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Lorca News - August 2011

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  • Reactions to the announcement that aid for trade will (31/08/2011)
    Mayor Lorca considered "a good gesture but wholly insufficient, needed for direct aid to rehabilitate and rebuild shops"
  • The Government of Spain intended to help traders Lorca (31/08/2011)
    Government Delegate Meeting and Chamber of Commerce of Lorca
  • The Mayor of Lorca thanks MedETT donation of 22,000 kilos of potatoes for those affected by earthquakes (31/08/2011)

  • IKEA works with those affected by the earthquake through gift cards worth a total of 30,000 euros (31/08/2011)
    Councilwoman Antonia Lopez appreciates the commitment of the Swedish multinational that already in the days after May 11 mattresses delivered to those affected, pillows, blankets and toys
  • Sant Andreu de la Barca provides $ 3,000 to the Bureau for Development of Lorca (31/08/2011)

  • Joseph Segura, a candidate for Secretary General of the PSOE in Lorca: "Our main goal is to be useful to our party and, above all, to Lorca" (31/08/2011)
    To make it operational, the Commission proposal submitted by the Executive candidate José Segura, reduced to less than half the charges currently make up the current Executive
  • Contests, Music and Folklore Festival XXII "Virgen de las Huertas" Girl at the Fair to be held between 5 and September 11 (30/08/2011)
    Debah Band, Rosa María Luján, "40, The Musical" and the gala solidarity "We are all Lorca", highlights of live programming that most emotional moments with Masses in honor of the patron to be held in the courtyard of the Convent
  • Education reminiscent of Lorca-enabled centers to carry out examinations of September (30/08/2011)

  • BDA says that Murcia has been merciless hail hard with the higher districts of Lorca (30/08/2011)
    Caravaca Gálvez said that the hail has damaged vegetable farms, grape and almond
  • IU-Greens Palacios criticized for not responding to a request to visit La Torrecilla (29/08/2011)

  • The local police seized narcotics to 4 people and a simulated air gun caliber 45 for the weekend (29/08/2011)
    Among the actions taken by the local police also highlights the eviction of a group of people who camped under the bridge La Torta obtaining irregularly shaped power
  • 7 major teams will play three games this week to benefit those affected by the earthquake of May 11 (29/08/2011)

  • The policy of municipal assets Lorca covers over 102 million in damages (29/08/2011)
    But the consortium has refused to pay the 40 million is for damage
  • The PSOE de Lorca exposes doubts about the level of insurance coverage of municipal buildings (29/08/2011)
    Socialist Spokesman Manuel Soler was also interested in the situation now is the contest of ideas for rebuilding the neighborhood of La Viña released after the earthquake by the City
  • The Sports Complex La Torrecilla reopen most of its facility on September 5 (29/08/2011)

  • Sofia Tornero and the House of the Region of Murcia in Madrid fan the flame to the collective sensitivity for the victims of the catastrophe of Lorca (29/08/2011)

  • The Plan Lorca will be presented at the Congress, the Regional Assembly and the City (26/08/2011)

  • Extinguish forest fires reported in the parish, Lorca (26/08/2011)
    Staff Plan Infomur this last night worked to extinguish a forest fire declared in a private farm located in La Parroquia Lorca
  • The Centre of Attention to Victims of Violence Lorca 247 women attended the first half of the year (26/08/2011)

  • The French city of Mauguio-Carnon donated to the Bureau for Development by Lorca 24,930 euros (26/08/2011)

  • The Socialist Party calls for Valcárcel "to put more officers to work" to solve the records Lorca (25/08/2011)
    Manuel Soler said that "at a pace that is the Community would need twenty years to process all files"
  • 5th ​​Interministerial Committee earthquake Lorca: Spain's government prioritises housing stock available in Lorca and aid for trade (25/08/2011)
    300 modular homes high comfort could begin construction in September
  • The new food market opens in the Alameda de Cervantes on September 1, with morning and evening (25/08/2011)

