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  • City Council approves Antonio Meca's proposal not to charge fees for the issuance of documents to request legal aid (31/10/2017)
    The municipal ordinances approved for 2018 contemplate the exemption of registration fees and goods for those who can not pay
  • The Community invests 300,000 euros in a new classroom for the SEF office in Lorca (31/10/2017)
    The works involve the incorporation of 370 m2 attached to the existing 430, and the new space will allow workshops, work orientation for groups or processes to be carried out business selection
  • More than 50 professionals participate in Lorca in a seminar to promote socio-health coordination in gender violence focused on the area of ​​gynecology (31/10/2017)
    The objective of this seminar is for health workers, social services and resources specialized in gender violence acquire greater specialization in their work environments
  • Lorca hosts on Sunday, November 12, the II Ultra March "100 y pico" and the First Regional Ultra BXM Championship (31/10/2017)

  • The Local Police establishes a special operation in the accesses to the cemeteries of the municipality on the occasion of the celebration of the Feast of All Saints (31/10/2017)

  • The City Council of Lorca suspends in the management of local employment and in public procurement, according to the Chair of Corporate Social Responsibility of the UMU (31/10/2017)

  • The Department of Urban Development grants license to Lorca promoters to build an educational center in front of the neighborhood of San Fernando with an investment of 1.8 million euros (31/10/2017)

  • IU-Green asks the City Council to promote the purchase of electric vehicles to fight pollution (31/10/2017)

  • The Palacio de Guevara recovers 3 great jewels of the Baroque painter Camacho Felizes (31/10/2017)
    that look totally restored thanks to an investment of 68,534 euros
  • The Doctor in Education Celia Agüera will offer a lecture on the evolution of the concept of death in different cultures on Thursday at the Huerto Ruano (31/10/2017)
    On the occasion of All Saints' Day, Agüera will present the talk entitled "When Halloween banished the Day of the Saints: death in other cultures ", to be held at the Huerto Ruano from 8 pm
  • The Plenary of the City Council approves granting the Gold Medal of the City of Lorca to SEPOR on its 50th anniversary, to be delivered on November 23 (30/10/2017)
    Distinguished Service Diplomas will be received María del Socorro Morente Sánchez, Antonio Vidal Ruiz, Miguel Calvo Zamora, Miguel Asín Zurita, María Antonio Mota Segura, and posthumously José Barranco, José Luis Martín Muñoz and Ángela Ruiz Sánchez
  • Lorca will host next weekend the Intercourse 2017, an activity in which more than 500 explorers from the Region of Murcia will participate (30/10/2017)

  • The City Council starts obtaining space to enable a green area with a park next to the church of Santiago (30/10/2017)

  • The PSOE addresses the complaints of the residents of Los Angeles-Apolonia and starts the commitment of responsible companies to correct errors in the works (30/10/2017)

  • The City Council Plenary approves the fiscal ordinances for 2018 that will not charge the rise of the IPC and establish bonuses for more than 400 large families (30/10/2017)

  • Lorca shows his full support to the Security Forces and Corps, requests his wage equalization and urges the defense of democracy with determination and firmness (30/10/2017)

  • Voting balance of the Ordinary Plenary Session of the City Council of Lorca corresponding to the month of October 2017 (30/10/2017)

  • Measures against gender violence, citizen participation and improvements in districts, between the initiatives of the PSOE to Plenary (29/10/2017)

  • Lorca hosts a day of coordination between employment services and social services to improve the socio-labor insertion of people at risk of social exclusion (27/10/2017)

  • The PSOE bets to promote the promotion of Lorca embroidery with the achievement in gold and silks of the institutional flags of Lorca and the Region (27/10/2017)

  • Antonio Meca: "74 requests for documents to the Government team in the last year have not been answered" Or there are no documents or they can not teach them (27/10/2017)

