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  • The Department of Parks and Gardens held in the morning from Monday 3 to Tuesday June 4 phytosanitary treatment (31/05/2013)
    It had to be postponed
  • The City solves the historic problem of constant supply of drinking water for 214 residents of the districts of Zarzalico, Nogalte and Bejar (31/05/2013)

  • The People's Party held on Sunday a working day in which more than 300 affiliates (31/05/2013)
    Guardians, auditors, secretaries of districts and Executive Committee will meet in the meeting
  • The Plaza of Spain hosts the traditional celebration of Touch of Councils and march Ministriles (31/05/2013)
    long distance This act is celebrated since the late eighteenth century at 12 noon on the eve of the Corpus
  • Begins the reconstruction of 72 houses of two new towers Viña PERI New (31/05/2013)

  • 70 unemployed Lorca Uptown conclude their training in seven courses scholarships Urban Community Initiative (30/05/2013)

  • The new Office of the turret can serve a population of up to 5,000 citizens (30/05/2013)
    The Minister of Health and Social Policy, Maria Angeles Palacios, highlights the "bet" Executive of the Health Murcia by bringing all parts of the region and provide quality care
  • The Department of Enterprise introduces new aid entrepreneurs for industrial redevelopment of Lorca (30/05/2013)
    The Institute for the Promotion of the Region of Murcia will continue to manage and coordinate the provision of these incentives, for the second year, provides the central government for the revival economic Lorca
  • Farmers and ranchers affected by the floods Lorca may request aid for losses in production if they had insurance last year (29/05/2013)

  • The City of Lorca launches special device Lorca cleaning beaches from mid-May to mid-September (29/05/2013)

  • Antonio Navarro: "Lorca PP reactions make us see that we are working in the right direction" (29/05/2013)
    The Deputy Secretary of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, said that we are talking about realities that others do not want to see
  • Streets and squares of Lorca welcome from tomorrow until June 16 the first sample and urban arts (29/05/2013)

  • The reconstruction process gets a boost (29/05/2013)
    with licensing to rebuild another 64 floors and 114 parking spaces that had to be demolished after the earthquakes
  • CR Lorca bases are victorious in the interschool tournament of the Rugby Federation of Murcia (28/05/2013)

  • Fields and Jodar inaugurate the new treatment plant remaining fraction of household waste Lorca (28/05/2013)

  • The City thanks the Foundation "Juegaterapia" the donation of 11 consoles for children users Early Childhood Center (28/05/2013)

  • The Spin of Lorca Cultural Fund receives tomorrow the Fourth Conference Technical MS (28/05/2013)
    Three speakers will analyze from 18:00 sexuality and pregnancy of the holders of this disease
  • Tovar is determined to be an obstacle to the reconstruction of Lorca (28/05/2013)
    Lopez Sights: "Tovar had to have left for their political activity after the earthquakes disastrous management"
  • The PSOE help those affected by Lorca to demand their rights to justice, report to the Community, and raise their complaints to the Ombudsman (28/05/2013)
    González Tovar qualifies as "shameful and inhuman" attitude of the regional government, which receives money State for Lorca and pays no rent subsidies for those left homeless
  • More than 350 people participated in the nocturnal urban hiking route, including under the "Lorca Foot 2013" (27/05/2013)

  • The city of Lorca and San Diego Eroski held tomorrow National Nutrition Day with a talk and tasting of products (27/05/2013)

  • The City of Lorca change its ordinances to be the banks that assume housing capital gains subject to the payment in regulated in the law (27/05/2013)
    The House has unanimously approved this new initiative to help families who are on the threshold of exclusion
  • The employer accompanies Lorca Mayor John Perán in the act of delivering the title "Alicantino Adoption 2013" (26/05/2013)

  • Soler: "Before the monument to the farmer and the rancher Lorca, you must repair the injustice done to the flood victims" (25/05/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, stressed that it would be unfair that while many families struggle order to survive, we spend money to put monuments or monoliths
  • Changes in traffic from Monday to Friday for repair works Roundabout firm San Fernando (24/05/2013)

  • The municipalities of Lorca, Caravaca, Totana, Águilas and Puerto Lumbreras join forces for future emergencies (24/05/2013)

  • They advance apace rehabilitation works of the Church of Carmen, which is being invested over 600,000 euros (24/05/2013)

  • Antonio Navarro: "Growing in more than 13 million financial debt of the City of Lorca in the year that more money has come to this city in its history" (24/05/2013)
    The Deputy Secretary of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, said that Lorca City Council has increased its debt at 147 euros per capita
  • The Department of Parks and Gardens of Lorca perform a phytosanitary treatment in different parts of the city (24/05/2013)
    during the early hours of Monday 27 to Tuesday May 28
  • More than four million for the construction of the health center Lorca Centre (24/05/2013)

