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  • Santiago Abascal not left unmoved for more than 150 people attended the third conference meal "We are and walk" (30/01/2010)

  • 464 lorquina women receive 1,652 hours of training (29/01/2010)
    Thanks to the 29 courses offered by the Office of Women in the village and hamlets in the first half of 2010
  • The City Council awarded the construction of the residence for athletes with beach volleyball court in the turret for more than 2 million euros (29/01/2010)
    The Board of Governors has ratified today the agreement of the Bureau of Procurement to also award the company lorquina construction in eight months of Care Center for Children in the Deputation of Cazalla by 374,773.8 euros
  • El Huerto Ruano this weekend will host the second module of days Citizenship (29/01/2010)
    The opening is by Francisco Jodar, Rosa Medina and Vice Chancellor of University Extension of the Region of Murcia, Guillermo Díaz
  • The exhibition "Without rhyme or reason" opens today at the Palais de Guevara (29/01/2010)
    This made for thirty students of the Municipal School of Plastic Arts of Lorca
  • The PP says that if the Mayor of Lorca had been different, the village had disappeared (29/01/2010)
    The PP Lorca started a petition in support of the statement as the town of BIC Calnegre Tips
  • An agreement with the Association of Real Estate will allow citizens to know more accurately the state of the housing market (28/01/2010)

  • The City of Lorca Marchena built this year in a doctor's office of 212 m2 (28/01/2010)

  • The PSOE supported the statement of the village BIC Calnegre Tips (28/01/2010)
    but asked not to be discarded "alternatives" related to the development of the Partial Plan
  • The Socialist Party organized a conference on municipal management and industrial policy (27/01/2010)

  • PP: "If Soler does not have time to defend the farmers, it is best to give way to another person" (27/01/2010)
    PP Lorca expresses its support to irrigators Lorca and the Central Union in its request that the Minister of Environment Rural resign
  • Pick up the baton of Professor of the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Edurne Uriarte (27/01/2010)
    DENAES President, Santiago Abascal, Friday in Lorca offers a lunch symposium which will address the present and future of the Spanish nation
  • "Noches de Bohemia", sixth edition live next Thursday 28 at the teahouse Al Kasar (27/01/2010)

  • Ferra, "joking that the PP has to try to interfere in anyone's private activity" (27/01/2010)
    "when the mayor is out as he cut the light to Lorca"
  • The PSOE claims the elevator arrangement Lorca Center health center that takes a month failed (27/01/2010)

  • Youth Councilman visit the campus of Lorca to make known to the directors of the location of "Expoestudio" (27/01/2010)

  • Elisa Re Millán and José María Pérez Remesal win first prize of 2 º Narrative Competition for Secondary Angels Pascual " (27/01/2010)

  • The formation of IMJUDE area starts in 2010 with the Course of National Football Monitor (26/01/2010)
    is organized by the Football Association in the Region of Murcia and will start next Monday
  • "I, too, winning Film Festival San Sebastian Film Club opens programming Paradiso (26/01/2010)
    For the months of January, February and March
  • New school sports day in the categories of indoor soccer, basketball and volleyball (26/01/2010)
    Complex Europe, the flag of San Antonio and sports courts of the institutes will be the venues of the final section of the Competitions
  • 24 young unemployed Uptown Lorca scholarship will receive training on work habits, urban maintenance paint (26/01/2010)
    Thanks to a new city program
  • Lorca City Council asked the Ministry of Environment, Rural and Marine Affairs and the Ministry of Agriculture to maintain aid to the area of nuts in shell (25/01/2010)
    municipal groups support the motion of Councillor for Agriculture, Angel Meca
  • Lorca City Council signed a cooperation agreement with the Bishop to assist in the maintenance of the Cemetery of San Cristóbal (25/01/2010)
    The House has recognized the efforts made by the administration of the cemetery that lies with the person of the parish priest, Regulo Cayuela, which has promoted the improvement and expansion of facilities.
  • Phone Friends of Hope Lorca, started the workshop CARING FOR THE CAREGIVER. (25/01/2010)
    On the other hand, Amit Lorca Basic Course starts Volunteer
  • The Mayor presented diplomas to 200 students who participated in the courses of new technologies (25/01/2010)
    Subjects such as the Internet, email, introduction to computer science or advanced computer were presented in 13 local social around the town of Lorca in the past year
  • Collado FITUR regrets that the tourist board were not up to industry professionals in Lorca (25/01/2010)

