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  • The City Council and Red Cross distributed 3,000 brochures, 1,500 condoms, 500 calendars and red ribbons to promote prevention against AIDS (30/11/2012)

  • 607 families displaced from their homes by the earthquake have received support from the Bureau for Development to access rental housing for the amount of 485,600 euros set (30/11/2012)
    The Bureau for Development has so far distributed among 3,498,301.58 euros Lorca families affected by the earthquakes last year
  • The Business Confederation lorca visit the archaeological park of the castle and the synagogue (30/11/2012)

  • The Community undertakes urban renewal Lorca neighborhoods most affected by earthquakes (30/11/2012)

  • Soler: "CARM budgets for 2013 ignore the most important problems of Lorca" (30/11/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, and the Secretary General of the Socialist Group Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, reflected the large gaps that present the Budget
  • The full City Council approves the municipal budget for 2013 (30/11/2012)
    "accounts which focused on combating the crisis through social policy and employment promotion"
  • The PSOE Christmas presents Solidarity Campaign (30/11/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, stressed that the aim with this campaign is to bring a bit and be useful to society lorquina
  • Rafael Ruiz: "These budgets are the result of the disastrous economic policies of the PP" (29/11/2012)
    Economic Affairs Responsible for Municipal Socialist Group, Rafael Ruiz, has stressed that they seek a Budget antisocial and do not address the needs of poorer classes
  • The Lorca Women's Federation organized the conference "We believe in a future without violence Gender Equality" (29/11/2012)

  • Lorca City Council held four strategic industrial projects worth 200,000 euros (29/11/2012)
    through Lorca Reindustrialisation Plan 2012
  • The Socialist Party denounced the botched anti-influenza campaign of the Ministry of Health (29/11/2012)
    The Deputy Speaker Municipal Socialist Group, Marisol Sanchez, has demanded that vaccines arrive and because the cold snap has made an appearance and the population is not immunized against Flu
  • Eleven NGOs Lorca socio celebrate the first World Disability Day (29/11/2012)

  • Amador: "The Socialists now complain of the consequences of the decisions they made when they ruled Lorca" (29/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the cuts on Equality and Violence Against Women (28/11/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, pointed out that to get a policy on Equal fair and responsible actions must be done to raise awareness, sensitize and educate throughout the year
  • Lorca I held this Saturday Jam Park, where there will be display of graffiti, skateboarding, break dancing, a battle of cocks and concerts (28/11/2012)
    have had the support of groups of neighboring municipalities as Mazarrón, Eagles or Totana
  • Casalduero: "When will we stop Lorca to look up as we walk down the street? (28/11/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Casalduero, discussed the situation in which they find certain city buildings, buildings of historical and cultural interest and the Municipal School of Music and Fine Arts
  • 90 young Lorca learn a trade through the Initial Vocational Training Program of the City Council and the Autonomous Region (28/11/2012)

  • The Mayor opened the first Municipal Nursery School, which has capacity to serve 106 children (28/11/2012)

  • The Ministry of Public Works in the work progresses Housing Plan Lorca (28/11/2012)
    The agreement signed with the Ministry of Development allows the remaining funds for the years 2011 and 2012 to complete reallocate aid to earthquake victims
  • More than a dozen companies have expressed interest in running Recovery Theatre War (27/11/2012)
    A work faced as "prestigious opportunity"
  • The Contest IX Traditional Folklore "Campo de Lorca" Aguaderas meet in seven crews on Sunday (27/11/2012)

  • The traditional massacre at Castle Chato Murciano improves and expands its offer with the "Gastronomic Spoon and Chato" (27/11/2012)
    During these days will demonstrate traditional sausage-making and tasting the typical dishes of Lorca killing at Castle Lorca for only 5 € / serving: friends with tripping, masamorcilla, offal with potatoes ...
  • The municipal budget for 2013 focuses its efforts in combating the crisis with social policy and employment promotion (26/11/2012)

  • The youth project "Gender Agenda" places Lorca as a forum for debate and analysis on gender violence at European level (26/11/2012)
    This is a seminar that addresses the protocol for different countries in cases of aggression partner
  • The full City Council approves the inclusion in the Bureau for Development of two representatives of the victims of the flood (26/11/2012)

  • This phase begins Thursday local sport in school in table tennis and team sports (26/11/2012)

