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  • Ramón Luis Valcárcel, Miguel Angel House and Pedro Antonio Sánchez Francisco tomorrow Jódar support in his re-election at the head of PP Lorca (27/02/2009)
    The organization provides assistance to more than 600 militants
  • Livestock Technology Center will open in the next SEPOR (27/02/2009)
    These facilities include the Center for Equine Studies, which is building, near the center of insemination, and the recovery of the breed goats Murcia, Granada and Murcia flat
  • A new bike path will be built in the city, following the approval of the Partial Plan and Programme of Action of 9-R Sector Sutullena (27/02/2009)
    covers an area of 30,810 m2 and the budget for development works amounting to 1,659,916 euro
  • The Governing Board awarded the work on improving the football field in La Paca and heated pool in the neighborhood of San Antonio, including the PIMUN'09 (27/02/2009)
    These works of the Municipal Investment Plan run companies in the municipality.
  • Organize a course on the town from the tourist perspective, in collaboration with the Centre for Tourism Qualification (27/02/2009)
    This range of training will be held in the Chamber of Commerce from 2 to 14 March
  • Mayor welcomes Daniel Lorca and Enrique González Bueno, secretary general of the CCOO in the region and in Lorca respectively (27/02/2009)
    In this first formal meeting analyzed the situation of crisis in the city and ways to increase mutual cooperation
  • The 6000 City of Lorca gives cloth bags promoting their use, seeking to reduce unnecessary use of plastic (26/02/2009)
    The campaign will begin on Thursday, March 5 and will be held both in stores and in traditional market
  • His Majesty the King is the Honorary President of the XXV European Congress of Bonsai and Suiseki EBA / / ESA, to be held in Lorca during the fifteenth edition of Expoflores (26/02/2009)
    The Venue of Santa Quiteria square meters will have more exposure and more participants than ever from 6 to 8 March.
  • The Carnival Contest handed their awards amidst great excitement (26/02/2009)
    The costume contest was held at the Casino de Lorca, in the Dance Carnival 2009
  • The repair work at the level crossing at Santa Clara will cause traffic courts (25/02/2009)
    The deductions will occur the morning of 26 to 27, from 01:00 until 06:00 hours.
  • The road to the Provincial Villaespesa Tercia will remain closed to traffic for two hours in the morning from 26 to 27 February (25/02/2009)
    The withholding tax will be due to the arrangements that were made at the level crossing and will be held from 23:00 .
  • Lorca Mazarron and measured morning in a new round of the Inter School Sports Stage (25/02/2009)

  • 320 Lorca will benefit from the provision of training activities of the Department of Women for the first half of 2009 (25/02/2009)
    The City Council has provided a total of 1,340 hours of training spread over a total of 20 courses, which have an investment to 35,000 €
  • UGT and CCOO continue without receiving a feasibility plan for the cement company Holcim (25/02/2009)
    The company only bring down wages and increase working time
  • The four dancers Lorca Ballet Maria Teresa Lazareno qualify for the grand finale of the choice of candidate for Eurovision 2009 (24/02/2009)
    They were ranked fourth in the second semifinal and will be among the top ten on Saturday February 28 in an event broadcast live on BBC1
  • The Road Molino La Sierra (C º Pina), be closed to traffic the morning of 25 to 26 February for repairs at the level crossing (24/02/2009)

