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  • The Department of Urban Development grants license to build a new residential 16 homes in the rural core of Puente Botero, within the hamlet of Campillo (28/12/2018)

  • Lorca insists that the commitment to maintain the bonus of 50% of the IBI to those affected by the earthquake be ratified by ratifying this measure through a Royal Decree (28/12/2018)

  • The PSOE proposes the elaboration of the bases of an urban art project for the embellishment of the city (28/12/2018)

  • The Mayor congratulates Raquel Martínez, the young writer from Lorca winning the VI National Contest on Large Families (28/12/2018)
    "A Hope in Auschwitz", the winning narrative, tells the story of a Jewish family that is brutally beaten by the II World War
  • The PSOE again calls for the restoration of the Hermitage of San Lazaro, whose project has been paralyzed for more than a year and a half (28/12/2018)

  • Tender for the works for the adaptation of the Lorca tunnel on the A-7 motorway, to Royal Decree 635/2006 (28/12/2018)
    With a tender budget of 1.35 million euros
  • PSOE: "The General State Budget Project for 2019 will include the 50% IBI bonus for those affected by the 2011 earthquakes" (28/12/2018)

  • Diego Conesa announces an addendum to extend the resolution of files of those affected by the Lorca earthquakes until October 1, 2019 (28/12/2018)

  • Agents of the Local Police arrest a person for committing a robbery inside a phytosanitary company located in the district of Cazalla (27/12/2018)

  • The Government Board initiates the procedures to contract the first phase of the consolidation works of the building of the old prison depot (27/12/2018)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca highlights its work of opposition "firm, courageous and proactive time" carried out this year (27/12/2018)
    The training highlights that more than 5,000 families will be benefited in Lorca of the extension of free textbooks and almost 7,000 freelancers of the expansion of the zero quota
  • Fulgencio Gil: "next year's regional budgets will allow Lorca to complete the strongest investment stage in its history" (27/12/2018)

  • The City Council invests more than 9,000 euros in improving the installations of the Municipal Football Field of "Los Tollos" in La Hoya (27/12/2018)

  • Mateos: "I am convinced that 2019 is going to be a great year for Lorca, the year of the change that brings life back to our city and protagonism to our districts" (27/12/2018)

  • The War Theater will host on Saturday at 6 pm the performance of the musical "Naviland, the place where the Magi live" (27/12/2018)

  • PSOE: "The regional budgets presented by the PP are electoral and are far from the real needs of Lorca" (27/12/2018)

  • The Community collaborates in the production of a music video in tribute to the city of Lorca (27/12/2018)

  • Mateos denounces the paralysis of the main projects in Lorca (26/12/2018)
    And shows its concern about the risk that Gil Jódar will allow the EIB funds to escape
  • Lorca undertakes a new informative campaign for the responsible holding of pets (26/12/2018)
    It will allow free chipado of 560 pets
  • Lorca joins the campaign "Equality is played from childhood" of the CARM (26/12/2018)
    With the aim of encouraging the purchase of non-sexist toys during Christmas
  • The Mayor and the Development Advisor inaugurate the exhibition "Lorca, yesterday and today" by the Lorca photographer María José Ruiz (26/12/2018)
    The exhibition, which can be visited at the Collegiate Church of San Patricio, is made up of 30 panels of photographs that show the before and after of different neighborhoods, churches, educational and sports centers and other buildings in the city
  • Community and City Council of Lorca streamline the process of justification of aid received to repair homes after the earthquakes (26/12/2018)
    The Minister of Development and Infrastructure and the mayor sign an agreement that establishes "a fast and agile processing to solve immediate to the neighbors "
  • The PSOE hopes that 2019 is not another year lost (26/12/2018)
    And bring definitive solutions to those affected who invested their aid in repairing their homes and now they can not justify it
  • They attack the headquarters of Vox Lorca (24/12/2018)
    This is the second attack against a VOX headquarters in the Region so far this week
  • IU Lorca denounces that the measures of constraint that affect the victims of earthquakes are contrary to law (23/12/2018)

  • The PSOE requires Gil Jódar for the umpteenth time to enable study rooms 24 hours a day for students Lorca (21/12/2018)

