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Lorca News - June 2014

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  • The City promotes a PERI allowing reconstruct a building of 18 houses located in the historical district (30/06/2014)
    It had to be demolished by earthquakes in 2011
  • Guadalentin Embark associates visited the Department building in Loch Street (30/06/2014)
    A Business Center located in the financial heart of Lorca
  • Reconstruction of the San Fernando neighborhood rises to 1,067 the number of properties they get back up in Lorca after the earthquakes of 2011 (30/06/2014)

  • The full City Council approves the Regulation of Lorca Bureau for Quality, which ensure improved offer to the tourists (30/06/2014)

  • The House approved agreement for the Regional Government invests 32 million euros to remodel the neighborhoods and principal avenues of the city (30/06/2014)

  • Balance of elevated motions regular full City Council of Lorca corresponding to June 2014 (30/06/2014)

  • Free Summer Movies in the Plaza Calderon, La Paca, Aviles, Coy, Zarcilla, Totana and Zarzadilla Calnegre tips (27/06/2014)

  • On Sunday afternoon, road closures and parking ban on the itinerary of the Corpus Christi procession in the neighborhood of San Cristobal (27/06/2014)

  • Health School canteens and focus the bulk of the questions of the PSOE in the city of Lorca (27/06/2014)
    The Deputy Speaker of the Socialist Municipal Group, Marisol Sanchez, stressed that refer to vital rights for the people
  • The PSOE exposed various problems regarding neighbors Zarzadilla Totana (27/06/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Isabel Casalduero, stressed the abandonment and neglect team Lorca Municipal Government to districts
  • The City of Lorca municipal pools open next Tuesday July 1 (27/06/2014)
    Pools Sports Complex La Torrecilla, Zarcilla Parish and will be available to users until Tuesday to Sunday 31 August
  • The Cultural Center will host in November, "Lorca Resilient," a day of learning and analysis on the social response to the emergency caused by earthquakes (27/06/2014)

  • On Monday there will be traffic restrictions on Avenida Juan Carlos I for the reconstruction of Residencial San Mateo (27/06/2014)

  • The PP Lorca Tips Calnegre held its second Summer School (26/06/2014)
    will feature the participation of directors, deputies, councilors and teachers
  • The International Folklore Festival Lorca City celebrates its 25th anniversary with 8 groups and ahead to July (26/06/2014)

  • The Ministry of Public Works invests in Lorca over 3.6 million in the urban redevelopment project in the district of San José (26/06/2014)
    The intervention promotes the creation of pedestrian and cycle lanes, expanded public spaces, creating greenery and improves energy efficiency
  • The aid distributed by funds of the Bureau for the victims of earthquakes exceeding 5 million euros (26/06/2014)

  • Antonio Navarro: "The solution to the ruined buildings goes through a management that is not doing and compliance RD 6/2011." (25/06/2014)

  • Monica Naranjo, Duncan Dhu, Raphael, Sergio Dalma, Second and Leiva (25/06/2014)
    up the concert poster for the private development of Lorca Fair and Festivals
  • The Civil Guard detained a person for driving 32 km in the opposite direction and quadrupling BAC (25/06/2014)
    He threw 0.98 mg / l alcohol in the breath alcohol test.
  • 45 lorquinas women extend their knowledge about physical activity thanks to the collaboration of the departments of Women and Sports (24/06/2014)

  • Austrian visit Lorca 20,000 between 2015 and 2016 thanks to an agreement signed by Lorcatur (24/06/2014)

  • The Socialist Party believes that the European Sports Complex should retain its name (24/06/2014)

  • The City congratulates the residents of the building "Southern Star", which have started work on its reconstruction (24/06/2014)