  • The 8th edition of the hiking trails "Lorca walk 2009" will begin on March 7 (23/02/2009)
    will have six routes and is organized by the Club Senderista IMJUDE and Lorca's "The Carrasca"
  • The City freezes wages and cuts Mayor and Council the allocation of municipal groups (23/02/2009)
    The main crop, the Municipal Council approved this morning, goes to the PP, with a € 29.72, while that of PSOE shall be 28.44% and 16.25% of the IU
  • The House calls for the withdrawal of amendments involving the expiration of the Tajo-Segura in 2015, the decrease of water resources in the basin of the Segura (23/02/2009)
    The Corporation has unanimously decided to address the deputies and senators from the region, urging them to vote against any rule or provision that would cause the expiration of Diversion
  • Health Councilmember Lorca City Council joins calls for a Pact for Rare Disorders (23/02/2009)
    Antonia Lopez and the Manager of Area III of sign their support for this campaign, to which citizens can join
  • The House rule to 23 owners of Zoning Adjustment Special Plan of SUZE-Huerta in place Velillas Turbintos and Puri (23/02/2009)
    The three municipal groups support the Mayor's motion to get the agreement of these neighboring properties that were listed by the previous municipal government without being consulted
  • Lorca is integrated into the Regional Transportation Authority (23/02/2009)
    The City and the Autonomous Community aimed at improving public transport and urban and intercity
  • The Grand Carnival Parade on Saturday will produce changes in vehicle traffic from 15:00 pm (20/02/2009)

  • The Children's Carnival Parade cuts cause traffic on Sunday (20/02/2009)
    Changes in the circulation of vehicles start from 12:00 pm
  • The City of Lorca 4,700 m2 of buildable get through the final approval of a performance at the Granada Road (20/02/2009)
    The Town Planning Councillor, Francisco García, announced the restoration of the facade of the building located between the streets of Santo Domingo and Juan Toledo
  • The City Council will conduct a comprehensive improvement Purias Civic Center with a new '09 Pimun investment of around 173,000 euros (20/02/2009)
    A total of 2,260 citizens will benefit from this new enhancement.
  • The UCAM triumphs in the Student Lounge Lorca (20/02/2009)
    The UCAM exercised a leading role during the last edition of Lorca Student
  • The Youth Social Local de Doña Inés is a reality in few months (20/02/2009)
    Team Members Municipal Government, the Mayor of Lorca at the head, held a meeting with neighbors to inform on the works of PIMUN '09 this hamlet
  • 129 participants took part in the 1 st edition of the narrative Contest for Secondary Education "Award Angeles Pascual" (20/02/2009)
    M ª Paz Carazo in group A and Alberto Mouliaá in the B, have been the winners of this wonderful initiative
  • Lorca opens today its triple presence in TURISMUR (20/02/2009)
    Pedro Alberto Cruz, accompanied by the Councillor for Tourism, visited the stand of the Municipality of Lorca
  • The PP Lorca reveals that "the Director of the PSOE Limusa as 35,106 euros spent on travel and meals in just one year" (19/02/2009)
    local PP regrets the "lack of ethics of the PSOE to support Mr. Gil Eguino in trial and not to condemn the abuses committed against workers and the economic waste that money held on account of age "
  • Lorca Mayor inaugurates the new Public Library Marchena-Aguadero (19/02/2009)
    "This new center is an example of use of infrastructure and will be very useful for both the school and for the residents of these councils," said Jódar
  • The residents of San Lazaro in the assembly agreed on how to be the main street with the planned refurbishment of the City Council in '09 PIMUN (19/02/2009)
    Lorca Mayor and councilors Lali Ibarra, Mari Carmen Ruiz and Belen Perez explained to the residents of this seven neighborhood streets that will benefit municipal works
  • The largest of the municipality will regulate the traffic in the vicinity of schools through a pioneering volunteer City Council (18/02/2009)
    The General Director of Volunteer and Lorca Mayor presented the project of the Department of the Mayor, in collaboration with Social Care and Security
  • The Director General of Immigration and delivery makes Lorca Volunteer Award Championship World Children's Day and 28 training diplomas (18/02/2009)
    Leopoldo Navarro was accompanied by Councilwoman Social Care in the closing ceremony of two training courses for immigrants
  • Opened amid great expectation the Tenth Edition Student Lounge (18/02/2009)
    It is expected that over 40,000 students pass through the Santa Quiteria Fairgrounds from 18 to 20 February
  • UPyD Lorca calls to various local political parties represented the motion to support legislation that defends the deputy Rosa Díez respect to water powers (17/02/2009)

  • Open the deadline for submitting applications for grants to clubs and sports associations federated (17/02/2009)