  • Citizens Lorca takes to the Plenary the absence of answer of the equipment of Government to 74 requests of documents (27/10/2017)

  • The families of Zarzadilla affected by the occupation of land made by a previous administration in 2001 receive 5 municipal plots of 504 m2 (27/10/2017)

  • IU-Greens demands a Stability Plan for temporary staff working at the City Hall (27/10/2017)

  • The Department of Development tendered for 1.9 million the construction of a new bridge on the Aguaderas road on the Rambla de Biznaga (27/10/2017)

  • The PSOE calls for more municipal attention to end the discrimination suffered by Almendricos (27/10/2017)

  • IU-V will request the elaboration of a Regional Strategic Plan to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion (26/10/2017)
    Adoración Peñas will urge the Regional Assembly to elaborate on the motion to be presented at the October plenary meeting
  • Citizens: "The management, organization, development and execution of the shows of the Fair has to return to the officials of the Department of Celebrations" (26/10/2017)
    "The fair is not for doing business, and less for others to do of Lorca "
  • The PSOE insists that Lorca has an exclusive court for gender violence (26/10/2017)

  • Lorca will host next Thursday November 2 the II Meeting Almería Murcia Sports for people with disabilities (26/10/2017)

  • PSOE: "The PP returns to draw the agreements to cover their clumsiness demonstrated by the leakage of the solar plant" (26/10/2017)

  • The PSOE calls for the creation of a "cost 0" body to increase the protection and rights of the citizens of Lorca (25/10/2017)

  • IU and PADAT bring to the Committee on Petitions and Defense of the Citizen of the Regional Assembly the return of aid for earthquakes (25/10/2017)

  • The Friends of Hope Association will hold three conferences at the CajaMurcia Culture Hall on the occasion of Emotional Health Week (25/10/2017)

  • The Local Police launches a Road Education Park that will benefit more than 1,200 children of 2nd grade primary (25/10/2017)

  • IU demands that the Ayuntamiento submits allegations to the project of the solar plant of Puerto Lumbreras (24/10/2017)
    whose line of very high tension affects to several districts lorquinas and protected spaces of the Network Natura 2000
  • PSOE: "The clumsiness of the PP has caused Lorca to lose 9 million euros with the leakage of the solar plant of Almendricos to another municipality" (24/10/2017)

  • Cineclub Paradiso offers a special program for the months of October, November and December to celebrate its 20th anniversary (24/10/2017)

  • 36 companies, services and professionals of Lorca already have the certificate of tourist quality in destination (24/10/2017)
    The Minister of Tourism, Culture and Environment and the mayor of the city deliver the SICTED diplomas that ensure the pursuit of excellence for the sector of tourism
  • IU-Verdes denounces that the City Council has only three operators on staff for its street maintenance service (24/10/2017)

  • The PSOE says that "the capo of hair" that the PP now request participation to reflotar an urban transport that still does not work because of its mismanagement (23/10/2017)

  • The Castle of Lorca and the Visitor Center will host a Children's Party of Witches specially designed for children to enjoy a terrifying experience (23/10/2017)

  • "No single vehicle more than finger" (23/10/2017)
    All purchases over 1,500 euros must go through open procedures and asking for three budgets
  • The PSOE asks for the cleaning of the environment of the Sacred Heart school and streets of San Diego and San Cristóbal (23/10/2017)

  • IU-V requires intelligence and efficiency in the management of publicly owned properties in Lorca (23/10/2017)
    The City is paying rent while there are public buildings, some of them BIC, closed to lime and corner
  • The PSOE denounces the alarming rise of waiting lists at the Hospital Rafael Mendez (20/10/2017)

  • IU-Verdes requests to adapt playgrounds for children with special needs (20/10/2017)
    Request a commitment to implement a measure that would facilitate the inclusion of this group through leisure and play
  • The PSOE denounces the collection efforts of the PP at the expense of drivers Lorca (20/10/2017)