  • The PSOE has a counter-opinion to the amendment of the Regulations of the Planning Department (25/01/2010)

  • The National Youth Institute of Spain held a conference for professionals in the National Olympiad Leisure (25/01/2010)

  • Reply PSOE on modifying critical statutes Planning Department (25/01/2010)

  • Young Artists from various provinces in the first casting of "Young Talents" (24/01/2010)
    Young Artists and Creators of the Murcia Region is organizing its 3 rd edition of the project to promote new pledges in various artistic disciplines "Young Talents"
  • The Council initially approved Management Plan that will allow a major tourism development in the hamlet of Ramonete (22/01/2010)
    "It will promote quality tourism, proposing a model of sustainable development.
  • Isidro Abellán, "for the sake of Lorca Jódar economic advisers should change (22/01/2010)

  • More than a hundred people in Madrid to attend the screening of "Lorca in Plano Corto" (22/01/2010)
    The assembly hall of the Vice President of the Community of Madrid, which hosted the exhibition, was attended by various personalities, and after the screening was conducted a tasting of typical city
  • The Director General of Vocational visit the Official Language School of Lorca and the Conservatory of Music (22/01/2010)
    Councillor for Education of the City of Lorca, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, has also attended these meetings which have discussed the projects the future of these facilities.
  • The Socialist Party demands the immediate settlement of the college of Villaespesa (22/01/2010)

  • The Socialist Party says: "thousand students enrolled in Primary 5 in Lorca will be left without a laptop on a whim de Valcárcel" (22/01/2010)
    The Socialist councilor Gines Diaz asked Jódar not consent to Lorca run out the implementation of Escuela 2.0
  • The second lecture of the Lecture "The Lorca Jewish Culture" will be held next Monday 25. (22/01/2010)

  • The PSOE de Lorca claims that the PP generators hire company accused of favoritism on IU (22/01/2010)
    Economic Affairs spokesman of the PSOE Isidro Abellán, expressed his "solidarity" and "personal support" to the IU Councilman Peter Sosa, "which was made public yesterday as part of my game."
  • The Governing Board approved to claim a grant of 25 municipal projects which the city of Lorca's run in 2010 (22/01/2010)

  • The PSOE proposes SUVILOR serving as municipal construction company to hire only unemployed people residing in Lorca (22/01/2010)

  • The steps taken in the Service in Pedanías "Ayuntamóvil" Hospital Rafael Méndez grow more than 26% in 2009 (22/01/2010)
    Cadastral Efforts, Revenue, Civil Registration Desk, the most amount, according to the detailed Councilman Internal Affairs of the City of Lorca, José Joaquín Peñarrubia, who highlighted the consolidation of service
  • Ortega Street will be closed to traffic Melgares Saturday by dismantling a crane (22/01/2010)

  • Martin: "Instead of investigating citizens who worry Jódar other meetings where questions who are not exactly related to the PSOE" (21/01/2010)
    The head of the PSOE in Lorca denounced the "lightness" with which the first mayor of PP lies and attributed crimes under the Penal Code which represents citizens
  • Lorca City Council meets the power outage at the Cultural Center and Library, which already have network service (21/01/2010)
    The Consistory Lorca, which has reduced to six monthly debt Iberdrola in 2007 was two years has now paid another part of the amount owed to the company.
  • The People's Party Lorca Manuel Soler required to claim their national leaders of the PSOE to recover the Ebro transfer (21/01/2010)
    García Aragón: "The Socialist candidate is talking mouth full of water, yet not for months now we listen to the Ebro transfer claim, which would have been a great solution for water shortage in the southeast Spanish &
  • Response to Iberdrola information (21/01/2010)

  • 3,414 students from 32 schools have participated in Phase Local School Sport (21/01/2010)
    The tests were carried out during the Tuesday and Wednesday at the cross road course of La Torrecilla
  • Lorca City Council schedule a Training Workshop (21/01/2010)
    To make a stand in embroidery, installing renewable energy equipment, air conditioning, electricity and graphic design
  • The PSOE Jódar regrets that "embarrass" the Lorca a management that borders on surreal (21/01/2010)

  • The Mayor stated in Madrid the award distinguishes Lorca Tourist Office with the "Q" Quality (21/01/2010)

