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  • Marathon '' Lorca City Story '' celebrates its 21th edition with more than thirty stories in the heart of the city (31/08/2016)
    Politicians, singers, journalists, teachers, athletes and representatives of the various associations will be among the marathon participants to be held on Friday, September 30 from 18.30 in the Plaza de Calderon
  • The city center Saturday night zombie, soldiers and survivors who will be part of the event "Viral Zombie" will be filled (31/08/2016)
    In the RPG, which will begin at 23:00 and end at 7:00 hours the next day, participants will have to try to survive all night or not, depending on the skill, ability and ingenuity of each
  • The Socialist Party denounced the state of abandonment in which the premises of the "ASPROSOCU" Association is (31/08/2016)
    Socialists demand the Team Popular Party government that complies with the regulations regarding health and safety on the premises that this perturbing the daily life of the residents
  • The Lorca achieved lower in the first half of the weight of the garbage bag recycling almost 12% more light packaging (30/08/2016)
    To maintain the current trend, each lorquino could close 2016 with at least half a contribution exceeding kilo the 2015
  • IU demand improvements in urban transport to be "attractive" for Lorca (30/08/2016)
    Pedro Sosa, councilor of the municipal group, calls for an increase in the number of buses, improved their quality and stop shelters
  • The PSOE describes as "nonsense" the state has been the road to La Malvaloca (30/08/2016)

  • Lorca is visited by more than fifty cruise passengers who came to the city from the port of Cartagena (30/08/2016)
    On Friday 26 August, 60 passengers on a cruise ship belonging to the British line Swan Hellenic with a stopover in Cartagena visited the main monuments Sun City
  • Citizens animal abuse complaint reiterated for years equine farm Sutullena (30/08/2016)

  • The Socialist Party claims that 12.5% ​​of the prefabricated classrooms in the Region of Murcia are in Lorca (29/08/2016)

  • The area of ​​urban regeneration and renewal of Lorca is extended with the reconstruction of 126 new homes (29/08/2016)
    The Minister of Public Works and Infrastructure, Undersecretary of Public Works and the mayor of Lorca sign an agreement to extend aid to those affected by the damage earthquakes
  • The Plaza of Spain in Lorca, private parking lot of a PP councilor (29/08/2016)
    Agustin Llamas, mayor of Culture has a special card to park for free in the Plaza de San Vicente, 200 meters.
  • Open Registration period for various aquatic programs last quarter of the year at the Sports Complex Felipe VI and pools of San Antonio (29/08/2016)

  • The Lego movie last session of the Summer Film Series 2016, will be Tuesday in the Plaza Calderon de la Barca (29/08/2016)

  • Scaffolds and cover the tower of the Church of Santa Maria for the complete restoration of the temple, whose actions financed by the central government (29/08/2016)
    The contract was awarded in the amount of 1.082.798,35 € and financed wholly from the Ministry of Development with Architectural Rehabilitation Program
  • Development reinforces its commitment to the reconstruction of Lorca by signing an amendment to the agreement for the regeneration and renewal of urban areas (29/08/2016)
    Francisco Jodar, Mario Garcés and Pedro Rivera have signed an amendment to the agreement by which, as a whole, 335 homes will be rehabilitated and renewed another 200
  • Family earmarked 239,000 euros for Early Care of children with developmental problems in Lorca (28/08/2016)
    3.700 under the Region benefit from this service, which addresses the stimulation in the years in which there is a greater plasticity of the central nervous system
  • Agriculture carries an essay on culture adaptation of pistachio in dry lands of the municipality of Lorca (27/08/2016)
    Possible stakeholders are all those farmers, organizations and companies wishing to diversify crops in dry areas of the high councils of Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras, as well as neighboring towns
  • Feramur 2016 show the best national craft from 22 to 25 September in lorca (27/08/2016)

  • The Folklore Festival''Virgen of Huertas'' celebrates its 27th edition (26/08/2016)

  • On Tuesday morning the water will be cut by the rehabilitation and expansion of South Avenue from the Puente de Vallecas to the roundabout of the RM-11 (26/08/2016)

  • For save the salary of a rescuer, the PP requires "swim in procession" in Lorca (26/08/2016)

  • The PSOE alert to stop the project of section 1 of the Central round (26/08/2016)
    The recourse for alleged irregularities behind the suspension of record award
  • Young Left Lorca denounces the closure of the bank books during part of July and all of August (26/08/2016)
    spokesman youth organization, Pablo Lopez, lamented the obstacles put by the city to the users of this service when "is over" the start of the new school year
  • The local assembly of Spanish Red Cross in Lorca has acquired a new Rapid Intervention Vehicle (26/08/2016)