  • The Association of Neighbors of Alfonso X organizes tomorrow the arrival to Lorca of Santa Claus with gifts for children and pets (21/12/2018)
    This recreational activity, which will take place from 7:00 pm to 9:00 pm in the Old Way of the Port, will also have the presence of "Turrón" and "Kimba", the two dogs that are part of the Canine Unit of the Local Police of Lorca
  • The City Council initiates the procedures for Santo Domingo to recover its historic cloister (21/12/2018)
    It had to be dismantled and guarded by the damages of the 2011 earthquakes
  • The city of Lorca will hold a "Remained Running Awareness" on Wednesday, December 26 (21/12/2018)
    Showing support for women athletes
  • Inauguration of the White Store (21/12/2018)
    El Paso Blanco opens this afternoon at 7.30 pm its traditional White Store, which will be located this year on Avenida Juan Carlos I, next to Las Columnas
  • The students of the IES Ramón Arcas winners of the Ecovidrio campaign "The Region of the Ecólatras" present their project "Tecnoecólatras del Arcas" (21/12/2018)

  • IU Lorca asks for an urgent convocation of the Mixed Commission to resolve the threatened files of embargo (20/12/2018)

  • The PSOE gathers more than 1,800 allegations from neighbors to claim the 4.3 km of burial of AVE needed in Lorca (20/12/2018)

  • The War Theater will host the VI Christmas Concert of the Association of Housewives in which the Municipal Music Band and the Santa Cecilia Choir will participate (20/12/2018)
    The performance will begin at 8:00 pm and the Lorca who wish to attend will enjoy Christmas carols popular songs and songs of this time so endearing that this group will commemorate, as well as film music
  • Young Lorca will have the opportunity to enjoy the sport of snow thanks to the Bajo Zero programs of the Autonomous Community and Ski & Snow of the Youth Council (20/12/2018)
    Formigal and, above all, Sierra Nevada, will be the destinations of these actions of leisure activities that will take place during the months of January, February and March
  • Voades Lorca celebrates a Christmas evening on December 28 in which La Peña La Jarapa, actor Raúl Rey and María Teresa Lazareno's Dance School will participate (20/12/2018)

  • The New Lorquinos Association will distribute 1,200 toys to children during the day "Smile and solidarity this Christmas" to be held on December 23 (20/12/2018)

  • Aguas de Lorca makes a solidarity donation of 72 Christmas lots to the Sisters of Charity to be distributed among families at risk (20/12/2018)

  • The City Council's economic management manages to lift the Sanitation Plan, eliminate the deficit, reduce the debt by 42 million and open the door to new investments (20/12/2018)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "The union of tradition and vanguard in the work of García Lorca is the benchmark of coexistence we need for our society" (19/12/2018)

  • Grandparents Storytellers carry out an extensive program of activities in schools in the city to celebrate Christmas (19/12/2018)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requests explanations to the mayor for a meal of Limusa with charge to public funds (19/12/2018)
    "We understand that it has been used for partisan and electoral propaganda purposes of the Government team" points out Councilman Antonio Meca
  • Lorca will receive 0 euros from the 12.5 million EDUSI funds requested, confirming the failure of the PP when requesting financing for the recovery of the Historic District (19/12/2018)

  • She gives birth in a car assisted by agents of the Local Police of Lorca in Floridablanca Street during the afternoon of Tuesday (19/12/2018)
    After giving birth a medicalized ambulance moved the mother and the baby to the Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca
  • The PSOE supports the collective of workers in the cleaning service of the Rafael Méndez de Lorca hospital (19/12/2018)

  • The Mayor delivers the tourism quality badge in destination to catering establishments and the municipal hostels of Calnegre, Casa Iglesias and Coy (19/12/2018)

  • The City Council demands the resumption of the works of the Palace of Justice, which have been paralyzed for 6 months and that impede a vital investment for the recovery of the historic center (19/12/2018)

  • The conservation and care work for the maintenance of Calnegre Cove gets a new recognition at national level (18/12/2018)
    They have been developed by the City Council together with the neighbors
  • Visit of Miriam Guardiola, Minister of Tourism and Culture, to Paso Blanco (18/12/2018)
    It took place yesterday afternoon
  • The Department of Local Development undertakes a new mixed employment and training program that will benefit 32 young unemployed Lorca (18/12/2018)

  • The PSOE presents more than 25 amendments to regional budgets to "improve the lives of Lorca and Lorca" (18/12/2018)

  • The IES San Juan Bosco de Lorca collaborates with D'Genes and AELIP through its initiative of solidarity workshops in recesses (18/12/2018)