  • The photo contest V Women's council will award the best shots on "Everyday Life of Women" (17/02/2009)
    is open to all citizens who wish to send your pictures to the Municipal Council of Women.
  • Lorca Turismur expands its presence with three spaces on the fairgrounds IFEPA (17/02/2009)
    The exhibition will be held during the weekend, where the municipality will have a prominent
  • The Mayor sets out to neighbors in Rio '09 Pimun investments that directly benefit their parish (17/02/2009)

  • Narciso Yepes The street will be closed to traffic for renovations included in the PIMUN'09 from February 18 to March 6 (17/02/2009)
    The C / Herradura is enabled in both directions of traffic, so parking is prohibited in same
  • The oven Holcim Lorca will stand throughout 2009 and may 2010 (17/02/2009)
    MCA-UGT will receive on Monday a package of measures the company
  • The University of Murcia participates in the Student Lounge Lorca (17/02/2009)

  • The Human Resources Director General of the Ministry of Education and Peñarrubia meets with directors of schools of the district to share their concerns (17/02/2009)
    In a meeting also attended by the deputy and the heads of Planning, Teachers, Staff No Risk and Prevention Teaching
  • The German artist Rudolf Schuler exhibited in the Palacio de Guevara, from next Friday (17/02/2009)
    In the sample can be observed natural drawings linked to the Municipal School of Plastic Arts
  • Holcim will not cease its activity in the short term Lorca arises reactivate the medium and long term global strategy (17/02/2009)
    The company, the regional government and the council agree to establish a monitoring committee to analyze the situation of the sector and its center regional production
  • The People's University program more than 147 courses for this semester (16/02/2009)
    Autocad, Kitchen and Theatre are some of the stakes of this new course
  • The Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca purchase medical equipment worth 220,000 euros (16/02/2009)
    The new equipment will allow the hospital to provide services that had not been offered in the Health Area of Lorca
  • Lorca Mayor and Councillor of NGOs presented the construction of a Multipurpose Community Center for residents and collectives of the Barrio de San José (13/02/2009)
    The works included in the PIMUN 2009, will be held at a local municipal property located Park in San Jose, with an area of 500 m2, and will host youth groups, neighbors, elders and women of the Neighborhood
  • The Student Room Tenth Edition will be held at the Recinto Ferial de Santa Quitería from 18 to 20 February (13/02/2009)
    Among the novelties is the presence of Nena Daconte, who closed the show
  • 160 students from 15 centers Lorca, participated in the Regional Final Cross Country School Sport (13/02/2009)
    last Friday was held February 6 in San Javier, and reaped excellent results Lorca
  • The Governing Board of the City Council awarded five other works Lorca and two PIMUN projects worth EUR 396,500 to seven companies Lorca (13/02/2009)
    The extension and renovation of the bleachers on the football field in La Hoya, and new lighting in Palm Zarcilla , Cazares and La Hoya, are some of the awarded
  • Urban accelerates the development of a large bag of industrial land of nearly 1.3 million in Serrata (13/02/2009)
    Budget material execution of development works in this area around 28 million euros
  • Other agreements of the last Council of the City Planning Department of Lorca (13/02/2009)
    Improvement and modernization of the Streets Núñez de Arce and spin Lorca
  • The town of Lorca have a noise map to determine which areas suffer greater noise pollution (13/02/2009)
    Sustainable Development The mayor noted that it has been awarded the start of the study whose findings will serve as the Consistory to act accordingly.
  • Parades, competitions, processions, jokes, dance masks and more at the '09 Carnival Lorca (12/02/2009)
    Rosa Medina, Councilmember Celebrations of the City of Lorca, announces a program full of events "for all it Lorca have a great time
  • The City Council supports farmers Lorca and requires the National Government not to give in to pressure from Morocco (12/02/2009)