  • The Mayor exemplified Lorca students with honors in Bachelor (24/06/2014)
    and encourages them to "persevere in the effort to achieve excellence"
  • The Socialist Party calls the arrangement and conditioning of the old iron bridge (24/06/2014)
    The Spokesman Municipal Socialist Group, Manuel Soler, has indicated that the old iron bridge, which was ceded to the city by Renfe, is in a state of neglect
  • The Joint Commission authorizes aid for damaged houses by earthquakes over 2 million (24/06/2014)
    Today's meeting raises the economic pillar authorized a total of 74,855,058 euros
  • The City Council reiterates that the Consortium continues mediating Insurance for residents who want to rebuild homes affected by earthquakes (24/06/2014)
    The Consistory stresses its full support to neighbors and commitment agreements that would solve those problems
  • Local police detained the alleged perpetrator of a robbery in Tertia (24/06/2014)
    retrieves a stolen vehicle in Cartagena and part of the material from a theft in Cazalla
  • The Department of Culture opens the deadline for awarding the bars to the Fair and Festival September (23/06/2014)
    The number of booths to be installed in the "tapas" what is 8, the number of houses in the area " glasses "12
  • Campaign against the heat with the distribution of 300 bottles of water, sunscreen 300 samples and brochures (23/06/2014)

  • Propose the full City called "Sports Complex Felipe VI" the sports area arising from the renovation of the pavilion Europe (23/06/2014)

  • Users of Social Senior Center Lorca closed down 19 workshops in 2013-2014 (23/06/2014)
    More than 600 users in total participated in the various activities organized in the town of Lorca
  • The Mayor encouraged to submit projects to the call of 10.6 million euros that the Central Government has taken for the re-industrialization of the town (23/06/2014)

  • The Department of Development Alternative Routes program from the start of construction of urban redevelopment to facilitate the movement (22/06/2014)
    It is harmonizing driveways cuts to social and commercial activity in the city
  • Martínez Fajardo: "They lack initiatives for our city that does not have a desert aspect weekends" (21/06/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo, stressed that the solitary image of the historic center and shopping streets is not the best showcase for visitors
  • This Sunday at 20 pm will be closed to traffic streets Lope Gisbert, Prince Alfonso, Cuesta San Francisco Alamo and the procession of Corpus (20/06/2014)

  • The City emphasizes the understanding of citizens in the neighborhood of La Viña to incidents involving improvement works in their neighborhood (20/06/2014)

  • Spain Square hosts the Touch of Councils and the March of Ministriles summoning the procession of Corpus Christi (20/06/2014)

  • The renovation of the district of San José officially begin on June 26 (20/06/2014)

  • Lorca device surveillance ahead of its 10 miles of coastline (20/06/2014)
    It starts on June 28 with the addition, as a novelty, a nurse
  • The PSOE shows his displeasure on how to carry out the redevelopment of neighborhoods (20/06/2014)
    The Municipal Socialist Party councilor, Andrea Periago, has stressed that lacked information about the project
  • Lorca Mayor awards the prizes II Photo Contest "Bartolomé García" (19/06/2014)
    Contributors 300 students and teachers from IES Ros Giner
  • The candidate for secretary general of the PSOE, Pedro Sánchez, visit Lorca morning (19/06/2014)

  • Found alive a man about 78 years old missing since noon yesterday Zarcilla (19/06/2014)

  • Found in a farm, tired and disoriented but in good condition, the neighbor of 78 years disappeared Zarcilla (19/06/2014)

  • Blue Young organized his first tournament of solidarity with Caritas paddle this Saturday afternoon at the Tower Club Bishop (18/06/2014)

  • 16 lorquinas families have benefited from the agreement with the City of Lorca Bar Association (18/06/2014)
    for foreclosure mediation in its first year of operation
  • Mariola Martinez stands in Lorca increased 86 percent in rural tourism places in 12 years (18/06/2014)
    The director of the Tourism Institute Opens at Sun City the eighth edition of the Regional Conference on Rural Tourism
  • The City congratulates the residents of the building "Gates of Lorca," which work has begun to rebuild (18/06/2014)

