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  • Installation of a plaster ceiling, creation of new drinking fountains and replacement of fences on sports fields are highlighted in the vast battery of works in schools developed by the City this Christmas (30/12/2016)
    86,000 euros are invested in works in 20 schools throughout the term City
  • IU-V urges the City Council to advise Lorca affected by the mortgage clauses (30/12/2016)
    Mayor Adoración Peñas estimates that between 600 and 700 Lorca could recover the amounts that banks unfairly pocketed with these clauses
  • The PSOE calls for the development of a map of poverty to combat with greater certainty the inequalities in neighborhoods and districts (30/12/2016)

  • 751 registered runners for the IV San Silvestre "City of Lorca" that will leave this Saturday at 11 o'clock from Lope Gisbert at the height of San Mateo (30/12/2016)
    The test will be jointly, so the collection will go to the Association of Sclerosis Multiple Area III (EEA III), within the #retoyosipuedo 2017
  • The Union of Merchants thanks the City of Lorca for the effort made so that the Cavalcade of Kings can carry out the usual route crossing the El Carmen Commercial Area (29/12/2016)

  • IU-Verdes Lorca asks for a common front of mayors and mayors to liberate the Region of the electricity and democratize the energy (29/12/2016)

  • The Murcian Federation of Football gives the City Hall 18 defibrillators (29/12/2016)
    They will be destined to convert different sports facilities into "cardioprotected" spaces
  • The mayor of Lorca values ​​positively the encounter with the Hydrographic Confederation of the Segura to analyze the actions to mitigate problems before copious precitiaciones (29/12/2016)
    Jódar demanded the creation of channels of drainage to evacuate to the waters in Torrecilla and Campillo
  • Health, Social Care and Infrastructure focus the proposals of improvement of the PSOE for the Regional Budgets of 2017 (28/12/2016)

  • IU-V: "Continuity is the best that can be said of the PP government team in Lorca" Sosa considers that "this government team is lacking in ideas, transparency and consensus" (28/12/2016)

  • The 82nd World Cup will host the solidarity football match "No child without toy" organized by the Department of Sports in favor of Red Cross Lorca (28/12/2016)

  • Tomorrow ends the registration deadline to participate in the IV San Silvestre "City of Lorca" (28/12/2016)
    It will be held on December 31 at 11:00 am with departure in Plaza de Calderón
  • Almost a hundred children between 6 and 10 years old will participate next January 2 in the Fourth Tournament of Kings organized by the Peña Madridista "Ciudad del Sol" (28/12/2016)

  • The Mayor's Department of Politics acquires 215 gymnastics balls, 143 spades, 10 rings and 4 elastic bands for health education workshops (28/12/2016)
    The 23 workshops for the promotion of physical activity for the elderly have had the participation of 440 Of the whole municipality during the last quarter
  • More than 558,000 euros for the reconstruction of the district of San Fernando de Lorca (28/12/2016)

  • Rosana Navarro consolidates the Subsecretaría de Fomento as interlocutor between Lorca and the Government of Spain (28/12/2016)

  • The City Council of Lorca, after consulting the Government Delegation, strongly denies that the barracks of the Civil Guard of Zarcilla de Ramos is going to be closed. "It is an invention that only aims to alarm the population," said source (28/12/2016)

  • Dismantled a point of sale of drugs in La Tercia-Lorca (28/12/2016)
    Joint operation of Civil Guard and Local Police of Lorca
  • The Cabalgata de Reyes will finally depart at 6 pm from Presidente Adolfo Suárez Avenue and carry out the traditional route (28/12/2016)
    After checking that it will technically be possible to make the turn in the Cuesta de San Francisco, guaranteeing the safety of the spectators, the measures will be adopted Pertinent so that you can approach the turning of Plaza de Colón
  • United Green Left demands the mayor to adopt urgent solutions to solve the situation of defenselessness in those who are affected by the expropriations in the Higher Districts. They describe the social drama that the affected families are living in A (27/12/2016)

  • CORREOS presents a tourist postmark dedicated to Lorca Embroidery (27/12/2016)
    The Lorca Embroidery logo is the reason that CORREOS will disseminate through this postmark
  • "The old grocery store of the house of the Arcas" by the Cordoba artist Gonzalo Rodríguez wins the first prize of the Painting Contest "Lorquino Vintage Trade" with 1,200 euros (27/12/2016)

