The IMJUDE start a new physical education course basis, the month of October (16/09/2009)
    This aimed at children between 3 and 5 years and will be held on Tuesdays and Thursdays at the Sports Complex
  • The Juanfra Lorca Rodriguez will represent Spain in the boating world (16/09/2009)
    The event is next weekend in Cavalaire (France), with a distance of 600 km
  • The exhibition "The Memory of Water" by Miguel García Peñarrubia opens this afternoon at the Garden Ruano (16/09/2009)
    will be on display until October 18, with the liquid element as the main protagonist
  • Members of the Service Six Lorca City participated in the second race of the IV World Tour Eternal Running 2009 (16/09/2009)
    ... held in Madrid
  • Young people can access housing in La Paca Suvilor for rent to own, from 350 € per month and furnished (16/09/2009)
    It is an initiative of the City Council to encourage young people from the hamlets high on housing has been agreed at various meetings held with the residents of La Paca
  • Mayor Announces Plan Municipal Lorca "Lorca 2011 ', for the revitalization of the economy, employment promotion (16/09/2009)
    ... and continue to transform the city, neighborhoods and districts
  • Court of morning water for 16 hours in El Campillo (16/09/2009)

  • The Community contribution of almost 1.4 million euros for the construction of the Youth Lorca (16/09/2009)
    The new facility will become operational in 2011 and will house the headquarters of InformaJoven and the Local Youth Council
  • New blow to drug trafficking in Lorca (16/09/2009)
    With the arrest of four persons for their alleged involvement in the drug retail
  • Jódar refuses to enable tables to collect signatures in defense of the Tajo Segura and socialists mounted his own (15/09/2009)
    grassroots activists and organizational and institutional positions of the PSOE in Lorca have gathered support for platform 'defend the Diversion 'at the opening of SEPOR
  • Public Works will help pave the road to La Parroquia, in Lorca, to improve communications from the west of town (15/09/2009)
    José Guijarro said: "The project will benefit the inhabitants of the hamlets of Lorca's The Captives, The Fuensanta Showers and Fuensanta La Parroquia "
  • Ferra removed "one by one" Jódar's lies about the company's waste polygon Serrata (15/09/2009)
    The secretary general of the Socialist Lorca made public the documentation that proves the mayor of PP
  • Security Council member is to muddy the "excellent" relations between the Government Commission and the City, as the PSOE (15/09/2009)

  • The new local office of Doña Inés could be completed in the first days of December, thanks to the good pace of work in progress (14/09/2009)
    It is a work included in the PIMUN to which the Council has allocated a total of 132,000 euros.
  • SEPOR Presented in an innovative collaboration between artisans and industry (13/09/2009)
    consists of the manufacture of new packaging designs and groundbreaking attractions made by craftsmen for regional companies
  • The "Trophy inter-schools" Mountain Bike opens in Guadalentín Sport Games (13/09/2009)

  • Ivan Carmona wins the first race of the Open 9-Sol Costa (13/09/2009)
    40 pilots participated in the Region of Murcia, Almeria and Alicante
  • Emotion and entertainment in the handball competition Eliocroca AD Sports Games of the XXXI Guadalentín (13/09/2009)

  • The Abaranera AD rises with victory in the Cup XV Handball Federation Guadalentín Sports Games (13/09/2009)

  • 18 teams clash in the XXII Trofeo Football Jumondi of Guadalentín Sport Games (13/09/2009)

  • La Carrera Popular Sports Games of the XXXI Guadalentín gathers 251 participants (13/09/2009)
    251 people gathered at the Malls Lorca during the Sunday morning to compete and enjoy the popular sport
  • Mil participants welcome Guadalentín Sports Games (12/09/2009)
    On the afternoon of Friday, a thousand people took to the streets Walking in People's March that the Olympics opened Lorca
  • Special open enrollment period for students in Senior Hall (11/09/2009)

  • The PSOE prompted an extraordinary plenary session on Employment to promote a local agreement between the three political groups (11/09/2009)
    The Socialist councilor, Leoncio Collado, 60 proposals submitted to the Employment Bureau on Monday, aimed at boosting tourism, town and industry and jobs
  • The Fun Run, new test for all in Sport Games Guadalentín XXXI (11/09/2009)
    will be held on Sunday at 10 am, starting and finishing at the malls, and consists of several circuits adapted to the age of the riders
  • The PSOE Alert poor soil the flag of Education Sacred Heart Children's School (11/09/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Gines Diaz has echoed the protests of parents of the center say that several classrooms are "a cement saw" , with traces of glue and glue
  • The Governing Board of the City Council awarded the works of Lorca Territorial Security Center Purias (11/09/2009)

