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  • Lorca Local Police strengthens its presence in the town cemetery on the Day of All Saints (31/10/2011)

  • The full City Council approves Lorca tax freeze for 2012 (31/10/2011)

  • The full City Council approves Lorca's occupation of a plot of transformer street to a park (31/10/2011)

  • Almost all motions passed unanimously by the full City Council of Lorca (31/10/2011)

  • The last six troops withdraw from EMU after being dismantled Lorca camp (30/10/2011)
    EMU has been in Lorca from a few hours after the earthquake until today
  • The PSOE called attention to the deficiencies presented at the entrance to the neighborhood of San Cristobal (28/10/2011)
    The Socialist councilor, Anne Lario said the danger of some sections with poor lighting, lack of sidewalks and uneven pavement
  • The Governing Board approved a new set of 30 grants and repayable advances for rent (28/10/2011)
    bound for earthquake victims
  • The Parish, Marchena, La Campana, Campillo, Zarcilla Palm Grill and will benefit from a new set of municipal works (28/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Party calls to City Hall to urge the Autonomous Community to allocate projects and ARIS ARUS the town of Lorca (28/10/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler exposes the motion means the Municipal Socialist Group will present the next Municipal Council
  • 6 singers winners of the Golden Sun will perform at the XXII International Festival de Cante Flamenco Sun City is a tribute to Lorca (28/10/2011)

  • Lorca aspires to be European City of Sport in 2013 (28/10/2011)

  • The Government approves new measures to alleviate the consequences of Lorca earthquake and encourage the recovery of the city (28/10/2011)
    There will be support for merchants and tax credits for new businesses
  • More than 1,300 people will participate more than 35 courses offered by the Department of Policy staff during the coming months (27/10/2011)

  • The Socialist Party calls for a renewal plan Lorca Educational Centers (27/10/2011)
    The social responsibility of Education and Sports, Mazuecos Jesus also warned about the dismal state of the facilities Petanque Club of San Diego
  • Murcia Fifty open initiative "Tod 's shopping Lorca" (27/10/2011)

  • New Generations of Eagles celebrated on Monday the "Oktober-Fest-Young Solidarity with Lorca" (27/10/2011)
    with the aim of raising money to help rebuild the City of the Sun
  • Ramon Ortiz: "The Central Government is meeting its commitments to Lorca" (27/10/2011)
    The Senate candidate for the Socialist Party reaffirmed its intention to work best to Lorca in the Senate
  • The PSOE Lorca echoes the claim of several neighborhood groups (26/10/2011)
    Andrea Periago The socialist mayor has listed the Q & A that his group presented at the next Municipal regular plenary to be held on Monday 31
  • The Government Delegate Jódar ask themselves "mess" is to seek solutions to problems swiftly Lorca and fund the necessary support for its reconstruction (26/10/2011)
    recalls that the Council of Ministers will review the 139 demolitions aid requests submitted by the City without even giving the go-ahead
  • The Libraries of the districts taken up in Lorca "The Tale Thursday" (26/10/2011)

  • The PP is opposed to higher incomes contribute more to personal income tax to help reconstruction Lorca (26/10/2011)
    Congressman Manuel Soler stated that it is understandable that the regional government and the PP are doing daily display of support for victims by the earthquake and when presented the opportunity to oppose
  • Workshop on "m-Commerce: Your business in mobile" and "Adding value to websites and online stores" in the Chamber of Commerce Lorca (26/10/2011)

  • The Government is considering with the Region of Murcia and Lorca City Council a new aid package to mitigate the effects of earthquake (26/10/2011)
    Currently they are running the compensation of the Insurance Compensation Consortium, which has already resolved 26,000 claims, of the 29,000 presented
  • Valcárcel claims for Lorca "state solutions to a problem of state" (26/10/2011)
    The president of the Community considers that the new measures agreed "are good for Lorca and the region, but remain insufficient"
  • The company donated 1,500 euros Melons Bollo the Bureau for Development (25/10/2011)