  • The Department of Sports carries out more than 200 maintenance actions during the year 2016 to guarantee the best state in the sports infrastructures of the municipality (27/12/2016)
    Improvements and arrangements have been made in all the sports facilities, in tracks of centers and facilities Of districts and districts
  • The City Council of Lorca (PP) plans to raise in 2017 more than half a million euros based on traffic fines, 144% more than in 2016 (27/12/2016)

  • The Community will carry out regeneration works in neighborhoods and roads of Lorca next year worth 64 million euros (27/12/2016)
    The Minister of Fomento informs entrepreneurs and traders of the main investments to be carried out in 2017 to "revitalize growth And the productive activity of the city "
  • Gil: "The budget for 2017 is serious, a virtue that some opposition council members do not share" The Councilor for Economy and Finance points out that budgets for 2017 allow lower taxes while continuing to reduce inherited debt of the PSOE (27/12/2016)

  • IU-Greens warning of the closure of the Civil Guard barracks in Zarcilla de Ramos (Lorca) (27/12/2016)

  • The remodeling project for the avenue of Santa Clara de Lorca will include the improvement of the urban stretch of the river Guadalentín. This action is included in the project of budgets of the Community for the year 2017 and its objective will be t (26/12/2016)

  • Real messengers, delivery of toys and big chocolate, in the V Solidarity Christmas of Socialist Youth with the CDIAT Fina Navarro de Lorca (24/12/2016)
    The young socialists of Lorca organize for the fifth consecutive year a day of Solidarity Christmas, for the children of the Municipal Center of Early Care of Lorca
  • The Sports Complex Felipe VI will host next week a solidarity day of yoga and tai-chi for the benefit of Down Lorca (23/12/2016)
    It will be given by the prestigious monitor Rose Mary Güendell.
  • IU-V considers ridiculous the budget heading for Social Services (23/12/2016)
    Peñas requests that reflected in budgets the importance that should have the Department of Social Services
  • The Municipal Plenary approves the City Council budget for 2017 amounting to more than 73.6 million euros and increases the allocation for municipal areas (23/12/2016)
    It was approved in plenary with the votes in favor of the Popular Group.
  • The PSOE rejects budgets "inflated, nothing participatory and unsupportive with the districts" that will be approved thanks to the absolute majority that the PP got in the courts (23/12/2016)

  • Work begins on renovating Los Angeles and Apolonia de Lorca neighborhoods to promote mobility and accessibility (23/12/2016)
    The Minister of Development and the Mayor of Lorca visit the neighborhoods on the occasion of the beginning of the works, which have a budget Of 3.8 million and a lead time of 12 months
  • The Commercial Area Virgen de las Huertas La Pía Bridge raises 444 euros for APAT Lorca in the I Solidary Christmas Market (22/12/2016)

  • The PSOE denounces the bottlenecks in the construction works of the desalination pipeline of Cerro Colorado up to Lorca (22/12/2016)

  • 21 professionals and companies in the tourism sector of the municipality renew the distinctions granted by SICTED and one more is added to the network, thus promoting the tourist profile of Lorca (22/12/2016)
    The total of establishments belonging to the SICTED network in the city amounts to 31 , Of which 9 are in the follow-up phase to renew next year
  • A hundred young people will participate in the Training and Technification Days of Football Base that will have the presence of the player Pedro Leon and the nutritionist of Monaco (22/12/2016)
    Between the 26 and the 28 of December the Lorca Sports organizes these days that have become In a success by its level of participation and by the quality of the speakers
  • The Department of Youth calls on the youth of the municipality to volunteer and help in the recovery of Los Alcázares (22/12/2016)

  • The Mater Dolorosa Musical Group and the Choir of Paso Azul offer Thursday at 8:30 pm in San Francisco its Solidarity Christmas Concert (21/12/2016)
    Through this initiative will collect toys that the Red Cross Youth will deliver to the most disadvantaged
  • The Mayor highlights the creation of jobs and works throughout the municipality as highlights of the year and anticipates a 2017 of intense management and historical achievements for Lorca (21/12/2016)

  • The desidia invades the University Campus Park, forgotten and abandoned by the PP (21/12/2016)

  • IU-V blames dark, disabled and full of repeated lies the municipal budgets for 2017 (21/12/2016)
    Sosa: "are unfair on the side of income and liars on the expense"
  • "Art in gold and silks" by the photographer María José Ruiz becomes the poster of Holy Week of Lorca 2017 (21/12/2016)
    A total of 12 projects have competed in the contest organized by the Department of Tourism with the collaboration of the Work Social "La Caixa"
  • The polygon Saprelorca grows when a company of the agri-food sector is created that will create 40 jobs (21/12/2016)
    The board of administration approves the sale of two parcels of more than 7,000 square meters for the implementation of this project, which will involve an investment of 3, EUR 5 million
  • 450,000 euros for the restoration of the House of the Quiñonero in Lorca (21/12/2016)