  • Sports Lorca facilities operating at full capacity during the summer months to provide optimal service to users (26/08/2016)

  • Chess becomes one of the stars of the XXXVIII edition of the Sports Games Guadalentín hand Chess Club Lorca (25/08/2016)
    The tournament, to be held on Saturday September 24 at the Beacon Park Mall, will be preceded Friday simultaneous by Grandmaster Alfredo Giaccio at Plaza Calderon de la Barca
  • IU-Greens calls for greater environmental care in the municipality to prevent droughts in the forest mass (25/08/2016)
    Denounce drought of nearly a dozen pine trees in Pylons and propose alternative solutions
  • The monumental Lorca and representation of the main inspirations for the realization Lorca Poster Fair and Festival of Lorca 2016 (25/08/2016)

  • The PSOE transfer requests is given to pocket the alleged Lorca good economic situation in the city of Lorca (25/08/2016)

  • Lorca hosts for the second consecutive year a course at the University of the Sea on sport (24/08/2016)

  • IU-V complaint sloppiness in the Pasarela Manterola and its surroundings (24/08/2016)
    For Pedro Sosa, councilor of training, this situation is another example of the deafness of the PP government team to neighborhood demands
  • Lorca City Council allocated more than 120,000 euros to carry out projects to support the family and children in our town (24/08/2016)
    projects aimed at alleviating basic needs and promote family reconciliation, are subsidized by the Autonomous Community Murcia with funds from the Ministry of Health, Social Services and Equality
  • Lorca City Council expresses support for those affected by the earthquake during this morning in the central Italian area (24/08/2016)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the overcrowding of patients in the Health Center San Diego Lorca (24/08/2016)

  • More than 900 children will benefit from September the "CiberCaixa" whose works are running in the CEIP San José (23/08/2016)
    This performance, part of the program. "CiberCaixa Exit Class" is the result of signed a collaboration agreement with the foundation La Caixa and represents an investment of 40,000 euros
  • The Socialist Party claims that Lorca is set in per capita income levels lower inhabitant than the regional average (23/08/2016)
    The city of Lorca last ranks among the largest municipalities in the Region of Murcia, with 18,476 € compared to 24,992 € Molina de Segura, first in the ranking.
  • The Popular Party has proved unable to cope with the recovery of the historic center of Lorca (23/08/2016)
    IU-V Lorca criticizes that while in other areas of the city such as Santa Quiteria, are running non-urgent works such as the auditorium, the old town coming down
  • Development allocates more than one million euros to rebuild 64 homes in Lorca (23/08/2016)
    grants of up to 30,000 euros are granted residence for the building, replacing other previously demolished
  • The International Centre of La Torrecilla Beach Volleyball hosts this Saturday night the second edition of the 12 hours of beach handball (22/08/2016)

  • The stranger, part of the Summer Film Series 2016, will be shown tomorrow at the Plaza de la Barca Calderon (22/08/2016)

  • The Socialist Party claims that the City still not set a date for signing the agreement with the embroiderers Easter (22/08/2016)
    Isidro Abellán alert that is putting at risk the continuity of the great work they embroiderers
  • Development receives 52 bids for the construction of new frameworks to double the drainage capacity of the Rambla de Viznaga of Lorca (20/08/2016)
    The performance will double the drainage capacity of the promenade with the construction of 22 new frames
  • IU-V: The feast of the patron saint of Lorca, each year, are the parties PP (19/08/2016)
    The proclamation of the parties will be held two days after they have begun to fit the agenda of the Minister of PP and the busiest day of Lorca
  • The City Council allocated more than 37,660 euros to the maintenance and equipment of the 34 local social neighborhoods and districts in the first 8 months of the year (19/08/2016)
    There have been 77 operations of which 56 corresponded to the maintenance of neighborhood centers, 6 new investments in furniture and equipment, 14 to maintenance of household appliances
  • Parish hosts this Sunday the Second Career BXM "Sierra del Gigante" framed within the Fasterwear Cup Murcia (19/08/2016)

  • The PSOE proposes the "customization" of waste collection containers historic center and districts of Lorca (19/08/2016)
    From the Municipal Socialist Group want this city to commit to creativity, you feel beautiful and alive
  • Arrested for impersonating police for stealing and defrauding several people (19/08/2016)

  • Songs and Dances Virgen de las Huertas Lorca folklore leads to Teruel (18/08/2016)

  • Lorca City Council launches the summer campaign pest control and prevention of Legionnaires' disease in the 34 schools in the municipality (18/08/2016)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the situation of "indecent and shameful spectacle" offered by the environment of the Campus (18/08/2016)

  • More than 129,000 users visited 670,000 pages of the municipal website,, during the first half of the year (18/08/2016)

