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Lorca News - June 2011

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  • The University of Alicante celebrates with a charity concert Lorca (30/06/2011)

  • 459 Banesto employees collaborate on a campaign to help the victims of the earthquake (30/06/2011)

  • The PSOE reflects the concern of the Community Educational Institute "Ramón Arcas" (30/06/2011)
    the lack of space that presents the project to rebuild part of the same
  • Lorca Castle hosts the July 7 special children's night on the initiative "Keeper of the Moon" (30/06/2011)

  • Children with unemployed parents paid only half if you decide to participate in summer camps organized by entertainment companies Lorca (30/06/2011)

  • Campaign to prevent heat stroke (30/06/2011)
    2000 The city distributed water bottles, 1,000 cartons of juice, 500 samples of sunscreen and 5,000 print
  • The mayor holds a working meeting with heads of the European Union (30/06/2011)
    to advance in obtaining grants for the physical and economic municipality after earthquake
  • The LORCA METAL festival 2011 will be a beneficial (30/06/2011)

  • Lorca Campus hosts first summer school (29/06/2011)

  • The Federation of Barcelona supporters clubs in the Region of Murcia and Barcelona with those affected by the earthquake of Lorca (29/06/2011)

  • The Socialist Party regretted the lack of plurality and democracy in the management of municipal companies (29/06/2011)

  • Response to the statements of Manuel Soler (PSOE) (29/06/2011)

  • The municipality receives the proceeds from the "jogging Solidarity 'held in Elche (28/06/2011)

  • CatalunyaCaixa available to the 65-story rental Lorca no cost during the first months for those affected by the earthquake (28/06/2011)
    CatalunyaCaixa is the leading financial group in facilitating property without cost to the Consistory and assist in the relocation of the town of Lorca the same city
  • Galp Group donates € 7,500 to the Association of May '11, We Lorca ' (28/06/2011)
    Mayor Lorca, Francisco Jodar thanked this contribution will be managed by the Bureau for Development
  • The council encourages young people to enroll in the Summer School of Physical Activity and Leisure (EVAF) (27/06/2011)

  • 60 Lorca companies collaborate on practical training of 71 students in Initial Vocational Training Program (27/06/2011)

  • Created a fund of 500,000 euros to support the normalization of trade and activity of the autonomous Lorca (27/06/2011)
    features contributions from the Municipality of Lorca, Mapfre, Orona-PECR and the Ministry of Company
  • The PSOE de Lorca presents a raft of proposals for the relocation of earthquake victims (24/06/2011)

  • Manuel Soler claiming a broad national consensus on the issue of Water (24/06/2011)
    The Regional Deputy outlines the work to be done in the various committees which form part of the Regional Assembly of Murcia
  • Lorca City Council of the strike out to 126 unemployed Lorca more (24/06/2011)

  • The council encourages Lorca to benefit from greater holiday program that offers Imserso (24/06/2011)
    Forms to register can be obtained via the Internet and in the offices of mayor's own City Hall.
  • Establishment of special health services for the victims of the earthquake on May 11 (24/06/2011)

  • The Brotherhood of Our Lady of Sorrows Eagles delivered to the council raising the event in solidarity with musical groups (24/06/2011)

  • Convention for the rehabilitation of buildings damaged by earthquakes in Lorca (24/06/2011)

  • The City Council plans to start on Monday Lorca building demolition World Gym Fitness Center (24/06/2011)

  • The Cup Champions, Super League and won this year by the Football Club Barcelona come to Lorca Sunday (24/06/2011)
    for a food charity for those affected by earthquakes
  • La Noche de San Juan brings together 480 people in the Castle of Lorca, more than double last year (24/06/2011)

  • The 'Day of the entrepreneurs' meet in Lorca on 6 October over a thousand business people and entrepreneurs (23/06/2011)
    More than 50 institutions on four thematic areas show general information and business ideas, financial services, business creation and consolidation and accommodation to convert ideas into jobs
  • La Peña Madridista "Sun City" organized for July 22 a fundraising dinner for those affected by earthquakes (23/06/2011)
    attended by representatives of Real Madrid
  • The May 11 earthquake did not affect the railway infrastructure (23/06/2011)
    Adif reauthorizes the movement of trains on the route Lorca-Eagles
  • JS Lorca notes that the Central Government has invested in Murcia over 5 million euros for the Classroom Program 2.0 (22/06/2011)
    youth organization regrets that the Popular Party government has taken more than two years to accept aid from the Ministry of Education
  • The Department of Employment seeks performing a battery of training to benefit 170 unemployed (22/06/2011)
    This is a new series of shares totaling nearly 5,000 hours of training and are an economic pillar of 462,309 euros
  • Castle lorca celebrate Midsummer with a concert, storytelling and free entry (22/06/2011)

