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Lorca News - August 2008

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  • The removal of a tower crane to work on Saturday 30 in Melgares Ortega, causing changes in traffic (29/08/2008)
    The amendments will be made from 08:00 to 14:00
  • The Department of Education created the first Lorca Municipal Nursery School which will cost one million euros (29/08/2008)
    "This is fantastic news for the city of Lorca," said JJ Peñarrubia about the center, which will be located in Marin Road
  • La Feria de la Virgen de las Huertas be held from 2 to 8 September 2008 (29/08/2008)
    Among the many events taking place highlights the performance of Manu Tenorio, Sunday 7 to 23 hours
  • Successful culmination of the Summer School organized by the Council of Social Services (29/08/2008)
    The activities have been developed between the College Andrés García Soler and municipal swimming pool
  • PROEMPLEO-LORCA Project III will provide training and practice to 320 unemployed people in the city (28/08/2008)
    More than 900,000 euros will be allocated to this project of the Department of Employment and Local Development, which aims to alleviate unemployment in the city
  • Sports Games of the thirtieth edition Guadalentin reach the goal of exceeding the 10,000 participants (28/08/2008)
    Tests such as the paddle are incorporated, and 55 being the sports
  • Teresa Moreno, Director of the Institute for Women, check out the location of the future Center for Women's Lorca (28/08/2008)
    Moreno also held a working meeting with representatives of women's groups in the city
  • Residents of Los Jopos can now enjoy new sports facilities (28/08/2008)
    The same was inaugurated by the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, who was accompanied by the mayors Francisco Montiel and Joaquin Ruiz Montalvan
  • The Director-General of Trade and Crafts closes a craft exhibition in Lorca (28/08/2008)

  • More than 280 works make up the plastic and sculptural artistic heritage that has been inventoried by the Department of Culture (27/08/2008)
    In the Cultural Center of the City and the Municipality of Lorca are located most of these works
  • Agriculture and the city of Lorca packed in the last decade 126 kilometers of rural roads (27/08/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Cerda Jódar and counselor visited the municipal rural roads that serve lorquino farms
  • As of Monday zones are reactivated ORA (27/08/2008)
    37 Parking in streets covered by the blue area will pay from September 1 in its regular schedule of 9-2 week and 5-8 by pm
  • 69 workers will be recruited through two new programs of the Department of Employment (27/08/2008)
    With this initiative the unemployment caused by the crisis will be reduced considerably
  • The Summer Film ends with a total attendance of more than 3,500 spectators (27/08/2008)

  • Final Approval of Zoning Adjustment Special Plan (26/08/2008)
    Y Sector Action Programme entitled "The Thirds II" of the Provincial Purias
  • Summer Schools in the districts Leisure ending with a huge success (26/08/2008)
    Zarzadilla of Totana, Avilés and have hosted Parish schools, which have involved 85% of children in these districts
  • The swimmer Kevin Méndez lorquino finalizing its preparation to compete in the Beijing 2008 Paralympic Games (26/08/2008)
    Participate in the 100 butterfly, 200 individual medley, 400 free and 100 back
  • A new convention avoids the dumping of 30 tons per month of domestic and industrial wood to landfill (25/08/2008)
    The agreement reached with Timber Rucomar Limusa get the recycling of pallets from farming and tanning, as well as domestic refuse
  • The Bourne Ultimatum cycle closes on Tuesday August Film (25/08/2008)
    In the Plaza de Calderón at 22 am will be screened this film starring Matt Damon
  • The City of Lorca will invest 280,000 euros to benefit 3,000 families Lorca with Bono Book City (22/08/2008)
    The term of the special call is 15 September and targets students in 4th of primary and 3rd and 4th ESO
  • The University of Murcia Lorca opens in a permanent University Extension Service, the agreement signed with the city of Lorca (21/08/2008)
    "It is a further step to be Lorca campus again," said José Joaquín Peñarrubia
  • The City of Lorca shows his "horror and dismay" over the tragic plane crash in Barajas (21/08/2008)
    Y expresses its sympathy to the families and friends of victims
  • The Family Protection Campaign against the risk of domestic accidents form the most vulnerable in the prevention of accidents (21/08/2008)
    This campaign will affect mainly the elderly, women and children most affected by accidents at home
  • The month of September will be inaugurated the first bike lanes in the City of Sun (21/08/2008)
    will have just over six miles away and will connect the city with La Torrecilla
  • Lorca selective capacity by expanding its textile containers (21/08/2008)
    will be installed fifteen units, divided between the urban periphery of the strategic hamlets, container for the recovery of clothing, footwear and toys out of Use
  • Schedule of the Board of Studies of the Cultural Center for the month of September (20/08/2008)