  • IU-Green requires rectification Quijero route of Camino (18/08/2016)
    Pedro Sosa echoes the local demand against the risk posed by the narrowness of the new design after the remodeling work in the area makes
  • The Civil Guard off an old artillery shell in Lorca (18/08/2016)
    He was activated
  • Lorca Mayor delivers trophies to the finalists of the Championship of Spain sub 19 female clubs held at the CIVP (18/08/2016)
    The winners of this Championship of Spain have been the girls Volleyball Club Majadahonda, followed by members Manacor, being thirdly the players of Beach Volleyball Club Madrid
  • C's Lorca asks the municipal government team to act urgently improving road safety Alameda de Cervantes (18/08/2016)
    Antonio Mecca are sure that this serious accident could have been avoided
  • IU-Greens calls for more money to meet the sport in Lorca (17/08/2016)

  • The Socialist Party calls the sports council patrimonialice not the effort of the sports club Lorca (17/08/2016)
    Socialists complain that the city of Lorca has not yet taken the basis of subsidies and grants for sports clubs Lorca
  • The Socialist Party calls to proceed with the repainting of road markings of the city to improve the safety of drivers and pedestrians (17/08/2016)
    Currently there are vast stretches of public roads and spots for urban traffic where road markings are obliterated by over time
  • The CEIP Pasic Campillo de Lorca will have a new pavilion childhood education before the end of the year (17/08/2016)
    The performances have an investment of 871,079 euros to build six classrooms, a multipurpose room and staff rooms and special attention
  • The CEIP Pasic Campillo will have a new pavilion childhood education before the end of the year (17/08/2016)

  • Continues to make progress in the process of regulating canteens serving in different social local municipality (17/08/2016)

  • Two Archery Championships Lorca become a national reference of the sport during September (17/08/2016)

  • The PSOE proposes the temporary transfer of solar the municipality to enable new parking and rest areas and leisure (16/08/2016)

  • The remodeling of the Plaza del Ibreño of Lorca renewed infrastructure and all basic service networks (15/08/2016)
    have been improved overall supply networks, sanitation and rainwater replaced luminaries led type, underground lines of low voltage and telephone and containers, and renewed paving
  • The remodeling of the Plaza del Ibreño of Lorca renewed infrastructure and all basic service networks (15/08/2016)
    have been improved overall supply networks, sanitation and rainwater replaced luminaries led type, underground lines of low voltage and telephone and containers and renovated paving
  • The Socialist Party denounced the new cuts of the PP in Education will cause chaos in Lorca next year (12/08/2016)

  • The Fair Girl Lorca offer performances of Medina Azahara, Raya Real, Pirates Aguamarga, Gala Copla "Songs" and "Youth Night" (12/08/2016)
    as outstanding musical performances
  • The Bélier family, part of the Summer Film Series 2016, will be shown next Tuesday in the Plaza de la Barca Calderon (12/08/2016)

  • Success Night "Perseids and poetry in the Fortress of the Sun" with a full house (12/08/2016)
    Hundreds of people watched the tears of San Lorenzo in a unique setting such as the Castle of Lorca
  • Lorca host during the month of August 4th Championships of Spain that will vibrate the International Center La Torrecilla Beach Volleyball (11/08/2016)

  • The PSOE requests review closing manhole covers to ensure local break (11/08/2016)

  • "Perseids and poetry in the Fortress of the Sun", a unique opportunity to enjoy the meteor shower Thursday 11 differently (10/08/2016)
    Tears of San Lorenzo are accompanied this year's novelties for family audiences and young audiences in Lorca Castle
  • "With the delay in rebuilding the homes of San Fernando right to housing and the rights of workers are violated" (10/08/2016)
    IU responsible for the delay to the lack of public supervision in reconstruction
  • Local Police dismantled a drug sales point in a local office of the Provincial de La Hoya (10/08/2016)

  • The PP of Lorca denied care in social services to the residents of villages during the summer (10/08/2016)
    The Socialists Lorca described as "irresponsible and unfair" that the Popular Party of Lorca not guarantee that Social Services can serve the residents of Lorca throughout the year and throughout the municipality
  • Open to traffic the fourth tranche of the Central Round improving connections between the old Puente de Vallecas and round Eagles (10/08/2016)
    The new road has 2 lanes in each direction, bike lanes 3 meters wide sidewalk 2 meters, new parking spaces and planting new trees
  • Response to the PSOE on the care of social services in villages during the summer (10/08/2016)

  • The commissioning of the fourth tranche of the Central round Lorca improves the connection of the city center with the highway Eagles (10/08/2016)
    The branch has about two kilometers long and has involved an investment of 7 million euros
  • The number of tickets sold by Lorca Taller del Tiempo in July grew by 26% over last year (09/08/2016)

