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  • The Ministry of Transport expects the response of the Government of Murcia to allocate funds to the State Housing Plan Lorca (30/11/2011)

  • The City Council approved a package of measures to facilitate the reconstruction and repair of buildings damaged by earthquakes (30/11/2011)

  • The Planning Department received the first applications to rebuild buildings that had to be demolished because of earthquake (30/11/2011)

  • The Mayors of Lorca, Mostar and L'Aquila project presented in Brussels on recovery recovery of these three cities vying for the European funds (30/11/2011)

  • The regional government spokesman claims for Lorca "state solutions for an unprecedented situation" (30/11/2011)
    Crossbow emphasized that the Parliament unanimously approved by that Lorca is a state problem
  • The Marathon III Blood Drive, 1 December at the Cultural Hall Caja Murcia (29/11/2011)

  • 1550 Lorca families have requested assistance for rent, 571 of household, 920 12,837 reconstruction and rehabilitation of homes and buildings by earthquakes (29/11/2011)
    Councilwoman Recovery Management and earthquakes appealed to the 1,300 affected those who have been asked to provide documentation to that as soon as possible to expedite the process of resolution of their cases
  • The regional budgets for 2012 provide extraordinary measures for the recovery of Lorca after the earthquakes (29/11/2011)
    Social Care is one of the priorities for action
  • The Socialist Party calls for the introduction of vocational courses in Hospitality and Tourism IES San Juan Bosco (28/11/2011)
    ​​ The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez highlights the great demand for these training courses have in the Region
  • The Socialist Party is concerned at the lack of regional budget funds for the rehabilitation of Lorca (28/11/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler said that agreements have been signed and now virtually no cash prize goes to the same
  • The House of Lorca finally approved rules for the reconstruction and repair of buildings affected by earthquakes (28/11/2011)

  • The full City Council approves the project Lorca manifold Rambla de Biznaga (28/11/2011)

  • Ceclor delivery Mayor and Chamber of Commerce € 500,000 to help marketers Lorca (28/11/2011)
    and contribute to the revitalization of the following earthquakes
  • Telecommunications Engineers Murcia will donate 10% of the visas of all projects to assist in the recovery of the city after the earthquake (28/11/2011)
    The Spanish Association of Telecommunication Engineers will yield, in addition, 0.7% of of visas for ICT to be made during 2012 in Spain
  • ... (27/11/2011)

  • Foundation delivers the communication Cajamar a solidarity of € 162,000 to help victims of earthquakes and assist in the recovery of the municipality (25/11/2011)

  • The eighth day of Egyptology Lorca will be held on 2 and 3 December at the Cultural Fund Espin (25/11/2011)
    The family and its environment as the central link in the civilization of ancient Egypt will be the subject will develop the Elisa Egyptologist Castel in this first edition is formatted as a course
  • Chorus and Dance Virgen de las Huertas held on Saturday the National Folk Festival VI "Sun City" at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria (25/11/2011)

  • A new series of grants from the Bureau for Development will benefit 37 families Lorca (25/11/2011)
    assuming a total financial contribution of 52,040 euros
  • The City of Lorca and collective call for the concentration of this afternoon against gender violence (25/11/2011)

  • The new chair of St. Clement will be sporting a Saturday a gold-embroidered skirts Workshop School (25/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Party to the City of Lorca demand solutions for storm water pipes in the turret (25/11/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler reported that his group will file a motion addressed to solve the historic problems faced by residents of La Torrecilla
  • Ramon Jauregui signed a protocol with associations and banks and financial institutions for recovery of Lorca and the momentum of economic activity (25/11/2011)