  • Back to the Fortress mystery of the Sun and the Convent of Mercy of Lorca with Halloween 2011 (25/10/2011)

  • The Cycling Club La Hoya-Lorca delivered to the Bureau for Development 2120 euros from the organization of the Ruta del Sol BTT (24/10/2011)
    team president, Asensio Mateos, presented the donation to the Councillor for Sports, Augustine Llamas
  • The Lorca that home and subdivide the property tax payment in 2012 will have a bonus of 5% (24/10/2011)

  • The City of Lorca offers the assistance of its Municipal Emergency Service Turkey (24/10/2011)
    to help after the earthquakes that have hit the country
  • The government approves the expenditure of more than 17'3 million in Lorca (24/10/2011)
    Intervention are now six million in the near future will come to companies that have done emergency work
  • Lorca sinks about 10 inches per year (24/10/2011)
    The land has been depressed more than 1.5 meters in 15 years due to overexploitation of aquifers
  • The bishop presides at the eucharist Lorca have taken place on the occasion of the Meeting of Brotherhoods of the Region of Murcia (23/10/2011)
    These projects involved more than 2000 people from all over the region
  • Gonzalez Veracruz undertakes to fight from the Congress for immediate reconstruction Lorca (22/10/2011)
    "The Government of Spain if you meet Lorca, with facts and without demagoguery"
  • Clowns Without Borders returns to Lorca to spread smiles among those affected by the earthquake last May 11 (21/10/2011)

  • 2.7 million for the urgent rehabilitation of two schools in Lorca (21/10/2011)

  • The aid provided by the City Council based on the Bureau for Development funds reach the 852 (21/10/2011)

  • This Saturday Eagles held a charity concert in which will participate in the Banda Municipal de Música de Lorca (21/10/2011)
    The Concert Hall "Alfonso Escamez" Musical Patronage of Columbine will host the concert starting at 20.30 hours
  • The Community State proposes to allocate the remaining funds from the Regional Housing Plan of 2011 for the rehabilitation of Lorca (20/10/2011)
    Antonio Sevilla claims to the Secretary of State for Housing quantification of aid is not granted due to lack of applications aimed at the homeless by earthquakes
  • The 2010 promotional poster SEPOR gets the first prize in national advertising Albéitar (20/10/2011)

  • The Department of Employment form to City Hall 63 unemployed Lorca Lorca in administration, child education, accounting and management autocad (20/10/2011)

  • Three glass lamps Synagogue Lorca Castle will be exhibited at the National Library (20/10/2011)

  • The City of Lorca opens the October 24 application deadline for transportation grant university (20/10/2011)
    will take into account those displaced by the earthquake
  • New Generations BP is working with the Olympic del Carmen in the coordination of volunteers (20/10/2011)
    Any person who wishes to contribute to this charity event can contact with new generations through different social networks
  • Howard: "The inclusion of the Mediterranean Corridor as a priority for the European Union is great news for Lorca" (20/10/2011)

  • Declaration of the Socialist Group statement Lorca after the terrorist group ETA (20/10/2011)

  • The City Council will support the residents of Calnegre tips to the Constitutional Court and Human Rights in Strasbourg (19/10/2011)
    to keep the village
  • Retegui requires Marin today to pay money to rent houses in Lorca that the Government of Spain became a month and a half (19/10/2011)

  • The PSOE Lorca requires clarity in the management of funds and aid for those affected by earthquakes (19/10/2011)
    Isabel Casalduero The socialist mayor expressed his surprise at the fact that significant amounts of money to sleep the sleep of the just into the coffers Autonomous Community
  • The Department for Women offers 13 courses for 203 students more free to be developed in the town and parishes (19/10/2011)

  • IU-Green proposes a regional investment plan for the recovery of Lorca (19/10/2011)

