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  • The Socialist Party denounced the cuts in health PP pediatrician leave you high districts until January 11 (31/12/2015)
    The Socialists say that the residents of the districts high "are very worried and tired of the Ministry of Health play with your health, ninguneándolos and treating them as second or third class "
  • The PSOE asks what the PP expected to open to traffic Street Weavers following the withdrawal of the pylon (31/12/2015)
    Two months after the costly removal of the electric infrastructure, the residents of La Viña continue to bear the traffic chaos due Weavers Street that continues closed to traffic
  • IU-v complaint with the neighbors of San Cristobal deficiencies in public works (30/12/2015)
    Building a sidewalk 55 centimeters in a work of about 8 million euros angers neighbors
  • The free guided tours and dramatized Lorca increased by 25% during 2015, amounting to five hundred (30/12/2015)
    2016 15 are scheduled guided tours, dramatized and 4 13 English
  • Francisco Jodar, "Lorca are proud to stage a historical chapter, returning to lift the city and building the New Lorca" (30/12/2015)

  • El Paso Azul accompany the Real Paje of the Three Kings on Sunday January 3 in a parade through the streets of Lorca (29/12/2015)
    depart at 11.30 am from the Plaza de Colón to finish in the Mass where children may deliver their letters
  • One hundred kids in Totana, Vera, Mazarron, Lorca and Northwest played the III Tournament of Kings at the Sports Complex of La Torrecilla (29/12/2015)

  • Alfonso smearing Thursday welcomed the fourth edition of solidarity football tournament "A toy, a smile" (29/12/2015)

  • For the PSOE an intense 2015, marked by the court decision gave the PP an absolute majority of Lorca closes (29/12/2015)

  • New term to justify the grant to rehabilitate the old House of Dr. Lopez de Teruel Lorca (29/12/2015)

  • Hall and Hostelor highlight the success of the Ruta de la Tapa and cocktail and committed to their empowerment (29/12/2015)

  • Budgets contribute to Lorca remains the third poorest municipality of Spain (28/12/2015)
    This is a carbon copy of the accounts of 2015, with more money earmarked to pay debt and interest on a debt that has not been audited by lack political will of the PP
  • PSOE: "The budgets of the City are opaque, dark and unjust for Lorca" (28/12/2015)
    Socialists dubbed as "a real setback" approval of municipal budgets 2016
  • The mayor stressed that the municipal budget for 2016 will boost the recovery benefit the families Lorca and economic growth (28/12/2015)

  • The first GREAT SOLIDARITY QUEDADA organized by "Association unemployed Lorca move" in collaboration with the Red Cross, has been a success. (27/12/2015)
    In just three hours, have gathered more than 250 kilos of food, and a high number of toys, baby items and clothes, which will be distributed through the Red Cross networks Lorca
  • The Ministry of Water awarded the works of sanitation collector Stop the cars in Lorca (25/12/2015)
    will serve a population of about 446 people and has an operating budget of 223,923 euros
  • The association "The unemployed Lorca move" organized a solidarity hangout (24/12/2015)
    will take place on December 26 at Café NOVA
  • The municipal budget for 2016 amounts to 78.8 million, increasing 90% investment, reducing current expenditure and left in less than half the municipal debt (23/12/2015)

  • A work of Andres Sanchez Canovas wins IV Poster Contest Easter Lorca, which presented 11 proposals (23/12/2015)

  • Lorca City Council confirms its commitment to the families of users of Municipal Early Childhood Center than 400 children benefit each year (23/12/2015)
    The Magi deliver their gifts to 157 children in two events organized by the Association of Parents Early Care
  • The PSOE insists that the schedule of the study rooms of Lorca is unfair and insufficient (23/12/2015)
    The Socialists claim that at the height of preparation for university examinations, libraries and study rooms of Lorca closed most of the days until January 6
  • The mayor stressed that the junior team of the Chess Club Lorca is "proud" to all Lorca (23/12/2015)

  • The Mayor emphasized in his Christmas greetings enthusiasm for the New Lorca and ratifies the municipal commitment to those who are faring worse (23/12/2015)

  • El Huerto de la Rueda Friday intercultural hosts Christmas party (23/12/2015)
    New organized by the association open to all Lorca and Lorca
  • Lorca City Council launches its first Special Emergency Plan for Christmas activities (22/12/2015)