  • "2016 consolidates the PSOE as the only alternative to the PP in Lorca" (20/12/2016)
    Mateos makes a balance of the year 2016 in an information breakfast with the representatives of the media in Lorca
  • The Department of Education launches a battery of improvements in 20 schools in the municipality with an investment of more than 86,000 euros by the end of the year (20/12/2016)
    During 2016 will have invested almost 240,000 euros in maintenance work masonry, Locksmithing, painting, carpentry, heating, plumbing or sanitation
  • Municipal Band of Music and Choir Santa Cecilia participate in the IV Christmas Concert of the Housewives to be held on Tuesday, December 27 at 8 pm at the Teatro Guerra (20/12/2016)
    This is a charity event, so the Assistants can collaborate delivering food or toys that Cáritas will deliver to the most disadvantaged people in the municipality
  • IU-Greens criticizes the councilor of Works for imposing asphalting in Coy against the neighborhood feeling (20/12/2016)

  • IU-Verdes will judicially claim 2% of Municipal Budgets for Lorca districts (20/12/2016)

  • Citizens will vote against budgets (20/12/2016)
    Antonio Meca ahead of the extraordinary plenary session on the budgets of 2017 next Friday
  • More than 300 people will participate on Thursday in the IV Cavalcade of Illusion that will travel the main streets of the historic center of Lorca (20/12/2016)

  • The V International Chess Tournament "Ciudad de Lorca" is consolidated as one of the best in Spain with the participation of 180 players from 30 different countries. Among the competitors of the event, to be held from 26 to 30 December in T (19/12/2016)

  • They take care of in Lorca more than 300 calls by the rain during this weekend (19/12/2016)

  • IU-V attributes the leaks in houses of Calvario Viejo to the remodeling works of Ferrovial (19/12/2016)
    Councilman Pedro Sosa considers embarrassing the dismissal of the mayor of Obras, Mrs. Ibarra, for which he demands his immediate resignation
  • The PSOE maintains its hand stretched to the government team to work against the consequences of the storm of rain in Lorca (19/12/2016)
    Initial balance of the PSOE about the consequences that the storm of rains during the last hours is leaving in the city and in pedanías
  • The exhibition "Christmas in paper" commemorates the celebrations in the MASS (19/12/2016)
    The exhibition will be inaugurated this Tuesday at 20 hours in the Hall of Temporary Exhibitions of the MASS.
  • The creation of a network of rainfall that did not exist in Lorca and the paving of streets that were of land improves the reaction of the city to the rains (19/12/2016)

  • The churches of Carmen, Santo Domingo, San Francisco, San Cristóbal and Santiago will host five auditions during this week within the 1st Cycle of Classical Music at Christmas (19/12/2016)

  • Lorca presents "Dirty Raw Crudes", a review of our exterior and interior monsters (19/12/2016)
    The book of stories has a text by the journalist Ángela Ruiz
  • The high resolution center of Santa Rosa de Lima (Lorca) will not be a reality in 2017 (17/12/2016)

  • The commercial areas of the municipality of Lorca will offer more than twenty activities to boost the Christmas shopping (16/12/2016)
    Homogeneous special decoration, ambient music, showcase and drawing contest, raffles and parades, among many other initiatives, make up the agenda of the Commercial groups
  • Carm's bid for 2017 repeats the same games not executed for Lorca for years (16/12/2016)
    IU-V asks how to qualify a government party "that sells us five times the same bike", a Guinness World Record The political lie
  • The Regional Budgets of the PP do not contemplate "not a single cent" to solve the most serious problems of Health in Lorca (16/12/2016)

  • Lorca hosts throughout the day today the visit of 100 official tourism guides participating in the II National Meeting (16/12/2016)
    this year is celebrated in the Region of Murcia
  • The municipal budget for 2017 bets on social attention, consolidate the generation of employment and reduce the debt by another 8 million euros (16/12/2016)