  • The Socialist Party of Lorca opens a process of reflection and debate on the reasons for the electoral defeat last (25/11/2011)
    In addition, a report based on the opinion of the entire membership of Lorca on the political and structural changes required by the regional party and federal
  • The Socialist Party of Lorca warns about the dilapidated state of many buildings in the neighborhood of San Cristobal (25/11/2011)
    The Socialist councilor Anne Lario situation highlights the dangers to pedestrians and the numerous surrounding buildings, worsened after the earthquake of 11 May recent rains
  • The City Council also opens today and tomorrow afternoon the grant application points of the Cultural Center for those affected by earthquakes (24/11/2011)
    The Consistory service reinforces the Cultural Center at the increase in requests by the closing date for rental assistance furniture, rehabilitation and reconstruction
  • The Socialist Party proposed that the Improvement Plan funds of the Trade and Competitiveness is intended for the rehabilitation of Lorca uninsured businesses affected by the earthquakes (24/11/2011)
    Casalduero Isabel reported that his group will file a motion in that direction in the Monday Plenary
  • The City Council initiates emergency works in 20 Lorca heritage sites to prevent damage from inclement weather (24/11/2011)
    The actions valued at EUR 2.3 million were awarded by a special Local Government Committee held on Tuesday and today announced their agreement companies to immediately begin work
  • Cultural Association Nusayr Ben Musa, Abanilla, gives the municipality a solidarity of 4,000 euros (24/11/2011)

  • Local Police, Guardia Civil and National Police Lorca celebrated the traditional day of living in the Garden of the Wheel (24/11/2011)
    This year's meeting will serve to raise funds for the Bureau for Development of the City of Lorca
  • Deliver the Cross of Merit of the Police Corporal Police Juan García Lorca Local Mecca (24/11/2011)

  • The refurbishment of the school Alfonso X, after the earthquakes of Lorca, represents an investment of 850,000 euros (24/11/2011)
    The company financed entirely Enagás remodeling center
  • The National Ballet gala yielded a profit of 21,072 euros '22 (22/11/2011)
    The funds are targeted at the Lorca earthquake victims and will be managed by Red Cross Murcia
  • Fripozo collaborates with free tapas for the hospitality of Lorca (22/11/2011)
    Representatives grouped Lorca hospitality facilities Hostelor Fripozo visit to learn "in situ" production process
  • The City Council and Regional Government will expand their employment plan for the unemployed to continue rehabilitating public facilities Lorca (22/11/2011)

  • The City of Lorca program "35 Days of Activism Against Gender Violence" (22/11/2011)

  • The British Consul medical supplies delivered to the Mayor for the Municipal Emergency Services in the amount of 6384 euros (22/11/2011)
    It is an initiative developed by the British community living in the municipality of Mazarron
  • Games, children's workshops, popular rice, inflatables and falconry, including activities to be enjoyed in the castle of Lorca (22/11/2011)
    with the Day of San Clemente
  • The Automobile Club de Lorca will this weekend the rise and Rally Sprint Campo Lopez (22/11/2011)

  • Application period to participate in the IV Storytelling Contest for Secondary Education "Award Angels Pascual" (22/11/2011)
    students may participate in all the municipal schools and in education between 1 and 4 of the ESO present their work to the December 22 at the Library Pilar Barnes
  • The Knights of the Monastery of Yuste donate 6,000 euros to the Bureau for Development of the City of Lorca (21/11/2011)

  • The Regulatory Council of Jumilla donates € 6,800 to the Bureau for Development of the City of Lorca (21/11/2011)

  • The Institute for Housing and Land initiates repair of a group of houses of public advocacy Lorca (19/11/2011)
    The works, valued at more than 13,000 euros, consisting of the adequacy of fencing and replacement of exterior elements
  • Local Police arrests a person for drug trafficking (18/11/2011)
    and causes the dismantling of a drug distribution point at retail in Puri
  • Lorca and visitors can enjoy the European Championships and World Cup in the Castle of San Clemente (18/11/2011)

  • The Government of Rajoy will include tax incentives for businesses that create nurseries in the workplace (18/11/2011)
    The PP extended paternity leave, which will benefit Lorca year 1700
  • The Governing Board approved a new set of aids (18/11/2011)
    Lorca will benefit 26 families left homeless by the earthquake of 11th May
  • The City Council urges earthquake victims to seek assistance from the Royal Decree for rehabilitation, equipment replacement and reconstruction (18/11/2011)
    The period closes next week
  • The City has received this morning the money to pay the rent subsidies approved by the Joint Commission meeting of August (18/11/2011)
    will be paid in the first days of next week
  • The Mesa Partnership for those affected by earthquakes receive € 240,119 for the charity run Lorca Murcia (18/11/2011)