  • The Community law last an extraordinary fiscal measures for the victims of the earthquakes in Lorca (19/10/2011)
    Marin confirms this as the Regional Assembly and insists that priority should be that the State adequately fund the Plan Lorca
  • The company donates to the City KNAUF 5,000 m2 of plasterboard (18/10/2011)
    for the reconstruction of partitions in municipal social centers damaged by earthquakes
  • The City Council requests the Central Government a battery of fiscal measures to help those affected by earthquakes (18/10/2011)
    and contribute to the recovery of the city
  • The Olympics BP by Carmen raise funds to restore the temple Lorca through sport and coexistence (18/10/2011)
    During the 28th, 29th and October 30th this sporting event is held which includes 5 tests, Mass of the Children and fellowship meal
  • The Library Reading Clubs will return on 25, 26 and October 27 (18/10/2011)
    Spin The Cultural Fund is the place to house this activity
  • The network meets in Lorca Murcia entrepreneurs with investors (18/10/2011)
    This initiative of the Ministry of Universities and Research Company now has 28 projects and 18 business investors willing to finance and foster initiatives with great potential for growth
  • Eurotoques donated to the Bureau for Development of Lorca's 28,000 euros raised its fundraising dinner (17/10/2011)

  • The damage from earthquakes in the People's University of Lorca based force to distribute a hundred courses in nine centers (17/10/2011)

  • The Mayor receives a grant of 40,000 euros solidarity by signing Orona lift PECR (17/10/2011)

  • The Municipal Service Emergency Ambulance receives a Peugeot Spain (17/10/2011)
    automotive firm commitment to collaboration with the municipality's recovery after the earthquake last May 11
  • Agents Bravo unit of the local police involved Lorca half a kilo of marijuana inside a car (17/10/2011)

  • A motorcyclist died after an accident in the RM332 in the town of Lorca (15/10/2011)

  • "The Mayor of Lorca does not meet its obligations to its neighbors" (15/10/2011)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez said that the government team unfairly hiding behind the Delegation of the government to hide its inefficiency
  • The City Council extended the refundable advances for rental housing to 29 families Lorca (14/10/2011)
    that continue without receiving aid from the Joint Commission
  • The PSOE display graphic information about the sorry state that have several buildings in the street Cava (14/10/2011)
    The Socialist deputy spokesman Marisol Sanchez returns to influence the apparent dangers for pedestrians, many schools
  • The Socialist Party calls on the regional government to implement additions to the highest incomes to be allocated to reconstruction Lorca (14/10/2011)
    regional deputy, Manuel Soler explains that it is fair to pay more and who else has "Lorca requires firmness on the demands to the Government of Spain, but needs the responsibility of the regional government
  • The City notes that the Government Office does not consider "emergency spending" works in 13 school buildings close to Mother Mercy (14/10/2011)
    and refuses to pay
  • Employees at the Triton voluntarily painted almost 22 kilometers of the urban road (14/10/2011)

  • Back Scout group activities at Sun City Lorca (14/10/2011)
    Around three hundred young people from 8 to 30 years among students and teachers resume weekly activities
  • Coffee Bar Mirasol Jumondi Trophy win in a tight final against Expresso Cafe (13/10/2011)
    15 teams participated in the twenty-fourth edition of the football tournament of Guadalentín Sports Games, which was decided by 1 to 0 in favor of Mirasol
  • The Waste Management Centre of Lorca could be generating electricity by the end of year (13/10/2011)

  • 124 Lorca Vocational students designed 47 companies with the "Learn to undertake" the City of Lorca (13/10/2011)

  • The City Council study room reopens the Cultural Center of the City after the earthquake of May 11 (13/10/2011)

  • Record all in the Cyclo-Tour of the Games: More than 1,600 people pedaling by Lorca (12/10/2011)
    October 12 is consolidated in the City of the Sun as Bicycle Day at the closing Lorquin Games
  • The City identifies the following major problems 5 months after the 140 earthquake records blocking demolition (11/10/2011)
    And that helps the Joint Commission have not reached
  • Urban initially approved the extension of the town, that includes the creation of a park of 7617 m2 (11/10/2011)