  • The City Council clarifies that the radar with which the Local Police will have in the coming months will be dissuasive (20/10/2017)

  • In the parking lots of the blue zone, they must be free for the first two hours. * Antonio Mecca will present this motion at the October plenary session in order to boost the trade in the urban area: "our potential customers have to know that pa (19/10/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces new illegal spills to the Rambla Alta de Lorca (19/10/2017)

  • The Department of Health launches in the schools of the municipality the "Project Brocolín" (19/10/2017)
    a workshop for children to learn healthy habits of life
  • IU-Greens encourages those affected by the devolution of earthquake aid to request technical reports justifying them (19/10/2017)

  • The Garden of the Wheel hosts the Cross Horse Fair to be held on 21 and 22 October and will have free entry (19/10/2017)
    More than 350 horses will participate in it.
  • Socialist Youth of Lorca delivers school material collected in solidarity campaign (19/10/2017)
    The material, collected with the collaboration of the Youth Council of Lorca, will go to the Red Cross, who will produce lots that will go to a hundred Lorca children
  • Lorca participates in #sumatealrosa to commemorate World Breast Cancer Day thanks to the distribution of informative leaflets and pink ties by the AECC (19/10/2017)

  • The PSOE warns that the modification of section I of the Central Round will produce a new delay and could affect the burial of the AVE (18/10/2017)

  • The Guevara Palace hosts this afternoon the meeting of the Social Council of the City with Sustainable Mobility, Smart Cities and the construction of the Palace of Justice as main themes (18/10/2017)

  • Four users of SEPAP Down Lorca will carry out pre-work practices in the Residence Caser thanks to a collaboration agreement between both entities (18/10/2017)

  • Ayuntamiento and Social Work "La Caixa" sign an agreement to continue developing in the municipality activities that lead the elderly towards an active aging (18/10/2017)

  • Family and Equal Opportunities supports the start of pre-employment practices of Down Lorca users (18/10/2017)

  • IU-Greens accuses the PP of using young people to promote precarious employment in Lorca (17/10/2017)

  • Next weekend will be held the "Pilgrimage from Lorca to Caravaca de la Cruz", along the Camino de Santiago de la Ruta del Argar (17/10/2017)

  • The PSOE asks that students of Bachelor and FP in districts benefit from free school transport (17/10/2017)

  • The OJE de Lorca organizes, in collaboration with the City Council and the Youth Council, an activity in favor of Down Lorca to sensitize the youngest. The activity will be held in three sessions: the first will be on October 18 and will take place a (17/10/2017)

  • The War Theater will host on 3 and 4 November the final phase of the XXVII International Flamenco Festival Ciudad del Sol with the presence of 5 cantaores (17/10/2017)

  • 1.1 million for home help in Lorca (17/10/2017)

  • IU-Verdes Lorca asks to remove the name of Angel Maria Villar to the soccer complex of La Hoya (16/10/2017)

  • PSOE: "Almost a hundred users of the Residence Domingo Sastre have a month and a half without a doctor for incompetence of the PP" (16/10/2017)

  • The beneficiaries of the "Entrebarrios" youth employment program will carry out improvements, renovation and replacement of pavement in the Plaza de España (16/10/2017)

  • The Department of Urbanism will incorporate to the text of the Beach Ordinance the citizen contributions (16/10/2017)

  • The Community will strengthen primary and pediatric care in Lorca (16/10/2017)
    Councilor Manuel Villegas advances, after his meeting with the mayor of Lorca, Fulgencio Gil, which will start reinforcing the staff in the offices of Marchena and La Hoya
  • Solidarity of the Lorca obtains that the second edition of "Lorca is in fashion" recaude 2,275 euros to continue with the projects that are developed from APAT Lorca (13/10/2017)

  • The consumer alert system warns of the risks presented by two children's toys and a costume beard (13/10/2017)

