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  • The City Council thanks the private entities for their contribution to make possible the extraordinary device of tourist attention during Holy Week (28/03/2018)

  • The City Council, through the employment programs, improves the Historic Site of Calvario and the embroidery workshop of Paso Morado (28/03/2018)
    The beneficiaries who have carried out these actions belong to the Lorca Eficiente and Flora Mixed Employment and Training Programs , as well as the Local Public Employment Program
  • The Mayor of Lorca ratifies his support to the residents of the town of Puntas de Calnegre and puts at his disposal the municipal technical services (28/03/2018)

  • New robes for the bearers of the standards of San Juan and Magdalena (27/03/2018)
    Several robes and dozens of costumes of figurants consolidate the renewal of the procession of Paso Azul
  • The PSOE wants Lorca to host the first CaixaForum in the Region of Murcia, as a cultural space, for dissemination and exhibition of exhibitions (27/03/2018)

  • The City Council appreciates the interest of the PSOE to join the improvement of the historic center, (27/03/2018)
    "Although your proposal today is de rigueur"
  • Mateos: "The 30-year concession to the residents of Puntas de Calnegre is a 'kick to the ball' that does not solve the underlying problem" (27/03/2018)

  • The PSOE requires the initiation of the Calnegre Puntas del Mar public domain exclusion dossier to save the town (26/03/2018)

  • The reconstruction works of the San Fernando neighborhood will end this summer (26/03/2018)
    The Minister of the Presidency and Development and the Mayor of Lorca meet with the families of the area to analyze the work in the houses, whose degree of execution exceeds 91 cent
  • Fernando López Miras attends La Salve in honor of the Virgen de los Dolores del Paso Azul (25/03/2018)

  • The Craft Center of Lorca, the first to be built in Spain, turns 30 (25/03/2018)
    About 150 craftsmen come together to celebrate this anniversary, in which demonstrations were held
  • Fernando López Miras attends the blessing of palms and the commemorative eucharist of the "Entrance of Jesus into Jerusalem" (25/03/2018)

  • The Department of Youth programs new trips to the snow during the month of April so that young Lorca can practice skiing and snow at very low prices (23/03/2018)
    The displacements, departing from the vicinity of the bus station, will be on 7 , April 8, 14 and 15.
  • The PSOE celebrates the approval of the Law of free textbooks for families in the Region of Murcia (23/03/2018)
    Green light in the Regional Assembly to a claim that the Socialists have led for years.
  • The mobile park of the Municipal Emergency Service adds a new vehicle equipped with water tank and motor pump for access to areas of special difficulty (22/03/2018)

  • IU-Greens condemns the vote of the deputies of the PP against the pardon to the town of Puntas de Calnegre (22/03/2018)

  • The PSOE requires the PP to keep its word and reconsider its position to give a legal solution to the town of Puntas de Calnegre (22/03/2018)

  • IU-V requires the local government to control sports betting venues (22/03/2018)
    Adoración Peñas asks the City Council to develop a plan for the prevention of gambling that includes actions and specific measures to combat addictive behavior linked to gambling
  • The Mayor of Lorca requests a meeting to the Secretary of State for the Environment so that the City Council and neighbors go hand in hand in the defense of the Punta de Calnegre Village (22/03/2018)

  • The City Council delivers to the children and teachers of the Pilar Soubrier special education school more than a hundred commemorative t-shirts of the "VIII Women's Race" (22/03/2018)

  • The PSOE regrets the opportunism and incongruity of IU-Greens over the request for pardon from the town of Puntas de Calnegre (22/03/2018)

  • The PSOE demands that the CARM put a date on the payment of what it owes so that the company can resume works in San Fernando (22/03/2018)

