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  • The Minister of Agriculture and Water, Antonio Cerdá, attends the 30th anniversary of Lorca Irrigation Community (30/11/2008)
    The Lorca Irrigation Community has an area of 12,000 hectares of irrigation and is "the second most important of the region in number of hectares and irrigators groups "
  • Application period for requesting large family bonus for the property tax year 2009 (28/11/2008)
    may be made until next December 31, with the option to withdraw at the offices of Tax Management or those of care districts.
  • The Department of Safety and Emergency Lorca Hall of designing a Municipal Plan Nevadas to intervene in case of need (28/11/2008)
    Local Government Board has approved the first time in the history of this City a document that includes all media available as well as protocols in the entire municipality for large amounts of snow.
  • The City Council distributed 10,000 leaflets, 750 posters and hundreds of red ribbons for World AIDS Day (28/11/2008)
    On Monday afternoon they will install an information table in the Alameda of the Constitution in collaboration with Red Cross Lorca.
  • 15,000 euros to the Youth Council of Lorca to enhance youth associations (28/11/2008)

  • The removal of a construction crane knocked out traffic on Sunday (27/11/2008)
    will occur from 08:00 to 19:00 hours and will affect areas Plaza Spain, C / Selgas, C / Alamo and Musso Valiente
  • 14 young Lorca participated last weekend in the program's "Xenia" in Edinburgh and Paris (27/11/2008)
    The initiative includes more than 25 countries in Europe and America
  • 2800 schoolchildren participating colleges Lorca in 200 workshops organized by the Consistory consumption (27/11/2008)
    The Department of Consumer Affairs, in collaboration with the Autonomous Community, being trained child safety at home, on the street and in school dynamic talks-contest
  • On 7 December is celebrated the 5th edition of Traditional Folklore Contest "Campo de Lorca" (26/11/2008)
    will be held at the Shrine of watering places and have the presence of five gangs
  • Lorca City Council launches new municipal SU +, psychosocial care urgent (26/11/2008)
    This service will be operational on Monday, December 1
  • Reply Alderman of Social Affairs of the City of Lorca, Lali Ibarra, to the insults made this morning by the PSOE (26/11/2008)