  • The Community and Iberdrola drive actions reconstruction of electrical distribution infrastructure in the neighborhoods of Lorca (18/06/2014)
    The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning meets the delegate of Iberdrola in the region to implement the works that will restore the supply of electricity
  • The City of Lorca begin this summer remodeling 12 blocks uptown funded by the Regional Government (17/06/2014)
    to which they added another 13 before year-end
  • The works of IES Ramón Arcas Lorca are executed at 75 percent and will conclude in August (17/06/2014)
    Education is finalizing the process to start the tender for the new flag of the Children school Pasico Campillo, which will have an investment of over a million euros
  • Guevara Palace hosts the Thursday premiere of "The Noble City" (17/06/2014)
    series of short historical representations promoted by the Federation San Clemente
  • The CLD de Lorca hosts a panel discussion this afternoon at the Academy of Pharmacy on cholesterol and its treatment (17/06/2014)

  • The Civil Guard detained a man for having pedophiles files on mobile phone (16/06/2014)
    has been seized hundreds of effects such as computers, video and photo cameras, USB sticks, CDs and DVDs with thirty pedophiles files
  • The Community will invest more than 4.5 million in improving accessibility and urban renewal in the neighborhood of Alfonso X in Lorca (16/06/2014)
    The Minister of Public Works said that the works will promote the release of public space and the pedestrianization of roads with mobility and communication with other districts is encouraged
  • Lorca promoted on the Costa Calida, Almeria and Alicante her Jewish festival (16/06/2014)
    night of the Perseids, the wine and the day and night visits to the castle
  • The Castle of Lorca hosts from Wednesday to Friday the VIII Regional Conference on Rural Tourism (16/06/2014)

  • The Department of Development promotes the participation of neighborhood residents of San Jose de Lorca in urban redevelopment project (14/06/2014)
    Work with an investment of 3.6 million euros, will renew the vials, expand public and educational spaces and the greening
  • 84 students of 6th Primary I participate in the Drawing Competition on absenteeism and dropout "Lorca learns" (13/06/2014)

  • The Mayor agreed with the Ministry of Education maintenance and repair school gym José Ibáñez Martín (13/06/2014)

  • Campos notes that the regional government will keep "supporting those affected until the end of reconstruction and urban renewal Lorca" (12/06/2014)
    Development Counselor assists the start of work of rebuilding homes in the San Fernando
  • The City Council requests the loan flexible payment plan providers (12/06/2014)
    to reduce your interest rate and earn 131 points in one year grace
  • The Law Society, the Center for Mental Health and the Department of Youth join the Local Technical Coordination Committee Against Gender Violence Lorca (12/06/2014)

  • The Social Council of the City of Lorca approves the creation of a permanent commission to address urgent issues and four working committees (11/06/2014)
    The body of citizen participation and representation, gathered Tuesday afternoon in the CLD, also approved initial way the Rules of Internal Organization
  • The Department of Employment of the City of Lorca remodeling 4.064m2 last three streets of San Cristobal and adjacent (11/06/2014)

  • Lorca hosts Friday the Fourth Conference on Radiation Updated to be attended by professionals from across the region (11/06/2014)

  • The PSOE recalls that already expressed its opposition to the dissolution of the Consortium of University Campus (11/06/2014)
    Responsible Education in the Socialist Municipal Group, Jesus Mazurek, discussed already in the month of May last year 2013, his group showed its opposition to the disappearance of the body, now you want to reset
  • The festival "Jewish Lorca" will host the only concert in Spain the group "Orphaned Land" (11/06/2014)
    and presentation of recent work by Tal Ben Ari and Mara Aranda
  • Five performances and a film series at the synagogue are the sign of the second edition of the festival 'Jewish Lorca' (11/06/2014)
    This initiative of the Ministry of Culture, the city of Lorca and the embassy of Israel be held from 17 to 21 June
  • The City and INFO Unveil Plan of Action for Sustainable Energy municipality (10/06/2014)
    between local authorities and technicians from other cities
  • The Director of Information says the plans reversed Sustainable Energy Action "in the local economy and in the pocket of citizens" (10/06/2014)
    Samper Reyes inaugurates a day of the European project 'Meshartility' in which the Action Plan was presented Sustainable Energy Lorca
  • The Mayor delivers diplomas that certify the training of 198 Lorca (10/06/2014)
    who participated in 14 courses specific to the Department of Employment of the City
  • UPyD Lorca urges "stalling" of several works of different neighborhoods of the town "show a clear lack of planning" (10/06/2014)