  • Citizens request the rescue of the water supply service "after verifying the audit of Aguas de Lorca irregularities and possible crimes in its management" (22/03/2018)
    The training highlights "the fractioning of contracts or hiring without control uncovered by the report of the services legal services "
  • "The spokesman of C'S betrays the Board of Spokesmen decontextualizing a file that is still unfinished" (22/03/2018)
    Lorca is the only municipality in the Region of Murcia that has commissioned an audit of economic and financial control of the company that manages drinking water in the municipality
  • Municipal Hostel in the neighborhood of San Pedro (21/03/2018)

  • The improvement of the Limusa accounts allows the CGR's renovation to be financed with its own resources, (21/03/2018)
    build the logistics base and modernize the urban cleaning machinery
  • The War Theater will host this afternoon the XVIX Contest of Theaters of Secondary Education Centers (21/03/2018)
    More than 300 young people from Lorca will participate
  • The PSOE returns to demand the implantation of a second single window in the municipality of Lorca (21/03/2018)

  • IU-Greens denounces that the City Council has violated the Law of Compulsory Expropriation in the Central Round project (21/03/2018)

  • The Oval will have a new tourist information point during Easter Week, adding up to 8 spaces for visitor attention during Good Friday and Thursday (21/03/2018)
    5,000 copies of El Cortejo in Spanish and 1,000 copies in English will be distributed to tourists so that they can interpret and understand the passional biblical parades
  • PSOE and IU demand from the Mayor "respect and institutional loyalty" with the opposition municipal groups in the City of Lorca (21/03/2018)

  • Juan Francisco Gómez continues to head the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca (21/03/2018)

  • The Cavalry Squad of the Civil Guard will escort the Virgen de los Dolores (21/03/2018)
    The components of the Armed Institute will arrive in the city on Thursday, being officially received by the Mayor of Lorca in the Guevara Palace
  • Response of the Lorca City Council to the MoP that PSOE and IU have offered this morning (21/03/2018)

  • 1.3 million to rebuild the neighborhood of San Fernando de Lorca (21/03/2018)

  • Culture, great protagonist of the magazine n ° 28 of Paso Azul (20/03/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces that the Autonomous Community (PP) has dammed more than 12 million euros in aid to those affected by earthquakes (20/03/2018)

  • 10 students of the "Young Lorca Employment" Project make the 12 tunics of the Apostles of the Last Supper of the Third Via Crucis Viviente del Paso Morado (20/03/2018)

  • Up to 79 Limusa staff will participate in the special cleaning device for Easter Week (20/03/2018)
    Includes the participation of 2 pressure washers, 2 scrubbers, 6 sweepers and 2 tankers
  • Limusa launches the campaign "Soil Patrol" (20/03/2018)
    Destined to raise awareness about beneficial practices and civic habits for street cleaning
  • The Mayor announces that the health center of San Cristóbal will be located between San Fernando and Beato Pedro Soler streets (20/03/2018)
    And also will provide the neighborhood with a park of 1,032 m2
  • Development ends in Lorca the sidewalks of the Alameda de Cervantes from the Oval to the train tracks (20/03/2018)
    To facilitate the transit of pedestrians in Holy Week
  • 6 detainees by the UPROL Unit during the last week within the preventive operations launched by Local Police (20/03/2018)
    The agents detained 3 men who had a search and detention order, 3 were in an irregular situation in the national territory, while that the last one was arrested after carrying out a robbery in a commercial establishment
  • The site that will house the next health center in San Cristóbal is one of the proposals that the PSOE made to the City of Lorca (20/03/2018)
    The PSOE celebrates that the City of Lorca find a site to locate the next health center in the neighborhood decade after the need to build this center was considered, according to the health map of the regional government
  • The PSOE hopes that the director of Works has taken note of the serious parking problems that the PP has generated in La Isla with the works (20/03/2018)
    The socialists are again demanding from the Lorca City Council that the residents of La Isla can park in a free in the blue zone or in the parquin of Alameda de Menchirón making use of its resident cards, while the works last
  • The PSOE wants Lorca to have a voice and vote in the preparation of municipal budgets (16/03/2018)