  • Helps the Bureau exceed 6.1 million euros (22/12/2015)
    and recovers other 53,174 for the return of a new series of repayable advances
  • More than 673,000 euros for the rehabilitation of the church of San Pedro de Lorca (22/12/2015)

  • 6 MASS offer during Christmas activities aimed at children between 3 and 12 years (22/12/2015)
    Storytelling, gymkhana or visits up these activities to commemorate Christmas and waking the illusion of smaller
  • The PSOE de Lorca consolidating its recovery and is confirmed as the strongest alternative to PP (21/12/2015)
    Despite the emergence of two new emerging forces, the PSOE of Lorca is the only party that improves data regarding the General Elections of 2011
  • More than 300 people will participate in the Parade of Illusion through the streets of the center of Lorca Tuesday from 18.30 (21/12/2015)

  • The Popular Party has won 73 of the 97 polling stations of the municipality (21/12/2015)
    The PP again the largest party in Lorca, increasing its leadership in 1,142 votes from the municipal elections last May
  • Mohamed Katir and Sergio Lopez break the clock in Lorca (19/12/2015)

  • The Electoral Area provisionally suspended an act of the PP government team that could undermine the LOREG (18/12/2015)

  • PP: "other parties want to carry the Holy Week, we urge the declaration of World Heritage" (18/12/2015)

  • The City of Lorca IU unfortunate blemish want to throw away by partisan interests working to achieve 15 million euros to restore the historic center (18/12/2015)

  • The Socialist Party promises to raise pensions and eliminate drug copayment retirees (18/12/2015)
    Socialists recall the more than 33,000 pensioners of Lorca that the PSOE is the only party that has proven to know how to manage and ensure the pension system
  • The PSOE de Lorca requires the PP to adecente and of use to the Captain's House (18/12/2015)
    Socialists remember that the Captain's House was rehabilitated with a grant of € 300,000 from the Plan E in 2009, and have not been used since
  • The Mater Dolorosa Music Group will offer a Christmas concert of solidarity on Wednesday at 20.30 in the church of San Francisco (18/12/2015)
    ​​ Through this initiative collected toys for Youth Red Cross to deliver the most disadvantaged
  • 150 Proinfancia Caixa under the program participate in the fair on the Rights of the Child (18/12/2015)

  • Pedro Sosa, "the mayor's accusations against IU-Greens on the old town are indecent" (18/12/2015)

  • The City Council extended until Sunday online consultation on the Strategy of Sustainable Integrated Development of recovery and revitalization of the historic center (17/12/2015)

  • The Third 'Ciudad de San Silvestre will benefit Lorca' Down Lorca and take a message for gender equality (17/12/2015)
    Saturday 26, is held in the evening
  • The PSOE requested urgent cleaning and urgent shopping streets of Lorca, for the start of the Christmas season (17/12/2015)
    PP Socialists require the cleaning and decorating the streets of the shopping areas, in line with Christmas lights in order to favor the traditional trade in Lorca
  • 18 theater, music, humor and integrated programming opera War Theater from January to May, one of the brightest in recent years (17/12/2015)

  • The Taxation Agency of Murcia authorize completion bingo nonprofit associations for recreation at the request of the City of Lorca (17/12/2015)

  • Francisco Jodar, Fulgencio Gil and Sandra Martinez participated in a sectoral meeting with more than 150 major municipality to expose the keys to the program's Party (17/12/2015)
    Fulgencio Gil: "The PP is the only party that guarantees pensions and welfare of our biggest "
  • Citizens considers unjustified and unnecessary tax increases, and is the result of mismanagement (17/12/2015)

  • Development and the city of Lorca formalize the agreement for the rehabilitation of the Avenida Juan Carlos I and villages of the city (17/12/2015)
    8.5 million euros is earmarked for action
  • Javier Sanchez in Lorca: "This Sunday we played our future, we vote is the vote of your life" (17/12/2015)

  • The PP rejects a stroke more than 2,200 signatures collected against tax adrenaline (16/12/2015)

  • The City of Lorca creates a canine unit of the local police to assist in the prevention of drug trafficking (16/12/2015)

