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  • The PSOE regrets that the PP rejects a motion for the control and eradication of the pest that affects the blades of prickly pears (27/02/2015)
    Congressman Manuel Soler has defended this motion in the Assembly and stresses the importance of carrying out measures to curb the advancement of cochineal carmine which is running the drainers of the Region and other communities
  • Socialist Alternative Lorca (27/02/2015)

  • Cabrera (UPyD): "The poor organization of work in Lorca does not help the image of a city to promote tourism" (26/02/2015)

  • Mateos Jódar asks Garre and recognize if they plan to close the emergency department of San Diego (26/02/2015)
    Diego José Mateos expects the President Garre, in his visit today to Lorca, to clarify whether or not they plan to close the Emergency Service Center Health Lorca-San Diego if they win the next election
  • Ramonete The new treatment plant will treat wastewater from four districts of the coast of Lorca (26/02/2015)
    President of the Community laid the first stone of the new treatment plant that will serve Ramonete, Las Librilleras, The Cures and Tips calnegre
  • The Health Center Lorca Sutullena complete health care in urban town (26/02/2015)
    President of the Community, Alberto Garre, inaugurated the new premises of the center, which represents an investment of 4.2 million euros and may serve more than 12,000 people
  • CCOO summons a concentration in Lorca against cuts in Post (26/02/2015)
    The concentration will take place on Friday, February 27, in the unit of allocation of Lorca, located on the street Musso Valiente, 1
  • The UNED first opened a second period of enrollment in February to 27 March (25/02/2015)

  • The City of Lorca pays 31 Roman coins piggy bank and Archaeological Museum (25/02/2015)
    for a temporary exhibition at the Archaeological Museum of the Baths of Alhama
  • UPyD Lorca says the "barrage" of works that suffers the town for months represents the "disastrous management" of the PP government during this term (24/02/2015)
    According to Juan Manuel Cabrera, "works meet some electoral purposes to try erase the bad image of the management council in recent years "
  • Songs and Dances of Lorca begins the celebration of its 70th anniversary (24/02/2015)
    With a new show, the School of Folklore and Congress of the Federation of Songs and Dances of Spain
  • Ana Isabel Lario reaffirms its commitment as Councilman Municipal Socialist Party and its intention to continue in the PSOE of Lorca (24/02/2015)
    The socialist mayor expresses its intention to continue working at the head office in the Municipal Socialist Group and follow militating Socialist Group in Lorca
  • The City of Lorca implements a system pioneered geoPadrón nationally (24/02/2015)
    Integra data georeferenciánodolos residence in the street
  • The City of Lorca takes another step in the ambitious corrective measures on the boardwalk Biznaga (23/02/2015)
    will avoid floods like those of 2012
  • Before the earthquake felt in the municipality, the City Council recalls the recommendations for before, during and after an earthquake (23/02/2015)
    The earthquake occurred at 17.16 with epicenter in the province of Albacete, reaching felt in several Spanish communities
  • The Community adheres to rebuild homes in the neighborhood of San Fernando in Lorca (23/02/2015)
    The Ministry of Public Works 1.2 million allocated to this action and develop the redevelopment project, with a cost of $ 2.6 million
  • Mateos proposes that the City of Lorca lead the design and control of new works in neighborhoods (20/02/2015)

  • ADILOR morning organized a Psychological Conference for parents of children and adolescents with diabetes with the support of the City of Lorca (20/02/2015)
    150 people attending this event morning and evening to be held at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca with a session for parents and another parallel to children
  • Apandis signed two agreements for the employment of people with disabilities with the City of Lorca and the Hospital Virgen del Alcázar (20/02/2015)

  • The PSOE Jódar claim requiring the Minister to comply with the construction of the pipeline to bring water desalinated Lorca (19/02/2015)

  • Marin stressed the "important work to restore the heritage of Lorca" by Culture (19/02/2015)
    The GPP deputy, Maria Teresa Marín, notes that the Ministry of Education, Culture and Universities has worked "a lot of good"
  • The rehabilitation works for the church of San Diego provide lighten the weight of the nave at 80 tonnes (19/02/2015)
    to improve the reaction Temple Earthquake
  • Barnabas stands on his visit to Lorca that the reconstruction "are in the final straight" (19/02/2015)
    The Minister of Fomento walking works regeneration of neighborhoods of Alfonso X, San Jose and La Viña, who have received an investment 14 million euros and will conclude in March
  • The Faculty of Sciences Campus Sociosanitarias Lorca imparts 7 Talks among the elderly (18/02/2015)
    on preventing accidents in the day
  • WWF and Postal created with 3,000 seedlings a forest of 6 hectares in Lorca with the assistance of the City (18/02/2015)