  • Lorca Mayor asked the City Council notes that the plan for temporary housing and the central government offered the land needed (25/08/2011)

  • UPyD Administration requires cooperation and collaboration for the reconstruction of the city (25/08/2011)

  • The Joint Commission approved at its second meeting over 2.2 million euros to aid earthquake 462 Lorca (24/08/2011)
    1,625,400 euros are for housing repair and 580,026 for rentals for relocation
  • The City of Lorca pay demolition companies and emergency services the day after receiving money from the government (24/08/2011)

  • The Government Office has been ordered to pay 3 million for emergency expenses (24/08/2011)
    Councilman Hacienda de Lorca should stop and engage in demagoguery to make better management
  • City Council approves 239 Lorca aids families who have lost their homes for damage from earthquakes (23/08/2011)
    and 18 new aid advances for Rent
  • Lorca promotes its tourism in Cartagena among the thousands of visitors MedCup (23/08/2011)

  • Burger King to help workers affected by the earthquakes of Lorca (23/08/2011)

  • Education maintains that the safety of schools in Lorca is guaranteed (23/08/2011)
    Infrastructures director general emphasizes the openness and transparency with which they are carrying out all works in schools
  • Clarification of the Spanish Basketball Federation: the collection of party selection of basketball is not for the benefit of Lorca (23/08/2011)

  • The Socialist Party demands that the Mayor meets the commitments made to residents of La Hoya (22/08/2011)

  • The City Council asked the Ministry to make the 432 households who announced in 2009 and has not yet begun (22/08/2011)

  • TV 18 singers, comedians and dance troupes will perform Friday at a charity gala for Lorca Puerto Lumbreras (22/08/2011)

  • Augustine calls "the Soccer Field La Hoya will soon have artificial turf" (22/08/2011)
    "as the PP has been achieved with the pavilion and improved locker rooms and bleachers"
  • Education in rehabilitation works of the three institutions most affected by Lorca earthquake (20/08/2011)
    Director General Educational Development Infrastructure and visited the works that the Ministry is undertaking the summer
  • Saura Valcárcel asked how much to explain to the Community for the reconstruction of Lorca (19/08/2011)
    General Secretary PSRM Valcárcel accused of "beating their breasts be many, but little hand-to checkbook"
  • The Spanish Basketball Team on Monday visits the city of Lorca Lorca to encourage the earthquakes of May 11 (19/08/2011)
    Mayor, Francisco Jodar at City Hall to get all players on the senior level team, who will greet Lorca and the fans will be calling to continue working with Lorca
  • The PSOE de Lorca calls for maximum involvement of all authorities in rebuilding (19/08/2011)
    Manuel Soler, Municipal Socialist Group spokesperson, points out that to support the Plan Lorca, is essential to know its contents
  • Valcárcel requests the Government of Spain to recover the spirit of national solidarity for Lorca "are not mollusks, are people" (19/08/2011)
    The Community and the City estimated at 1,650 million euros of funding required for the revitalization of Lorca after earthquakes
  • Plan Lorca (19/08/2011)

  • The Ministry of Industry allocated 4.45 million euros for the restoration of the Parador de Lorca (19/08/2011)
    The Cabinet has approved funding for the works at the Parador, which was damaged by the earthquake of last May, with the goal of opening in Easter 2012
  • Lorca, one hundred days later. (19/08/2011)
    Government creates an interministerial working group to seek new solutions to the problems of housing and commerce
  • Fourth meeting of the interministerial commission for the management of Lorca Plan (18/08/2011)
    Saturday marked 100 days of the disaster
  • The PSOE de Lorca regrets that the team has decided to Jódar management policy earthquake (17/08/2011)
    Manuel Soler, Municipal Socialist Party spokesman, does not understand that the City Council bet to hinder collaboration between administrations
  • Councilmember Lorca Security reports that this summer is still the most have been reduced criminal acts (17/08/2011)