  • The City Council and FOMLorca are calling for a protest march this afternoon at 6 pm for the death of Laura Luelmo, who will leave from La Merced (18/12/2018)

  • Carteros Reales, delivery of toys and great chocolate in the VII Christmas Solidarity of Socialist Youth with the CDIAT Fina Navarro de Lorca (18/12/2018)

  • The CHS listens to the demands of the residents affected by the floods in Lorca (18/12/2018)
    The president of the CHS, Mario Urrea, meets with the mayor of Lorca, Fulgencio Gil, with the neighborhood association of El Campillo and the Platform of Affected for Floods
  • "Historical helmet in terminal state" (18/12/2018)

  • 40 posts will participate in the Christmas Market that can be enjoyed in the Plaza del Rey Sabio from December 20 to 23 (17/12/2018)

  • Ciudadanos Lorca requests the placement of a speed reducer in Santa Paula (17/12/2018)

  • PSOE: "The residents of the neighborhood of San Fernando need to be able to return to their homes" (17/12/2018)

  • IU-V: "The regional government offers a fourth division health care for the thirty thousand patients of the neighborhood" (17/12/2018)
    The councilor of the formation, Gloria Martin studies raising a complaint to the Ombudsman of Spain
  • Limusa donates 200 toys to Red Cross Lorca to distribute them during these Christmas holidays among the most needy families of our municipality (17/12/2018)
    The workers of Limusa have wanted in this way to have a gesture of solidarity with the smallest
  • Stopped in situ by the Local Police a subject who tried to steal in the palace of Huerto Ruano (17/12/2018)
    In the early hours of Thursday to Friday was captured a 34-year-old man who had climbed one of the fences of the building and forced the front door
  • CCOO initiates a process of actions by the cleaning staff of the Rafael Méndez de Lorca hospital (17/12/2018)

  • Open to the public the Bethlehem Biblical Monumental of Lorca (16/12/2018)

  • Saturday of athletics in the Ciudad del Sol (16/12/2018)
    The athletics track "Úrsula Ruiz Pérez" hosted a federation control in the morning for the athletes of the mentioned categories, as well as a control of long throws in this specialty, from Sub16 to Absolute
  • The PSOE requires the Mayor not to make excuses, keep his word and immediately open the San Diego health center in the afternoon Marisol Sánchez warns that users of the San Diego center face more than 20 days of waiting to be seen by your family doct (15/12/2018)

  • IU denounces that Lorca still does not have a Local Emergency Plan approved for earthquakes (14/12/2018)
    For the councilor of this formation, Gloria Martín, it is unforgivable that the City Council does not have an organizational instrument and an approved response and in permanent update with the to face another large-scale earthquake
  • IU Lorca denounces that there is not a single euro in the regional budgets for the construction of the Barrio health center (14/12/2018)

  • The José María Campoy Camacho Cultural Center welcomes the Zoco III Milenio Exhibition by photographer José Luis Vidal Coy during the Christmas (14/12/2018)
    The exhibition starring images of the experienced photographer and journalist will open on the afternoon of Monday, December 17 at 8 pm
  • The municipal budget concentrates the investment in citizen security, social spending and training and employment, including the creation of 35 new jobs in the administration (14/12/2018)

  • The Councilor of Cleanliness ratifies that "the years in which the PSOE was spent the money of the taxes of the Lorca in parties in clubs of hostess they are not going to return" (14/12/2018)

  • Agents of the Local Police of Lorca arrest a person after persecution after having stolen various clothes in the Juan Carlos I Avenue (14/12/2018)
    The young man, who fled the streets of the old town , was intercepted by agents of the UPPSC and the GOTM in the Hermitage of San Roque carrying all the stolen garments
  • Mateos is a person in the offices of Limusa looking for explanations (14/12/2018)
    And verifies that "there is no sign of the exams, nor of the questions nor of the interviews of all the participants"
  • The parking of the CEIP Pasico Campillo will host on Sunday a second-hand market organized by the Association of Women of Campillo (14/12/2018)
    The commercial activity, which will take place from 8 am to 2 pm, has the objective of invigorating this district so close to our urban center, as well as promoting the social life and the hotel business in the area
  • Voting balance of the Extraordinary Plenary Session of the City of Lorca 12/14/2018 (14/12/2018)