  • Lorca Mayor and Councillor for Tourism Lodging visit three rural districts of high, another set by the municipal economic diversification (25/11/2008)
    Francisco Jodar said "these business initiatives are an indication that the entire town of Lorca is every day a better offer future opportunities "
  • Course on Corporate Social Responsibility in the Framework of Industrial Environment (25/11/2008)
    November 27 The next course will take place in the Chamber of Commerce to train entrepreneurs in the implementation of social and environmental improvement in production processes
  • 239 schoolchildren from six schools in Lorca displayed in the Plaza of Spain for his opposition to gender violence (25/11/2008)
    boys and girls in grades 5 and 6 of primary display their drawings and read their essays on the International Day Against Violence Against Women hours before it goes public in first gear.
  • El Paso Blue paid a visit last Saturday November 22th Cavalry Squadron of the Civil Guard headquarters in Valdemoro (Madrid) (25/11/2008)
    Cavalry Squadron of the Civil Guard is the only one that retains its classic swords and responsible for escorting the owner of Paso Azul image, Our Lady of Sorrows, in the processions of Good Friday and Good Friday
  • The Lorca restaurant patrons can connect to the Internet, thanks to a pilot project between the City and Hostelor (21/11/2008)
    The initiative is to join the existing public spaces in the city
  • Lorca Mayor announced that the plenary will have to recess for the councilors to feed their young children (21/11/2008)
    Up to now a socialist mayor had to be absent from the plenary to feed her daughter.
  • The City Council initiated the proceedings of the Urban Community Initiative for the Barrios Altos in the "PAID" compensatory education (21/11/2008)
    Local Government Board has approved the hiring of two teachers to implement the plan to promote integrated education and training and customized for disadvantaged
  • The Mayor of Lorca and 183 groups summon up the first citizen of November 25, International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (21/11/2008)
    This year it has broken records over by the organizers to protest against ill-treatment
  • Lorca's 36 schools will celebrate the World Day of the Rights of the Child with an intercultural human football championship among school from 9 to 11 years (20/11/2008)
    The winning team will stay in the hostel Calnegre tips for the whole class, 600 € in books for the center, and a € 1,000 donation to a local NGO child level, chosen by the team and winning center
  • The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar Eroski has signed an agreement with Beacon to the employability of women who suffer domestic violence (20/11/2008)
    The mayor has emphasized that this is the first agreement of its kind to be held in the municipality.
  • La Fortaleza del Sol open free to the public on the day of San Clemente (20/11/2008)
    The Castle of Lorca celebrates, in 2008, the V anniversary of the opening to the public as a heritage theme area set in the Middle Ages
  • Twelve musical entities hold a monastic procession next Saturday 22 at the Collegiate Church of San Patricio (20/11/2008)
    will be held from 12:00 pm, celebrating the Feast of St. Cecilia, patron saint of musicians
  • Public Works spends nearly four million euros in improving one of the connections in the municipality of Lorca in Andalusia (19/11/2008)
    The Community finances the full amount of the performance that today visited Ballesta, and includes the construction of a roundabout order traffic from Puerto Lumbreras
  • Jódar Ballesta and sign an agreement to invest more than 2 million euros to rehabilitate the Plaza of Spain and its surroundings, along with the facade and atrium of the church of Santiago (19/11/2008)
    The recovery of these two urban areas of historical interest will by a grant from the Ministry of Public Works 1,300,000 euros and 50,926 euros respectively.
  • The autonomous invests 4 million euros in improving the connection to the region southwest of Andalusia through Lorca (19/11/2008)
    The Ministry of Public Works is fully financing the amount of the action, amounting to 3,882,879 euros, and includes the construction of a roundabout sort traffic from Puerto Lumbreras
  • A campaign by the Department of Health will enable more than 1000 women from the hamlets Lorca prevent osteoporosis (18/11/2008)
    This is the first to be held in parishes, consisting of a free testing and an information guide provided by the Department
  • Lorca City Council organized a march of citizens and school activities for the Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women (18/11/2008)
    municipal programming in support of victims include minutes of silence in sports and schools, and a campaign awareness, which will reach both the urban and the rural districts
  • The PP requires the Central Government which adapts the number of Civil Guard officers to the real needs and create two special groups within the National Police Station Lorca (18/11/2008)
    Popular considered essential to the creation of two panels in the Station Lorca, one for public safety and other specific organized crime
  • The Government Delegate has 12 more officers to the police station Lorca (17/11/2008)
    The endowment of the workforce in Lorca has increased by 39 percent since 2004
  • Lorca City Council approved three projects will be implemented over 2 million square meters for industrial and tertiary (17/11/2008)
  • 5,000 young people have valued and Lorca musical groups participating in the "Back Stage" through the website (17/11/2008)
    It is one of the initiatives being carried to term by the Department of youth to promote young artists Lorca
  • Resounding success of the first Fair Outlet Lorca (17/11/2008)
    Offer has been varied, from shoes and clothing to lighting, jewelry, Christmas items and home furnishings
  • Almendricos and La Hoya will have the first regional centers for security and emergencies in the first months of 2009 (14/11/2008)
    Security Council Member, Belén Pérez, has reported that the works will begin in the coming days
  • Lorca and Puerto Lumbreras lead a campaign to promote their businesses (14/11/2008)
    The project, part of the emergency measures which includes the Sector Promotion Plan, was presented today the director of commerce and handicrafts which also launched the first Fair Outlet Lorca
  • List of resolutions of the Board of Governors MMVIII-XI-XIV (14/11/2008)