  • Lorca honors the flag of Spain Wednesday to mark the Columbus Day (10/10/2011)

  • Llorens and Abellaneda Solbes Lopez at senior winners of the Fourth Inter-Sport Tournament Zuran Paddle (10/10/2011)
    Tennis Club hosted the Los Alamos during the championship weekend which ended with the participation of 172 players and players
  • Lorca welcomes the Assembly of the Spanish Association of Regional Development Agencies (10/10/2011)
    On the occasion of this House celebrated the 'I Latin American Meeting of Regional Development Agencies
  • The riders of tomorrow competing in the Games with the Inter-Schools Championships (10/10/2011)

  • Tourism Fair Interior Jaén "Tierra Adentro" Lorca rewards for their efforts to recover the tourism after the earthquake (10/10/2011)

  • 51 archers participating in the II Trophy Archery Games (10/10/2011)
    The third Archery participation in the Olympics Lorca resulted in a contested trial on the morning of Sunday in the '82 World
  • Cycle-Walk dismiss the Games on Wednesday at 11 from the Garden of The Wheel (10/10/2011)
    commemorative shirts will be awarded the Games to all participants and prize draw will be in this great celebration of the bicycle for all
  • Lorca City Council in December will launch two new employment workshops (10/10/2011)
    with which will be formed and will employ 48 unemployed Lorca
  • The Government of Spain will soon present the plan of measures for the recovery of Lorca (10/10/2011)
    According to the non-legislative proposal passed by Congress
  • Conclude the Games and Sports of the 3rd Age of Guadalentín Games (10/10/2011)

  • Lorca City Council strengthens its services to provide information on the property tax exemption (10/10/2011)

  • The "Association May 11 - We Lorca" denies that the City would have placed any obstacles to broadcast call (10/10/2011)
    And he stresses that does not plan to do tomorrow any protest
  • The Municipal Group Socialist and United Left reiterated in his criticism of last Friday (10/10/2011)

  • The INFO and ten banks approve a financing choice for companies and businesses Lorca (09/10/2011)
    The Regional Executive provides for aid to help companies delaying payments and access to finance
  • Coy hosts Regional Trophies and Popular Games (09/10/2011)
    More than 200 people took part in a new edition of the legendary event orientation Games
  • 318 swimmers participating in the Trofeo de Natation "Ciudad de Lorca" (09/10/2011)
    San Antonio Pool hosted for the first time one of the competitions leading regional swimming calendar
  • Great afternoon of athletics with the Award of the Games Graphic Mariano (09/10/2011)

  • A weekend Futsal loaded with games Guadalentín (09/10/2011)

  • More than 130 participants in the Fair Trophy bowls of the Games (09/10/2011)
    Players Club San Diego pitch accounted for much of the victories
  • MTB Ruta del Sol: Best Mountain Bike, the best tribute to Lorca (09/10/2011)
    The debut of the Ruta del Sol in the Games ended with over 250 participants in a trial that was set up as a tribute to the city of Lorca
  • CCOO denounces the untenable situation of PIFC in Lorca (08/10/2011)
    The center has not to date received a single euro for operating expenses or for cleaning.
  • Raid Adventure: Only for the brave (08/10/2011)
    25 teams took part in the second edition of the Raid of the Games met running, cycling, hiking, rock climbing, abseiling and canoeing among tests
  • More than 70 wrestlers enjoy Taekwondo Pavilion at San Jose (08/10/2011)
    Participants competed in the categories of Poomse Poomse Children and Adults
  • The Socialist Party is committed to the economic revitalization of the parishes of North and Almendricos (07/10/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler announced a proposal to fund a project of agriculture and livestock production and rural tourism and other ethno-tourism in the districts of North and Almendricos
  • 30 Telefónica volunteers painted road signs for streets of Lorca erased by the increased traffic in the city after the earthquake (07/10/2011)