  • Suspended the parade of the Municipal Band of Music the concert of "The Secrets", the Living Belén and the XXXVII Meeting of Cuadrillas of Easter before the forecast of heavy rains in the municipality (16/12/2016)
    The City council of Lorca has activated for tomorrow Saturday 17 Of December the "Inunlor Plan" in pre-emergence phase before the forecasts of heavy rains and orange alert
  • The City Council of Lorca activates the INUNLOR Plan in the pre-emergence phase before the orange level alert for rains scheduled for Saturday (16/12/2016)
    and asks Lorca to take precautions
  • Exhibition, solidarity music, activities for children and the Cavalcade of the Real Paje protagonize the Blue Christmas programming (15/12/2016)
    The Brotherhood of Labradors, Paso Azul, expands the Christmas calendar that has MASS as protagonist
  • The regional budgets of 2017 do not contemplate the remodeling of the sports complex of La Torrecilla (15/12/2016)
    The Councilor of IU-Greens, Gloria Martín, has expressed "serious doubts" that this and other works that depend on the EIB are guaranteed and distrust of The management that the PP is making of this loan
  • The Cultural Center hosts the exhibition of pirograbados "Belén de Francisco Salzillo" by Antonio Pérez Bayonas until December 31 (15/12/2016)
    The artisan from Murcia honors Francisco Salzillo through this exhibition which also includes drawings in acrylic
  • Lorca Taller del Tiempo makes an extensive program of activities to enjoy in family of Christmas in the Fortress of the Sun and in the historical center of the city (15/12/2016)

  • The PSOE requests the installation of containers for collection and recycling of used household oils (15/12/2016)

  • Christmas Breakfast with the Press (15/12/2016)
    C 's Councilman Antonio Meca has had breakfast with media reporters in Lorca this morning
  • "Stop farmers with housing" proposes its proposals to the special commission studying this problem in Lorca (15/12/2016)

  • The City Council requests that precautions be taken against the yellow level alert for rains scheduled for next Saturday (15/12/2016)
    Rainfall of 60 l / m2 is expected with a probability of 40-70%, reason why it is fundamental to know the measures of Prevention and self-protection
  • La San Silvestre de Coy moves to January 8 and bears the name Carrera de Reyes (15/12/2016)
    Martinez Carrasco: "It will be a suitable appointment to dismiss the Christmas holidays through sport from the beautiful hamlet of Coy"
  • United Left asks the Government about the deficiencies of the Lorca police station. The initiative of the deputy of this formation, Ricardo Sixto, has been presented in the Table of the Congress and demands a written answer on the part of the Executi (15/12/2016)

  • The City Council opens Transparency Portal (14/12/2016)
    which expands its content by adding links to councilors' social networks and even the minutes of the recruitment tables
  • Mateos claims more personnel and resources to dignify the work of firefighters and ensure the safety of Lorca (14/12/2016)

  • IU-Greens claims the development of the Regulation of Citizen Participation (14/12/2016)
    The City Council is responsible for setting the means and establishing mechanisms to make it possible for Lorca to advance in matters of political participation
  • The Municipal Group C's considers a success the discussion table on the IBI (14/12/2016)

  • The New Lorquinos Association organizes for Sunday a solidarity delivery of 1,200 toys in order that no child is left without a gift this Christmas (14/12/2016)

  • The Teatro Guerra program for the first half of the year has 18 shows and is organized around five different spaces designed for all audiences (14/12/2016)

  • Attention of the Court of Auditors to the City Council for violating the principles of publicity, transparency and objectivity in public contracts (14/12/2016)

  • The Alzheimer Association Lorca raises funds for its activities through the solidarity sale of more than 600 Easter flowers (14/12/2016)

  • The Library Network organizes 4 special storytellers on the occasion of the arrival of Christmas (14/12/2016)
    Storytelling Grandparents also participate through the session that will be held on Tuesday, December 20 at 6 pm in the Children's Library
  • The Department of Citizen Participation improves the Local Social of the neighborhood of La Viña correcting its distribution and providing it with new furniture (14/12/2016)

  • The concert of "The Secrets" that was going to be realized in Place of Spain changes its location to the covered pavilion of the Orchard of the Wheel before the forecast of rain (14/12/2016)
    The action, that is organized by Chain 100 and that forms part of the Program Of Christmas, will continue being made the day predicted, 17 of December, to the 22 hours
  • ... (13/12/2016)

  • Teatro Guerra will host a solidarity concert on Saturday by the Lorca artist Rosa María Luján (13/12/2016)
    in favor of the Lorquina Association of Parkinson's Disease
  • The Autonomous Community continues to owe more than 750,000 euros to the Solidarity Committee of Lorca (13/12/2016)