  • The Mayor of Lorca and the Director General inaugurated the Alameda consumption of the Constitution, I Feria de Lorca Outlet, which offers up to 70% off (14/11/2008)
    Participants A total of 32 stands, with various brands of shoes, clothes men and women, sports, home, jewelry, jewelry and accessories.
  • The Municipal Institute of Youth Lorca get one of the 40 points Eurodesk of Spain (13/11/2008)
    The program is active in 30 European countries and offers young people training support and advice
  • 400 dogs from nine communities participating this weekend in the First Official Dog Lorca Fair to be held at the fairgrounds in Santa Quiteria (13/11/2008)
    300 of these animals have been registered for the official competition,
  • Lorca 3,000 school children participate in educational programs organized by the City Council in collaboration with the Social Work Ibercaja (13/11/2008)
    The book "Once Upon a Time in Space" invites children to enjoy a unique trip into space.
  • Lorca Mayor elected representative of 132 municipalities in the Committee of Competent Authorities of the Segura River Basin District (12/11/2008)
    It is an organ responsible for water planning process and encourage the adoption of resolutions and agreements between different government
  • The Planning Department is reinforced today with a new inspector (12/11/2008)
    Lorca Mayor presides over the inauguration of Antonia Ibarra Lario as career
  • The Constitution Mall this weekend will host the first Fair Outlet of Lorca, which may be purchased at discounts of up to 70% (12/11/2008)
    Participants A total of 32 stands, with various brands of shoes, clothes for men and women, sports, home, jewelry, jewelry and accessories.
  • The XXI edition of the Half Marathon "Ciudad de Lorca", takes place next Sunday (12/11/2008)
    are expected to attend a thousand athletes among which the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jódar in a totally urban circuit
  • More than 3,000 students participate in sports schools in the city (12/11/2008)
    For This course has a total of 29 Schools Sports that involve 21 different sports and 1 multi-sports
  • Phelan's Irish Pub The Caritas will donate 20% of its revenue on Thursday (12/11/2008)
    The Department of Ong's works in the organization of this festival of solidarity
  • The Alzheimer's Association is celebrating its tenth anniversary with a series of events including a film, exhibition, two workshops and the official opening of the Centre of Attention (11/11/2008)

  • Presented in Lorca the School Sports Programme 2008-2009, with the intention to exceed previous year's participants (11/11/2008)
    Sports Councillor has referred to the high number of participants expected for this issue
  • The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, 55 women received a People's University of La Roda (11/11/2008)
    This group, headed by the Councillor of Culture of the City of La Roda is touring different sights of the city of Lorca, as is the offer of "Lorca Taller del Tiempo
  • Lorca City Council signed an agreement with Cajamurcia Foundation, which allocated 234,000 euros for the elderly in the municipality (11/11/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and the President of Cajamurcia, Carlos Egea, have signed an agreement this year and two years, by which 78,100 euros will be allocated annuity
  • The GPP recalls that "the proceedings territorially in Lorca grew by 27%" (11/11/2008)

  • The Swimming Federation of Murcia, Lorca organized in the course of national monitor (10/11/2008)
    will be held from 9 to 31 January at the Sports Complex
  • The Second International Congress of Salsa and Latin Dance will be held in Lorca from 13 to 16 November (10/11/2008)
    count with the presence among others of Francisco Vazquez and Magna Copla
  • Extended until the end of November the exhibition "Loving, Foundry Art", after making several replacements by the success (10/11/2008)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar and Crafts Director General of the Autonomous Community, Julio José Lorenzo, have sample this morning visited the Regional Centre Craft Lorca
  • Water cut from 9:00 to 21:00 am Wednesday in the turret, and San Antonio Saprelorca (10/11/2008)
    The tank cleaning and disinfection of General de La Torrecilla may also affect the supply to the Vineyard and Campillo
  • UPyD Lorca asks the City Council that calls for the establishment of vocational training in hospitality and tourism (10/11/2008)

  • 700,000 euros for the Integrated Training Center Lorca (07/11/2008)

