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  • The Governing Board of the City of Lorca definitely wins € 170,161 works of Old Calvary shield (30/04/2010)
    The Town Hall has also provisionally awarded to a company lorquina construction of a social club in the village of Fontanares, for 115,300 euros .
  • PSOE: Only 30 students will have laptops Lorca free for the boycott of the program Valcárcel School 2.0 (30/04/2010)

  • 34 students of the Municipal School of Fine Arts presented here this afternoon at the Palais de Guevara (30/04/2010)

  • The complex pool Europe has become the scene this morning on a day of water aerobics (30/04/2010)
    The activity is part of the XVII Sporting Events of Lorca's Women's Groups
  • Young people from six European countries held in Lorca a seminar to address the problems and mechanisms in virtual life on the Internet (30/04/2010)
    Bulgaria, Denmark, Germany, Italy, Slovenia and Spain are represented at the seminar "Violence of information"
  • Senior Residence "San Diego" celebrates "Mother's Day" (29/04/2010)

  • Expoestudio 2010 is starting off with the goal of becoming the national benchmark (29/04/2010)
    The Campus Universitario de Lorca is the scene of the event which runs until the Friday
  • Reply PSOE criticism against municipalities Guadalentín Digital TV (29/04/2010)

  • 3,500 students of Children receive a municipal plant nurseries to learn their care and the need to respect the environment (29/04/2010)

  • The Community commitment to vocational training in the Expo-Study Lorca (29/04/2010)
    Sotoca Constantine inaugurated the fair which will host two booths of the Ministry on the integrated center, and the educational and professional
  • The City Council believes that the socioeconomic fabric lorquino lose around 50 million euros by the VAT hike approved by Zapatero (28/04/2010)
    The Consistory will lose more than 1.6 million euros for tax increases Zapatero
  • Diverse presents its third edition with 15 activities of associations and youth groups for the months of May and June (28/04/2010)
    Action begin on May 8 with the football championship and ended on 26 June with a visit to the Rock Music Festival
  • The PP invited Ms. Sanchez Jódar to stop saying "bullshit" (28/04/2010)
    Y start, after 3 years, to justify the salary we pay the Lorca
  • Lorca City Council change the General Plan to prohibit the waste treatment industry in Serrata (28/04/2010)
    The Planning Department has approved the initial modification of planning restrictions to determine the permitted uses in response to social demand to prevent neighbors have to endure new polluting industries
  • The City Council initially approved Lorca Hinojar residential, that will yield 637,020 m2 for general systems (28/04/2010)

  • The PP Regional Government invests 34.5 million euros to improve the health system in our region (28/04/2010)
    Satur Martinez, "Mrs. Sanchez Jódar has been explained by active and passive what she calls already started but she just wants to confuse and cause alarm "
  • The Socialist Party says he is "discredited" to talk about nominations is the number two PP (28/04/2010)
    I got, "Plug in" a position he should have won by opposition
  • The PSOE requires Lorca children also qualify for free pneumococcal vaccine as the capital Murcia (28/04/2010)

  • 16,000 vehicles pass daily through the underpass of Santa Clara Avenue (27/04/2010)
    It has been a major road traffic congestion in the urban area of our town.
  • Ballet de Maria Teresa Lazareno colorful downtown streets of the city with an attractive show (27/04/2010)
    The act included in the program of activities for the International Dance Day, was developed last weekend, taking a huge reception people
  • Lorca will become the epicenter of technology and social welfare and health with the conclusion of the third edition of the conference ICT (27/04/2010)
    were developed during the 3rd and 4th of May, the Garden Ruano and Local Development Centre
  • The athletics track will host the turret next Friday's regional semifinal school sports in juvenile category (27/04/2010)

  • On Wednesday, day 28, proceed to the processing plant of some green areas of the city center (27/04/2010)