  • The PSOE shows solidarity "personal" and "political" UI Councilman Pedro Sosa (21/01/2010)

  • More than 20,000 young people will gather in summer in the first National Olympiad Leisure Lorca (20/01/2010)
    The director of the Institute of Youth Fitur assists in the presentation of the Youth Summit to be held in Lorca 1 to July 4
  • The Youth Council takes up, once again, his campaign against the abuse of alcohol and drugs (20/01/2010)
    Along with the Association of Alternative Qdamos Leisure
  • PSOE: "They cut off for nonpayment of light in the Cultural Center (20/01/2010)

  • The National Band Competition III "Lorca, Passion and Music" will bring together musical groups Tomelloso, Sevilla, Cieza and Lorca (20/01/2010)
    The Councillor for Culture and Celebrations of the City of Lorca, Rosa Medina, highlighted "the consolidation of a meeting very special and important part of the cultural agenda lorquina "
  • Lorca, major player in the stand of the Region of Murcia in Madrid Tourism Fair (20/01/2010)
    The City "sells" his new catering guide, the contest holds lonchadores and ham, and the product of joint promotion of towns Lorca and Caravaca
  • The Department of Staff will provide during 2010 more than 70 courses for over Lorca and districts (20/01/2010)
    The Political Councillor Mayor, Mari Carmen Ruiz, has introduced a range of courses and workshops long, divided into eight major areas, which accommodates the traditional themes and other pioneers at the regional and national
  • Press Gloria Martin (20/01/2010)

  • The autonomous improving road safety with the installation of street lights in the council lorquina shock of La Torrecilla (20/01/2010)

  • A wide range of sports makes up an agenda and schedule of activities for the year 2010 in Lorca (19/01/2010)
    Highlights include the final stage of the Tour of Spain and the inauguration of the District Sports Complex San Antonio.
  • The City of Lorca scholarship offer four new courses on services to people with special needs (19/01/2010)
    And four other people at risk of social exclusion
  • The PSOE asked in Parliament that the City financially help victims of the territory of Haiti (19/01/2010)

  • The PSOE requires the completion of construction of the C / Santa Rosa, which has been open for half a year (19/01/2010)
    It seems the company awarded the project has been waiting for months to relocate a water line to install underground containers
  • Lorca City Council approves sending 6,000 to help earthquake victims in Haiti (19/01/2010)
    The mayor of Ong's has realized the approval of the Local Government of a motion calling for that purpose.
  • The Socialist Party stands in solidarity with workers Cemelorca (18/01/2010)
    Y asks the company not to pay solutions to the crisis "the usual"
  • The City of Lorca create 150,000 m2 of new gardens in the municipality in 2009 and adapts the legislation children's play areas (18/01/2010)

  • 140 cyclists take part in the first route of the "Bike and Nature" (18/01/2010)
    stage had a beginning and ending in Lorca and development through the hamlets of Zúñiga, Torrealvilla and The Channel
  • The improvement Community High Guadalentín communications with the asphalting of the road linking La Parroquia Lorca (17/01/2010)
    The design of the road, which serves the towns of Lorca's The Captives, The Fuensanta Showers Fuensanta and La Parroquia improve road safety in the city
  • The PSOE warning of shortages in health care to children (15/01/2010)
    The Socialist councilor, Isabel Casalduero, lamented the lack of pediatricians in Lorca, as well as poor conditions in which they must serve professionals in the children's hospital floor Rafael Méndez
  • The high-Lorca districts will benefit from EAFRD Fund support (15/01/2010)
    Thanks to the participation of City Hall in this European program of rural development
  • Fired workers first four Lorca Taller del Tiempo director following the announcement of another 35% reduce the workforce (15/01/2010)
    Leoncio Collado Socialist Councillor has slammed the attitude permanently "submissive and docile, the mayor of the PP, Francisco Jódar front the excesses of his fellow regional Government
  • Soler: "When Jódar put on the table the same record in defense of water, we are equal" (15/01/2010)

  • Lorca course will host the "Consolidation and Restoration of Urban Green Spaces and Historic Old" between 26 January and 27 March (15/01/2010)
    has 40 beds totally free
  • The Socialist Party welcomed the new regional secretary of the Federation of Public Service UGT, José López Lorca (15/01/2010)

