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  • Delivered prizes Championship of Dominoes XXXV Guadalentin Sports Games (30/11/2013)
    During the months of October and November was held this competition in which twenty players took part
  • Juanfran Esparza, fresh start in the panorama of the song author (30/11/2013)

  • Council starts next week practice phase Riverphy Life + project to clean heavy metal riverbed by phytoextraction (29/11/2013)
    tasks begin to define the geotechnical study of an area covering 1500 meters runway Guadalentin
  • Twelve NGOs socio Lorca and the city held for the second time the World Disability Day (29/11/2013)

  • The City of Lorca and the Red Cross installed a booth this Saturday at the Mall of the Constitution to report on AIDS (29/11/2013)

  • More than 150 wrestlers from all over the country will compete in the National Championship of Kyokushin-Karate Budokai held on Saturday in the Pavilion San Jose (29/11/2013)
    The XXV edition of the Open, the oldest of the Region of Murcia, is held from 16 hours and will bring together the best domestic fighters
  • The regional government authorizes 12.5 million for urban renewal districts Altos Lorca (29/11/2013)

  • 2.4 million for the restoration of the Collegiate Church of San Patricio de Lorca (29/11/2013)

  • 1,801 students from 22 educational center of Lorca the districts participating in the competition to design the logo of the 'Police Tutor' (29/11/2013)

  • Martínez Fajardo: "It is essential to a serious commitment to rural tourism in the High hamlets" (28/11/2013)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, highlighted the great potential that the area has to this economic activity
  • IU-Greens seeks clarification on the work of unqualified staff in the office of Industry Lorca (28/11/2013)

  • The Joint Commission resolved 97 percent of cases of aid to earthquake-damaged homes (28/11/2013)
    Today's meeting approves more than 1.7 million, bringing the economic pillar authorized 67,639,065 euros
  • The Joint Commission resolved 97 percent of cases of aid to earthquake-damaged homes (28/11/2013)
    Today's meeting approves more than 1.7 million, bringing the economic pillar authorized 67,639,065 euros
  • Ten catering establishments participating this year in the new edition of the "Gastronomic Spoon and Chato" (28/11/2013)

  • Education invests 100,000 euros in the construction of a multipurpose classroom and in the school of psychomotor Marchena (28/11/2013)
    The secretary general of the Ministry of Education and Councilman emphasize that this center and Juan Navarro García de La Hoya have better facilities before the earthquakes of 2011
  • Education invests 100,000 euros in a school in the village of Lorca Marchena for a multipurpose room and psychomotor (28/11/2013)
    The secretary general of the Ministry of Education and Councilman emphasize that this center and Juan Navarro García de La Hoya have better facilities than before the earthquakes of 2011
  • The city of Lorca and Asdifilor start the campaign "If you want my parking, stay with my disability. Barriers not increase my" (27/11/2013)

  • The International Festival de Cante Flamenco Sun City provides beat record of participants (27/11/2013)

  • 25 lambs recovered 30 stolen in a farm-Lorca Ramonete (27/11/2013)
    has been arrested on suspicion of theft, had sold the sheep to another farm Puerto Lumbreras
  • Lorca commemorating the 525 anniversary of the stay of the Catholic Monarchs in an exhibition at the Palacio de Guevara (26/11/2013)

  • The PSOE realizes questions and requests submitted at the regular plenary November (26/11/2013)
    The mayor of the Municipal Socialist Group, Jesus Mazurek, said dealing with different issues of importance to the town
  • ... (26/11/2013)

  • Local police detained two people as alleged perpetrators of a robbery inside a vehicle (25/11/2013)

  • Bands of heavy Argentina, Italy, Spain participating in this year's "Metal Lorca" (25/11/2013)
    on November 30 will be held in the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria
  • The PSOE PP regrets rejection of the urgent convening of the Bureau of Local Employment (25/11/2013)
    The Deputy Speaker of the Socialist Municipal Group, Marisol Sanchez, recalled that at the plenary session of September the IU-Greens group requested an urgent meeting of the same in a motion and it was approved unanimously
  • Tens of Lorca are concentrated in the door of the City of Lorca and other municipal agencies to condemn violence (25/11/2013)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar calls for citizens to show their rejection of the abuse and encouraged to come to tribute to the victims of this afternoon at 20:00 pm at the Teatro Guerra
  • The City completes the single process of eminent domain, which will allow 4 families affected by the earthquake to rebuild their homes (25/11/2013)
    Mandatory replacement Act has had a deterrent effect, dissolving blocking minorities and allowing the reconstruction of 68 buildings demolished after the earthquake without having to get to this point
  • The lorquina Elena Castillo presents "A swing in the stars" (25/11/2013)
    "Two people meant to be together two soul mates travel and a promise to meet"
  • Hall, CARM, Sports Council and Beach Volleyball Federation join forces for the opening of Beach Volleyball Centre of Lorca (22/11/2013)