  • Lorca City Council approved planning permission for the clearance of 17 stores in the Shopping and Leisure Centre Beacon Park (07/11/2008)
    The Town Planning Board has also given planning permission for the construction of new classrooms, library, gym , dining room and two outdoor sports courts in the Public School Ana Caicedo
  • Back Stage Music Contest, will reward the winner with a disk recording, editing a thousand copies and a video clip (07/11/2008)
    There have been a total of 14 styles formations which fought to be part of the three finalists on 20 December
  • Lorca City Council invests 155,000 euros in providing equipment to the new Municipal Archives (07/11/2008)
    The first phase includes the installation of the equipment needed to save a total of 17,000 boxes of historical documents.
  • The IMJUVE organizes a hiking route along the coast lorquina (06/11/2008)
    will open in the same premises directional signs and educational panels, placed in the last Labor Camp
  • The Feast of San Clemente extend the tournament signs, include a Seafood Fair, one of the Medieval and exposure Tapeo "The Cross of Privilege" (06/11/2008)
    The proclamation of Jaime Garcia Legaz, to be held this Saturday at half past eight pm in the Collegiate, will be translated into sign language with the help of Aspersolor.
  • The Regional Union of Traders in collaboration with the Municipality of Lorca launches campaign "Trade with heart" (06/11/2008)
    media campaign "Trade with heart" is aimed at strengthening the urban trade and spread the importance of proximity in Shopping
  • The work of "The Street Crimes Cava" expands its role on Saturday, November 8 (05/11/2008)
    The great demand of the public who could not attend the show, the enlargement of the performances
  • Cineclub Paradiso expands its programming with new sections devoted to classic cinema, contemporary, sentimental and short film (05/11/2008)
    The screenings will begin on Thursday at the Hall of IES Ramón Arcas and will run until 18 December.
  • The City Council announced a new investment of 300,000 euros for the upgrading of roads and street lighting districts (05/11/2008)
    The Works Edil details that work will take place in The Wire, Puri, Marchena, Ramonete, Zarcilla Palm, Campillo and Tercia.
  • The delivery of the medal and title of the city of Lorca on the day of the Patron will be held on Saturday 22 at 20:00 pm in the Fairgrounds Santa Quiteria (05/11/2008)
    The event, which was awarded the Gold Medal to Apandis and six Distinguished Service Certificates may not be held this year at the Theater War by the works of rehabilitation of this building
  • The Juanfra Lorca Rodríguez from Spain was proclaimed Champion Motorcycle Water (05/11/2008)
    has won the title in the form F2 category Offshore
  • Positioning of the Municipal Government building works Case Montoya (05/11/2008)

  • Opens in Lorca Zaida Project II, for 20 women immigrants (04/11/2008)
    The program will acquire a basic level training, as well as learning the Castilian
  • Pilar Barnes Library account from yesterday with a new assistant (04/11/2008)
    With this new addition, and seven are officials who serve
  • La Fortaleza del Sol will host three intensive workshops landscaping on 8 and 29 November and 13 December (04/11/2008)
    Councillor for the Environment, Melchor Morales, this morning these innovative activities to 60 students.
  • Lorca City Council announced a new investment of 600,000 euros of which will benefit 14 schools throughout the municipality (04/11/2008)
    The first municipal nursery opens its doors Lorca, predictably, in 2010.
  • Cut of water in the town of Lorca five hours on the night of Thursday to Friday to replace a valve that divides the Barrio de San Cristóbal (04/11/2008)
    The Association of Channel Taibilla authorized to Aguas de Lorca suspend service delivery in the city of Lorca from 22:00 hours on Thursday until 3:00 pm on Friday
  • UPyD Lorca asks the City Council that calls for the establishment of vocational training in hospitality and tourism (04/11/2008)

  • The City Council and the Conservation Authority Industrial Park La Hoya signed an agreement for the construction of a nursery (03/11/2008)
    The project involves a total investment of 400,000 euros, of which 163,700 are closed with the agreement signed this morning.
  • Pilar Barnes Municipal Library organizes 5 November to 5 December, the "Olympic Solidarity Study" for the second year in a row (03/11/2008)
    Councillor for Education and Libraries, Jose Joaquin Peñarrubia, explained that the City Council will donate 1 euro Lorca each hour of study to educational projects in Angola, Ecuador, Cameroon and Haiti

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