  • The town of Lorca web publish the results of Sunday's national elections by electoral colleges (18/11/2011)

  • The technique ensures that the structure of Integrated Training Center Lorca's "are in perfect condition" (18/11/2011)

  • Education says there is no danger in the Integrated Training Center Lorca (18/11/2011)
    Noise caused by a falling bulletin board alarmed teachers and students
  • The Murcia Regional House of Aragon to the Bureau for Development donates ten tenths of the Christmas lottery National Lottery (17/11/2011)

  • The City Council initiated an information campaign so that all citizens know how to react to emergency situations (17/11/2011)
    as earthquake, flood or fire
  • The Socialist Party of Lorca faces the final stretch of the campaign with a social networking strategy named # unlorquinoenelcongreso (17/11/2011)
    Lorca Socialists appeal to vote locally for Juan Antonio Hurtado, the only realistic chance of Lorca get elected, he is in the House of Representatives
  • The popular recall that "always keeps the PP and PSOE your program always does the opposite of what it promises" (17/11/2011)
    Water and railways as examples in the Region
  • Lorca receive 21 million euros from the Solidarity Fund of the European Union to mitigate the effects of earthquakes (17/11/2011)
    is the first time that the EU attaches to Spain the maximum of the amount requested to support this initiative disaster
  • The Popular Party has a Law on Tax for "Lorca return to 10-M" (17/11/2011)
    Juan Carlos Ruiz announces a new tax regulations for earthquake victims
  • The Mayor hopes that the Central Government sent to the City "as much money as possible" of aid from the Solidarity Fund of the EU to help Lorca (17/11/2011)

  • Next Saturday is held up to the castle XXVI, organized by the Department of Sports (16/11/2011)
    The registration period is open until Thursday at 21 am in the House of Sport or by phone 968 46 61 30
  • An honors in solidarity calendar pages to safety and emergency services who worked on the recovery of the city after the earthquake (16/11/2011)

  • The City Council and Banco Santander have signed an agreement (16/11/2011)
    for the comprehensive rehabilitation of the library "Barnes Pilar" and the municipal nursery school, damaged by earthquakes
  • The Ministry of Culture organizes the conference in Lorca Museum and Earthquakes (16/11/2011)
    National and international experts will prepare a document of recommendations for Spanish museums located in areas of seismic risk
  • 120 professionals participated in the workshop Museums and earthquakes in Lorca (16/11/2011)
    National and international experts made recommendations for Spanish museums located in areas of seismic risk
  • Campos says the security and emergency services demonstrated in their high Lorca earthquake preparedness and effectiveness (16/11/2011)
    The presidential advisor meets with the head of the Third Battalion of emergency intervention to evaluate the intervention in the earthquake, where they worked more of 7,000
  • The "Christian Youth Gathering IV" features more than 4,000 students from throughout the Region Religion of earthquake effects in Lorca (15/11/2011)
    The Mayor of the City asks young people to report damage in the cities they have seen in Lorca to help the city recover from all
  • García-Legaz stresses that "the PP will implement the Plan Lorca that this city deserves because what they have promised the socialists is totally inadequate" (15/11/2011)
    The PP claims the state employment plan to Lorca who asked Congress Deputies unanimously
  • Satur Martinez IU responds to "the work of a Councillor is not measured by his appearances in the press, but by performing management" (15/11/2011)

  • Lourdes Méndez stresses that "only the Popular Party has pledged to implement the Plan Lorca, the integral action the city needs for full recovery" (14/11/2011)
    Lourdes Mendez: "with the strike, the PSOE endangers the welfare state "
  • The City Council notes the work done by members of the Bureau for Development and stresses that is filling the gaps of the Joint Committee (14/11/2011)
    the city council encourages all victims to know that you are managing aid officers, and remember that all current account movements of solidarity can be known through
  • Lorca City Council requests the Government of Spain will help to adapt farming to animal welfare law (14/11/2011)