  • The Department of Youth extends the deadline until October 20 so that Lancers who have left textbooks in the BILT can pick up the same or the payment (13/10/2017)
    The opening hours will be from 9:30 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. in the space enabled in building A of the University Campus of Lorca
  • Cs: "The City does not have to do business with the shows of the fair" "and much less have to use our fair and parties so that friendly companies will profit unjustly from Lorca" (13/10/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces the shameful state of abandonment and dirtiness of the patrimonial environment of San Patricio García Jiménez assures that the Popular Party has not been to the height to be incapable to strategically adjust the environment of the (13/10/2017)

  • The PSOE demands the PP to solve the problems that keep partially closed the parking of Saint Patrick (13/10/2017)

  • El Paso Azul will receive 93,100 euros from the Autonomous Community (13/10/2017)
    The Brotherhood of Labradors will thus be able to continue the activity of the MASS and restore the image of the Cristo Yacente
  • 1,600 cyclists dismiss the Guadalentín Sports Games all over the place (12/10/2017)
    Almost 10,000 people have participated in an edition for the memory of the Lorca Olympiads
  • IU-Verdes requests public address systems adapted for the hearing impaired in public spaces (11/10/2017)
    It is a measure enabled from the public to avoid the social isolation of the people with hearing problems
  • Cs denounces that "more than 200,000 euros of public money of the shows of the Fair of Lorca 2017 have ended up in the pockets of a private company of Cartagena hand-picked by the Government Team" (11/10/2017)

  • IU-V proposes that the walk in front of the sacred heart school bears the name of Domingo Munuera Rico (11/10/2017)
    Pedro Sosa will take this initiative to the October plenary meeting highlighting Munuera's commitment to Lorca in many facets of the local reality
  • Public works in Lorca under the EIB loan must be urgently audited (11/10/2017)

  • Mateos will transfer to the Federal Committee of the PSOE his firm defense of the territorial integrity of Spain (11/10/2017)

  • The City Council commemorates the European Day for the Awareness of the Cardiac Arrest with an activity in Plaza de Calderón (11/10/2017)
    to explain to Lorca what to do in case of PRC
  • 2 million for the construction of a new bridge over the boulevard of Biznaga, in Lorca (11/10/2017)

  • 74,000 euros for the running costs of the White Pass Embroidery Museum (11/10/2017)
    Grant to restore the Resting Christ of the sculptor José Planes
  • The PSOE translates its recognition to Local Police and CFSE for its work in the operation against thefts in pedanías (11/10/2017)

  • The Ombudsman admits to proceeding the complaint of IU on the inaccessibility of the Source of Gold (11/10/2017)

  • Response to Cs allegations about hiring for City Fair (11/10/2017)

  • The medals awarded to the winners of the Games and Sports of the 3rd Age (11/10/2017)
    The Sports House hosted on Tuesday morning the awards ceremony to the best in each of the 13 activities held during the last month
  • IU-Verdes denounces the absence of social workers in health centers (10/10/2017)
    They claim that this lack of work causes an overload on other professionals who have to address the social problems of the most vulnerable groups
  • The PSOE reclaims a court of soil clauses in Lorca to untangle the collapse of cases in the Region (10/10/2017)

  • The PSOE proposes a project of sustainable lighting of squares and monuments to enhance the tourist attraction of Lorca neglected by the PP García Jiménez assures that it would be a pitiful mistake not to include the improvement of the ornamental lig (10/10/2017)

  • Antonio Meca challenges the process of contracting a vehicle because it is considered bounded and oriented to a particular concessionaire (10/10/2017)

  • The Civil Guard stops in Lorca to two people dedicated to the commission of robberies in houses (10/10/2017)

  • The V Festival of Ancient and Baroque Music of Lorca consolidates in the international calendar thanks to the great quality of its concerts, conferences and courses (10/10/2017)