  • IU complaint that the pine forest flanking the road of Eagles up to Purias is drying (09/08/2016)

  • Finance announces the accession of Lorca to the virtual registry scanning documents and highlights the work of his office for the Citizen (09/08/2016)
    The Region currently has 56 offices distributed citizen services in municipalities and administrative buildings
  • The City Council is integrated into the Virtual Registry Office (09/08/2016)
    This will allow scanning and electronically sign the documents submitted by citizens in the single window
  • The PSOE dissatisfied with the response of the PP on the whereabouts of the € 636,000 donated by Navarra Lorca (09/08/2016)

  • La Plaza Calderon welcomes tomorrow night screening of the film Mad Max in the Summer Film Series 2016 (08/08/2016)

  • Local Police increased by 41% operating because of the different events held in the city last year (08/08/2016)
    In the first 7 months of Lorca Local Police has conducted a total of 597 surveillance operations and security, 41% more than those made in the same period of 2015
  • The PSOE asks the PP you waiting for study rooms open 24 hours promised (08/08/2016)

  • They present the campaign "Enjoy safe bathing" on the beaches of Calnegre tips (08/08/2016)

  • Out to tender the construction of the second building and urbanization Fairgrounds neighborhood Virgen de las Huertas Lorca (06/08/2016)
    The new building will house the exhibition of animals at livestock fair Sepor and International Horse Fair Lorca
  • The PSOE proposes that low Health Project are intended for undergrounding of electric transformers Vineyard (05/08/2016)

  • The tennis tournament "Feria de Lorca" one of the great attractions of the next Sports Games Guadalentín (05/08/2016)

  • The Exchange Bank Textbook receives about 6,000 books that can be reused the next academic year (05/08/2016)
    The books, available to users of this service will cost between 8 and 12 euros depending on the state in that are
  • The PSOE warns of the danger by electrical wiring exposed after the works of San Diego (05/08/2016)
    The Lorca Socialists have already claimed urgent team Popular Party government actions, to those seeking to immediately move to municipal technicians to solve the danger current for neighbors and passers
  • The City Council set a series of conditions, needs and obligations to be met by restaurateurs (05/08/2016)
    when occupying the public during the Fair and Festival of Lorca 2016
  • The PSOE requires the PP to give a definitive solution to the solar after seven years I become a swamp infested street Portijico (04/08/2016)

  • The City Council Lorca gets hold for the amount of 391,860 euros (04/08/2016)
    thanks to legal support in the legal process for planning agreement "trap"
  • The Guardian Police Unit 3,000 students trained in security and coexistence throughout the past year (04/08/2016)

  • The swimming Torrecilla is closed until early afternoon due to a break in the network of water supply (03/08/2016)
    technicians Aguas de Lorca already working to correct this fault, so that within 6 to 7 hours service will be restored to the entire area
  • The Planning Department granted the license for the repair and structural consolidation of the Palace of the Counts of San Julián (03/08/2016)

  • The residents of the districts of Lorca may participate in the development of a local development strategy (03/08/2016)
    contributing their proposals through a series of surveys
  • The Lorca observed a minute of silence for the victims of gender violence (03/08/2016)
    at an event organized by the Federation of Women's Organizations of Lorca
  • JJSS Lorca proposed that a "number WhatsApp" is enabled to inform young Lorca on scholarships and courses (03/08/2016)

  • Over 3.1 million for urban renewal in the neighborhood of Health-Cristo Rey de Lorca (03/08/2016)

  • The PSOE affects the neglect suffered public facilities district Ramonete (02/08/2016)
    The Lorca Socialists denounced the poor state in which is the public park in the hamlet of Ramonete, "abandoned without clean up" since its inauguration ago almost a decade
  • Proposals to enjoy the Fortaleza del Sol (02/08/2016)

  • Lorca host a zombie invasion on the night of September 3 in which participants have to try to survive without being infected undead (02/08/2016)

  • The Socialist Party calls for urgent action at the flea infestation in the new park in San Diego (01/08/2016)

  • The Municipal Emergency Service attended 70 incidents during the month of July on the beaches of Lorca coast (01/08/2016)
    30% more than in 2015 due to the large number of bathers
  • La Plaza Calderon welcomes tomorrow night screening of the film in Brooklyn Summer Film Series 2016 (01/08/2016)

  • 145 children have enjoyed during the month of July various sports and recreational activities that have developed in the EVAF (01/08/2016)

  • The City fumigated for the fourth time in 40 days the park of San Diego and urges the civics to prevent further incidents (01/08/2016)


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