  • IU-V blames the administration and Ferrovial for the collapse in Calvario Viejo (13/12/2016)
    Pedro Sosa offers the support of his group to the neighbor who has lost his house after the collapse and will ask the administration to be responsible for the situation that has triggered His "ignorance, forgetfulness and forgetfulness"
  • The City of Lorca will include new social clauses in the contracting of works (13/12/2016)
    to stimulate the creation of employment and labor access to long-term unemployed
  • Lorca dismisses the year by carrying out two solidarity "San Silvestres" (12/12/2016)
    They will be developed in the hamlet of Coy and in the historical center of the city
  • The City Council develops a meeting between senior associations (12/12/2016)
    to encourage the exchange of experiences in the management of clubs and to provide them with a resource base
  • The PSOE regrets the uncoordinated attitude of the PP government team in the negotiations on the possible merger of Lorca football clubs (12/12/2016)

  • The PSOE votes against Limusa's budgets for not including the big investments to be made in 2017 (12/12/2016)

  • The Street Corredera will host this Sunday the XXXVII Meeting of Cuadrillas de Pascua from 12.30 with the participation of 7 musical groups (12/12/2016)
    The crews of Purias, Almendricos, Torrecilla, Campillo, Zarcilla de Ramos, Peña La Jarapa and Auroros de Lorca Will participate in the contest that repeats format for the third consecutive year
  • El Paso Azul celebrates its traditional Christmas meal at the MASS this Saturday (12/12/2016)
    La Hermandad de Labradores aims to encourage coexistence between blues at the same time as these dates are marked
  • Fall of part of a wall in the street Ponce de León (11/12/2016)
    The City Council of Lorca agrees to continue attending to the needs of the people affected by the fall of part of a wall in the street Ponce de León
  • The PSOE demands the immediate stoppage of all work in Calvario Viejo until the security of the neighbors is guaranteed (11/12/2016)

  • More than 15 establishments of the Commercial Area Virgen de las Huertas Puente La Pía organize a Solidarity Mercadillo for Christmas tomorrow (10/12/2016)
    APAT Lorca
  • The City Council designs an extensive Christmas program with more than 60 activities aimed at all audiences (09/12/2016)

  • The City Council launches the Sports Sector Council as an advisory body and proposal, within the City Council (09/12/2016)

  • The PSOE claims solutions for ruined historic buildings because of the public danger for pedestrians and patrimony (09/12/2016)

  • IU-Verdes calls for the elaboration of a Young Municipal Plan to meet the demands of the 20,000 young Lorca (09/12/2016)

  • The Treasury Department obtains confirmation from the Government of Spain to lower the IBI by 8% and save Lorca € 1.800.000 (09/12/2016)

  • The Municipality of Lorca extends the schedule of six sources and decorates with 4,500 red Easter flowers, 1,500 more than last year, 15 gardens and historic buildings of the municipality (09/12/2016)

  • Pasarela and Paseo Mayor Miguel Navarro Molina pays tribute to the former mayor of the city of Lorca between 1993 and 2006 (09/12/2016)
    Francisco Jódar and the relatives of Miguel Navarro Molina have discovered the plaque by which the name of the First Edil of the City of the Sun for 13 years to this nexus of union between the center of the city and the District of San Cristóbal
  • The City Council launches the Sports Sector Council as an advisory body and proposal (09/12/2016)

  • Citizens present a discussion table on IBI (07/12/2016)
    Antonio Meca studies a collective suit in defense of citizens
  • More than 40 young people from the youth associations of Paso Blanco, Paso Morado, Paso Incarnado and Jóvenes Azules will participate on Saturday in the III Intercofradías Tournament The event, to be held from 9:30 am in the San Pavilion Antonio, has (07/12/2016)

  • More than a dozen activities make up the broad program of the Belenista Association of Lorca for Christmas (07/12/2016)

  • The City Council of Lorca offers Coeducativas Schools of Christmas for schoolchildren, with aid to the parents who conciliate the work and familiar life this vacations (07/12/2016)