  • Lorca hosts the meeting of the Interregional Conference Sports (22/11/2013)
    participate CEOs Sports of all Spanish Autonomous Communities
  • Lorca Summoned to rally against gender violence and to honor the victims organized for Monday (22/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the launch of the Center for Child Care Cazalla (22/11/2013)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, stressed that there is no greater investment equipment that, once built, is not given No use
  • The beginning of the reconstruction of a new building in La Viña raises the number of homes for rebuilding 800 (22/11/2013)

  • Sports Modernization Center Beach Volleyball Lorca open in 2014 (22/11/2013)
    It will have 8,358 square feet and includes and includes in its first phase four outdoor beach volleyball courts and the first phase of the residence Sports
  • The City now gets the instrument granting the Titles and Awards City on the occasion of the Feast of San Clemente, pattern Lorca (22/11/2013)
    It stands with the Silver Medal of the Brotherhood Gangs Auroros
  • The start of construction of a new building in La Viña raised to 800 the number of homes in Lorca rebuilding (22/11/2013)
    The regional government allocated a total of EUR 5.8 million to comprehensive urban renewal of that neighborhood
  • The Mayor stressed the importance of promoting the sport among children from the first stage of education (21/11/2013)

  • The City of Lorca reinforces its awareness campaign and animal control (21/11/2013)
    give away ownership communities scooper bags
  • The Socialist Party calls for the rehabilitation the local Chamber of Agriculture and agricultural museum and install a water (21/11/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, has proposed that the remaining free space in the building is upgraded to provide courses training, conferences and meetings related to the agri-food sector
  • The City conditioned Alfonsina Tower (21/11/2013)
    so it can be accessed by all Lorca during the day on the city's patron, San Clemente
  • The Medieval Market of San Clemente parties brings to 120 establishments in the streets of Calderon, Columbus and the Negrito (21/11/2013)
    And the street widens Alporchones
  • 500 students majoring Lorca campus tomorrow celebrate its patron San Clemente (20/11/2013)

  • The War Theater hosts Saturday celebrate the Eighth National Folklore Festival "Sun City" (20/11/2013)
    will bring together 120 participants from Murcia, Valencia and Avila
  • The local police arrested one person after being caught stealing inside several vehicles (20/11/2013)

  • The PSOE requested an urgent meeting of the Bureau of Local Employment (20/11/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal Group Deputy Speaker, Marisol Sanchez, said that almost half of the increase in unemployment, the month of October in the city is concentrated in the sector construction
  • The City of Lorca laments that "the PSOE does not find out that they are teaching courses Employment Plan Lorca + Plan for months" (20/11/2013)
    Employment Councilwoman recalled dozens of courses funded this year by the Central Government through a specific agreement for the township, and announced that in 2014 there will be even more money
  • The Cultural Center hosts presentation on Thursday hymn to St. Clement, patron of the city (20/11/2013)
    Jodar Jesus composed and performed by the Coral Santa Cecilia
  • Lorca hosts the first European Congress of Sports School Age held in the Region (20/11/2013)
    240 specialists participate in the eight papers and 74 communications until Friday brings this event, inaugurated today by CEOs Begoña Antonio Penalver and Iniesta
  • Lorca Young Lawyers rally against the Court Fees Act (20/11/2013)

  • The president and the Minister of Public Works ongoing inaugurate a seismic zone buildings (19/11/2013)

  • Lorca Local Police arrested a drug trafficker (19/11/2013)
    caught while making a drug transaction in exchange for money in a vehicle in the city
  • The War Theatre offers free Wednesday representation of 'Lorca Castilla' within the festival of San Clemente (18/11/2013)

  • The Law of Mandatory replacement blocking minorities dissolves and allows the reconstruction of 68 buildings demolished after the earthquakes (18/11/2013)

  • The PP emphasizes "tireless support" regional government Lorca (18/11/2013)
    Murcia The Executive authorizes 8.1 million for urban renewal in the neighborhood of San Diego Lorca
  • Public Works completes the repair of 19 public housing promotion in the district of San Pedro de Lorca (16/11/2013)
    The investment in this performance and accessibility of the environment amounts to EUR 317 425
  • The City of Lorca and San Clemente Federation promoted in Almería parties Muslims, Christians and Jews, starting today (15/11/2013)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service teaches schoolchildren how to prevent accidents and react in emergencies (15/11/2013)