  • IU-Greens denounces the stagnation of school canteen scholarships and demands that the dining rooms be opened in the summer Ensure that thousands of families in the municipality need this resource that has been carried out in different municipalities (16/03/2018)

  • The Los Peñones Park, located in the San Antonio neighborhood, will improve its vegetation, irrigation network, lighting and urban furniture thanks to a municipal investment of 7,500 euros (16/03/2018)
    The actions, which have a deadline of 2 months, 36 beneficiaries of the Employment and Training Programs "Lorca Eficiente", "EntreBarrios" and "Flora" that has started up the City Council of Lorca
  • The PSOE denounces that the residents of the Ramblilla de Tejares suffer, after five months, a "bogged down" regeneration works (16/03/2018)

  • The PSOE describes as "ridiculous" the investment that the PP intends to allocate to the remodeling of the Los Peñones park, abandoned for more than 10 years (16/03/2018)
    The Socialists insist that what the residents of San Antonio need is for them to start immediately the urban regeneration project, in which they assumed that the renovation of Los Peñones Park would be included
  • The City Council donates two vans of the municipal mobile park to the Association of Friends of the Saharawi People, which will serve in the Sahel camps (16/03/2018)

  • A family is rescued from a house full of smoke in the Alameda de Cervantes by local police officers (16/03/2018)
    A neighbor gave the alert during the early hours of Thursday that allowed the local police officers to move quickly, open the door of housing and evict it from the obvious danger of smoke inhalation
  • Special Emergency Plan for Holy Week (15/03/2018)
    800 troops, 130 vehicles and a Health Care Center are part of the Special Emergency Plan for Holy Week launched by the City Council in collaboration with the CARM
  • Fulgencio Gil: "The fight against sedentary lifestyle and childhood obesity concerns us all, educating in good habits is the best investment in health we can make" (15/03/2018)

  • IU-Greens denounces that the City of Lorca takes five years without charging the companies the fee for the exploitation of quarries in the public forests (15/03/2018)

  • The PSOE calls for recovery of the mining-industrial and geological legacy of the Sierra de Serrata and its value as a tourist attraction (15/03/2018)

  • ... (15/03/2018)

  • The Community participates in the Emergency Plan due to the processions of Lorca (15/03/2018)

  • The Department of Commerce sponsors the I Fair Outlet of the District of San José (15/03/2018)
    Driven by the establishments in the area in coincidence with their patron saint festivities
  • A silhouette of the lorquina weight thrower, Ursula Ruiz Pérez, of 3 meters, presides, from today, the entrance to the Athletics Track that bears her name (15/03/2018)

  • The Plaza of Spain will host the traditional raising of the flag of Ireland on the occasion of St. Patrick this Saturday at 12.15 pm The Department of Tourism offers visits in both English and Spanish to commemorate the March 17 remembering the Battl (15/03/2018)

  • The PSOE requires the regional government to pay the debt immediately so that the reconstruction work in the neighborhood of San Fernando de Lorca can be restarted (15/03/2018)
    The deputy spokesperson Isabel Casalduero denounces the neglect and apathy of the regional government that keeps 232 families out of their homes almost seven years after the Lorca earthquakes
  • The PSOE gets the support of the Regional Assembly to unblock the reconstruction of the San Fernando neighborhood and accelerate the return home of the 232 families (15/03/2018)

  • The City Council allocates 6,000 euros to strengthen and promote new projects together with the FOML in the field of equal opportunities (14/03/2018)

  • 50 people will represent Holy Monday the 3rd Via Crucis Viviente (14/03/2018)
    organized by the Paso Morado and the Town Hall to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Via Crucis lorquino
  • The PSOE denounces the daily overcrowding of the emergency service of Rafael Méndez de Lorca (14/03/2018)