  • Encounters with author, edition ends with the presence of Carmen Garcia Iglesias (27/04/2010)
    Wednesday and Thursday during the writer will speak at the Children's Library with over 400 primary school
  • The Socialist Party calls for urgent improvements in the deputation of Sutullena (26/04/2010)
    In addition to calling for the creation of a botanical garden in the area to which they propose the name of Ricardo Olivares, a resident of the hamlet emblematic
  • Diego José Mateos takes office as councilman of Lorca (26/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls to City Hall to demand that Iberdrola a study of electrical installations in the town (26/04/2010)
    Last week residents and businesses of Loch Street and adjacent suffered a power outage that lasted several hours
  • A hiking route to Cejo kicks out the XVII Women's Sporting Events (26/04/2010)

  • The Town Council budget for this year concentrated its efforts on social economic and employment (26/04/2010)
    Loan repayments allows the Council to allocate more money (more than 1.3 million euros) in social spending and training for the unemployed.
  • The "Bike and Nature" continues touring the scenic beauty of the municipality of Lorca (26/04/2010)
    70 cyclists took part in the fourth route Zarzadilla held between the hamlets of Totana and Coy
  • Education Week held in Santa Quiteria Road closes its doors with the assistance of 15,000 people (26/04/2010)
    The busiest day was Friday, the day that went by the enclosure around 6,000 people.
  • More than fifty people involved in the first activity "Lorcambiental" Eye of the river crossing Luchena (26/04/2010)
    In addition to PP members and supporters attended the Mayor, Francisco Jodar, and the Councillor for Sports, Francisco Montiel
  • Clarification continuity festival "All Art" and Espirelia (26/04/2010)

  • Lorca City Council gives green light to the budget "committed to social and job creation" (26/04/2010)

  • The House calls upon the Government of Spain forwarded to Congress the draft of the new Law on Local Finance and Local Administration Act (26/04/2010)
    The Corporation has also supported the request to the Central Government not to raise the tax, lower tax consumers, remove and freeze the digital canon electric rate increases.
  • José Gabriel Ruiz: "The VAT increase will be the fourth increase in taxes in less than a year" (24/04/2010)
    Francisco Jodar: "Zapatero seems a boxer knocked out before the crisis, not react well, not make decisions and when it does it in against citizens "
  • More than 12,000 pupils take part in Road Safety Week Lorca (24/04/2010)
    The number of participants in this initiative organized by the city of Lorca in collaboration with the Public Transport Authority has doubled the initial forecast
  • Rosa Díez: "We are here to break taboos and to force the PP and PSOE to behave as national parties" (23/04/2010)
    UPyD The leader gave a lecture yesterday in Lorca, in which he emphasized the need to reform the Constitution to review distribution of powers between State and Autonomous Communities
  • On Sunday is held the fourth route of the "Bike and Nature", among Zarzadilla of Totana and Coy (23/04/2010)

  • Lorca City Council of the strike will bring to 66 unemployed (23/04/2010)
    To maintain gardens, forestry and clean ditches, ravines, hillocks and improve road signs
  • Economic Report of the Director and the City Auditor Jódar warn that their budgets can put in very serious financial difficulties Lorca (23/04/2010)
    20 out of 84 million euros of the budget are "alleged" income
  • The winners of the XXV edition of the "María Fernández-Luna", pick up their awards at the World Book Day (23/04/2010)
    A total of 1436 have been submitted to the contest that has been developing since 1977
  • Reply to criticism by the PSOE against budgets (23/04/2010)

  • Five hundred unemployed receive training Lorca (22/04/2010)
    Thanks to the 28 new courses that extend themselves to more than 70 specialties offered by the Department of Employment
  • Clashes Almendricos neighborhood in the covering of the track of a room for children (22/04/2010)