  • Acting in Fnac Murcia by TONY BLAYA, who will present his first album in acoustic. (10/10/2017)
    On Saturday, October 14 at 19:00 in the forum of Fnac Murcia, the lorquino artist will present and sign his debut album "Tony Blaya"
  • IU-Greens alert of the serious environmental impact generated by the macro-farmers in Lorca (09/10/2017)

  • The flight field of Torrealvilla receives a lively concentration of Aeromodelismo (09/10/2017)
    On Saturday morning almost thirty models of all types were exhibited in the Alameda de la Constitución
  • Antonio Meca asks the Mayor for explanations on the hiring of a company to control the works of Juan Carlos I and not to do it with the architects and municipal engineers (09/10/2017)
    We consider an unnecessary waste to miss the excellent qualification of the municipal technicians and their greater independence "
  • Response to statements made by C's (09/10/2017)

  • The Cycle-Walk will dismiss the Guadalentín Sports Games this Thursday with departure at 11 o'clock from CD Felipe VI (09/10/2017)
    All participants will receive the commemorative T-shirt of the Lorca Olympics and participate in the raffle of gifts;
  • The War Theater will host the tribute "And if Sanz", on 12 October, by Fran Valenzuela, in favor of the Innowalk Challenge (09/10/2017)

  • The PSOE demands the immediate opening of the new operating rooms of Rafael Mendez whose works have been completed for months (09/10/2017)

  • Lorca Town Hall describes as "reckless" UI harassment against the pig sector (09/10/2017)

  • The City Council invites Lorca to attend the act of exalting the flag to be held on October 12 in the Plaza de Colón on the occasion of the Day of Hispanidad (09/10/2017)

  • The reading promotion program for seniors will incorporate "Kamishibai" to stimulate interest in books among children (09/10/2017)

  • Athletics track "Úrsula Ruiz" hosts the Grand Prix of Athletics Graphics Mariano (08/10/2017)
    40 athletes from throughout the Region of Murcia competed in what is one of the most deeply rooted evidence in the agenda of the Guadalentín Sports Games
  • The fencing is consolidated in the municipality with the celebration of the II City Tournament Lorca (08/10/2017)
    40 shooters participated in the test that counted with the marking of ... .pistas in the Felipe VI Sports Complex
  • 60 fighters take part in the Taekwondo Exhibition of the Games (08/10/2017)
    The San Jose Pavilion hosted during the Saturday afternoon the test that included as much exhibition as combats in different categories
  • More than 350 swimmers commemorate the three-year anniversary of the Swimming Club with participation in the City of Lorca Trophy (08/10/2017)
    14 regional clubs took part in the competition held at the San Antonio Pool on Saturday afternoon
  • 300 riders participate in the Popular Race Run for Parkinson (08/10/2017)
    The Alameda de la Virgen de las Huertas hosted the departure and arrival of the traditional race that counted with a length of 6 kms
  • The PSOE of Lorca shows his regret over the death of former councilman Domingo Munuera. The Socialist Association of Lorca regrets the death of the former Councilor of the PSOE being Mayor José Antonio Gallego (08/10/2017)

  • New coaches know this sport thanks to the day of initiation of Club Lorca-O (08/10/2017)
    The initiative counted on a theoretical part, another practice and the attendance to a test of the Regional Liga Murciana
  • Hundreds of children and adults are having fun in the open with the Games and Sandcastles of the Games The Plaza de España once again welcomed the activity with which the Lorca Olympiads give visibility to very healthy and loaded traditional games of (07/10/2017)

  • Almendricos hosts the Base Futsal Tournament of the Sports Games of Guadalentín (07/10/2017)
    25 young people from different districts of the south of the municipality of Lorca participated in this traditional tournament
  • 13 couples took part in the Children's Paddle Tournament of the Guadalentín Games (07/10/2017)
    La Torrecilla tracks hosted this lively base day
  • El Paso Azul mourns the death of Don Domingo Munuera Rico Prominent investigator of our Holy Week, was named Honorary Mayordomo in 2013 (07/10/2017)