  • The Galician cooperatives morning delivered 23,400 liters of milk to neighbors Lorca (22/06/2011)
    The initiative is coordinated by the Galician Association of Agricultural Cooperatives (CAAC) and FECOAM
  • The children's festival 'The smile of a child' moves until after the summer (22/06/2011)
    Action will resume at the Teatro Guerra Lorca, after their rehabilitation
  • The City gets a national award from the group Tragsa and gave the full amount of the settlement of the local Alzheimer's Association Lorca (21/06/2011)

  • The Eagles Club Padelante and Paddle Club delivered to the Bureau for Development 2350 euros a charity tournament (21/06/2011)
    held last weekend in favor of those affected by earthquakes
  • Tourism experts analyzed in Lorca rural development potential of the sector (21/06/2011)
    The presentations are developed in the V Conference on Rural Tourism, organized by the University of Murcia in cooperation with the city of Lorca
  • The Community promotes quality control and agility of the rehabilitation of homes and buildings in Lorca (21/06/2011)
    Works collaborates with professional associations in the region to facilitate reporting and participation of qualified professionals
  • A 24 year old has died after falling from 5 feet while working on Aguaderas (20/06/2011)

  • The Corner Huertano Lorca delivery Mayor 33,384 euros raised at a charity dinner for those affected by earthquakes (20/06/2011)
    Francisco Jodar thanked the owner of this establishment, its employees and suppliers have worked selflessly all in this event that 600 people attended the auction that took place and sweepstakes
  • Mayor Unveils areas of responsibility of the council of the government team (18/06/2011)

  • Mayor welcomed President of the Association caravaqueña "Al-Bino" (17/06/2011)
    has launched a campaign to raise funds for earthquake victims by selling bracelets in solidarity
  • Limusa ORA restores service on Monday (17/06/2011)

  • UPTA considered Murcia Lorca further cuts is not enough (16/06/2011)
    The self-Lorca earthquake victims are still demanding that support be put in place tailored to their real needs
  • Valcárcel Barroso requesting extra funds to tackle the reconstruction of Lorca (16/06/2011)
    Stresses that the EU must "be prepared with exceptional responses to exceptional circumstances" and "make sure your budget has the resources to respond effectively to these needs"
  • Members of the Municipal People's Hall of Eagles donated 12,000 euros to outgoing affected by earthquakes in Lorca (16/06/2011)

  • The Spanish Society of Emergency Management recognizes the regional government by the earthquakes of Lorca (16/06/2011)

  • Students in grades 5 Elementary School Sun City delivered 650 € for those affected by earthquakes (16/06/2011)

  • The charitable funds of the Bureau for Development will be allocated on a priority basis to meet the families of dead and wounded (15/06/2011)
    and those who have lost their usual home
  • ... (15/06/2011)

  • Lorca All schools will be ready to welcome its students on the first day of class (15/06/2011)
    The Minister of Education has moved the proposed school to the municipal school board members
  • Solidarity from all over Spain: more than 5,000 kilos of food collected for daminificados Lorca (14/06/2011)
    The aid has come from both private individuals and large companies and Associations of Parents of Students of different schools in Spain
  • Consumption offers help to advise businesses and to inform citizens of Lorca (14/06/2011)
    The general director of Citizen Services, Addictions and Consumer states that the purpose is to ensure compliance with current regulations of consumer "
  • The City Council hires the first Lorca Lorca standing (14/06/2011)
    under the Special Plan for Employment that the Autonomous Region adopted after earthquakes
  • Tourism experts discuss Lorca rural development potential of the sector in the framework of the V Regional Seminar (14/06/2011)

  • The Community highlights the collaboration of companies in Murcia in the relocation of families affected by the earthquake Lorca (14/06/2011)
    A free shuttle device moved 4,000 people to the camp unified as well as various parts of the Region, second homes or homes Family
  • A total of 24 restaurants in the region participate in the solidarity initiative "Cooking for Lorca" (13/06/2011)

  • The mayor held a meeting with Hefame (13/06/2011)
    occasion of solidarity actions against the situation in the city following the earthquake
  • The French town mayor Adissan Lorca delivery to financial aid for the victims of earthquakes (13/06/2011)

  • The Mayor of Lorca begins tomorrow a series of meetings with families who have lost by earthquakes the building where they lived (13/06/2011)

  • The rapture, Joana Jiménez Preciados and show their support for Lorca in 7RM (13/06/2011)
    'Lorca are all' live on Thursday 16 in 7RM from old Condomina
  • Open Enrolment for the Fun Run "Run for Lorca" (13/06/2011)