  • The City ensures the maintenance of the services provided by the Center for Early Intervention (14/11/2011)

  • Sergio and Maria Gonzalez Gutiérrrez explain the proposals for youth Rubalcaba on Tuesday in the House of Arts (14/11/2011)

  • The popular claim that the digital canon indiscriminately penalizes the use of technology by all citizens (13/11/2011)
    Lopez Sights: "The PP will eliminate the digital canon for being unfair and illegal"
  • Elena Valenciano: "The Socialists we Lorca in the head, heart and on budget" (13/11/2011)
    "This is the campaign of the brave, socialists who fight with courage and commitment"
  • Adopted property inventory Lorca Cultural Heritage to be protected urgently against weather (12/11/2011)
    Work on 19 goods involve an investment of 1.16 million
  • Pujalte: "Socialists do not want to be evaluated by what they have done it went from 'transfer and' to 'no'" (12/11/2011)
    Cerdá "socialists instead of asking for the vote should apologize"
  • The Socialist Party denounced the regional government continues to box with the money the state sends to Lorca (11/11/2011)
    Begoña García Retegui, calls for urgent the minister in the House to explain why aid has arrived, the dates and what have been the regional government payments
  • The municipal financial assistance to meet the victims of the earthquake was 1,671,907.41 euros (11/11/2011)
    The Governing Board approved a new set of 24 grants and repayable advances for rent bound for earthquake victims.
  • González Tovar visits the viaducts and tunnels in the A-7 in Lorca (11/11/2011)
    end this morning replacement work together on the bridge of the motorway towards Almeria
  • González Tovar highlights "the strong commitment that the Government of Spain has to Lorca" (11/11/2011)
    The state has today admitted to 317 M € between aid and compensation
  • The City emphasizes the solidarity and integrity of Lorca and calls for greater flexibility in the processing of files (11/11/2011)
    Satur Martinez stresses that the municipality will continue working to obtain funds to the reconstruction and requiring all government "solutions for State state problem "
  • The City full of drama, music, dance and film Lorca's cultural programming through the end of year (11/11/2011)

  • Augustine IU Llamas reminds that the EU has rewarded for their efforts Lorca bet on sport (11/11/2011)

  • Today, on the European Voluntary Service in Lorca (11/11/2011)

  • The regional government says that "much remains to go back to normal Lorca" (11/11/2011)
    Six months after the earthquake
  • More than 1,200 athletes will run on Sunday XXIV Lorca City Half Marathon, which will involve the double world champion Abel Anton (11/11/2011)

  • Pilar Barreiro: "We will continue demanding the needs of Lorca" (11/11/2011)
    Six months after the earthquake
  • IU-Green, regional and central governments have been unable to revive Lorca (11/11/2011)

  • 7RM not forgotten after six months of Lorca earthquake (10/11/2011)
    On Friday night issued a special program in prime time
  • Lorca held a ceremony Friday morning in tribute to victims of earthquakes, upon completion of 6 months since the earthquake (10/11/2011)
    is called by the Bureau for Development
  • The College of Psychologists of the region choose to deliver their awards Lorca, coinciding with the six months of earthquakes (10/11/2011)

  • The City Council initiated the process to hire the consolidation of the Guevara Palace, part of the wall and the Porche de San Antonio (10/11/2011)
    damaged by earthquakes
  • Lorca's popular support for institutional event convened at 20:30 am at Plaza Calderon by the Bureau for Development (10/11/2011)
    The PP makes it clear that the president of the Platform May 11 Lorca is Secretary of Participation, Training and Revitalization of the PSOE in Lorca
  • The Mayor stressed the importance of agri-food sector as a tool for tackling the economic crisis and create jobs (09/11/2011)