  • The round table "The capote de paseo: art in silk" will reaffirm the MASS as a center of bullfighting culture on October 11 (06/10/2017)

  • The PSOE regrets that the PP continues to betray the irrigators and farmers of Lorca (06/10/2017)

  • The Mayor welcomes the tender of the works of the Court of Justice, which will be implemented in the half of the initially planned period with an investment of over 10 million (06/10/2017)

  • The Mayor welcomes the tender for the works of the Palace of Justice (06/10/2017)
    That will be implemented in the half of the originally planned period with an investment of over 10 million
  • The Mayor condemns harassment and attacks against the National Police and the Civil Guard for defending the Law, Liberty and Democracy against separatist hatred (06/10/2017)

  • IU-Verdes asks that the City Council of Lorca facilitate the constitution of companies in 48 hours (06/10/2017)
    The councilor of this formation, Gloria Martín, invited the person in charge of Urbanism, Saturnina Martínez, to get in touch with other consistories, some very close , "who have been innovating in this field for years"
  • The Department of Culture opens the registration period for the activities and workshops offered by the Center for Cultural Resources for the first term of the course (06/10/2017)

  • The Games of the Guadalentín arrive to their last weekend with the celebration of 12 sport activities (06/10/2017)
    Popular and Traditional Games, Race, Children's Paddle, Aeromodelismo, Tennis, Taekwondo, Guidance, Fencing and a long etcetera of tests are celebrated in these last days of lorquinas olympics
  • IU-V maintains that the industrial desert advances in Lorca to the passivity of the local and regional PP (05/10/2017)
    Labor conflict increases in Lorca and a new lockout leaves in the street to 40 workers of the tanning
  • ASOFEM celebrates World Mental Health Day with the installation of three information boards (05/10/2017)
    and a charity dinner to raise public awareness about this disease
  • Antonio Meca wants to know how much money has been invested in the Market of the Sun coming from the administration and how much of the promoter company (05/10/2017)
    * The Councilor has requested to the Mayor invoices, documents of payment and other documents of probative value of the total investment
  • The Department of Urbanism makes available to the entrepreneurs a new service to accelerate to the maximum the opening of their business initiatives (05/10/2017)

  • Culture exposes the case of Lorca, as an example of heritage recovery in the Spanish Heritage Council (05/10/2017)
    The director general of Cultural Heritage, Juan Antonio Lorca, explains in La Rioja the work done within the Master Plan
  • The beneficiaries of the Agricultural Employment Promotion Program will carry out improvement works in the gardens and in the sculpture of the Plaza de la Bordadora (05/10/2017)

  • The "Saturday of Story" will return to the Children and Youth Library with the participation of Iñaky Santiago on the 7th at 12 o'clock (05/10/2017)
    On Saturday, October 21, the actress Carmen Navarro will visit.
  • The Sun Market received a subsidy of 418,075.57 euros (05/10/2017)

  • The PSOE demands that the PP not ignore the complaints of the neighbors and manage better the works of regeneration that have average Lorca "legs up" (05/10/2017)

  • Murias and Oak Hill Advisors close the purchase of Parque Almenara Shopping Center (05/10/2017)

  • More than a hundred players compete in the Volleyball and Beach Volleyball tournaments of the Games (05/10/2017)
    The Felipe VI Sports Complex and the International Volleyball Center hosted the matches of both tournaments played in all categories
  • City Council and Union of Merchants encourage Lorca to support the project "Creating a city among all", presented to CARM's participatory budgets (04/10/2017)

  • Antonio Meca accuses the Government Team of practices detrimental to the local economy in the purchase of municipal vehicles for years (04/10/2017)

  • In response to statements made by Antonio Mecca regarding the rental of certain vehicles (04/10/2017)

