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  • The City Council asks the Autonomous Community to improve in Almendricos pass under the road (30/11/2015)
    And Campillo water over the Rambla Biznaga under two roads
  • The Plenary requested the official review of the Ministerial Decree of 2005 to declare the inclusion of the town of Calnegre tips in the maritime-terrestrial domain null (30/11/2015)

  • The Mayor encourages all citizens to participate in the seventh blood donation marathon "solidarity" to be held on Thursday (30/11/2015)

  • PSOE: "The PP gives priority to lift the Castle 2 million euros before the needs of Lorca" (30/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the PP to review urgently the many damages after the work of the Vineyard before to regret a disgrace (30/11/2015)
    The Socialists also require the PP in the city of Lorca greater control over the tasks of regulation "against chaos and nonsense in traffic derivative works on Avenida Europe "
  • Lorca participates in the sessions of the twentieth Anniversary of Civil Protection of San Javier as an example in this area (30/11/2015)

  • The City expects the concessionaire bus service morning meets its obligations to its employees in the conciliation (30/11/2015)

  • St. James Lorca premieres lighting by Endesa (30/11/2015)

  • Pardon the town of Calnegre tips plurality to the municipal website and amendments to the Budget CARM between PSOE initiatives to Plenary (29/11/2015)
    The Socialists also present urgency a motion proposing the solution for workers Urban Transport Service can charge the six months that are owed
  • Teodoro Garcia: "The recovery of Lorca has been possible thanks to the efforts of Lorca and stable governments of the PP" (29/11/2015)
    The PP candidate and spokesman GPP in Congress accompanied by the mayor of Lorca participated in a lunch with more than 300 auditors and agents
  • More than 300 managers and auditors of the PP in Lorca participate in a convivial meal in Aguaderas (29/11/2015)
    Francisco Jodar, Rafael Hernando, Teodoro Garcia, Juan Maria Vazquez and Fulgencio Gil have turned to the popular Lorca to encourage face to the campaign General Election of 20-D
  • The Fellowship awarded the construction of collectors scattered in various nuclei Orchard Lorca (28/11/2015)
    The total investment of these actions amounted to 1,224,000 euros
  • Young Left organized solidarity collect toys for boys and girls with fewer resources Lorca (27/11/2015)
    will be distributed by the Assembly Local Red Cross youth organization which works this year
  • The PSOE presented a motion of urgency to provide an immediate solution to urban transport workers who have 6 months without pay (27/11/2015)
    The Socialists also require the PP to clarify what is expected to fulfill its commitment to the residents of La Paca 2014, by promising the construction of a multipurpose pavilion that nothing has been heard
  • IU-V presents its motions for the November plenary (27/11/2015)
    The issues that will be in full will focus on pig farms in areas of orchard, Quality Plan actions cityscape and investment Lorca Lorca Plan +
  • Citizens Lorca poses a school program of educational support to fight the failure and dropout (27/11/2015)
    Antonio Mecca: "The purpose is to compensate for existing inequalities in access to educational resources outside school hours"
  • Citizens proposes a cable car to the castle instead of "aggressive" lift (27/11/2015)
    Citizen claims that this solution is cheaper, less aggressive with the environment, and can be an attraction
  • More than a thousand people participate in Lorca in the first three years of the program of health sport prescription (27/11/2015)

  • Citizens delivers food and products collected during charity campaign for Red Cross (27/11/2015)
    We have collected more than 700 kilos in total: 650 food kits and 60 child toilet articles
  • Discover new paintings of the sixteenth century in the collegiate church of San Patricio de Lorca (27/11/2015)
    According tastings during the restoration work, the temple would have more than 1,300 square meters of wall paintings were made when the building was constructed
  • The Muslim Community of Lorca condemns attacks in Paris and solidarity with the families of the victims (27/11/2015)

  • Lorca welcomes the closing of course "Seismic Risk in Building" of the Provincial Council of Alicante which involved twenty engineers and architects from different municipalities (27/11/2015)
    During the seminar held in Sun City, practitioners have known processes rehabilitation of heritage buildings and civil
  • The Region will receive 247,500 euros for the regeneration of the Sierra del Almirez in Lorca (27/11/2015)
    The fire is considered catastrophic event for the area, since the burned vegetation represented an important element of erosion control and enhancement of biodiversity
  • La Ermita Sexton Aguaderas host the meeting which also include the President of the PP in Lorca, Francisco Jodar, and Senate candidate Fulgencio Gil (26/11/2015)
    PP spokesman in Congress will participate Sunday in a gathering with more than 300 managers and auditors popular
  • The PSOE focuses the needs and priorities of Lorca in its amendments to the regional budget for 2016 (26/11/2015)