  • The PSOE described as "nonsense" statements of the Town Planning (11/09/2009)
    ... and denies that was the previous corporation which granted planning permission
  • People Walking The Walk will officially open the Sports Games of the XXXI Guadalentín (10/09/2009)
    On Friday 11 at 20.30 in the Alameda of the Constitution
  • The Lorca Mateo Ruiz gets the bronze medal in the javelin mode (10/09/2009)
    In the XVII edition of the World Transplant Games, held in Australia
  • Lorca will host the first year of Technical Water Lifesaving the month of November (10/09/2009)
    The course is within the area IMJUDE training will be held at the Sports Complex will cover subjects such as Europe and swimming, first aid legislation or
  • The high cost of reconciling Saprelorca center requires parents to enroll their children in nurseries from Puerto Lumbreras (10/09/2009)
    According to the PSOE complaint
  • 20% discount on all concerts of the 2009 Fair for Youth Card users (10/09/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the expansion and diversification of the training for women (10/09/2009)
    The Socialist councilor, Lucia Sanchez also requested that the Office of Women imparted courses to develop equity in the home and to prevent gender violence
  • Lorca City Council launches a campaign to prevent the New Influenza, aimed especially at colleges and institutes in the city (10/09/2009)
    the departments of Health and Education distributed 5,000 leaflets with explanations and recommendations on schools, social and sports
  • The Socialist Party claims that the security center is closed Almendricos "in tight" (10/09/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Lucia Sanchez, echoed the protests of the inhabitants of the council and that "neighbors are not fools and know that have been used by the PP to take a picture and sell the bike "
  • The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, opened the exhibition "Andalusian Rural Settlements in the Eastern Border Nazari" (10/09/2009)
    The exhibition, which can be visited until January 7 in the Municipal Archaeological Museum, brings together 46 pieces of medieval dating
  • Cerda said that health guarantees regional livestock are indicators of trust to increase marketing (10/09/2009)
    The National Week of Pigs, which holds 14 to 17 September the 42nd, is the largest exhibition and experienced of all livestock National
  • The City Council distributed 90,000 tickets for schoolchildren to enjoy the rides and attractions for one euro (10/09/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls for Ruiz Montalbán to explain the "chaos" in the distribution of party programs (10/09/2009)

  • Denounce the deterioration of air quality for particulate Lorca (09/09/2009)
    During the month of August, nearly one in two days has exceeded the limit values for health protection
  • The PSOE Government asks the team to mediate for the Lorca Deportiva pay workers (09/09/2009)
    The Socialist councilor, Gines Diaz, requested the PP mayor and councilman of Sports to press for the company, which uses city facilities to behave "more ethical and dignified" with employees
  • The Mayor of Lorca, the Association of Booksellers and CajaMurcia sign an agreement to enhance payment bonolibro (09/09/2009)

  • They offer 21 free courses for this quarter to assist in finding employment and promoting equality (07/09/2009)

  • Huerto Ruano hosts a conference on Jewish culture organized by the Foundation "Sefarad Beitenu" and the city of Lorca (07/09/2009)

  • The Socialist Party calls the City Council to enable tables to collect signatures in defense of the Tajo-Segura (07/09/2009)

  • Charo Reina put music to the Mayor's Day at the Feria de Lorca which includes a snack for all major (07/09/2009)
    ... and free access to Feramur and "Lorca Taller del Tiempo
  • The Socialist Party supports the residents of Rio in their protests against the treatment plant sludge (06/09/2009)
    The secretary general of the Socialist Lorca, Diego Ferra, demanded that the mayor of the PP, Francisco Jodar stop rule back to the citizens again not to get into this "mess"
  • Melchor Morales praises the character of the paquera with a cry that opens the Fiestas de La Paca (05/09/2009)
    During the proclamation that opens the festival of La Paca Environment Councilman emphasized that "it is a people based on unity and effort of all inhabitants "
  • Proclamation La Paca 2009 (05/09/2009)

  • The Mayor of Lorca full of emotion the festivities in honor of Virgen de las Huertas Cry loaded with lyricism and sensitivity (05/09/2009)
    Francisco Jódar a tour of the history of the Franciscan convent and devoted to the Patroness words that captured the hearts of Wizards
  • Cry Virgen de las Huertas 2009 (05/09/2009)