  • The PP of Lorca on Saturday celebrated the "First Day ICT and Innovation" (26/11/2012)
    are invited to join members, supporters and any resident interested in social networks
  • The full City Council of Lorca approves the text of the agreement with the CARM for the development of the activities funded by the loan of the European Investment Bank (26/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party reaffirms its commitment to public education, free quality (26/11/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, congratulated the work, often quiet and hardly noticeable to the public, the municipality of teachers
  • Balance Lorca regular full City Council for the month of November 2012 (26/11/2012)
    Approval, if granted in previous meeting minutes:
  • The Socialist Party calls counselor explanations Sevilla in the Assembly on why he's breaking the law to rebuild Lorca (25/11/2012)
    Congressman Manuel Soler denounces the lack of transparency and political will to recover the municipality PP
  • The PP regrets that the PSOE continue making a political use of the tragedy of Lorca (25/11/2012)
    Miras Lopez lamented that a year and a half after the earthquake that devastated Lorca, "the PSOE continue lying and trying to mislead Lorca insinuations and statements characterized by its lack of rigor "
  • Antonio Navarro: "The CARM could be committing a crime of misappropriation" (24/11/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, wondered what emergency spending the Government has awarded nine Regional, 8 million euros
  • Sergio Mantecón already working to improve this great season in 2013 (22/11/2012)

  • The Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds hosts the X Lorca Hairdressing Championship Women, Men and Makeup Hairdresser Association Region (22/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the Bureau for Development attends to those affected by the floods (22/11/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, stressed that talk of victims with damaged and in many cases no income
  • The Regional Craft Centre organized a workshop and exhibition on drywall jobs (22/11/2012)

  • This Sunday is closed to traffic a dozen streets of Lorca by the celebration of the Half Marathon (22/11/2012)

  • The Calderón spaces, Columbus and the Negrito host the San Clemente Medieval Market consists of more than 80 artisans and will be available to the public until Sunday (22/11/2012)
    It will be open from 11 in the morning until the evening and offer workshops, exclusive section for children and tavern giant
  • Morning up to the castle in the road vehicles will be common, while the drop was made by 'La Quinta' (22/11/2012)
    Rise pedestrian pilgrimage on the occasion of the feast of San Clemente pattern will be down the road from the castle hill
  • On Saturday Nogalte be cut Streets, San Francisco, Prince Alfonso, Lope Gisbert and Santo Domingo by the procession of San Clemente (22/11/2012)

  • The PSOE is surprised after learning that the Ebro transfer is not a priority for the Government of the Nation (22/11/2012)
    Responsible for Agriculture, Livestock and Water of the Socialist Group Lorca, Francisco Román, has expressed surprise at the statements of Secretary of State for the Environment
  • The PSOE presents different problems of the municipality (22/11/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, has realized the questions and answers that his group presented at the regular plenary session to be held on Monday
  • Local police arrested two people in La Hoya for illegal weapons possession, reckless driving and disobedience (22/11/2012)

  • The PSOE has several proposals on the campus of Lorca (21/11/2012)
    The Secretary of the Local Executive Committee, Daniel Martinez, and the head of the Municipal Education, Mazuecos Jesus, have advocated maintaining fitness IES Ibáñez Martín
  • The Platform for Road Safety Motera Region organizes a meeting Sunday biker solidarity with Lorca (21/11/2012)

  • The City and Lorca Workshop of Time closed an agreement with the Association of Campgrounds Murciana to encourage tourist visits "winter" to the municipality (21/11/2012)

  • Lorca Mayor presides over the establishment of the Local Board against Gender Violence (21/11/2012)

  • Groups of Songs and Dances of Murcia and Almeria will participate in the seventh edition of the National Folklore Festival "Sun City" (21/11/2012)
    It is organized on the occasion of the festivities
  • Lorca Castle celebrated on 23 November 1st open day to mark the feast of San Clemente, the patron of the city (21/11/2012)

  • Marisol Sanchez: "Support under Royal Decree 1505/2012 are ridiculous" (20/11/2012)
    The Socialist Deputy Speaker, Marisol Sanchez, has compared the difference between the maximum of 106,000 euros for total destruction of housing set out in Royal Decree 6 / 2011 and 15,120 euros scarce covered by Royal Decree 1505/2012
  • The pattern has already Lorca march procession (20/11/2012)
    Culture Councilwoman presented this piece of music composed by the director of the Municipal Band, Antonio Manzanera, and dedicated to San Clemente
  • The XXV Lorca City Half Marathon and the third edition of the 12,500 Meters Healthy will be held on Sunday with the participation of 700 runners (20/11/2012)
    The start will be at 10.30 am from the Avenue Europe to tour the town of Lorca and San Diego neighborhoods, Apolonia, San Cristóbal, San José and La Viña
  • The Mayor meets with the neighbors most affected by the floods (20/11/2012)
    and is a working group to provide more assistance to the most affected families
  • The Lorca Orienteering Club donates $ 1,000 to the Bureau for Development for those affected by the earthquakes (20/11/2012)