  • Lorca Local Police detained a person for alleged crimes against public health drug trafficking (26/11/2015)

  • C's presented to Lorca Francisco Montero nomination in the provincial House of Representatives (26/11/2015)

  • The Minister of Education and Universities meets the guidelines of the Chamber of Commerce and the Confederation of Organizations of Lorca (26/11/2015)

  • About a thousand people will run this Sunday morning in the XXVIII Lorca City Half Marathon and 12,500 meters healthy (25/11/2015)

  • IU-Greens no priority to the restoration of the bullring (25/11/2015)
    To Worship Peñas is much more priority to invest in the restoration of the town and the heritage
  • The PSOE accused the PP to use in a partisan and electioneering the web and social networks of the City of Lorca (25/11/2015)
    Faced with censorship and manipulation of information that practices the PP, the Socialists propose measures ensuring transparency and plurality for institutional media information
  • Lorca strengthens its tourist profile with the addition of 9 more companies and professionals to Integral Quality System in Destination (25/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the PP to end poverty suffered computing the districts of Lorca (25/11/2015)
    Socialists urge the PP government team at City Hall to not allow escape of ERDF funds that come to Murcia to improve deficiencies network connections
  • The City of Lorca guarantees their social networking sites and the right of access to all information of the institution by the citizens (25/11/2015)

  • 10.6 million for residential care for 120 dependents with intellectual disabilities in Lorca (25/11/2015)

  • Authorized grant a new line to restore a historic building of Lorca (25/11/2015)

  • The PSOE celebrates the success of the 2015 Festival of San Clemente and proposes the transfer of the Medieval Market Square Spain (24/11/2015)
    Socialists believe that the proposed new location for 2016 will attract more visitors and contribute to the necessary commercial reactivation and economic of the old town of Lorca
  • The Socialist Party claims that the residents of the San Fernando prefabricated houses have been forced to call local police to the neglect of the PP (24/11/2015)

  • Lorca Mayor signs an agreement with five entities (24/11/2015)
    for students training program for community service to learn them by practice
  • Lorca City Council convenes the poster contest Easter 2016 (24/11/2015)

  • 200 volunteers will participate this Friday and Saturday in the large collection of food (24/11/2015)
    door in five supermarkets and Sports Complex Felipe VI
  • Libraries 8 Pedanías host storytelling sessions in the coming days (24/11/2015)
    The different sessions, which shall be borne by the association "The Mouse Colorao" will be held in Cazalla, Puri, La Hoya, Marchena-Aguaderas, almond, Tercia , La Paca and Zarcilla
  • The City gets the backing of Justice (24/11/2015)
    Y prevents Lorca also have to return the money of urban planning agreements
  • The City Council reiterates that the Plaza de Spain will host next year the market medieval San Clemente (24/11/2015)
    The City Council considers "ridiculous" that the PSOE try to "sneak" Tuesday as own announcement to that effect made by the Mayor on Friday and agreed with the Federation for weeks.
  • III Tweets Contest # Lorca25N (24/11/2015)
    'Las attacks are most painful and difficult that callas''Es take the plunge and ask for help, but I assure you deserve the pena', win concursi
  • We can: "The Lorca need more than ever to be rescued from the mismanagement of its town hall" (24/11/2015)

  • CGT: "A 48-hour trial, Murcia administration tries to solve the deficiencies reported by CGT in the firehouse Lorca" (23/11/2015)

  • Noelia Arroyo attends the festivities of Lorca (23/11/2015)

  • Presentation of the awards granted by the city of Lorca (22/11/2015)

  • The PSOE held that, thanks to their claims, the waiting time for the renewal of residence permits for immigrants have been reduced (21/11/2015)
    Socialists applaud thanks to its claims, the waiting times for immigrants to be treated have past eight months to just over a month
  • The Socialist Party reaffirms its commitment to the University and congratulates Lorca Lorca Campus students on the occasion of the feast of its patron (21/11/2015)

  • Development calls for tenders in Alameda de Cervantes to Lorca by 4.5 million euros (21/11/2015)
    The work, published today in the BORM comprises the urban space between the square of the Oval and the new roundabout at the Central Round and have a term execution of 12 months
  • The PSOE requires the PP to be present once the Plan of Rehabilitation of the Historic and not run the Department of Heritage (20/11/2015)