  • Local Police officers detained two people on Tuesday for various crimes of theft in establishments on Avenida Juan Carlos I (14/03/2018)
    The agents of the UPROL Unit discovered, thanks to the preventive and operational work put in place by the Local Police, two people who had stolen various objects in shops in the late afternoon
  • Ciudadanos Lorca leaves the Recruitment Board after denouncing that the government team ignores all its initiatives and proposals in the body (13/03/2018)
    The formation regrets that the PP ignores all its proposals covered in the roll of the absolute majority
  • ... (13/03/2018)

  • López Pagán criticizes the apathy and lack of sensitivity of the PP (13/03/2018)
    for keeping the 232 families of San Fernando out of their homes 7 years after the earthquake
  • The Mayor requests the support of the FMRM in favor of the declaration of the Lorquino Embroidery of Holy Week as a World Heritage Site by UNESCO (13/03/2018)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "the work that we develop from the City Councils is fundamental to promote the achievement of a National Water Pact" (13/03/2018)

  • The PSOE describes as "abuse" that the Administration claims the interests even those affected by the earthquakes that voluntarily returned their aid and without prior notice (13/03/2018)

  • IU-Verdes Lorca denounces Jódar's "sick obsession" for devastating the environment of Puntas de Calnegre, now with the construction of a mega-polygon (12/03/2018)
    The councilor of IU-Verdes, Gloria Martín, has demanded the mayors of Lorca, Águilas y Mazarron unit to avoid its construction that would entail serious damage to the environment, the landscape and the safety of people
  • The Security Plan for Holy Week mobilizes all Local Police agents (12/03/2018)
    And incorporates mobile static elements to block access to the main race
  • Ciudadanos Lorca organizes a debate on "the use and abuse" of private management in the municipal water services (12/03/2018)
    The training celebrates a round table in Huerto Ruano with the Association for the Defense of Public Services and the Mediterranean Association for the Transparency
  • The PSOE asks that the deadline for submitting allegations be extended to the expropriations of the AVE (12/03/2018)
    Mateos points out that his group will argue for a special emphasis to be placed on the route through the hamlet of Torrecilla, in relation to the channels and ravines to avoid artificial barriers that hinder the drainage of floods and avenues
  • The Mayor welcomes the announcement of the start of works to build the new Palace of Justice (12/03/2018)
    It will revitalize the activity in the historical center and will unify the judicial centers
  • The City Council emphasizes that the appointment of mayors does not interfere in the participation processes (12/03/2018)

  • The PSOE regrets that Bernabé is committed to the miracle of the loaves and fishes, promising in Lorca the best security device with the least number of troops (12/03/2018)

  • The PSOE will remain vigilant to make the Palace of Justice project a reality and not a new false promise of the PP (12/03/2018)

  • Almenara Park hosts the Rising Lands of Lorca for the seventh year (09/03/2018)

  • Parque Almenara hosts the Scout Song Festival for the second year in a row (09/03/2018)

  • PSOE and IU claim the PP Councilor the equality plan kept in the drawer since 2007 (09/03/2018)
    Both formations have agreed to congratulate unions and associations involved in the mobilizations with a historic success of participation in Lorca on the occasion of March 9
  • The Local Police of Lorca will give their Awards and Distinctions to those agents who have excelled in the performance of their duties and collaborators next Saturday, March 17 (09/03/2018)

  • The City Council extends the official tourist program of Holy Week, of which this year 15,000 copies will be distributed in Spanish and a thousand in English (09/03/2018)

  • The War Theater will host on March 11 and 13 the VIII Theater Exhibition "Associations of Women of Lorca" within the programming # Lorca8M (09/03/2018)
    A total of 67 people from the Associations of San José, Federation of Women's Organizations participate of Lorca, Rambla de Tejares, Coy, Morata, Puerto Muriel, Ramonete and Tercia.
  • Donation of the workers of the Virgen del Alcázar Hospital to UNICEF (09/03/2018)