  • The City Council has accelerated the urbanization procedures to provide the San Cristóbal neighborhood with a new park of 1,024 m2 that will replace a series of degraded buildings (14/12/2018)

  • PSOE: "The PP has shown its decline by approving alone inflated, electioneering budgets and certifying their end of cycle in Lorca" (14/12/2018)

  • The offices of La Hoya and Marchena in Lorca reinforce their consultations starting on Tuesday (14/12/2018)
    SMS has difficulties finding doctors who want to work late at the San Diego Health Center
  • Before the earthquake of 3'5 degrees felt in Lorca, the Lorca City Council recalls the usual recommendations asking Lorca to remain calm (13/12/2018)
    No damage has been reported in the municipality of Lorca
  • Ciudadanos Lorca will vote against some "fictitious, electoral and opaque" budgets (13/12/2018)

  • The five million euros for the remodeling of the Sports City of La Torrecilla disappear for the second consecutive year from the regional budgets of the PP (13/12/2018)

  • Program of activities 2018 Christmas Lorca (13/12/2018)
    The City Council program more than fifty activities for children and adults enjoy Christmas in the streets and squares of our city
  • Lorca dismisses the year running the VI edition of his San Silvestre, which returns to the afternoon schedule and will raise funds for the association D'Genes (13/12/2018)
    The absolute test will offer a route of 5'5 kms.
  • CCOO and IU-v Lorca start an information campaign aimed at those who have been fathers and mothers between 2014 and 2017 (13/12/2018)
    These citizens have very limited deadlines for requesting the refund of the deductions they made for maternity benefits and paternity of those exercises
  • Agents of the Local Police save, thanks to citizen collaboration, life to a dog that was about to drown in a reservoir (13/12/2018)
    Police of the Canine Unit and UPROL managed to rescue alive the animal for which it is sought a family that wants to adopt it
  • Ciudadanos Lorca calls for patrols of police on foot, in uniform and civilian, by the commercial areas during the Christmas season (13/12/2018)
    "Several cases of theft incite us to protect citizens on dates of more influx in the streets" says Councilman Antonio Meca
  • The Bishop of Cartagena expresses his closeness to Lorca after the earthquake this morning (13/12/2018)

  • IU disapproves the local budgets for 2019 and expects them to be the last that the PP presents to the City Council (13/12/2018)
    The economic policy of the popular government of Lorca has been focused exclusively on the objective of reducing the debt, and little has mattered the improvement of services, which, as is evident and palpable, do not increase in quantity or quality
  • The church of San Francisco will host next Friday, December 14, the conference "Religious life in Ancient Egypt: gods, temples, priests and festivals" given by Elisa Castel (12/12/2018)
    The conference is part of the exhibition "The Egyptian blue "that will remain open until January 6 at the Blue Museum of Holy Week, MASS
  • IU demands the redotación of Local Police and Civil Guard troops in the Highlands of Lorca (12/12/2018)

  • The Court admits for processing the appeal filed by the PSOE for the refusal of the PP to allow access and consultation of several personnel recruitment files of Limusa (12/12/2018)

  • The Plaza of Spain will host this Saturday the Second Edition of the Extraordinary Christmas Market (12/12/2018)
    Cn 17 posts and anticipating its schedule at 5 pm
  • Teatro Guerra commemorates 30 years since its reopening with a quality program composed of 25 shows (12/12/2018)
    José Sacristán, Josep Maria Pou, Arturo Fernández, Aitana Sánchez-Gijón, Ariadna Gil, Jorge Javier Vázquez, Marlango, Víctor Manuel, Belter Souls or Marwan will rise to the tables of the War during the first semester of 2019
  • 137 companies of the region collaborate with the City Council for the training of almost half a thousand young beneficiaries of the Employment Youth Lorca program (12/12/2018)

  • The Mayor announces an investment of 4.5 million euros that will improve the Plaza de San Vicente (12/12/2018)
    And build a new building to replace the old police station
  • Martínez Carrasco: "the PSOE has to overcome its nostalgia and assume that its management in Limusa will not return" (12/12/2018)

  • The PSOE maintains its claims and works to achieve the increase of the strength of the bodies and security forces of the State in the municipality of Lorca (12/12/2018)

  • Mateos: "For the revitalization of the Historic District, I prefer a leisure center open all day for our young people in San Vicente before an office that closes in the afternoon" (12/12/2018)