  • Citizens denounces the personal attacks of the government team (20/11/2015)
    Antonio Mecca considered to be due to the lack of arguments, which are intended to intimidate independence
  • The team solidarity Lorca #retoyosipuedo allocated the proceeds from this season to the Association Lorca Down (20/11/2015)

  • Homemade sausage, grilled meats, pastries, toys and jewelry artisans, among the wide range of products of the medieval market (20/11/2015)

  • 150 under the Caixa de Lorca Proinfancia program participate in the fair on the Rights of the Child (20/11/2015)

  • Key Lorca Lorca visit, the fifth time Friday morning (19/11/2015)
    United Left leverage the presence of federal coordinator to inaugurate its new headquarters Tello street and honor historical militants who founded the party in Sun City
  • PSOE: "The CARM has given the works of Alfonso X and San Jose to the City without taking over the numerous odd jobs and damage" (19/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requested that the monolith is observed in memory of the victims of gender violence and return to the Plaza of Spain (19/11/2015)
    Due to the proximity of 25N, the Socialists demand that this symbol is dignified so that it is visible to Throughout the year the joint struggle of all society Lorca to this scourge that must be eradicated
  • The Department of Emergency and Emergency Department of Primary Care Lorca add to the Local Coordination Committee against Gender Violence held today (19/11/2015)

  • School Lorca learn healthy eating habits and the benefits of eating fruits and vegetables of our region (19/11/2015)

  • The Club Taurino of Lorca just starting (19/11/2015)
    With a program that includes talks, tours, exhibitions and activities in support of national party
  • The World'young exposure against violencia' shows 26 photographs of young Europeans against the abuse (19/11/2015)

  • Citizens Lorca has requested the postponement and appeal of the Extraordinary Commission on the management of drinking water (19/11/2015)
    C's missing the documentation required for this Commission, which by law should have provided the same day of the announcement
  • The City Council clarifies that C's and has all the information requested on Aguas de Lorca (19/11/2015)
    While Mr. Mecca seriously accuses the company, prevents be informed directly by Aguas de Lorca
  • The PSOE asks the CARM to include in the budget of the project in 2016 to end the traffic crashes in San Antonio (18/11/2015)
    The Lorca socialists demand the Popular Party to prioritize this action "vital to ease the movement of Lorca" compared to other more expensive, as announced elevator Castle Lorca
  • Citizens considered a "settling of accounts" between PP and PSOE convening the extraordinary plenary session of the planning agreements next November 24 (18/11/2015)
    Before the scuffle between PP and PSOE, C's proposed solutions.
  • The City Council and the Regional Government reps with a draw young Lorca registration before December 20 in the Youth Guarantee program (18/11/2015)

  • The Plenum of Lorca approves the Gold Medal for the EMU and Castillo Navarro, the title of Son Antonio Gil Olcina and 4 diplomas of the city Distinguished Service (18/11/2015)

  • El Paso Azul held the concession of the Gold Medal of the City Castillo Navarro engalando the House of the Caryatids and flying the flag protocol (18/11/2015)
    On the morning of Sunday, the Blues congratulate its President of Honor through this so significant action
  • The throne of the city's patron, San Clemente, released in procession next Saturday a new crest of silver plated brass (18/11/2015)

  • The PSOE proposes to give a definitive solution to the problem of demarcation Calnegre tips (17/11/2015)

  • The PSOE searches full "clarify the truth about the conventions and not just interests the PP" (17/11/2015)
    Mateos remember that the city of Lorca is not being convicted of planning agreements signed in 2005, but by not comply with its clauses, which have good share of blame following the PP equipment
  • Sports improves registration process water programs launching an online pre-registration system (17/11/2015)

  • The City of Lorca improve the Island Park taking into account the opinion of neighboring (17/11/2015)

  • PSOE: "As Iberdrola makes box with earthquake victims, the PP looks away" (16/11/2015)
    With the permission of PP, electrical multinational is taking advantage of the return home of many victims of the earthquakes of 2011 to charging € 38.60 to restore the supply and € 268.90 for a new contract high
  • IU-Green calls forward to the presentation of the draft budgets of the City of Lorca 2016 (16/11/2015)