  • The PSOE asked the City Council to require the Department to resolve the problems preventing the reconstruction of CEIP San José of Directors (18/02/2015)
    The Municipal Socialist Party will require in the next regular full an end to the state of paralysis and neglect that are the reconstruction of CEIP San José of Directors
  • The PSOE requires urgent transfer of municipal services Palace Villaescusa until it not be rehabilitated (18/02/2015)
    They say "may pose a real danger to users and workers that this building continue to be used while inside still, four years later and despite promises Rehabilitation 2013, underpinned and cracked "
  • Environment gives six hectares of public forest in Lorca for the planting of 3,000 seedlings of native species (18/02/2015)
    The results of this project are shown in a video shown today in Lorca by its promoters, the WWF and Postal association
  • The Banco Sabadell Foundation donates 100,000 euros for the enhancement of the historical heritage of Lorca (18/02/2015)

  • Aspermur held in Lorca Thursday of its Fourth Conference of the International Day Syndrome Aperger (17/02/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the mayor of Lorca seriously when discussing employment generating projects (17/02/2015)

  • Lorca Local Police detained a person driving a vehicle without permission (17/02/2015)
    and falsification of public documents and objects trademark
  • The Monitoring Committee of the Recovery Plan for Cultural Heritage of Lorca studied 15 projects (17/02/2015)
    These are the actions of three objects of cultural interest, two properties listed with protection level 1 and ten grade 2
  • The Bishop welcomes the meeting of the Master Plan Lorca (17/02/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca seeks clarification on the square of general coordinator of Urbanism appeared in the BORM (17/02/2015)

  • Cabrera (UPyD): "an urgent comprehensive intervention of the authorities is required to prevent some neighborhoods of Lorca become true ghettos of inequality" (16/02/2015)

  • The Minister of Public Works is interested in the new Museo del Paso Azul de Lorca (16/02/2015)

  • Replica Vox Lorca to the press release Citizens (16/02/2015)

  • Youth and "Naturactúa" collective organized five interpretive trails natural areas in the Region (16/02/2015)

  • The Department of Employment of Lorca hired 350 unemployed, awarded scholarships to 98 and formed another 326 in 2014 (16/02/2015)

  • Francisco Jodar and Alejandro Zamora delivered diplomas to 24 participants in the training program and employment (16/02/2015)
    with which improved districts and neighborhoods of Lorca
  • Citizen asks the Mayor immediate revocation of the decision to award the works of the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria, the company Tracsa (16/02/2015)

  • Before the earthquake felt in the municipality, the City of Lorca recalls the recommendations for before, during and after an earthquake (16/02/2015)

  • Meeting between VOX and Citizens C's in the town of Lorca (15/02/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca belies Vox and requests correction (15/02/2015)

  • The People's University of Lorca opens the registration period on 98 courses (13/02/2015)
    For the first time, offers discounts of 50% to poorest people, the disabled and pensioners
  • The Local Police Lorca stops for drug trafficking two people who were involved 66 cannabis plants (13/02/2015)
    Y dismantles a point intensive cultivation of this drug
  • Citizens requested that WILL open new tourist information offices in the center of Lorca (12/02/2015)

  • Education develops at the Conservatory of Music in Lorca a new edition of the program of early initiation violin (12/02/2015)
    This center is a pioneer in the region to implement this teaching for pupils of five years and employing the Suzuki methodology
  • The PSOE starts the "countdown for change" with the visit of Pedro Sanchez Lorca (12/02/2015)
    Mateos states in the absence of 100 days for the elections, that "out to win with the firm objective of Lorca has a government with soul, close and progressive ideas, with which to end eight years of misrule of the Popular Party "
  • UPyD Lorca denounced the "absence of light" in several areas of the city in times in which "still need street lighting" (12/02/2015)

  • ... (12/02/2015)

  • Pedro Sanchez will be on Friday in Lorca (11/02/2015)
    occasion of the presentation of the candidate for President of the Community and of nominations for the mayors of the municipalities
  • Citizens denounced the persecution and repression of the government team of PP to the Group Policy (11/02/2015)

  • The PSOE Jódar requires that "controversial stop and solve problems queha generated in the Vineyard" (11/02/2015)
    Mateos regrets not display as "combative and aggressive" with their heads Murcia when claiming what belongs to Lorca
  • Laura Aguilera Ruiz and Carolina Fernández Silvestre win first prizes of the 7th Competition for Secondary Education Narration "Angels Pascual Award" (11/02/2015)
    202 stories have participated in the awards are named after the historic teacher institutes and Ros Martin Ibáñez Giner and Daughter Foster City, LA Pascual
  • The City Council increases to 39 the number of free courses for seniors in the first half of the year (11/02/2015)
    In there will be nearly 600 seats
  • 40% of visitors to tourist facilities of Lorca in 2014 were foreign tourists compared to 18% in 2010 representing (11/02/2015)