  • The Lighthouse Restaurant Tips Calnegre collected 800 euros for the victims of earthquakes (17/08/2011)

  • Jódar appeals to PSRM-PSOE to endorse the Plan Lorca and work for recovery of the city (17/08/2011)
    Mayor Manuel Soler asked "what do you think that the Government of Spain let the bill die of aids Lorca "
  • The Delegation of the Government confirms that it is unbecoming and really have not entered or € 2.7 million for emergency expenses by the earthquake of Lorca (16/08/2011)
    Rafael Gonzalez has changed his address "and have been transferred" by the of "has been waged," which means that the Ministry has planned spending
  • The Koala, Hungarian, Lolita Valderrama, Carlos Vargas, Alejandro Conde, Blanca Villa Rafael Garcel and perform at a gala solidarity (16/08/2011)
    Associations organized by the Neighborhood districts of the garden
  • The Community and the College of Economists working in an International Plan for Attracting Investment to Lorca (16/08/2011)
    A working group composed of both institutions shaping the strategy
  • The City Council is seeking confrontation Lorca policy in place to improve their management (16/08/2011)
    The Government Office confirmed that it had delivered 2.7 million to pay for demolition
  • The building permits to repair damage from the earthquake will have a 95% rebate but still not in force legislation (12/08/2011)

  • The school works to recover from the earthquake affected proceeding well and ready to begin in September (12/08/2011)
    The General Manager of Infrastructure and Education Promotion and Education Councillor visit the rehabilitation work that the Department undertakes this summer in which they invest 4.5 million euros
  • Tovar PP accused of orchestrating a campaign against the Government of Spain to hide their lack of commitment to the reconstruction of Lorca (12/08/2011)
    "The mayor makes a mistake and hurt the political confrontation Lorca seeking to justify its failure"
  • Jódar "Tovar has to explain why his government has thrown overboard the bill aid Lorca, for which many proposals for improvement" (12/08/2011)

  • The Governing Council addressed the financial and investment to be included in the Plan Lorca (12/08/2011)

  • The Campus Library is open from Lorca Tuesday from 9 to 20:00 (12/08/2011)
    so it can be used as a study hall for all Lorca
  • Raul Ortega brings the legendary Camarón Rancapino and Family (12/08/2011)
    Lorca Flamenco
  • Joseph Segura, a candidate for Secretary General of the PSOE in Lorca: "We are the alternative to resignation and resentment" (12/08/2011)
    has launched a direct message to his party colleagues, who said "we are not dead, just wounded, "and that the September 3" in our hands the opportunity to begin the next stage we need "
  • Ruiz Live: "We are not prepared to finish the legislature to aid Lorca kept in the drawer of Zapatero" (11/08/2011)

  • Soler: "The inability of the Community and the City Council to delay the resolution of the reconstruction of records Lorca" (11/08/2011)
    Socialist spokesman in Lorca Town Council considers that, as it has done the Insurance Compensation Consortium, the CARM should open an office for the homeless in Lorca
  • The City Council and Community Plan design the "Lorca" (11/08/2011)
    for the Central Government contributes to the city is situated where it would be if he had not suffered earthquakes
  • Saura accuses the PP of using the earthquake Lorca "to scrape a handful of votes" (11/08/2011)
    Socialist leader said that the Popular Party which wants to "hide the inability of the Autonomous Region and the Municipality of Lorca to meet their commitments "
  • The Insurance Compensation Consortium has already paid more than 109 million affected by the earthquakes of Lorca (10/08/2011)
    already been paid fully or partially 65'60% of applications
  • The nursing homes Sunday Sastre de Lorca already home to 77 inmates (10/08/2011)
    The government has invested 350,000 in the rehabilitation of the building, which was affected by the earthquakes of last May
  • 13 groups will participate on August 20 in the second edition of Metal Lorca, which will benefit those affected by the earthquake of May 11 (09/08/2011)