  • Citizens take the next plenary session priority and urgent need to initiate actions to revitalize the historic center (16/11/2015)
    Antonio Mecca as an example and model made in revitalizing the historic center of Cartagena, also depressed before, and today tourism and source of wealth
  • This afternoon crash cleanup will start on the slopes of the institutes and Ibáñez Giner Ros Martin (16/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the Ministry of Education in charge of cleaning up the tracks of the IES Giner Ros Martin Ibáñez Lorca and is made (16/11/2015)
    Again, the PP in the city of Lorca cover the shame of the Regional Government incompetence patching the Ministry of Education with the money of all Lorca
  • Free course to help 22 women over 45 years to find a job (16/11/2015)

  • X'Lorca National Folk Festival Town Sol' (16/11/2015)

  • Francisco Jodar ". The Europeans are now more united and stronger than ever Democracy and freedom will triumph" (15/11/2015)

  • Juan Marin was elected new president of the Community Irrigation Lorca (15/11/2015)
    Juan Marin won 57% of the vote, compared with 43% of Manuel Soler
  • Election of Representatives at the Community Irrigation Lorca (14/11/2015)

  • Francisco Jodar, "He who attacks a European, attacks us all" (14/11/2015)

  • Two final judgments by individual planning agreements "trap" Hinojar and force Almendricos Lorca to pay 1,073,386 euros (13/11/2015)

  • 607 Lorca participate in the 40 free multidisciplinary courses organized by the Department of the Mayor in town and districts (13/11/2015)

  • Sanchez Jodar: "One person, one office, a salary" (13/11/2015)
    The PSOE ratifies its commitment against notary public office duplication, far from the accumulation of posts and salaries for sucking Councillor of Finance People's Party Mr. Fulgencio Gil
  • IU-Greens regret that the Draft Budget of the Autonomous Region for 2016 only provides for 500,000 euros to renovate the Old Town (13/11/2015)

  • The Social Works collaborates with La Caixa 'Interlocultor: Communication for intercultural coexistence' project, which will benefit 280 (13/11/2015)
    Cazalla Intercultural Association launched this program against racism at the hands of the Department of Youth Lorca City Council
  • The First Short Film Festival in Sign Language Lorca screened 20 titles morning at the War Theater (13/11/2015)

  • IU-Green calls for the resignation of Eulalia Ibarra of endangering the lives of victims of domestic violence who are treated in the CAVI Lorca (13/11/2015)

  • The PSOE encouraged Mr. Gil to resign go to the Senate if the economic situation is as serious as the PP says (13/11/2015)
    disservice ago Mr. Gil Lorca if flees to Madrid instead of managing the social unrest that Partido Popular is selling in installments
  • The City Council first designed an Emergency Plan on the occasion of the festival of San Clemente (13/11/2015)
    to rising attending the events in recent years
  • PP: The applicant Sanchez Jodar (PSOE) opens abandon announcing that if elected Lorca (13/11/2015)
    Pencho Gil reaffirms its commitment to be "the senator for all", especially Lorca
  • Cortes traffic today and tomorrow afternoon in the center of the city of Lorca by the parades of the festival of San Clemente (13/11/2015)

  • Ibarra recalls that it is important that women everywhere know that they can go to CAVI Lorca (13/11/2015)
    as we have always said
  • Public Works and City Council set the roadmap for the development of the upcoming performances of urban renewal and road Lorca (13/11/2015)
    Before year end an agreement to improve the Avenida Juan Carlos I and in rural communities will be signed, and he shall tender the renewal of the Alameda de Cervantes and two sections of the Central Round
  • New storytelling sessions in the children's library next Saturday November 14 and December 19 (12/11/2015)
    Both sessions will be conducted by the association "The Mouse Colorao"
  • "The Art of Embroidery Lorca and its staging in the biblical processions" (12/11/2015)
    MASS hosts a meeting of the Cultural Association "The Art of Embroidery Lorca and its staging in parades Biblical-Passion"
  • The PSOE continues to propose to the City cultural initiatives that put Lorca in the cultural map of the region of Murcia (12/11/2015)
    Jiménez García Lorca recommends request to display the retrospective exhibition of the sculptor José González Marcos, to Lorca and visitors have lucky to appreciate the uniqueness and exquisite sensitivity of his pieces
  • The City Council campaign November 25 in juvenile deepened awareness against gender violence (12/11/2015)
    hand several groups
  • Manuel Soler is confident that his team and he will be victorious on Saturday in the elections of the Community Irrigation Lorca (12/11/2015)

  • Local Police Lorca involved three vehicles and arrested three people for falsifying public documents (11/11/2015)