  • Lorca commemorates the International Day Against Violence Against Women with the creation of a Local Coordinating Board to prevent this social evil (19/11/2012)

  • The Joint Commission approves over 1.5 million euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (19/11/2012)
    600 191 euros are for home repair, reconstruction 784 418, 18 865 and 118 121 euros to rent for trade
  • The Bureau for Development has allocated more than 98,000 euros for families who did not meet the requirements for receiving government assistance to rent housing (19/11/2012)

  • The Joint Commission approves over 1.5 million euros in aid to alleviate the damage of the earthquake in Lorca (19/11/2012)
    600 191 euros are for home repair, reconstruction 784 418, 18 865 and 118 121 euros to rent for trade
  • Reconstruction of the Institut Ramon Arcas will be bid in January (19/11/2012)

  • Traffic Court of Avenida Juan Carlos I from tomorrow until Friday Building Demolition (19/11/2012)
    Circular may only be one lane from the Oval to Avenida Europa
  • The PSOE takes stock after a year's win in the General Election PP (19/11/2012)
    The Secretary of the Local Executive Committee, Daniel Martinez, has said that we are much worse than a year ago
  • The Socialist Party welcomed the reopening of the Church of San Mateo (17/11/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez, thanked the Government of Spain's involvement in the restoration of the historical heritage of the city
  • The experts working on the record lorquino of Heritage, create an association (16/11/2012)
    and summon a contest for the candidacy image
  • The Merchants' Union and the City of Lorca recover the Fair "Your Wedding", to be held from November 30 to December 2 (16/11/2012)

  • Lorca revealed adheres to World Heritage Day (16/11/2012)
    and works in the documentation and conservation of cave paintings to be Valdeinfierno visit
  • Figures of Infante Alfonso and Infanta Violante of Aragon incorporated this year the parade of San Clemente (16/11/2012)
    will have new costumes that have been developed by the Women's Association in recent months Campillo
  • Lorca held his appointment as "European City of Sport" in 2013 with a broad agenda sporting, cultural and social (16/11/2012)

  • More than 50 riders, including ex-footballer Santiago Cañizares, will compete in the Championship and Mountain Country Rallysprint Lopez (16/11/2012)
    On Friday evening will be held a show of drifting in the Garden of the wheel, while both competitions will be played on the Saturday, with departure and the arrival Chapel Field Aguaderas Lopez
  • The Association of Art Critics Murcia Lorca presents the creations of nine artists whose theme focuses on the tragedy of the earthquake in Lorca last year (15/11/2012)

  • The City of Lorca remodel the 2,600 m2 of eight streets of San Pedro (15/11/2012)

  • The Socialist Party calls to restore and preserve the fitness of IES Ibáñez Martín (15/11/2012)
    The head of Municipal Socialist Group Education, Jesus Mazuecos, explained that serve to decongest the future sports hall to be built on campus
  • A new offering allows free visits to tourists who want to see the tower Ram (14/11/2012)

  • The Department of Culture celebrates the Day of Saint Cecilia 2012 (14/11/2012)
    with a tour of the Municipal Band of historical streets and a mass in St Patrick
  • Adilor information about diabetes and test at a booth at the Alameda of the Constitution and one in San Diego Eroski (14/11/2012)
    Health Councilwoman City of Lorca, Antonia Lopez, has helped the group in this day and reminded him important it is to prevent this disease with a healthy diet
  • Educational Games, Storytelling, 10 workshops and 8 lectures comprise the range of activities of the Youth Council for Schools (14/11/2012)

  • The parish of San Diego de Lorca welcomes the submission of the restoration of the temple (14/11/2012)

  • 1200 school pupils involved in the local phase Cross Country School Sports Program (14/11/2012)

  • The City of Lorca novel highlights the tax and labor measures adopted by the Central Government for those affected by floods (13/11/2012)

  • The City is pleased to join because Tovar "now" to the defense of the AVE underground led by Lorca Mayor (13/11/2012)

