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Lorca News - November 2014

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  • The Community promotes revitalization of commercial activity in the neighborhoods of Lorca as an impetus to urban renewal (30/11/2014)
    This is to strengthen the growth of the city through the increase and modernization of trade, employment generation and improving competitiveness
  • The Belenista Association of Lorca opens Bethlehem Beacon Park Mall, master work of Lorca Belenista Ignacio Simon (29/11/2014)

  • Diego J. Mateos demands greater municipal involvement in the management of urban regeneration of Lorca (28/11/2014)
    Subscription that the municipal share only limited to appoint a representative to the jury, which also is neither a municipal technician
  • Lorca, Hostelor and Red Cross Team in the Fight Against Employment Discrimination through the campaign "really not funny" (28/11/2014)
    The people who come to the Gastronomic Week in Lorca Chato Murciano receive a mat to raise awareness discrimination in the workplace
  • Reactive Community Consortium Management of the University Campus of Lorca (28/11/2014)
    The Ministry and the Consistory earmarked 600,000 euros next year to Campus and the process of study and analysis of the future strategy and promotion of entrepreneurship among college starts
  • Thirty institutions join the Association Lorca Belenista to offer 12 events that dynamize the new Museum of Bethlehem and its surroundings (28/11/2014)

  • I Jornada Lorca Resilient (28/11/2014)

  • The Department of Health of the City of Lorca and Youth Red Cross distributed tomorrow Alameda information and condoms Constitution AIDS (28/11/2014)

  • Jódar receives the Royal Order of Sporting Merit from President of the Sports Council (28/11/2014)

  • The PSOE demands a departure from the Regional Economic Estimates for the settlement of rural roads in Lorca (27/11/2014)
    The Spokesman of the Municipal Group Socialist Manuel Soler, has stressed that the mayor of Lorca should be more demanding on the Regional Government in the compliance with its commitments to Lorca
  • Lorca celebrates the Third Conference on Gender Violence "Love does not hurt: if abuses you not love you" (27/11/2014)

  • The archaeologist and professor Juan Antonio Martínez Friday offered a conference on the Silk Road (27/11/2014)
    Organised by the Friends of the Archaeological Museum, the paper will discuss this declared Intangible Heritage of Humanity by UNESCO route
  • Two individuals arrested for robberies and violence in the city of Lorca (26/11/2014)
    The Visual Inspection of the National Police on the scene of one of the robberies took focus research on two individuals
  • The Mayor says the experience of earthquakes can be harnessed (26/11/2014)
    to successfully tackle other emergency situations similar characteristics
  • The PSOE requires the City of Lorca to bet on young people and provide them with the European Youth Guarantee (26/11/2014)
    consider "primordial promote an information campaign to bring youth of the municipality the possibilities offered by the European Youth Guarantee program"
  • More than 950 people run this Sunday morning at the XXVII City Half Marathon Lorca and healthy 10,600 meters (26/11/2014)

  • The Mayor and the new Minister of Public Works held a working session (26/11/2014)
    to monitor the progress of improvement works in neighborhoods and roads after the earthquakes of 2011
  • The Community concludes the repair of 112 kilometers of roads in Lorca (23/11/2014)
    has been invested over 7.2 million euros in the construction works on 14 roads in the Road Network
  • More than fifty experts debate in Lorca on museological projects of historic buildings (21/11/2014)
    The general director of Cultural Property attends the conference "Museums and Historical Heritage ', organized by the Blue Step Foundation and in which cases are analyzed concrete
  • González Tovar commends the food industry, "has managed to become a major regional economic engine" (21/11/2014)

  • Jodar Medieval Market opens the festival of San Clemente, 110 posts to be until Monday Plazas Calderon, Columbus and the Negrito and the street Alporchones (21/11/2014)

  • San Clemente premieres Monday procession gilding and polychrome his throne (21/11/2014)
    made by students from the workshops of the Department of Employment of the City of Lorca
  • Local Police Lorca extends its driver education program Bachelor simulation glasses with alcohol and alcohol simulator (21/11/2014)

  • Agents of the local police saved the life of a 2 year old girl who was choking on a bone olive (20/11/2014)
    in the park Pediatrician Diego Pallares
  • The Department of Culture is organizing this Saturday and free guided tour of the medieval city walls (20/11/2014)
    occasion of the feast of the patron of the city, San Clemente
  • The longer livable housing reconstruction after the earthquakes in Lorca amounted to 239 (20/11/2014)
    In granting the license of first occupation of another 6 more
  • 30 Lorca experts participate in a seminar on local coordination on health and gender violence (20/11/2014)

  • Education and the City of Lorca reinauguran the Conservatory of Music Narciso Yepes (20/11/2014)
    More than 450 students are studying since September in what was formerly the Colegio La Purisima, whose recovery has involved an investment close to € 600,000
  • The Sliding held this Friday Night Shopping, with discounts up to 50% (19/11/2014)

  • IU-Greens achieved a new tax credit for residents of Lorca (19/11/2014)