  • IU-Greens regrets that Lorca is left out of public aid to promote archaeological sites (11/12/2018)
    They point out that again Lorca can not access specific funding as happened, for example, with funds EDUSI
  • Citizens Lorca denounces that the government team has lost the state subsidy of 3 million to improve the districts (11/12/2018)

  • The Cultural Center will host on December 14 the talk "Talk about ADHD" (11/12/2018)
    Organized by the City Council, the Lorca Active Association and the Caixa
  • The libraries of districts will host 8 sessions of storytelling during the next days starring actress Olga Solera (11/12/2018)
    Cazalla, Purias, La Paca, Zarcilla de Ramos, Tercia, Almendricos, La Hoya and Marchena-Aguaderas will host the different sessions during the days before Christmas
  • Lorca will become, one more Christmas, the international capital of chess (11/12/2018)
    Thanks to the celebration of the International Chess Festival "Ciudad de Lorca"
  • El Paso Blanco celebrates a Christmas full of activities (11/12/2018)

  • Local Police arrest two individuals in two actions aborting a robbery in a vehicle and a robbery with assault during the weekend (11/12/2018)
    The circumstance occurs that similar events had occurred in previous days in similar zones and schedules, so that these arrests may serve to clarify other facts
  • The City Council considers "just and of vital importance" the investments that the Irrigation Community demands from the Government of Spain to optimize the available water (11/12/2018)

  • Mateos asks Gil Jódar and the manager of area III of health to mediate to resolve the labor dispute between the cleaning workers of Rafael Méndez and the new company (11/12/2018)

  • The City Council requests that the term of the agreement to repair damage due to earthquakes in districts be extended (11/12/2018)
    Given the impossibility of executing all the works in a few days
  • López Miras presents the book 'Lorca: yesterday and today', by photographer María José Ruíz (11/12/2018)

  • The PSOE denounces that Gil Jódar has not been able to get a cent of the distribution of regional funds destined for the recovery of archaeological sites (10/12/2018)

  • The budget of the City Council grows for the second consecutive year with the aim of continuing to transfer the improvement of municipal accounts to Lorca (10/12/2018)

  • The Mayor of Lorca will inaugurate the Municipal Bethlehem, prepared by the Belenista Association of Lorca, next Sunday, December 16 at 12 noon (10/12/2018)

  • Llamas: "although it hurts some, Lorca lives a historical period in terms of the enhancement of its cultural heritage" (10/12/2018)

  • PSOE: "The budgets presented by the PP are electioneering and do not respond to the real needs of Lorca" (10/12/2018)

  • PSOE: "The regional budgets of the PP increase the gap between health areas and re-punish Lorca and Rafael Méndez" (10/12/2018)

  • IU-v asks for a plan to clean facades in vulnerable neighborhoods (10/12/2018)
    One of the first measures should be the adaptation of the medians of the neighborhood of Los Angeles that face the campus of Lorca in the Calle Joaquín Casalduero
  • Awareness of the population about fibromyalgia (10/12/2018)
    AFILOR will carry out an informative campaign and solidarity sale of bracelets on December 20 with the aim of raising awareness among the population about fibromyalgia
  • We can Lorca demands the creation of an anitdeshaucios office (09/12/2018)

  • The City Council continues to make progress in the necessary administrative procedures to be able to directly provide the urban transport service (07/12/2018)

  • The districts benefit from the approval of a new series of improvement investments for maintenance of green areas and works (07/12/2018)
    Exceeds 550,000 euros
  • Lorca gets the pre-selection to become part of the Network of Spanish Jewish Quarters and will defend his entry on January 9 in Madrid (07/12/2018)
    The challenge is to enter this Association constituted by municipalities that have, in their medieval ensembles, a architectural, historical, environmental and cultural heritage, heritage of the Jewish communities that inhabited them
  • PSOE: "The Popular Party delays the arrival of Christmas lights in the districts of Lorca" (07/12/2018)

  • Lorca will welcome Christmas this Friday with a show of lights, sound and a gospel music concert in the Plaza de España (05/12/2018)

  • The PSOE de Lorca combines youth, experience and preparation in its Electoral Committee for the municipal elections of May 2019 (05/12/2018)

  • The Early Childhood Center of Lorca acquires new material for the treatment of children with special needs (05/12/2018)
    thanks to a municipal investment of 13,000 euros
  • The excolegiata of San Patricio will host on Sunday December 9 a concert of El Mesías by the Youth Orchestra of the Region of Murcia and the Haendel Choir (05/12/2018)