  • Open the registration period for the Summer School of Physical Activity and Leisure (EVAF) (13/06/2011)

  • Successful participation at the first activity of the Castillo de Lorca after earthquakes (12/06/2011)
    More than 3,500 people visited the castle between 8 and 9 June.
  • ... (12/06/2011)

  • Professional SMS device coordinate care career caring for Lorca (11/06/2011)

  • The Director General of Tourism in the shooting of the TVE program devoted to the Region (11/06/2011)

  • Constitution Municipal Corporation (11/06/2011)

  • The House in Lorca Ecuador officially opens its doors to offer all services Senami compatriots in the area (11/06/2011)

  • Health Emergency Management in the Region of Murcia coordinates assistance for caring career Lorca (10/06/2011)
    The device consists of eight professionals from the Health Service of Murcia as well as a field hospital, the Rapid Intervention Vehicle and Rank Advanced Command
  • ... (10/06/2011)

  • The Albujón pours in the earthquake affected Lorca (10/06/2011)
    Neighbors raise over € 1500 in two charitable activities
  • 7RM emits a special program each month of the earthquake (10/06/2011)
    The Regional Television will not forget the tragedy and devotes a special program on Monday June 13
  • The program of theater and children's animation 'The smile of a child' Lorca Saturday morning starts with a magic show (10/06/2011)

  • The City Council is asking the citizens and communities more owners not to delay the request for aid for the repair and reconstruction of buildings (10/06/2011)
    the period ending 18 June
  • Arrangements for advice and quality control in the rehabilitation of buildings damaged by earthquakes in Lorca (10/06/2011)

  • The City of Lorca offers students selectivity discussed bus (10/06/2011)
    ara displacement at the exam
  • Defense Minister chairs an act of recognition of the military task force 'Lorca' (10/06/2011)
    One month after the earthquake in Lorca
  • Solidarity Concert Organists to collaborate with Lorca Murcia (10/06/2011)

  • Gonzalez Tovar, the Government of Spain is working quickly and efficiently to regain normal Lorca (10/06/2011)
    The government delegate takes stock of the actions of the State Administration to a month after the earthquakes in Lorca
  • Economics training Lorca leads a life not dependent (09/06/2011)
    A day framed in SICARM shows how to make the processing of various services online without leaving home without help from others
  • Meeting Charity Volleyball (08/06/2011)

  • The departments streamline procedures to ensure that aid gets to immediacy to Lorca (08/06/2011)
    RDL Interministerial Commission 6 / 2011
  • IU-Greens: "Given the politics of the image, claim effective policy" (08/06/2011)

  • Comansi donate 1,580 toys to children affected by earthquakes in Lorca (08/06/2011)

  • The mayor rejected the treatment they are receiving Lorca farmers following the food crisis in Europe (08/06/2011)

  • Damage caused by earthquakes in Local Social exceed 1.5 million euros (08/06/2011)

  • Manuel Coronado Lorca donated to the City of his "Carnival of Eagles" by 5x2metros (07/06/2011)
    To enrich the cultural heritage of the City of the Sun after earthquake
  • The Scottish Women's Basketball Cadet plays tomorrow a match against the team Murcia Lorca (07/06/2011)

  • The OID held on 23 July a special raffle to benefit the victims of the earthquake Lorca (07/06/2011)
    The benefits will go entirely to the Bureau for Development to be targeted to those most in need
  • The PSOE proposes the creation of commercial areas interim strategic places to allow the reopening of the facilities (07/06/2011)

  • Pujante claims a comprehensive plan to recover Lorca (07/06/2011)

  • Lorca associated cooperatives UCOERM UCOMUR and pay no interest the first two years of ICO credits for the rehabilitation of its facilities (07/06/2011)

  • Lares CV and the Diocesan Commission of the Mayor to raise funds for the nursing home in Lorca (07/06/2011)
    Both entities agree to donate the money collected at the second meeting of the Elders of Valencia with the Mare de Deu, to be held tomorrow
  • The Community shall apply to all businesses of Lorca offer "discounts" to return to normal (07/06/2011)
    The Bureau of Business and Commercial Standards of Lorca agree to the startup on the morning of the 'liquidation sale' so exceptional that equivalent to advance the sales period for almost a month
  • Collection of Postal shipments for buildings without sharing Lorca (06/06/2011)
    After the earthquake on May 11 shipments to buildings marked with yellow, red or black must be picked up at post offices of reference
  • Lorca Castle reopens to the public after the earthquake with a Medieval Market (06/06/2011)
    coincide with the Day of the Region of Murcia
  • García-Legaz Rubalcaba asked about the increase of crime in Lorca (06/06/2011)
    presents a battery of questions to know what measures the Government of the Nation to fight the organized groups that try to capitalize on the tragedy
  • 20 local merchants who lost business to the earthquake opened his business in temporary stands next to the colleges of the Vineyard (06/06/2011)