  • The City reminds the PIBAL IU was overtaken by the Urban Initiative project, which has also complemented by other investments (11/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requires urgent improvements in the bus service between Lorca and the University of Murcia (11/11/2015)
    While the fare is triggered each course, the conditions that make the journey Lorca students to the University of Murcia are increasingly Third
  • IU requires maintenance PIBAL Plan and criticizes his suspension (11/11/2015)
    Pedro Sosa denounced the "incompetence, laxity and inefficiency" of the mayor Eulalia Ibarra and asks "who go home" by the failure of the plan
  • VIII path cap and cocktail (11/11/2015)
    Delights flat Murcia, cod with honey, zucchini ravioli, couscous, lamb burger, octopus and ham, among the wide range of the Eighth Route lid and cocktail
  • The City Council is open until December 1 deadline to apply for authorization extraordinary recreational activities for Christmas, New Year and Reyes (11/11/2015)

  • More than 72,000 euros for carrying out restoration work in the church of San Juan de Lorca (11/11/2015)

  • World Championship Budokai (10/11/2015)
    200 participants from 22 countries on five continents will compete Saturday at the Sports Complex Philip VI of Lorca in the World Championship Budokai
  • Citizens demand in plenary November regularization of private parking on existing shadow economy in Lorca (10/11/2015)
    For Antonio Mecca, are companies that make a business without complying with the ordinances of openness and their tax obligations, so that they must be regularized
  • Local Police Police started the course Tutor (10/11/2015)
    to improve security and coexistence of the 16,000 students, Primary and Secondary Lorca
  • Citizens Lorca launches a campaign to collect food and items of child toilet (10/11/2015)
    The campaign, to benefit Red Cross Lorca, is intended for people in need of younger age, and will be held until November 25
  • Pencho Gil: "I want to go to the Senate to defend and vindicate Lorca Lorca needs" (10/11/2015)
    is marked as main aims for the recovery after the earthquakes and enhance our parishes
  • The Holy Week of Lorca will be starring in the XXV edition of SICAB, the biggest horse fair Purebred Spanish World (10/11/2015)
    white and blue Hooks participate in the shows.
  • The PSOE de Lorca, very present in the Political Conference PSOE (10/11/2015)
    Socialists culminate next weekend in Madrid the debate of ideas on the draft country that the PSOE is prepared to Spain
  • The Department of Equality launches its website (09/11/2015)

  • The Socialist Party denounced the award of 318,000 euros in contracts to the current Director General of Transport no opportunity for technicians Lorca (09/11/2015)
    The PSOE uncovered a new case of huge investments that came to Lorca after the earthquakes that have flown again Murcia with the permission of the PP in the City
  • The PSOE de Lorca traveled to Madrid to second the motion state against sexist violence (09/11/2015)
    Despite the unanimous agreement of the full state support march 7N, the PP of Lorca chose to commemorate this day, "applauding President of embarrassing cuts in policies against gender violence "
  • Francisco Jodar congratulated the entrepreneurs of 'Lord Cake' for being chosen as the best provider of wedding cakes (09/11/2015)

  • The City Council accused the PSOE of the municipal public life mess (09/11/2015)
    to try to cover court judgments against Lorca for their planning agreements "trap"
  • Socialist Alternative echoed the demands of the residents of Ugéjar becomes (07/11/2015)
    The First Secretary General of Socialist Alternative Lorca, Daniel Martinez Fajardo, said the need for the city of Lorca not set aside for small cores population of the municipality
  • The Department of Tourism of Lorca November 2 program and two dramatized guided tours around the city (06/11/2015)

  • Marisol Sanchez accuses Rajoy to remember Lorca only when elections (06/11/2015)
    Rajoy Socialists cataloged as "the Prime Minister who was never Lorca when it is most needed"
  • The Plaza of Spain in Lorca hosts this Sunday antique market and second hand (06/11/2015)

  • PSOE: "The PP Lorca transparency practice one day a year and the remaining days of censorship and obscurantism" (06/11/2015)

  • Young Left calls "non grata" in the presence of Rajoy Lorca (06/11/2015)
    IU-Green requires Rajoy "The Face" in Lorca to the affected buildings in state
  • Construction of the Exhibition and Conference Centre complete phases of earthwork, foundation and structure (06/11/2015)
    Employing 11,000 m3 of concrete and 40 tons of steel
  • Fulgencio Gil: "Rajoy has been the main ally of Lorca in the most difficult moments" (06/11/2015)

  • 30 young blue participating in the Third National Youth Meeting brotherhoods (06/11/2015)
    This event will be held from 6 to 8 November in Seville, participating in her young brothers around the country
  • Construction of the Fair and Congress Center of Lorca complete phases of earthwork, foundation and structure (06/11/2015)
    A group of 70 professionals operates in two shifts, in the implementation of the first phase of the main building of the new center
  • The Minister of Public Works meets with the corporate heart of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Lorca (06/11/2015)