  • The Alzheimer's Association Lorca carries out its traditional charity sale of Flowers of Easter to collect funds for the realization of its annual activities (05/12/2018)
    Under the motto "A flower, a memory" this collective has sold 750 of these typical Christmas flowers at the discounted price of 5 euros
  • Guiazul, the team of guides of the Paso Azul, organizes "Together We are MASS" (05/12/2018)
    It is a day of inclusion on the occasion of the celebration of the International Day of Persons with Disabilities
  • The San Cristóbal School celebrates the Volunteer Day by carrying out numerous solidarity activities with Down Lorca and Alzheimer Lorca (05/12/2018)

  • The Mayor vindicates the validity of the Principle of Solidarity protected by the Constitution (05/12/2018)
    On the occasion of the XL Anniversary of the approval in referendum of our Magna Carta
  • Mango, Kiwoko and Muy Mucho arrive at Almenara Park (05/12/2018)
    On Saturday, December 15, Kiwoko will celebrate a great party, with great discounts
  • The church of San Nicolás de Bari de Avilés opens 24 new pine wood benches elaborated by the Carpentry Workshop of the Local Development Department (05/12/2018)
    Specifically, 20 banks and 4 reclinatories have been created thanks to an investment in materials of 10,000 euros .
  • The Down Lorca Association puts more than 3,000 solidarity calendars on sale (04/12/2018)
    With which to raise funds to contribute to the maintenance of its services
  • The Mayor of Lorca inaugurates the exhibition "Traditional figures of Bethlehem" that can be visited until January 3 at the Casa Museo del Paso Morado (04/12/2018)
    The exhibition is made up of more than fifty traditional nativity figures and a unique copy in Lorca of the Bible of San Luis, which is composed of three volumes and has some spectacular engravings
  • Satisfaction in UI and in the platform of affected by the return of earthquake aid for the agreement between the City Council and the CARM (04/12/2018)

  • The PSOE celebrates on Wednesday the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution with a public reading of the articles of the Magna Carta (04/12/2018)

  • The Mayor encourages Lorca to protect and spread the tradition of nativity scenes in all public spaces (04/12/2018)
    "It is our heritage, our heritage and our culture"
  • Unemployment is reduced by 21 people during the month of November in the municipality of Lorca (04/12/2018)
    With this new reduction the best figures of unemployment in the last decade are reached, before approaching a 2019 that has to be year of creation of work and job opportunities for all Lorca
  • The PSOE values ​​with caution the new conditions towards those affected by the return of earthquake aid and hopes that it is not another political 'theater' anymore (04/12/2018)

  • The PSOE notes the "erratic policy" of the PP in underground containers when there are 35 without functioning (03/12/2018)

  • Meeting of the SEF with entrepreneurs of the new slaughterhouse to finalize the programming of training courses (03/12/2018)
    This is a commitment that IU-Verdes de Lorca started to the Director of the SEF in the Local Employment Table last September
  • The Huerto Ruano hosts from Tuesday December 4 to January 6 the exhibition "The emotion of the place" by the painter Pérez Casanova (03/12/2018)
    It is the second exhibition in the city of the famous winning artist, among others, of the Winterthur Prize. Burgos, city of Ávila, Villa of Fuente Álamo or Villa de Riaza, among others
  • The City Council launches the new free bus line between the Carés Carrasco car park and the Rafael Méndez Hospital (03/12/2018)

  • The Plan + Woman will allow to expand and improve the activities carried out in the women's centers of the municipality (03/12/2018)
    thanks to an increase in municipal investment of 25%
  • The Mayor highlights the "firm and decisive" commitment of the Comarca for the creation of employment and the promotion of economic activity in Lorca (03/12/2018)

  • Mecca: "The delay in putting the underground containers into operation is an exception that will be solved immediately" The mayor recalled that "the easiest thing is to install traditional containers, even if they are a nuisance and br (03/12/2018)

  • Amata will bring the Author's Craft® to San Fulgencio (02/12/2018)

  • PSOE: The Government of Spain unlocks aid for those affected by the floods of 2016 in the region and allocates to Lorca about 45,000 euros (02/12/2018)

  • Alberto Garre: "Lorca can not continue to suffer from water scarcity" (01/12/2018)


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