  • IU-V: "The plan of 3000 jobs would be guaranteed employment for Lorca" (16/12/2015)
    Antonio Martinez Arboleda, Lorca candidate for Congress, presented the proposals of IU UP-most notably that of guaranteed employment
  • Those affected by the earthquake will only pay half of IBI in 2016, assuming an overall saving of 8 million euros to 43,937 Lorca (16/12/2015)

  • The replacement to rebuild 59 homes in San Fernando, agreed between the city and neighbors, will allow families to return to raise their neighborhood (16/12/2015)

  • MASS have a mailbox where children can deposit their letters to the Magi (16/12/2015)
    El Paso Azul has also created a model letter in which children may request their gifts to their Majesties Melchor, Gaspar and Baltasar
  • Dismantle four marijuana plants in Lorca with more than 2,000 cannabis plants (16/12/2015)
    They have been detained three people on suspicion of crimes against public health
  • The City Council promotes the practice of sport and gymnastics (16/12/2015)
    with the acquisition of a special area of ​​art for development
  • The PSOE supported the rebuilding of homes in the San Fernando (16/12/2015)
    Socialists show the firm commitment of the PSOE for the reconstruction of homes in San Fernando but warn they will not be accomplices of doubt and uncertainty that the PP is generating the lack of the necessary financing
  • Over 10.8 million for the new stretch of road from the Central Round, which will link Apolonia and San Diego de Lorca neighborhoods (16/12/2015)

  • Visit the Executive Secretary of Water to Agrocazalla (16/12/2015)

  • More than 300 people crammed the meeting of the PSOE with the visit of Javier Solana to Lorca (15/12/2015)
    Marisol Sanchez agrees to militants and sympathizers of the PSOE, and social groups in the municipality "to let the skin by the citizens of Lorca from place where things are decided: the Congress of Deputies "
  • Organize events to boost economic activity in the city center this Friday night (15/12/2015)

  • Act of Tourism held in Lorca Isabel Borrego and Fulgencio Gil (15/12/2015)

  • Would you like to contest the Rallye Highlands free Lorca? (15/12/2015)

  • IU-Greens: "The PP retrograde policy excludes the most vulnerable families of municipal resources" (15/12/2015)

  • A birth Lorca Museum Bethlehem appear in 5.5 million coupons ONCE Day Eve (15/12/2015)
    is the third time that Lorca appears in a coupon ONCE in the last four and a half years after the figure Tips Calnegre beaches in 2011 and the Palace of Guevara in 2012
  • The PSOE is committed to dignify the working conditions of the self (15/12/2015)
    The Socialists want the contributions of self to the Social Security correspond to net income, and that the payment can be made on a quarterly basis and not just monthly
  • Lorca is positioned as a quality tourist destination, impacting in a revitalization of the local economy through trade and catering (15/12/2015)
    Senate candidate, Fulgencio Gil, the Ministry of Tourism and candidate No 2 to Congress Deputies, Isabel Borrego, and the Mayor of Lorca, Francisco Jodar, held an informative meeting with entrepreneurs
  • Citizens exalts their sense of political responsibility to the business organizations of Lorca (15/12/2015)

  • Lorca IU-Green criticized the local government has not yet presented the draft budget for 2016 (14/12/2015)

  • I Christmas Tournament'Gran Veteran Football Soccer Federation Region Murcia' Prize (14/12/2015)

  • The War Theatre will host this Friday Gala Flamenca sunny city (14/12/2015)
    Will act the Sun Gold and Silver 2014, along with the singer Ana Reverte
  • Lorca City Council encourages the business sector to seize the development opportunities offered by the new technologies sector (14/12/2015)

  • Local Police Lorca three people caught red-handed trying to steal hard on the football field fence in the hamlet of El Advisor (11/12/2015)

  • The PSOE pours in Lorca, with the visit of Javier Solana to support the candidacy of Lorca Marisol Sanchez Congress (11/12/2015)
    Socialists face the final stretch of the election campaign for the elections 20D convinced that they will achieve the change that Lorca and all the Spaniards have been waiting all these years
  • More than 80 members of the Coral Santa Cecilia and the children's choir will represent the first time the 'Christmas Live' in the churches of Santiago and San Mateo (11/12/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the PP to forget the expensive lift the Castle to danger by falling rocks on the hillside (11/12/2015)