  • Approved an agreement to promote the development of the Campus of Lorca (24/05/2013)

  • I Lorca Highlands Trophy for the best jump (24/05/2013)

  • The government team will propose at the next full institutional recognition statement to farmers (23/05/2013)
    and the location of a monument in his honor
  • The PSOE exposes the questions and answers to be presented at the next plenary (23/05/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, said dealing with different issues of importance to the town
  • XX Program The Collective Sporting Events Women enters its final stretch (22/05/2013)

  • 40 youth from Lorca begin a training contract annual EmpleaT municipal programs and 'You and your neighborhood' (22/05/2013)
    What is an increase of over 33% which is an increase of more than 33%
  • Break traffic on the Camino Real de Aguaderas following activation of the alert level 1 Transmur Plan for an accident involving a diesel truck (22/05/2013)

  • Triathlon and Beach Volleyball close the school sports program 2012-2013 (22/05/2013)

  • Manuel Soler: "There is a lack of communication at IU" (22/05/2013)
    The Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, reported that the request for extension of Commissioner Garcia work was performed in October 2012
  • CEIS Firefighters work in sealing a cistern, to dump, fuel spills from the councils of Aguaderas and The Hinojar (22/05/2013)

  • The new classrooms García Soler could be empty if education does not grant a new line to the center (21/05/2013)
    Nearly thirty students would be required to enroll in other schools in Lorca, some of them elected at fourth option
  • Meeting with the village headman of the Highlands (21/05/2013)
    On Monday the Automobile Club de Lorca with its president Pedro Zamora to head held a meeting in the town of Aviles with the village headman of the area of ​​the Highlands of Lorca
  • Lorca Mayor signed an agreement with the Bar Association to provide legal advice and mediate in order to avoid evictions (20/05/2013)

  • Reindus Plan investments can improve road safety, environmental sustainability and aesthetics of the polygon Saprelorca (20/05/2013)

  • The Commissioner rejects PP by earthquakes in Lorca shall also undertake reconstruction and aid flood (20/05/2013)
    Congressman Manuel Soler finds it regrettable that the Popular Party and to date has helped those affected by the floods and has no plans to do
  • The Socialist Party demands that Lorca + Plan has the force of law (20/05/2013)
    The Socialist Municipal Group Deputy Speaker, Marisol Sanchez, stressed that what matters is not what is promised if not what is true, because of the requirement that the Lorca + Plan has the force of law
  • The Sierra de La Torrecilla and Peñas de Béjar, the scene of the hiking trail 3rd Lorca Foot 2013 (20/05/2013)

  • 8,000 people enjoyed the extensive programming of the Night of the Museums of Lorca (20/05/2013)

  • Cortes traffic from 19:30 am Saturday in the Pool-axis bridge-Prince Alfonso Lope Gisbert to San Francisco costs Night of Museums (17/05/2013)
    Poplar Street also will be cut off intermittently until 2 in the morning
  • The Association of Lorca Housewives celebrates 27 to May 31 its cultural week in support of the City (17/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Party insists that the burial of the AVE should be included in the Plan Lorca + (17/05/2013)
    The Spokesman Municipal Socialist Group, Manuel Soler, has been reported to present a motion in order to include in the Plan Lorca + vital projects for the town
  • The regional authorizes 12.4 million for urban renewal neighborhoods Lorca and San Jose Alfonso X (17/05/2013)
    3.3 million euros for the construction of a sewage treatment plant on the river Turrilla in Lorca
  • The City of Lorca repair the environment of the esplanade of the old auctions, the rotunda of San Fernando, La Pulgara Road, the entrance to IES N ° 6 and a wall (17/05/2013)

  • Birth of the association of victims of Barrio San Fernando, in defense of a more open, sustainable reconstruction (17/05/2013)

  • The writer Diana Al Azem presented on Friday at the Cultural Center his debut "Hidden in classrooms" (16/05/2013)
    Lorca Mayor Francisco Jodar, and writer Fran J.
  • The bicycle tour solidarity "Pedal with Eva" will raise funds to help the recovery of this girl lorquina sick (16/05/2013)
    The event will be held on Sunday May 19th at 11:00 am from the Garden of the wheel and will travel 6 km
  • Exhibition III digital photography competition on Easter in the historical Lorca (16/05/2013)

  • The bicycle tour solidarity "Pedal for Eve" will raise funds to help the recovery of this girl lorquina sick (16/05/2013)
    The event will be held on Sunday May 19th at 11:00 am from the Garden of the wheel and will travel 6 km
  • The PSOE dissolution rate negatively Campus Consortium of Lorca (16/05/2013)
    The head of Education at the Socialist Municipal Group, Jesus Mazurek, announced his group's opposition to the disappearance of this body
  • Journalists Czech heritage visit Lorca (15/05/2013)