  • The Archbishop of Granada and the Bishop of Guadix visit Lorca (06/06/2011)
    is committed to working with the Diocese of Cartagena
  • Almagro, Ferrero, Medina and Martinez disputed morning a charity tennis match for the victims of the earthquake (06/06/2011)

  • The Prince of Asturias Flag of Murcia on Saturday hosts a volleyball triangular to benefit those affected by the earthquake of Lorca (06/06/2011)

  • The walking route between Cape COPE Bolnuevo and puts the finishing touch to the "Lorca walk 2011" (06/06/2011)

  • Success of the course for soccer coaches Lorca developed during this weekend (06/06/2011)

  • The Scottish Women's Basketball Cadet played a game Wednesday against the team in Lorca Murcia (06/06/2011)

  • Public Works will invest about 3 billion euros in the viaducts and tunnels of the A-7 in Lorca (06/06/2011)
    To meet greater intensity earthquakes
  • The Community Lorca organized the first Latin American Meeting of Regional Development Agencies (05/06/2011)
    This initiative of the Ministry of Universities and Research Company gather at Sun City over a hundred managers
  • Magnitude 2.0 earthquake whose epicenter is located in Southeast Lorca (05/06/2011)

  • The Government will subsidize the cost of emergency the City of Lorca (03/06/2011)
    includes those made to safeguard the lives and safety of persons and the functioning of essential public services
  • Days Adetic Guadalentín (03/06/2011)
    The Association for Development of New Technologies and Communications of Guadalentín develop two information sessions on 7 and 14 June at the Centre for Local Development
  • Morning tourist routes start "Lorca, open for Restoration" (03/06/2011)

  • The City reminds citizens that the deadline for submission of applications for assistance to rehabilitation and reconstruction of housing is 18 June (03/06/2011)
    The Hall has invited citizens to also request, and rental assistance to expedite procedures
  • HC Power supply restored in 40% of households in Lorca (03/06/2011)
    The company recommends that residents who contact it before restarting the gas in the evacuated homes
  • Valcárcel thanks to irrigators to fund the construction of the Monastery of The Poor Clares of Lorca and stresses that "solidarity are in the soul" (03/06/2011)
    Reconstruction of the monastery, destroyed by the earthquake of May 11, payable by the Central Union Irrigation through the 'penny solidarity' made by the irrigators of Murcia, Alicante and Almeria
  • The mayor will meet with those who are suffering most after the earthquakes before the Solidarity Committee agreed the fate of solidarity funds (03/06/2011)

  • Clowns Without Borders in Lorca is encouraging smaller this weekend (03/06/2011)

  • Lorca City Council appreciates the cooperation Telefonica after the earthquakes (02/06/2011)

  • The National Social Security ahead of extra pay to the pensioners of Lorca (02/06/2011)
    Lorca 14,359 pensioners receive extra pay for a total of 9,238,000 euros
  • The concert 'SOS by Lorca "will feature performances by Kiko Veneno, Second, Arizona Baby and Klaus & Kinski (02/06/2011)
    The event will be held on June 30 at the Auditorium and Congress Center Victor Villegas de Murcia
  • Talavera de la Reina, Blanca, Yecla, Zamora, Pulpí, Valencia, Aledo and Velez Rubio held in the coming days, musical events (02/06/2011)
    the benefit of those affected by earthquakes
  • Low unemployment in Lorca in 358 people in May and already there were 272 fewer unemployed than a year ago (02/06/2011)

  • Valcárcel receive the representative of the Foundation for Art and Gastronomy, charity dinner organized by the "Lorca Covered ' (02/06/2011)

  • The Lorca who have lost their homes because of the earthquakes have an exclusive attention (01/06/2011)
    at the Centre for Local Development
  • Grant for the company Sacyr Lorca (01/06/2011)

  • The Government will co-finance the recovery of local public infrastructure Lorca Earthquake (01/06/2011)
    aid is governed by a Ministerial
  • The program of theater and children's animation 'The smile of a child' begins on Saturday June 11 in Lorca with a magic show (01/06/2011)

  • Adif again provides service ticketing and information station Sutullena Lorca (Murcia) (01/06/2011)
    After the earthquake of 11 May
  • The Community intensifies social care and housing relocation on the victims of the earthquakes of Lorca (01/06/2011)
    Sector Plan is activated Evacuation, Shelter and Food Supply in the Region to establish and coordinate social services to provide solutions accommodation to the affected

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