  • The College of Public Works Engineers fix the structure of the Barnes Municipal Library Pilar Lorca (09/11/2011)
    damaged by earthquakes
  • The Youth Council for Early Childhood Education broadens its range of programming for students of schools of the municipality (09/11/2011)

  • Middle hundred students of Mercy College collaborate on services to the community elders, NGOs and cultural activities and participation (09/11/2011)
    The Department of Citizen Participation and Social Policy collaborate in this initiative
  • The National Ballet of Spain in Murcia presents a program of solidarity with those affected by the earthquake in Lorca (09/11/2011)
    A benefit of the Red Cross, will take place on Sunday 13, at 20 pm in the Auditorium "Victor Villegas" of Murcia
  • Elena Valenciano Lorca visit on Sunday to attend a Solidarity (09/11/2011)
    Secretary of Policy and International Cooperation of the Federal Executive Committee of the PSOE will speak with Maria Gonzalez and Juan Antonio Hurtado in the central act of the Socialist Campaign Lorca
  • The Lorca Juanfra Rodriguez gets another year to be the best jet pilot in Spain (09/11/2011)
    Juanfra Rodriguez won his 6th title as champions of Spain
  • The popular described as "reprehensible" that the Socialists to abandon the poor families who have to pay over 24,000 euros to rehabilitate their home (09/11/2011)
    The PP considered 'outrageous' that Hurtado clap insufficient "ownership" of the Socialist Government Lorca
  • More than 4,000 students from Catholic Religion Lorca expressed support on Tuesday (09/11/2011)

  • Birth of the publication "The day that shook Lorca" in order to transmit all lived in the town of Lorca from May 11 (08/11/2011)
    Francisco Jodar presented the magazine yesterday afternoon saying that it is "a necessary volume and a basic reference for everyone to understand the effects of earthquakes on our city "
  • The relationship and the challenges of the XXI century woman before focusing Paradiso Cineclub programming for the remainder of the year (08/11/2011)

  • The PP claims that 60% of businesses damaged by earthquakes is still not a line of support to rehabilitate their businesses (08/11/2011)
    The popular stress that "these companies employ thousands of Lorca that are staggering their only source of income because Socialists do not want to help "
  • Pedro Zerolo and Maria Gonzalez held tomorrow at Murcia several LGBT acts to defend gay marriage (08/11/2011)

  • CDL denounced the situation in which companies are involved in the reconstruction of houses affected by the earthquakes (07/11/2011)

  • The Local Development Center hosts tomorrow a new meeting of the Bureau for Development (07/11/2011)
    Embodying the UPD, and the Assembly Ciudalor Affected by the Vineyard
  • The popular extended the reduced VAT rate for homeownership (07/11/2011)
    and recovered the deduction in income per common homeownership eliminated by the socialists
  • The Foundation of the Rural Regional de Murcia delivers 15,000 euros for the Mesa Partnership for earthquakes affected by Lorca (07/11/2011)

  • The City paid within 48 hours the money received for rent housing aid "money comes, money paid" (07/11/2011)

  • Regional Association of Hairdressers Artisans solidarity aid delivery to City Hall to help those affected by earthquakes (07/11/2011)

  • The PSOE Lorca: "The Government of the PP is running away with the money of Lorca" (07/11/2011)
    Socialist Deputy Secretary General Marisol Sanchez has said that of the 2,052,000 euros that the Government of Spain has entered in the accounts Autonomous Community, the City of Lorca has not received a single euro
  • Howard: "If the bird is going to happen by Lorca is buried by a socialist government" (05/11/2011)

  • The folk do not understand that the Socialists have lost eight years if you really do not want the train divides the city (05/11/2011)
    The PP asks why the Government has not moved a stone if the PSOE says bet on the underground railroad in Lorca
  • 1.9-magnitude earthquake in Southeast Lorca (05/11/2011)
    There have been no material damage or personal
  • The City completed the procedures for the management of the site of the former gas station Galvez (04/11/2011)
    has an area of ​​2,116 m2 in the town center
  • Francisco Jodar joint magazine will present "The day that shook Lorca" 7 next Monday at 20.30 in the Hall of Culture Cajamurcia (04/11/2011)
    The publication, produced by photographer María José Ruiz and Andres Porlán writer, narrates through a hundred pages what happened in the city since May 11
  • The Circus will Quiros on November 15 in Cartagena Lorca a benefit for the entire company to act (04/11/2011)
    and guest artist Fofito
  • The municipal financial assistance to meet the victims of the earthquake was 1,645,634.02 euros (04/11/2011)