  • Lorca provides citizens with a fair open technology through SICARM 2010 (22/04/2010)
    The exhibition was inaugurated this morning by the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jódar and the Minister, Inmaculada García
  • Lorca City Council will address this summer improvement works of the College of almonds, which are already being recruited (22/04/2010)
    Councillor for Education of the City of Lorca, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, has further emphasized that "the municipal officers are also preparing a report for the improvement of the electrical installation of building Almendricos Child "
  • Lorca today welcomed the technology demonstrations of the X edition of SICARM (22/04/2010)
    Sun City joins Caravaca and Cehegín, where 7,000 people visited this forum, and about new technologies to more social aspects to the conference "ICT for Social Welfare and Health '
  • The IES Ramón Arcas Meca held next Saturday School Sports Regional Final in the form of women's volleyball (22/04/2010)

  • Two months later than promised by City Hall and regional government continue without installing the prefabricated classrooms in the school of Directors (22/04/2010)
    The Socialist councilor Marisol Sanchez regretted that education has "failed to fulfill its promise," that is "smiling from parents and mothers, "but especially" you are playing with the safety of children "
  • The Hall Bus offers lectures on how to react to an accident in the Road Safety Week Lorca (22/04/2010)
    Jose Guillen emphasized that the goal is that students "become familiar with three basic premises in an accident, protect, warning and relief, and transmitted also to their families and friends "
  • Dispel doubts about the continuity of the Tajo-Segura, Manolo Soler continued his career for mayor of Lorca by the PSOE (22/04/2010)
    Diego Ferra praised the courage of Soler who last November said it would not be the socialist candidate if it was closed the aqueduct "something that can not boast Jódar"
  • G ª Aragon: "We have averted a tragedy, but Lorca never forget the immense damage that the PSOE has made this city" (22/04/2010)
    We are proud to be a People's Party and Lorca, however be lorquino and socialist Lorca is becoming more difficult to understand
  • Ferra: "The Murcia have given an example of unity with the uncompromising defense of Diversion" (22/04/2010)

  • ... (22/04/2010)

  • A lorquina represent the Sun City in the Championship of Spain of Judo (22/04/2010)
    Join the Club Judo Lorca that last weekend celebrated with great success sharing the Trophy Bass II Guadalentín
  • Valcárcel receives the Executive Committee of the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca (22/04/2010)

  • School ISF World Championship (22/04/2010)

  • The Sporting Events XVII of Lorca's Women's Groups will begin on Saturday (21/04/2010)
    With a popular place to Cejo
  • Lorca Castle is hosting a series of workshops to disseminate information on Mediterranean flora (21/04/2010)
    Among other actions, will teach participants to recognize and plaited esparto
  • The PP launches "Lorcambiental", a volunteer program to promote respect for nature (21/04/2010)
    Committed to the conservation of nature
  • Peñarrubia highlights the great public response in the first celebrations of World Book Day (21/04/2010)
    The Plaza Calderón and ten municipal libraries in the city and districts
  • The municipal website design launches new mobile version accessible, virtual office and DNIe (20/04/2010)
    The municipal website undergoes major changes to adapt to new times
  • The City of Lorca offers 96 free screenings of 23 films in eight districts local social (20/04/2010)
    The programming of the new CINE + CO.PE program, which will bring free to residents of the districts currently the seventh art, including six children and 17 films for all audiences
  • Lorca will host a panel discussion to mark the tenth meeting of the School Council of the Region of Murcia (20/04/2010)
    will be held on Thursday 22 under the title "Education, family and technology" and covering issues on strategies to follow in the educational field field of information society
  • Lorca will have 6 teams in the semifinals of school sport (20/04/2010)

  • The 'Road Safety Week Lorca' shape the future drivers through educational activities and tours (19/04/2010)
    José Ballesta stresses that "the goal is to educate and train children and youth in the Region, to be taught not take risks on the road, as well as pedestrians, drivers, passengers and cyclists "
  • 90 participants in the pilgrimage by bike to Caravaca de la Cruz (19/04/2010)