  • Successful participation in the first days of SEPOR 2015 (05/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the PP to explain to the residents the remodeling project of the driveway Medical environment (05/11/2015)

  • The III Festival of Early Music and Baroque Lorca will be held from November 8 to December 19 in Santo Domingo, the Poor Clares, Santiago and San Francisco (05/11/2015)

  • Pedro Antonio Sanchez highlights "the great showcase that is SEPOR, demonstrating the potential livestock Murcia" (04/11/2015)

  • The City of Lorca install a banner on the facade and a large tie against gender violence from Saturday November 25 (04/11/2015)
    The City Council encourages citizens to come to the State March against sexist violence to be held November 7 in Madrid
  • IU-Green Lorca promote social mobilization to expand its presence in districts and councils (04/11/2015)
    With the involvement of society Lorca, conduct an annual report on the state of the municipality to claim before the local government of the PP a city model fairer sustainable and participatory
  • The PSOE de Lorca began a campaign to collect claims against the unjust tax increases approved by the PP (04/11/2015)
    Lorca Socialists take to the streets to stop the immoral rise in council tax, with which the PP seeks to shake pockets of citizens and fire on the economy of families Lorca
  • The City Council encourages the PSOE to scroll all over the city asking forgiveness Lorca (04/11/2015)
    because "their orgy brick" will cost us € 16 million
  • 90% of Lorca is satisfied with the state of the municipality, especially valuing security, health care, education and waste disposal (04/11/2015)
    55% of the population believes that the situation will get better in the next five years and 25 that it will remain stable.
  • Visits dramatized by "The Halloween at the Palace of Guevara Castle Lorca again beat his record with 6,400 tickets sold (04/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requires Ms. Ibarra to order a thorough review of the municipal tree inventory to dangerous landslides in recent days in Lorca. (03/11/2015)
    Recommend to the Socialist mayor of Parks and Gardens to be responsible with the position you have and work to prevent dangerous falls of trees, as occurred in the courtyard of the CEIP Sacred Heart
  • IU-Green started a round of visits with NGOs, S of the municipality to meet their needs and meet their difficulties (03/11/2015)

  • The Socialist Party calls the sport Lorca basis to discuss the proposals against the socialist Rajoy attack against clubs and non-profit entities (03/11/2015)
    This afternoon, at 19 am, at the headquarters of the Socialist Group of the PSOE in Lorca, will address, with proposals and with the clubs who wish to attend, the problems arising from the rules of the PP against the interests of sport basis
  • The fall in unemployment in places 250 people in October to Lorca with the best employment figure from 6½ years ago (03/11/2015)

  • The PSOE requested an evaluation and inspection of working conditions and occupational hazards in LIMUSA (02/11/2015)
    Mateos states that facilities the cleaning company requires an assessment and inspection to conform to the minimum standards required by labor legislation and occupational hazards
  • The Socialist Party demands the urgent construction of new glass waste tanks LIMUSA (02/11/2015)
    Socialists remind the PP government team missing only 9 months for the tank is completely full and have not yet started nor a solicitation nor works that will mean about a year and Mede
  • IU-V: "Lorca The works financed by the EIB are a heap of nonsense, deficiencies, occultism, lack of participation, waste of public money and bad taste" (02/11/2015)
    Some streets of San Diego, where they have invested thousand, dawn flooded by lack of rain
  • The City of Lorca presents for November and December the program more diversified content and format of the path of Cinema Paradiso Club (02/11/2015)

  • Elections for president of the Community Irrigation Lorca (02/11/2015)
    Manuel Soler commitment to including women in his team to two candidates for the bodies of the Community Irrigation Lorca
  • The Municipal Emergency Service provides a special care plan to mark the development of Sepor (02/11/2015)

  • The City Council ratified the Convention and Trade Center and the Round will be a reality even though IU is doing everything possible to boycott (02/11/2015)
    Generations of Lorca enjoy these large-scale infrastructure knowing that if by IU, they would not have never done
  • Soler calls "nonsense" that the pipe being installed to bring water from the desalination Eagles reach Totana (02/11/2015)
    "at the expense of leaving service without traditional irrigation and 70 percent of consolidated Lorca"
  • SEPOR hosts workshop on poultry Zinpro lesions observed on carcasses of chickens (02/11/2015)


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