  • IU-Greens denounced that the city of Lorca is not integrated in the thirteen municipalities in the region to provide assistance to Syrian refugees (11/12/2015)
    The formation of the left requires immediate regulation of this issue to not be forgotten and request a new meeting of the City Commission for Refugees to coordinate municipal resources
  • Great solidarity gathering food, thanks to the cooperation of Energy Chain and Bar Córdoba (11/12/2015)
    There are many families who come daily to Lorca Red Cross to request food aid.
  • The Muslim Community of Lorca Lorca encouraged to go out against Islamophobia (11/12/2015)

  • Antonio Mecca (C's) claims that "Aguas de Lorca" spends € 330,000 a year in "Business Computer Consulting, technical and" (10/12/2015)

  • The PSOE requires the PP more accountable to the chaos and traffic collapses works in Puente de Vallecas (10/12/2015)

  • Citizens shown in Lorca its full support for the candidacy of Lorca embroidery as World Heritage (10/12/2015)

  • Lorca Mayor opened the exhibition "Christmas Tales" organized by the Paso Morado (10/12/2015)
    La Casa del Paso Morado Museum will host an exhibition of fifty Christmas stories and storytelling sessions offered throughout Christmas
  • Local Police Lorca formed during this course to 2,000 students of the institutes of the municipality in driver education (10/12/2015)

  • The Songs and Dances Virgen de las Huertas manage to 1,150 euros for the restoration of the chapel of the patron saint of Lorca (10/12/2015)

  • The industrial fabric of Lorca thanks to the establishment of companies that are based on the technology, creativity and ingenuity strengthens (10/12/2015)
    Councilman of Presidency has visited the facilities of the company Lorca "Daen" Innovation Award by shirts original designs has awarded the Sports Press Association of Murcia
  • The PSOE remember that this week is the deadline to sign against tax increases People's Party all Lorca (09/12/2015)
    The Socialists have already gathered more than 2,100 submissions to curb unfair 10% increase in the tax bill, including taxes, that the PP is planning to apply from next January 1
  • Fulgencio Gil, "who destroys electoral posters by Night will not get ever destroy democracy" (09/12/2015)
    Senate candidate, Fulgencio Gil and his team have returned to hit the election campaign in a symbolic gesture to condemn these attacks on freedom and democracy
  • Music and literature come together Thursday in the Royal Square from 20 am to Flemish poetic evening organized by the Library Pilar Barnes (09/12/2015)
    Paco Serrano's singing and guitar playing of José Ruiz will merge with poems Espartaria members of the Group
  • The XII Festival of Traditional Folklore Golf Lorca meets Sunday in the village of Aguaderas six groups of five different localities (09/12/2015)

  • IU-V: "LIMUSA continues to discriminate on grounds of sex" (09/12/2015)
    The mayor of the leftist formation of Lorca, Pedro Sosa, appeared today at a press conference to denounce the labor discrimination against workers LIMUSA
  • Down Lorca The Association publishes 2,500 solidarity calendars that goes on sale for 5 euros (09/12/2015)

  • Fulgencio Gil: "the development of the technology sector Lorca is a golden opportunity to strengthen our economy, industry and employment" (09/12/2015)

  • 470,000 euros to the city of Lorca to the sports hall for volleyball and beach volleyball (09/12/2015)

  • Lorca Local Police detained four people for vehicle theft and falsification of public document (09/12/2015)

  • Cut to bridge traffic vallecas, during rehabilitation and expansion works round the south, next Thursday December 10, 2015, from 9 hours (09/12/2015)

  • Boycott campaign of the PP in Lorca with insults on social networks and the Internet and the daily destruction of posters throughout the municipality (08/12/2015)
    Senate candidate, Fulgencio Gil and his team re-election propaganda paste in a symbolic gesture to condemn these attacks on freedom and democracy
  • The PSOE managed to gather more than 2,000 signatures to stop the rush unfair tax approved by the PP of Lorca (04/12/2015)
    Before the election promises of Rajoy, PSOE Lorca warns that we know the danger that the Popular Party promises in full campaign a tax cut
  • IU-V Lorca: "It is shameful that in the current situation have charged fees for attending the councils of Aguas de Lorca" (04/12/2015)
    The mayor Pedro Sosa pointed out that it was thanks to the pressure of his municipal group to be suppress receipts basis
  • Institutional Declaration municipal groups of the Popular Party, Socialist Party and XXXVIII Citizens to mark the anniversary of the Spanish Constitution (04/12/2015)