  • Limusa provides comprehensive ecological washing vehicles (20/08/2008)
    Reach an agreement with the Parking lorquina Wash for commercial activity takes place within the San Vicente public parking
  • Successful development of the "Local Police this summer day and night with you" when facing its final (20/08/2008)
    The Councillor for Citizen Security, Belén Pérez, takes stock of actions carried out by the local police in this campaign between 25 July and 15 August
  • Open Enrolment of volunteers for the Guadalentín Sports Games (20/08/2008)
    Applicants must have completed 14 years and have time available between September 6 and October 12
  • 75 places in training courses will be offered by the Department of Employment from September (20/08/2008)
    The courses, covering subjects as diverse as health care and electronics, try to alleviate the unemployment caused by the crisis
  • The City Council has earmarked more than € 50,000 to improve local social 18 (19/08/2008)
    It is an injection of cash directly benefiting 15,000 Lorca, users of these facilities among the various groups
  • "66,000 people can not be wrong," said Rosa Medina on the festival Espirelia (19/08/2008)
    "Isabel Casalduero said exactly the same as before the start of the festival," says Councillor for Culture on the criticisms made by the socialist mayor
  • The classic Out of Africa in the August cycle Movies (18/08/2008)
    The film, winner of seven Academy Awards, will be screened on Tuesday 19 in the Plaza de Calderón
  • Councillor for Environment said that "the discharge of Paraje de Santa Getrudis of complaining neighbors are not under municipal jurisdiction" (18/08/2008)
    "And if the Segura basin"
  • 65 Lorca visit Expo Zaragoza during the last bridge (18/08/2008)
    It is a trip funded by the Municipal Institute of City Council Youth Lorca
  • The Social Policy Minister condemns attack on a woman in Lorca (18/08/2008)