  • Although the Dependency Act provides for the suspension of aid and the paralysis of the file change of address, all beneficiaries continue to receive their aid Lorca (07/10/2011)
    Autonomous Region and City Council agreed this measure to avoid damage to the Lorca family beneficiaries of this law that have had to move house by earthquakes
  • The City Council has approved and 1,480,730 euros in aid to families who have lost Lorca housing (07/10/2011)

  • The Government creates a Commissioner to promote and coordinate actions under earthquake Lorca (07/10/2011)
    will have the support of government ministries and Government Delegation in Murcia
  • La Peña Madridista 7171.5 euros donated to the Bureau for Development of Lorca for those affected by earthquakes (07/10/2011)

  • The extreme Autonomous aid to dependent Lorca after the earthquakes (07/10/2011)
    The Office of the Unit has been concerned that beneficiaries do not suffer neglect affected by the forced change of address
  • Tragsa Agreement entrusts to manage the refurbishment of the plant Lorca (07/10/2011)

  • More than a million for emergency rehabilitation of four schools of Lorca (07/10/2011)

  • The government delegate explained that the Plan is being developed Lorca and involves numerous steps (07/10/2011)
    All government ministries are involved and Spain not stop working for the good of the Lorca
  • Unicaja delivery to the Red Cross raised funds in their account of solidarity in support of the poorest victims of the earthquake in Lorca (07/10/2011)

  • Bands of Music concerts throughout the region to benefit those affected by earthquakes under the initiative "spirit of solidarity by Lorca" (07/10/2011)
    The Federation of Bands in the Region of Murcia has reported that tomorrow will be two of these events on Sunday, eight performances, ten have already done and the rest is held by the end of the year
  • Members of the Associations of Friends of Museums in the Region of Murcia will be making a visit to Lorca (07/10/2011)

  • Response to statements by a City Council member of a platform (07/10/2011)

  • Denounce the obstacles People's Government Team is putting the "Association May 11 We Lorca" (07/10/2011)
    to spread their calls for public meeting
  • The Socialist Party regretted the delay in the completion of the work of the Municipal School of Music and Fine Arts (07/10/2011)

  • Youth Council Lorca participates in the Partnership Fair Township Eagles 2011 (06/10/2011)

  • Adventure Raid, Ruta del Sol, Guidance and 9 activities in the 5th weekend of the Games (06/10/2011)
    The Olympics Lorca face its final stretch with a weekend full of the best and most spectacular sport
  • Lorca confirms its leadership in the treatment of waste with the launch of a new system that will triple the recovery of materials (06/10/2011)

  • More than a thousand entrepreneurs in the region come together in Lorca (06/10/2011)
    The sixth edition of 'Day of the entrepreneur' has a program of more than 40 activities, with the aim of fostering an entrepreneurial culture and creating Business
  • González Tovar highlights the need to generate new business projects to overcome the crisis (06/10/2011)
    The Government delegate appreciates that the Day of the entrepreneur is held in Lorca
  • The Socialist Party calls attention to significant deficiencies in the municipality IES (06/10/2011)
    The social responsibility of Education, Mazuecos Jesus says we're talking about situations prior to May 11 and, in some cases take years to be resolved, thereby dangers
  • Tomorrow, Friday October 7, Telefónica workers celebrate International Volunteer Day in Lorca (06/10/2011)

  • The mayor announced that the municipality will receive 2.5 million euros for the recovery of sports facilities (05/10/2011)

  • The Government of Spain in Lorca build a covered sports pavilion (05/10/2011)
    Through the Sports Council
  • Fericab meet in Lorca from 13 October to 16 300 copies of Pure Spanish of the best farms of the country (05/10/2011)

  • The Community invests 1.2 million euros for the reconstruction of sports facilities Lorca (05/10/2011)

  • The unemployment back down in Lorca, despite the increase in the region and Spain (05/10/2011)