  • Lorquinos and visitors will enjoy the Artistic and Literary Casino thanks to the signing of an agreement between the City Council and the Casino Society of Lorca (04/10/2017)

  • The Department of Health remembers the obligatoriedad of the pet chip, that allows to identify and to recover the animal in case of loss (04/10/2017)

  • The PSOE asks the City of Lorca to study a reduction of the receipt of the contribution Abellán assures that the PP has in his hand to study the real possibility of carrying out a reduction of the receipt of the IBI, which would be a relief for the e (04/10/2017)

  • Culture analyzes in depth the size of the Virgin of the Huertas de Lorca for its restoration (04/10/2017)
    The image is in the Restoration Center of the Region of Murcia and will be submitted to a complete study to determine its state and possible problems of interventions previous
  • More than 60 archers take part in the Regional Championship celebrated within the agenda of the Games of the Guadalentín (03/10/2017)
    The World '82 hosted the tournament in which they participated athletes of all the Region of Murcia
  • The Department of Works and Town Planning accelerate the improvement of the 9R sector so that the neighbors of the Marín road have a wider route, connected with Alameda de Cervantes and endowed with sidewalks (03/10/2017)

  • Plaza de España will host the Day of Traditional Games and sand castles co-organized by La Verdad this Friday from 17 hours within the program of the Sports Games Guadalentín (03/10/2017)
    An artificial beach with 10,000 kgs will be created.
  • Antonio Meca proposes to the City Council to remove to Limusa the management of the car parks of Huerto de la Rueda and San Vicente. (03/10/2017)
    These car parks present annual losses of 138,227.69 euros
  • IU-Verdes Lorca asks for the cessation of the General Secretary of Development (03/10/2017)
    by a "very serious ignorance of the Law" in relation to the aid by the earthquakes
  • The PSOE starts the commitment of the PP to endow with more human and technical means to the staff of the bodies and forces of Security in Lorca (03/10/2017)

  • The City Council of Lorca enables a free parking for users of the weekly market next Thursday next to the river channel and just a few meters from the Garden of the Wheel (03/10/2017)
    Users can park for free in the lot known as the Quiñonero, due to the beginning of the FERICAB assembly in the traditional parking area
  • The PSOE shows its concern at the rise of unemployment two consecutive months in Lorca (03/10/2017)

  • The poncemar chair of gerontology organizes the i days of practical clinical improvement in geriatrics on the university campus of lorca (03/10/2017)

  • Limusa gets a profit of 39,000 euros in the municipal tank of vehicles and reduces by half the losses generated by the parking of San Vicente (03/10/2017)

  • The PSOE again calls for solutions to the flood risk that keeps the population of the orchard of Lorca in vilo (02/10/2017)

  • The PSOE denounces that CARM continues to owe more than 677,000 euros to the Solidarity Table after six years of the earthquakes (02/10/2017)

  • IU-Greens calls for urgent action to prevent flood damage in Lorca (02/10/2017)

  • A hundred writers, storytellers, live music, great drawings and guided tours among the activities that will be part of the initiative "The Fortress of Books" (02/10/2017)

  • ... (02/10/2017)

  • The Mayor praises the work performed by the National Police Corps throughout Spain during the act of the Guardian Angels held this morning in Lorca (02/10/2017)

  • More than 200 fighters participate in the return of the Kyokushinkai Karate to the Games (01/10/2017)
    The Sports Complex Felipe VI hosted this numerous activity that offered competition in both kata category and kumites
  • ... (01/10/2017)

  • Spinning, jumping and zumba in a crowded Fitness Day (01/10/2017)
    Calderón Square hosted this event in which 131 people took part and with which it pretends to announce some of the directed activities that are developed in the gyms
  • LorcaFC - Eliocroca prevails in the showdown of senior basketball category of the Sports Games del Guadalentín (01/10/2017)
    This party ended the outstanding participation of basketball in this edition of the Olympics Lorca

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