  • One hundred graduates from UNED Lorca in the last three years are now receiving their certificate to school (15/05/2013)

  • IU-Greens supported the proposal to seek a declaration of Lorca embroidery art as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (15/05/2013)

  • The statement asks GPP embroidery Lorca as Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity (15/05/2013)
    Congresswoman Ann Aquilino remember that tradition is proven documented since the sixteenth century and argues that the application meets the requirements of the Unesco
  • More than 140 cruise "dock" in Lorca (14/05/2013)
    On Thursday of last week 120 American travelers cruise from Cartagena visited the city, while Sunday joined another score
  • Lorca Local Police arrested six people and confiscated 478 bottles of alcohol and 90 counterfeit clothes (14/05/2013)

  • The PP Assembly defend in the Art of Embroidery in Lorca is appointed Intangible Heritage of Humanity (14/05/2013)
    After being brought on record for the declaration of a Cultural, the popular urge for this event is included in the Representative List UNESCO
  • The Regional Assembly unanimously approved the project momentum Espartaria Popular Group initiative (14/05/2013)
    Espartaria Project to be held in the districts high Lorca will be a shock for them for their environmental qualities, historical and cultural
  • The inscriptions in Lorca Municipal Nursery School can be made 15 to May 29 (14/05/2013)

  • The Socialist Party demands solutions to the human drama that thousands of people still live in Lorca (14/05/2013)
    Lorca earthquake second anniversary
  • Lorca welcomed on Thursday the Sixth Meeting of the Regional Network of School Choirs, with 376 students and 24 teachers (14/05/2013)

  • Martínez: "The Socialist Party continues to demonstrate that all that interests Lorca's tragedy is to create tension" (14/05/2013)
    For Martinez, "the Government of ZP offered patches, while the government ruled by the PP provide a roadmap for recover and revive Lorca Lorca + Plan. Therein lies the difference "
  • Antonio Navarro: "I hope the Lorca + Plan becomes the road map, not a catalog of IKEA" (13/05/2013)

  • The plant becomes Lorca photovoltaic solar project in Spain most advanced in processing (13/05/2013)
    The University counselor met with the promoters of the project, which in 2014 announced the start of the works of a plant that will create 3,000 jobs
  • The stallions stop inseminating Lorca CIFE this year to more than a hundred mares for breeding race (13/05/2013)
    Artificial Insemination Center CIFE Equine Lorca is a leader in the technology used in reproduction the cabin Equine
  • Lorca celebrates Saturday Night of Museums and dramatized guided tours, exhibitions, music, jugglers, projections, urban art, paper and paint procession (13/05/2013)
    14 attractions, six more than last year, will have activities until 2am and free from 20:00 pm
  • Valcárcel: "we have the great energy that gives us work together for the reconstruction of Lorca" (11/05/2013)
    Community President stressed that, contrary to what happened in other European cities affected by earthquakes in Lorca the reconstruction process "advances at full capacity "
  • PSRM Institutional statement to mark the second anniversary of the earthquake (11/05/2013)
    "For Lorca"
  • Soler: "A certain PP responsible should they drop their heads in shame" (11/05/2013)
    PSOE Secretary of Lorca, Daniel Martinez, has asked the PP to manage and perform more work and spend less on advertising and propaganda
  • The repair work in schools damaged by earthquakes now exceed 13.5 million euros (10/05/2013)

  • The PSOE performs a first analysis of Lorca Plan + (10/05/2013)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez and Municipal Socialist Group spokesman, Manuel Soler, were considered insufficient and disappointing economic recovery project in the municipality
  • The National Police arrested the alleged perpetrator Lorca seven sexual assaults (10/05/2013)
    He selected his victims in public and continued to attack in the doorways of their homes
  • The commitment to invest 533 million euros in the recovery of the municipality is the answer to the demands Lorca (10/05/2013)
    Lorca + Plan is the guarantee for the revival of Lorca in the short, medium and long term
  • Regional government institutional Declaration on the second anniversary of the earthquake in Lorca (10/05/2013)
    The Governing Council has approved an official statement on the occasion of the second anniversary of the earthquake that devastated the city of Lorca on May 11, 2011
  • Appointed by the management body of the recovery program of the cultural heritage of Lorca (10/05/2013)