  • IU-verdes denounces that the government team returns to leave the Christmas school to the families in need (07/12/2016)
    Alert that the Department of Culture insists on hiring and favoring companies for services that can be made by officials
  • The PSOE demands maximum transparency to avoid new irregularities such as those that keep the construction of the Central Round paralyzed (07/12/2016)
    Lorca socialists are again concerned about the serious slowdown in the project of the Central Round Evacuation of Lorca, whose processing Of the tranche of section 1 already accumulates more than five months of delay
  • The Orchard Ruano will host until the 5 of January the exhibition "25 years of photojournalism in the Region of Murcia (1991-2015)" of the Association of Graphic Press Informators Regional (07/12/2016)
    Monday 12 of December at 18 hours will be inaugurated The sample in which 30 photos of events occurring in Lorca during the last quarter century are present
  • The unemployment rate in Lorca is down again in November and is the lowest since February 2009 (05/12/2016)
    although it has risen in the rest of the country and the region
  • IU-Verdes demands to resuscitate the protocol with SEPES and create a public park of young housing in Lorca The commitment of the Public Enterprise of Land with Lorca has gone from 50 to two million euros and has not been built nor A single of the 30 (05/12/2016)

  • Matanza lorquina 2016 (05/12/2016)
    Traditional flavors lorquino, falconry, Christmas crews and children's animation within the activities that make up this year la Matanza lorquina
  • Theater War will host Sunday III Solidarity Concert "Antonio Jesús Martinez Fernandez" organized by Paso Blanco to benefit APAT LORCA (05/12/2016)

  • Citizens retakes the project "Listening to neighbors" (05/12/2016)
    Antonio Meca inaugurated these colloquium talks in the hamlet of La Paca
  • The new PEPRI eases the conditions for rehabilitating housing in the historic center, creates a new level of protection and generates a single area of ​​action (05/12/2016)

  • The court requires the City of Lorca reports that gave approval to the works of La Viña, requested by the PSOE (05/12/2016)

  • The PSOE re-warns the need to reinforce the slope of the Castle to end the danger of rocky landslides (05/12/2016)

  • IU-Verdes denounces that several people have been living outdoors in the area of ​​the Virgen de las Huertas for months (03/12/2016)

  • The PSOE requests improvements to ensure mobility and safety on public roads in the city Alert the PP government team of the existence of several points that seriously affect the accessibility of pedestrians and people with reduced mobility. (03/12/2016)

  • IU-V proposes that no basic supply company can unilaterally cut the same to families without resources of Lorca (02/12/2016)
    Councilor for training, Adoración Peñas, urges the City to sign a protocol with energy and water supply companies
  • City Hall and Aguas de Lorca request citizen collaboration (02/12/2016)
    to prevent more than 100 tons of wipes from damaging the sanitation network every year
  • City and ASDIFILOR commemorate World Disability Day (02/12/2016)
    with a campaign to raise awareness about the situation of people with reduced mobility
  • 60% of the money for Works and Services awarded by the Department of Recruitment has gone to companies outside Lorca (02/12/2016)

  • The PSOE again demands the opening of study halls "24 hours" promised 8 months ago (02/12/2016)

  • The San Cristóbal neighborhood will once again enjoy the traditional Cabalgata de Reyes during the evening night of January 5 (02/12/2016)
    The City Council and Neighborhood Association of San Cristóbal will present in the next few days the content and the route of the same
  • City Hall and Red Cross Youth commemorate World AIDS Day with information campaigns to raise awareness of the importance of HIV prevention (01/12/2016)

  • ... (01/12/2016)

  • The hermitage of Aguaderas hosts this Sunday the XIII Traditional Folklore Contest "Lorca Field" in which groups of Albacete, Almería, Murcia and Lorca participate (01/12/2016)

  • Almost a hundred users of the Residence Domingo Sastre de Lorca have been without a doctor since November 19 (01/12/2016)

  • The installations of the Association of Engagements of Lorca in Torre del Obispo will host next Sunday the IV Indoor of Engagement (01/12/2016)

  • El Paso Azul puts on sale a limited edition Christmas greeting that promotes the heritage of the Brotherhood. The sculptures of San Joaquín and Santa Ana of the church of San Francisco lead the congratulations of this year. (01/12/2016)

  • The traditional lighting of Christmas lighting will be held this Friday at 19.30 in the Plaza de Calderón through the show "La Machine" This is a spectacular lighting and pyrotechnics installation by the renowned theater company Of La Fam s (01/12/2016)

  • IU-Greens shows concern that the City Council may assign floodable land for the construction of the neighborhood health center (01/12/2016)

  • The National Police detained a fake Civil Guard in the town of Lorca I frequented establishments of alternation and after showing a badge of this armed institute forced all the women that there had to show their documentation (01/12/2016)

  • Lorca will have a Psychological Care Service for children of victims of gender violence (01/12/2016)
    and a Family Meeting Point for the system of supervised visits
  • Yayoflautas de lorca in defense of pensions (01/12/2016)


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