  • The Department of the Treasury detects that the previous administration was becoming urban contribution to 40 families who had to pay Paperback (12/02/2009)
    Antonio Ibarra has indicated that this error has caused injury to 40 families of watering places.
  • The Italian formation "Dolce Tempesta" recover in Lorca on Saturday the best pieces of music by Vivaldi (12/02/2009)
    The concert, part of the program Sound Cycles "will take place in the Carmelite church and will begin at 8 and thirty pm
  • Press release from the Planning Department's file on Villareal in response to criticism from IU (12/02/2009)

  • UI Lorca organized a conference for discussion and reflection on the economic crisis (11/02/2009)

  • Integrated Downtown Campus FP Lorca focus all training courses in the area of health in the municipality (11/02/2009)
    The center will be the first in the Region in providing health emergencies or specialties such as Audiology Prosthetics
  • The mayor says that Zapatero Water "hates the Region of Murcia" (11/02/2009)
    "And look for any possible formula to hurt us, as it has done with the Tajo-Segura"
  • 85% of employers in the telecommunications sector attended the meeting organized by the city of Lorca (10/02/2009)
    Diego Pedro García, Director General of Telecommunications and Information Society of the Region of Murcia, Germain Sancho, Director of CENTIC and Joaquin Ruiz Montalvan Councillor Information Society Lorca, participated in the meeting
  • The City of Lorca PIMUN built within the Social Center Mezzanine Marchena 676.73 m2, with an investment of 400,000 euros (09/02/2009)
    The City Council of NGOs, Mari Carmen Ruiz, explained this new two-storey building, which will rise within the investment plan of over 50 billion public works prepared by the City Council
  • 125 cyclists took part in the 2 nd route of the "Nature and Bike" (09/02/2009)
    The stage of development between the Rambla and the Industrial Nogalte Saprelorca over a distance of 55 km
  • For the second consecutive year Lorca will be final stage of the Tour of Murcia (09/02/2009)
    will have a journey of 188 miles and the finish will be located at Avenida Europa
  • The Mayor of Lorca requires the Minister of Development to urgently clarify the true extent of the underground train passing through Lorca (09/02/2009)
    The mayor has said that the Assistant Director General for Planning and Projects Department of the Ministry of Railways Development, Eduardo Molina, left no doubt in this regard
  • The Council organizes a business meeting dedicated to Information Technology (06/02/2009)

  • More applications than ever to participate in Expoflora-lorca'09 and XXV European Congress of Bonsai and Suiseki (06/02/2009)