  • Lorca City Council will create and strengthen services and facilities for children in four public libraries this summer (14/08/2008)
    Peñarrubia explained that will be improved the Cultural Center and enabled "Pequetecas" in La Paca, almonds and the new Prince Asturias
  • 68 new housing units will be built in Lorca (14/08/2008)
    A large service area will be built in Lorca with the adoption of sector 2-T Torrecilla
  • "You can not fool Lorca fabricated data," said Francisco Montiel on the statements of the Socialist councilor Paquita Lopez (14/08/2008)
    Tourism Councilman said he was "outraged by the lies expressed by the PSOE de Lorca"
  • Luis Miguel Torroglosa and Maria Raquel Miras, overall winners of the "Fiestas del Campillo Fun Run" (14/08/2008)
    The next round of Local Circuit Popular Racing will be on 13 September during the "Sports Games Guadalentín"
  • Lorca signing the Manifesto of Cities for Climate (13/08/2008)
    This commitment is a commitment to reduce greenhouse gases and to promote sustainable development measures in the city
  • The Statistical Service of the Municipality of Lorca performed nearly 3,600 operations during the month of July (13/08/2008)
    "It's one more statistic that reflects the normal day to day at City Hall, despite the summer," says José Joaquín Peñarrubia
  • The cycling pilgrimage to Santiago in the penultimate stage (13/08/2008)
    The forty cyclists who left last August 1 are only 200 kilometers from the capital Santiago de Compostela
  • The City Council signed four cooperation agreements with various associations Lorca (12/08/2008)
    Three of these agreements include the assignment of web sites to groups of Lorca and the fifth is a subsidy for Songs and Dances Virgen de las Huertas
  • More than two million page views in (12/08/2008)
    hundred seventy thousand users from 110 different countries visited during the past year the website of the consistory lorquino
  • The City opens the deadline to submit proposals to the drafting of the Central-South Round (11/08/2008)
    The Town Planning stressed that "in this way there is a new step in the construction of this important ring road of the town"
  • Audrey Tautou in Hunting and gathering in the August cycle of films (11/08/2008)
    On Tuesday 12 at the Plaza de Calderón, will screen the film by Claude Berri
  • Almost loans in July 6000 in the Municipal Public Library (08/08/2008)
    Despite the summer "Lorca libraries maintain the level of use of any other time of year," said Councilman Education
  • Lorca Tourist development opens the coast (08/08/2008)
    with the adoption in plenary remission at the Community of the Coastal Management Handout for Final Approval
  • 200,000 euros of investment in Lorca for the second phase of the EU MED (08/08/2008)
    Lorca City Council has been selected to join the 3TM Project
  • "Lorca City Council has been working for months to curb unemployment," said Antonio Ibarra (08/08/2008)
    "From the city of Lorca are fighting unemployment, but great efforts must be based on Government of the Nation"
  • Public Works Councilman Angel Meca, announces the commissioning of two rural electrification in the coming days (07/08/2008)
    "This team is committed Government that electricity reaches all Lorca" says Mecca
  • Adif invested 55,142 euros in the new station signage Lorca-Sutullena (07/08/2008)
    This labeling is intended to encourage transit users on railway premises. They have installed low-power electrical components that help save energy
  • Almost three million euros for the Convention work plan districts and neighborhoods (06/08/2008)
    Angel Meca, Councillor of Public Works, presented a series of projects and reforms to "provide better services to citizens"
  • The nineteen young participants in the International Labor Camp Environment Calnegre tips visit Lorca (06/08/2008)
    The Councilors of Tourism and Youth, Francisco Montiel and Joaquin Ruiz, are young people in the City
  • Young people from Armenia, France, Turkey, Italy and Spain participate in Field Work Environment Tips Calnegre (05/08/2008)
    The director of the Institute for Youth has visited the participants of the first field that applies new technologies for development Environmental Action
  • The UMU created the Center for Medieval Studies, based in Lorca, thanks to an agreement with the City Council (05/08/2008)
    The Centre for Medieval Studies will be based in the town of Lorca, and may expand into other areas of influence of medievalism Murcia national and international
  • Veronica Lopez and Joaquin Ruiz visited the youth of the International Work Camp for the Environment Tips Calnegre (05/08/2008)
    19 young people from different European countries participate in the first field that applies new technologies for the development of environmental action
  • Satisfaction among the young Lorca participants in the exchange with Córdoba (Argentina) (04/08/2008)
    In January 2009 five girls returned to Argentina to visit Lorca estate
  • The Security Plan "day and night with you" manage to get this weekend two drivers without a license (04/08/2008)
    Local and National Police also arrested five persons for violation of the Aliens Act and another for allegedly driving under the influence Alcohol
  • Lorca's youth will be in charge of designing the future of the city Youth Space, which will feature nearly 1,200 square meters (04/08/2008)
    "It will be a building that combines innovative design with a functional role," said Joaquin Ruiz Montalvan
  • The Mayor of Lorca came to forty cyclists pilgrimage to Santiago (04/08/2008)
    In two weeks travel the 1143 kms.
  • The film "Inside Man" Spike Lee film opens tomorrow night in the Plaza de Calderón at 22 hours (04/08/2008)
    cycle "in August of Cinema" will run every Tuesday during the month of August
  • Social Policy has allocated a million euros to build a Center for Women in Lorca (03/08/2008)
    The network has 31 regional centers and CAVI
  • On Tuesday begins free distribution of products to eradicate fruit flies (01/08/2008)
    baits and insecticides can be collected in the Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds on Tuesday and Thursday August
  • The City Council looks to expand in 2009 to two shifts working Field Coy, after the success of this year (01/08/2008)
    The Youth Council also pack this international activity is well received by the sociocultural project
  • The mayor says goodbye to 170 scouts Lorca who left yesterday's summer camp (01/08/2008)
    This is the most important activity within the youth group that performs throughout the year
  • 400 students participate in 2,125 hours of training of the 26 courses that the Department of Women bid in the first half (01/08/2008)
    The attendees learned, both in the urban districts such as, computer skills, career guidance, health, management business, languages, cleaning and socio-cultural

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