  • The City Council will get a minimum of 90,000 euros per year by utilizing municipal covers for solar energy production (04/11/2011)
    It is expected the use of nearly 20,000 m2 covered.
  • The popular remember the tripping of the Socialists to wren not train as it passes through the city (04/11/2011)
    So "will be crucial who governs Spain after the 20-N"
  • The Bishops of the Ecclesiastical Province of Granada met yesterday in Lorca (04/11/2011)

  • The National Ballet of Spain offers a benefit for earthquake victims of Lorca (04/11/2011)
    take place at the Auditorio de Murcia on 13 November
  • Lorca's Socialist Party held more than 50 campaign events to explain the exit "social" of the crisis of the labor Rubalcaba (03/11/2011)
    For socialists Lorca, Rubalcaba is the best president for Spain at this difficult time, and Juan Antonio Hurtado Lorca only realistic chance to sit in the House
  • González Tovar EMU thanks its work in Lorca (03/11/2011)

  • The Department of Planning has granted planning permission for 1019 performances in buildings damaged by earthquakes (03/11/2011)
    assume an economic amount of around EUR 30 million
  • The College of Veterinary collected 26 600 euros Murcia (03/11/2011)
    to help Lorca four veterinary clinics to repair damage suffered in the earthquakes of May
  • Senator Jose Joaquin Peñarrubia play a key role in the City of Lorca relationship with the government of Mariano Rajoy (03/11/2011)
    The PP is the only party with real options to relocate to a Lorca in the Courts
  • Morning Caravaca is held in a charity concert that will feature the Banda Municipal de Música de Lorca (03/11/2011)
    Thuillier Theatre will host the 21 hour concert that also featured the musical group of Caravaca de la Cruz
  • Lorca continues to create jobs, with another 69 fewer unemployed in October, despite job losses in the rest of the country (03/11/2011)

  • The president of the Community, Ramón Luis Valcárcel, received today at the Palacio de San Esteban Lorca Mayor Francisco Jodar (03/11/2011)

  • UI abstaining in the validation of the decree on Lorca considered "insufficient" aid to the affected (03/11/2011)

  • AJE Guadalentín organized a conference in which Pedro Garcia Aguado explain 11 keys to excel (03/11/2011)
    Pedro Garcia Aguado, TV presenter of the program "Big Brother" and "Camp" will present their experience with the Young Entrepreneurs of the District
  • Ibarra remembers that "in this campaign we want only to convey the message that Spain needs the change that represents Rajoy" (03/11/2011)
    Lorca The PP is not held today the traditional act of putting up posters
  • 36,435 Lorca have gone to the cemeteries of the town over the past days (02/11/2011)

  • The rehabilitation of Lorca who want to rent an empty house have a month to request up to $ 10,000 income advances (02/11/2011)

  • Garcia Aragon: "Our goal is to continue helping Lorca and in that way Rajoy's presidency will be crucial" (02/11/2011)
    Lorca The PP minimizes his campaign to make his second donation to the Bureau for Development
  • Ruano Garden will host a sample of Picasso's artistic creations, some of them never set out above (02/11/2011)

  • The sardine in Murcia donate 13,000 euros for those affected by earthquakes in Lorca (02/11/2011)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, thanked the collaboration Sardine Association
  • 199 school Lorca earthquake victims of the May 11 Town Hall and will be awarded grants by the Spanish Red Cross (02/11/2011)

  • The Joint Commission approves more than 5.4 million euros to aid 878 earthquakes in Lorca (02/11/2011)
    4,747,084.09 euros are for repair and rebuilding homes and 718,220.89 euros for rentals for relocation

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