  • The PP says that Lorca + Plan is "the guarantee for the revival of the municipality" (10/05/2013)
    Commit 533 million on the recovery of Lorca
  • The Murcia Regional Auditorium hosts the May 13th a charity (09/05/2013)
    Bureau for Development of the City of Lorca for those affected by earthquakes
  • Lorca faces the future with economic recovery plan to restore competitiveness before earthquakes (09/05/2013)
    The economic amount invested to date in Lorca is more than 667.2 million euros, a figure which more than 533 are added for the coming years, which make a sum of 1201.96 million
  • Inaugurated at Plaza Calderon Lorca VI Healthy Fair with 19 exhibitors (09/05/2013)

  • IU-Greens Lorca calls the plan "disappointing and lacking" (09/05/2013)

  • Young Socialists Lorca called mobilization ahead of the student strike called for Thursday May 9 (08/05/2013)

  • Martinez Fajardo: "The last thing you can lose is the respect for citizens' (08/05/2013)
    The Secretary of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martinez, lamented the long queues of distraught victims that occurred yesterday at City Hall
  • The Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria host next Friday nineteenth Intercentros Theatre Festival which will include 6 groups composed of young theater students Lorca (08/05/2013)
    Nearly 200 high school students participated in Township Theatre Workshop organized by the Department of Youth culminating in this contest
  • Sephardic Chief Rabbi of Israel celebrates the first religious act of worship in the Synagogue Jewish Lorca after 520 years (08/05/2013)

  • The Community works to proceed to pay rental assistance to those affected by the earthquake in Lorca (07/05/2013)
    The Ministry of Public Works and Planning requested documentation only rent to those affected by the earthquakes that have not yet completed
  • Lorca City Council launched a new jobs plan to complete the rehabilitation and improvement of European Sports Complex (07/05/2013)

  • The consultant and professor Ramon Villaplana taught the workshop "Communicating to lead" in the agenda of the PP training Lorca (06/05/2013)
    Like all popular activities program is open to participation by all interested parties
  • The Lorca be enjoyed in the last quarter of War Theatre (06/05/2013)
    Enhanced by rehabilitation work that is running the City and La Caixa
  • The Healthy Lorca Feria VI gather 19 exhibitors at the Plaza Calderon from 9 to May 11 (06/05/2013)

  • Martinez Fajardo: "It is urgent to initiate and build the 300 houses of SEPES" (06/05/2013)
    PSOE Secretary of Lorca, Daniel Martinez, stressed the need to change the focus of the Municipal Government team and start this project immediately
  • The Socialist Municipal Group asked the Mayor for the degree of implementation of the 21 million euros from the European Union (06/05/2013)

  • Lorca Local Police involved in Puri Weekly Market 210 counterfeit trademark clothing (06/05/2013)

  • The PSOE accused the PP of not wanting to seek solutions to the problems in the earthquake and the floods in Lorca (05/05/2013)
    Congressman Manuel Soler recalled that on May 11 marks the second anniversary of the earthquake in Lorca and complaint as only started rebuilding the fourth of the houses that were demolished
  • The Council reaffirms its commitment to a negotiated labor dispute generated by urban transport concessionaire (03/05/2013)
    and re-emphasizes that it is up to date in paying the same
  • The City of Lorca expected to surpass the 600 participants in the XX Women's Sporting Events (03/05/2013)
    Start tomorrow with a march to Cejo
  • The City of Lorca offer 566 seats in the Municipal School of Music for the next course (03/05/2013)

  • Joaquin Bascuñana highlights the commitment of the Government of Spain to Lorca to present the new police station National Police (03/05/2013)
    The facility will house a staff of approximately 152 people, including officials and staff
  • Antonio Navarro: "Those responsible for that solidarity has left Lorca have Name" (03/05/2013)
    The Deputy Secretary of the PSOE Lorca, Antonio Navarro, recalled that the Bureau for Development is dedicated to cover the shame of administrations
  • The Center for Integrated Agricultural Training and Experience of Lorca old today its centenary (02/05/2013)
    Lidón The CEO notes that Garcia was from 1970 when the training took on special significance in the CIFE with an annual program
  • The arcaded courtyard of the Palacio de Guevara hosts this Sunday classical music concert of the Orchestra University of Murcia (02/05/2013)
    with works by Mozart and Haydn
  • The Pavilion at San Jose de Lorca welcomes this weekend the final four (Final Four) of the 1st Regional League Basketball (02/05/2013)

  • The railway line linking Lorca Eagles with their service restored today (01/05/2013)
    The counselor Sevilla last night attended its reopening in which he emphasized the action carried by ADIF in the last four months
  • The Municipal Emergency Services attends a cyclist injured in the hamlet of Villa Real (Puri) (01/05/2013)

  • Martinez Fajardo: "Mr. Jodar is again wrong to blame" (01/05/2013)
    PSOE Secretary of Lorca, Daniel Martinez, said that this is no time to hide, it's time to get to work to try to find solutions to a problem of this scope

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