  • The Security Center Ramonete Territorial closes the belt of new police and emergency infrastructure in Lorca (14/01/2010)
    The Minister of Presidency and the mayor placed the first stone of Territorial Security Center in the hamlet lorquina
  • Request the PP is not delayed San Antonio heated pool built under the Plan E and is already completed (14/01/2010)

  • 3,500 students from 33 schools participated on 19 and January 20 in Phase Local Cross Country (14/01/2010)
    This is the record of participation of all the issues, develop the tests in the sports complex of La Torrecilla
  • Lorca offer movies, presentations, tastings, Olympiad Leisure and much more during FITUR 2010 (14/01/2010)
    will be held in Madrid from 20 to 24 January
  • The Board of Studies of the Cultural Center of the city, expanded its schedule in the face of university examinations (13/01/2010)

  • A mobile science laboratory is installed in Lorca until next Saturday (13/01/2010)
    "Movilab, get to science," allowing citizens to expand their knowledge and skills.
  • The City Council will prepare a project to remodel the playground of the institutes and Ibáñez Giner Ros Martin, including a sports hall (13/01/2010)
    Peñarrubia has announced after visiting the two schools, the Hall has commissioned the development of a technical project that consensus on the action with the education community
  • This Friday opens the deadline to participate in the parade of Carnival 2010 Lorca (13/01/2010)

  • The Socialist Party calls for municipal support for the rehabilitation and expansion of the cemetery of San Cristóbal (13/01/2010)
    It is a vindication of the popular Barrio neighbors raised collect signatures to get the involvement of the PP government team.
  • The Socialist Party calls "mortal blow" to tourism cutting 53% of the budget of the city's tourist consortium (13/01/2010)
    The Socialist councilor Leoncio Collado also warned the next cut of 35% of the workforce of Lorca Taller del Tiempo.
  • The City and the residents of La Hoya affected by the expropriations of the Ministry of Development for the new railway line will meet tomorrow with ADIF (12/01/2010)
    Promotion Councilman hopes that "the access Central Government to take into account the value of the buildable plots to be expropriated "
  • The bicycle raffle postponed on 10 January in the rain, will be held on Saturday (12/01/2010)
    At 12:00 pm at the Cultural Center
  • 540 people have attended briefings on the prevention of influenza A by the City Council in the schools of the municipality (12/01/2010)
    The City Council of Health has reported that since the campaign began in September have served the demands of AMPAS and addresses of the village schools, neighborhoods and districts
  • UPyD in Lorca report safety deficiencies in some of the streets that are arranging the plan E (12/01/2010)
    There is a clear risk for lack of a way to use both access of emergency vehicles and evacuation
  • Tourism invests more than four million euros in building Artisan Quarter Lorca (12/01/2010)
    The Consortium for the Development of Tourism and Cultural de Lorca, met this morning, has realized this investment, which "will value the cultural wealth" the municipality, said Marina García
  • Lorca City Council will invest 6.5 million euros in employment and training for the unemployed in 2010 (12/01/2010)

  • The writer Alvaro Gordon present his book "Rimadario" on Wednesday at 20 pm in the Library Pilar Barnes (12/01/2010)

  • The celebration of Carnival 2010 in Lorca is not endangered at all, as the city of Lorca (12/01/2010)

  • Warned that participation is in danger of rocks in the carnival because the PP has not yet paid subsidies last year (12/01/2010)

  • "EBS" Lorca starts in the national tour of "Awake", sponsored by Cadena COPE (12/01/2010)
    Marta Botia and Pavón Rocío Guerra will perform at the Theatre on January 14 to present the songs from his new album
  • Criticize that improvisation to the Department of Public Safety and Traffic would cause massive recall of vehicles for the half marathon (11/01/2010)

  • The writer Luz Macias, presented on Thursday a book of poems in the Garden Ruano (11/01/2010)

  • Ferra Jódar warns that sleeping takes one year to the problems of village Calnegre Tips (11/01/2010)
    The General Secretary of PSOE in Lorca, Diego Ferrer, has released a document dated September 29, 2009, where the Ministry of Environment and Rural and Marine provides expressly to "full support" to the City
  • The eighth edition of the "Bike and Nature" will feature six routes (11/01/2010)
    The first route will be held on Sunday January 17 and runs between Lorca, Torrealvilla, Zuñiga and Swamp Bridge, a distance of 40 km
  • The works of cable in Jerome Santa Fe, produce narrowing in the road (08/01/2010)