  • The lived experience of law enforcement and emergency following the earthquake will be used by the City Council to develop a special response plan (05/10/2011)
    Lorca will be the first municipality in the region that has a plan of its kind
  • The City Council assigned temporary housing delivery by the Red Cross (05/10/2011)
    to 13 needy families in the neighborhood of San Fernando who lost his home by earthquakes
  • 150 students having great time with sports for the Integration of the Games Guadalentín (05/10/2011)

  • 40 kids take their first steps into the sports world with the Games Guadalentín (05/10/2011)
    Playing the Athletics in the street suggested a tour of five sporting events of initiation in which the little ones it had a great time
  • Local Police Officers involved five marijuana plants near a house in Ramonete (04/10/2011)

  • Playing in the Street Athletics: The best sports for children (04/10/2011)
    The 17 hours Wednesday from the boys and girls aged 6 to 12 can take their first steps into the world of athletics in the malls with Sports Games Guadalentín
  • Lorca Fernando López Miras The newest member of the PP National Executive Committee (04/10/2011)
    Young regional deputy is a member of the National Campaign Committee of New Generations
  • Hurtado, "Rubalcaba is the president that Spain needs and Lorca real need to rebuild the city" (04/10/2011)

  • The City of Lorca puts the property tax collection, of which 65% are exempt receipts for damages suffered by the earthquakes (04/10/2011)

  • The Lorca Housewives resume their activity with the reopening of the period of his literary contest interrupted by earthquakes (04/10/2011)

  • La Ruta del Sol debuted bringing the best and most supportive of the Games Mountain Bike (04/10/2011)
    The next Sunday Club Ciclista La Hoya-Lorca bring us this amazing test, which is intended as a tribute to Lorca, with two walks and output arrival in the village lorquina
  • Sepes assume the urbanization of land that the city of Lorca yield for 300 homes, which is also responsible for building (04/10/2011)
    Sepes Director General of Lorca and the mayor signed a protocol under which the city will make available to Sepes in the coming weeks two undeveloped lots with a capacity for the first 60 houses
  • The Joint Commission approved nearly nine million euros to aid earthquake 1763 Lorca (03/10/2011)
    total records are approved in 2442, accounting assistance valued at 11,948,524.29 euros
  • You can see the list of voter registration for general election November 20 (03/10/2011)
    may vote a total of 57 863 Lorca
  • CajaMurcia delivery Lorca raised 500,000 euros in joint account (03/10/2011)
    Cajamurcia Foundation contributed to the first 100,000 euros to this initiative has received a total of 5,100 donations
  • 540 people attend the festival organized in solidarity with Lorca Móstoles by the Regional House of Murcia (03/10/2011)

  • IU-Greens criticized the "slowness" of the Mixed Commission in the resolution of files (03/10/2011)

  • UPyD in Lorca asked not to be included its image in the campaign launched by the association Lorca May 11 (03/10/2011)
    Juan Manuel Cabrera reminded the association that has been the only political formation that has not used the earthquake electorally and Rosa Lorca Diez was the only one that did not come to the city to "take a picture"
  • The Fraternities and Brotherhoods of the Diocese of Cartagena Lorca held at Diocesan Day this year (03/10/2011)

  • 450 people participate in the Traverse Mountain by Parish (02/10/2011)
    The Parish pool was the place of departure and arrival of a nocturnal journey that led to the participants by The Tova, and Jarales Ortilla
  • Despite the problems Squash is alive (02/10/2011)
    Squash Club organized a rally of Lorca at the Palacio de los Deportes de Murcia to prove that this sport is still alive in Lorca despite having no tracks from the May 11
  • El Ejido is imposed on the party Lorca Rugby Guadalentín Games (02/10/2011)
    The squad lorquina demonstrates the many progress since its inception last season
  • The Games football reaches Almendricos (02/10/2011)
    30 young players participating in Futsal Competition held in the hamlet Pedanías Almendricos
  • 29 youth participate in interschool Trophy Mountain Bike Games (01/10/2011)
    Circuit de La Torrecilla, at the site of the Cypresses, hosted the races in which 4 teams participated for the first time non-federated 14 kids

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