  • The Insurance Compensation Consortium Expands lorquinoscon attention to an office in the Cultural Center (09/08/2011)

  • Lorca Castle is hosting this Thursday night, an evening of Perseids and poetry (09/08/2011)
    Today is open access to the Fortress of the Sun on the road until May 11 was down
  • Councilman Youth Scout Group encourages the City to further promote the association (09/08/2011)
    after his participation in the Parents Day Summer Camp
  • Alejandro Sanz announced that promote a song with other artists to remember that "Lorca continues to need much help" (07/08/2011)
    The singer, who has visited the land on which stood some of the 700 homes that had to be demolished by injury sustained by earthquakes, has asked the Central Government will not forget the Lorca
  • Aguas de Lorca adjusts its rates to the court ruling on the complaint made by FACUA-Consumur against the criteria implemented in 2006 (05/08/2011)

  • The City Council approved a new set of 17 new aid advances deals (05/08/2011)
    a family who can not return to their homes for damage by earthquakes
  • IU-Greens Region Lorca Mayor calls of "inept" when managing the transition to camp victims (04/08/2011)

  • ... (04/08/2011)

  • The Center for Work-Life Labor Saprelorca Polygon remain open (04/08/2011)
    after changing the management at the hands of an Infant School toppled by earthquakes
  • GPS file a motion to double the number of officials who handled aid to Lorca (03/08/2011)

  • Lorca creates jobs in July for the fifth consecutive month (03/08/2011)
    The municipality achieves its best figure of unemployment in the last 20 months
  • On Tuesday, one of the accesses will paved the Castle of Lorca (03/08/2011)
    after completing the installation of a dynamic barrier of 400 m.
  • Lorca time workshop presents "magic key" (03/08/2011)
    Yesterday, Tuesday August 2 night visits began at La Fortaleza del Sol
  • 9 groups of Listening, and Puri Bell donated 3677 euros for those affected by earthquakes (03/08/2011)

  • Procolor Akzo Nobel and donate to the city of Lorca 2,500 liters of latex paint for the settlement of local social and other facilities damaged by the earthquakes (02/08/2011)
    Employment Councilmember, Lali Ibarra thanked this collaboration that allows you to paint 20,000 m2
  • The City Council will deliver between 800 and 1,500 euros from donations to the families who have suffered the demolition of his residence by earthquakes (02/08/2011)

  • The library of the Prince of Asturias IES will be available throughout the month of August as a study hall (02/08/2011)
    the day today from the library of this center will offer study places and the Internet 9-14 hours, replacing the study hall University Campus
  • The Clan Rover Group Leiva Sun City Scout summer camp culminates visiting the St. James. (01/08/2011)
    A dozen kids walking the Camino de Santiago.
  • Manuel Soler held a meeting with the new president of the Bank Conservation Saprelorca (01/08/2011)
    Braid Francisco, the new chairman of the Bank Conservation Saprelorca, recently conducted the Municipal Socialist Group spokesperson on various issues related to the industrial park
  • Lorca City Council undertakes a plan to improve the Malls (01/08/2011)
    is done through the addition of 18 standing Lorca
  • The Bar Strasky La Hoya with an evening Trovera raises 1,600 euros for those affected by the earthquakes of May 11 (01/08/2011)
    Mayor Lorca, Francisco Jodar, thanked his collaboration with this donation, which will be managed by the Bureau for Development
  • Local police arrested a person caught by subtracting objects from a home of Street Mecca (01/08/2011)

  • Beat the special camp for children of families affected by the earthquake (01/08/2011)

  • Established by the Commission of Control and Monitoring of Recovery Plan for Cultural Heritage Lorca (01/08/2011)
    Composed of representatives from the Ministry of Culture, the Autonomous Community and the city of Lorca, is to promote actions under the Plan

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