  • The renovation of the sidewalks of Main Street and Caballón, knocked out traffic from next Monday (08/01/2010)

  • Reply to downgrade Diego Ferra on unemployment (08/01/2010)

  • The PSOE Jódar complaint attempts to boycott the arrival of the AVE to Lorca (08/01/2010)

  • The Mayor of Lorca opens tonight 67 new points of light in four ways Aguadero (08/01/2010)
    The new street lights illuminate the paths Carrasco, Plaza, Piñero and a stretch of Camino Real, thanks to an investment financed by the City Council and the Government Municipal within PIMUN.
  • The PSOE warns that the work provided for in the Plan Jódar E 2010 does not have a priority to employment generation (08/01/2010)

  • The Socialist Party councilor said that the Job should be ashamed of their management (08/01/2010)

  • The City Council will support the demonstrations against the Government Office of the residents affected by blasting in the tunnels of the A-7 (08/01/2010)
    Councillor for Urban Development, Francisco García, stressed that "neither the Government nor the Delegate of the Ministry have responded to the ultimatum given by the House and the neighbors, which required a response before 31 December "
  • Half Marathon "Ciudad de Lorca" motivate retention traffic on Sunday morning (08/01/2010)

  • Ferra: "The residents of San Lázaro with damaged homes will have a final settlement before the end of the month" (08/01/2010)

  • The delay in payment causes a municipal subsidy could not be held yesterday the Order of the Magi in Totana Zarzadilla (07/01/2010)
    The Socialist Councillor Isabel Casalduero complaint a "further blow" to the local culture by the "apathy" of the PP
  • The Lecture "Jewish Culture in Lorca" will deepen the knowledge of Judaism and the historical presence of Jews in Lorca (07/01/2010)
    will start on 11 January
  • The XXII edition of the Media Marathon Ciudad de Lorca, will be held on Sunday with a record participation, presumably (07/01/2010)

  • The percentage of unemployed in Lorca continues below regional and national (07/01/2010)
    Despite the increase caused by "the patch of the measures the Government of Spain and the 'effect in December"
  • The City of Lorca begins an Employment Workshop for 32 student-workers (07/01/2010)

  • The scout of Sun City will collect Christmas trees and pine trees for replanting Operation rescatapin " (07/01/2010)
    The proposal has come from the cubs, children ages 8 to 11 members of this entity.
  • Mayor wins charity race held in Murcia San Silvestre in the special category (07/01/2010)
    Casiano Navarro-Soto, Lorca and developer of the test, has delivered the trophy to the mayor this morning in the councils of the City Hall
  • The IMJUDE held a seminar on "New trends in fitness training" (05/01/2010)
    will take place on days 12, 13, 19 and 20 February and is aimed at instructors, technicians, students and teachers of physical education
  • The City of Lorca and the Association of the Red Cross delivered fairground 60 scooters for needy children in the municipality (05/01/2010)
    The donation is part of the campaign to collect toys for the Red Cross Youth in the city
  • Visit of the Wise Men to Hospital Rafael Méndez de Lorca (05/01/2010)

  • Los Reyes Magos de Oriente already in Lorca (05/01/2010)

  • 1,500 participants will accompany the Kings in a spectacular ride that will depart from the Plaza de Colón and come to the Garden Ruano (04/01/2010)
    6,000 toys and 8,000 candy will be distributed by their Majesties during the parade will feature 12 floats, 18 groups of animation and music and the most famous Disney characters
  • The Procession of the Three Kings cuts cause traffic from 15:00 am on Tuesday (04/01/2010)

  • Open the deadline to renew green cards (04/01/2010)
    Lorca has more than a thousand places available thanks to the opening of the island and the Armed Forces
  • The Clan of the Sun City Scout Group represents the "Superscout" to collect toys (04/01/2010)
    will be held in the Auditorium of the IES Ramón Arcas Meca at 18.00 h.
  • ... (04/01/2010)

  • The town of Lorca takes away from Houston (Texas) the Guinness World Records the world's largest roscón (03/01/2010)
    The roscón measured a total of 367.65 meters, while its weight has been of 1416.86 kg
  • Majesties the Three Kings arrive tomorrow at 12 and half to the church of San Cristobal, where they will receive all children (02/01/2010)
    The route of the procession around the neighborhood, which will be held on 5, vary your route by the modernization and improvement that leads to a conclusion the City Council to improve various streets of San Cristobal

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