  • C's appreciates that'Aguas of Lorca' has agreed finally to provide much of the documentation requested by Mecca (04/12/2015)

  • More than 60 activities comprise the most comprehensive and ambitious in recent years Christmas program of Lorca (04/12/2015)

  • Customers Lorca shops operating with the distinctive 'Sol' quality to win a prize of 3,000 euros (04/12/2015)

  • Lorca Castle hosts from 5 to 8 December, the seventh edition of the traditional slaughter of flat Murcia (03/12/2015)

  • The PP exclude the children of unemployed families in the school Christmas (03/12/2015)
    IU-Greens denounced this activity is free to families who are working while unemployed will have to pay
  • The program of activities of the Association of Lorca Belenista for Christmas include an opening speech delivered by Cardinal Carlos Amigo Vallejo (03/12/2015)

  • The Department of Equality and Culture of Lorca put up a Christmas Schools for reconciling work and family life during the school holidays (03/12/2015)

  • The PSOE asks the "time 24 hours" to study municipal halls (03/12/2015)
    The Socialists claim this need sued numerous times for students Lorca at the approach of the time of university exams and the notice of competition
  • Statements Citizens on valuing the full planning agreements failed, held yesterday December 2, 2015 (03/12/2015)

  • Hall and Community Irrigation analyze the progress of projects being implemented to improve irrigation Lorca (03/12/2015)

  • The City encourages Lorca to shop in our city (03/12/2015)
    to strengthen the local economy and support to professionals
  • IU-Greens' policy planning agreements has been the biggest scam perpetrated against the people of Lorca " (02/12/2015)
    Jose Garcia Murcia recalled that IU-Green was the only political party that is opposed to that crazy model was driven and applauded by PSOE, PP and "the cream of Lorca entrepreneurship"
  • The PSOE is satisfied after exposing in plenary all responsibility for the PP governments in condemning the City for conventions (02/12/2015)
    Mateos has reminded the PP that each and every one of the statements condemning the City Lorca are because the PP failed to develop conventions for years, not by the signing of the PSOE in 2005
  • The reports of the municipal technicians ensure that the City did his part in the processing of planning agreements "trap" (02/12/2015)

  • EUR 8.5 million for urban renewal in the Avenida Juan Carlos I Lorca (02/12/2015)

  • Good delimitation of the BIC of the cave paintings in the shelters of the Mojao and Los Gavilanes in Lorca Views (02/12/2015)

  • The PSOE ensures that the PP governments are responsible for that the city is doomed and has to pay back agreements (01/12/2015)

  • The Community reinforces the culture of citizen participation in Lorca new measures'Gobierno Abierto' (01/12/2015)
    The Minister Maria Dolores Pagan and Mayor Francisco Jodar sign the 'Regional public engagement'
  • Citizens welcomed the broad consensus that generated their motions November plenary (01/12/2015)

  • Pilar Barnes Municipal Library organizes the book presentation "The dream of the mother of Victoria" of Encarna Garcia Lorca Carrion (01/12/2015)
    The presentation will be on Thursday 3 December at 19.30 in the Cultural Fund Espin
  • The City of Lorca planted in the gardens of the town 2,500 poinsettias his own nursery (01/12/2015)

  • Hall and Red Cross commemorate World AIDS Day with information campaigns, distribution of leaflets, calendars, bookmarks, condoms and links (01/12/2015)
    For the day today has been installed an information table in front of City Hall, while Saturday will a booth at the Alameda of the Constitution
  • XXI Christmas Window Dressing Competition Lorca deliver 950 euros spread over three prizes selected among registered until the 12th at the Chamber of Commerce (01/12/2015)
    Participants windows should be kept at least 13 to December 31, lighting up at least until 22:00
  • Hall and oenegés join forces to raise awareness and visibility through social networks on the situation of people with disabilities (01/12/2015)

  • The Mayor requires the PSOE to apologize (01/12/2015)
    And stop "beating around the bush" by the 16 million they have to return all Lorca for their planning agreements trap
  • Diego José Mateos waive their remuneration to the Board of Directors of Aguas de Lorca (01/12/2015)


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