  • The PSOE claims more quickly to recover the money Lorca and reach families without much delay (19/11/2014)
    Congressman, Manuel Soler, criticized the People's Party after three years is precisely on the eve of elections when they remember the recovery Township
  • The People's Party supports the Act which includes tax benefits for Lorca (19/11/2014)
    Congressman Patrick Gomez highlights the credit of EUR 12 million to the City "to support entrepreneurship and trade in the city"
  • Lorca hosts a forum for discussion of disaster management (19/11/2014)
    in which experts in emergency planning, security, communication and science
  • Tragamóvil planted 3,000 trees on four acres of high ecological value in Lorca (19/11/2014)
    Thanks to collecting unused mobile in 26 collection points installed in the town
  • A new historical research explores the role of the Porch of San Antonio and Puerta de San Ginés (19/11/2014)
    access to the walled medieval Lorca
  • The complete works of improvement district of San Diego Avenue start at Step Incarnate (19/11/2014)
    They are an investment of EUR 5 million,
  • The Children and Youth Library will host a session on Thursday the "Grandparents Storytelling" on the occasion of the celebration of Universal Children's Day (19/11/2014)
    The activity will be held at 18 am in order to make a cultural exchange between children and adults
  • Fifty people participated in the conference for the development of the "Plan of Urban Landscape Quality of Lorca" held last weekend (18/11/2014)
    The participatory process driven Social City Council included representatives of the social fabric of municipality during participatory sessions Friday and Saturday
  • The Folklore Festival IX "Sun City" meets this weekend to over 130 members (18/11/2014)
    traditional dance groups Zamora, Castilla La Mancha, Lorca
  • The Bethlehem Museum of Lorca opens on December 12 in the Chapel of San Roque (18/11/2014)

  • Lorca supportive team #retoyosipuedo 2015 profits go to the Diabetic Association of Lorca (18/11/2014)

  • The art of embroidery will be presented by Lorca Spain to be declared a Unesco Intangible Heritage in 2018 (18/11/2014)
    The Ministry of Culture has defended the initiative in Lorca Council meeting held in Lanzarote Heritage
  • The nomination for World Heritage Embroidery Lorca in his Easter gets its official designation (18/11/2014)
    Y will rise by the Government of Spain to UNESCO
  • 1,200 schoolchildren celebrate San Clemente in Lorca Castle (17/11/2014)
    From Tuesday November 18 Lorca school know the legend of the conquest of the city by visiting the Fortress of the Sun
  • The City encouraged to participate in the celebration of the festivity of the University Campus of Lorca (17/11/2014)

  • Garre stressed the "significant improvement" that will mean for the quality of life of Lorca urban regeneration neighborhood in San Diego (17/11/2014)
    The chief executive presided over the laying of the foundation stone of the works in this neighborhood, whose actions benefit some 5,000 residents, which have a deadline of one year
  • Garre highlights the significant improvement in the quality of life for Lorca representing urban regeneration neighborhood of San Diego (17/11/2014)
    President of the Community presiding over the laying of the foundation stone of the works in this neighborhood Lorca, whose actions will benefit about 5,000 residents, which has a deadline of one year
  • Fact Assembly for farmers, ranchers and irrigators (17/11/2014)
    will be held tonight at 20:00 in the halls of The Faroli (Lorca)
  • Diego J. Mateos: "It is outrageous that a citizen of hamlet feel discriminated against by the City Council" (14/11/2014)

  • Friday and Saturday participatory phase of the "Plan of Urban Landscape Quality of Lorca" is celebrated (14/11/2014)
    may participate any lorquino to make contributions
  • SAPRELORCA example of public-private management in the region (14/11/2014)
    Lorca hosts meeting on the renewal of the management model of industrial estates
  • ADILOR celebrates World Diabetes Day by testing blood glucose and ocular tension in the Alameda of the Constitution (14/11/2014)

  • The City promotes its strategy volunteer exchange programs internationally (14/11/2014)
    with the development of a new edition of the Grundtvig project
  • The Cultural Center hosts Monday's opening of "Fleeting Presence" (14/11/2014)
    The new collection of paintings by the artist Maria Francisca Arcas Campoy
  • Consumption stuffed dinosaurs seizes 23 (14/11/2014)
    May not be compliant for sale by choking hazard if used by children
  • Cortes traffic this afternoon and tomorrow afternoon parades to mark the festival of San Clemente, the patron of Lorca (14/11/2014)

  • A study on the Sports Advisory Cabinet protagonist in the VIII International Congress of the Spanish Association of Sport Sciences (14/11/2014)
    The study, presented this morning at the Faculty of Sport Sciences Caceres has been prepared by Mr. Science Physical Activity and Sport Daniel Navarro Insurance
  • The regional government extends the works of Lorca urban renewal projects in two districts affected by earthquakes (14/11/2014)

  • Pavilion San Jose hosts this Saturday morning I Intercofradías tournament Lorca (13/11/2014)