  • The City of Lorca accelerates the onset of 32 works of PIMUN '09 which will involve an investment of 12 million euros (06/02/2009)
    Lali Ibarra explained that these works of PIMUN include starting the process of awarding the first phase of restoration and tourist adequacy of the Church of Santa Maria.
  • The Mayor will meet on February 17 in Madrid with the CEO of Holcim Spain, Alain Bourguignon to defend the plant lorquina (06/02/2009)
    Francisco Jodar has met this morning, again, with the works council, which has transmitted the distress of the workers.
  • The Socialist Party argues that the AVE will be buried along four kilometers in Lorca (06/02/2009)
    Cecilio Hernandez says he "does not know Jódar.
  • The City relies on the creation of new jobs through public works of PIMUN '09 to combat the effects of the crisis on unemployment (05/02/2009)
    Unemployment rose during the month of January in 366 people, from 4848-5214 people.
  • Lorca City Council began a pilot project to decentralize the services of the Office of Women in rural areas (05/02/2009)
    Antonia Lopez has said that for the first time provide psychosocial care in the districts furthest from the village, thanks to increased grant from the Institute of Women for equality programs
  • The film "Before the Devil Knows You're Dead" and "Vicky, Cristina Barcelona," will be screened in Lorca, in programming Cinema Paradiso Club (05/02/2009)
    The mayor of Culture, Rosa Medina and the Director of the Association, Jesus Martinez presented the selected billboard for the months of February and March
  • The School Board will bring to the seminar reading Lorca and Family, in four sessions address the importance of reading (05/02/2009)
    During February and March, writers and teachers in Lorca encourage reading as a means to improve academic performance and involve families reading
  • The Youth Council and the AECC come together to undertake joint prevention (04/02/2009)
    The events will take place tomorrow, February 5 at the Alameda of the Constitution
  • The City of Lorca and ethnic CajaMadrid three concerts organized for school children 2 and 3 of primary (04/02/2009)
    Councillor for Education and Social Work of the Savings and promote tolerance, inclusion and solidarity
  • The Governing Board accelerates the launch of 14 new projects included in the Municipal Investment Plan of the City for public works in 2009 (04/02/2009)
    Ibarra, "the Municipal Investment Plan (PIMUN 2009) is the shield and Lorca sword to fight the crisis. "
  • The City Council said the residents of Apolonia, Los Angeles, Armed Forces 2009 PIMUN investments that benefit their districts (04/02/2009)
    The Mayor presented the projects, whose total investment is around EUR 1.5 million, considering the modernization of Avenue of the armed forces and improving road safety in access from Murcia, among other works
  • A wide and varied range of sports for next weekend in Lorca (03/02/2009)
    The 2 Route of the "Bike and Nature", the 4th Conference of the League Regional Cross and competition interschool tennis, are part of the abundant grill
  • Satur (PP): "We demand that ZP Murcia to stop punishing our farmers" (03/02/2009)
    The PP available to all who wish Lorca free buses to attend the demonstration in defense of the Tajo-Segura
  • The Library for Children and Youth Cultural Center will have until next Friday with the presence of the writer M ª Carmen de la Bandera (03/02/2009)
    Analyze school with his books, seeking to promote the use of reading among young people
  • The City of Lorca performed with the UMU University Specialist Course in Intercultural Mediation and Interpretation in the health field (03/02/2009)
    The City Council of Social Services, Lali Ibarra has reported that this new free training program will last 300 hours, with theoretical phase and practice
  • 4 lorquina dancers participate in the final phase of the selection of the artist who will represent Spain in Eurovision 2009 (03/02/2009)
    The dancers, members of the ballet of Maria Teresa Lazareno are attached to Murcia Salva Ortega in the galas that will be broadcast on TVE 1
  • 19 meters from the Avenida Juan Carlos I will be released by the change in containers Limusa take place on the night of Wednesday to Thursday (03/02/2009)
    The Edil Melchor Morales also announced two works of drinking water in watering places and Alameda de Cervantes
  • Pujante Palacios urged to report on the "shortcomings" of the Health Center-Centro Lorca (03/02/2009)
    IU + Greens in the Regional Assembly has submitted two motions, a series of questions and a request for appearance of the Minister of Health and Consumer
  • Phase begins Thursday Intermunicipal School Sports, which will face Eagles Lorca (03/02/2009)
    Participating centers Lorca, Aguilas, Puerto Lumbreras Totana, Alhama, Mazarron and Librilla
  • Water Councilman qualifies as failure WATER Program, stating that "we have wasted 5 years on all water" (02/02/2009)
    Lorca City Council adds to the demonstration in defense of the Tajo-Segura convened by the scraf because as Melchor Morales, "the Consistory is required to support irrigators in something as basic as water"
  • The City Council promotes the Theater of 1,500 primary pupils from the hand of the Social Work Ibercaja (02/02/2009)
    Councillor for Education explained that this time students will enjoy the book "Midnight Dream" at the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria
  • The bus violence against women will be at the Plaza Calderon from today until Wednesday (02/02/2009)
    Lorca Mayor and the Director of the Institute for Women presented this morning this information to prevent abuse
  • The City Council will improve the performances of Lorca employment and social inclusion (02/02/2009)
    Lorca Mayor presided over the inauguration of three technicians through Social Inclusion and other jobs for the Job Center for Women
  • The City of Lorca reinforces the organization of local police with five new ropes (02/02/2009)
    Lorca Mayor presided over the inauguration of these new police officers
  • Lorca hosts a conference of European (02/02/2009)
    is intended to achieve additional financial resources through European Union funds
  • UPyD Lorca shows solidarity with monitors (02/02/2009)
    ... school football

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