  • The PP Lorca underscores its "full support" to the path of the line-Eagles defenders Hinojar neighbors and City Council and requires Zapatero to rectify the opinion of Iberdrola (04/09/2009)
    Lorca's popular show that will continue to support the neighbors in the mobilizations decide to undertake to publicly owned company Iberdrola rectify
  • On Wednesday 9 opens the registration period for new students of the School of Music (04/09/2009)
    The courses are offered for those interested and Language Music and Movement Musical.
  • Lorca was promoted through the network with the launch of a channel on YouTube (04/09/2009)
    This is a new communication channel opened by the Town Council has two months in beta testing and will be fed with videos about institutional business and promotional productions of the municipality.
  • The V Display Hooks "Ciudad de Lorca" will be held on September 20 in the Plaza de Toros (04/09/2009)
    will be held in the morning and participate carriages communities of Andalusia, Murcia and Valencia.
  • The Municipal Government of Lorca in charge of public lighting on roads Marchena and Grill, co-financed by the Community (04/09/2009)
    The Local Government attaches to these works of Lorca companies PIMUN worth 130,708 euros and other four-conditioning roads, which represent an investment of 170,410 euros in Morata, Pozo Higuera, Ramonete and Zarzalico.
  • The Socialist Party criticized the relocation of the fair dates from the Plaza de Toros at Jardines de Lorca (04/09/2009)
    Isabel Casalduero The Socialist councilor, asked the mayor of the PP, Francisco Jódar whether to ban bullfighting after have ensured that the arena has security problems lorquino
  • The Socialist Party calls Ibarra Eulalia over from front to the Department of Employment (04/09/2009)
    The Socialist councilor Maria Ponce, asked the mayor, Francisco Jodar, "Lorca many more have to lose your job to understand that it must fend off this responsibility to Councillor PP "
  • Francisco Montiel highlights the history and celebrations of Palm Zarcilla in the Proclamation of the feasts of Our Lady of Mercy (04/09/2009)
    In the Proclamation, Councilman shared with neighbors Sports relationship with the parish, and reminded friends and colleagues as part of the history of Zarcilla
  • Proclamation Palm Zarcilla 2009 (04/09/2009)

  • Sports Games Guadalentín include more than 50 tests at its thirty-year, which runs from September 11 to October 12 (03/09/2009)
    As new in this edition included the conclusion of a panel discussion on sports and physical activity, lower mountain biking or archery, but giving always popular tests so characteristic of these Games.
  • The Department of Citizenship launches "Partnerships in Red" (03/09/2009)
    This is a new advisory service for groups and information for citizens.
  • Registration begins within the Official Postgraduate Programme in Business Administration and Management of Social Economy (2 nd Edition) (03/09/2009)
    Lorca City Council sponsors the Official Postgraduate Programme offered by the Universidad Politécnica de Cartagena
  • Lorca Town Council purchase a low of 242m2 on Calle Santiago, which will improve city services and help revitalize the historic (02/09/2009)
    The Consistory lorquino reaffirms its commitment to the revitalization of the historic with the promotion of an "administrative hub" from the Plaza to La Merced.
  • The PSOE mayor laments the absence of the concentration of PP in protest at the power line (02/09/2009)
    Jódar Ferra demanded to be put in front of the demands of the Lorca
  • Beatriz Luengo, Taxi and Melocos free performances of Lorca's Fair and Festival 2009 (02/09/2009)
    concert tickets for payment (Amaia Montero, Carl Thomas and Martha Sanchez, Diana Navarro and Comedy Club), will be made sale on Monday 7th September
  • The Ministry of Public Works completes the adequacy of the Lorca-Sutullena station for use by disabled (02/09/2009)
    The actions are part of a campaign by Adif to facilitate accessibility and mobility for the various railway stations Lorca and that involves an investment of 450,000 euros from the state
  • The Mayor confirms that the City supports the proposal 100% track of the neighbors to the power line Hinojar-Eagles (02/09/2009)

  • The seniors involved in the program of the City "Back to School begin their journey through the Valencia (01/09/2009)
    Visit the Science Park, the Oceanographic Museum and nougat, and the historic old city of Valencia.
  • The fourth round of I football championship will be played next Saturday at the Feria de la Virgen de las Huertas (01/09/2009)
    The Convent Atrium will host the event in which any citizen can participate, without the need for professional license.
  • The PSOE PP complaint breach of security in the streets of downtown affected by works (01/09/2009)
    Socialist deputy spokesman, Francisco Ruiz Alviar, lamented that the government team of Francisco Jódar "fails to meet even one of the resolutions adopted in plenary on the initiative of the PSOE
  • The City of Lorca and the Commonwealth will invest 460,000 euros in lighting, improvements to roads, social and sports facilities (01/09/2009)
    These works include the extension of the local office of The Wire, the construction of bleachers at the football field Zarcilla Palm and layout of the roads Monzón, Cuco, Los Blaser Summit The Remendaos and part of Vera.
  • The Emergency Municipal Services conducted this summer Lorca 92 health care for the 10 km of coastline monitored lorquina (01/09/2009)
    and 13 rescues of swimmers in the sea

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