  • UPyD Lorca values ​​"very negative" works that are being developed in the city because "do not meet the real needs" (10/02/2015)

  • The PSOE again hold accountable Jódar by the neglect of the environment of the University (10/02/2015)
    The Socialists claim the government team to maintain and adecenten existing facilities in the vicinity of the University and put in value and serving the neighbors the Captain's House
  • The Youth Council is launching a counseling service to parents (10/02/2015)
    to protect their children from threats that can have internet for Kids
  • IXX Meeting of Poetry and Music of "Valentine" (10/02/2015)

  • Francisco Jodar, "La Viña has already suffered too much to bear now that getting into a political war nonsense" (10/02/2015)

  • Over 750 school Lorca participate in the "Encounters with author" organized by public libraries of Lorca (09/02/2015)
    Pablo Aranda Pablo Albo and offer four days of "Encounters with author" during the week
  • The CHS public information shows the demarcation of the Rambla de Biznaga in Lorca (09/02/2015)
    The objective is to define a channel 20 miles to the Guadalentín river to prevent flooding in the field lorquino
  • Limusa deployed in Lorca Plan Environmental Awareness with more than a hundred briefings with the initiative 'Educating recycle' (09/02/2015)

  • The City grants for Lorca who travel by public transport to universities in the region during this course (09/02/2015)
    The Consistory Lorca spent 50,000 euros for these grants of up to 50%, which can be requested until February 17
  • Citizens- Party of Citizenship in Lorca, showing their support for the demonstration by the Fire (08/02/2015)

  • The first phase of Congresses and Exhibitions Center of Lorca can simultaneously accommodate more than 13,600 people (06/02/2015)

  • The school Pasic Campillo de Lorca coordinating a national project to improve learning through digital media (05/02/2015)
    The general director of Educational Quality, Innovation and Attention to Diversity visit the center to learn about innovative teaching methods that are implemented in their classrooms
  • Mateos Jódar requires that no award "a finger" the project of the Auditorium and Congress (05/02/2015)
    The socialist candidate for mayor requested a public competition to give companies Lorca option to submit their bids were opened so that a time, the money stays in Lorca and not go to companies outside
  • Construction of the new Congress Center and Fairground Lorca will begin in March (05/02/2015)

  • The Carnival of Lorca, to be held on 7, 14, 15 and 21 February, grows to 19 troupes (05/02/2015)

  • The Minister of Public Works announces the start of new works in the neighborhoods of Lorca (05/02/2015)

  • The PSOE requires becomes effective sports clubs of the town's municipal subsidy 2014 (04/02/2015)

  • Jódar will be proclaimed popular candidate for mayor of Lorca on Friday at a ceremony to be held at 20 am at the Cultural Center (04/02/2015)
    You are invited members and supporters around the town
  • The Socialist Party supports the initiative of the FOM Lorca to name Favorite Daughter Rosalia City Hall (04/02/2015)
    advertise their intention to support this initiative that recognize the defense made Vallejo Chamber of gender equality and disseminate the history of Lorca women at work research
  • The War of Lorca Theatre hosts the Sunday morning show'Disney Fantasía' (04/02/2015)
    to benefit the Spanish Association Against Cancer
  • The occupation of the schools in the north of Lorca is kept below 22 students per class (04/02/2015)
    The CEO of Educational Planning and Human Resources meets with the heads of Primary Schools to prepare the schooling process the next course
  • Electrical processing centers of La Viña save more than 200,000 euros to the neighbors (04/02/2015)
    Iran integrated into the Monument Square Learners
  • The Association of Housewives held on Thursday 12 February its Carnival at the Hotel Jardines de Lorca (04/02/2015)

  • Success of the information table of Citizens (C's) at Plaza Calderon (03/02/2015)

  • The Scout Group Sun City started a campaign to raise awareness during the month of February on the different types of cancer (03/02/2015)

  • Unemployment has fallen in Lorca in the last year 622 people, representing a 8.1%, two points higher than the regional and national media (03/02/2015)

  • The PSOE claims that the new rise in unemployment again make clear to Jódar (03/02/2015)

  • The Department of Women opened the deadline to participate in the IV Literary Contest Short Stories '' Women '' (02/02/2015)

  • The PSOE Jódar requires that "will shake and do not allow the dismantling of health services provided in Lorca" (02/02/2015)
    Sanchez Jódar complaint closure queries afternoon in Santa Rosa de Lima and the elimination of services such as Oral Health Maternal Education and Physiotherapy health centers Lorca-La Viña, Santa Rosa and San Diego
  • Mateos Jódar requires hear and resolve complaints from neighbors of Alfonso X (02/02/2015)
    The socialist candidate claims the Mayor to "take the call from neighbors and remedy once and for all, the chaos that is generating the fault want to do, in four months, which has not been able to do in four years "

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