  • Soler Martinez: "If the mayor of Lorca spent 10 years working for the underground, how is that the PP says that is not going to do?" (13/11/2012)
    Socialist regional deputy shows that, by the will of the mayor's PP in Lorca was not created for the burial society, which they did in Cartagena and Murcia
  • Martínez Fajardo: "It is imperative to formulate a program of refundable aid" (13/11/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez, has insisted that the most urgent task is to help businesses start standing
  • Note the bishop before the collapse of the chapel of San Antonio, in the parish of San Cristobal de Lorca (12/11/2012)

  • The Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lorca visit the Archaeological Park of the Castle, the Synagogue and the Torre del Ram (12/11/2012)
    'Lorca Workshop of Time' continues the outreach between the different groups of the new heritage attraction recently joined Lorca tourist
  • The writer Pablo Albo tell their best stories in eight libraries neighborhoods and districts of the Municipal Network (12/11/2012)
    The Libraries of La Paca, Zarcilla Palm Purias, Cazalla, Almendricos, Prince of Asturias, Marchena-Aguaderas and host La Hoya during November the narrator's storytelling sessions Alicante
  • Jose Angel Ponce: "We will defend the young Lorca injustices suffered the scourges of the crisis" (12/11/2012)

  • Covers all places offered during National Swimming Monitor (12/11/2012)
    This training began on Friday with 30 students a collaborative effort of the City of Lorca and Swimming Federation Region
  • Ana Lario: "It is unfortunate that after time, has not begun the work of San Cristobal" (12/11/2012)
    The Socialist councilor, Ana Lario, has blamed the team of Local Government and Regional not expedite procedures
  • The Socialist Party claims that the Public Center Child Care Cazalla remains closed (12/11/2012)
    A member of the Executive Committee of the PSOE in Lorca, Juanfra Ladevesa, considered a waste and a waste that the center remains closed after investing 550,000 euros
  • The lorquino Juanfran Guevara achieved his first four World Championship points (12/11/2012)

  • Cross reaffirms the Government's commitment to heritage lorquino (12/11/2012)
    The Minister of Culture and Tourism this morning visited the church of San Cristóbal with the mayor of Lorca
  • The Mayor agreed that tomorrow morning the work commences emergency in the church of San Cristóbal (11/11/2012)
    continue until the temple is restored and ready for next Easter
  • The PP values ​​"very positively" the regional government's commitment to the recovery of Lorca (10/11/2012)
    Fernando Lopez Miras has highlighted the commitment "facts" of the regional government, which has authorized the procurement of works to rebuild the IES Francisco Ros Giner and submitted budgets dedicated to the city's economic rcuperac
  • Antonio Navarro: "I understand that the City continue covering for the CARM" (10/11/2012)
    The head of the Executive Committee on issues related to earthquakes, Antonio Navarro, said that 18 months later, reconstruction is virtually paralyzed
  • The PSOE again denounce the state of Eras Crossing Street San Jose (09/11/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, said that residents feel abandoned by their institutional representatives
  • The City of Lorca retrieves improved poster contest Holy Week, declared of International Tourist Interest (09/11/2012)

  • 88 families benefit from the Integral Plan for Social Care earthquake victims (09/11/2012)
    launched by the City Council and funded by the Bureau for Development
  • The Socialist Party denounced the concentration of wastewater in Marchena (09/11/2012)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, has warned the inconvenience and damage that can arise for residents of Lorca and Totana near the river Guadalentín
  • The City of Lorca, the first to join the Manifesto in Defense of Journalism Journalists Association Murcia (09/11/2012)

  • The Community authorizes the procurement of the works to rebuild the Institute Ros Francisco Giner de Lorca (09/11/2012)

  • More than 1.3 million to reform and expand the area of ​​Pediatrics Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca (09/11/2012)

  • Lorca City Council is satisfied that the Autonomous Community to remove recruitment institute reconstruction Ros Giner (09/11/2012)

  • The Lorca who had to leave their homes or work places by flooding may request exemption from Monday IBI (08/11/2012)

  • The PSOE has a series of lectures and talks as a new space for political debate (08/11/2012)
    The Secretary of the Local Executive Committee, Daniel Martinez, and the Secretary of Education, Participation, Networks and Innovation, Juan Ramón Lorente, have released the PSOE new website lorquino
  • The City manages a program for schoolchildren Lorca Serving Caritas community, Residence San Diego, San Jose, Calasanz daycare and Alzheimer Association (07/11/2012)
    During the next week will open the deadline for registration
  • Antonio Navarro: "The Mayor should resign" (07/11/2012)
    Deputy Secretary of the Executive Committee of the PSOE in Lorca, Antonio Navarro, riveting, in the present circumstances, our town needs high political and policy
  • Community and City of Lorca agree to repair damage from environmental advocacy group Public Housing San Pedro (07/11/2012)
    The Minister of Public Works and Planning and the mayor of Lorca sign an agreement whereby the Housing and Land Institute finance works, with a budget of 178,860 euros
  • The Mayor of Lorca working on extending aid to those affected by the floods through the amendments to be presented this month (07/11/2012)