  • The City Council allocated € 500,700 to the overall improvement of the street Musso Valiente (15/11/2013)
    is renewed service lines, street furniture and will be equipped with rainwater network
  • The regional authorized 8.1 million for urban renewal in the neighborhood of San Diego Lorca (15/11/2013)

  • The City of Lorca calls Poster Contest for Easter 2014 (15/11/2013)

  • Signed an agreement whereby the Grassroots Club Lorca is as subsidiary in La Hoya Lorca CF (14/11/2013)

  • The City of Lorca announces a contest to raise awareness via Twitter against gender violence (14/11/2013)

  • SIDI denounced the deterioration of public education in Lorca (14/11/2013)

  • The Mayor opened the local women's association in the district of San Juan which was damaged by earthquakes and floods (14/11/2013)

  • Casalduero: "You're missing a unique opportunity to improve our city" (13/11/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Casalduero, has assured that it will invest a lot of money that could well have been used to make a radical change in the concept of city we want
  • Musso Valiente's descendants donated to the city's two historic medallions given by the English Government to Illustrate Lorca during his exile in Gibraltar (13/11/2013)

  • Lorca City Council regrets that the PSOE loses the opportunity to support the redevelopment of the city specimen under the Plan Lorca + (13/11/2013)

  • 696 people have signed up already at the XXVI Lorca City Half Marathon and the fourth edition of Healthy Feet 12,500 to be held this Sunday (12/11/2013)
    The start will be at 10.30 am from the Avenida Europa for touring the town of Lorca and neighborhoods of San Diego, San Cristobal, Apolonia San Jose and La Viña.
  • 370 students from the districts of Lorca involved in the project Paidos educational support, doubling the number of beneficiaries from two years ago (12/11/2013)

  • Soler: "Today, in the San Fernando still have a plot and 232 families without housing" (12/11/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, stressed that the City Council has not yet decided what the ideal model to rebuild the neighborhood
  • Two injured during maintenance of the new treatment plant (12/11/2013)

  • La Peña La Jarapa presented on Sunday at 12:30 pm at the Cultural Center of Lorca their new CD (12/11/2013)

  • The Council reiterates for the umpteenth time, that will be the majority of the residents of San Fernando which will decide how their neighborhood (12/11/2013)

  • The People's University of Lorca participates in a cultural exchange with Poland through the European project 'Grundtvig' (11/11/2013)

  • Martinez Fajardo: "The PSOE out greatly strengthened" (11/11/2013)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez Fajardo, has been part of the delegation of the PSRM in Federal Policy Conference alongside Manuel Soler and Isabel Lorca Casalduero
  • The Council highlights the collective effort of Lorca and his strength as a determinant of progress in the process of rebuilding the city after the earthquake (11/11/2013)
    Of the 1,152 occupied homes are being rebuilt 755 have been handed over the keys of 64 and 20,000 houses have been repaired damaged by earthquakes
  • Employers and trade unions come together to try to reach an agreement to avoid the strike in the tanning sector (10/11/2013)
    The meeting will take place on November 11 in Lorca at CECLOR premises at 12 in the morning
  • The local police arrested four people suspected of a robbery in a house of Marchena (08/11/2013)

  • Local Police Officers Lorca and Aguilas cooperate in dismantling a marijuana farm in the hamlet of La Campana (08/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the lack in budget Regional Budgets vital to Lorca (08/11/2013)
    Education Responsible Municipal Socialist Group, Jesus Mazurek, has requested that the Budget will provide for some budget that do not appear in Annex Project territorialized Expense 2014
  • The 2nd race of the TT Rally Spain this weekend will bring Lorca over 160 people (08/11/2013)

  • 25 projects to build or modernize businesses in Uptown exceed forecasts call for aid from the Urban Community Initiative to stimulate entrepreneurial (08/11/2013)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the cuts in Health PP over 11 million euros (08/11/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal Group Deputy Speaker, Marisol Sanchez, said that cutting back on health is cut in life
  • The City confirms that Suvilor settlement is made with full transparency and available to all documents concerned about (08/11/2013)

  • Antonio Navarro: "The PP Lorca forget reclaim money rents and vote against the Plan Lorca + is mandatory" (08/11/2013)
    The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, said that the reply of Deputy Lopez Miras means that socialists are taking steps in the right direction
  • The Socialist Party claims that CARM budgets are not recorded even a single euro for Lorca Fire Station (08/11/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Casalduero, recalled that a few days ago, the direction of the Consortium Fire Fighting and Rescue Region of Murcia promised an immediate solution to the situation
  • The City of Lorca and Youth Council become the Garden of the wheel in a drive free every Friday November (07/11/2013)