  • Helena Martinez spoke of the book "What else would," in Encounters with author (19/04/2010)
    About 400 students of 1 º and 2 º Elementary will attend the Cultural Center of the city school
  • Urgent Motion on protection of the Tajo-Segura (19/04/2010)
    Ferra Diego Garcia, a spokesman for the Municipal Socialist Group in the city of Lorca, presented to Full Council Regular April 2010, the following MOTION
  • 10,000 children this week to become the Capital Lorca Road Safety (19/04/2010)

  • Organize intercultural cooking workshops in the San Juan Bosco Institute (19/04/2010)

  • The Works council described as "despicable" that vandals cut in half a dozen that had been planted mulberry trees in Castellar Gimeno Poet (19/04/2010)
    The City Council will keep the broken trees to see if some "drops his head in shame to contemplate their misdeeds "
  • Jódar Valcárcel collected from the hands of a distinction Fecoam (17/04/2010)
    by his personal commitment and the City Council to defend the interests of farmers
  • Jódar "the transfer will defend tooth and nail" (17/04/2010)
    PP Chair and Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar Murcia will come on Monday to protest against the closure of the transfer
  • A delegation of eight companies travel to Serbia and Croatia during a trade mission organized by the Chamber of Commerce of Lorca (16/04/2010)

  • The Constitution Mall will house 22 to April 25 Days SICARM 2010 (16/04/2010)
    Different workshops and spaces closer to the citizen to the latest in computer and telecommunications
  • Deleted Lorca Mayor's official car after ending the contract signed in socialist times (16/04/2010)
    Bringing the City will save 24,000 euros a year
  • The City Council agrees with APANDIS Lorca practical training of mentally handicapped (16/04/2010)

  • 1,418 stories have attended the XXV edition of the "María Fernández-Luna," which as you know the winners (16/04/2010)

  • The San Fernando College students create a school garden in the courtyard of this school (16/04/2010)
    Councillor for Education of the City of Lorca, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, this morning visited the plantations of tomato, onion, garlic and herbs in nine terraces.
  • The Town Planning Mr. Collins recalls that when he was mayor that included revenues from fines were 60% more than now (16/04/2010)

  • The technical and Planning Councillor Lorca attend the 3rd Congress of the Bicycle (16/04/2010)
    The 3rd Congress of the bicycle is being held in Lleida from 15 to 17 April 2010.
  • PSOE: "If Valcárcel former captain would be the first to jump ship because for him the women and children are the ultimate" (15/04/2010)

  • Lorca International Day of Book and Dance (15/04/2010)
    With activities of storytelling, puppet shows and performances of dance schools in our city
  • The Department of Policy and CAM Mayor organized a cycle of 12 popular dances for more (15/04/2010)
    local contemplate social action in the entire municipality
  • The Department of Employment Lorca Town Hall will offer courses professionals specializing in Jewish cuisine (15/04/2010)

  • Teachers, parents and students participate in Education Day organized by the PSOE (15/04/2010)
    The Lorca Antonio Martinez Arboleda, Professor, University of Leeds (England) and the regional deputy Jesus Lopez, among the speakers
  • The Ministry of Health will invest 3.7 million euros to renew all the areas of Pediatrics and Obstetrics of the Rafael Méndez de Lorca (15/04/2010)
    Murcia Health Service already has a project that includes widening from two to five the delivery rooms, two operating rooms new and renewing the plant Pediatrics
  • The Department of Employment began a complementary training session with a day of expertise on the Law Unit (15/04/2010)
    Those interested can register for the CLD to this free course to be held tomorrow afternoon.
  • Seven teams vying Lorca in Murcia on Saturday in the quarterfinals School Sports (15/04/2010)

  • The cycle of lectures on Jewish culture analyzes the characteristics and evolution morning of Sephardic cooking (14/04/2010)
    The talk will be given by Uriel Macias, a specialist in Spanish literature of Judaism, and will take place tomorrow, Thursday April 15 from 8 pm at the headquarters of Ceclor
  • 60 professionals participating in a day of mediation and coexistence in schools in Lorca, organized by the City (14/04/2010)