  • IU-Green asks the City Council to expedite the free donation of the mill of Escarambrujo (09/03/2018)

  • Clara Sáenz de Tejada will close the quarterly program of "Saturday Story" on the 10th at 12 noon in the Children's and Youth Library (09/03/2018)
    On the 12th and 13th the Library will host a new session of the "Encounters with author" with the writer Marisa López Soria, who will present her work The summer we ate the moon to 350 Lorca schoolchildren
  • The City of Lorca rejects the new attack of Citizens against municipal officials (09/03/2018)

  • El Paso Morado organizes until March 30 a photo contest to commemorate the 400th anniversary of the Via Crucis Lorca (08/03/2018)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca advocates correcting the duality of the labor market in order to advance real equality (08/03/2018)
    The training recalls that at the local level it has presented four initiatives specifically aimed at promoting equality
  • El Paso Azul will announce its participation in the parades this Sunday at 12:30 pm (08/03/2018)
    The delegation will depart from the well-known 'Casa de las Cariátides' to take a tour through the most central streets of the city of Lorca
  • Fulgencio Gil: "Lorca's history is embroidered in gold by women who have broken down barriers to create a more egalitarian society" (08/03/2018)
    Lorca commemorates the day of March 8 with the institutional act that will be held from the 6:00 pm at the Culture Hall of Cajamurcia
  • The PSOE denounces the elimination of dozens of parking places in La Isla due to the works (08/03/2018)

  • The PSOE manages to install two new bus stops in the Rafael Méndez site: one in the Emergency area and another in External Consultations (08/03/2018)

  • A new investment of almost 6 million euros from the Regional Government places the CGR of Barranco Hondo at the forefront in terms of treatment and recovery of urban waste (08/03/2018)

  • The Mayor and the Rector of the UPCT sign the agreement that will allow analyzing the General Plan "to put urban planning at the service of the people" (07/03/2018)

  • The auditorium of IES Ramón Arcas Mecca will host tomorrow the meeting of 300 high school students with the writer Pilar Pascual (07/03/2018)
    The Municipal Libraries organize with the Edebé Publishing House the presence of the author from Málaga who will speak about her book Mundo Sueño
  • The Polytechnic analyzes the urban model for the revision of the General Plan of Lorca (07/03/2018)

  • Mateos calls for agreement, for the wisdom and responsibility of all parties to save the Guadalentín region and the Spanish drought east coast (07/03/2018)

  • Socialist Youth of Lorca joins the March 8 feminist strike (07/03/2018)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "we demand security for our farmers through a national pact that commits at least the two major parties" If they turn the tap on our farmers, they leave the food we consume to third countries. (07/03/2018)

  • The Department of the Mayor and Poncemar Foundation advance in the drafting of the Plan of Amigability with the constitution of its Promoter Group (07/03/2018)

  • 11 local police officers participate during Wednesday and Thursday in the search operation of the Almería boy Gabriel Cruz in Níjar (07/03/2018)
    Since this morning the local agents, outside their hours of service, have joined the search tasks coordinated by Guardia Civil and Civil Protection
  • Modernization of the Lorca waste management center (07/03/2018)

  • IU-V: The Mayor of Lorca becomes a "pancartero" of water for all (06/03/2018)
    He forgets that his people (the PP) govern in Lorca, in the Region, in Spain and in Brussels.
  • The PSOE wants Lorca to be the European headquarters of world conferences of the Judeo-Spanish language (06/03/2018)

  • 5 Spanish champions will compete in the VII Rallye Tierras Altas de Lorca with which 78 teams will open the Spanish Land Rally Championship (06/03/2018)
    The Plaza de Calderón will host on Friday afternoon the official start ceremony of the Land test that will award for the first time the best jump with the Alcalde de Lorca Trophy
  • 13 volunteers from the Municipal Service of Emergencies and Civil Protection participate in the search for Gabriel Cruz, the child disappeared last Tuesday in Níjar (Almería) (06/03/2018)