  • The Sports Council offer 150 seats for the Summer Schools Physical Activity and Recreation (10/06/2014)
    be held in July
  • The PSOE inquired about the status of various projects vital to Lorca (10/06/2014)
    The Secretary General of the PSOE Lorca, Daniel Martínez Fajardo has cataloged these projects as eternal promises that are never consummated
  • La Casa Sefarad-Israel in Madrid hosts Wednesday June 11 presentation of contemporary culture festival JEWISH LORCA 2014 (08/06/2014)

  • The victims of the earthquakes in Lorca is exempt from the lines and electrical infrastructure works distribution (06/06/2014)
    Neighbors have secured the power of their homes thanks to an agreement initialed the Department of Development and Iberdrola to restore supply of electricity in Lorca
  • The City encourages the construction of the Blue Museum of the Holy Week (06/06/2014)
    with the granting of the license to start work on the second phase
  • They start for the second consecutive year a bank to exchange used textbooks (06/06/2014)

  • Agreement with Iberdrola for performances replacement electrical infrastructure in Lorca (06/06/2014)

  • The City will not allow "under any circumstances" that try to install on IU Lorca their particular "dictatorship of violence" (06/06/2014)
    to turn it into a "battlefield"
  • The Local Police arrested five people suspected of committing a series of robberies in districts (06/06/2014)
    and subtracting 70 cattle
  • The City of Lorca and Lorca-Santiago Association signaled the 11 kilometers through the 'Ruta de las Iglesias' (05/06/2014)
    Browse 18 temples
  • 80 Lorca at risk of social exclusion Apinsun benefit from the program (05/06/2014)

  • Chorus and Dance Groups Huercal Overa, Cartagena and Lorca participate this year at the Children's folklore festival "Uncle Pillo" (05/06/2014)

  • 70 young Lorca successfully complete vocational training programs "Form-T", "You and your neighborhood" and "Em-T" (05/06/2014)

  • 250 students from 8 schools in the municipality again celebrate the XVII School Contest 'War Theater' in Lorca Coliseum (05/06/2014)
    after 5 years in Santa Quiteria
  • The Ministry of Public Works last reconstruction project in the district of San Fernando in Lorca (04/06/2014)
    The Minister of Development, Public Works and Planning, Manuel Campos, discusses with neighborhood residents and the mayor of Lorca's work rebuilding dwellings
  • The Department of Employment of the City of Lorca doubles squares project to train unemployed people in the art of embroidery Lorca (04/06/2014)

  • Ponce: "For young people of Lorca out of unemployment, Ms. Ibarra has already resign" (04/06/2014)

  • Test "x Lorca Run", organized by "The Truth", collects 2,290 euros (04/06/2014)
    will be earmarked to help more families affected by the earthquake through the Bureau
  • Lorca WWTP awarded a national level (03/06/2014)
    l to increase their clean energy production by 163%, saving 282 tonnes of CO2 emissions and reduce their electricity consumption
  • The City continue in the coming days the second of the planned meetings with citizens and merchants of San José (03/06/2014)
    to inform the final draft works in your neighborhood
  • Promoted Lorca malls with a virtual tour (03/06/2014)

  • The Department of Culture opens the second deadline for entries in the Municipal School of Music will feature a total of 160 seats (03/06/2014)

  • The Local Police arrested three people suspected of stealing electrical equipment at the site Saprelorca (03/06/2014)

  • ... (02/06/2014)

  • The Department of Major starts a program that will tour major nurseries and schools (02/06/2014)
    telling stories and making plays with puppets for children
  • The Department of Development awarded the drafting of the road for the disposal of Barrios Altos de Lorca Project (01/06/2014)
    The project will promote the availability of the neighbors, the connectivity between the Barrios Altos and its integration in the historical district and help relieve traffic of downtown

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