  • Community and City of Lorca agree to repair damage from environmental advocacy group Public Housing San Pedro (07/11/2012)
    The Minister of Public Works and Planning and the mayor of Lorca sign an agreement whereby the Housing and Land Institute finance works with a budget of 178,860 euros
  • The church of San Mateo de Lorca reopens its doors to the public on Sunday 18, after being restored from damage by earthquakes (07/11/2012)

  • The PP has willed that the Royal Decree of flood aid is extended and therefore processed as bill (07/11/2012)
    The PP asks the PSOE to "work and propose instead of criticizing and insulting"
  • Meeting of the Recovery Plan for the Cultural Heritage of Lorca (07/11/2012)
    With the presence of all government involved
  • Molinenses Fifty women participating in the "Shopping in Lorca" (06/11/2012)

  • The fire of "Hannukiyos" will look at the castle of Lorca after 520 years (06/11/2012)
    on the occasion of the festivities planned for the festival of San Clemente pattern
  • The City of Lorca local municipal packaged as a new play space for older neighborhoods of San Cristóbal and San Diego (06/11/2012)
    The Employment Department is doing with student-workers of the 'You and your neighborhood' entire system of this new equipment, which is located at Turbinto and is scheduled to open in December
  • Nights activities Lorca Witches beat his own record and visits almost tripled last year (06/11/2012)
    3,800 people have participated in the theatrical visits to the Garden Ruano and castle, where there were activities for adults, students, children and families .
  • The City enables an Integral Counseling Office for flood-affected processed their applications for assistance (05/11/2012)

  • Jódar collects the award of the world's largest tourism by adapting holiday of Lorca after the earthquakes (05/11/2012)
    The London Tourism Fair Lorca delivery today one of the Global Awards of the World Travel Market
  • Successful school enrollment municipal sports (05/11/2012)
    Lorca About 3,000 schoolchildren enjoy the activities planned by the Department of Sports
  • Low unemployment in Lorca in 73 individuals from the ups recorded at regional and national level (05/11/2012)
    This is a significant decrease, namely 1%, thanks to the boom in construction, agriculture and industry, in particular
  • Works allocates EUR 44 million to urban regeneration and recovery infrastructure Lorca (05/11/2012)
    The Minister of Public Works notes that "the government's priority remains Lorca, and prove it budgets for 2013"
  • Martínez Fajardo: "We do not understand the statements of satisfaction with a Royal Decree Mayor incomplete and insufficient" (03/11/2012)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez, has demanded a vindictive attitude of local politicians
  • Local police arrested three individuals for their possible involvement in the commission of robberies in the town (03/11/2012)
    And other 2 people for illegal residence in Spain
  • First Rating Lorca IU-Greens of Royal Decree 1505/2012, of November 2 (03/11/2012)

  • The Bureau for Development has so far distributed 3,384,236.89 euros between Lorca families affected by the earthquakes last year (02/11/2012)
    The Local Government Committee approved the award of 17 new grants for families left homeless by the earthquake Lorca by the amount of 21,750 euros
  • The "Second Exhibition of Artisans' meeting this weekend to a dozen offices in the Plaza de Calderon (02/11/2012)

  • Successful start of the Used Vehicle Fair of Lorca, that sells 20 vehicles on the day of its inauguration (02/11/2012)

  • Lorca receive 1.15 million euros for the rehabilitation of trade affected by earthquakes (02/11/2012)

  • The Community initiates the repair and improvement of the road between the coast Lorca (01/11/2012)
    regional administration technicians continue to collaborate with the City lorquino for repair of rural roads affected by flooding September 28
  • Manuel Soler warns that reconstruction of the IES Ramón Arcas Ros Giner and is not covered by the budget of the Community for 2013 (01/11/2012)
    The Socialist deputy counselor claims that reveals if you plan to fulfill its commitment and work will start before the end of 2012 and what will be funded starting
  • 27,555 people visited the cemeteries Lorca during the late hours (01/11/2012)

  • Education announces the imminent tender IES works Ros Giner de Lorca (01/11/2012)


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