  • The Instituto Municipal de la Juventud de Lorca presents all the tourism offer young and mobility for the summer saving (14/04/2010)
    Work camps, summer camps and exchanges with youth from different European countries are part of the wide range
  • Lorca becomes the model of analysis in development with the celebration of the "II Biennial of Urbanism" (14/04/2010)

  • The City of Lorca 3.45% increases its contribution to the Municipal Council of Social Services (14/04/2010)
    To meet the needs of those most in need in times of crisis
  • The Government Team will present at the next full City a motion rejecting the closure of the Tajo-Segura (14/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for the relaunch SUVILOR or otherwise, to temporarily halt the activity of the company (13/04/2010)

  • The PSOE de Lorca Soler supported the statements in which subjects its candidacy for mayor to maintain the Tajo-Segura (13/04/2010)

  • "Lorcabiciudad" Lorca and City Council develop a new public awareness campaign (13/04/2010)
    To promote the use of bicycles in Lorca
  • Municipal revenue building permits fall 60% in 3 years (13/04/2010)
    It has grown from 4.7 million euros get just 2
  • The Paradiso Cineclub offer the films "White Ribbon" and "A prophet" (13/04/2010)

  • Response to Councilman allegations Socialist Youth (13/04/2010)

  • San Fernando Street up to the Old Bridge in Barrio de San Cristóbal remain blocked to traffic for Water Works Lorca (13/04/2010)
    The amendments will be held from 07:00 am on Tuesday, June 13 and end on Friday, 16
  • Ballet de Maria Teresa Lazareno own light shine on the Burial of the Sardine last Saturday (13/04/2010)
    The organization of the parade groups confirmed the presence of Lorca in the next year's edition
  • The PP Lorca Manuel Soler claims to "be brave" (13/04/2010)
    "And his candidacy condition that the PSOE vote against the closure of the Tajo-Segura"
  • Reply Suvilor CEO of criticism of the PSOE (13/04/2010)

  • Neighbors, young and old neighborhood of San Jose today enjoy a new clubhouse 500m2 (12/04/2010)

  • The Community brings more than 200,000 euros for the renovation of the Social Center of San Jose in Lorca (12/04/2010)
    The Minister of Social Policy, Women and Immigration opens today the works of Lorca facilities
  • The Socialist Party claims that marginalizes Jódar equality policies for the benefit of their "personal whims" (12/04/2010)

  • The City will save 140,000 euros per year (12/04/2010)
    With the substitution in different areas of the municipality of 26 control panels for street lighting
  • Spectacular hiking trail in the Sierra de la Almenara under the "Lorca Foot 2010" (12/04/2010)
    110 walkers participated and enjoyed a splendid landscape with a distance of 13 km
  • The day of the League on Saturday Swimming Pool Complex in Europe had 300 swimmers participation (12/04/2010)

  • The Community revitalize the landscape of the Fortaleza del Sol de Lorca (11/04/2010)
    Actions include planting of prairies and native plants, the channeling of surface water, pruning and securing of cypresses, and the preparation of informative posters Plant Area
  • War Theatre next Friday hosting a charity gala for Caritas (11/04/2010)
    It is an awareness raising initiative aimed especially the business sector to take part in the main social and ecclesiastical city
  • Cut to traffic Lope Gisbert, Santo Domingo and La Alberca by Bridge refurbishment works over the weekend (09/04/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls a change in the PGOM to regulate the production of photovoltaic solar energy in industrial buildings (09/04/2010)

  • More than 2,000 older Lorca have already registered to participate in travel "Know Your Region" (09/04/2010)
    This year visit Caravaca de la Cruz on the occasion of the Jubilee Year
  • Public Works better connecting the center of Lorca with the deputation of The Tova (09/04/2010)
    Guijarro said the action will provide greater road safety in the area of high agricultural and livestock
  • Agreement with the school children of San José de Calasanz Lorca for educational support to students (09/04/2010)