  • The PSOE again calls for the installation of decks in the stands of the World Cup 82 The rain last Sunday highlighted again the need to install decks so that workers, users and spectators of the World 82 municipal camp can take shelter from the incle (06/03/2018)

  • The Mayor ratifies his presence at the Wednesday demonstration in Madrid to support the main local productive sector (06/03/2018)
    The First Edil has indicated that "with the things of eating you do not play and therefore the Municipal Government Team will be in Madrid defending the demands of the agri-food sector that is capable of turning every drop of water into employme
  • Teaching and non-teaching staff of the municipality's educational centers will be trained in the use of defibrillators (06/03/2018)

  • IU: Neighbors of Parrilla have been waiting for eight months for a response from the City Council to their problem of lack of light coupling (05/03/2018)

  • The VIII Women's Race will be held for the first time this year along with the Popular Race "Fiestas de San José" (05/03/2018)
    to commemorate its International Day in sport form
  • The City Council makes municipal urban regulations more flexible (05/03/2018)
    so that companies located in the Saprelorca industrial estate can expand their facilities
  • The construction of a new building of 12 houses in the neighborhood of San José will widen the street Lorenzo Soto (05/03/2018)

  • IU-Verdes Lorca celebrates that the PP has listened to their requests for the district of Campo López (05/03/2018)

  • The PSOE demands the increase of security and surveillance measures in the CEIP Andrés García Soler to stop the wave of robberies (05/03/2018)

  • Lorca City Council requires the concessionary company of urban transport to comply with its obligations (05/03/2018)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requires the government team to include a representative of the residents of La Torrecilla in the Bureau of the Burial of the AVE (03/03/2018)

  • IU-Greens denounces paralysis in the project to fix the Caravaca highway at its entrance to Lorca (02/03/2018)

  • 2 new convictions for trap urban agreements approved by a previous administration in 2005 and 2006 oblige Lorca to pay more than € 2.8 million (02/03/2018)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requires the Government Team to include a representative of the residents of La Torrecilla at the table of the burial of the AVE (02/03/2018)

  • Unemployment rises for the second consecutive month in Lorca and reaches 5,202 unemployed in the municipality (02/03/2018)
    The PSOE of Lorca shows concern about the new rise in unemployment in Lorca, which shoots up to over 5,200 unemployed, while nationally low
  • IU-V requires a municipal office to give technical and legal advice to those affected by the expropriations of the AVE (02/03/2018)
    Sosa also requests an extension of the deadlines for allegations before the Ministry of Development
  • The PSOE reminds Martínez Carrasco that the convictions are not for the signing of the agreements in 2005, but for breaking its clauses, which are responsible for the following governments of the PP (02/03/2018)
    The Lorca socialists regret that the Popular Party is " so lost "that he can not abandon his" hackneyed "canticle" of urban agreements, with which "they no longer convince anyone"
  • The Plaza de las Hortalizas de San Cristóbal begins its renovation works to enhance its image, waterproof its roof and improve its lighting (01/03/2018)

  • IU-Greens denounces that the councilor of Education condemns the cultural activity in districts (01/03/2018)
    The cuts suffered in 2013 in the network of libraries of districts not only have not been corrected, but remain
  • The PSOE demands in the Assembly that the Autonomous Community pay what it owes to resume the reconstruction works of the neighborhood of San Fernando (01/03/2018)

  • Mateos advocates to put aside political differences and join forces to get the water that Lorca's irrigators need (01/03/2018)

  • The PSOE demands that the renovation of the Plaza de las Hortalizas be accompanied by solutions to parking problems (01/03/2018)

  • The Mayor ratifies his unswerving support to the Lorca irrigators (01/03/2018)
    Announces that he will be in Madrid on the 7th and demands a great national agreement on water

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