  • National Police involved unauthorized and expired drugs that were put on sale at a shop rummage sales Lorca (07/11/2013)
    The head of the establishment has been arrested for a crime against public health
  • The PSOE has to Lorca PGE specific amendments "to the neglect of the Government of Rajoy" (07/11/2013)
    Valcarcel González Tovar alleges that "appears willing to abuse that mean PP government budgets to the Region of Murcia"
  • The PP regrets that the PSRM "make policy Lorca earthquakes" and that Tovar "disturbed the progress" (07/11/2013)
    Fernando Lopez Miras Rafael González Tovar reminded that "Lorca is the municipality of the region in which more be reversed by the region "
  • The PSOE regrets the decline in the number of autonomous Lorca (07/11/2013)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez Fajardo, said that is a new confirmation of the deterioration of the economic fabric of Lorca
  • The War of Lorca Theatre returns following remediation film screenings with seven films until the end of the year (06/11/2013)

  • The House of oenegés host new services for disabled children over 6 years carried out by the Association of Parents of Early Care Municipal Center (06/11/2013)

  • Manuel Soler complaint Valcárcel not spend even half of the 185 million EIB loan to Lorca gave (06/11/2013)
    Socialist MP says Lorca and municipalities of the region once again come out losers in the deal that the regional government has done
  • Lopez Sights: "the PSOE is upset that Lorca advance, believe that what is good for the city harms them electorally" (06/11/2013)
    While the regional government will invest 55 million euros in initiatives to Lorca, the PSOE does contest projects , as some of the urban renewal, and are even hired
  • The courses of the School of Music and Fine Arts course activities start their 2013/14 (06/11/2013)
    have begun in Selgas Classroom facilities, Municipal Archives, Cultural Center, and Palacio de Guevara
  • UPyD Lorca denounces the situation of abandonment lies the historic city center and the lack of action for recovery (06/11/2013)

  • Casalduero: "The inability of the mayor of Culture returns to harm the students of the School of Music and Fine Arts" (06/11/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Casalduero, recalled that students had to be relocated Provisional four venues as the building has not yet been fitted
  • The Youth Employment program prioritizes the hiring Region youth in reconstruction of Lorca (05/11/2013)
    The CEO of the Regional Employment and Training visit CLD and emphasizes the partnership between the Community and the City to create jobs
  • The PSOE has the campaign "2013 Christmas Solidarity" (05/11/2013)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez Fajardo, has stressed the importance of being useful to society Lorca
  • The works by the IMAS in the Social Centre for the Elderly in Lorca completed before year end (05/11/2013)
    More than 6,500 users benefited from the activities in this center before being affected by the earthquakes of May 11 2011
  • Public Works spent 100,000 euros for the work of control and security of urban renewal in the neighborhood of La Viña Lorca (04/11/2013)
    The Ministry will monitor the activities of rehabilitation and reform, which will generate qualified jobs
  • The Union of Merchants and the city of Lorca celebrate this weekend the Fair 'Your Wedding' (04/11/2013)

  • The neighborhoods Lorca will be more accessible, aesthetic, green and more services for residents through the Plan's investments Lorca + (04/11/2013)
    The first performance of this battery of renovations funded by the CARM will be on the Vineyard, where they act on a surface of about 100,000 m2
  • 300 participants initiate a new course of maintenance gymnastics program offered by the Department of Sports and Women (04/11/2013)

  • Marisol Sanchez: "The figures for waiting lists Health Area III are outrageous and unacceptable" (04/11/2013)
    The Deputy Speaker Socialist Municipal Group has stressed that cutting Lorca Health is playing with the lives of people
  • 25,128 people visited during the All Saints bridge cemeteries eleven town of Lorca (04/11/2013)

  • The X Alfonso Lorca neighborhood will be transformed with the renewal of its infrastructure and the opening of new public spaces (02/11/2013)
    The Minister of Public Works and Planning explains that his department will invest 4.5 million euros in urban regeneration 65,000 m
  • The Socialist Party calls on the state information assurance public buildings (02/11/2013)
    The Deputy Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, has claimed that this information public and accessible to any citizen
  • The Socialist Party believes that the construction of 300 homes in Lorca's SEPES be a breach PP over Lorca (02/11/2013)
    Manuel Soler Mayor Francisco Jodar asks "to be planted in Madrid and requires the National Government to comply with that commitment made after the earthquakes and stop passing the buck between administrations "

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