  • Francisco Jódar shows his outright rejection at the end of the Tajo-Segura and described as "treason Lorca" socialist support this proposal (09/04/2010)
    Francisco Jodar, "the City Council will not accept in any way that the PSOE will eliminate the primary sector. The support of the Socialists to the reserve of 4,000 hm 3 is a death sentence against agriculture lorquina "
  • The children's stories contest "Premio María Fernández-Luna" reaches its maximum participation (09/04/2010)
    with 1,436 works presented at the XXV edition
  • The National Olympiad Leisure organized a pilgrimage to Caravaca to gain the Jubilee (09/04/2010)
    will be held on 23, 24 and 25 April with a tour of nearly 80 km
  • The PSOE shows the state of abandonment in which is the old-340 (09/04/2010)

  • "Nino Bravo The Musical" (09/04/2010)
    Radio Cadena SER Lorca and the city of Lorca brought directly from the Gran Via in Madrid to War Theatre, the show "Nino Bravo The Musical"
  • The CBM Lorca plays their aspirations for promotion this weekend in the Regional Final Round to be held in the Pavilion of San Jose (08/04/2010)
    The Lorca have a chance of qualifying if they can finish in the first two
  • UPyD in Lorca denounces wasteful implementation of the new local television (08/04/2010)
    Consider unnecessary expense and in a moment of crisis like the present and fear that the ultimate goal is the advantage of playing with the forthcoming elections
  • Lorca City Council begins work on consolidation and adaptation of the church of Santa Maria in order to be accessed (08/04/2010)
    The Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, has announced that this initial investment of almost € 800,000 will consolidate the ruins, after which will undertake the comprehensive rehabilitation
  • The Guadelentín riverbed will become the scene of the I concentration of Volleyball the next 22 and 29 April (08/04/2010)
    The Eliocroca section, Cadena Ser and Imjude will be the organizers of an event under the slogan "I play volleyball in Lorca
  • The Socialist Party calls a rebate of 95% of IBI and a cessation of seizures and postponement of debts for families unemployed Lorca (07/04/2010)

  • Eulalia Ibarra (PP) before the plenary rejected the motion to be presented by the PSOE to stall foreclosures Lorca families with all members unemployed (07/04/2010)
    The Socialist councilor Maria Ponce said that we have to have a lot of chutzpah "to talk about debt City Council
  • Building Auditorium Lorca receives an initial cash injection of 200,000 euros from the Autonomous Region (07/04/2010)

  • Response to the second letter of today's tax PSOE (07/04/2010)

  • The Imjude continued its training with the seminar "Basic life support and trauma care in sports" (06/04/2010)

  • Jódar Lorca asks to tighten their belt but will invest almost half a million euros on a television "to measure" (06/04/2010)
    The Municipal Group Socialist deputy spokesman, Francisco Ruiz Alviar, drew attention to "rush" of Jódar for start the channel, just a year before the local elections
  • The "Lorca Foot 2010", held this weekend the path to Talayón in the Sierra de Almenara (06/04/2010)
    The pilgrimage to Caravaca Cycling postponed the day will be Saturday April 17
  • Response to the press conference on local television PSOE (06/04/2010)

  • Critical response on indoor PSOE San Antonio (06/04/2010)

  • The renovation of the Plaza of Spain will cause changes in traffic from 7 to 9 April (06/04/2010)

  • PSOE: "The lack of hot water in facilities attached to Artes Carrasco requires grassroots members to shower with cold water" (05/04/2010)
    just boilers provide hot water for a few athletes reported by parents of affected
  • "The greatness Blue" (02/04/2010)
    So little was I aware that it was almost my life, but began to be related to my dreams and trends

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