  • The work to re-build the 17 homes in the building 'Mormar' rise to 1,101 homes in reconstruction were demolished by earthquakes (13/11/2014)

  • The City developed a new series of training activities which benefit unemployed Lorca 90 (13/11/2014)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the absence in the Regional Budget allocations for schools in Lorca (13/11/2014)

  • Lorca Local Police dismantled a marijuana grow greenhouse (13/11/2014)
    addition, municipal officers took into custody a woman for alleged neglect of a child
  • The PSOE exposes the continuing deception of the Regional government in health care in our town (12/11/2014)
    The Deputy Speaker Municipal Socialist Group, Marisol Sanchez, said the backlog situation in different works related to medical equipment
  • The Federation San Clemente delivery Francisco Jodar its highest distinction (12/11/2014)
    Stressing that "the Mayor has more posted by encouraging parties pattern"
  • The Civil Guard detained four people for the theft of copper wire in Lorca (12/11/2014)
    So far there have been clarified three counts of burglary force
  • The People's Party introduced a motion of support for the tanning industry Lorca (12/11/2014)
    Urges Regional Government "is set as the limit for chromium before the reset rules 2011"
  • Lorca City Council holds meetings with tour operators Cruise (12/11/2014)
    tourism to offer two proposals designed to encourage customer visits
  • 400 students benefit from educational support project implemented by the City in five colleges Lorca (11/11/2014)

  • The City urges the CARM and the Ministry of Agriculture to establish a set of aids that benefit irrigators Lorca in the absence of proof (11/11/2014)
    Irrigators can not trust the PSOE Gonzalez Tovar, who dynamited the National Hydrological Plan , the Ebro was charged, tried to close the Tagus and even tried clicking the Luchena,
  • Diego J. Mateos requires the Mayor to "listen to the urban experts Lorca to prevent PEPRI review is a failure" (10/11/2014)
    The PSOE's candidate for mayor of Lorca suggests, "revise the award, terminate the contract and start A new procedure prioritizing technical aspects "
  • Users Lorca public libraries may request a free loan of over 1,000 eBooks (10/11/2014)
    Just become a member of the library and have an email address, you can read the main new books for adults & children digital format on the Internet at address
  • The City confirms that the revised PEPRI responds exclusively to administrative criteria (10/11/2014)
    and remember that the representatives of the PSOE in contracting committees concurred
  • Experts discuss on the First Day of the Historic Campus Lorca bases for conservation, rehabilitation and sustainable development (07/11/2014)

  • The PSOE warning that a year, the districts of Lorca are the forgotten in Regional Budgets 2015 (07/11/2014)
    The Spokesman Municipal Socialist Group and Regional Representative, Manuel Soler, said that the budget for this year are clearly You electioneering
  • 120 people participate tomorrow in the 2nd joint Quedada'Lorca Kayak Fishing' (07/11/2014)
    to benefit the Association of Parents of Early Childhood
  • The Department of Sports and Women Lorca begin their new course of fitness training program with 300 participants (06/11/2014)
    Augustine Llamas The mayor said "this is one of the most popular sports programs for Lorca town"
  • 35 teams and 700 players will participate in the City of Lorca XXXVI Trophy Football Fan "Great Daen Sport Award" (06/11/2014)
    The weekend will start the competition has 3 categories and will be held on 6 municipal football
  • Lorca City Council convenes Poster Contest Easter 2015 (06/11/2014)

  • The City Council awarded the drafting of the new to the old town PEPRI due to be completed in 5 months (05/11/2014)

  • The Hall 'Your Wedding' by Lorca house this weekend 40 companies across the region and for the first time, exhibitors are on the waiting list (05/11/2014)

  • Spain Square will host this Saturday's final round of Championship Freestyle Motocross Spain (04/11/2014)
    The best national riders will fight for the final victory in an event that will unite the spectacle of this type with the historic beauty of Lorca
  • The City of Lorca open until 30 November 2015 deadline for requesting a Custom Payment Plan of municipal taxation (04/11/2014)

  • Low unemployment in Lorca for the seventh time this year, which stood at almost five hundred unemployed less than a year ago (04/11/2014)

  • The PSOE PP regrets that refuses to ask the Government of Spain a Royal Decree of drought (04/11/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, said that with the exception of Royal Decree itself have been accepted on other proposals in support to producers of upland areas made by the Group in the previous full
  • The City Council requests the Government of Spain and the urgent measures CARM (04/11/2014)
    Lorca To help farmers cope with the lack of water
  • The City of Lorca open until November 12 the second Contest Tweets # Lorca25N (03/11/2014)
    to sensitize Lorca on Twitter against gender violence
  • Local Police Lorca recorded that 31,139 people visited the cemetery of the town between Thursday and Sunday (03/11/2014)

  • The preacher of the Festivities San Clemente 2014 will don ALBERTO AGUIRRE Carcer (03/11/2014)

  • The Community will allocate 2.2 million access to the works of Lorca Castle (02/11/2014)
    The project will improve communications and safety in the vicinity of the fortress and the Parador

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